Health Issues

If you would like to be on ARPANSA’s Electromagnetic Radiation Health Complaints Register, please download the standard reporting form available on this page .

If you would like to join the Australian National Register of Environmental Sensitivities (ANRES), in order to register your sensitivities on the ANRES register, go to ANRES.

If you would like to connect with Electrosensitivity Australia (ES-Au), a community group that is dedicated to raising awareness of electrosensitivity and which advocates for national recognition of EHS in Australia as a functional impairment/disability, go to:

The evidence attesting to the potential of wireless technologies to cause substantial adverse health effects continues to grow.  Thousands of independent, peer-reviewed scientific studies have accumulated over decades – and are now accumulating at an accelerating pace – that document adverse health and neurological impacts of EMF/RF. Links to recent studies, sworn statements, reports, videos, and more, follow.

This 10-minute video, explains very clearly why the industry scientists, utilities, and some governments, can’t substantiate their claims that smart meters are safe. They use cherry-picking or incomplete evidence to support their claims, opposed to a proper examination of evidence, also known as falsifiability.  Please forward to your local journalist, policy maker, lawyer, and scientists.

Use this video to demonstrate why neither utilities, industry scientists, nor government can claim and prove that smart meters are safe.

Please visit this page for videos explaining adverse biological and health effects, and our News and Videos page.

Talking to your doctor about electro-hypersensitivity or radiowave sickness symptoms  – please print this text talkingtoyourdoctor and take it to your doctor or medical centre if they fail to acknowledge your condition due to lack of knowledge, awareness, or other reasons.

The 2012 BioInitiative Report reviewed more than 1,800 new scientific studies, further to the 2007 BioInitiative Report, which cited over 2,000 scientific studies, documenting adverse health effects of EMF-RF radiation below existing guidelines and standards.

Navy_Radiowave_Brief  or the 1971 Research Report and Bibliography on Biological Phenomena (‘effects’) and Clinical Manifestations attributed to microwave and radio-frequency radiation, by Dr Glasser and the Naval Medical Research Institute, also cited more than 2,000 studies documenting the effects.

radio_wave_sickness_studies_units – an overview of the radiowave sickness symptoms and biological effects of radio waves by ARTHUR FIRSTENBERG, President, Cellular Phone Taskforce, September 2001.

AndrewGoldsworthyWitnessStatement – Dr Andrew Goldsworthy documents and explains the mechanisms involved in the damaging or adverse biological effects of non-ionising electromagnetic radiation, including that from cell phones and Wi-Fi.

Biol-Effects-EMFs-2012-NZ2 – Biological effects of weak EMF explained and documented.

McMurtry_Evidence_Prudent-Health-EMF – the evidence is strongest for leukemia from electricity-frequency fields and for brain tumours from communication-frequency fields.

Dr Tresidder – Electrosensitivity / Electromagnetic Sensitivity symptoms, condition, and appeal to other medical practitioners.

Public_Health_-_EMF – report by Dr Genuis on more convincing studies showing environmental health is not sufficiently emphasised and addressed in medical education explaining why many clinicians and even more physicians are not aware of the irrefutable scientific proof of harm from non-ionising radiation.

Havas-Caccia-RFR-02-HO and  Havas-HESA-testimony-2010 and more statements on adverse biological and health effects from EMF and RF from Dr Havas Declaration-of-Dr.-Magda-Havas.


Paul Brodeur testimony – a testimony from a novelist and award-winning reporter, former investigative journalist for The New Yorker, who built a career out of exposing the environmental hazards and health risks created by industry.

Convincing studies and anlysis of adverse effects_EMR and RF Health – overview by Dr Neil Cherry.

IRCHET International Research Centre of Healthy and Ecological Technology Germany – more studies documenting adverse biological and health effects of EMF and RF.


The 1970 NASA report on Microwave Radiation Effects on the Organism of Man and Animals.


Public health implications of wireless technologies Abstract: Global exposures to emerging wireless technologies from applications including mobile phones, cordless phones, DECT phones, WI-FI, WLAN, WiMAX, wireless internet, baby monitors, and others may present serious public health consequences. Evidence supporting a public health risk is documented in the BioInitiative Report. New, biologically based public exposure standards for chronic exposure to low-intensity exposures are warranted. Existing safety standards are obsolete because they are based solely on thermal effects from acute exposures. The rapidly expanding development of new wireless technologies and the long latency for the development of such serious diseases as brain cancers means that failure to take immediate action to reduce risks may result in an epidemic of potentially fatal diseases in the future. Regardless of whether or not the associations are causal, the strengths of the associations are sufficiently strong that in the opinion of the authors, taking action to reduce exposures is imperative, especially for the fetus and children. Such action is fully compatible with the precautionary principle, as enunciated by the Rio Declaration, the European Constitution Principle on Health (Section 3.1) and the European Union Treaties Article 174.


This document by Dr. Karl Maret, commenting on the California Council on Science and Technology Report “Health Impacts of Radio Frequency from Smart Meters”, assisted with reversing California’s policy: 


Assessment of Radiofrequency Microwave Radiation Emissions from Smart Meters:


Electro-sensitivity information: ES-UK Newsletters.  In addition to numerous other health problems, electromagnetic pollution has been associated with an increase in the number of individuals suffering from a condition known as electrohypersensitivity (EHS). EHS is defined by the World Health Organization as: “…a phenomenon where individuals experience adverse health effects while in the vicinity of devices emanating electric, magnetic, or electromagnetic fields.” Read more here


We Are The Evidence, a website founded by attorney Dafna Tachover, highlights the human face of suffering caused by wireless technology.


Australian Smart Meter Revolt:
A Current Affair, 14 March, 2012
Exploding smart meters and homeowners forced to flee home due to adverse health effects.


Biological And Health Effects Of Microwave Radio Frequency Transmissions, A Review Of The Research Literature, 2013, is an excellent 74-page review of 279 biomedical research publications. It was prepared by a group of  physicians and other professionals with scientific and engineering expertise over a 16-month period for the Eugene Water and Electric Board, who were considering installing smart meters.


Victorian Stories sent in to us.


75 Responses to Health Issues

  1. B watton says:

    I sleep next to 12 smart meters. Are they harmful to my health. How can I get someone to measure the EMR.

    • Cathy says:

      That is terrible. Can you sleep in another room? That’s what I would be doing. A building biologist can measure the EMR (eg google ASBB building biologists). Or maybe you should invest in your own radiofrequency meter so you can measure?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is it possible to have solar panels without a smart meter

  3. Catherine Draut says:

    Hi Everyone

    I’m in a panic about Red Energy and Essential Energy’s plan to install a smart meter to replace our old-style meter that went blank when the meter reader was here. Is there a class action lawsuit forming up in Australia or any other way anyone can think of to stop them? As it stands, they’ll keep on sending out someone and if I don’t unlock the gate they’ll keep charging me each time someone comes, then they’ll cut off the electricity. I wouldn’t mind that, except that a sick friend is staying with me. The guys in charge just save so much money by having smart meters rather than meter readers that they can’t help themselves, poor driven sweeties. My electrician says he could fix the old meter except that by law he’s not allowed to. Any suggestions would be welcome.

    • smart meter sufferer says:

      Hi Catherine,

      Which State do you live in? If you are not in Victoria then you can choose to have the RF component of the smart meter de-activated.
      When you say the meter went blank when the meter reader tried to read it , I am wondering if it is the software on the meter reader’s probe that is the problem. I have heard that has happened to several people in United Energy’s area. ( Vic)
      If this is the case then it is not the meter that is faulty but their software, which they need to address.

  4. Colin Stokes says:

    Would double brick walls give better protection ?

    • Tanya says:

      Colin, I’m guessing it would help a little, but not enough to make you perfectly safe. I have heard that concrete is quite protective, so those housing commission houses with ugly concrete walls are suddenly desirable! But really, metal is going to be a better level of protection, providing you don’t have sources of EMR on the other side of the metal shielding (eg, wi-fi, a mobile phone mast on the other side of the house/shielding).

    • Cathy says:

      It’s going to depend on exactly which signals you want protection from. It sounds like, from the following link, that double brick walls will definitely help with reducing wifi radiation

      But double brick walls won’t help with magnetic fields …they are virtually impossible to block.

  5. Joan Soma says:

    I live in a retirement village where directly opposite my unit there is a block of 21 smart metres on the bedroom wall of an elderly residents unit. How safe are we and how can this insane situation be allowed?

  6. Kim Hassard says:

    Since having our smart meter installed, myself and my daughter whose bedrooms are next to the meter box, have been waking up feeling sick, which generally lasts for half the day and hear a buzzing noise on and off. We are waking up several times during the night which is leaving us drained of energy during the day.

  7. John Gartner says:

    HOW can I get one of the old meters back? I’m absolutely not happy with this S/M.

  8. Bob says:

    Write to the Ombudsman.They are the only way of commencing our “Way of Rights”

  9. Eric says:

    The government and the power companies knowing full well just how dangerous and deadly this designated Class 2B carcinogenic wireless technology really is have continued and are still continuing to push it out onto vulnerable householders. Just like James Hardie continued to push out building materials containing asbestos knowing how deadly that particular material was, so these leeches in the power companies are doing exactly the same. And these morally corrupt persons who knowing up front how dangerous the technology is, of course they didn’t commission any post “rollout” health monitoring. If post “rollout” health monitoring was to be commissioned now, what statement would that be making about their claims that the meters are “absolutely safe”. It would signal an admission on their part that their claims of absolute safety for smart meters which they have been incorporating into their written propaganda material are in actual fact nothing other than outright premeditated lies to deceive the people into allowing the power companies to gain the implied consent to install the microprocessor boxes with the class 2B carcinogenic transmitters. So rather than do the thing which MUST NOW be done and commission the post rollout health monitoring, these worms continue to hide behind their false p…$weak assertions that the shoddy pathetic piece of work done EMC Technologies was somehow some sort of legitimate smart meter testing and that they on this basis can continue to say that smart meters are totally safe. No one knows more than them just how false these assertions are and they will only be able to hide behind the cover of this false assertion for so long and then no more.

    • Fred says:

      As you mention it several times (and don’t seem to believe in punctuation) , I thought I’d point out what a “Class 2B carcinogenic” actually means.

      WHO classifications:
      Group 1: Is carcinogenic to humans
      Group 2A: Probably is carcinogenic
      Group 2B: Possibly is carcinogenic

      “Possibly carcinogenic” means “not yet established to be carcinogenic”, Every time you say “Class 2-B carcinogen” you’re (a) wrong, it’s a not-established-to-be-a-carcinogen, not a carcinogen; and (b) it’s “Group 2B” not “Class 2-B”

      • Kim says:

        Fred: re your reply to Eric. What you say about WHO categories is quite correct but I think that you could possibly have framed your reply in a more polite (and less pedantic) manner. Perhaps you could also consider not criticising other writers in future. It isn’t helpful, especially when it is directed at people who are at wit’s end with the problems created by smart meters. It’s obvious that you know of what you speak but there’s no need to be quite so sanctimonious surely?

        • Anonymous says:

          I agree, every act is 10% action and 90% intention. Eric’s action was correct but the intention behind how he delivered it was quite negative and sarcastic. As soon as one does that, the listener shuts off. As soon as you anger someone, they generally stop listening so not the best way to make a point.

      • Anonymous says:

        Fred, a possible carcinogen is a possible carcinogen and it does not matter what you say or think.
        It is what I think.
        I think we are all well aware of what the WHO’s definition is but that does not matter as it is my definition that counts.
        No punctuation in my reply Fred. I don’t believe in punctuation either and I make heaps of spelling errors.
        Some scientists believe it is a carcinogen. You have just offered one opinion and that does not count.
        The WHO is not God by any chance, and who gives a rats whether it’s called a class cancer causing agent or a group causing agent.

        • Fred says:

          No Anonymous I didn’t offer any opinion, just pointed out to Eric what “Class B Carcinogen” actually means. It appears that facts don’t seem to matter to you though, just whatever you say is right and nothing else matters. Somewhat similar to what you are accusing the Victorian Government of doing with the installation of smart meters in the first place?

  10. Wayne says:

    We have a continuous buzzing in our house, the Power Meter is more than 1km from the house (Rural), the buzzing is so bad we cannot sleep comfortably and have continuous headaches.
    We have communications Towers a long distance from our house on a high hill but within sight.
    We have HV Power Lines a fair distance also.
    What could be causing this and how can we stop it or who could see what is causing this?
    We have tried turning the Power off completely but your cannot stop the noise, it is driving us crazy and we are thinking of selling up and moving!

    • Informed Choice says:

      Hi Wayne – this could be Wi-Max in your area as the radio waves can travel great distances. You don’t say what type of meter you have installed at your property. In any case, you need to get an electrosmog reader and take some measurements to determine the cause.

    • Buzzing of this type is often some component of the building which is reacting to infra-sound (vibration carried by solids below hearing frequency). Infrasound can be generated by any motor, transformer, oscillator, generator or even power line. It travels great distances in the ground often along pipes, so even though your power is turned off, there can be other sources further out. Use a metal rod as a stethoscope and test all surfaces in the house to find out what is producing the harmonic. Then alter the harmonic length or weight load.

  11. alan says:

    I cant believe what i am reading we had a smart meter installed only last week and 2 days later awoke with a migrane and every day since have had a headache. I never had headaches before this time what the hell can i do about this !!! do I have any legal ways of having this thing removed ??

    • Steve says:

      Alan, you are experiencing what a lot of people are claiming on this website, including myself. Persistent headaches that don’t go away are one of the symptoms of EHS – also known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity. This is happening to people who have never been EHS in the past. Note that this is only the beginning. In some people it has been shown to get worse with chronic exposure where you can become sensitized to other forms of EMR such as the low frequency electromagnetic fields around transformers, hot plates, dimmer switches… and to chemicals such as your deodorant and aftershave.

      What you can do:
      1. If you have not done so, please follow the instructions on SSMA’s health register to register your condition
      SSMA are creating a health report that will be shared with the media, government, ARPANSA and power companies.
      2. Please also raise a complaint to ARPANSA by following the instructions found here
      3. Call your Energy Provider (Utility) not the Retailer. Tell them about your issue and asked them to record this information on your file for future legal action (you may want to back this up with a letter to the CEO). Tell them you want the meter removed and replaced with your original meter. Of course they will say they are not obligated to. Ask them what they are going to do about the fact that the meter is causing you headaches. I suspect they will try to tell you that it is a Nocebo effect – (it is in your head) or try to tell you that the emissions are less than a baby monitor and within Australia’s RF standards. The reality is there are quite a few people who have complained about resulting health issues so they know it is real. Of course you are unlikely to get any satisfaction from them but at least you will be able to use the fact that they have registered your health complaint later if you decide to take it further (legal). Note there have been no studies conducted on Smart Meter RF and public health – so any statements they make that smart meter RF emissions are safe is libelous. Even our RF standards do not provide proof of safety but they do falsely claim to offer a high level of protection.
      4. You may need to relocate where you sleep to a different room as far away from the meter as possible. Distance is your friend. The more walls you can put between the meter and yourself the better. I recommend you turn off all wireless devices in your house when you sleep such as cordless phones, wireless routers, mobile phones etc. because they are adding to your RF burden that your body has to deal with.

      • Ruth says:

        Thank you for the advice, I am well aware that there is much ado out there to discredit the claims of people who were quite healthy until these ‘fields’ were introduced into their environment

    • Steve says:

      Also keep a diary – documenting your health and reactions. This will be important if you decide to take legal action in the future.

    • Dear Readers,
      This is from Twin 1. Richard Leschen and not from Henry.
      This Victorian so-called but far from Liberal and far from liberally-acting for the good of our health and welfare as our Government, has failed us something shocking.

      They these Victorian Government representatives who are supposed to represent US THE PEOPLE of Victoria are not interested in our health. These same cruel and churlish Victorian Government representatives are a disgrace as representatives who continually to Toady to the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies here in Victoria and their now proving to be Criminally Acting C.E.O’s, who just like Mr John Brumby of the Past Labour Government here in Victoria and his Minister for Energy and Resources Mr Peter Bachelor and now the Victorian Liberal Party Premier Mr Ted Baillieu and his Minister for Power Mr Michael O’Brien, as well as the now the present Premier of Victoria Doctor Dennis Napthine and his Minister for Power and Resources Mr Nicholas Kotsiras have all deserted us.

      The first Duty Of Care, they these Victorian supposed to be representatives of US the people of Victoria, is to let nothing that is harmful to our Health and Wellbeing be allowed to be forced upon us.

      Sadly, these so-named and shamed and pathetic representatives of Us the Victorian People have let us down and have acted as Toadies and Stool Pigeons to these MONETARY RAPISTS of foreign owned Electric Power Companies to further steal from our already Cash Strapped Pockets and to continue to wreck our Human Health and that of all life here in Victoria, with these now proving to be dangerous and Intrusive Electrical Microwave so-called Smart Meters which are not smart in any way at all.

      Just as we had to fling the Victorian Labor Party out of office, so we need to fling this Victorian Liberal Party Government out of office, for they are not acting in any LIBERAL or PROPERLY MORAL or CARING ATTITUDE towards us the people of Victoria for our Health and Wellbeing.


      Richard Leschen.

    • May I make a crazy suggestion? Cut off the power and use gas for a while. If everyone with smart meter would shut down power use, it would have an effect.

      • Cedar says:

        Sadly my neighbours have “smart” meters, I do not, but recently I have started having strange and very uncomfortable head sensations. Not headaches as such but a feeling as though my brain was burning. Also my partner has been getting vertigo, something he has never had before. It seems a coincidence that the neighbour’s meters were installed just a couple of months ago and we are now getting these strange sensations. Very worrying and difficult to know what to do. I’m sure if I mentioned this to my doctor she would not take seriously the “smart” meter connection, but I can’t help feeling that this is what the problem is.

    • From

      The facts are simple. All Microwave Smart Meters are illegal.
      These Unlawfully enforced microwave smart meters on Victorians’ private and small business properties are ILLEGAL. The Geneva Convention states, “That no human being is allowed to be experimented upon with Microwave Energy.” This is exactly what is happening here in Victoria Australia and overseas as well. See also the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 clauses ten (10) and thirteen (13) in the Victorian Government Gazette. See also the International Charter of Human Rights, which gives the same Common Law Rights. See also Brodie’s Law for Victoria passed in the Victorian Court – Justice Department in June 2011 for Jodie Panlock who committed suicide after she received a huge amount of ongoing bullying at work.
      Please see a lawyer if you were bullied or intimidated to take a Microwave Smart Meter against your Will and Better Judgement, or if it was sneaked onto your property whilst you were out shopping or away from home for any other reason.

      All of these Electric Microwave so-called Smart Meters are actually Illegal Spying devices as they are both Illegal radio broadcasting and receiving devices. To make each one legal, every one of these devices would need a Judges’ “Court Order’ which no Judge will grant as it comes under SPYING on private homes and or small businesses, which is definitely against The Law.

      Remember this, that these Microwave smart meters can be and have been illegally tapped by hackers here in Victoria Australia and in other countries overseas. This was done here in Victoria recently when a number of clever University Information Technology, people, that is Computer Wizards drove slowly down the roads in vans equipped with the very latest of ‘Hacking Gear’ and computers gathering vital electrical data from homes and small businesses equipped with the Microwave smart meters. This proves how easy it is to steal information from these smart meters if one wants to, and to sell this information to say, White Goods manufacturers or any other corporations for their benefit. Of course such an individual or a corporation carrying out this surveillance would be ILLEGAL.

      Alan, I would suggest that you get yourself a decent lawyer well versed in Common Law and talk to him about your case and to bring in the really Heavy Guns by asking him about using the Writ of Mandamus, to get your Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter reinstalled in your private electric meter box and to frighten the socks off these evil people who forced a dopey smart meter on your property. See……. Writ of Mandamus from the Google Search Engine I just found


      Richard Leschen.

      • Mysst says:

        Dear Richard
        You clearly read far too many conspiracy stories! Only few UHF/Radio specialists would be able to ‘hack’ your smart meter from outside your premises – regular IT uni students dont have the $$ or nouse to undertake such activities. The only ‘hacking’ that might occur would be to your electricity distributors systems who control your smart meter

  12. Jay says:

    I have had CFS and insomnia since 1995. With much therapy and under the guidance of a medical sleep specialist I managed to get on top of my insomnia over the past eighteen months. However since my neighbours both had Dumb Meters installed on either side of my bedroom a few weeks ago my insomnia has returned as well as practically constant headaches. Beginning last night my (wired) radio emitted pulses of white noise (12-20) every three minutes followed by a series of at least ten clicks. It is still doing it now at 8am. What else could it be than those SMs? I moved from the city to the country to be in a more healthy environment and now I am feeling under siege. I am wondering about setting up an aluminium tent-style thing to sleep in in my bedroom. Does anyone have any info on such a thing? Other than that I may have to sleep in my backyard. It’s insane!

  13. Anonymous says:

    ive had a smart meter since around 2007 in qld i havent worked fulltime since 2008 ive done no work at all for 2 yrs i get loud popping noises from my speakers thats like a gunshot , i sleep above the bloody thing , my son who stays on weekends wakes with headaches every day he stays here i feel like im dying

  14. PJ says:

    I had a smart meter installed on Friday I did not sleep in the house Friday night but on Sunday when I went downstairs I could hear a loud high pitched buzzing kind of like an old style dial up modem. This went on for four hours and again for half an hour at midnight Sunday night, I had to move upstairs to avoid the sound. I live in an appartment complex and have around 12-15 smart meters behind my bathroom wall which is 2 meters behind my bedroom. I have bought this up with the power company and they are sending a technician out to review the meters. I will record the sound and see how things go but reading posts I am starting to get a bit worried.

    • Mia Nony says:

      Shield your wall before you can become chronically harmed. Use floor to ceiling and wall to wall aluminium (not plastic) mosquito screening on your side of the wall the smart meters back on to.
      Be sure to get rid of all wireless devices including DECT and all wireless portable phones inside your home so that the protective shielding won’t exacerbate non smart meter device frequencies.

      • Min Nony,
        It’s a good idea to ground the aluminium fly-wire to the earth as well with a proper copper wire encased in plastic as well to bleed off the R.F build up coming off the M/Wave pulses from the M/Wave device in smart meter on your outside wall of your bedroom

        • Roger Chappell says:

          Dont forget a tin-foil hat!!

          • Sue McEwen says:

            (Roger Chappell) Tin-foil hat would need to be grounded or earthed so your suggestion isn’t worth much (and yes I do get you are being sarcastic). You would do well to watch takebackyourpower(dot)net before you scoff. Hope you don’t laugh at people who have allergies, cancer or other illnesses too.
            FYI, Faraday cage which has been earthed, or wrapping smart meter in aluminium foil (and earthing this) can have the effect of minimising smart meter EMF. If antennae are installed for remote reading &/or the meter is pumping out dirty electricity, maybe it doesn’t work so much. The smart meters use the house wiring to extend the EM field c/o dirty electricity.

    • Kristy says:

      Hi PJ, I had exactly the same problem. I actually ended up moving out of the apartment! I think it’s a real problem for apartment building’s. I measured the EMF’s against my wall, and levels were way higher than they should be for residential. I am starting a website and facebook page and trying to do something about this, as many people may have all of these meter’s against their wall, and not realise, and I think it is a real health hazard. EMF shielding needs to at least be installed to the walls behind these meterboards in apartment buildings where this is the case. I would love to get your story when I have my facebook and website pages up and running. I am trying to raise awareness and take some action around this issue.

      • Informed Choice says:

        Good On you, Kristy! We need more smart people such as yourself to spread the message on facebook, many are not aware of the damage smart meters are causing but this whole roll-out needs to stop immediately. The effects are irreversible as some are beginning to find out.

        • I say,
          Spread the message any way you can.

        • I have my smart metre install with 6 solar panels around 2006-7 and am now feeling its effects having been diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis (top of femur is worn down and necrosis means dead, so will not grow). Just got onto a pharmaceutical grade bicarb soda I take 4 x a day from in Queensland and I hear that does wonders for cancers and lots more so I’m trusting it will help me since I am having to use a walking stick to get around until it regrows and the pain is another issue with this. I was not informed at the time they were to change my metre since this was before much was known about them.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I had been experiencing insomnia, headaches and ringing in my ears form ONE smart meter installed on the outer wall of my kitchen where the 30 meters reside. Today CITIPOWER installed the further 29 in replacement of the analogue. I am now forced to move out or stay and suffer the consequences. I have protested to CITIPOWER, the Real Estate Agent, the Landlord, the Owner , the local council, all to no avail and now weeks before Christmas I now haev no home. I am even nervous to return to the property to pack my belongings. I managed to pack my kitchen and bathroom, but now a living are and 2 bedrooms and a courtyard. I am absolutely devastated. I thought we had rights?

    • Mia Nony says:

      “I am absolutely devastated. I thought we had rights?”
      Rights are no longer a given. We only get to have the ones we fight to keep

    • From Richard, Twin 1.

      To Anonymous.

      It’s not your fault,
      If these Smart Meter = Not so smart meter installers put this Evil Deadly Electric Microwave Meter on your property whilst your were out shopping, or you were away from home for any reason and your Legal Commonwealth of Australia and you trusted the Anti-Trespass Signs to keep you free of this Evil so-called Smart Meter, then these signs should have worked. The reason they didn’t is because these smart meter installer men have been told “To take no notice of these Legal Commonwealth $167,000 Dollar Signs.”

      You have done nothing wrong, they the Smart Meter installers are in the wrong and those dressed up smart-suited C.E.O’s of these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies have told them, the smart meter installers to do Truly Wicked Things which are, “TO POISON YOU.” These C.E.O’s and the smart meter people deserve to be punished with long PRISON SENTENCES TO BE SERVED IN FULL WITH NO REMISSION FOR GOOD BEHAVIOUR !

      The only way to beat these evil people I know of so far, is to do as I and hundreds of thousands of us have done and that is to use a strong Industrial Padlock and Hasp and Staple to solidly lock your Electric Meter Box.
      Whilst you are paying for your electricity usage and on time these foreign owned Electric Power Distribution Companies cannot legally cut off your power for refusing the installation of a Microwave so-called but now proving to be “Type 2B Carcinogen Causing Smart Meter,” which is far from smart, but a human and all life Sickness Making Machine.


      Richard Leschen.

  16. Mary Haayema says:

    Anyone concerned about smart meters please watch this video

    They are absolutley devastating to your health.
    Dr Dietrich Klinghardt is the worlds leading health practioneer on chronic diseases, he now gets the most results in the world for curing conditions such as autism, etc.
    Concerned Mary

  17. I live in the Blue Mountains, N.S.W.

    A smart meter – an EDMI Mk7C ATLAS – was installed here a year or so back by Integral Energy and without my knowledge. Apparently it’s a trial. …… it certainly has been for me.

    It sits in the meter box outside of my bedroom wall and having to move bedrooms doesn’t give me a ‘smart’ option

    The same health issues experienced by others is happening to me – dizzyness, ringing in the ears and a generalised sense of ‘not quite feeling right’. I’ve also dropped to the ground on a few occassions which is no fun .

    My Doctor is unable to find a cause and shrugs – as doctors often do. ‘Perfect’ he says as the blood tests come back.

    I rang Origin Electricity – my relatively new energy provider – and their technical support rang me back within the hour…. kudos to them.

    A helpful bloke who tells me that my meter is effectively only a meter with a mobile phone inside it and which they only call once a day.

    He accepted that I’m not interested in reassurances as to the safety of smart meters and that because I’m suffering health problems, they’ll remove it – at no charge – over the next two weeks.

    I’m suprised at both the ease and the courtesy shown and will let you know if they follow through and if a change in my health occurs.

    My symathy to all those who are desperate enough to be thinking of moving house to avoid ‘smart meters.’

  18. Emilie says:

    Since my smart meter was installed, I have experienced shortness of breath, palpitations, headaches mainly at the back of my head. Could it be because the position of the meter is on the other side of the wall where I sit everynight while watching TV. what can I do about it? I have no room to change the position of the couch and my symptoms are getting worste by the day.

    • Steve says:

      Emilie, It is very likely that your new smart meter or your neighbours (if their meter is close by) is affecting you. I experienced the same issues as you described from my neighbours 2 smart meters located 3m from my bed room. After complaining to Powercor I found that they must have reconfigured them as they are not communicating as much (confirmed with an EMF meter). My heart palpitations/pain in my chest has gone but I still am waking up with headaches (although they are not as intense as before the meter was reconfigured).
      You can take the following measures:
      1. Ring the Power company who services your area and advise them of your health problems. Ask them to record these details on your file (this will be useful in the future if there is a class action) and whether they can reconfigure them to send data less frequently. You will need to advise them of your NMI number which can be found on your Electricity Bill. I would also suggest you go to your local doctor and advise them of your health experience since the meter was installed and have them update your health record with this complaint.
      2. If you have enough money you could consider getting RF shielding (special carbon based paint) which is fairly expensive e.g. and/or an electrician to install shielding behind the meter (in the power box).
      3. You can buy fabrics that can block RF. Hang it from the Ceiling to the floor.
      4. Consider moving the TV to another room that is as far away as the meter as possible.

  19. James says:

    They have been installing up here in mildura for about 3 months and have gotten to my area and my neighbours had a SM installed. Last evening around 10pm my heart began palpitating and I had a ‘Splitting’ headache, which i never get. Could not sleep and the day was spent like i had drunk something heavy and was trying to recover, not knowing what was going on. We are getting an RF meter to see what is actually going on around us and will post our readings/findings on youtube and this site.

    • Ms Rebel says:

      My bedroom is around six metres from my neighbours smart meter (with garage in between) I can still feel the microwaves and have restless sleep, so I know what you mean James. It is an all encompassing uneasy feeling with these installed all around us now. Some parts of my neighbourhood are worse than others, i usually feel intense head pressure/dizziness within minutes of driving around and gets worse near the towers- they are very dangerous things! I would welcome any info you can find and sure others will too. Thanks for posting!

    • sadmum says:

      I would like to know the average ages of the people here, sadly the younger generation has no concern or interest, I know, I have tried to talk to them, including my own teens, they laugh, they are surrounded by the latest technology, they sleep with their iphones, their rooms are full of appliances emitting emf and emr, many cannot even think straight any more, violence and aggression, depression and suicide are all rising, people ask why?? I go to the local park to walk my dog, it is empty and always is, no kids playing ball, kicking a footy, I know where they are, all sitting in their rooms crowded with electrical appliances, comps, routers, controllers, xbox ect although it is their future we are trying to protect it is hopeless, and the little voiceless ones have no say at all. It is the same with so many issues concerning the future generation, they really do not care. If we cannot get through to them which I doubt we can, god help us all……

      • Melbourne Mum says:

        sadmum- loads of sympathy for you! it comes down to this, we can’t live their lives for them but we can see they are ‘addicted’ to the wireless anything and have to gently remind them that these devices have yet to be proven safe, it is that simple. We all know of someone whose family member has cancer/brain tumour etc and would they rather lower the risk of becoming seriously ill? As long as you’ve given them something to think about (of course teenagers are often amused by parents concerns and totally self-absorbed!) and have some firm rules in place for the switching off of the annoying appliances during the day/night. After all, they are living under your roof – so don’t be afraid of making a stand. They may wake-up someday 🙂

  20. Tamara Hicks says:

    Dear Peta hill and Samantha and all others talking about health issues that I am also suffering.
    It is interesting that Peta has been exposed to a smart meter for that long and it is important to hear from others in this situation as this allows for comparison of symptoms and shows the health impacts over various lengths of time.
    I have been living next door to a smart meter since June 2011 but wasn’t aware of the meter until April 2012. Prior to knowing a about the meter I just was not feeling right and I was having pains in the right side of my head, blood in nasal mucous, severely disturbed sleep and difficulty getting back to sleep and often waking between 1and 2 am,very blood shot and dry eyes and a white dot on lower eyelid that felt like a stye and took 5 weeks to heal. I had the worst 2 colds for weeks, a rash mainly on my right arm, tiny cuts took weeks to heal and then left a dark scar, my face and hands sometimes looked red but it wasn’t sunburn. Heart palpitations 3 times, a feeling of the left and side of my brain short circuiting and once passing out for a few seconds like I had epilepsy (consequently falling of the step, injury my ankle, having to take pain killers and taking 3 weeks to recover). Sores and lumps on head and pain where my skull bones join.
    Since a smart meter and solar meter went in two doors up communication between these meters has ment I can hear continuous electronic noise in the house and I have had to move my bedroom and have had further disruption to my health and life. There are know many more meters but six less than there could be as we have locked the boxes, have 2 that have no smart meter due to 2 analogue/timer mechanism.
    I am only in my own home at the moment due to the support and kindness of my neighbors.I can’t imagine trying to live with another meter 6 meters form my house on the other side let alone one on my house.
    I now have a thyroid problem and despite warm clothes sometimes have difficulties warming up.
    I’ve always tried to look after myself but obviously the SM has caused me to reach my overload of Electromagnetic radiation and radio frequency (microwaves).
    It is uplifting to be thanked by people I don’t even know for getting this information around(professionals,,retirees,parents and small buisess owners) I hope for legal action because
    those responsible will be accountable for the down turn in my health and the disruption to my life.
    Do what you can and keep these conversations going.
    Tam at Rosebud

    • Noreen harrison says:

      I have developed ringing in my ears that would go away when I went to work, now I have had two months off work the ringing is constant.I have developed a thyroid problem since smart meter was installed. I wake up aching. Meter is next to my bedroom wall.

  21. peta hill says:

    Our smart meter was installed about 2 yrs ago.Our town in Central Victoria was one of the earliest
    in the roll out.
    Since it’s installation(outside my bedroom window) my health and the general heath of my family
    has gone down hill rapidly.
    I have been the most adversely effected but our whole family are suffering.
    I suffer from severe headaches,memory loss,loss of motor skills,I feel as though I am walking around in a haze.I lay awake until daylight some nights and others it is 1-2pm when i wake up.
    I have joked to my husband,on days when the whole family(we have 3 children at home) have not
    woken until afternoon,that it’s like we have a “gas leak or something”.
    The memory loss is the most upsetting as I have always had a great interest in word,yet now find
    myself unable to remember the simplest of things.Just typing this is so difficult(thank you spell check and google).My children are suffering from disturbed sleep,headaches and listlessness.
    We are not lazy people,yet we have lost the will to do anything any more.
    There is also the high pitched squeal that the smart meter emits constantly.
    We just don’t know what to do.We didn’t ask for this thing and there seems to be not way to have it removed.Can anyone help?

    • Melbourne Mum says:

      It is so unfair that we are being forced to live with what is effectively a mobile phone mast (antenna) strengh radiation device on each and every house! These power companies must be held accountable for this and be made to replace the stolen meters immediately. Opposition to smart meters is far too strong in my opinion that the governments will need to address the issue in the not too distant future. Peta, 2 years of your life is a long time to be ill and nobody deserves to be treated this way! Many people have been suffering for far too long now and I pray that resolution happens sooner rather than later… if allowed to continue, this will no doubt affect everyone eventually so don’t give up! Although I have avoided the smart meter installation on my own home, all my neighbours have them and I am experiencing symptoms also which don’t go away when driving anywhere because of the HUGE smart meter and mobile towers that are being ‘plonked’ all over the place these days with no regard to those affected by them, including babies and children. Makes me want to move, but where to go now???

  22. Samantha says:

    We had our smart meter installed about 9 months I think maybe longer. Since then our health had gone down. My dog had pulled out 80% of her fur and her skin looks like she has burns. We have been to all the vets and they know nothing. Her body feels hot she was a beautiful dog and she looks like someone has stuck a match to her.

    6 months prior to the smart meter being installed my son had a fever and no problem. About 2 weeks ago we came home and I was holding him in my arms he had a fever and he started to convulse in my arms and his face turned blue. He is alive now, thank god. I myself, have had a miscarriage since the smart meter and my eyes feel like heat are coming out through the sockets, my husband is feeling the same with his eyes. We are usually a very active, healthy family but since the smart meter, well the above speaks for it self. People might argue that its not the smart meter but we know that it is. We have turned off the smart meter during the day and at night we use candles, we have gone back to the old fashion way of living.

    My husband has a gaget that detects EMF & MR’s (I think its called, sorry if I have it wrong) and the MR’s is coming through all the electrical wiring through the house. Its not just from the smart meter box, its coming from the power points, over head in the ceiling, down the walls anywhere where there is electrical wiring. We are being fried from the inside out.

    This of course, is just our wonderful experience of SM’s. We are now selling up and looking for a location that doesnt have them. We finding that hard as its being installed Nationally? Not sure? We would leave Melbourne if we knew there were no SM’s.

    • Vickie says:

      Samantha, I feel for you and your family, all these people are not wrong about the health effects they are experiencing since the installation of their so called smart meter, sadly no one is listening to us, they do not care, maybe they will care when they themselves and their families are affected, as the rollout continues and the bullying of our citizens results in more and more of these meters being installed more people will be experiencing the effects. unfortunately there is no where to go to be safe, it is not just a national project it is actually Global, citizens from many Countries are opposed to this, some Countries have an opt out option, some are still fighting in courts. all we can do is what we are doing, my advice is for you to let everyone including your doctor know how this meter has affected your family. Dont give up hope Samantha the fight is getting bigger and the Army is growing.

    • jayson says:

      Im the same and feel for your family as well samantha , Im having the same problems in the eyes as you , im at home alot and its killing me , and im renting . i know this might sound crazy but im using a tent with shielding paint inside my house and removing the one bedroom circuit breaker . Sounds extreme i know but it works and saves sleeping in the car which i did till winter . Hope that helps . and someone needs to do something before we all go crazy and defected .

    • Jay says:

      So sorry to hear about your problems Samantha, and particularly about your dog. I too lived in Central Vic and a SM was installed in the rental property I was in – about two years ago – on the back of the bedroom wall, against the bedhead where myself and my beloved Border Collie X slept. He was an extremely healthy dog. He started having unexplained episodes of pawing the ground, mostly at night, but at all times. Several trips to the vet and tests and many alternative therapies could not get to the bottom of this problem. In every other way he was healthy. Mid last year he started having seizures and in Nov my sweet angel dog passed away from a brain tumour. There is no doubt in my mind that this #$%#@#$# Smart Meter caused his death. 😦 My heart goes out to you and your loved ones Samantha. I believe children and animals are at more risk from these toxic devices because their blood brain barrier is thinner than adult humans. God help us all!

  23. Emma says:

    For anyone interested in reading the original studies, some of the bibliographies in this scribd ‘collection’ might be useful.
    For example, there are 166 references (and links to abstracts) reporting adverse effects from prenatal EMF exposures, 134 references about effects on male fertility, 85 studies reporting effects on wildlife, 69 references linking EMF exposures to breast cancer.

    There are also a number of articles examining the conflict of interest in many scientific studies

  24. Ryan says:

    I really cannot work out with all the evidence from Scientists, Professors and Doctors regarding health warnings and hazards from wireless radiation that the Authorities believe they can force us to have these meters in our homes, Dr Charlie Teo, Brain Surgeon of Australia has been warning of the dangers of wireless radiation, I also came across this article: The Copenhagen Resolution, the Resolution raised serious concerns which came from The World Health Organization and the European Environment Agency and were made public at a conference in 2010, here we are two years later and the Governments are virtually dismissing all this information, our Australian Government has put money ahead of the health and lives of all Australians, it is criminal, we have to keep fighting. I have included the link, many thanks to you all.

  25. Vickie says:

    I came across an article from Karl Maret MD regarding health impact of smart meters, this man has the credentials and degrees to make you sit up and listen, if you have a chance look the report up, it is indepth but it reinforces what we are all saying.

  26. Mia Nony says:

    Radiation antidotes: Bentonite clay is wonderful and gentle, Judicious (never more than a maximum of 1 tsp at once) use of sea vegetables, spirulina, and chlorella. Baking soda and epsom salt baths.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I came to Australia after a smart metre was fitted 2 metres below my bedroom window in NZ. I was not informed of the radiation danger. I subsequently experience severe health problems and was at a loss to explain this. One of my students wrote a report about her own experiences with smart metres and I had to mark it. I began to put two and two together. The report probably saved me serious health problems. I tried to have the so called “Advanced” metre removed and even complained to the government body about the lack of informed consent. All to no avail.

    When I arrived in Australia – I was surprised by the huge campaign pushed by the Queensland government to have SMART technology solar power metre devices installed. I beleived these are basically the same as smart metres. All the same scare tactics are used. The metres are sealed, have warning signs about tampering, the inner part can’t be accessed easily … and people are told that they will save on energy bills. My parents had this device installed and when we sat down and worked it out, they were saving $1.00 a day. Ironically, they were paying to be exposed to radiation. My parents have switched theirs off.

    Many people are being exposed to radiation through these smart solar devices. Unfortunately, Queenslanders are totally unaware that they are being softened up by allowing SMART solar devices in. Even those installing them are exposed to high levels of raditation and since they are not SMART technology specialists. The average sparky is totally unaware. Just from observation – I would say there is a serious danger for those with not only “sensitivity” or who are children, but for those who are immune compromised, elderly or prone to depression. The WHO made a serious mistake in failing to strongly recommend caution. I would say all humans have elctromagnetic radiation sensitivity,


  28. Anonymous says:

    There is International information published this year 2011 about detrimental health effects associated with radiation such as that generated by smart meters – Why is the Victorian Government / Australian Government ignoring international health warnings ? Refer to :
    Council of Eurpoe Parliamentary Assembly – Resolution 1815 (2011)1 Report title – The potential dangers of electromagnetic fields and their effect on the environment
    Item 4
    “While electrical and electromagnetic fields in certain frequency bands have wholly beneficial effects which are applied in medicine, other non-ionising frequencies, be they sourced from extremely low frequencies, power lines or certain high frequency waves used in the fields of radar, telecommunications and mobile telephony, appear to have more or less potentially harmful, non-thermal, biological effects on plants, insects and animals as well as the human body even when exposed to levels that are below the official threshold values…”

    World Health Organisation – May 2011
    “The electromagnetic fields produced by mobile phones are classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as possibly carcinogenic to humans.”

  29. Angela says:

    SMART meters means: Surveillance Monitoring Artificial Radiation Transmitter. Insidiously, these are devices which are monitoring activity of the Australian people by Chinese and Singaporean parent companies. In addition, they are regularly bombarding the Australian people with artificiall created radiation at a frequency which is known to cuase DNA damage. Effectively the Australian government has allowed foreign companies to spy on the Australian people whilst transmitting radiation to damage the Australian peoples health. Profits above people.

    • Birgith Lugosi says:

      How can we close our smart meter?? Is it possible to protest if we all close it down. I thought we as socalled democratic system , we are able to decide for ourselves.

    • Angela,
      These minions of the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies bleat to me………
      ” But it’s a Victorian Government Mandate,” they bleat, like sheep.
      ” So What,” say I, you stated to me,” that you did not want to take on this Victorian Government Contract in the first place,” so why did you ? I retorted, ” Why did you then take it on in the first place, just to make money?”
      Loads of weak excuses followed but no really good answers so again I said……………….
      Sorry those answers of yours aren’t good enough for me. Have a good day, and hung up.

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