Smart meter photos

Examples of some Victorian Smart Meters

Examples of other smart meter infrastructure:
Mesh network collectors
External antenna on mesh network smart meter
WiMAX advanced metering infrastructure

What are the concerns about smart meters?

40 Responses to Smart meter photos

  1. Questioning for the Truth says:

    Laws are getting changed and the majority have no idea what is being planned for the Future…
    We need to all stop and look at the big picture and question what the truth actually is. If you dont question how can you make a decision? Laws are being passed through Governments where if you voice nothing and remain silent under law “you have accepted” and will not get a 2nd chance.
    Wake up to the truth : ‘ ‘ Question everything until your happy to make the finale decision….
    Deception has continued since the time the Bible was written…. Eve took the apple from Satan!…..

  2. Maria says:

    I bought an acoustimeter to measure the rf emission from the smart meter on our lounge room wall. I have a 10 mth old boy who spends his time in the lounge room all the time. I noticed the spikes on my acoustimeter happens every minute and reaches up to 1.94 V/m. This happens every minute non-stop! Then I noticed that there seems to be extra boxes with red flags in my meter box. I have a mesh radio – does this mean that my meter is being used as a hub/connection point?
    Pls help – I am very upset.
    I wonder then if the politicians who pushed these meters onto us HAVE smart meters in their homes???

    • Jan says:

      Hi Maria

      I have an Acoustimeter RF meter (model AM-10). The microwave pulses (holding the meter about 30 cm away from the smart meter) which I’ve measured have typically been much higher than what you have measured. I’ve had readings of 5.4 volts/metre, to off the scale, on the acoustimeter! At one friend’s smart meter, you had to wait perhaps a minute to get a pulse, whereas in front of another friend’s smart meter they were coming through much more frequently. Both of these smart meters are operating in a mesh radio network and are located just over 1 km from the closest access point (collector) that they are aware of. There are examples of what the mesh network collectors look like here:

  3. bill says:

    If you have a smart meter installed it is easy to defeat the radiation that is being emitted. You simply build a Faraday Cage around your meter box. If your metering is installed in a steel meterbox enclosure then you already have one. Place your mobile phone inside a steel meterbox and see if you can call it. There are kits are available on line that you paint the inside of your metering enclosure that is conductive and safely blocks all radiation. It effectively creates a Faraday Cage. They are very reasonably priced and the science exists to prove that this will work.

    • Michelle Anderson says:

      Thankyou Bill, that is very helpful!! xx

    • Mark says:

      Bill, when referring to a Faraday Cage effect you said, “If your metering is installed in a steel meterbox enclosure then you already have one.” Given many meters are placed in metal boxes and the company relies on the wireless function of the meter (via it’s 4G Simcard according to Energy Australia at least) how could the existing metal box be working as a Faraday Cage? If it did, one of the primary functions the companies want from Smart Meters, the ability to remotely collect information on electricity usage without the need to manually read the meter, would be rendered useless. I’d be surprised if a simple light metal meter box would contain the EMF. They’ve installed Smart Meters in our steel meter box and it functions fine and does not reduce EMF sensitivity. Presumably we’d need a more substantial purpose built solution.

      And then Energy Australia (or their meter supplier so they can shift blame) charges $2 a day (over $700 a year) if you disable the wireless function. What a joke.

  4. Hi, јust wanted to tell you, I liked this article.
    It was helpful. Keep on posting!

  5. Janelle says:

    The new smart meters are a Government initiative; a deal they have done with power companies (the devil) the government have consented to the bullying, harassment and victimisation to the households of Victoria. This smart meter is designed to make money by getting rid of jobs (people who come out and read meters), manipulating costs and consumption via this mechanism in the wiring/sound/radio waves and control (their word against ours) as to how much electricity they claim
    we use on our bill. This is the Coles and Woolworths way of controlling the public, diminishing what choices we have left, this is a BIG DEAL if we don’t get enough supporters against this global abuse we will regret it health & cost wise over the next 5 to 10 yrs (5yrs goes very fast) It is the GST of the 2013!
    We are being FORCED into turning our homes into CANCER BOXES..and those of you who argue that with people owning computers, mobiles and televisons etc what is the difference? CHOICE! that is the difference…ask yourself and the nearest MP why haven’t we, Australia /Victoria have an ‘OPT OUT’ clause on this smart meter (cancer box on our own property) ??

  6. Jason says:

    JUST SAY ‘PISS OFF!’. My dogs warned me of some huge boofhead near the front door, who when challenged tried to intimidate me with his “government mandate”. I offered to let him explain it to the dogs in the next 10 seconds, and he cleared the propetry in about 3.

    I’m not concerned about ‘heath threats’, it’s the bullying arrogance and invasion of privacy that gets me started. Fortunately a bit of foresight had me install a (subsidised) solar system big enough to run the house, and I already have a battery bank installed. It’s just a minor matter of a simple rewiring job.. Come the time I’ll just disconnect from the grid altogether. It’s an easy more, and stand-alone solar system components are getting cheaper all the time. (Currently one can buy panels for less than one dollar per watt, and inverters/regulators for a hundred bucks or so. Batteries are expensive, but should last about 10 years or so…and MUCH better ones are about ready to come online.
    I’ve had a lot of experience and am willing to be contacted by interested parties.

    • tony says:

      bloody good move mate,i probably do the same, as should thousand ,just to stick it too thm

    • James says:

      How about you give us installers some respect. We are willing to cancel jobs (all that I work with) if the customer does not want the meter.

      We are just trying to make a living, electrical work in Melbourne is very quiet at the moment and for most of us we are only doing this line of work because there is nothing else out there.

      • Melbourne Mum says:

        ‘electrical work is very quiet at the moment’. I don’t buy that , sorry James. Actually, with the gross ‘gold-plating’ of the industry happening at the moment I would say your comments are ridiculously insensitive to the genuine homeowners trying to keep this ‘junk’ you peddle from harming their loved ones. You guys may as well be suicide bombers for all I care. Find another job!

      • Eric says:

        James, it may not be you but there are many installers out there who are abusing and intimidating residents even whilst standing within the perimeter of those residents property. Many of those experiences with abusive installers have been posted on this website. One poor woman was left absolutely shaken by Jemena’s installers. Another man had an SP Ausnet installer refer to him by the name “dickhead” whilst leaving his property. This type of behaviour by smart meter installers is JUST NOT ON !!!!!

        These poor folk are people who know and may have experienced the very real health risks that smart meters present. I’ve been suffering headaches for the last six months because of smart meters that have been installed all around me in my neighborhood. My life has been turned upside down. There are so many people whose lives have been devastated by smart meters.

        These GOOD FOLK are just making a stand against an evil agenda which disregards all their rights and are taking a stand against having a piece of toxic technology situated on THEIR property because they know that toxic technology used by this piece of crap apparatus will destroy their health and well being if people like you have your way and complete an installation.

        James you talk about electrical work being very very quiet in Melbourne. Let me tell you something, there are many people whose lives have been destroyed by smart meters and they can no longer work anymore….anywhere. Their livelihoods are GONE. And these are professional people James, such as Doctors, IT workers and others. So don’t you go telling us how hard it is for you to make a living and why you need to be installing smart meters and somehow think you should be treated with kid gloves. If you have any sort of real conscience maybe you should look at doing something else to make a living and not supporting the activity and this agenda that is destroying people’s lives.

      • Peter G says:

        Wow James,cry me a river.You,being an electrician could live on less than 20hrs a week with your hourly rate.Have you tried interstate for work?Another line of work?
        Also,What about the meter readers/Sr’s you are putting out of work?

      • Me says:

        why don’t you then help people to remove smart meter and install the old analogue meter, I guess you can’t and you wont do it because you are a coward and a slave to the corporate world

    • Daniel says:

      Hi Jason,
      How do i contact you for information on getting off the grid?

    • susie says:

      Jason i would also be interested in info about getting off the grid. how can we contact you?
      Thanks Susie

    • Tina says:

      We need help to go off the grid. My 83 year old uncle is suffering severe health risks and has to sleep outside in the shed every night. Have contacted jemena, the ombudsman and the local government to no avail. We need help.

    • Illyrian says:

      Hi Jason,
      I know it’s been a few years since you wrote that article, but I would definitely like some advice on setting up my house with batteries, so I’m hoping you’ll actually see this message and reply. The house already had a 5kw solar system installed before I moved in, so I’m hoping it won’t be too difficult to rewire the house little by little until I have enough panels and batteries to go completely off grid.

  7. DJ says:

    Can someone please tell me if an EM1200 meter is a Smartmeter. This was installed 3 years ago when we had solar panels installed. We still have our meter read manually but I have locked our meter box because United Energy want to install a Smart meter. Does an Em1200 meter have the same health concerns as the common variety? I have noticed that when I open my meter box that I feel a definate pulsing through my body.

    • Eric says:

      Sounds like it’s as “good” as a smart meter in that it captures similar interval data but the data needs to be downloaded thus it wouldn’t have the radiation emitting wireless communication facility that is making the population sick

      “With the very fast download times of the Ampy+Email proprietary protocol (90 days of ½ hour intervals in less than 5 seconds) the meter will meet the current and future needs of a continually changing power industry.” See link……

      DJ, your meter should only be a problem if you get too close to it as is the case with household AC wiring and appliances with their emissions of low frequency dirty electricity. The “common variety” is a killer.

    • Ask Trevor in Churchill, look up Churchill Action Group on this website, because he would definitely be able to answer your question, if you already havent had an answer to this.

  8. Jane says:

    If you have an ombudsman in your or near your area, give them a call. They’re really good at getting things like this solved. Best of luck everyone.

  9. Lin says:

    IF San Diego can have an opt – out service, then we could and should, too.

    Evidently some people in San Diego who are refusing (opting-out) smart meters are getting digital meter replacements that still emit RF. However, this woman has had her life changed for the better, for hers was replaced with an original analog meter

    On Monday my Smart Meter was taken off and an analog meter put on. I did not watch the process …I wasn’t contacted by SDGE … they just came and did it. The online form gets you a much faster response than the phone call you can optionally make (see link and phone number below). I had a feeling the replacement had been done because my electric-oven clock wanted to be reset on Monday night and so did another electric clock in the house. That night I slept like a log from 8:30 p.m. (was very tired) straight through to 7 a.m. A most wonderful, restful sleep!

    On Tuesday I went outside to look at my meter, which was indeed an analog meter, with 5 little dials and the letters ABB on the face (see picture above). There is an AB1 meter (see picture at bottom of email) – supposedly analog – which evidently is part RF and gives off frequencies, so don’t let them put this one on your house. On Tuesday I woke up in the middle of the night and noticed that my bed was not vibrating as it had for the past year. This was not my imagination … for a whole year, starting at about the time they put a Smart Meter on my house, my bed had been pulsing during the night – a very low mechanical vibration that I could only feel at night when all was quiet. Someone had suggested it might be from the SmartMeter — the bedsprings were picking up a pulse. I didn’t know the cause of this nighttime vibration, except to think it might be that or some kind of GWEN (ground wave) transmission, or military testing … how could I possibly find out?

    What I have noticed is that my house is much “quieter” with the wireless meter gone. Even though I am surrounded by Smart Meters on nearby houses (attached only yards from my own driveway and kitchen), the difference in the “feeling” in my own house is HUGE. I did not realize how stressed I had become, how anxious I would get by the afternoon as I worked at home. By about 3 o’clock I just had “to get out of here” and now I realize why. I can even say that I have had a definite change in mood and personality this week … I have gotten my “self” back! I feel much better, calmer, happier than I have in a long time and I don’t think this is a coincidence. The change in my house itself is something I never expected and well worth the $75 removal fee and the extra $10 a month.

    Note that you are surcharged for having an analog meter in California, which means you pay extra every month. However, I have learned that once the Smart Meter sweep is completed, there will be different rates set for time-of-day energy use, which the analog meters are too “dumb” to record and report … Thus those with Smart Meters may end up paying much more than $10 per month in peak-time rates.

    I would urge those who have Smart Meters in SD County to get them removed and an analog meter installed. I almost DIDN’T do this, thinking “what’s the use” because there are so many wireless meters nearby and nearly no one even knows they have this kind of meter now. But the difference in the way my house feels is incredible. I am not electro-hypersensitive (which people are increasingly becoming, especially if they are chemically sensitive or are older) … and even I can tell that the RF radiation is gone from my living space. Based on local observation, it is the SDGE account holder that can request the replacement (not necessarily the homeowner, if you happen to be renting) because you are the one paying the bill.

    Fill out the form at

  10. Joe says:

    A smart meter has just been installed in our home (even without our consent) and every night since our infrared security light sensor ALWAYS turns on – to the point where we now have to turn the light switch for it, thus rendering the sensor ineffectual. When we advised City Power of this they advised us, 1. The sensor is too close to the smart meter (<1m), 2. Sensor needs to be moved or change the sensor (because it is over 7 yrs old), 3. Power City advised us, we inconveniently need to organise to purchase a NEW sensor ourselves (even though the current sensor used to work well before the installation of the smart meter) and arrange an electrician and all the costs, we are to borne upfront!!!!

    • Chances are this will not solve your issue either, as the smart meters are so new and so harmful, anything within 5 meters will suffer greatly.. Realistically, they have modified the operation of your property, the cost to rectify this should be covered by them.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s untrue what they are telling you. Certain brands of light sensors are sensitive to the smart meter and turn on. I met a bloke out west on powercor network and he managed to get powercor to replace and install a new one, at their cost.

  11. Sue says:

    I have contacted my energy company and am waiting for a response. In my call I told them of my insomnia and palpitations. That i would like someone to come and check it, and remove it

    They asked if if I use a mobile phone and if my medical practitioner has confirmed that it’s because of the meter. He confirmed palpatations but can’t say for sure they are from meters.

    I asked why they bought up the mobile phone and they said it has same sort of emission .

    I replied that I have control of my mobile usage and it does not pulse like meters do. ” A customer relations person will get back to me in the next five days. ”

    Meanwhile I will write letters and stay tuned. I hope that many more people with genuine concerns will contact their providers and politicians and remove these harmful meters. Some of us may be more sensitive than others. That should not translate to less rights.

    • jodi says:

      Hi Sue. can you tell us how you went? Sounds very frustrating.

      • Melbourne Mum says:

        When they say “smart meters have the same emissions as a mobile phone” That is pure rubbish and they are trying to discredit you. It has been proven in Europe the harm mobile phone usage is causing (brain tumours or gliomas) to people who overuse these devices. What they are NOT saying is that smart meters are much, much stronger signals than your mobile phone, they are always on and always communicating back and forth. With recent heart attack statistics on the rise, it is very likely something to do with all that extra radiation drifting throughout our homes, causing palpitations and other serious complaints in otherwise healthy individuals. The medical profession need to wake themselves up to the possibility of cause and effect with these wretched smart meters and do some real research as proof to those blasted energy morons that they are IN FACT causing much distress and harm to their customers!

  12. Tennille says:

    I am seeking photos of exploded, burnt or damaged smart meters for an article I am writing on the issues on the new meters for the City Journal Online. If anyone has any photos they would like to submit it would greatly help this cause and I would very much appreciate your help!

    • Anonymous says:

      For the past two years i have been a victim of this horrible nuisance. I will be writing letters to the Ministers. I will write and write and will I will gladly go and lodge a court case and i will gladly get compensation for what has been meanly imposed on my good health and my integrity. I have been so frightened of making any progress to stand and deliver, against those who have robbed me of my health, my personal time and my quality of life.
      I hope others feel not as scared anymore as i have been. I first approached my local council and they could not assist.
      I have also relayed this information with more confidence as a result of an article presented by a Doctor who has been affected by this.
      My music plays constantly at night now to allow my brain waves to stay in a normal way as nature intended.
      I will get resolution. I will be on the forefront of positive and fair changes in this country.
      I will help others and i will stop this and am considering moving countries because of it.
      If it will help to bring changes just like the Government eventually brought about legislation which was well overdue for tackling the smoking problems they allowed to manifest in this country for so long, they will eventually come around to their senses!.
      It is shameful to disrespect the good citizens of this country by trapping people in their own homes to endure such pain and affliction.
      Australians ALL let us rejoice for we are young and FREE!. How far from the truth is that statement when we feel trapped in our own homes each and every day this sound comes on and then turns off.
      Kind regards,

  13. bill says:

    we had a planned (scheduled) outage here in Cockatoo, Victoria on the 13 November 2011 for standard maintenance.The power was off for 8 hours…since then we’ve had at least 20 power dropouts and outages.. 3 of them in 4 days…RED ENERGY won’t tell me the exact no.(although they USED TO) and SP AUSNET want me to request in writing to see the figures…Maintenance??? WHAT maintenance??

  14. Anonymous says:

    The smart meter rollout is a huge con,the only purpose it is designed to do is remove the meter readers ,increase profits to electricity generators and principal shareholders SP Ausnet (Singapore Power) enable power suppliers to increase prices with the threat of instant and cost free disconnection of your supply, and prehaps the most important reason to compensate for the discount the retiring baby boomers will recieve, we have been told it is to upgrade the power grid
    but the truth of the matter is threr is no major upgrade planned only regular grid maintenance is being carried out.this is just a cash grab by greedy multinationals.

    • Mia Nony says:

      It is actually more than that. the entire smart grid is funded by the public. the profits go to the private corporation while the costs and losses go to the public.
      The smart grid is a green washed hype, only smart for those at the kill switch, not at all for the customer. The meter is a health destabilizing and radiation emitting taxation device and rationing tool.
      It’s stated purpose is that it is to be used to make the private corporation far more money with provision of way less product while circumventing real and necessary 20th century transmission line upgrades. All of this is to be accomplished by charging three to four times as much for any and all energy use for about 14 hours every day and by shutting off any appliance they wish, whenever they wish.
      This is a taxation device with a penalty fee built in just to survive, to cook, launder, bathe, or use medical equipment.
      And watch out if you have a pacemaker or any other vulnerabilities as this is lethal for such equipment.
      In short smart metering is a bigger sam than global warming, which it uses as its excuse for being, a device with a built in penalty fee for those unavoidable times of day when almost everyone is using energy.
      The idea is to pretend that this is a modernization scheme, an upgrade. The reality is it is not an upgrade at all. The telecom industry piggy backs on to the current century old transmission lines, many of which lines that are in disrepair, and all of which were never designed to take these kinds of aggressive and dangerous microwave cooking strength frequencies – anymore than we are designed to take them.
      The smart grid is also meant to be used for premeditated rolling black outs and for remote shut off of any or all circuits on your electricity panel as deemed necessary.
      Google Defend Your Analog Meter, Parts I to VI.
      Just say NO.

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