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Tower of terror: Father accuses NBN of “assault”

According to an article published in the Sunshine Coast Daily, a father living in fear of an NBN tower near his home has taken the telco giant to court in a bid to stop them from switching it on, with … Continue reading

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Industry funding skews EMF research results

A recent paper from Prof. David Carpenter, MD on extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF EMF) from 50 to 60 Hz electricity shows that the source of funding plays a major role in study results.  Almost all industry-supported studies ‘fail to … Continue reading

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The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life

Activist, author and researcher, Arthur Firstenberg, writes in The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life with devastating honesty about the unfolding human rights and environmental emergency unleashed as a result of our deadly embrace of electrical technology. Spanning … Continue reading

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Smart meter rollout is linked to a rise in disconnections

VICTORIA’s electricity smart meter rollout has been linked to a rise in disconnections. And fees to pay for the rollout have also pushed up power prices, putting a strain on low-income households, a state inquiry has been told. Annual disconnections … Continue reading

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Queensland avoids smart meter mandate

New discussion paper cites Victorian smart meter debacle, says advanced electricity meter roll out must be ‘customer-driven’ A report issued by the Queensland government advocates avoiding a mandated rollout of advanced electricity meters, such as smart meters, citing the much-criticised … Continue reading

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Can Jemena be accused of intimidating and threatening their customers?

Many Jemena customers have recently been sent a letter advising them that they must allow the installation of a smart meter. In short the letter states. This compulsory meter exchange is Government policy. If you have a smart meter resistance … Continue reading

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Smart meters locked out in Darebin – Health – News – Preston Leader

MEMBERS of Darebin’s Progress Association are encouraging residents to padlock their electricity boxes to stop smart meters being installed. Association spokeswoman Marion Harper said Melbourne barrister Eugene White had given legal advice there was nothing illegal in refusing smart meter … Continue reading

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Bloated power sector must be reined in – The Age, 8/11/12

The workforce in the electricity industry has more than doubled over the past six years although the actual amount of energy supplied to consumers has remained flat. That’s right. Zero growth in supply to the national electricity market but a … Continue reading

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More switch off smart meter rollout  | Casey Weekly Berwick

VIVIENNE Skeen says she will go to court if necessary in her battle to stop an unwanted device — an electricity smart meter — being installed on her property. Ms Skeen, who lives in the Lakeside estate, Pakenham, has written … Continue reading

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Churchill Smart Meter meeting Resolutions

Below are the resolutions to the meeting held on the 20th July. 1. That this meeting of residents of Churchill and surrounding districts, calls on the Victorian Government to halt the ‘Smart Meter Rollout” to allow for a full investigation … Continue reading

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