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  1. conserened says:

    HI , I have a diabetic child and her medical equipment uses RF for communications the electricity company wants to install new meters and i am worried that they will interfere with said devices , also i don’t trust that the new meters are “robust” enough and up to the task of not bursting into flames or measuring the electricity usage correctly . The company insists that there’s nothing i can do to stop them installing the smart meters because my old meters are “faulty” . I’m not thrilled with the idea but feel as-though there’s not enough fight in me to battle them .

    • anonymous says:

      Isn’t it horrible how electricity companies are going around telling people their meters are faulty, as an excuse for putting in smart meters? It really is a battle. Are you allowed to get a smart meter that doesn’t have RF communications where you are? Or can you instead change to another retailer, who might leave you alone?
      Also, does the medical equipment definitely need RF for communications? My husband has a pacemaker and they gave us a dongle initially for the daily remote reads. But then we discovered that we could configure the equipment to poll the pacemaker once a day and send via our landline. (He has to be quite close to where the equipment is, as it’s a very weak RF signal that does the polling, and yes the instructions said that this can easily be interfered with from other equipment.) The RF when he was using the dongle was a concern, so we much prefer using the landline.

    • Tanya says:

      You have done your research well and you know the issues with smart meters. On top of all you know already, the radio frequencies and dirty electricity that smart meters cause will impact blood sugar levels, amongst other health issues. Your child’s blood sugar levels will become more difficult to manage. You might want to consider the impact that the RF from her current medical equipment is already having on her condition.

      Ask your bullying power company to put in writing to you that their smart meter will not cause your child’s diabetes to worsen or cause other health problems to residents of your household.

      Read the FAQ page of this website and Actions you can take page.

      Will you come to regret later not fighting the power company on this issue when your child’s diabetes is out of control or other things take a turn for the worse?

  2. Yuri says:

    Can I plz be contacted about how I can legally stop a smart meter at my new residence (new build)
    Cheers yuri

    • Cathy says:

      It looks like smart meters are the default meter right across Australia if you’re getting a new meter. But depending on where you live (sadly, Victorians miss out on this choice!!) you can request one that doesn’t communicate wirelessly.

      It’s absurd that people don’t also have the option of getting one of the old spinning dial meters. I’ve seen that this is possible in some places overseas where smart meters have been rolled out. They had to introduce this option because some people were getting sick just from the dirty electricity, even when the microwave communications were removed.

  3. Maureen says:

    Who do I call to get my Smart Metre removed

    • Cathy says:

      Did you look at the FAQ, under the Actions you can take tab?? …it seems that your options depend on where you live.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dear Honorable members of Parliament, Health Professionals and Building Biologists , Friends and Colleagues

    I trust this email finds you and your families well.

    This document has been forwarded to you all in the interest of Public health and safety at this difficult time.

    The vulnerable in our community need a strong voice of advocacy to have the matters raised within by Prof Martin L. Pall investigated to ensure all is done to prevent a greater loss of lives in our community from Covid-19.

    The Author is Martin L. Pall,
    Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic
    Medical Sciences, Washington State University

    Your humbly

    Michael Minter

  5. Jodie mcarthur says:

    Ive have recently been advised of smart meter installation and was wondering if anyone in WA has been able to stop this? I have been told by western power that i dont have a choice even though there is nothing wrong with my current meter, they said they can remove the communication device though.

    • Let's get real about RF says:

      That’s absurd that they would insist that you get a smart meter if your current meter is working. Even in places like NSW that come under the national electricity rule (unlike WA!) you can refuse if the meter is okay. I’d be putting my foot down! Why not also get the media involved? Some good coverage might work wonders.

  6. Catherine Draut says:

    Dear Smart Meter Aware People,

    Is there anyone who can help me prevent a smart meter from being installed at my flat?

    Three days ago the old-fashioned meter ceased to function while the meter reader was here. My electricity provider, Red Energy, and the company responsible for reading the meter, Essential Energy, both say that rather than fix it, they must replace it with a smart meter. My electrician says he could fix it, but by law he’s not allowed to do so.

    Red Energy says if I pay them an initial fee of $220 and an extra $266 a quarter over my electricity bill, they will disable the remote communications and continue sending a meter reader. I’m a pensioner and that’s beyond my means.

    I don’t want to move house, but I’m sensitive to radiation and concerned for my health and for that of an ill friend who is staying with me.

    Catherine Draut

    • Cathy says:

      What a throwaway society we’ve become. Here on one hand we’ve got a massive rubbish problem and then on the other hand the government is forcing you to get a new meter instead of simply having your existing one fixed.

      Have you shopped around to see what other retailers offer? Red Energy’s charge for the meter read sounds like highway robbery. Someone previously reported that Origin wasn’t charging anything. In any case, Red Energy should be able to give you estimated reads until you work this out. (I heard that only one actual read was needed per year.)

      • Daniel says:

        Hi, where do we obtain a bidirectional electromechanical meter that is suited to reading back the offset with solar energy production?


  7. Murray says:

    We live in a town house collection of 6 premises, Ours is on the end. All 6 power meters are attached to our wall. Unfortunately our meter is a smart meter but with the comms device removed. Sapowernetworks removed a “faulty” timer for off-peak hrs for the other 5 units which have analog meters forcing the other units to now be changed to smart meters. I’ve tried asking other residencies to have comms device removed but they say no. How can I get the comms devices removed from the meters before they’re installed, as we don’t want to be like an egg in a microwave oven. AER laws etc don’t cover this situation. I’ve asked ombudsman but they won’t be useful. So to hold back the installers I’ve parked my car in such away that the meter box can’t be opened. Please help. This is Urgent!

    • Let's get real about RF says:

      What a dreadful situation. It is criminal that Australian regulations allow all the meters (even if they weren’t smart meters!) to go on one residence. And it would cost a fortune to reposition them!

  8. Tanya Burford says:

    Hi there
    We live in Mentone 3194 and have a smart meter but want to remove it. How do I go about doing this?
    Tanya 🙂

    • Cathy says:

      Sadly, the Victorian Labor government has NO interest in doing anything that might make it possible for Victorians to remove a smart meter …no matter how badly ill emissions have made someone. Supposedly in 2021 Victorians will be allowed the same rights as people in NSW etc., so at least the communications will be able to be turned off. Maybe legal action is the way to go??

  9. Narelle says:
    Trust you will have time to watch this YouTube part 1 and 2. How you can legally stop smart meters.
    These templates can be changed as applicable for Australia.
    So grateful for all their hard work at Inpower.

    • Caroline says:

      Have you personally had success with this action? How many Australians do you know who have succeeded with this action?

  10. Need urgent response please
    Multitasking are entering my property in Lysterfield COMDAIN IS THEIR CONTRACTOR and from 17-30 July 2019 they want to ” periodically inspect and REPLACE MY GAS METER with a new meter
    How can I stop them
    I have written a letter I do not want smart meter a year ago
    They write it is not an electric meter
    I said NO TRESPASSING ON MY PROPERTY but they said all lines belong to them upto my house and they are LEGALLY in right to replace my GAS meter

    What now? Any advice please
    I need that advice ASAP
    Thanks. Bassie

    • Cathy says:

      Wow, this doesn’t sound good. Have you also got a notice up telling them they can’t install (or retrofit!) anything that will transmit electromagnetic fields? (Take a photo of it for proof.) I’ve heard that some people are blocking access but I don’t know how you safely do this with a gas meter.

      • Narelle says:

        Read the data I posted if enough of us make a move we can win.
        Join this amazing group who did all the hard work to make this easier for us.
        By law they cannot put surveillance on your property.
        Join Inpower.

  11. Alison says:

    We have had a smart meter out in about 2 months ago. It says we are using 50kwh per day! We use gas heating and are a family of three so it does not sound right!! It also says it’s a 55% increase from last year (if anything it should be less as we have switched from electric to gas heating and have had solar installed!!) I contacted origin energy who refuse to come And even check the meter is working- they say “the meter will notify us if there’s a problem”
    What do I do? So frustrating!

    • Cathy says:

      “Smart” meters are notorious for causing wildly inflated bills. Ask your MP to contact your State Energy and Water Ombudsman on your behalf. Origin Energy need to be brought to account! See

    • Say No To Smart Meters says:

      Hi Alison,

      Throughout the year, my electricity usage varies from around 4kWh per day to just under 7kWh per day. We also have gas heating, No Solar setup at all, and are pretty careful about switching lights and equipment off when not required.
      I’m not sure what you’re doing to use 50kWh per day? That sounds extreme.
      I think Origin Energy have some explaining to do.

      All I can say is thank God I still have my mechanical meter.

    • TL says:

      there are several theories as to what causes these increases in bills after a ‘dumb’ meter is installed.
      1. The meter now reads all power drawn, even though some power is returned to the grid or earth. Energy saving appliances draw the same amount of power as their non-energy saving counterparts. However, they don’t actually consume all that drawn power; they return some of it along either the neutral or earth wire. The old analogue meters did not read the returned power as part of your consumption. They read only net power used.
      2. If there is a lot of ground current in your area, it seems it can travel up your earth wire and through the switchboard and maybe also your meter, registering as electricity consumed.
      3. The ‘dumb’ meter is arcing and causing increased power consumption
      4. When your meter forms part of a mesh network, smart meter data is passed from one property to another until it reaches the end of the line, being infrastructure for collecting data for a 6-10 km area. The closer you are to that collector, the more data passes through your meter from all the other properties. This consumes electricity.

      Solutions? Unplug (or replace) all energy saving appliances when not in use. Electricity flows along the power cord even when the appliance is turned off, so unplug unused appliances. Try using different light bulbs, such as halogen.

      If you live in an area where you have the option to have the communications card disabled as of July 1st, then do so, and see if it alters your power bill.

      This is a long-shot, and probably not applicable, but I wonder if people who have metal water pipes and ground current is getting onto them and creating high magnetic fields throughout the house, could this impact the meter reading? The solution would be to have a plumber install a dialetric coupling where the water supply enters the property. This is not expensive and may improve your health if you do have magnetic fields on your water pipes.

      All theories, but who knows?

    • murray clarke says:

      Have had issue here. Turned out the retailer was using the total consumption as peak, and peak for off peak. And no off peak was recorded by the meter.

  12. Geza Horvath says:

    Hi there a relative recently had there smart meter installed wrong and caused a house fire. Now untired energy have not even lifted a finger through the whole process to correct the issue costing my relative over 18 thousand dollars in repairs to the house.
    Can you please contact me for assistance on where to turn for legal assistance in the matter.

    • Cathy says:

      Wow, how terrible. Maybe your relative should go to the media. This might be the quickest way of getting their energy company to do the right thing! Are they in Victoria? If so, I hope Energy Safe Victoria have been told about this shocking incident. Also they should ask their local MP to help them. Plus they should put in a complaint to the State Energy and Water Ombudsman – in Victoria that’s the EWOV.

    • Narelle says:

      So sorry to hear about your house fire.
      Please look above join this group
      You can take the Company to court, you can charge them from $1,000 to $25,000 for each day they leave your Smart Surveillance Meter on your Property. It is against the law. You follow the data and use the templates on this site. Read and watch all the data first then tell all your friends and if we all take action this will stop. They have never won a court case.

  13. Please advise what electricity provider in NSW are able to supply a digital metre without a communication mode.Is this a reasonable compromise versus a smart metre.Please can you kindly help.Many thanks.

    • Let's get real about RF says:

      Any electricity retailer in NSW should be able to arrange for you to get a non-communicating smart meter, ie a type 4A meter. Like other electronic devices, it can cause problems with ‘dirty’ electricity. So keep your old spinning wheel meter, if you can. But at least a type 4A meter won’t be bombarding you and the environment with microwaves!

  14. Penny Lucas says:

    Hi there, do you know what my options are if I have an old meter that’s not working and my retailer wants to fit a new smart meter, is it possible to replace with a non-smart meter?
    Thank you,

    • Peter Smart says:

      Penny are you contactable off the forum. I can speak to you about this.

    • Dan says:

      Penny the solution for you must include keeping your meter box locked and not be talked into opening it

    • TL says:

      I think the states that are party to the AER agreement are NSW, Qld, SA and maybe Tas. Under the AER agreement you can request a non-transmitting 4A meter. However, this will not be the end of your troubles, as it will cause dirty electricity, the same as a smart meter does, which creates similar health problems to what the radio frequencies from a transmitting smart meter do. And dirty electricity will be on all your wires, throughout your entire house, unlike the smart meter radio frequencies, which are in one location only.

    • Microwaves on Household Wiring says:

      Yes, Penny, do all you can to avoid a smart meter. It will depend on where you live in Australia as to what your options are.

      And beware, another problem with transmitting smart meters is that the microwave transmissions can also jump on to the wiring in your house! No wonder, given how close smart meters are to household wiring. There’s a great study, called “Report on Examination of Selected Sources of Electromagnetic Fields at Selected Residences in Hastings-on-Hudson” by Isotrope Wireless, that explains why this happens. Scarily, their testing also showed that the transmissions can create ‘hot spots’ in your house, some distance from the smart meter. See the bottom of page 9 of the report to find out why this can happen.

  15. NSW property owner says:

    Hi, we recently changed our energy company because the last one kept showing up to replace the meter. We are yet to send a letter to the new retailer and we have had an installer show up at our home. We managed to avoid the installation but are confused about our rights since we are being told the meter has to change due to maintenance. Our home is 16 years old. We don’t want a smart meter installed but don’t know where we stand to avoid this upgrade. If we send the recommended letter does it have the same standing if they are insisting that we require an upgrade due to maintenance? Can we insist on a non-digital meter being installed and if so how do we do this? We live in NSW. Thank you for any insight you can offer.

    • Let's get real about RF says:

      How horrible that they are insisting you need the meter changed for maintenance reasons! (One has to wonder whether this is really true.) Unfortunately, new non-digital meters are no longer allowed to be installed in NSW. You can request a non-communicating smart meter. But you still will need to shop around the retailers as some (not all) then have the nerve to charge for the manual read.

  16. Klara Gaglia says:

    Could somebody please tell me how I can get rid of the smart meter of the house I’ve inherited? I’m in the shire of Kalamunda, Perth, WA.

    Thank you for what you are all doing in helping Australians.

    • Let's get real about RF says:

      You’d best ask your power company to remove it. Request a non-digital replacement! This is important that this is done ASAP as when I looked at Western Power’s website it says “We’re currently in the planning stage to install advanced meters for all new and replacement meters across the network”. At least it looks like you still have a choice in the matter, unlike some of us in the East!

  17. Frances says:

    Here is an article about testing for sensitivity to EMFs on ActivistPost web site Manufacturers and insurance companies are well aware of of exposure related health issues: Without Lab Testing, Your Doctor Can’t Determine If You Have “Microwave Sickness” or ElectroSensitivity.

  18. Sonia says:

    Hi, we live in Cairns and doing the right thing, we had a solar panel system installed about 6 weeks ago. All was fantastic until last week when the local power company replaced our analogue power meter with the manditory Smart Meter. Now both my husband and myself are kept awake at night with quite a noticeable high pitch whistle type sound that is continuous and permeates the entire house. After a few days, it is now quite unbearable. Today we have wrapped aluminium fly screen around the meter, the antenna on the power box and around the entire power box. Also around the indoor fuse panel. It has helped a little. The last 2 nights we switched off the mains power but that only reduced the noise a little. The smart meter must get power before the main switch, or have a good battery as it was still quite active. We just ordered a measuring device from the USA to get actual readings. That won’t arrive for a few weeks. I am amazed that our house has gone from absolute bliss and quiet to a very disturbing high pitch continuous whistle that you can’t escape. These smart meters are poison. My battle has just begun.

    • Cathy says:

      How utterly terrible. Why don’t you request a Type 4A smart meter, which doesn’t have its communications enabled? At least you are able to do that – we still don’t have this choice in Victoria!! And be careful with the aluminium fly screen. You may have a 3G smart meter. According to the technical report done in Victoria by Total Radiation Solutions, which also looked at 3G smart meters, if these meters have difficulty establishing communications, they transmit even more often!

  19. Geoff says:

    I had a new meter installed by Ausgrid in Sydney. I called them up to ask whether it was a smart meter. They assured me it wasn’t but would not put this in writing for me. Would anybody know how I could tell what kind of a meter it is? I’ve had a look at images online but I really can’t tell. It’s kind of a matter of urgency as Dec 1st is drawing near. Thanks in advance

  20. onemeremember says:

    Hi Everybody. I would like to share three things with you to empower you because it is all information you need and understand.
    1. Less than 3 minutes. Smart Meters effects on your blood.
    2. Smart Meters could be over-billing you by a whopping 582%
    3. Holding the CEO of these companies, the installer etc Liable in Commerce. Because this is what it is guys, commerce. Get your head around it and let’s take Stop Smart Meters Australia wide. ie more than it is now.

    Good luck.

  21. Cass says:

    I have had a smart meter installed by Powershop despite my express request not to install. They are now telling me I need to pay to have it removed/moved!!!

  22. Greg says:

    I have recently purchased an existing home in south- east Queensland and chosen Powerup as my supplier. I have a 5kW solar PV system on the roof and a digital read only electricity meter. Consequently my feed-in tarrif is only 10 cents per KWh. I have been told by Powerup that to have a net metering arrangement which allows me to use my own solar generated power during the day and thus avoid their 27.1 cents per kWh rate I have to install a smart meter. Is this correct? The meter installation will be free for me.

    • Disenchanted with solar says:

      Insist that you get a smart meter that does not have a communications module. I am on net metering (in a different State) and this is what I have. A meter reader comes and reads the meter using a probe. Otherwise your meter will be belching out microwaves 24/7.

      But beware, solar inverters can also be a problem, because of the dirty electricity they produce. Mine did this, affecting my health. It took a heap of filters to get rid of the dirty electricity. (But at least they worked for me, as in some homes the filters can cause other problems.)

    • NBN risks….Someone please post this and awaken the people of Australia.

  23. Greg Fuller-Turner says:

    Ok Question Time.

    What is actually wrong with SMART meters and why are you as an “organisation” against them?


    • Let's Get Real about RF says:

      Hi Greg

      “Smart” meters are a great idea if you’re keen on upping the profits of power distributors, have $ to spare for higher bills (somebody has to pay for all the extra infrastructure with built-in obsolescence), don’t mind your washing machine etc dying (and perhaps the odd fire due to a ‘faulty’ smart meter, as happened to a neighbour) should you have a home with ‘older’ wiring and are comfortable with giving anonymous people the granular data to drill into your life. Oh, and to boot, it provides the opportunity for everyone to be irradiated with an extra dose of a Group 2B carcinogen, 24/7, whether or not they want to participate in the experiment.

      …perhaps you should start by reading the pages on this site if you really want an answer to your question. You could begin with ‘What are the Issues?’ on the right hand side. And don’t forget to read the actual stories that people have written, on ‘Share your Story’.

    • Robyn says:

      Hi team I totally agree that Smart Meters contaminate the environment and people. I have chronic MCS and it makes my life a misery. I live on Tamborine Mt and would certainly NOT object to a HUGE “STOP SMART METERS’ sign being spray painted on my water tank for anyone in the air to see. I would encourage others in my community to do the same. If anyone could give me a hand to do the painting plz let me know as the painting itself would cause an nasty chemical response in me.

  24. Zapped says:


    I’m a Victorian and would like to know how I can get rid of my smart metre.

    Are you able to point me to any resources? Is this possible at all?

    I would think mass applications to remove would be a viable next phase in the push to eradicate this menace.

    More mileage in helping those who have had these installed without consent than those lucky few remaining without them!

    Thank you

  25. mrs boyd says:

    we had a smart metre installed some time ago.
    But it hasnt been turned on . now spa aus net are ringing to do so.
    my metre box is actually inside my house ..
    are we by law aloud to say no?

  26. Chris says:

    hi All,

    I just wanted to let you all know of something VERY DISTURBING that happened to us recently, We have had a “Smart Meter-capable” GAS meter installed on us !!!

    Out-of-the-blue we had a guy come around and knock on our door last week, my wife was home and he said “im just changing over your GAS meter…just letting you know i will be disconnecting the GAS for a while…” my wife said NO, its not okay, and he said “well im doing it anyway, i would have done it if you were not home im just letting you know im doing it , im not asking…”.

    Our gas meter is (unfortunately) out the front of our house, directly below our front bed-room window at ground level attached to our bedroom brick wall outside for all to see from the street.

    At this point my wife was calling me frantically at work to try and get a hold of me, by the time she did get a hold of me the guy had already done it. He was on his way off and she had me on the phone at the same time and was asking him whether it was a smart meter and for his name and he refused to give his name after being asked 3 times but was saying “its not a smart meter OK!!, you should have got a letter in the mail”…and just gave her a brochure with a generic phone number written on it and took off.

    2 days later, a letter arrived (conveniently late) saying that our gas meter was “due for upgrade”. Funnily enough not one other single gas meter in the whole estate has been changed, or was “due” for an upgrade and all the houses were built at the same time in the late 90s, with the same vintage meter. No other gas meter has been changed, just ours.

    So guess what….after i investigated, the new Gas meter is “Smart Meter capable”!!!!!!!!!

    Their evil plan is to run around and change over meters to these new ones that are “Smart Meter Capable” but not actually initially installing the smart meter add-on feature, which is an additional black box that is screwed on the front under the dials. So as everyone gets defensive and asks at the time of install, they are told “oh no, its not a Smart Meter” …but in reality it is, with a small black upgrade box that they can add AT ANY TIME IN THE FUTURE in just a few minutes on top of the meter when they feel like it, when you are NOT AROUND.

    What they installed was “Multinet GAS Model 750”. It has a “magnet” feature built in to the mechanical dials so that an electronic pulse can be read every 10 Litres, unlike our old one. That is the fine print that uncovers their evil plan. Here is a link for it:

    Click to access LG_APAC_Brochure_Gas_750.pdf

    As you can see, this time they have a 2-pronged approach, with the first being that we are told its just a “normal upgrade” and that it is still a mechanical meter, but it just so happens that the new meter is able to be upgraded easily to electronically count gas volume, and they can add the electronic component upgrade at any time.

    I had a local steel welder make me a complete galv steel mesh frame that completely envelopes my gas meter this week, with a swinging door that can be padlocked for access. And now the cage is bolted to my brick wall. It wasnt cheap to get made and its kinda ugly. But now they are going to have a little problem when they tip-toe around to install the “smart meter component” to my meter in the future.

    Please let everyone know, i can supply pics of the meter as well if you like! The covert preparation for smart meters on Gas has started!!!! Be on alert! We need to start a new campaign!


  27. M Craig says:

    Wow! Just received a bill from our provider and for only 18 days usage, as we moved out, the amount was $2658.33. I know for a fact the meter was manually read every time, as the padlock was always moved into a different position at time the suggested reading was noted on the account. If this is Powercor’s way of sticking it to people who choose to hold on to an analogue meter by under quoting the meter readings, than you have picked on wrong person this time. Thus I find it very strange as our annual usage increased everywhere and I have never had an issue until receiving the latest account. I will keep you posted.

  28. miss d says:

    I just found my home got smart meter! My husband always look after the bill so that I didnt know how much we spent each payment.recently my honey complaining about the bill going up, only two of us n one baby (dog) the bill seem over charge! A few days ago I had look the meter n found out it was smart meter!!!!! When we move in I didn’t think of smart meter! How can I get it removed!?

  29. John says:


    I just wondered if you would know what the latest news is in regards to smart meters getting installed in Queensland and if the plans will go ahead or not like in Victoria as we are contemplating to leave Tasmania and come to Queensland. Thanks 🙂


  30. kate says:

    HI my name is Kate, I am a naturopathic doctor & I am the rather passionate speaker at the melbourne against chemtrail rally. I am tirelessly educating people about EMR’s & their effects in my clinical practice & in my private life. I founght hard to refuse a SMART meter & won & I am happy to say that coming home to my WiFi FREE & smart meter FREE home is a god send. Our next door neighbour also has kept the smart meter & WiFi away.
    The main reason for writing is that we are selling our beautiful home and the first thing I thought about was to let as many people know who are suffering from the effects of a smart meter.
    If you are in a position to buy & move, this can be an amazing opportunity to purchase a home that is not infected with these horrific radiations & intrusions into our private lives.

    If you are interested the house will be listed soon & is located in Bentleigh East.

  31. Peter says:

    To all who have suffered health problems after the installation of one of these surveillance and control devises, PLEASE register your complaints with ARPANSA at this link:

    The more complaints they receive the more likely they are to actually do what they are supposed to do, PROTECT US!!!!!!!!!!!! They too have a DUTY OF CARE.

  32. I am looking to purchase a Coronet ED78s. I contacted norad4u in the u.s and they suggested I contact you, so here I am.
    Do you handle them and if so, how do I get one?

  33. Nenad Stanojevic says:

    Dear All, 23/3/2015

    My friend just called me to tell me that they have forcefully installed a smart meter on his property.
    They went past the padlock, ignored all the signs and there were numerous of them.
    Naturally he is very upset and would like some advice what to do. He is very concerned about the health of his little children.

    Kindest Regards

  34. kylie hannan says:

    how do you get rid of these smartmeters i have had headaches and ringing in the ears and just unwell my son is 7 and is also getting bad headaches and my grandson is sick all the time since the smart meter has been put in cant cope anymore from kylie

  35. maree says:

    I believe the problem with these smart meters is they can be used for other purposes by others of greater knowledge. All they are is Evil. I have moved three places in less then a year thinking I will escape the pain somewhat at the next. Silly thinking I have found. I do the turning off of all electricity switches in the power box at night as suggested because I don’t trust the things. I also find I am woken in the early hours of the morning loud snapping (hitting) noises coming from the smart meter. I had Jemena come out and they repaired something on the smart meter which had been broken since it had been installed. Didn’t change anything, the meter is still making life hell living in a house.

  36. Tiberius Miller says:

    Was reading an article in the paper today about smart meters and their side effects. Up till now i thought it was a load of rubbish about people having medical problems. As i said, up till now.
    It suddenly occurred to me that since my meter was installed about 8 or so months ago, was about the same time my sleep pattern changed. I never triggered on the connection. Ive always slept like a log, however about the time the meter was installed my sleep became more and more difficult as i started to wake 3 or 4 times a night, and now if i sleep in my bed, i wake every hour the end result being tired all day. I even had medical checks on my prostrate, heart and liver to ensure nothing was amiss but all tests were fine. To further prove that the meter is the cause, which by the way is on the outside of the wall that my bed is against, i started to sleep in the spare room, the couch and finally when i wake for maybe the third time at about 2am, i grab a doona and go sleep at furthest point from the meter which is on a couch outside on my patio at the rear of the house…and once asleep, i dont wake for the best part of 6 to 8 hours (if i allow myself a sleepin). So im not sure what my next step is, the meter is already installed and seems SP Ausnet wont be too worried about my health. Can we not get enough medical proof together so that maybe a class action can be made against the power companies? As much i like sleeping on my patio it does get damn cold some nights.

  37. Lucy Telford says:

    I have signs on my front fence and on my meter box with a Perspex window so they can read my meter. I’m 33wk pregnant and was aware of a car in my drive way. I ask the man to leave who was starting to fit a “smart meter” toy house. When I told him I have signs and it’s private property he refused to leave and told me my signs meant nothing. I called the police. I told him to get off my private property again and he refused to leave again. What else can I do to stop this happening again if my signs and demand to leave my property mean nothing. 03 56291084. Lucy. Please help 🙂

    • Marina ritchie says:

      I do agree with u I feel the same and my mum too headaches ad dizziness please let’s do something thanks marina

    • Paul says:

      I would advise playing hard ball by immediately contacting a metal fabricator or handyman to weld-up a steel box to surround your existing meter with. There are many designs online to ensure that these are impenetrable.
      The main point is, the house is your property, including all fixtures. The meter box is their property. Vandalising the steel box that surrounds your old meter to fit their smart meter will not be done. They’d need to cut it open with an angle grinder and it’s a legal open and shut case. They’d be prosecuted for it.
      Just make sure it’s designed so that you have access and can open it if needed (to reset the surge switch when needed). And most importantly, make sure there is a slot in the box so that the power company can easily read the meter. Then they won’t hound you with legitimate complaints about meter readings. Jump online and find a design that makes sense for your meter box. In the meantime, padlock your existing meter box shut if you have one and paste a notice to prosecute (available on this site) anyone who tampers with it. 🙂

  38. Eve says:

    I have jsut noticed that quite a few people have written to ask for advice re the letters which are now being distributed by Sp Ausnet, wanting to install SMs. I haven’t seen one response which can give the rest of us some guidance as to the problem. I have written to Sp Ausnet directly and sent a medical report, with a letter attached to the meter box stating that the company has my medical report ON FILE. I was told I was not going to be approached again, yet today received another letter saying that if I don’t comply I will be charged extra for retaining the old meter. I know these are stand-over tactics, and I will not comply, as my health is more important than their money-making ventures.. Could we please all get some response about the legalities, which in the case of the Sp Ausnet letter is just a matter of semantics and wording.. However, I don’t have a fence and gate, and am worried about trespassing issues while I am not at home. Can we please have some advice on this site, as I can see that numerous worried customers are popping up after this new wave of terrorism.
    Thanking you in advance,.

  39. Karen Jennings says:

    I’m very concerned about my parents as they’ve received letters in the mail from United Energy informing them of the installation of smart meters around their area in Seaford Vic, which is scheduled from 22nd July 2014. I’ve given them your contact info but as they don’t have the internet connected or a computer at their home, they’re going to write to you as they’re interested in joining your political party. They don’t want a smart meter & I’ve shown them lots of info & videos on your website. I’ve printed them out a notice from your website to put on their meter box & they will padlock it as well. But is that enough? As I’ve heard they cut them off when installing the smart meters. They have old wiring which has already been assessed by united energy but they haven’t been honest in informing my parents about the costs involved with replacing the wiring. Please give me some advice or info for me to pass on to them before it’s too late.
    Kind Regards.

    Karen Jennings

  40. Linda Ballis says:

    Just letting you know I had a phone call from SPAusnet this morning who rang to make an appointment to install a Smart Meter. I politely stated that I didn’t want a meter and the lady very politely said OK that would be noted and my name taken off the list and I wouldn’t be contacted again. However, she needed to read me a disclaimer which basically said SP Ausnet reserves the right to charge the very small number of people that are refusing a Smart Meter extra to have their meters read manually. She couldn’t give me any more details. Seems what ever they charge it is a small price to pay. I will however, continue to keep my meter box locked.

  41. Leaty says:

    I received a letter yesterday(28/4) from SP AUS NET to say someone will be coming to install a new meter between 28 April – 3rd May.( Despite letters, phone calls & signs). I phoned the contact number and advised I did not want a new meter I was asked politely as to why and I said “Health reasons”. I was then read a statement saying that as of April 2015 I will be charged a fee. I asked what the fee was and the lady replied” they don’t know yet”. I was then asked to write a letter stating that no smart meter was to be installed and that this was confirmed and to put it in/on my meter box. This I have done. Wonder what will happen next?

  42. Anonymous says:

    I had no idea about the implications of smart meters (must have been living under a rock) until my chronically ill daughter had hers installed 2 days ago. She has a severe muscle disorder and is highly sensitive to Electro magnetic frequency. She can’t be close to blue tooth speakers, computers etc. Since the installation she has had horrendous migraines, has not slept at all, and had seizures. We had no idea that the smart meter could make her condition worse and we are positive that this is not a coincidence. I would never have consented to this obviously. I have contacted United Energy and they are concerned re her condition and sending out someone to “check” the SM. I feel that this is going to be a nightmare to get removed, but given her deteriorating condition I need to do whatever it takes to get rid of this device. Any advice on how to temporarily make the frequency less or where to go from here would be much appreciated.

  43. Nathan says:

    Sp aust is pushing hard to put in a meter at our house, saying that they are mandatory. I have ignored them for a while, letters, installers ( showed them our box with tresspass letter) now we are getting constant phone recorded messages. What is the latest legally?
    Is it manadory as they say .
    Who can help me.
    We do not want one.
    Can they cut our power off for not installing.
    Cheers Nathan

    • Leaty says:

      Mandatory is only a requirement NOT a law. Keep writing your letters etc. I believe they are not able to turn your power off unless you DON’T pay your bills. Keep contacting this website and keep reading it has some very useful information. Keep strong & don’t give in.

    • Paul says:

      Ni Nathan – the mandate is only FROM the government TO the power company to use their best endeavors to instal. They use the word ‘mandatory’ which has no legality – it’s effectively an instruction with no legal basis. You’re in the right both ethically and legally to refuse. There is much legal president for this. Stick to your guns when faced with subversive terminology intended to make you back down and feel powerless. The law is on your side – it just doesn’t feel like it. 😉

  44. John Wilson says:

    I do not know whether this information is helpful but included it here.
    Power giants illegally disconnecting hundreds of Victorians each year
    • by: Karen Collier
    • From: Herald Sun
    • March 27, 2014 10:00PM
    ELECTRICITY and gas retailers are illegally disconnecting hundreds of Victorians each year as customers struggle with soaring bills.
    Some have suffered up to two months without supply before winning compensation.
    Retailers are supposed to follow strict rules for cutting off customers over unpaid bills.
    These include first offering help to those in financial stress, giving enough warning, and being careful not to disconnect the wrong address.
    But, the Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria says that in almost half of its investigations of disconnections, companies were revealed to have flouted regulations.
    The unfair treatment is exposed in its submission to the State Government, which has proposes doubling payments for wrongful disconnection to $500 a day.
    Disconnection complaints to the ombudsman exploded by 380 per cent in five years.
    Last financial year alone, 845 cases were found to deserve compensation. In 309, retailers agreed to pay without admitting rule breaches.
    “From 2008-09 to 2012-13, on average 48 per cent of actual energy disconnection investigations received were found to have a WDP (wrongful disconnection payment) applicable,” the submission says.
    “These results reveal that the retailer had breached the terms and conditions of the customer’s contract, following almost one in every two actual energy disconnections investigated.”
    Disputed findings can be referred to the Essential Services Commission for a final ruling.
    Consumer groups support proposed higher compensation for customers unfairly cut off.
    But Ombudsman Cynthia Gebert was unsure this would solve the problem. She said identifying and helping those in financial strife earlier was the priority.
    “Given there are a growing number of Victorians being disconnected, and that the number of wrongful disconnections is not decreasing, a focus is required on improving retailers’ processes,” Ms ¬Gebert said.
    Repeated concerns have been raised about disconnection as a debt-collection tool in place of payment plans and other assistance.
    Power companies pulled the plug on a total of 25,254 residential customers with unpaid bills last financial year.
    Gas firms disconnected 16,979 households.

    I believe that these companies have to pay $250 per day for illegally disconnecting but I am trying to confirm this information. Perhaps someone else can assist.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Fyi, Take back your power full documentary is now on youtube at the link below

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