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Energex moves to discourage off-peak electricity usage

From RenewEconomy’s website comes a story that can only be described as the truth will come out.  Amidst the power distributors’ claims that the purpose behind the smart meter rollout is to enable consumers to switch their electricity usage to … Continue reading

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The Chinese Government is now a major player in Victoria’s electricity distribution businesses

The Chinese Communist regime, through the government-owned State Grid Corporation of China, recently completed its purchase of a 19.9 per cent interest in Australian-listed SP AusNet and a 60 per cent stake in the privately held Jemena business. This was … Continue reading

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This abuse of our rights has to stop NOW!!

One person wrote to Stop Smart Meters Australia (SSMA): “The power companies are saying things verbally like threatening to cut off power etc. but not in writing.  That’s exactly what happened to my friend in Ballan.  I advised him to … Continue reading

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Power company tactics reduce anti-smart meter customers to tears in rollout

SMART meter rebels have accused power companies of dirty tricks and disconnection threats as the statewide rollout continues. Anti-smart meter campaigner Sonja Rutherford said tearful customers were reporting “bullying” and “stalking” tactics. One was allegedly told she “would have to … Continue reading

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Petition Hon Nicholas Kotsiras

“Government & Power Companies: People are being forced from their homes. Give us a choice to remove & refuse the smart meter In a country such as Australia you expect to feel safe in your home, you expect the Government … Continue reading

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Smart Meters – Welcome to a brave new world WITHOUT privacy

The articles linked to this post clearly demonstrate what kind of details are available to the power companies using smart meters to monitor our power usage. Image: National Institute of Standards and Technology It also covers some of the concerns that the … Continue reading

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Taking A Stand

Taking A Stand: My personal journey to holding those responsible for my health issues to account – Part 1 It is my intention over the next few weeks to post  to this site some letters that I have written over … Continue reading

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Legal Advice Reminder

Over the past month, with the apparent approval of the Baillieu Government, especially its Minister for Energy and Resources, Hon. Michael O’Brien, power distributors in Victoria seem to have increased their bullying tactics in forcing smart meters against the will of residents who … Continue reading

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Smart meter zapping broadband connection | The Courier

I HAVE heard a lot of stuff about smart meters but wanted to ask a question. Since my smart meter was installed, my wireless broadband has been at best intermittent and at worst non-existent. I have had to reinstall the … Continue reading

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Smart box lock-out in Montmorency – Health – Diamond Valley Leader

A MONTMORENCY resident has locked his electricity box in a bid to stop authorities installing a smart meter. Leon Steiner, of Sherbourne Rd, said he had serious issues with the meters, which were being rolled out across Victoria. His major … Continue reading

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