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VIVIENNE Skeen says she will go to court if necessary in her battle to stop an unwanted device — an electricity smart meter — being installed on her property.

Ms Skeen, who lives in the Lakeside estate, Pakenham, has written to Premier Ted Baillieu, challenging him to tell her which law she is breaking in refusing to have one of the new meters. She is one of a small number of residents across Casey fighting the new meter rollout.

Despite assurances from the government and medical experts, opponents cite alleged health effects, including cancers, heart attacks and Alzheimer’s disease, from the meters. Some also allege breaches of the constitution and government intrusion into their property and lives.

She has a ‘Stop Smart Meters’ notice on her letterbox. Her meter box is padlocked, with a Perspex screen so the meter can be read. She also has a warning notice saying she does not give her consent for a smart meter to be installed.

“We live in a democracy — supposedly,” she told the Weekly. “We’re all being told it’s mandated that we have a smart meter. The mandate is on the power companies to use their ‘best endeavours’ to install one, not on us.”

Electricity distributor SP AusNet wrote to Ms Skeen last month advising it would be installing the new meters in her area.

She said that when she called to object, she was told that if she did not co-operate with the installation the police would be called.

“I rang Victoria Police and was told they have no record of assisting in the installation of a smart meter. The only reason they would attend would be to keep the peace.”

A spokesman for SP AusNet, Lyall Johnson, told the Weekly the company was not forcibly installing smart meters where householders had blocked access.

A spokeswoman for the Casey and Cardinia Smartmeter Awareness Group, Kate Everett, said the campaign against smart meters was “gathering momentum”, with about 20 Garfield residents attending a recent forum and a legal challenge to compulsory installation likely.

via More switch off smart meter rollout  | Casey Weekly Berwick.

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22 Responses to More switch off smart meter rollout  | Casey Weekly Berwick

  1. 1vimana1 says:

    Dear Melbourne Mum,
    I have written to Mr Michael O ‘ Brien by registered mail a number of times and I am now writing to him around one letter per month of my objection to this Forced roll-out of these now proving to be dangerous to all Life Microwave Smart Meters. I have politely pleaded with him to Immediately Stop The Continuing Roll-Out of these Smart Meters and to get the Smart Meters uninstalled, then to reinstall the safe and passive older Analogue Electric Meters which the Smart Meter Installer Men keep on taking even when people have erected their Legal Commonwealth Anti-Trespass Signs forbidding these foreign Electric Power Companies from entering their private home or small business properties.

    The Smart Meter Installer Men are taking no notice of these Legal Commonwealth Signs or the Stop Do Not Fit A Smart Meter Warning which is part and parcel of these Legal Anti-Trespass signs and for which there is a $167,000.00 fine for people caught trespassing on said properties without that home-owner or small business owners’ written permission.
    Apart from this when the owner of the home or small business property comes home from shopping or on any other errand which keeps them away from their property for up to any hour or more, they are more often than not dismayed to find that their legal sign have been ripped from their front fence/s and their Electric Meter Boxes and torn into shreds and scattered on the ground. Then to their further dismay they find upon opening their Electric Meter Boxes that their Safe and Passive Analogue Electric Meter has been taken and a now proving to be Dangerous potentially Incendiary Microwave Smart Meter has been installed against their Legal Written Instructions.

    It is axiomatic that the first course of action for all Victorian Home Owners and Small business owners must be as I have done and in this strict order, which is this……………
    1. First and foremost, buy a stout Industrial Padlock and lock your Electric Meter Box.
    2. Erect your Anti-Trespass Legal Commonwealth of Australia Signs forbidding the installation of a Microwave Smart Meter on your property or properties if you have several.
    3. Write a polite letter to the Chief Executive Officer of the Electric Power Company for your area forbidding them to install a Microwave Smart Meter on your property at any time. Then send this letter to this C.E.O by registered post and keep a copy of same for Legal Reasons and any future Court Appearance.
    4. Write a similar letter to the Victorian Minister for Power Mr Michael O’ Brien also demanding the immediate cessation of any further Roll-Out of these now proving to be World Wide and here in Victoria Australia, Deadly Dangerous Microwave Smart Meters and the immediate removal of the Smart Meter/s and the immediate re-instalment of these older Safe and Passive Analogue Electric Meters at no cost to you the home or small business owner. This forced and Illegal installation of these Damned Microwave Smart Meters, read now proving to be DANGEROUS DEVICES IS A CRIME AGAINST ALL PEOPLE. For in a now fast mounting number of cases world wide as well as here in Victoria more and more people are becoming very sick with Tinnitus or ringing in the ears to chronic cases of insomnia, and or violent headaches to takicarditis to aching joints etc only after these accursed microwave smart meters have been installed on their properties. Apart from this we are reading of ongoing cases of fires breaking out in Electric Meter Boxes and or Fusion to domestic Refrigerators and or damage to T.V. sets or printers and or Computers. Don’t think for one moment that your Home and Fire Insurance Company will necessarily protect you after you have had your Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter Stolen from you at the BEHEST of these Rapine Greedy foreign owned Victorian Electric Power Companies. In my case that is why my Electric Meter Box is staying firmly padlocked until the Meter Reader Man calls to get his reading. Then I simply unlock my meter box; he takes his readings and I relock the box, and he thanks me every time for keeping him in his job. If you like, do as I do and take your own meter readings two to three days ahead of his due calling date, write these readings on a piece of stiff white paper with the date next to each reading and tape it to the meter box, so if you are away shopping or on any other errand he can take the most up-to date reading you have recorded for him.

    Please see the Charter of Human Wrights to which Australia is a co-signatory as well as England Scotland, Wales, and Ireland and America and many more countries of the free world.
    Please don’t let the CORPORATE WORLD which is continually stealing from you your Inalienable and DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS. These Foreign Owned Victorian Electric Power Companies and their now proving to be monetary greedy C.E.O’s will stop at nothing to take ever-more money from your already Cash Strapped Pockets.

    It is high time for all of Victoria’s people to RISE UP and take back the power that the Victorian Liberal Party Government sold in the 1990’s to the Chinese and Singaporean Governments for a song.

  2. name Jen says:

    A Power company put a smart meter in my home [WITHOUT AUTHORITY], and I am hypersensitive to these electromagnetic radioactive frequencies. I told the energy company to remove it [ they would not] I left the house and disconneted the smart meter. Now I have recieved an electric bill for more than I was paying when I was staying there previously, I am not staying at the house anymore . I asked the energy company can you read my meter they said yes, but I said I have disconnected the s/meter [and I truely have had it disconnected] and they said yes we can read your meter. Can anyone tell me is this possible, the smart meter is lifeless how can they read a non active meter, and give me a larger bill than the previous bill when I am not living any more at this property.. Justice

    • Pam says:

      Jen – Have they given you an Estimated Bill????? Did you have your last analogue meter reading or account???? I wouldn’t be messing with it – go to the ELECTRICAL OMBUDSMAN and let him sort it out. .Good Luck .PAM 🙂

  3. Frances says:

    I intend to buy a sign to stick on my front gate to prohibit entry, I couldn’t find one that actually uses the words NO TRESPASSING though for some reason. ‘Do Not Enter’ does not have any legal authority. Trespassing is illegal. I guess I will have to make my own ‘No Trespassing’ sign.

    I have printed out a notice which I will be sticking on my meter today, which uses the words ‘NO TRESPASSING’ and I intend to padlock my meter box. I spoke to a number of people while I was out shopping around for a NO TRESPASSING sign yesterday, and they were also unhappy about the proposed SMART Meter. One person I talked with said that they had installed a SMART Meter at his rented house, but somehow it later disappeared, and his old Meter had been mysteriously restored presumably by the owner of the property.

    I am horrified that not only are SINGAPORE INDUSTRIES planning on installing their so called SMART Meters against our will, but apparently we will have to pay for it as well, if they do. That sounds awfully like ‘Stand Over Tactics’ to me reminiscent of the Chicago Mob, not of good business practices.

    • Pam says:

      Frances – there is a ‘NO TRESSPASS’ SIGN (with the applicable fine) on this website. along with all the other signs you can use….Good Luck Pam

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      Reminds me of the old days when the owners of the coal mines in Britain also owned the shops in the area and could charge what they liked to the miners wives for food and other necessities. Also when the money ran out and they had to get food “on tick” they were tied to these mines for ever. (And we are supposed to be a democracy!)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Keep up the fight ,this is a democracy and there is no mandate to accept a smart meter.
    Jerry Creaney

  5. Gerhard says:

    “We’re not pushing people at all but it is a legal requirement on their part to provide access to meters because they’re actually our meters.”

    ok – this is used often by the electricity disributers. the “code” they refer to can be found at

    first – on page 2 of this code it says “Enquiries concerning the currency of these Guideline should be addressed to – ” it is a GUIDELINE and not a Law – i have written to my distributer and have asked for the date when this guidelines have past parlament and have become a law – no answer yet . I have not found the word “smartmeter ” within section 3 at all. As far as access goes – in section 3.3 2 it states nowhere that acces has to be grantet for the purpose of replacing an analog with a so called “smartmeter”. I don’t consider relpacing my analog meter to be – testing – connecting, diconecting or reconecting – as statet in section 3.3.2 b –
    section 3.3.4 states — “3.3.4 In cases other than emergencies, a distributor must use best endeavours to access a customer’s premises at a time which is reasonably convenient to both the customer
    and the distributor.”

    i will keep my meterbox locked – will offer the meter reader a cup of tea (he is doing his job) will asked everyone else for id and expect that these companies follow their own guidelines as outlined in section and make an apointment ” for access at a time which is reasonably convenient to both the customer and the distributor.” and and state the purpose of their intentions so that i can have a solicitor and a qualifyed elctrician present.

    I hope and recomend that everyone actualy follows up when companies try to use intimidation, herassment bullyng tactics, and quoting guidelines.


    • Anonymous says:

      Gerhard, it’s a deliberately false accusation on the part of the power companies. Since when have we ever denied them access to their equipment. Why would we deny them access to their equipment. If they want to take their equipment and go, we’re not going to stop them. It’s their equipment. What we are stopping them from doing is bringing onto our premises a toxic device and which they have no automatic legal right to bring onto our property other than by our consent. They know it’s not their equipment that we are stoping them from accessing and any such accusation is their ploy to gain access by stealth ie. getting us to relinquish OUR RIGHT TO REFUSE and thus providing them with an open door if we in any way allow ourelves to be persuaded by any BURBLE that comes out of their mouths.

  6. Rob Guy says:

    DSE, DPI and ESV, all organs of the Victorian Government, continue to maintain a thunderous silence on exactly which laws are being broken.and by whom. All I ever get are reassurances couched in vague terms, At least they could tell me whether I am liable under statute or common law for the varying precautions I have in hand.

  7. Terry says:

    It would be great if Vivienne Skeen could keep us all advised as to her progress. I would be most interested to hear what Bailleau has to say…that’s if he ever answers her challenge. Most politicians melt into the background when they find themselves in this situation and I don’t think he is any different. All bully boys and bluster in front of the cameras but weak as when fronted personally. Sic him Vivienne!

  8. James kanton says:

    Good on her! Great job, they are bullies, they are liars, I called them my self and they told me I will be fined and its against the law and so on.

    I’m building a new house now and I have no option apart from a smart meter, this disturbs me.

    • Joe M says:

      James, buy an analogue meter on eBay USA.
      And get your electrician to install it on your new house!

    • Pam says:

      James – check it out – I have heard you can still purchase analogue meters. If you are not sure get your Electrician to find out for you. Once you get a SMART METER it is very hard to get rid of it. Good Luck …Pam

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Even if you are building a new house, no one can force you to take a Microwave Deadly Smart meter. If any of these C.E.Os of any of the 5 Foreign owned Victoria Electric Power Companies tell you, that you must have a Smart Meter they are Liars. First find a fully qualified “A” Grade Electrician and see him and ask him to put in the older Analog Electric Meter or even a Digital Meter that cannot be turned into a Deadly Microwave Smart Meter. Get his advice and see if he will give you a proper Victorian Certificate of Safety for this work as this is The Law for any Electrical work done inside or outside of your or any home here in Victoria.

      You would be wise to phone the Victorian Electrical Trade Union as well before doing anything. Try and speak to Mr Dean Mighell the boss, or his friend Mr Shane Cahill on Phone Number 8329 0000 in office hours as I have done. Please note that now our Prime Minister Julia Gillard has just come out with the words to the effect of,
      ” We are not going to let people be FORCED TO TAKE A SMART METER.” So don’t give up James.

      This idiotic statement bandied around by the Human Relations Department little girls and boys in the 5 Foreign owned Victorian Electric Power Companies,” That the Victorian Government has MANDATED that all Victorians must have a Smart Meter by the end of 2013.” is another LIE. These people are all LIARS as well as this Weak Minister for Power in Victoria Mr Michael O’Brien.

      When the John Brumby’s Labour Government was in power some years ago it was this Sneaky Mr Michael O’Brien the then Opposition Minister for Power who Ranted and Raved against the Microwave Smart Meters in Parliament stating long and loud, on just how these Microwave Smart Meter Machines would rob the Victorian Citizens etc. So now, how come when he was the Opposition Minister for power, Smart Meters were then SO EVIL, but now that he is in Power, Smart Meters are the best thing since Sliced Bread.

      As William Shakespeare Said, “ Something Stinks in the State of Denmark.” Something definitely STINKS about this Mr Michael O’Brien and his Liberal Party Government and the Five Foreign Owned Victorian Electric Power Companies, that’s FOR SURE !

  9. good luck with your battle – a mandate isn’t a law and smart meters have NO benefit to customers which stand up to close scrutiny.

    The only reason given regarding ‘benefit’ is some hazy nonsense about ‘less or better costing’ for consumers and, of course, no meter readers need to be employed by power companies.

    ‘Who benefits?’ – not you or I.
    If there are real health objections who loses? – not the power companies.
    Unless I’m missing something critical, ANY benefit goes to the company and any loss to the consumer.

  10. Pam says:

    It’s Pam here – Please go back and check my posts. I got an estimated account. When I queried it they told me my box was locked nd they couldn’t access my Meter. They my Energy Supplier said I can take my reading, which I have been doing. But once every 12 months I have to make an aappointment with Power Cor and for a fee of $37.90 I have to be home unlock my box so they can read it in my presence. My Solicitor is calling today to look at this letter for and I will keep you posted. Good on you for getting more publicity for our cause. They also told me Power Cor own my meter. Cheers Pam 🙂

    • Pam says:

      UP Date – Solicitor has sent my letter to Power Cor, thank Goodness, He will let me know when he gets a response from them………………………..Pam 🙂 🙂

  11. Bren says:

    I am taking exactly the same stand in the same circumstances…It could be the worst would be a penalty/charge on your bill for needing a person to come to your place to read it. Wish we could exchange phone numbers so we could talk to each other and give support–i feel quite alone with this here in Ballarat even tho i know there are others taking the same stand. Bren

    • Pam says:

      Bren – I don’t want to put my phone number on the website. If you want to speak with me, post your Email address as a Comment and I will get back to you OK????……. Pam

    • Eric says:

      Bren, can’t you cut a slot in the door of your meter box and using some small nuts and bolts attach a piece of perpsex to the slot to act as a window so that the meter can be read ? Get some handy help if you need it. It’s not hard once you know how. I am becoming quite a handyman due to this source of grief

  12. Melbourne Resident says:

    Keep it up! We dont want smart meters!! Once they put smart meters in, they will want to put in smart devices and control all your devices. I do not want that sort of electromagnetic radiation floating around my house and interfering with the most important electrical device i have – my body.

    Shut smart meters down! big booo for smart meters

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