Videos documenting adverse health effects

 How Smart Meters Affect Your Body (Dr. Darren Schmidt)

The greatest threat to health is wireless technology – Dr Stephen Sinatra.

Dangers of Wi-Fi in schools

“We recommend the precautionary approach. Don’t ignore non-peer reviewed findings. These have to be carefully independently confirmed, and have to be put to the public simply and clearly”, says Sir William Stewart, Chair of the National Radiological Protection Board and former chief scientific adviser to Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair.

EMF-RF effects  – live blood analysis

Serious dangers of microwaves – an explanation

Dr George Carlo tasked by the industry to report on health risks from cell phones completed a pivotal 7-year research and reported his findings to the industry but the industry didn’t like them – report by NZ John Campbell on Campbell Live.

A dramatic demonstration of the radiation from cell phone towers by the residents in Sydney’s West.

Dr Devra Davis on most recent reports on adverse biological and health affects of cell phones

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