EMR protection

There are a variety of strategies for reducing the effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR).  The best strategy is to increase your distance from sources of EMR, particularly when sleeping.  The body uses sleeping time to recuperate, so if your sleeping environment is not safe, your body’s ability to restore itself will be diminished.

Another reasonably effective strategy is the use of shielding materials.  These are usually metallic, ranging from inexpensive aluminium flyscreen to more expensive materials such as shielding paint, shielding fabrics and lead sheet.  Caution needs to be taken when installing shielding materials as it is possible to make the situation worse by bouncing EMR back at yourself.  An EMR meter will help you to measure EMR levels before, and after, installation of shielding.  Because of this risk of making matters worse, it is recommended that you use easily removable shielding materials, such as flyscreen or fabric and, as a general rule, do not install shielding materials inside wall cavities.  Most shielding materials will need to be earthed/grounded to be fully effective.  Some shielding fabrics cannot be earthed because the metallic thread is encased in a cotton/synthetic thread.  When shielding materials are not earthed it can lead to low frequency fields being trapped inside the shielded area.  Do not use wireless devices inside fully shielded areas.

Other possible strategies include:
•    Dirty electricity filters
•    Shielded electrical cable
•    Electronic gadgets for the home/workplace
•    Body earthing, either naturally or with products
•    Dietary/nutritional changes
•    Naturopathic remedies
•    Wearable items such as jewellery, clothing and electronic gadgets

Some people have had success with these strategies, while others have found that they have made matters worse or had no effect.  SSMA urges caution in employing these strategies.  It is best if you can purchase the items with a money back guarantee.  Otherwise, see if you can start with a low-cost option before committing to a more expensive approach.

Also, a strategy might work today and then in six months’ time something in your environment may change and suddenly the previously successful strategy is now making matters worse.  This outcome can make it very difficult to deal with the problem as you don’t know if the problem is purely a new source of EMR or if getting rid of the EMR reduction strategy will enable you to cope.

Building Biologists are trained in locating sources of EMR, as well as other causes of ill-health such as mould, chemicals and dangerous building materials.  Given that many sufferers of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity also suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, it could be worthwhile to have a Building Biologist assess your environment for more than just EMR.  The Building Biologist will also recommend strategies for remedying the situation.

Health treatment options that may, or may not, be useful include protocols prescribed by a naturopath or a health professional who is registered with the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM) or the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association (AIMA).