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  1. Paul R says:

    I’m currently living in a rental unit in QLD and a few days ago three new smoke detectors were installed inside according to the new regulations here in QLD.

    The thing is that there are already two working battery powered smoke detectors in the unit – one on each floor. The unit is not very large and, technically, there should not be an issue with them since they are tested and the batteries are replaced when needed as well as that they cover a large area of each floor. What I found to be disturbing is that the new smoke detectors are not only wireless but HAD to be installed in each bedroom as per regulations. All the detectors HAVE to be wirelessly interconnected with each other so that if one of them goes off then so do the rest of them. I did, however, find out from the property manager that (and I have confirmed this) the detectors are like garage door openers and NOT like any ‘smart’ smoke detectors that use bluetooth. I still find it a bit sinister that a) there needs to be one in every room even if the rooms may only be a few metres apart and b) that they NEED to be wirelessly connected. There are also the issues of multiple levels of sound that the detectors are going to emit if they detect smoke or fire, which can be detrimental to one’s hearing, but the detectors all have red lights that blink every 40 seconds to show that they are working, which can affect one’s sleep depending on the room set up.

    Personally, I don’t trust the whole thing for a number of reasons. Firstly, I remember once hearing from a EMR professional (I can’t remember who it was exactly) that anything wireless can be hacked. That means that with the proper equipment, it could possibly be messed with from the outside. I cannot prove this myself but I can’t deny the possibility. Even if they may be just used as relay points for other wireless devices then that can be just as impactful.
    Secondly, I have heard from a number of sources over the years that mobile phones can actually used to spy on people via the microphone or camera even if the phone is turned off. Whether or not this is possible to do so with the detectors, I cannot say but the possibility can always be there. It almost sounds like a preparation for the Internet of Things even if it’s just the concept of introducing a permanently active wireless device into your home that is intended ‘for your safety’ as they claim.

    I don’t want people to panic or anything but I thought I would mention this in case that someone with some technical knowledge could shed some light on whether we should be worried or not. In that case, the detectors were ‘Clipsal’ wireless (not ‘smart’) smoke detectors but I am sure that other homes will have different brands installed.

    • Cathy says:

      Wow. Thanks for sharing. This sounds totally insane. Just the red blinking lights in a bedroom would drive me crazy. And then wireless??!!

  2. Tanya says:

    For a limited time you can gain access to view the sessions from the EMF medical conference 2021 for the vastly reduced price of $US39 (approx. $AUD55). This price is available until November 21, 2021. There are 29 hours’ of videos. I’ve only just started viewing them, so I can’t vouch for the quality of all of them, but the ones I have viewed so far have excellent info.

    You can elect to pay in Australian dollars, which will help you avoid bank/paypal currency conversion charges. And if you send the conference organisers evidence of your purchase of renting the videos, your viewing period will be extended from one year to two years. Go to

  3. fiona says:

    Not sure if this has been discussed. This may be of interest to many people here especially if you can’t use a smart phone etc. Submission form is due 27th October. It is in its 3rd phase.
    The Australian government wants to digitalise your identity by the end of 2021.

    🌐 This is the direct link to the submission form.

    📝 Here is the letter template link

    🉑 This video is from Aaron John Hale and the original can be found here:

  4. Tanya says: Children’s Health Defense does amazing work and their daily newsletter is full of great links. It costs only US$10 to become a lifetime member.

  5. Lorraine says:

    Today, Western Power came to my house and installed a smart meter. He didn’t need to turn power off whilst doing it. When I turned the TV on in the evening, it was cactus, that is, it turned on and there was sound but the picture was flickering and faint and barely visible, so the TV is now unusable. The TV was turned off when he did the job, but the power plug it was connected to, was on. The power plug is on the same wall, close to where the meter box is on outside of wall. Has anyone else had electrical goods damaged by smart meters?

    • Smart meters destroy appliances says:

      Heaps of people in Victoria had electrical appliances fried when a smart meter was installed! Search for the post titled ‘Angry owners blame smart meters as costly gadgets blow’.
      You should ask Western Power to pay for a new TV.
      BTW surely Western Power turned off the power at the time they switched over the meter? Otherwise, how would they have installed the new meter.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone in Queensland had any repercussions from Ergon when they have refused to let them install the Smart Meter?

  7. Cathy says:

    It looks like we’re being sold down the river about “demand management”. Have a look at this article “Held to Ransom: Smart Meters Shut Off Power Whenever Renewable Energy Output Collapses”:

  8. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    I’m Horrified to see the newest, latest products being rolled out and marketed to our poor, innocent, unaware, fellow consumers, (via the various technology retailers out there who regularly peddle this wretched filth), the offering of “Wi-Fi 6”. Powerful AX Mesh Wi-Fi, “to enjoy 4K/8K UHD streaming and online gaming to multiple screens simultaneously without interruption”……..WITH COVERAGE UP TO 7500 SQUARE FEET.

    Why the hell are they marketing products for home, with that kind of coverage?
    To “keep your connections strong in every room, all he time”, 7500 SQUARE FEET ?????????
    That is Outrageous!

    Saddest thing is, families everywhere (many with young family members, babies, etc) will believe they need this, and adopt it, widely, adding a pile more wireless radiation to what we’ve already got, bombarding us in our homes, and everywhere else we go, 24/7.

    This technology NEEDS TO BE BANNED!
    I don’t want my neighbours adopting this technology! A technology they that will not realize, is not only affecting the health of their own family members, it could also be affecting the health of all those living next door and beyond, which could include ME?

    Understand this is not good for us, and educate others, to the dangers of it.


    • TL says:

      Absolutely agree. That sort of coverage would blanket a 50 by 50 metre property. Given that homes are being increasingly built on microscopic pieces of land, that is overkill. I am able to detect about a dozen wi-fi networks on my land and two of them are about 200 metres away from my home with about 8 properties separating us. I have spoken to staff at those two businesses about the dangers to their health and they dismiss my concerns and their wi-fi continues to blanket the entire block. And then there are the neighbours whose wi-fi penetrates into my house. Tiny houses with wi-fi on steroids. But people refuse to be told, so what can we do? Wait till they get sick and hope they will listen then?

  9. Anonymous says:

    I wish to draw your attention to a horrifying and real news story about a plan to use microwaves to kill unborn babies. See – “BEIJING, China, August 24, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — A group of Chinese doctors has published a proposal for killing unwanted unborn twins or triplets by microwaving them. Jialei Xi, Ziyi Cheng, Tianchen Wu, and other authors plan to use microwaves to selectively destroy one of two or more unborn babies sharing a placenta, and they published their protocol in the British Medical Journal on August 13. …”

    I find this plan extremely disturbing and sickening. I apologise for upsetting you yet feel it is important to let you know that microwaves can be used in a deliberately destructive way. The dangers of microwaves are acknowledged by these researchers as they have turned them into a weapon against unborn babies. I feel so sad about those poor babies – what a terrible way to die. This proposal should not be allowed to proceed.

  10. Tanya says:

    Yet another pitfall of solar

    And for all the government’s spin about the need for alternative energy, if everyone keeps looking the other way while companies launch multitudes of satellites and install 5G everywhere, climate change will continue to increase and guess who will be blamed for it? Not the companies launching satellites and installing 5G. No, it will be you and me copping the blame because we’re obviously not reducing our energy consumption enough. And even when we have 24/7 blackouts, you and I will still be blamed.

  11. Paul says:

    Hi, I’m in Southport Qld and have just received a letter from Energex stating that they want to install a “Low Voltage Trial Meter” is this the same as a Smart Meter?

  12. Gavin says:

    A nice fellow, a subcontractor in the Eastern Suburbs knocked on my door and asked me today if they could “upgrade” the power meter to a smart meter. He said the power company wanted to do so, and that police may be called to restrain anyone on premises if needed. So just a heads up to others that these folks are going about their business as usual — since they claim to be “essential” working for the power companies.

    • toecutteraus says:

      Yes, I have received a letter from United Energy today, and a 2nd wave of the attempted rollout is imminent. Letter is from their “Legacy Meter Exchange Project Team”.
      Apparently if I do not wish to do this, I can just contact them (at which time they will threaten etc).
      They say that nonetheless, we must submit to a “Safety Test”, which will no doubt find us in an “unsafe” position and FORCE us to get a new meter).
      I have read about meters that have the radios turned off, or similar, and that you can now insist upon this in Victoria – can someone please point us in the right direction about these “Safety Tests”, that we will surely “fail”, and about the non-broadcasting radio aspect of it? Thanks, Matt & Judy.

      • Let's get real about RF says:

        Perversely, Victoria looks like it’s about the only place in Australia where customers AREN’T allowed to have the microwave transmissions switched off.
        And I suppose they just make up the ‘safety’ test to suit themselves??
        Hopefully, you’re protecting your current meter!

  13. Roach says:

    I Rang my electricity company to express my concerns about installing a new meter at my house , The young lad on the phone said that he understood my concerns but unfortunately he told me that I MUST have a smart meter installed . I cannot have a new analogue meter he said . If i don’t get a new meter the only option is disconnection from the grid . Yep you heard it folks ! If you refuse a smart meter they will cut you off .

    I’m usually not an aggressive person but i feel this may be time for me to misbehave .
    Smart meters are scheduled to be installed soon ( i wonder what the installers will say when they find me blocking their path arms crossed with a slightly red glow in my eyes)

    should be interesting .

    • Agro says:

      Roach, you don’t need to be aggressive. Just borrow someone’s pit bull terrier and let the dog do the work for you! 😉 Good luck.

  14. Tanya says:

    EMR and mobile phones are perfectly ‘safe’, but … Kudos to them for their alert but someone needs to educate them a bit more on cordless phones. Where are they storing the bases of the cordless phones? On their desk next to them, or in the shed down the back of the property where no-one goes near?

  15. Wendy says:

    I watched a news report some years ago on the ABC where a young woman became sensitive and unwell to the 21st Century. She had to live in the country by herself. Over time she could not eat any food other than fish. Her health deteriorated until she was tested for lead poisoning. The fish was making her sick in the first place!
    I would love to see everyone tested for lead. It is in our soils in certain areas of Australia. Have your soil tested as well as yourself. I no longer eat fish for this reason including other metals and micro plastics found in all fish. Perhaps not in farmed.

    • TL says:

      People can have a hair mineral tissue analysis that will show various metals, both toxic and not, that have been in their body over the long term. Naturopaths can assist with this test or you could do it entirely via the internet. However, I am losing confidence in this test because it does depend on how well your body is eliminating metals.

      Farmed fish are likely to contain PCBs. Anything ‘sustainably caught’ is most likely farmed. Even “ocean fish” could still have been raised in farms located in pens in ocean water. If you must eat fish, the smaller fish are likely to be safer. The higher up the food chain you go, the more toxins the fish contain via eating the smaller fish which have also consumed toxins. I’m not entirely convinced by that logic either, but I’m just quoting the so-called experts.

  16. Wendy Rice says:

    Hi there
    Please be aware of a scam about an anti 5G device. Further reading:

  17. Rob says:

    Some people with electrical sensitivities also have chemical sensitivities or multiple chemical sensitivity. I thought I’d share this new resource, which may contain useful info for those people Thanks

  18. Tanya says:

    Interesting article and flyer on how 5G can drive climate change and consume massive energy. But the government wants you to believe that it is your air conditioner that’s causing all the problems.

    • Angela says:

      I have recently learned of TESTBED 1 – a 5G and Internet of Things experiment that is about to start in a mapped area from Melbourne University, including streets surrounding and down to RMIT.

      RMIT has a 5G innovation centre in Building 80. August last year one person died falling from this building and another was seriously injured in an accident in the days following. Apparently the police were investigating.

      For TEST BED 1, the students, staff, residents will not be told of the RF emissions they will be bathed in for this experiment. Furthermore, no-one will check on them as to whether the Microwave RF has a depressing effect or worse.

      Late 2016, Bristol University had a 5G centre and also won ‘TESTBED 1.’ Since that time 13 Bristol University students have been found dead, the majority expected suicide.

      Below is a link to more information from a contact and please share the Test Bed 1 information with everyone you know as this is entirely unethical and should be widely known.

      View at
      5G technology is being tested in Melbourne without residents’ knowledge
      The City of Melbourne recently tested 5G technology in a test bed area, without the residents’ knowledge. The Melbourne Innovation…

      • Angela says:

        We have started a petition to stop TESTBED 1 run by the City of Melbourne. It is due to start in full March 2020 without the students, teachers or residents knowledge or consent. The emission density and military grade frequencies have never been shown to be safe. The reverse is the case. MM waves have shown resonant frequency with DNA, heating it to 60 degrees (Mays Swicord circa 1980) along with damage to cellular structures at density as low as 5 uW/cm2. Arpansa allows in the vicinity of 1000 uW/cm2. This is wrong, this is unsafe.
        All codes, standards and guides implore to minimise RF exposure due to unknown long term health effects. The people in TESTBED 1 without any knowledge of the testing and Microwave emissions they will be subject to have no chance to minimise their exposure.
        Unethical, unsafe. Please sign the petition:

  19. CPJ says:

    Anyone in/near West Gippsland and have some free time on Wed 18DEC19, come and join us!!
    We’re repeating the same session.
    And please tell others.
    Is anybody actually reading this page??

    Hope this shows the flyer all right.

  20. CPJ says:

    Anyone in/near West Gippsland and have some free time on Wed 06NOV19, come and join us!!

  21. TL says:

    This article is a little USA-centric, but there are some useful tips for the direction that the electricity distributors are taking us, ie. mass blackouts, especially in summer, due to all the power generating plants they have shut down and continue to shut down. At least there are long daylight hours during summer. If the greatest strain on the US grid is during their dark, snowy winters, then they would be doing it tougher than us.

  22. SMN says:

    There is a new mob entering the smart meter sphere in Victoria. They set up their display in shopping centres and promote devices that they will fit on your smart meter for about $125. You then download an app to your mobile phone and use it via bluetooth. Like the radiation from your smart meter wasn’t sufficient to kill you off early. Now they get you to increase the radiation by using a mobile phone and bluetooth. Plus they’ll try to sell you irradiating LED light globes, dirty electricity generating solar power, nice pictures of health destroying wind turbines on their website. Clearly our health means less to them than their profits.

    The app looks more useful than the Home Area Network (HAN) devices, costing several hundred dollars, that hardly any one bothered to buy when they were marketed years ago. But all the same, just how fascinating is it to sit there in your armchair watching how much electricity your TV is consuming? Are the TV programs that bad that watching your electricity consumption is more interesting? There are some other features, but they’re all useless to someone who was ‘smart’ enough to avoid a ‘smart’ meter in the first place.

  23. TL says:

    In case you didn’t realise solar panels are a scam (gee, where have you been living this past decade?) The situation is much the same in Australia as in the US. Somebody tell all these people falling over themselves to get the limited government solar installation rebates.

    • Snowy says:

      As an off grid advocate, ………as well as someone who went off grid at age 70, I am on a property with plenty of distance from any smart metered neighbors so as to not be radiated by their ignorance.
      I am happy to have no struggle, no smart meter, a radiation-free hard wired home, and a much better standard of living.
      I love grid defection.
      With that in mind, may I correct what seems to be a possible misperception?
      Solar panels in and of themselves are not a scam per say.
      They are however, government controlled to radically limit each panel’s maximum solar efficiency by restricting it to between 17% and 22% of what is actually possible, (unlike the one’s installed on Elon’s satellites, which operate near 100% efficiency and are all 5G armed).
      This way anyone who chooses to buy or rent solar panels has to buy or rent five times as many of them in order to get the same amount of energy.
      This is a similar profit model to the one used for ethanol in gasoline, which radically reduces one’s mileage because it dilutes and chemically lessens the efficiency of gasoline, so you pay far more than ever to go a shorter distance while they use crop lands to grow ethanol.
      Choosing to provide solar energy to the grid for a middling reduction in massively smart inflated usage fees is not a win/win, no matter how much it appears to be able to defray the cost of those panels.
      The smart grid utility has no intention of allowing any customer to make much money through net metering. Using solar to try to reduce a smart meter doubled bill is like filling a bucket with a hole in it, since they have doubled your faked usage by installing on your house a computer device which they intentionally misname a “meter”, when fake metering is a tiny fraction of what that device is really used for.
      The real profit is made by inducing the willing to buy solar panels at their own expense and then letting them take the cream off the top by using much of that solar energy themselves by selling it at a profit, while paying you a pittance by comparison.
      The real scam is accomplished only when anyone complies with the smart grid utility owners, which is done by remaining grid tied (grid shackled).
      The smart meter is no different than an ankle monitor for those imprisoned in their own homes and literally tied to the grid, especially after if this happens after also spending large sums (paid to Elon Musk) to rent or buy retail solar panels with the narrow single goal iof trying to defray the escalating cost of the smart meter’s clever over billing computer, while doing so at one’s own solar panel expense.
      The utility then redirects the “free” solar energy the customer just paid to collect for the utility, and sends it to your neighbor at no cost to themselves.
      They then tell your neighbor that your neighbor is subsidizing you for having solar panels, while in reality the customer is the one who is subsidizing the utility as well as paying ot of pocket for solar panels to do so. and STILL in the dark, figuratively as well as literally. It is not the customer who is “smart” when a smart utility then plays middle man in all directions. They even has the nerve to charge the customer – who they now call a consumer, instead – by adding administrative fees, energy delivery fees, rural fees, global, fees, debt reduction fees, every conceivable kind of fee which every customer pays for the utility to make billions off private date they extract, at the same time as they siphon off any solar panel owner’s solar generated energy from the customer and sell it at a mark up to that customer’s neighbors. In fact chances are they use the smart meter to siphon the power undetected from the customer’s solar total so that the smart grid utility also makes money when they steal the solar generated power which the customer needs in order to lower their bills.
      Anyone grid tied who has had any option to defect from the grid entirely. is instead loeft sitting in the dark because the whole smart grid is one big arson scheme used as the way to cause and to grow (wild)fires. (ditto for the smart grid ognited San Bruno)
      In summary, the solar panels are innocent players in this Ponzi scheme. Instead, it is what happens when anyone buys and installs solar panels while still on grid and while still without any energy independence that is the actual scam.
      The smart grid IS the battery bank for the grid tied. That means one is just as utterly dependent on the good will the utility does not possess as one ever was, with solar panels or without them.
      The rule is clear. No one on grid is allowed by the utility to have their own energy supply connected to any smart meter, nor permitted to be their own power contractor, not unless they are off grid.
      The grid goes down, the grid tied go down. That is the name of the game. It is Stockholm Syndrome, nothing less than hostage taking.
      Enron showed California just how all of this scam is done, but who learned a thing?
      Since here it is again, bigger and more voracious than ever.
      Anyone who has been double crossed into having a smart meter forcibly installed should know enough to understand that there was a sinister reason for them doing this by force.
      Oh sure, the people with ANY wireless devices are providing all of the other 5G components of one giant IoT system necessary for the 5G system to be set off via small cells on each second pole at the street, but then again, people generally tend to get addicted to what no one forced them to have, and how clever it all is, since wireless is the key to all of it working against the user, potentially lethally.
      Anyone on grid with a smart meter and any common sense should never trust the same double crosser by entering into any contract with them, be it grid tied or just by staying on the grid.
      If you can get off grid do so while the going is good. Do not wait until it is too late and there are no supplies and you are sick from 5G, … or worse than just sick.
      If anyone is grid tied they are going to be a very easy to target for the “connectivity” of the 5G weaponized blanket.
      Everything from the wireless mini cell tower called a smart meter on the wall outside, to your late wireless model computer on your desk or lap, to your wireless modem, wireless tablet, your fibre optic’s wireless router and your latest model of wireless cell phone, every last one of these, of this is all already “5G ready”, right beside you and all around you, and the whole 5G system is waiting only for the final installation or flip of the switch of the small cell 5G “trigger” located on a pole out at the street.
      That said some people would rather die than give up wireless and even fewer would ever have an intact enough survival instinct to want to live life strongly enough to actually take the necessary steps and go analogue for a safe, clean life off grid, using a pure sine wave inverter, a small battery bank, the real secret of reduced energy usage. and an authentic non wireless life, instead of slow death by multiple sources of cumulative concentrated microwave radiation.
      Otherwise? No battery bank. No AC inverter. No way to have power ….. other than from the crack cocaine dealer called the smart grid utility. And that means when Part Two of Enron begins in earnest, and when the utility imposes lengthy power outages for who knows how long on how many more pretexts, too many electrical cars all charging at once, ANYTHING, , anyone who has not defected from the smarter-than-you grid will be hooped.

  24. Adam Lavis says:

    Was told my digital meter (ems 2100 analyser) was broken and needed a smart meter. It’s not broken. It still reads power the same as always and my analogue disc still spins and records power usage as it always has done. I said to them I am not legally obligated to update to a smart meter and they agreed I am not legally bound to update. I said they give off harmful electronic waves. They agreed that there has been evidence that they do indeed give off electronic frequencies that can affect humans. This is Simply Energy who told me this. I asked can I get my (broken digital meter) taken off. They said no. I asked can I get it replaced with a non-smart meter. They said no. I said what can I do? They said you don’t need to do anything, you just have to realize that your meter is broken, but you don’t have to Get a smart meter installed. I’m interested in how they will charge me electricity from now on because I have the right to refuse to pay a bill based on estimates (which tells you on your bill that it’s an estimate rather than a proper reading) and I also have the right to refuse a smart meter. They will have to continue to read my meter from the disc reading or the digital meter that isn’t even broken. Then I will sue them for lying to me about it being broken..

    • Not Gullible says:

      Adam, not knowing which state you are in can impact the advice I give you. However, it seems to me that this is a ruse for them to get out of sending out a meter reader every 3 months, So they will issue an estimated bill, which might be exaggerated. If your electricity retailer is reasonable, they will allow you to phone them with what is the actual reading, This is a nuisance for them, because as a general rule, they then reissue the bill.

      The electricity distributor (or retailer) is obliged to do an actual read once per year. So you could be waiting 12 months to discover how honest they are being about the meter being broken.

      Interesting that Simply Energy admitted that the RF affects humans. Simply Energy is your retailer, correct?

    • Snowy says:

      You do have every right to refuse, yes, true.
      Just bear in mind that the utility has their own rights too, including the right to refuse to provide service to those who refuse a smart meter, even if it is not mandated.
      That is what they did to me and all my refusal friends. And we were all disconnected and now we are all off grid. They would love to outlaw off grid life too, but so far cannot do so unless you are living inside city limits and must have a meter in any case.
      Might as well disconnect yourself rather than waiting for them disconnect you.
      Very “empowering” to be your own source of power.
      Even a large wattage quiet EU honda generator used for daytime or all the time is preferable, although that, just like off grid solar, means lifestyle changes….. and most would rather dies than change.

  25. Tanya says:

    From August 26th till Sep 1st (US time/date, so probably one day later for us) there is an online summit called ‘The 5G crisis’ There are 34 speakers, including at least one Aussie.

  26. Ez says:

    Is smart meter installation compulsory (mandatory) in Victoria still 2019?

    • TL says:

      Smart meter installation in Vic was never mandatory. That’s the lie that installers told us. It’s the same lie, maybe in slightly different forms, that is being told in other states. There are plenty of Victorians who do not have a smart meter and they haven’t been locked up in jail, or slugged with the threatened manual meter reading fees, or had their electricity disconnected as threatened by the power distributors, etc, etc

    • Janice Brewer says:

      Ez, what is compulsory in Victoria is that the Electricity Distributors “attempt” to install smart meters. You have a legitimate legal position to refuse their “offer” to do so and/or to refute any blatant lies from anyone telling you that you cannot refuse installation. Now that means you may have to take the liberty of locking your meter box to ensure that your position is adequately communicated. Of course you are still obliged to allow or provide actual reads on the existing meter for the purpose of billing, most easily facilitated by cutting a small slot in your meter box door whereby the reading (and the meter number) can be viewed.

  27. Janaina says:

    I had Western Power (Western Australia) come and take out the communications card from my smart meter. They left the green sticker on that says communications device has been removed. But the meter still says connected and the little red lights flash. Also it has an antenna symbol at the top left that says LAN. Is it still connected or have they really taken the card out?

    Any info will be highly appreciated!

    • Cathy says:

      The flashing of the red lights correlates with how much electricity is being used in the house at the time. So nothing to do with having communications. (But isn’t this a bit of a breach of privacy? Why does this information have to be shared with any passerby??) Is where it says LAN in the display itself? I would’ve thought LAN would no longer appear in the display once communications are disabled.

      Can you get somebody with an RF meter to test for you? That would be the easy way to make sure that Western Power did the right thing.

    • Andrew Samman says:

      LAN probably stands for Local Area Network. This would be a second communications chip were the grid service provider can shut down HANS (home appliance network) apliances at times of excessive power drain on the grid.

      To best of my knowledge, this network has not been activated in Victoria, although without knowing your meter model, I cannot confirm this.

      • Let's get real about RF says:

        ‘LAN’ appears in the display of mesh smart meters when the meter has remote communications enabled. As WA has rolled out some of the same technology as Victoria, it’s of concern that this is still appearing.

        The HAN function was billed by the Victorian government as being the next best thing after sliced bread as it was going to let customers check the electricity consumption of different appliances around the home. How dumb did they think we were? Obviously, if one is going to do umpteen loads of clothes washing, there’s going to be a resulting high electricity bill. No wonder there’s been so little uptake of HAN by customers. (It was supposed to be up to the customer to ask for this functionality to be enabled.) From what I’ve heard, even the technology for the HAN function is now old hat. More wasted Victorian taxpayers’ money, as every Victorian smart meter was specified to have this functionality available.

  28. Tanya says:

    This is probably a repeat of all the speakers from the EMF summit last year, but if you haven’t previously seen it, the EMF summit will be online 14-20 June, 2019 (USA time)

  29. 'Meter reader' says:

    I’d like to start a conversation about manual meter reading charges. As of July 1st, some Australian states have the right to have the communications card of their smart meter disabled. Some people are already discovering that their retailer is going to price-gouge them to have their meter read manually once the comms card is disabled. Others are finding the opposite, that the reading fee will be minimal. I’d like to know who the retailer, distributor (they manage power poles, lines, etc) and state are and what the manual meter reading fee will be. Others will want to know which retailer they can switch to if they are threatened with exhorbitant fees.

    Other considerations to bear in mind, have you asked your retailer if you can provide three of the annual meter reads to them so that they have to charge you only once per year for the legislated once per year actual read? Did they agree to this and, if so, will they only charge you for the actual read they do?

    Also, will they remove the comms card or merely disable it? People would be wise to request the removal of it, in their presence. However, removal would require attendance by a technician, disabling can probably be done remotely.

    I’d also like to hear from those in states where they do not have the option to have the comms card disabled. Manual meter reading fees vary wildly, whether a smart meter or analogue meter is involved. What fee were you charged and in what year was that, plus the retailer name, distributor and state? This is likely to apply only to people with an analogue meter.

    By the way, meter reading fees are built into the charges applied to our electricity bill when we have an analogue meter. Who saw their electricity charges decrease when they had a smart meter installed because manual meter reading was no longer required? And yet, when it goes in the opposite direction, ie comms card disabled, now there is a manual meter reading fee that needs to be added to your bill. So if you have a wirelessly transmitting smart meter, you are probably still paying to have your meter read manually and then you will double up that payment when you have the comms card disabled. Extortion! Is there any reader who has the same retailer, distributor and state as someone else to compare the fixed (home supply) charge on their bill between someone with an analogue and someone with a smart meter to see if both are paying the same, despite one not requiring manual meter reads?

    Similarly, the cost of the smart meter is built into your bill. Conveniently hidden, so that the power company can tell you that they own the meter. No doubt the fixed portion of bills increased after smart meters were installed, in order to cover this cost, particularly in Victoria where all consumers were expected to accept a smart meter and this increased charge was easier to hide.

    • Chris says:

      Hi mate I live in Metford N S W I recently changed to red energy after getting a letter in the mail telling me i am going to get a smart meter installed on a certain date I rang them up telling them I am not having one ( then the blue started) so they informed me that it will cost between $180:00 and $220:00 depending on were i live for a manual read and over $500:00 to have the communication disconnected

      • anonymous says:

        What price gougers! I’d give Red Energy the flick. Have you talked to Origin? I heard that they weren’t charging for manual reads. And how can Red Energy justify charging $500 for disconnecting the communications? If needs be, this can even be done remotely. (Although I think you need to wait and have this done after 1 July, when the new rule starts.)

    • TL says:

      Energy Australia is charging $2 per day when the comms card is disabled/removed.

  30. nuked says:

    Clearly ARPANSA thinks that dry, burning, irritated eyes and skin are not a health effect. As I interpret this post on their website, it seems that ARPANSA sees such minor inconveniences as nothing that requires their action. When does it require their action? When it burns holes in our eyes and skin that penetrate right through to our brains?

    And Ken Karapidis is described as “an expert on how radiation affects the human body”!!! Yeh, right. No risk that 5G will burn holes through to his ‘brain’.

  31. 'Saul' says:

    There is a crime drama series called ‘Better call Saul’ which has one character who is severely ElectroMagnetically Hypersensitive. This series is a prequel to ‘Breaking bad’ People might find ‘Better call Saul’ useful for opening other people’s minds to the reality of EHS. Your local library might have copies of the DVD and other formats, or you can purchase it at some DVD sellers or stream it. It’s up to about season 5 now.

  32. Agent 99 says:

    Smart meters spying on you in your home

    First they’ll tell you it’s for the benefit of dementia patients. Then you get the incremental creep, ie spying on suspected terrorists, spying of government opponents, spying on everyone. Because it’s all for your good. No, really!!!

  33. Ms. N. O. Solar says:

    If you have solar panels and an analogue meter, look out! The power companies are currently targetting solar customers to force a smart meter upon them. The most common strategy seems to be doing estimated meter readings, using ludicrous consumption data that does not account for the volume of electricity being produced by the solar panels. (What happened to the government’s promise to get rid of these highly contentious estimated reads?) Another strategy is to refuse to connect new solar panels to the grid unless a smart meter is accepted. One lie being told is that analogue meters are damaged by spinning backwards. Not according to customers who have had both solar and an analogue meter for years. An analogue meter spinning backwards will probably outlast the short-lived ‘smart’ meters.

    If you are thinking of getting solar panels, think at least twice. The inverter causes dirty electricity and, thus, the same sort of health problems that a smart meter causes. Then think about the feed in tariff. Don’t expect this to always remain the same. Over the years, the tariff has dwindled. Figures I have heard are a drop from 23 cents kwh to 8 cents, but I think decreases have been greater than that.

    Also, the power companies ensure they are the greatest beneficiaries of solar, not you. They will pay you a measly 8 cents feed in and charge you something like 32 cents kwh for your electricity consumption. And don’t make the mistake of thinking that they charge you for NET electricity used. Hell no. If you feed in 500 kw and consume 800 kw, you will be paid 8 cents x 500. Then you will be charged 32 cents x 800. If you were the beneficiary of this system, you would merely receive a bill of 32 cents x 300..

    By all means, please correct me if I have mis-stated the facts above. Also, there might be some people who got lucky enough to get a better contract on the feed-in tariff.

    Another problem to consider before going down the path of solar is to check how many houses in the area already have solar panels. Solar causes problems with the electricity quality in the area and power companies have been known to limit the number of grid-connected solar customers in the street in order to reduce the negative impact on powerline electricity quality. You don’t want to discover this AFTER you have installed solar and the solar company has no incentive to warn you of this.

    • Snowy says:

      For every poison there is an antidote. Solar is easily kept clean or cleaned up and the benefits of off grid outweigh being on grid.
      Please read my reply to Disenchanted With Solar, below?

    • Snowy says:

      I totally agree with you about the net metering scam. I have posted on this as well, on this page

  34. Lucke says:

    I would like to get a on grid solar system, we still have the old meter locked away, sp ausnet told the solar installer that they would turn off the solar system if we refused to have a smart meter put in, can they do this, and can i stop them from turning it off.

    • Disenchanted with solar says:

      You might want to reconsider going down this path. Converting DC waves to Alternating Current is a far from smooth conversion with the majority of inverters. When the sun is shining, higher frequencies are broadcast onto household wiring, through the air (for hundreds of metres) and along the ground. Hence, solar inverters = ‘dirty’ electricity. Dr Samuel Milham has written an excellent (pretty short) book, called “Dirty Electricity, Electrification and the Diseases of Civilisation”, which you may wish to read.

      • Snowy says:

        For every poison there is an antidote.
        The Magna Sine inverter is a good choice for off grid. It is extremely clean, a pure sine wave centralised inverter (don’t get mini inverters installed on the backs of solar panels, they emit everywhere).
        The Magna Sine emits virtually no emfs from its AC conversion. Nevertheless, to be on the cautious side, anyone can use a sine taming device to readily prevent excess billing.
        Smart meters deceive. The bill is based on reading only the peaks of all transients, maximising the bill by false reading. That is why it is called “smart”.
        A sine tamer ends any emissions from a smart meter at the circuit box. It also stops the over billing by stopping the extreme transients. A smart meter is a money maker because ti also reads its own dirty power energy as if it too were usage.
        As well a sine tamer catches and stops any stray emf/rf emissions that might come from an inverter that is used off grid. Again one can do so by simply installing the correctly designed kind of sine wave attenuation device right in the service panel, one which regulates voltage and flat lines any residual emfs. It works extremely well. The one I have is warranted fro fifteen years, no questions asked. The house has been thoroughly radiation tested and is completely clean.
        This sine tamer device is not an ordinary suppressor, it has variable clamping and is designed to neutralise all smart meter emissions to prevent them from coupling to house wiring.
        For off grid solar neutralisation of any cheap inverter be warned that the wrong type is wrongly designed and emits a very dirty modified sine wave, dirty electricity.
        Presumably the sine tamer also works exceptionally well on this type of emission but personally I would NEVER buy a modified sine wave inverter, they make people sick. Better yet, after you buy the right kind of inverter, locate the inverter in the garage or a separate shed to be extra safe. Additionally, it’s easy to use one roll of uncoated aluminium insect screening to build and then install the inverter inside a faraday cage. A pure sine wave inverter, plus its own faraday cafe plus the sine tamer installed in two 15 amp spare or not circuit breakers plus one groud wire. And lastly put a smartguard.con faraday cage over the smart meter itself. That works very well, I know many who have done this, I have no smart meter so no need,. and live off grid.
        The cable running form the inverter to the service panel comes fully armoured, as is the cable from the panels to the inverter, Then the rf is neutralised by the sine tamer device in the circuit breaker box. End of problem..

  35. Tanya says:

    The EMF health summit, which was available online in September 2018, is going to be available again December 9 (probably December 10th in Australia). It’s free to watch or you can purchase the interviews. If you saw it last time, there is one new interview with Oram Miller this time.

  36. marc says:

    Few very informative video links to research…

    • Tanya says:

      I love the 5G bombshell video. They can make us sick with one hand, but they’ll have to pay for it from the other hand. And I absolutely agree from personal experience that radio frequencies affect blood sugar levels.

  37. anon says:

    I have come into possession of de-classified C-I-A documents. The studies have been done circa 1977, on the effects of wireless EMF based on scientific studies. None of it is good news but these are legitimate studies. I wish to share for the cause, these are legit docs.
    I do not know how to share these with you without being compromised… I guess I already am compromised because of this note, but the documents are from 1977.
    They already knew the detrimental effects.
    IMHO this de-classified science is the smoking gun and should be able to be used in a nation-wide lawsuit. I do not trust this site to be honest, BUT i am willing to risk my safety in order to pass this on. If you are serious and are not @vt agents, contact me.

  38. Ms. N B N Wary says:

    I have been discussing with others the pitfalls of switching to the NBN. A number of EHS persons have had a bad reaction to their new NBN modem. So I want to open up a discussion on this issue and see if others have knowledge that can steer us away from a disastrous NBN choice.

    The problem with the NBN is that the new modems have 2 antennae: one for wi-fi in your home and the other for DECT (digital enhanced cordless telecommunication). The home wi-fi is easy to disable, the DECT is often an internal antenna that cannot be physically disabled and needs to be disabled by either your phone carrier or by going into computer settings. Even if you don’t use a computer, you will be stuck with these 2 antennae as this modem enables you to have a landline phone connection.

    So here are some of the modems and services researched so far:

    If you are in a NBN fixed line location and go with Telstra as your NBN/landline phone provider, you will need to DEMAND that they provide a Sagecom modem, rather than the standard Technicolor modem. The Sagecom modem can have the DECT and Wi-fi disabled, the Technicolor modem cannot.

    Other modems which can have wireless functions disabled are:
    • iiNet’s N600 Dual Band WiFi Gigabit Modem Router with Voice
    • iiNet’s TP-Link VDSL2 modem (and Grandstream IP phone). Wireless can be turned off via configuration or a button.
    • Draytek Vigor 130 for VDSL (Fibre to the node) plus ATA (Analogue telephone adaptor) such as Cisco spa 112, in order to connect the phone

    It may be necessary to request your phone carrier disable wireless services on your connection. If your phone carrier does an upgrade to the system at some point in the future, the settings for your service will revert to the default. This means that wireless functions will return and you will need to contact your carrier to request they disable wireless services again. Also, if there is a power outage in your area, the modem’s settings will return to default, resulting in EMR being generated. In this case, you will need to disable the wireless functions on the modem again. An EMR meter is valuable in helping you to detect such changes in EMR levels.

    Because the NBN and, consequently, your landline phone service, is reliant upon electricity supply, when there is a power outage, you will lose both the NBN and the landline phone service, unless you have a battery backup.

    • Jodie says:

      They are digging and putting NBN into our street this week. I am midway down a block of townhouses and we currently have ADSL2, which took a lot of work arranging but had to be done because I have EHS. What does this mean, what should I do. will they leave my ADSL2 alone. Is it a coincidence that I have been feeling extra radiated the last week and went out to look at what may be causing this and noticed their huge trucks and all their work, etc. What currently would be radiating me so much more than usual, if all is not connected yet and I assume they are only working on putting the cables in the ground. Perhaps the neighbours have installed some RF EMR and that is what it is. But seems very coincidental.

      • TL says:

        Jodie, do you have a cornet electrosmog meter or similar, with which you can measure the radiation and hone in on the source? They are a valuable tool when you are EHS.

        I am not sure why you are feeling more ill right now, but I think it is possible that the work they are doing could be contributing. Bear in mind also that the workmen would all have mobile phones on them. I suspect that the mobile phones of spectators at football matches is behind the reports of footballers suffering heart attacks at matches.

        When NBN is live in your area you will be forced to switch to NBN within 18 months. So make sure you understand what will be a safe NBN connection.

    • Lee says:

      I am still using a BobLite modem from iinet and found out that through the BobLite control panel you can disable wifi, so if anyone is using that modem, you can turn it off easily. I’ve only just found this out and thought I was stuck with WiFi being on all the time, I have to keep my computer on 24/7 and my internet connected also 24/7 so am very relieved I can turn it off as I am sitting next to the modem many many hours per day and had been stressing about not being able to turn it off. I don’t use WiFi anyway but thought it just had to be on all the time. For anyone who is also using a BobLite modem (iinet does not want to change it for a newer one, so I might not be the only one still using this old model) the link to the manual PDF is; To access your control panel copy and paste this into your browser address bar: making sure your computer is connected to BobLite at the time. Default password is ‘admin’ On the second tab “set up my wireless” you can disable your WiFi from there.

    • Jane Jennings says:

      Hi, my online name is eloqwence. I dont have time to read all the posts, but we worked out how to have NBN with NO MODEM AT ALL
      it took two hours on the phone with Telstra talking to all these wizz bang technicians and then the greatest surprise of all: plug an ethernet cable into the 2nd port from the left on the nbn device, and the other end into your computer. all the a/c details and so on are in the device not in your modem!
      There was only one drawback, only one person at a time could use the computer also not move it around. We tried splitters and things but it didnt work. If you want more info, such as the phone plug etc, find me at the new emrsanctuary forum.But you have probably sorted your problem by now

      • Ms N B N Wary says:

        I went into my local Telstra store to see if I could get more info on the NBN modem and box. Not that I’m rushing to entrrust my health and health decisions to Telstra and its ‘experts’, here is what I was told.

        If you have fibre to the node, you need only a modem. If you have fibre to the kerb you need a modem and the box. If your modem is not too old, it may work with the NBN.

        There is only one port on the box, so you would not be able to run an ethernet computer cable AND phone line at the same time.

        Of course I got the usual BS about she hasn’t heard of anyone experiencing health problems from the NBN. She also told me that settings to turn off the internal (DECT) antenna cannot be changed by a network upgrade.

        If the box alone is capable of handling the landline phone then surely the box has DECT capabilities and would emit RF. Otherwise, if the box, on its own, cannot support landline phones, then you are forced to use a mobile phone or get the modem as well, with all the risks that go with that.

        I have heard someone complain about the NBN box making her ill, but because I couldn’t see it myself, i did not know if she was talking about the box or modem. It was a long time ago, before I had even rudimentary knowledge of what equipment is involved in the NBN. Is it possible that there are DECT capabilities in both the box and the modem?

        Does anyone reading this have any experience with either or both of these setups? Perhaps you have fibre to the node and your relative has fibre to the kerb. Has anyone been able to check the EMR levels coming from the box only?

    • Electromagnetic Health & Safety says:

      Dear Stop Smart Meters forum members and EHS sufferers,

      I am about to complete a Diploma of Telecommunications Engineering, and due to my partner suffering from chronic EHS and also having mild EHS myself, I wanted to confirm some things with my teachers who train NBN staff and know all of the ins-and-outs of the entire NBN. To assist others with their questions about the NBN, I have started to develop a document that can be freely shared. Below is a reformatted version for easy posting in this forum. However, you mail email me for a PDF version or any further updates or questions about Electromagnetic Field Testing and Telecommunications. My email is

      NBN installations and potential issues for Electromagnetically Hyper Sensitive individuals.

      [Document prepared by David Bourke (Electromagnetic Health & Safety)]

      Installation recommendations:

      1. New NBN Installations
      In general, the recommendation for any new NBN installations is to request the NBN technician to place the Network Termination Device (NTD) or other powered devices as far away as practical from where the occupants spend time.
      If you are in a rural/remote area and the connection type offered is Fixed Wireless / Satellite, it is recommended to have the NBN technician to place the antenna as far away as practical from where the occupants spend time. Suggestions such as garage, storage room, hallway or another area furthest away from bedrooms, study, lounge, dining areas as possible, then run shielded Ethernet cabling to positions where occupants will be using devices. If shielded Cat 7 or Cat 7A cabling is not affordable or possible, Cat 6 unshielded Ethernet cabling is better than Cat 5 or Cat 5E.
      This recommendation should suffice for most end-users unless they suffer from chronic Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity, in which case, there may be further recommendations depending on the type of NBN technology installed, which should be assessed by an EMF consultant or Building Biologist.

      2. Existing NBN Installations
      For existing NBN installations, it is recommended to speak with an EMF/EMR consultant or Building Biologist if any issues are encountered.

      3. Wired modem/router & telephones
      Despite what your Internet Service Provider might tell you, under very few circumstances is wireless (Wi-Fi) actually required – you may not need to purchase a replacement modem/router for your new internet connection. Some newer modem/routers cannot have the Wi-Fi disabled, so if you do not need a replacement modem/router, it is best not to accept one from your ISP.
      If you have an existing internet connection and bought the router you are currently using, check the back of the router to see if it has a WAN socket (compatible with FTTP, HFC etc) or a DSL port (compatible with FTTN, FTTC). In this case, you may be able to use your current wired modem/router for new NBN installations. Also, in most circumstances you may be able to re-use your old wired telephone by simply plugging it into the appropriate phone socket on your NTD or modem/router.

      4. Backup batteries
      In relation to backup batteries that are offered with NBN’s NTDs particularly in cases of Fibre To The Premises, it is not recommend to request a backup battery installed with the NTD due to the high levels of dirty electricity that is emitted from these units, unless required for medical, disability or other reasons.

      NBN connection types:

      1. Fibre To The Premises (FTTP)
      Fibre optic continuous path from exchange to inside the premises.
      Signal is contained within the fibre for the entire signal path, no concerns about electromagnetic interference near any optical fibre.
      Network Termination Device (NTD) inside premises converts optical signal to electrical signal (this is where an ethernet cable is connected for signal distribution to router, switch or direct to PC or other end-user device).
      In rare cases, the dirty electricity from the NTD and the associated switch mode power supply can cause some issues for those with Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity.
      Found in most “greenfield” new development areas, and areas that were some of the first suburbs to have NBN installations offered.

      2. Fibre To The Building/Basement (FTTB)
      Fibre optic connection to the building’s basement then distributed via pre-existing twisted-pair copper in older apartment buildings, or via Ethernet cabling in newer apartment buildings.
      Signal is contained within the optical fibre until it reaches the main communications room in the building. From there it is converted to an electrical signal and distributed to appropriate areas. Due to the high speed data transferred across the older unshielded twisted-pair copper (designed only for voice), there can be issues in some cases for those with Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity.
      Found usually in Multi-Dwelling Units ie apartment buildings.

      3. Fibre To The Node (FTTN)
      Fibre optic to a node, from a cabinet on the street to a group of customers. Twisted-pair copper for the “last mile” from the street node to the customer’s home (generally re-using the old Public Switched Telephone Network phone lines which were not designed for high frequency data).
      Due to the high speed data transferred across the older unshielded twisted-pair copper (designed only for voice), there can be issues in some cases for those with Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity.
      Found in some suburbs where twisted-pair copper remained installed.

      4. Fibre To The Curb/Kerb (FTTC)
      Optical fibre to the kerb nearest to the customer, and then conversion from optical fibre to twisted-pair copper from the kerb into the customer’s premises.
      Customer provides power from inside the premises to send power through the existing twisted-pair back up to the electronic equipment out at the kerb.
      Due to the high speed data transferred across the older unshielded twisted-pair copper (designed only for voice), there can be issues in some cases for those with Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity.
      Found in some suburbs where twisted-pair copper remained installed.

      5. Hybrid Fibre Coax (HFC)
      Fibre to a local node, then converted to an electrical signal on coaxial cable.
      Coaxial cable for the “last mile” along streets to taps/splitters from pole to premises.
      Due to the radio frequency used on the shielded coaxial cable, there can be issues in some cases for those with Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity.
      Found in some suburbs where cable television and/or cable internet were prevalent during the 1990’s and 2000’s before fibre optic was introduced.

      6. Fixed Wireless
      Wireless technology using a technology similar to 4G. An antenna is fitted to your premises to connect with the nearby NBN tower.
      Due to radio frequency being the medium of communication, there can be issues in some cases for those with Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity.
      Customers with this type of NBN connection have the choice to keep their existing copper home phone landline, or switch over to a Voice Over Internet Protocol service through the NBN.
      Found in some rural areas or suburbs on the fringes of metropolitan areas.

      7. Sky Muster / Satellite
      Satellite connection using NBN’s Sky Muster technology.
      A satellite dish is fitted to your premises to connect with NBN’s Sky Muster satellites.
      Due to radio frequency being the medium of communication, there can be issues in some cases for those with Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity.
      Customers with this type of NBN connection have the choice to keep their existing copper home phone landline, or switch over to a Voice Over Internet Protocol service through the NBN.
      Found usually in remote or offshore locations where other NBN connection types are not practical.

      Electromagnetic field considerations considerations:
      Dirty electricity from NTD / switched mode power supply,
      Dirty electricity from unshielded Ethernet cabling,
      Dirty electricity from end-user’s router / switched mode power supply,
      Radio frequency from end-user’s Wi-Fi enabled router,
      Radio frequency spill from NBN Fixed Wireless antenna or Satellite if this type is installed,
      Electric Fields from HFC coaxial cable, or unbalanced/unshielded electrical or Ethernet cabling,
      Magnetic Fields from power supplies.

      Recommendations for mitigating issues:
      Replace default switched-mode power supply with linear power supply (reduces dirty electricity at NTD/router/switch/modem),
      Install dirty electricity filter next to NTD,
      Replace/install shielded Ethernet cabling eg Cat 7 and install as far away as practical from end-user,
      Move end-user’s router as far away as practical from where any residents spend time (min 1 metre),
      Check all installations & terminations of twisted-pair and coaxial cable for any electromagnetic emissions / RF leaks – re-install if necessary,
      Disable any Wi-Fi on any end-user’s devices including router.

      For more information please visit these links:

      David Bourke
      Electromagnetic Health & Safety
      PO Box 235 Enmore NSW 2042

      • Great nbn resource says:

        Thank you so much for providing and sharing this comprehensive document on the NBN.
        BTW, although with Sky Muster it’s possible to use a voice over the internet protocol, it’s not practical. The time lag with satellite NBN is infuriating for conversations. We need the government to allow us to keep our landlines!

  39. 'Millie Guass' says:

    If this is a growing trend, then be afraid, be very afraid. A school site in Canada is having an electricity substation built underground. Substations emit high magnetic fields which are extremely difficult and expensive to shield against. Standards on magnetic fields are ridiculously lax. 2,000 milliguass is permissible in Canada and Australia, BC Hydro boasts that this substation will emit fields of only 30 mg. But 2.5 mg fields can cause women to miscarry.

    A lot of large buildings, such as apartment blocks and commercial offices are, I believe, having their own substation included in the building. People are living next to high magnetic fields and these substations are not particularly obvious.

  40. geoffrey says:

    declassified us naval medical research institute report of psychical effects of microwave and radio frequency radiation

  41. geoffrey says:


  42. Happy Dissenter says:

    Greg Brown Feb 6. 2018
    2 HOURS AGO | 9.25am
    ‘Consumer’s choice’ on smart meters
    Treasurer Scott Morrison says electricity smart meters that raise the cost of electricity in peak times should not be forced on consumers.
    Mr Morrison this morning said the meters should be used at the discretion of the customer in a rebuff to a parliamentary committee report that recommended they be rolled out to all consumers by the Australian Energy Market Operator.
    “We favour very much a consumer driven approach around these sort of things and when customers want to use their own demand management devices,” Mr Morrison said.
    “Where those things benefit consumers and they want to take them up to help manage their energy consumption then I think that provides real opportunities for them.
    “But when it comes to how and when I see that as the customer’s choice.”

    • Snowy says:

      If each person chooses any wireless device, especially one such as far reaching smart meters connected to cell tower and satellites, they are at the same time choosing to radiate every other person living for miles all around them.
      That way each advocate of participating in the smart grid then becomes responsible for making their own neighbours participate as well, in turn rendering them potentially sick and making themselves subject to potential legal action for so doing.

      When one pursues consumer choice, what gets overlooked is the fact that when homes are located close together, be it in multi-dwelling units or single homes on small lots, one’s neighbour is making this choice to have a smart meter, not just for themselves, but for everyone else all around them as well.
      LIke cell towers and all transmitters, such as 5G, etc, smart meters have a very distant range and are able to impose harmful effects on all biological beings for up to a mile or more.
      Additionally, wireless rapidly increases electrolysis and accelerated corrosion of all metal.
      Houses are held together with metal components, and are wired and piped using metal.
      Phone landlines, ditto.
      City wide wifi accelerates corrosion which eats the metal for bridges. This is already well known.
      As it is, even without the smart meter question, no one is asked whether they want to be beamed down on 24/7 either, be it by satellites or cell towers or 5G transmitters which connect to smart meters.
      Consumer solidarity is best in order to achieve collective safety and privacy, via education and area wide refusal area wide refusal of drought inducing microwaves from smart grid and phone networks.
      Given the microwave blanketing issue covering every inch of the entire planetary ecosystem which has already been achieved by all sources of wireless microwaves, only this approach of solidarity of refusal would make sense.
      This is also a case of illegal mass electronic trespass in violation of property rights, since every smart meter crosses every other property and enters every home and reads every device in that home.
      The IOT or Internet Of Things is not designed to benefit you or me.
      Smart meters and cell phones and wifi do not recognise property boundaries or physical rights, quite the opposite.
      Every smart meter reads and reports data from the appliances and behaviour and daily living habits in every other home as well, not just the one to which it is attached.
      Smart meter break and enter without anyone even realising it.
      In an area wide network each smart meter is merely one node in a surveillance system comprised of hundreds or even thousands of other smart meters.
      Additionally, a smart meter establishes an unprecedented encroachment INSIDE every home, as well as taking over all the essential systems in the home where it’s located. ONce a home has a smart meter the utility might as well be on title. They control what the homeowner paid to have installed and pays to use, all home wiring, all energy, all power, all water all gas.,
      A smart meter is not a meter, it is one unit per house of a system which is essentially panopticon, it covers all behaviour everywhere. If one is foolish enough to own anything else that is called “smart:” or “intelligent” the smart meter is one more data extracting node which networks with all of these other items in the internet of things, one’s security system, one’s phone, fridge, washing machine.
      AS soon as ANYTHING has wireless capacity the software that runs it never belongs to the consumer, the proprietary rights for the software that us used against the consumer belongs to the manufacturer.
      So consumers pay enormous sums to not even own the software which controls electronic devices.
      Cell phones can easily be rendered a hot mic while off, by the utility or government or even the teen next door, or anywhere.
      People are sleepwalking into an invisible wireless prison system without even understanding that these shiny objects are not for their benefit. Indeed, they are detrimental in every way, no matter how convenient they may seem.

      One might aw well be wearing an ankle monitor once one is living inside the wireless cell/meter invisibly imprisoning system.
      A smart meter is one large, up close and personal easily identified part of the much more vast problem, but while it is a key entry point to home invasion it is not the only problem.
      The surveillance system of which smart meters are one part renders everyone all around each meter an involuntary part of surveillance capitalism, corralling them into an overarching enclosure as surely as does any physical prison.
      A smart meter not only interferes with one’s home security, it replaces it, leaving one completely completely insecure. There is even an ethical website that broadcasts the location for all privately monitored cameras including ones used on the outside and interior of so called “private” homes. The website does this to alert people that anyone can use their own home security cameras because most people do not even know how to encrypt their own home security systems. And even if they did, everything wireless is eminently hackable.
      Wireless renders locks anachronistic.
      Wireless bypasses wiretapping laws.
      Wireless is the ultimate tool to destroy property rights.
      A decision about a smart meter (or any far reaching device, be it a cell phone, or wifi or any personal wireless electronic device) is a decision which affects everyone else. The big picture should never be left up to the whims and potential ignorance of each individual consumer and homeowner.
      Note, brew, that customers are now called consumers, because they are making millions by allowing all private data to be bought and sold to third parties without their knowledge or their ability to refuse or control.
      (That said there is a device in North America called a sine tamer which is installed int eh circuit box by an electrician and this device is wonderful because it does stop the pulses and surges from smart meters and even cell phone signals which piggy back on the energised home wiring in every household. This antidote alone prevents smart meter biological harm and privacy loss, as well as lowering bills dramatically. Imagine if entire areas had one installed. they would become their own safe white zone)
      To grant the right to choose or refuse a smart meter is to transfer the liability for harm to themselves and others, an makes the consumer the one who could be sued for damage to health, while taking on that liability a potentially removing accountability away from the utility by placing the responsibility for harm to neighbours directly on to anyone who chooses to accept and comply with and submit to invasion by a smart meter, (same goes for wifi, or any other far ranging networked or non networked device such as baby monitors, portable DECT phones which radiate 24/7 from the charging base, second hand electrosmog from public spaces filled with cell phones.

      • Sick Of Their Lies says:

        Excellent Post Snowy.
        So well said and put together. You raise some really great points. This “wireless world” that is being forced upon us all, is criminal, disgusting and a real concern. The rollout of 5G over the next couple of years really scares me.

        • Snowy says:

          Everythng we use is either not encrypted or is eminently hack-able
          This is just one website, this one is based in Russia.
          Anyone is able to pick a country, a city, even a rural setting, and spy on almost every CCTV security camera system running on wireless all over the globe.
          Any creep can observe the interior occupants obliviously going about their “private” lives, under the illusion that they have a CCTV secured home. Meanwhile they pay a small fortune to have hack-able wireless systems which readily reveal all aspects of their lives and activities inside the former sanctuary of their homes.
          A friend found the live broadcasting from homes of several friends almost immediately. There is a list each country.

  43. Jodie Donnelly says:

    Comment: Wed 31-Jan-18 7:39 AM

    Arthur Firstenberg

    Save NZ’s landlines; Comments due in 2 days

    A bill is pending in New Zealand’s Parliament that would allow that country’s landline provider, Chorus, to abandon its entire copper network. The portion of the bill deregulating copper is here: It would allow Chorus to dismantle its copper network in all areas served by fiber optics. New Zealand is in process of laying fiber optics virtually everywhere. All residents of New Zealand will be forced to have either VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) or wireless for their phone service if this passes.

    Comments from the public are being accepted now, and are due by Feb. 2 New Zealand time, which is Feb. 1 in most of the rest of the world. What happens in New Zealand will affect the rest of the world.

    Comments on this bill, from anywhere in the world, should be submitted here:


  44. Ashlee says:

    Yesterday it was reported on the news that energy bills are going to decrease over the next 2 years, with the exception of Western Australia. The TV news report stated that SA has the highest energy bills or will get the lowest bill decrease (I can’t remember which it was) because of their greater reliance on renewables.
    All other states are heading in the same direction as SA, ie relying more on renewables and shutting down electricity generating plants, so how is it that bills will come down if renewables are driving SA’s energy costs up?
    And on the same day as I hear this news on the TV, I receive a letter from my electricity retailer, telling me my gas and electricity costs are about to go up. Oh, I get it, they’ll increase my bills immediately, by more than they plan to decrease them by over the next 2 years.
    And I’m supposed to believe all this BS? I didn’t get sucked in by the lies about the benefits of smart meters, so why would I believe the latest round of lies?

  45. Jenelle says:

    NSW. Been told that I already have smart meters that are not wirelessly set up to be remotely read. I sent the letter provided to my supplier as advised and put sign on meter box, both before December 1st. Does the wording protect me from having the meters configured to become wireless/remotely read?
    Thanks kindly, Jen.

    • TL says:

      my guess is, yes, it should protect you. However, the Victorian experience is to not trust these liars and bullies. If I were you, I’d be locking up/barricading the meter to ensure they don’t come back to install the wireless communications card, assuming it is not already in the meter, waiting to be activated. You will, however, need to cut a window in the meter box door so that they can still read the meter.
      And while you’re at it, start thinking about how you can protect your water meter.

  46. Joe Mandarino says:

    Can anyone tell me if it is in any way possible to keep my existing analogue electricity meter?
    We are demolishing our house and rebuilding next year and i have been told that when we demolish, we must disconnect from the elec grid and our existing meter will be taken.
    What can i do to keep the meter because i know that the new meter will be one of these new death meters.
    Mant thanks

    • Cathy says:

      Our electrician told us that any work done on the home side of the meter doesn’t involve our power distributor. But he said if any work is done on the other side of the meter (ie between the meter and where it joins the pole) then they will insist on current regulations being met.
      This doesn’t sound at all good for you, especially if you live in Victoria. At least people in places such as NSW will be able to refuse to get a smart meter that is communicating.

    • TL says:

      Joe, you know how when they want to build on a site with a heritage building, they have to leave the facade of the heritage building in place and build the new skyscraper/building around the facade? Well, that’s probably what you would need to do in order to keep your analogue meter. Demolish all bar the section of wall that the meter is installed on and then incorporate that wall into the new house. I say that somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but if it helps you to think outside the box, all is well.

  47. Jennifer says:

    Since the smart meter was installed in Victoria, we noticed what one may
    call a pattern of behaviour from the meter. Audible arching sounds in the
    walls and ceiling of our property, light bulbs requiring regular
    replacement, pixilation and sound distortion on the TV, wireless
    interference on the half hour, etc. Even when we watch a playback recorded
    movie, there is pixilation and sound distortion on the half hour.This
    pattern was clearly evident at night. My family could not sleep, because of
    the ceiling noises and high pitched ringing noises in our ears. Not to
    mention constant headaches, fatigue and difficulty concentration.
    We moved house, and to our horror this pattern continued relentlessly till
    this day. The circuit board makes loud popping sounds, the smart meter
    makes horrendous thudding noises after midnight and the the ceiling noises
    sound like a stock whip!

    My family sleep with oscillating fans on high and my husband has to wear
    earplugs because the noises in this house is nothing short of insane. Our
    GSD groans on the half hour, whilst he naps and during the evening he is
    visibly uncomfortable so he gets up and moves to the furthest part of the
    house, from the meter. He is micro chipped and we believe he is affected
    more because of this.

    We have conducted many hours online to research this phenomena as I
    honestly believed it was only us going through this. I now know we are not
    alone in our torment but then again we may as well be because by the sound
    of what I have read it seems we are stuck with this damn meter at the
    expense of my family’s quality of lives.

    We have had the smart meter replaced, but to no avail as the problem
    persists. We have had the range hood replaced, the back spotlight replaced
    twice, an expensive Dyson heater caught on fire in the middle of the night
    and our B&O sound system blew!
    Complained to the energy provider, they palmed us to our landlord to hire
    an electrician. Till this day we have had dozens of contractors inspect the
    property and deem it sound and Ausnet services say their meter is without
    defect. Yet my family cannot sleep let alone exist in this house. This is
    why we contacted Ausnet Services via email for their opinion.

    Their responses are rehearsed and from our experiences is a blatant lie and
    one that needs to be exposed to the masses.

    Ausnet Services response

    *”The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are
    evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” ~ Albert

    • Snowy says:

      3 pronged solution: A voltage regulator, a sine wave taming device, a smart meter designed Faraday cage cover the right kind

  48. It’s difficult to find well-informed people about this subject, but you seem like you know what you’re talking about!

  49. Wendy Rice says:

    With regards to my lst post on the NBN. I received clarification from CHOICE:
    Hi Wendy
    Thank you for contacting CHOICE.
    Consumers have 18 months to move to the NBN once the network becomes active in their street; however, in cases where people are getting the cable/pay TV upgrade, known as NBN HFC, the ISPs are able to shut down the existing service sooner because the new service is a replacement.

    We suggest waiting, if possible, and talking to neighbours or others in your area about their experience.

    When it comes to choosing a plan, our NBN plans story can help. Find it at

    We also have an ISP satisfaction survey that can help you choose a provider when the time comes. Find it at

    We hope this has offered some clarification.

    If you have any further queries, please let us know.
    Need assistance? Our friendly Customer Service team can help you. Simply email or call on 1800 069 552 or 02 9577 3399 Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm AEST.

    Kind Regards

    Therefore, we are stuck and have to accept NOW. I have been given two to four weeks!! So unfair.

  50. Happy Dissenter says:

    Energy retailers cut off thousands due to unpaid bills, report shows :Herald Sun
    15 minutes ago. June 30, 2017
    “POWER firms threw the switch on almost 13,000 struggling Victorians in the first three months of this year.
    The 12,718 residential customers cut off for not paying their gas and electricity bills were 2000 more than were cut off in the previous quarter.
    And since last July, firms flouting proper procedure wrongly disconnected at least 520 customers — including six who needed power for life-supporting equipment such as respirators and dialysis machines.
    Annual average energy bills are to surge by as much as $165 for electricity and $192 for gas, and the Essential Services Commission said that over the next year it would work with energy firms to ensure disconnections were a last resort.
    “If performance does not improve, we will pursue enforcement action wherever required,” it said.
    However, demanding stronger protections for those in financial difficulty, Consumer Action Law Centre chief Gerard Brody said: “Retailers have been on notice for several years, yet disconnections are still sky-high.
    “They can’t be trusted.”
    The centre has submitted to the ESC that retailers should be unable to pull the plug without an independent review, and in some cases a home visit.
    “We have proposed … a new agency … to establish whether there are genuine reasons not to proceed with a disconnection before a supplier can flick the switch. People genuinely unable to afford their energy would be put in touch with support services rather than disconnected,” Mr Brody said.
    Retailers are currently required to send a reminder notice and a disconnection notice before pulling the plug.
    Though cut-offs for the first quarter of this year were down on the 13,632 for the same quarter in 2016, the ESC is “closely monitoring” the recent upward trend. The figures don’t distinguish whether people were struggling to pay or were ducking bills.
    Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio’s spokesman David McNamara said disconnections were still too high, but “well below” records under the previous government.
    The latest market update estimates almost 3000 customers on default “standing offers” with Alinta, Click, M2 Energy, People Energy and QEnergy face 5-39 per cent electricity and 10-20 per cent gas (Click and M2) price hikes.
    Similar increases are expected in “due course” for almost 250,000 customers on market contracts.
    Dominant retailers AGL, Origin and EnergyAustralia lifted prices in January. Prices are expected to rise again in the new year.
    The government said it was reviewing whether retailers were “unreasonably taking advantage” of the closure of Hazelwood power station.”

    • Tanya says:

      It’s too easy to flick the switch on electricity supply from the comfort of your leather armchair back at the electricity company’s head office. If they had to send a workman out to manually remove supply, they’d think twice about it.

  51. Jodie Donnelly says:

    Hello SSMA, I just read this about ONJ and wanted to make sure she knew how to best get truly better and heal, but, as usual my comments seem to be removed from the comment page of the article her cancer relapse was reported in. Can you help get this message to her and have her confirm receiving it.

    She is probably bathing daily in all that has caused her relapse, as per below message to her and like many others, she could be brain washed and may not know she is feeding her cancer.

    Olivia Newton-John in second cancer fight

    My message to ONJ, as follows:

    Yes God bless you Olivia, wishing you a speedy recovery.

    You are a very smart lady so I am sure I don’t have to tell you to avoid Wi-Fi/the new electric meters and in particular, solar panels above your living environment, active mobile phones or any avoidable electromagnetic fields/ low-ironizing radiation in close proximity to you. As this will delay and/or prohibit healing and does not only cause cancer, but also spurs on damaged cells:

    There is so much out there that has been suppressed by industry that demonstrates this, but, Dr Neil Cherry is one brilliant man who has helped to bring forward and expose these facts, one of his links as follows:

    Click to access 90_s3_EMR-EMF_and_BREAST_Cancer.pdf

    Electromagnetic Radiation causes cancer: the implications for breast cancer.

    Dr Neil Cherry O.N.Z.M. Associate Professor* of Environmental Health
    World Conference on Breast Cancer Ottawa, Canada, 26-31 July 1999

    1. Cancer development and the role of EMR
    Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) across the spectrum, from extremely low frequency (ELF, 50/60 Hz) to radiofrequency and microwave (RF/MW) causes breast cancer. This conclusion is contrary to “official” and industry authorities but it is based on sound scientific research.

    1.1 Cancer is a multi-stage process:
    Cancer is the result of a cell’s acquiring multiple genetic abnormalities. In addition to the conversion of proto oncogenes into oncogenes, cancer production often involves the loss of a functional tumor suppression gene. About half of all human cancers are associated with loss of the p53 tumor suppressor gene. The p53 gene product has complex effects, including the stimulation of DNA repair mechanisms, but, most critically, it somehow controls the transition from the G1 to S phase of the cell cycle and thus is involved in the prevention of uncontrolled cell division, Elliott and Elliot (1996).

    Cancer development is understood to be a multi-stage process that involves initiation, promotion and progression. The time taken to progress from the initial cell damage to a malignant tumor can take many years and involves many processes, Figure 1
    Figure 1: A multi-stage model of cancer involving initiation, promotion and progression. Initiation results from a single exposure to a carcinogen that damages the nuclear DNA. Promotion involves multiple exposures to agents that do not damage DNA directly. Promotion leads to conversion from benign to malignant tumors, with progression increasing the degree of malignancy, from Adey (1992).

    The greater the frequency and intensity of genetic damage the greater the risk of the cell being transformed into a neoplastic (cancer) cell. Genetic damage increases if more damaging events occur, with more free radicals for example, or if the repair mechanisms are inhibited. “Repair” includes the destruction and elimination of damaged cells so that they can’t produce neoplastic progeny. Within the cell cycle damaged DNA can be detected which usually leads to programmed cell death (apoptosis). Suppression of the p53 gene, conversion of the proto oncogenes into oncogenes and elevated concentrations of intracellular calcium ions can all make the survival of a damaged cell more likely. Hence factors which cause any of these factors to occur are carcinogenic.

    The genes are contained in the DNA and are incorporated into the chromosomes later in the cell cycle. Hence DNA strand breaks and chromosome aberrations are associated with enhanced apoptosis and increased cancer, depending on the circumstances of the cell at critical points in the cell cycle. The vast majority of the damage is repaired and damaged cells are eliminated either before they reproduce. If they survive to be reproduced, they have a high chance of being detected and destroyed by the immune system.

    Cancer cells are transformed so that their growth regulation has been altered so that proliferation increases and they are transformed in such a way that it is difficult for the immune system to detect them as foreign.

  52. Happy Dissenter says:

    The UK is now having problems with smart meter installations. Will they never learn?? “Millions of smart meters may need replacing due to IT blunder”

  53. Jodie Donnelly says:

    I would like to attach my comment, which is an update on my current house hunting journey relating to Smart Meters (SM), Solar Panels, etc. in NSW, that, I left for the following link:
    My comment/Update, as follows:
    Yes you are being pro-active and very wise, to not install these seriously dangerous things around your family.
    I have EHS and get extremely ill just walking in streets that have smart meters (SM) deployed.
    My husband who does not have EHS, yet, has recently realized while searching for a new place to get away from such unhealthy paraphernalia, such SM, solar panels, Wi-Fi, etc, why he gets very ill when I send him to look in meter boxes. He now realizes it is only when he is standing at one that has a SM.
    We don’t bother going further inside the house for the viewing if the meter box, or neighbouring ones has got these evil things attached.
    The feedback from those who have them in Penrith NSW and surrounding areas, such as occupiers moving out and/or their neighbours, that, I have spoken to in my journey looking for a property without a SM over the last few months, many who don’t even know the link yet, is terrifying.
    They explain that ever since they were installed they and their family are not sleeping, are having headaches, feeling ill at home, etc.
    When the occupiers who don’t know the link yet, are asked how they and their families health is at home and if they are sleeping, etc.
    After having looked in their meter box already I now know before they answer what they will likely say. You can always tell a family who has an analogue compared to one that has a SM.
    You can see the wheels turning as they answer, explaining and making excuses for why they thought they weren’t sleeping, many saying they now have to take sleeping pills, etc. or their children have become noisy and restless during the night.
    The most recent property, belonging to a neighbour of a place we looked at in Emu Plains NSW had the trilogy of ill health and beyond attached to her home and I feel her story is the best example of what having this unnatural unhealthy paraphernalia attached to the family home, signifies.
    We got excited when the property we went to look at, away from electrosmog, had a safe old analogue and no SM stealthily sitting there next to it. But the air felt radiated and we both said what could that be. We couldn’t see any solar panels on it or any surrounding roofs, as these are dangerous enough in themselves when placed directly above you, let alone when they are smart metered.
    We lifted the neighbour’s meter box door to have a look and we seen the biggest SM we had ever seen, we didn’t even know they came that big on residential properties, with a standard sized SM next to it.
    Hubby then seen a solar hot water tank jutting from the rear of this neighbour’s roof.
    We quickly moved away from the meter box and went around to the front door and I did a quick survey as I do sometimes once I know what is in the meter box.
    The lady who answered the door (the owner) had a story which I feel best sums up what having these things attached to the family home signifies.
    I told her we were looking at homes but needed to avoid SM. She said, “Oh, that is what I have”. I was surprised that this old lady even knew what they were, or that they were on her property, as most don’t.
    I asked her if her or any of her family had problems sleeping, etc.
    She was agitated and angry for whatever reason so I tried to walk away, assuming it was because I had knocked on her door, but, she wanted to talk, so it was not me, but, the subject that agitated her.
    She said angrily and with a vengeance, “NO I do not have trouble sleeping and I am fine”, she started to talk about the wind turbines and the climate change, etc. She would regularly revert back to the sleeping question for no reason and just say angrily, I have no trouble sleeping, etc.
    I said I am glad you and your family are in good health, sorry to have bothered you and I kept trying to walk away and go back up her driveway to leave.
    All of a sudden she said loudly and begrudgingly, “well ok I am not sleeping, and I haven’t been for some months, but, you would not be sleeping too, if your daughter died”.
    It was then I realized this woman already had suspicions about the dangers of these meters and her bizarre behavior/attitude was more defensive, than angry. She felt guilty about something.
    I turned back around and asked her where did her daughter live, already being pretty sure what the answer would be. She said here and then she said, abruptly thumbing to the back area of the house, “well not here but out there”.
    Like out there was no man’s land, like she doesn’t go out there.
    This would have been where all the solar panels were, as they could not be seen on any other areas of the roof from the front.
    She said “I came home and found her dead in December last year and nobody can tell me why, nobody still now can tell me why”.
    I said, so she slept and lived under the solar panels and she said, yes, but they (the solar panels) have been there a long time, as if this strengthened her argument. When all it did was make the whole other side of the argument make more sense.
    This made me realise she obviously knew something about SM dangers, but not about solar panel dangers, in particular, when putting these two together.
    I asked her how long the SM had been there and she said “since late last year” with a disapproving shake of her head. She then said defensively, “but you have no choice they make you put them in, there is nothing I can do about it”.
    It was then I felt sorry for this woman as I know how hopeless it feels trying to avoid these things when you are made to have them, knowing they are making you and your family ill.
    And then there are those who are just uneducated on the true dangerous of them and choose to have them. I feel this woman was initially the latter. She is carrying a huge guilt burden over her daughter’s death.
    I believe her daughter was trying to tell her that the solar panel area of the house she resided in, in particular, once the smart meters were installed, were making her ill and she (mum) wouldn’t listen, as is very sadly the case with many members of families who have a canary and/or someone who are more heavily exposed and feel it worse and quicker in the family/home.
    After her daughter died in the bed below and surrounded by these things, this woman avoids the back area and spends a lot of time trying to convince herself that these deathly things have not caused, or contributed to her and her families deaths and/or ill health.
    Knowing firsthand and research demonstrating also how fiercely and quickly this type of radiation spurs on mould growth and promotes fungus spore germination, I would put money on it that they also, at least in the back area of the house have a toxic mould problem, which can be deadly in itself.
    If you are smart enough to avoid industry funded “research”, on this type of radiation, there is plenty of unbiased, intelligence/research out there explaining what likely happened to her daughter and why and how it wore her down over years under the panels and then took her out, when these paired up with the evil meters.
    Dr Neil Cherry and Dr Erica Mallery Blythe are a good place to start.

    • Wowed says:

      What can I say but, “Wow”? Jodie, you’ve looked into this issue at length. Do you recall where you found the research about RF causing an increase in mould?

      • Jodie Donnelly says:

        Hi Wowed
        I am able to grab these few quite quickly.

        The first link, below, also has a couple of detailed comments attached from me, explaining how my personal experience made me realized the undeniable link of mould/fungus spore proliferation being spurred on by LIR/EMR and their toxic emissions being made hugely more virulent by this. Leading me to then seek and find research confirming my foregone conclusions.
        Toxic Mold and Electromagnetic Radiation.
        [Effect of radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation on physiological features of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain UCM Y-517].
        Fungi Gobble Radiation to Grow, Study Says.
        Radiation-eating fungi. They kill trees and they kill people.

        There are others, but I will have to sift through stuff to find them. I will track them down and send them through.

        Kind regards

        • Wowed says:


          thanks for those links. That’s sufficient to whet my appetite. Interesting about the additional link between Lyme disease and RF. It seems I am hearing more about Lyme in
          Australia and overseas. And if the GPs don’t have a magic pill for it, they tell you that you’re imagining you have Lyme. Just like they don’t recognise EHS because the pharmaceutical companies have not promoted a cure or treatment for it. As soon as the drug companies create a pill for EHS, the GPs will be falling over themselves to diagnose it.

    • Snowy says:

      Solar panels on their own are DC not AC. Off grid, minus any mini inverter on the backside of panels, they are safe.
      On grid? Forget it. All wired sources, all connections become one deadly locus.
      Throw a smart meter into the mix and it all changes, as everything becomes a lethal conduit and links all home areas as one giant radiation field.
      Any smart meter and more so any collector meter about every 21st home, (far worse), will radiate back along all house wiring including phone, all electrical and electronic connections, even hard wired ones, and this will turn the entire house into a microwave oven, with anything biological slow cooking inside that oven. The whole building becomes one single deadly harmonic frequency in sync with the area wide network.
      Solar panels with a mini inverter on the back of each panel located on any non metal roof, are dangerous even if one is somehow without a smart meter. A centralized pure sine wave inverter is the only safe kind to get for off grid, and even that inverter should be located well away from living quarters.
      Analogue meters may not be a source of radiation in and of themselves, but they also do not prevent the smart grid from radiating the home via connection to the grid by all the cable wiring, which carries the microwaves into the home anyway.
      Off grid on large land parcel well away from the dangerously ignorant, is the only real way to escape this seeming eugenics program, depending on proximity to other radiating homes, Distance is your friend, large land parcel with a house in the centre of it acts as a buffer if you go off grid.
      Just cut back your energy needs to essentials and the cut the grid umbilical cord, if you can.
      Otherwise, use a sine wave attenuation device as well as a smart meter guard.
      Relocate the meter where it will not turn the house into an arson site.

  54. Traol Coladis says:

    Unfortunately I have had the rough end of the Stick from Energy retails since having Solar Panels installed at my home in 2012. Going through VCAT twice was Nightmarish and now that the Tesla Powerwall 2 is out I am looking into to getting two of them thus having about 27Kw Hrs. I have never been able to capitalize on the feed in rate as AGL never submitted the paperwork. Then I had to fight Simply Energy for not honoring the contract they agreed to…. Like I said it is a Nightmare.

    My house uses on average 11 Kilowatt Hours a day. The System Generates on average 14kilowatts a day. I have been quoted about $20k to have 2 of these Powerwall2 batteries installed and I am seriously considering giving the electricity retailers the Flick and going off GRID in suburbia. The post code is 3196. In Victoria.

    Do I need to be aware of any other hidden charges that these dodgy electricity companies may try to slug me for after I pay my final bill to them and tell them to come and abolish their Goddamned Smart Meter (remove it from my home.)


    • Ms T says:

      Congratulations Traol. Half your luck! I don’t really have any answers for you, but there is a rumour that the distributors might one day try to bill us for infrastructure (street lights, power poles, etc) as more people follow your example and go off grid. Frankly, I think a lot of people would be well within their rights to tell the distributors where to go, since they forced us to go off grid with their unethical behaviour.

  55. Dimitra says:

    A 3 bedroom home in Brunswick West, Victoria, has been listed for sale by Nelson Alexander and will be auctioned on 25th February, 2017. This was my uncle and aunt’s home, and has the original analogue electricity meter, thanks to my uncle objecting to Citipower about installation
    of a smart meter. The details of the property can be found at:

    • Anonymous says:

      when the electricity bill is transferred to a new name the power company will have a meter installed as part of the supply contract

      • Dimitra says:

        You do not have to accept a smart meter when the electricity bill is transferred to a new name. I transferred an electricity bill to my name for a property in Brunswick West which still has an analogue meter, in 2016. I told Lumo energy that I want to connect the electricity in my name, but I will not accept a smart meter and they obliged.

      • Ms T says:

        What if the new owner barricades the analogue meter?

        I have a more laid back distributor and I have observed that they have failed to install smart meters on small commercial premises that were vacant at the time that smart meters were installed in the area. Those premises now have tenants but still have analogue meters.

  56. Kerrie says:

    We do not have a smart meter, have locked the meter box. Once a month we read the meter ourselves and ring through to AGL with the reading. Have not had an issue, until a couple of months ago. Started to get exceptionally high bills, checked the readings and have been hit with very high usage, contacted power company, they have sent out people to check the readings on three separate occasions. They keep charging us for incorrect readings.
    So l am wondering if anyone else is having issues with being overcharged/ incorrect billing. I have to wonder if it is the power company being sly and are deliberately doing this to be able to say we need to upgrade our (7 year) old meter.
    Anyone having similar problems? Would love to know.
    Thanks you.

    • Lucky says:

      Kerrie, is AGL billing you for a different usage figure than what you are supplying to them? My meter gets manually read every quarter. My meter reader is very helpful and gives me no grief. If he is unable to read the meter and the bill is overestimated, my electricity retailer will adjust the bill down if I ring to tell them that it is too far from reality. I don’t wish to name my retailer as I don’t want to sound like I’m recommending them, because I wouldn’t recommend them. I just think I am lucky to have one of the more co-operative distributors (sorry if I sound like I am on the side of those mongrels), I have a good meter reader, and my retailer believes me when I tell them the estimate is too high.

      I did hear rumours a couple of years ago that the retailers will eventually become responsible for the meters, so I wonder if AGL is getting ready for this change. This means that it will no longer be the distributor harassing you to get a SM, but your retailer.

  57. Manda says:

    Can someone please tell me more about the RED Energy smart Meter roll out in NSW.
    I can t get through on the phone and need to know what type of smart meter they will be installing and what alternatives i have.
    Suggestions/help please ??!!
    We have a 3.5kw solar system which has been installed for 3 years, but recently replaced the inverter to a non- smart one.

    • Tanya says:

      try contacting Peter at to see if he knows. Meanwhile, you might want to lock your meter box or bar access to your meter to ensure you don’t have a smart meter forced upon you. I suspect that they will install a wirelessly transmitting SM, or capable of that in the near future when they are ready, so you need to say “no” from the outset. Even if it is not wireless, it causes dirty electricity, which causes health problems. Don’t agree to a non-wirelessly transmitting SM, because they can potentially remotely make it transmit wirelessly and you will not know why you are suddenly sick.

  58. Asthmatic says:

    I find myself wondering about the possible link between the thunderstorm asthma cases in Victoria and the widespread installation of smart meters in Victoria. The authorities are telling us that thunderstorm asthma is caused by a sudden change in weather and a high pollen count. What they are not telling us is that ElectroMagnetic Radiation increases asthma and hayfever. How many centuries have we been experiencing thunderstorms, sudden weather changes and high pollen counts? And how long have we been experiencing mass deaths from these environmental conditions? And why is it only Victoria (you know, the state with mandated, widespread smart meters) that is in the news so much for this phenomenon right now?

    So someone taking shelter indoors on a day where weather conditions are likely to trigger asthma attacks may not necessarily be helping their cause. If they are ‘sheltering’ near a smart meter the EMR may only serve to increase their asthma. Not that going outside is a better alternative. And frankly, going to hospital may not be a great solution either. All that electronic, electric and wireless equipment in a hospital is not going to be conducive to recovery for someone suffering from asthma.

    The best solution is to get rid of smart meters and reduce other sources of wireless radiation. But that would require that you be ‘smart’ enough to recognise the dangers. Don’t rely on some ‘smart’ device to make you ‘smart’.

    • Allan says:

      True the electromagnetic radiation is causing people to choke. I am not an asthmatic person myself, but since I have become so sick from all this radiation, I’ve had to buy an asthma pump and I’m choking wherever I go. I can feel the radiation in the back of my throat. Before I started taking so many vitamins, I felt like I was cooking everywhere I went…like a piece of meat. I lost my memory and my ears where ringing like a machine. Thank you to the people that did nothing to help me and said I was crazy, the council, doctors ( pharmaceutical drug dealers) and the authorities that are suppose to protect us, but are instead now looking out for the corporations.

      • Vicky says:

        It’s always been their plan. They slowly introduce one harmful thing after another- all the while keeping us distracted with the other hand by new technologies ooh aah… and as sickness creeps up on us we will be as the story of the boiling frog- COOKED and too sick to fight back. To help you I’ve read that when people have sufficient iodine in the body- radiation doesn’t affect them.- We all had iodine once- it was put in bread and salt so people got it every day- but they weren’t getting sick- so ‘they’ had to do something about that- so they said it was POISON all of a sudden (strange how no one was ever poisoned by it before). If iodine is poison why are there ‘iodine receptors’ in the body. Coincidentally BROMINE which they replaced iodine with in bread is a poison to the system and fills the receptors meant for iodine. Oh, by the way what is the antidote given to people rushed in with radiation poisoning????…IODINE. Apparently nascent iodine is GREAT and lugols is good too (they’re different from each other slightly.) Also, If I were you (I plan to do the same thing) get a good EMF protector- I’m still looking for one that works 😉

    • char says:

      Thunderstorm asthma is the biggest load of crock I have ever heard. I reckon it’s from chemtrails. Nothing of that manner has EVER happened, and it was barely covered in the news. You had to search in detail for it in google. If it was from pollen, it would happen every year…..very suss

  59. oren says:

    If anyone has some advice I would be so appreciative.
    I have a home (NSW) which I will be moving into next year with small children. Currently it is rented.

    My tenants did not see the notice to install a smart meter, and NO ONE notified me, as the owner of the building. The smart meter has recently been installed!
    I called the energy provider immediately and they said it cannot be removed.
    I called the ombudsman for energy and she merely said she will pass on the complaint to my energy provider.
    The provider told me NSW will make smart meters mandatory anyway for the whole state starting Dec 2017 so they will not remove my smart meter.

    With a quick google search I found this to be false – it will only be NEW homes that will require smart meters after 2017. Existing homes will be legally able to refuse smart meters after this date.

    I am now very anxious to know what my rights are to demand the removal of my smart meter considering i did not give consent. I need to know what my rights are. If my tenants – who also do not want the meter and are temporary and should not have the power to say what goes on my home – did not receive the notice, do I have a case?? How can I find out the provider’s or govt legislation on this? Should I pay for a visit to a lawyer?

    Time is critical because if this takes moths, and Dec 101 passes, then there is NO chance I will get my meter replaced.


    Thank you!

    • Tanya says:

      Oren, well done; you have done your research and I believe you are right. I feel you have a right to demand the removal of the smart meter and I agree with you that time is critical. I have heard of a case in South Australia where a woman demanded the removal of her smart meter and succeeded. Such successes don’t come often but maybe that’s because the ‘sheeple’ don’t demand their rights. Victoria has been a tougher case, but non-mandated states should find it easier.

      Yeh, you could see a lawyer but personally I would resent having to spend my money to stop greedy power companies from doing the wrong thing. Ray Broomhall is a Tasmanian lawyer with some knowledge in the area of ElectroMagnetic Radiation. Not sure if you want to be using the services of someone so far from home.

      Have you contacted Peter at ? He is a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of EMR and may have more knowledge on the specifics of NSW’s smart meter rollout.

      What might also be helpful for you is to find out if the meter has a communications card, which is what transmits wirelessly An EMR meter costing about $150 would assist in this. However, it is possible that there is a communications card in the smart meter but it has not yet been (remotely) activated. And besides all this, whether the meter is transmitting wirelessly or not, it causes dirty electricity, which is another cause of ill health.

    • Scott says:

      I had a dumb digital meter installed with my solar upgrade in Oct 2016 ( I was extremely happy up to that point), Then a letter from Red Energy they wanted to replace meter with smart meter unless you contacted them to ‘opt out’. I thought I had opted out, but found a smart meter installed 9 Feb. I demanded the old meter to be reinstalled immediately. Guess what It’s under investigation, no resolve, ombusman – no power, Energy minister – no balls, registered letters to Red – no response. I am now an unhappy man, a very unhappy man. Sent an email to Ray Hadley yesterday, sick of the BS. We seem to have no rights.

  60. Tanya says:

    Currently on SBS on demand there is a series titled, ‘Morgan Spurlock; inside man’. Series 4, Episode 2 is titled ‘Toxins’. The primary focus of the program is on chemicals, but there is a substantial section on EMFs. If you can’t view it online, then the series might be available for purchase.

  61. Happy Dissenter says:

    “Electricity companies not doing enough for customer facing financial hardship: counsellors”
    September 7, 2016

    ENERGY companies are being slammed for giving vulnerable customers only three months to settle their bills before they are cut off, financial counsellors say.
    A report out today reveals more than 1000 Victorians were disconnected from gas or electricity services every week last year.
    Peter Gartlan, director of the Financial and Consumer Rights Council, said AGL, Origin and Energy Australia needed to do more for customers in “long-term financial hardship”.
    He said Victoria had the highest rate of disconnected customers in Australia, with 56,000 people cut off last year.
    “Every work day, 215 vulnerable Victorians are disconnected from electricity and gas which is a national disgrace,” Mr Gartlan said.
    “The expectation placed on hardship customers by retailers to rectify their billing situation in just three months is not realistic.
    “We are still seeing cases of hardship customers being placed on unrealistic payment plans.”
    Mr Gartlan said the State Government needed to make it easier to access the utility relief grant scheme, which provides financial relief to energy consumers at risk of disconnection.
    AGL spokeswoman Felicity Nuttall said the company had launched a financial counselling hotline to fast-track calls to hardship specialists and partnered with Kildonan UnitingCare to increase available financial counselling support to customers in need.
    Origin Energy’s general manager of retail Jon Briskin said: “We welcome the FCRC Report and we will continue to work with the financial counselling sector to improve our services and ensure our hardship programs remain responsive to those customers most in need.”

    • geoffrey says:

      has anyone else noticed that their power bills are getting a lot more expensive with the analogue meters still installed compared to those with digital meters? is this the new tactic to force holdouts to switch?

  62. matt says:

    I have the old analogue meter at home and I need a new connection line to go to my house as the old line has metal appearing from the outside. Is their a way I can get it replaced without having to get a smart meter?

    • Anonymous says:

      Matt, you don’t have to legally accept a smart meter, that does not mean they won’t try. Get everything in writing for starters and the name of the person that you can reply to. Trespassing is a crime and you can warn them not to mention or even try to install a smart meter on your property.
      Trespass is defined by the act of knowingly entering another person’s property without permission.
      Have you sent a notice of trespass into the distributor for starters?
      They have templates on the internet, if you have and they try anything then it may constitute trespass and then you can legally do something about it.
      Under Tort Law, a property owner may bring a Civil Law suit against a trespasser in order to recover damages or receive compensatory relief for injury suffered as a direct result of a trespass. you can sue for damages for trespassing but first you need to make sure you have signs up, like private property keep out or do not install a smart meter or just a simple no trespassing sign. Take photos of these signs and you can send them with your notice so they are aware they you have clear trespassing signs up, this might not stop them but you should have them.Anyone that enters your property without consent can be a trespasser. If they do bring up smart meters, then make sure you ask them to leave the property as they will be trespassing, if they are coming to fix your connection then this has nothing to do with a smart meter but it won’t stop them either.
      The analogue meter is not old, it depends what your definition of old is. You have trespass and you can look up trespass cases and put them in your letter. You can also ask them to stop harassing you if that is what you think they are doing. I am not sure what else i can advise, your best option is trespassing as you can sue for damages even if they do not damage your property it’s still trespass if you have sent in a legal notice of trespass and kept a copy for yourself.
      You also need to ask for identification this is important as they won’t give you the name afterwards. I would film them as well.

    • Anonymous says:

      Matt, my neighbour had the line from the power pole to his home changed.he got a letter from the distributor, only they did not put in writing they have to check the analogue meter afterwards before turning on the power. he was not home his mother was and they tried to unscrew the meter, they couldn’t so they checked the fuse box and turned the power on. They mentioned the meter was old, so stop saying your meter is old. Anyhow my neighbour is going to take this matter further if he can, as they did not state they were going to enter his property or check the meter. So make sure you get every little detail in writing.You can them warn them not to bring up smart meters and list the penalties if they do, like trespassing, harassment or whatever you want.
      Don’t ever underestimate these people, just make sure you have everything in place so if anything happens you can legally do something. Full name for starters and they have to produce I.D on request. Film them if you can. Just be aware. They have to replace the line.

      • matty says:

        Thanks buddy that’s what i wanted to know. Well the meter board is locked so they didn’t try anything last time when arrived i just got the “we could not install your smart meter today please call xxxx ” card. I have the clockface meters but yeah i wasn’t sure what the go was. see how i go 🙂

    • TL says:

      Matt, I have heard that anything on the distributor’s side of the meter can result in them pressuring you to accept a smart meter. So that would include the power line from the power pole to your house and the mains wiring from the attachment to the house to where the meter is located. As far as any wiring between the meter and the switchboard is concerned I’m not so sure; you might be safe there.

      Now, not all electricians tell this same version, so you might hear different stories out there and which one is correct I cannot vouch for. And it is simply a bullying tactic on the part of the distributors to claim that you need a smart meter if you get new wiring from the street to the house. There’s no logic in that and I’d be more inclined to think that a new smart meter would necessitate replacing the wiring either side of it rather than the other way around. But like the power companies would be up for that!

      If the distributor is responsible for the ‘faulty’ wiring then photograph it for evidence and warn them that they will be held responsible for any damage it causes to your property. Your safety from damaged wiring should not be contingent upon you accepting a surveillance device upon your property. Would they accept it if we refused to pay our bills unless they allowed us to install a ticking time-bomb on their property?

    • Dancer says:

      Matt, a late response for you here. Just keep your meter box locked. Only open it when you’re feeling 105% assured that they won’t attempt to change the meter. The problem is the wire, not the meter. And you know what Matt, it doesn’t apply in your case but even if the problem were the meter, the advice is the same. An smart meter is not acceptable under any circumstance.

  63. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    I recently received one of the new “Telstra Gateway Max” modems but I haven’t been in a real hurry to install it as yet. I need to research it a little more before I set it up, and as requested, return my older one. I am happy that it has an actual Wi-Fi on/off button on it, as the Netgear one I’ve been using for the last few years never had a designated button on it, instead you had to turn the modem Wi-Fi off via the computer software, which wasn’t an obvious, straightforward process. In fact originally I had to ring Telstra to guide me through the steps involved.
    Unfortunately though, most of the public won’t ever be turning their Wi-Fi buttons off, as they are obsessed with Wi-Fi, love Wi-Fi, can’t get enough Wi-Fi, and think it’s the greatest thing out.
    I don’t share their enthusiasm for this unproven, potentially unsafe, dangerous technology, and try to avoid it wherever and whenever possible.
    Once everyone in my neighbourhood has their new Telstra modems set-up, I can imagine it will be a sick, hazardous, sea of microwave radiation that I’ll be expected to live in, whether I like it or not.
    What a sad world we live in now.

    Once I turn the Wi-Fi off on this new Gateway Max modem via the Wi-Fi On/Off push button, is this making the unit “”safe” to use, or is there something else I still need to worry about with this new unit, in regards to the way it works, and my own personal safety?

    • Stop Smart Meters Australia says:

      Telsta’s new Gateway Max modem actually contains two wireless transmitters. One for the home user to use which can be disabled and the second one for creating a public hotspot that cannot be disabled. This can be validated with an EMR meter. There is no user configurable option available to turn off the Public Wifi hot spot. I would suggest you keep your original modem.

      • Sick Of Their Lies says:

        Thankyou very much for this information.

        I knew there was something more sinister about these new Telstra Gateway Max Modems that they’re not telling us about.
        There should be an Official Warning shipped with the modem, stating what you’ve mentioned above.
        The idea of turning my home into a Public Wi-Fi Hotspot without my consent, is sinister in the extreme.
        To have a Wi-Fi button that can turned off, giving me the impression I’ve safeguarded myself (and my family), when really I haven’t, borders on criminal.

        The public really need to be made aware of what’s really going on here……It’s absolutely Disgraceful!

        Unfortunately, Telstra has advised me my previous modem won’t work after 16th August.
        The Gateway Max (imum Wi-Fi…even when switched off) is the only modem they approve/supply to their Cable customers.

        • Sick Of Their Lies says:

          Found this interesting thread online regarding the Telstra Gateway Max modem…..and it’s seriously not good news for those of us who actually care about our health, and the health of our families.

          Seems like quite a number of people have discovered that after switching off/ turning off/ deactivating the Wi-Fi on their Telstra Gateway Max modems, the EMR levels that still emit from this wretched unit are basically the same as if the Wi-Fi was still turned on. There’s no difference, and you cannot turn it off. You can definitely toggle through the Wi-Fi On/Off button and turn the 2.4GHz and 5Ghz LED’s off “BELIEVING” you have switched the Wi-Fi off, but only after you put an RF Meter near it can you verify this isn’t the case at all……and the levels are massive!
          Unsure where to from here, as this is the only modem Telstra approves, that is available to work for their “Cable” customers.
          Very disturbing finding, and very misleading by Telstra.

          We should all be very concerned.

          • Anonymous says:

            I dunno if we have the same modem, but my modem has a on/off button at the back. So what I do every night when I go to bed i turn the whole modem off,and also turn off my wireless phone that roams for the modem. Then in the morning I turn both back on. This means however I can’t be contacted during this time by the landline connection but this is a small price to pay.

        • Vicky says:

          I also read that even if you don’t have a smart meter installed- you get the effects of everyone elses smart meters- the neighborhood. We have to do something to stop this- I’m going to ‘’ to see if there are any petitions to sign against this.

    • Tanya says:

      Thanks SSMA moderator for your advice. I’ve also been reading about the ethernet cables and I believe CAT 7 are the safest type to use. Not sure how easy it is to find CAT 7 type cables in Australian computer stores.

  64. geoffrey says:

    You are no longer allowed to see smart meter plans
    from jim stone freelance journalist

    No kidding. A Washington State court sued a man for posting smartmeter documents the state gave him to begin with, and flirted with terrorism charges.

    From The Register:

    “Mocek was given a mix of unredacted and redacted documents by the city, the meter makers complained, whereas he should only have received and published files they had censored. Seattle officials said they were not skilled enough to know for sure which parts to redact, so left it to the suppliers to edit the files, yet unredacted information managed to make its way into Mocek’s hands and onto the internet.

    Landis+Gyr and Sensus promptly sued the city, Mocek and Muckrock, and filed for an injunction: ultimately, the suppliers wanted the documents taken down, and the unredacted copies banned from public view.

    On Thursday, a temporary restraining order was granted by the King County Superior Court in Washington and Muckrock founder Michael Morisy confirmed the unredacted documents have been taken down pending the outcome of the case.


  65. Ellie says:

    I am interested in selling my home within 3kms from CBD in Melbourne for the market price. I have fought long to retain my good old analogue meter….and am hesitant to pass it on…just for the next person to allow a Smart Meter installation (!!!). One next-door neighbour still has an analogue…but we’re the only two in the whole block. Particularly people from interstate may be interested…as it’s a rarity to find a home in Victoria without one of these beasts.

  66. Snowy says:

    Of interest to anyone with survival instincts.

    This Nixon guy was military, special ops, extremely fit, died “mysteriously”, “untimely”

    Smart Grid. An Explanation For The Layman or.
    How Smart Grid Will Affect Your Life
    by V Nixon

  67. Let's Get Real about RF says:

    I just noticed that an event titled “Wireless Radiation, Children and Safety” is happening on 10 May:

    It looks really interesting. Plus you can take in wireless devices to have tested. It’s been organised by the Sutherland Shire Environment Centre (southern region of Sydney).

  68. Not happy says:

    We installed solar panels on our property recently. A week later a Powercor representative came to inspect the installation and informed us that we need to put a smart meter on, which I promptly declined. The solar power was switched on by the sparkies prior, and the Powercor rep (who was quite nice about it) left saying I would have problems with head office. The solar has been working so well that our analogue meter has spun back way past our last meter reading.
    Our next bill came back as an estimated bill (much higher than normal) and apon enquiry, was told that unless we get a smart meter all our future bills will be estimated. This is despite our excess solar feeding into the grid ‘free of charge’ and us self consuming all our daylight power. We are probably only using 3 KW of power a night but generating way more in return. I told them I want an actual reading (which I can see on my meter) but they refuse to use that data. I told them I am happy to pay for the service charges to be connected to the grid, but I refuse to have an estimate bill.
    The only options are going off grid or excepting a smart meter?

    • Peter says:

      Hi Not happy. South Australia (I’m not sure about the other states) fit none ‘smart meters’ to customers with solar power and they work well, so why can’t the same be done here in Victoria? (Are we being victimised for living in the wrong state?) There is NO LAW forcing Victorian distributors to install these devises, it is entirely THEIR CHOICE! The law states, they are TO CONTINUE TO ACT IN GOOD FAITH AND DO WHAT IS REASONABLY NECCESSARY TO INSTALL A REMOTELY READ INTERVAL METER, nothing more! It does not give them the right to coerce or bully a customer into accepting their choice of meter. Your meter can be read, it is their choice to refuse to read the meter. Ask Powercor how much electricity they ‘estimate’ they have received from you; but have not credited you with.
      Also, ask the Essential Services Commission Incorp[orated if Powercor is complying with the relevant legislation as written, in your case, the ESC Inc is responsible for ensuring that distributors comply with legislation.
      If Powercor refuse to comply with my suggestion in my Oct 25th comment, again ask the ESC Inc if Powercor is complying with legislation, but if the ESC Inc are unhelpful, I suspect they will try to side step the issue, I suggest you go off grid and tell your distributor to put their ‘surveillance and control device’ where the sun don’t shine.
      I believe the only way to make the distributors sit up and listen to their ‘valued customers’, is to hit their hip pocket.
      If you are happy to try these suggestions, I suggest you make and receive all enquiries and responses IN WRITING, do not accept phone calls regarding this issue! If they try to phone, say you will only accept WRITTEN replies.
      I am sure many readers would be very interested to hear what Powercor and the ESC Inc have to say for themselves.

      • A.N.E. Mouse says:

        Surprisingly, there is no lawful power for agents (‘public servants’) of corporations doing business as ‘governments’ to force anything on anyone. EG. COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA is a corporation registered on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington (search it). Like any business, hamburger joint etc, all such corpses (they are not living entities, just titles or ‘legal fictions’) can only, via agents, make offers. Dumb meter installations are offers, until we unknowingly and unwittingly contract and accept the offer (supposed benefit), at which time it can be argued (incorrectly) that we have to proceed. However, for any contract to be lawful, it must have many aspects, especially full disclosure, which no offer from such aforementioned agents ever has. This is the same for similar offers such as for taxes, licences, summons, registrations, fines etc.

        This is all to do with commerce: offer and counter offer. When one gets an offer, anyone who knows real law would nearly always quickly respond with a counter offer, via a Notice and Affidavit – to the individual, not the corporation title. This requires the ‘offeror’ to respond by sworn affidavit within say 10 days under their full commercial liability and penalty for perjury. This is simply how truth is told in commerce. Consider Prime Ministers before elections. People don’t really treat their promises as being true, do they? If you wanted to know their truth, would it not be wise to ask them to make the statement in an affidavit? If they refuse, have they not answered your question? This is an administrative process and, If they do not correctly respond, you have the basis of a contract: their tacit agreement with what you have written/offered. To comprehend this, search ‘commercial maxims’ and learn the remarkable power of affidavits and contracts.

        Best not to be upset by any of this. It is just part of a grand adventure and spiritual experience. The end result is that we will know who we are and will always come from love. Never from fear, revenge etc. Always, instead of communication fear to people, communicate love. This is not just the fastest way to change ourselves and our world. It’s the only way.

        Have a look at the 5 minute animated youtube video ‘meet your strawman’. An excellent website in oz is larry hannigan. Just search that name. This may begin your study of what the law really is and give you knowledge to be used in thousands of agreements (contracts) we involve ourselves in. A superb site in America is creditors in commerce where you can download free 3 day conferences. When you have this knowledge, not only will you be able to assist friends, family, colleagues, neighbours etc., you can save tens or hundreds of thousands of $’s. This wonderful learning may take many months or years. And you do need to know what you are doing with these matters, particularly when doing business with ‘government’.


    • Anonymous says:

      Ask Powercor what happens if the smart meter makes you sick or gives you cancer? Does that mean that people that have EHS can’t have solar panels because then they would have to have possible cancer causing transmitter?
      you need to look up the electricity code and law to find out what you can use. I highly doubt that you have to have a smart meter, but you need to do some research first, then put all this in writing.Does it say anywhere that you have to have a smart meter if you install solar panels?
      Is it law?
      It has to specifically say smart meter.
      Ask them to provide documentation to prove what they have said, if they can’t then they are just lying and trying to mislead you.
      Other states don’t have this issue. I am assuming that they were told to use Best Endeavours. Look this up as well. If they were, this is not law and they cannot use this against you.Ask for a copy of the law stating that you have to have a smart meter if you have solar panels. I don’t think this exists, because then this then makes them liable.

      • fiona says:

        Besides any smart meter issue, if you have EHS I would suggest you stay away from solar panels due to the inverter. These provide high levels of radiation. Solar with 12volt wiring which does not require an inverter may be okay?

    • Solar Wise says:

      Hi Not happy

      According to the Energy and Water Ombudsman of Victoria the distributor is obligated to read your meter once per year; this means three out of four bills can be estimated.

      Be aware, however, that it’s not only smart meters that cause problems. Solar also has its dark side. The inverters spew out heaps of dirty electricity (high frequencies going into the radiofrequency range). These frequencies get on all household wiring (even if the inverter is located away from the house) and radiate out via the air and earth. Filtering can be used to eliminate them, but it’s an expensive exercise, and not always advisable.

      Solar voltaic cells also, not surprisingly, keep generating electricity when exposed to light, even if the system has been switched off. This is a disaster in a fire situation; no fire fighter is going to risk their life by squirting water onto your roof if it’s covered in solar panels. Even the brightness of flames or lights on emergency vehicles gives the solar voltaic cells enough illumination for them to do their thing.

    • Snowy says:

      Dear Not Happy:
      Just my thoughts as someone who finally woke up one morning and realized that defraying a bill with panels is not enough, that they still threatened to disconnect me unless a smart meter was tied to those panels to middle man the power I generate which they send to my neighbour at virtually no cost to themselves.
      That was when I realized that total grid defection was the wonderful solution to end a discordant relationship with a utility which consistently fails to act in good faith and violates contract law over and over again. This “marriage” with a utility corporation and its ties to the government will only continue to deteriorate.
      The smart grid is a war against self sufficiency.
      The utilities will use solar panels and call this green while they continue to lobby against solar rights for customers so that they will never have to let you go independent.
      This is no different than a relationship between a junkie and a crack dealer.
      Customers everywhere may not be electricity junkies but we are certainly being treated that way.
      The writing is on the wall. Time to leave, if at all possible. The abuse will only get worse. Get a divorce.
      Being grid tied and making the meter run backwards may seem cheaper in the short run, but how does one measure the cost of the stress factor and blackmail. Essentially they are saying either you put yourself in harm’s way or we will coerce you with disconnect unless you agree to a dangerous device.
      Additionally, when it comes to stand alone solar, inverters are now very sophisticated, and further innovations for stand alone systems are unfolding rapidly, including all kinds of energy storage solutions.
      Think about it: If anyone with solar panels leaves out an energy storage system or inverter to tide the home over during the evenings or early mornings and to offer independence for any eventuality, then these ‘solar panel only’ customers are still potentially just as vulnerable as is anyone who has no solar panels.
      As soon as any sustained power outage happens for any reason whatsoever, solar panels on their own can end up almost useless, since they go down with the grid, unless one has them set up on a separate system with a parallel service panel, and unless one either has some means of energy storage and/or you also rise and set with the sun.
      Further, it has become obvious that all forms of dependency are under assault, and the days of affordable centralized electricity or water or gas are over. It was a fine run while it lasted but that era is pretty much gone.
      Don’t become a “thing”. Get out of the IoT Internet of Things matrix while the going is good and while long life sealed gel or sand or salt or nickel iron or lithium or other wonderful batteries and pure (NOT modified) sine wave inverters are to be found. Then wrap the entire system in uncoated aluminium insect screening and get a whole house sine wave tracking harmonics attenuation device like sine tamer, so that your solar system will be emf controlled and will not re-radiate emr back to your array.
      Oil companies are already buying up non Asian solar panel companies in order to reverse the dramatically lowered price of panels and the new solar affordability, to foil this option for the little guy who has seen the light, so to speak and just wants off this wireless train to hell.
      One does not want to find oneself up the creek without batteries come the day some fourteen year geek old hacks in and collapses power supply, which is dead easy to do now that the grid is digital, poorly encrypted and ripe for hacking by anyone, teen, terrorist, government or utility. (bit of conspiracy there)
      Batteries at that point are not going continue to be easy to get hold of, nor readily for sale if/once any degree of energy chaos begins unfolding, if there IS a protracted outage following a grid hack. And check it out, such hacks are happening right now, many times a day, but it is kept hush hush.
      Grid tied, grid shackled, umbilically tied to your provider, call it what you will, this choice is still predicated on a few mythological, enduring and mostly misplaced assumptions, such as
      – that the electrical grid will always be reliable,
      – that smart meters will always be optional
      – that bills will remain affordable,
      – that gas and water smart meters will not follow
      – that smart meters are insurable (just ask Lloyd’s of London, no, not insurable since 2010),
      – that “smart” equipment is safe,
      – that a fire will not occur
      – that your will not be held liable for anything that goes wrong with what they force you to accept
      – that the grid will never be hacked or breached,
      – that utilities will respect customer health and privacy,
      – that there will never be a sustained power outage which may go on for days, weeks, months, or longer.
      All of those assumptions are patently false.

      • Snowy says:

        PS For whole house power, there is also a new type of generator just coming on market which could work in tandem with energy storage. Sweden offers this unique multi-fuel hot air bio- generator, small, portable, performs well in extreme conditions, Stirling engine, 80 dec, handles 5000 k, accommodates up to 10,000 k of surge, has its own inverter. It is called the Genious.

    • G says:

      Received a letter from Jemena regarding “Interruption to electricity Supply”.
      Work to be done: Service Rectification
      On the day they arrived they came onto private property and decided to replace the wiring from the pole to the house. Then they required parents to open up locked meter box along with fuse box. I was not home at the time so they were dealing with my parents while I was on the phone to them. Next thing they were trying to remove analogue meter stating a standard “safety test” requires them to remove analogue. Fortunately they could not remove it for some reason. One of the workers decided to harass and coerce parents by stating “that is an old meter and needs replacing”. Again parents stated you are not to replace with any other meter. They left peacefully.

      My questions:
      Does this notice for “Service rectification” imply they have the authority to enter private property? It would appear there is no proper and accepted notice for entering private property, only interruption of electricity. If this is simply true it would imply trespass under law of tort.

    • Sherry says:

      We’re in a similar situation, had solar installed 3 years ago and still have my analogue meter and have it locked. Had a letter on Friday from SPAusnet with some forms to fill out for the solar so that they could install what they called a “Solar Meter”. I called them, they told me they don’t send out the letters…it was on their letterhead. Long story short, I argued with her, told her I would never allow them to install a Smart Meter, she told me I had no choice and that because my meter spins backwards during the day I am breaking the law as they consider that to be stealing power. I lost my cool, told her to take me to court and hung up. We’re now looking at costs for going off grid.

    • Christine Crawford says:

      Power cor is banging on about us getting a smart meter.We’ve said
      “no”. We have solar going through our analogue meter. Their latest ploy is
      to get an export limiter installed onto the solar. We would like to have
      more info re this bit of new techno. (Including its cost). Their other ploy
      is to install a sm and put an antenna on the roof to “deflect the wi fi”. (
      A bit of a misnomer, because I thought the wifi on a sm was minimal- ha
      Mrs Spitting Chips

    • Christine Crawford says:

      Power cor is banging on about us getting a smart meter.We’ve said
      “no”. We have solar going through our analogue meter. Their latest ploy is
      to get an export limiter installed onto the solar. We would like to have
      more info re this bit of new techno. (Including its cost). Their other ploy
      is to install a sm and put an antenna on the roof to “deflect the wi fi”. (
      A bit of a misnomer, because I thought the wifi on a sm was minimal- ha
      ha). Spitting Chips

    • Peter Graus says:

      I had solar panels installed and unsuspecting me let them put in a smart meter. I’m getting on to my local MP to see what can be done as I would like to go back to an analogue meter. How did you go with your problem?

  69. Anonymous says:

    united energy have a new trick they are now saying they have to do sampling of meteres between dec 3to 24dec and power will be turned off for 20 mins ,{the same time it takes to change a meter} so if you get a letter as i have call and say you wont be home as i have and have it cancelled.john

    • Peter says:

      Hi Anon, keep us informed on this one?

    • Anonymous says:

      Someone else got a letter from United Energy stating that they wanted to test the accuracy of the meter. Yours sounds different Anon. They are obviously sending different letters out. Don’t be surprised if the rest of them start doing the same.
      I suppose they have to show they are still fulfilling part of their contract. The Politicians are still responsible for any harm and they should be held accountable all of them. Everyone that was involved in this rollout.
      I think everyone now needs to be aware that the others will probably send out similar rubbish in the next few months.

  70. Peter says:

    This Australian Government document confirms that Australia and Victoria in particular has been and is being used; as a testing ground for so called ‘smart meter’ technology. In other words, we are being used as guinea pigs purely for financial gain for corporate businesses without any scientific reference to the medical or other effects of this technological experiment!!!!!!!!

  71. Jon says:

    My name is Jon and I am selling my house that still has the old analogue meter. I have had a lock on it for quite some time and have had no problems with the distributor. The area is Endeavour Hills so if anyone is interested you can contact Hall and Partners Endeavour Hills and ask for Alex or for any other details about the meter you can contact me directly on 0437021823.

  72. smart meter sufferer says:

    Five bedroom house for sale in Rosebud: No smart meter.
    If interested please contact SSMA’s contact us email address and pass on your details.

  73. JoeM says:

    Multinet Time expired gas meter change program:

    I received a letter from multinet today informing me that my gas meter was due for replacement.
    The letter also said: “Please note this is not the electricity smart meter”

    Does anyone know if multinet are lying?
    Do the new meters have wireless capabilities?
    Can i refuse just like i did with the electricity smart meter?

    • once bitten, twice shy says:

      There was no end of lies from the electricity distributors about the electricity smart meters. Would you expect honesty from the gas and water authorities, especially when the gas authorities can be the same as the electricity authority (eg Ausnet can be a gas distributor as well as electricity distributor)?
      I have taken steps to secure my gas meter and water meter. For most people this will probably involve a purpose built enclosure or bracket attaching the meter to a nearby wall or fence. But you need to ensure the meter’s shut off valve can still be quickly accessed in an emergency. I’m not saying this is all fine by the distributor. I’m just saying that they don’t care about your health, so why should you care about them being able to sack their meter readers so they can cut costs while charging you extra to have one of these wonderful new ‘smart’ meters that you didn’t even want in the first place?
      Amongst my immediate neighbours there are 3 different types of gas meter in 7 properties. This suggests that the gas meters were all installed at different times as the need arose. If now, all of a sudden, everyone in the neighbourhood is about to be given the same type of gas meter, shouldn’t that raise suspicions? Have your neighbours been told that they also are getting a new gas meter?
      I am of the opinion that the electricity smart meters and their infrastructure first had to be installed in order for smart gas and smart water meters to tap into that infrastructure.


    • Anonymous says:

      Ask Multinet to give a guarantee in writing that the gas meter is not wireless compatible and also is not a wireless device, or better still send them a registered letter and inform them that they only have permission to place an analogue gas meter on your private property, and if they try anything else they may be charged with trespassing. Make sure you do it soon and get a return receipt. You have to make them aware they could be breaking the law if they go against your wishes.

    • Carolyn. says:

      yeah I have a similar issue. Essential energy put an EM500 without my permission or knowledge. In a rage I rang them up and they assured me that it was NOT a smart meter. I’m wondering if it does what a smart meter does without the name? Anyone know?

  74. geoffrey says:

    stop smart meters uk speaker mike mitcham talks about the internet of things and how smart meters are the hub of this brave new world of big data. and i bet new pm turncoat turnball the tratorious talmudic technophile just loves the smartmeter and will allow them via the tpp to deploy oz wide.

  75. Peter says:

    I posted this info way back in October 2013,(and a couple of times since) on the ‘forum’ page, yet it seems that rather than challenge the distributors and getting a none remote, privacy invasion, dangerous, ‘surveillance devise’, people are quite happy to continue complaining. I have not read of ANYONE pursuing this legal challenge.

    Electricity Customer Metering Code 6.1 states quite clearly, that a customer can request ‘a type of metering equipment which is different from the type the distributor or retailer, (whichever is responsible for providing the metering services) would otherwise install’, etc.(6.1(b)) (in the case for Victoria, a ‘smart meter’) the distributor, ‘must use its reasonable endeavours to install that type of metering equipment within 20 business days’. (6.1(d) but you must be prepared to bear the cost of the installation of the new meter, 6.1(b) and (c)

    • Mr X says:


      I take it you have personal experience with employing both these strategies and that is why you are advising others to follow your lead. I take it that these strategies worked well for you.

      • Anonymous says:

        Mr X, i don’ think Peter is telling anyone this strategy will work, he is giving people information. It is up to the individual to understand things and be comfortable with what they want to do.
        This might work and it might not, but its better to try then just give up. If this does not work then you find something else and keep on going. Its all depends on what you want.
        I don’t believe one strategy necessarily works, it could be many. Its time consuming and frustrating. It could make things worse or it could fix the problem.

      • Peter says:

        I have not had to try this strategy, as have not had one of these ‘surveillance and control devices’ fitted to my home! I locked my meter box, put up the signs and informed my distributor that they are not to fit one of their devices to my home UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! I still have my trusty old analogue meter. As Anon says, I am providing an avenue that to date, nobody has tried, of course, the distributors will try and fight this legislation, but if you do not try you will never know.

  76. Tanya says:

    I heard Nick Xenophon say on the radio news today that someone needs to tell big business (such as Volkswagen) to stop misleading the public about the benefits of their product. Ok Nick, you are in the perfect position to tell Australian (though largely foreign owned) electricity distributors to stop misleading Australians about the supposed benefits of smart meters.

    And then while you are at it, Nick, tell the various levels of government in Australia to stop misleading the public about the benefits of smart meters, to stop evading responsibility for this smart meter debacle, and to quit telling various authorities to cover up the damage that has been done by smart meters, not to mention other disasters that the government was responsible for taking control of.

  77. geoffrey says:

    Olle Johansson at the Open Mind Conference 2014, Copenhagen.

    “Health effects of electromagnetic fields” Olle Johansson is associate professor at the Experimental Dermatology Unit, Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.

    He is a leading authority in the field of EMF radiation and health effects. He has also been a professor in basic and clinical neuroscience at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

    He has published more than 650 original articles, reviews, book chapters and conference reports within the field of basic and applied neuroscience, dermatoscience and health effects of electromagnetic fields.

    His studies have been widely recognised in the media, including newspapers, radio and TV, as well as on the Internet, both nationally and internationally. He has on-going international scientific collaborations with e.g. Japan, Brazil, South Africa, Serbia, Germany, the UK and the USA.

    Olle Johansson’s presentation covers the historic background of electricity and electromagnetic fields, how suspicions arose early on concerning fields and signals producing negative health effects and how this led to today’s global public discussion about the subject. It will also touch upon the functional impairment electro hypersensitivity.

    The lecture will go into depth about the scientific research results regarding the health effects of electromagnetic fields and the urgent need for independent research projects that need to be initiated to ensure our public health.

    These projects should be entirely independent of all types of commercial interests as public health cannot have a price-tag. This is the responsibility of the democratically elected body of every country.

    The body of evidence on EMF requires a new approach to protection of public health; the growth and development of the fetus, and of children; and argues for strong preventative actions. These conclusions are built upon prior scientific and public health reports documenting the following:

    1) Low-intensity (non-thermal) bioeffects and adverse health effects are demonstrated at levels significantly below existing exposure standards.

    2) ICNIRP and IEEE/FCC public safety limits are inadequate and obsolete with respect to prolonged, low-intensity exposures.

    3) New, biologically-based public exposure standards are urgently needed to protect public health world-wide. 4) It is not in the public interest to wait.

  78. A says:

    Please read my statement. If you like it – send to your state or federal MP. Local or main newspaper. Or just distribute.

    My native language is not English, so some odd wording or grammar may happen. I apologize for this.

    I would like to make public submission about some issues related to the so-called “Advanced Metering Infrastructure Project” (AMI) or “Smart meters” in Victoria. Official webpage here:
    Problems with project and my ideas about changes in laws are listed below.

    1. AMI project affects people’s property rights.

    At the start, the AMI should give people benefits, but later it became clear – people will pay for it. Link here:

    Over 2008-28, the AMI Program will result in net costs to customers of $319 million. This is a significant change from previous analyses of the AMI Program, the most recent of which suggested that the AMI Program would deliver $775 million in benefits.

    We were supposed to get “benefits”, but as soon as project passed the point of no return, the real price hit our wallets. For me it sounds like an old-fashioned scam and nothing else.
    For strange reasons, not one official investigated these changes in price and who profited from them from the point of view of criminal law. I understand we are talking about huge corporations and top-government officials, but their position does not exclude them the law covering scams and con-men.

    I believe every project like this must be investigated by default. No need for parliament inquiry, mass-media attention or anything like this.
    Just create a law, according to which every project which fails to deliver promised results, must be formally investigated. Experts, authors, politicians who signed it – all must be held responsible and accountable for each and every cent that is spent on failed projects.

    2. AMI project puts our country security at risk.
    There are five distributors of electricity in Victoria. Only one of them (United Energy Distribution) is NOT fully owned by foreigners. Others have at least 51% foreign ownership, usually China/Hong-Kong.
    It may not have been of importance before the AMI project. But one of features of “Smart meters” is crucial: being able to disconnect customer by clicking button on a computer somewhere in an office. So foreign-owned corporations can shutdown all state of Victoria during just a few seconds.

    Police stations, water supply, military installations, airports, hospitals, every house, workshop, factory – all may lose main power supply if distributor’s foreigner owner will “make them an offer they can’t refuse”.

    Also it gives significant possibilities for foreign intelligence services. By monitoring ups and downs in electricity usage of military installations, police stations, anti-terrorist units it can become possible to know about alarms and exercises (in case of alarm usage going up in unusual time).
    If some residential addresses change their usual way of electrical usage every time then lets say, military base, have changes in usage – it means these consumers have something to do with this particular military base. By statistical analysis addresses and names of military personnel, police officers, intelligence officers may be established.
    Because most distributors are foreign-owned this scenario is not purely fictional.

    Can our law can stop it from happening? As far as I know, no.

    Victorian Electricity Distributors ownership:

    Powercor Australia and Citipower: Their ownership is divided between Cheung Kong Infrastructure (Hong Kong), Power Assets Holdings (Hong Kong) and Spark Infrastructure (Hong Kong). Cheung Kong Infrastructure and Power Assets Holdings, which are members of the Cheung Kong Group of companies, hold a 51 per cent stake in the business. The Cheung Kong Group is based in Hong Kong.

    Ausnet Services: Publicly listed company, owned by Singapore Power International 31%, State Grid Corporation (China) 20%.

    United Energy Distribution: DUET Group still owns 66 per cent of UE, with Singapore Power International holding the remaining shares.

    Jemena: SGSPAA, branded as Jemena for its operations within Australia, is an Australian energy infrastructure company. It is jointly owned by State Grid Corporation of China and Singapore Power.
    3. New tax was introduced by only two people without informing public about it.
    AMI project was introduced by TWO people only: minister and governor through some “Orders in Council”. It is example one of these Orders:

    Click to access GG2008S314.pdf

    There are only 2 signatures: A minister and a clerk.
    Currently every house, office, workshop in Victoria pays about $125 per year for 8 years to finance AMI. In practice it means a new tax was created to support foreign-owned private companies and this tax was created by TWO people!
    The Order is also written in a very odd way, so it is impossible understand what it is all about. As you see authors of new tax did not want to inform people about it.

    I do not want to pay for something which I do not need only because someone in government wanted to make corporations happy (any relations between authors of AMI project and distributors? I have no idea, but it is good topic for investigation).

    I believe it affects my property rights and I believe something is wrong with our political system. Two people cannot be allowed to force 4 millions of Victorian into huge expenses under promises of “benefits” which have never materialized.
    And these two people not just did so, they got away with this, and the majority of the population of Victoria still has no idea why they are paying to foreign-owned corporations for nothing.

    I believe every new tax must be properly discussed in Parliament and public has right to be fully informed about it.

    4. Why I must donate money to foreign-owned corporation?

    I have never heard BP asked their customer to donate them money for new oil drilling platforms.
    I have never heard about Ford asking for new factory at Ford’s cars owners expense.
    But in Victoria exactly this is happening: 5 corporations are upgrading their equipment by forcing their customer to “donate” $125 per year per customer. More, the majority of customers do not know about it.

    At least, may I ask for shares? I believe if I “donate” to them $125 per year for upgrading their equipment I am entitled to have shares for the same amount of money?

    Unfortunately AMI project is 100% legal and I was ripped off “according to the law”. Current laws allow huge corporations (together with their friends-politicians) to steal my money and get away with this.

    5. AMI affects people’s right for privacy and breach Surveillance Devices Act 2004.

    Smart meters inform distributor about usage of electricity on regular intervals, it may happen even every minute. The interval for particular customer may be changed from distributor’s office by clicking on a button on a computer.
    So the distributor may know what time I come home, leave, wake up or go to bed, go away for holiday by watching my electricity usage.
    Smart meters have capabilities of a surveillance device and should be regulated by Commonwealth “Surveillance Devices Act 2004”.
    And in the case of the AMI project, the Act is breached several times. But no one cares about it. And I believe it is very wrong. Because everyone must be equal from the point of view of the law, private persons who illegally spies on his neighbor or huge corporation who spies on customer.
    Distributors claim “all private data is processed according to strict policies and procedures”, but it is just excuse. The Surveillance Devices Act 2004 prohibits the collection of any data unless there is a court warrant, it does not matter how you process it.

    Millions of Victorian houses, offices, workshops have a surveillance device without committing anything wrong and no court allowed distributors to spy on their customers. More: this surveillance data is collected, owned and processed by foreign-owned companies.

    What happens if someone could “hack” the wireless messages encoded with private information without the knowledge of the distributors? It may be not my personal time going to bed. It may be information about member of parliament, top military or intelligence personnel.
    The AMI project has created a danger which was not known in the past: by sending the “right” messages, hackers may be able to shutdown power supply of everyone who belong to the “hacked” distributor, it will be an economical disaster which Australia has never before experienced.

    As far as I know, the system of encoding messages 100% secure does not exist, so hacking is a just a question of time, skills and will.

    Again, all it happening because huge corporations above the law.

    6. Breaching Order in Council conditions and Trespassing.
    Distributors of electricity have the right to trespass to install and maintain electrical equipment. This right was introduced at the start of 20 century, in times of State Electricity Commission of Victoria (SECV). As a result of privatisation the right for trespassing was passed to foreign-owned corporations. It is VERY different story from SECV. And for me in case of AMI distributors went too far with exercising this right.

    Installation of Smart meters is regulated by some Orders in Council, for example 10 December 2013, which tells: each distributor must use its best endeavours to install a complying remotely read interval meter

    According to section 19 DEFINITIONS, ELECTRICITY DISTRIBUTION CODE Victoria, best endeavours in relation to a person, means the person must act in good faith and do what is reasonably necessary in the circumstances.

    Several citizens of Victoria were against installation of Smart meter. They phoned and wrote distributors to tell them about refusal to have Smart meter.
    But distributors did not care and proceed to install them anyway. Locks on meter boxes were cut off, misleading letters, bulling and cheating tactics was used. I know a case where the police was called because a customer threatened electrical contractor with a gun. So police officers restrained the owner of the house to give the electrician the opportunity to install a Smart meter.
    Some people were disconnected from their power supply until they agreed to have Smart meter.
    There is no way that this approach can be described as “act in good faith and do what is reasonably necessary”.

    But no one in the Victorian government had or has any interest in this. As soon as they hear words “I have issues with smart meter” they do the best to find excuses to buck pass your complaint somewhere else or give you a meaningless answer.
    The Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria is one of them: they pass complaints to the distributor, give a meaningless answer like “smart meters are mandated” and close the case.
    Not one Order in Council related to AMI uses the word “mandated”, not one Order says Smart meters are compulsory, but EWOV prefers to act as though it knows nothing about it.

    Many people have called or written to their distributor about rejection of a Smart meter, they have a sign «No Trespassing», sign on meter box «No smart meter», so proceeding with installation distributors breached not just Order in Council, they breached the SUMMARY OFFENCES ACT 1966 – SECT 9:
    (c) the person enters that place in breach of a prominently displayed sign erected at that place by the owner or occupier or a person authorised to erect such a sign on behalf of the owner or occupier stating that —
    (ii) persons engaging in that place in the type of activity in which the person concerned is proposing to engage in that place are prohibited from entering that place and the person has no other lawful excuse for entering that place.

    I believe something must be done to force distributors to obey the law (relevant Orders in Council and SUMMARY OFFENCES ACT 1966) and force our State government and EWOV to keep an eye on it and take action if the law has been breached.

    7. Do we have “asbestos” scenario coming?
    There is a medical condition which is called “Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity” (EHS). It has been known since 1950s. The majority of population does not feel electromagnetic fields as long as they are weak, but there is a minority which feels them. And these people not just “feel”, they suffer in the presence of an electromagnetic field.

    Smart meter emits uncommon and almost not researched kind of wave – pulsing one. There is very limited data available on how pulsing radiation interferes with a living organism. There is some information available and suggests it is more dangerous than “usual”, continuous wave-like radiation, but no big research has been done.
    As soon as distributors started to install smart meters more and more people became sick. They complained to distributors and government bodies, bu the answer was the same “According to the ARPANSA RF standard, Smart meters are safe”.

    I wonder – does the government have no memory? Asbestos also was “safe because standard sad so” for many years. Thalidomide was “safe because research said so”. In the end the truth became known, but how many human’s lives were destroyed?

    Why is no one in government looking into these complains? Why are foreign-owned corporations allowed to install a device which is being claimed to be “safe because standard said so”, despite many public complaints about how it effects people health?

    A very alarming article “Self-Reporting of Symptom Development From Exposure to Radiofrequency Fields of Wireless Smart Meters in Victoria, Australia: A Case Series Federica Lamech, MBBS” was published in 2014.
    And in this study the author claims: “… author of the current study offers the hypothesis that some people can develop symptoms from exposure to the radiofrequency fields of wireless smart meters.” – it means smart meters not just produce wireless radiation which makes life of EHS person uncomfortable, they are much more dangerous – they make previously healthy people hypersensitive to other wireless radiation!

    As far as I know, not one scientific body in Australia took any action about it. ARPANSA does not care, from an “asbestos” point of view they are still living in 1970s “asbestos is safe as long as it below the limit”.
    In the 1970s there was plenty of information suggesting it is not the case, but industry and authors of then existing safety standards did not want to know about it and later they did not hold any responsibility for creating “asbestos safety standard” which made several thousand people sick.
    I believe independent research into Smart meters and how they affect people’s health must be done ASAP.

    Some kind of “alarm bell” system must be created. Which will require a quick reaction to all complaints about everything what is “safe because standard said so”. Asbestos, Thalidomide, Smart meters – they had to be investigated by someone who has NOT declared them safe as soon as first complains were received.

    8. Is ARPANSA standard out of date?
    EHS has been known for many years. But ARPANSA has another point of view:
    “The scientific evidence does not establish that EHS symptoms are caused by exposure to low-level electromagnetic fields.”
    Current ARPANSA Standard (RADIATION PROTECTION STANDARD Maximum Exposure Levels to Radiofrequency Fields — 3 kHz to 300 GHz) does not even mention EHS. It may be good for “John Citizen”, but people who are sensitive to radiation suffer and cannot get any adjustment from companies who own mobile phone towers, smart meters or other sources of radiation. They all answer to public complaints with the same “level of emission is below ARPANSA limit, so everything is OK”.

    In 2004 there was World Health Organisation event in Prague about EHS:

    In 2013 there was a case “McDonald and Comcare” in Administrative Appeals Tribunal of Australia, where EHS was accepted by court as a medical condition which affects ability to work.

    In Europe EHS is recognised as a medical condition:
    A key high-level EU advisory body which formally advises the European Parliament and European Commission, is in the final stage of drafting their ‘opinion’ regarding actions that are needed to address the issue of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS).

    In Australia “A SCIENTIFIC REVIEW OF MULTIPLE CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY: IDENTIFYING KEY RESEARCH NEEDS. Report prepared by the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) and the Office of Chemical Safety and Environmental Health (OCSEH) 2010” tells:
    “Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) … is a condition within the sphere of “environmental sensitivities”, a descriptor used in a wider sense to describe a variety of reactions to environmental factors including chemicals and physical phenomena such as electromagnetic radiation, at levels commonly tolerated by the majority of people (Sears, 2007).”

    ARPANSA does not visit people who complain about Smart meters, they do not want to know about anything that does not fit into their theory. Looks like “If facts do not fit into theory it is a problem of facts”.

    I believe the law must declare experts who declared something “safe” to be responsible and accountable. They must monitor the situation, react to all complaints, meet people who complained in person and run new tests if necessary.

    9. Does the ARPANSA RF Standard really tell Smart meters are safe?

    Several people complained about health problems as soon as they got Smart meter installed in their house. All they got is the same answer “according to ARPANSA standard Smart meter is safe”.
    For me it sounds like no one, government official or distributor, tried to read it. Because actually the RF Standard does not tell anything like this.

    “RADIATION PROTECTION STANDARD Maximum Exposure Levels to Radiofrequency Fields — 3 kHz to 300 GHz”
    There is currently a level of concern about RF exposure, which is not fully alleviated by existing scientific data. It is true that data regarding biological effects, at levels below the limits specified in the Standard, are incomplete and inconsistent. The health implications for these data are not known and such data could not be used for setting the levels of the basic restrictions in the Standard.
    Research is continuing in many countries into possible effects on health arising from RF exposure.
    For me foreword like this has nothing to do with “standard said it is safe, so it is safe”. It more looks like “it is safe as far as we know, but we do not know a lot”.
    Has the Victorian health authorities ever read the Standard? I seriously doubt it.

    … the limits specified in the Standard are based on the published 1998 Guidelines of the
    International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).
    If we read the document, on which ARPANSA standard is based (ICNIRP GUIDELINES FOR LIMITING EXPOSURE TO TIME-VARYING ELECTRIC, MAGNETIC AND ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS (UP TO 300 GHZ), 1998) we can find more information which is not really reassuring.
    these guidelines are based on short-term, immediate health effects… So population of Victoria is used as a guinea pigs for research about long-term effects from pulsing wireless radiation? And our Government does not care? Actually our MPs and our health official are guinea pigs as well as me, because they have probably goy Smart meters in their homes also. Congratulations!

    page 506: Interpretation of several observed biological effects of AM electromagnetic fields is further complicated by the apparent existence of “windows” of response in both the power density and frequency domains.
    Is it possible Smart meters emit combination of power/frequency which fits into one of these “windows”? We do not know. And no one tried to find out. Without checking this out we cannot claim “Smart meters are safe”, but the is exactly what is happening.

    There is insufficient information on the biological and health effects of EMF exposure of human populations and experimental animals to provide a rigorous basis for establishing safety factors over the whole frequency range and for all frequency modulations.
    So no one knows for sure about ALL frequencies and ALL modulations. But ARPANSA used this uncertain document to create the Australia’s RF Standard and claims “Smart meters are safe”!

    About effects of electromagnetic field which are below ARPANSA limits:
    Overall, the literature on athermal effects of AM electromagnetic fields is so complex, the validity of reported effects so poorly established, and the relevance of the effects to human health is so uncertain, that it is impossible to use this body of information as a basis for setting limits on human exposure to these fields.
    Does it mean weak fields are safe? It looks more like “we do not know today, but we may find out tomorrow”. Victorian health and energy industry officials received several complaints from people who became sick as soon as they got Smart meter installed on their house and gave them same answer: “Smart meters are safe because standard said so”.

    ARPANSA RF standard is one of most “generous” for emitting devices. There are many countries in the world where the level of emissions of wireless radiation must be many times less then in Australia.
    Some data is here:
    (Australia has same limits as USA).

    But ARPANSA does not want to know about any complaints or reducing limits as many other countries did.
    On the other hand, they wrote the RF Standard in such a way that it protects ARPANSA from any claims if something will go wrong in future. Someone may suffer, but Australian “science” will be blameless and will hold no responsibility for their actions. So why they have to worry about information which do not match their point of view?

    I believe it is very wrong.

    I believe the information which I have provided is very alarming and independent research into safety of Smart meters must be done ASAP.

    And laws must be changed to FORCE authorities react if they receive more than some specified amount of complaints about something. And does not matter who declared “something” safe – if too many complaints are received, new independent research must be done.

    10. Responsibility for wrongful disconnection.
    In Victoria energy retailers are responsible for wrongful disconnection. They may pay $250 for every day a customer is left without electricity (
    And if you are disconnected by one retailer you can sign a contract with another one, so disconnection is a problem but affects your life only in short term.

    Unfortunately distributors have no responsibility like this. Victorian law does not have any compensation in the case of wrongful disconnection by the distributor. They can let the customer live without electricity as long as they like and get away with this. And the distributor has a monopoly.
    So this loophole in law gives distributors practically unlimited power. And they use it. There are people who were left without electricity for months, without explanation why it was cut off and how they can get it back.
    The Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria was not able not just re-connect electricity. They did not even manage to force distributor provide customer with proper explanation why electricity was disconnected and how it may be possible to get it back (actually distributor obliged to inform customer about it BEFORE disconnection, but they did not do it and EWOV failed in this also).
    What is similar about all these people: they all rejected Smart meter to be installed in their home. It is one more example of “best endeavours” and “acting in good faith”.

    I believe it is wrong and the relevant laws should be amended to ensure distributors have same obligations as retailers – pay for every day of wrongful disconnection.

    And absence of action from EWOV must be investigated, because they lose any enthusiasm as soon as they hear complain about Smart meters. This attitude is wrong, EWOV was created to protect consumers, not corporations.

    11. Funds for compensations to Smart Meters victims.

    In the year 2001 Hardie had never admitted to anyone – shareholders or the public – just how may lives its asbestos was likely to claim. They were hidden behind confidential settlements for those victims who had the heart to sue. And when a new Australian accounting standard – ED88 – looked like insisting that Hardie have to declare ALL its estimated asbestos liabilities…

    Currently Smart meters are declared “safe because ARPANSA said so”. So owners of Smart meters (electricity distributors) have no obligations to have funds available (estimated liabilities) for compensations to people who are suffering from pulsing radiation or who became sick because Smart meters made them Hyper-Sensitive to wireless radiation.

    In future it may create situation, when a lot of payments must be made, but no funds are available (see asbestos history). And their insurance company may refuse to pay for Smart-meter related problems or will go into liquidation (again, see asbestos history).

    So we come back to corner one: as long as we have “Smart meters are safe because ARPANSA said so” we cannot even ask distributors to have funds for compensation or proper business insurance, which will cover future payments to victims of AMI project.

    12. Smart Meter Refugees.

    Several people could not stay in their own houses any more because Smart meter in their or neighbor’s house made their life a misery. They were forced to move interstate, in parts of Australia where there are no Smart meters yet, where they do not suffer from pulsing radiation.

    Federal and Victorian Human Rights Commissions and Ombudsmen received many complains about it, but nothing has been done.

    Australia cares about refugees from other side of the world, but no one is brave enough to stop 5 foreign-owned corporations from forcing Victorians from their homes and looking for refuge interstate .

    Here we do not need any changes in laws. We need to force bureaucrats to use existing ones.

    • Peter says:

      Good points “A”, re. ‘introduced by two people’, I can’t see ANY signature on this document, therefore is it legal?

  79. David says:

    We need to start suing those individuals that have violated our rights. It pays to record all video, audio and phone calls of all encounters with any person who has anything to do with utilities or the smart meter agenda.

    Naperville settles lawsuit with smart meter foe
    Naperville smart meters
    In 2012, Naperville began replacing old electric meters, left, with smart meters, right, that transmit data wirelessly. (Chuck Berman, Chicago Tribune)
    Susan Frick CarlmanSusan Frick CarlmanNaperville Sun
    Smart meter lawsuit in Naperville settled

    Naperville City Council members this week settled a federal lawsuit filed last winter by a staunch opponent of the city’s smart meter installation program.

    The 12-page agreement calls for paying $117,500 to Naperville resident Malia “Kim” Bendis, whose Jan. 23 lawsuit accused the city and four of its police officers of violating her constitutional rights.

    A founder of the grass-roots Naperville Smart Meter Awareness group, Bendis filed her complaint in U.S. District Court in Chicago two years to the day after her arrest by Naperville police on misdemeanor charges of eavesdropping and resisting a peace officer, charges on which she was later acquitted.

    Bendis and members of her group opposed replacement of the city-owned residential analog electric meters at their homes with wireless alternatives. Bendis maintained police intervened during an installation of one of the devices at a home, in violation of her civil rights. The filing, which named four Naperville Police Department officers, also asserted that city officials decided in a closed door meeting to arrest Bendis and any other residents who interfered with their plan to “forcibly install the smart meters.”

    Senior Assistant City Attorney Rob Wilder and City Attorney Jill Pelka-Wilger submitted the proposed agreement.

    “This agreement shall not, in any way, be construed as an admission by the (city or police) that they have acted wrongfully with respect to (Bendis),” the agreement states.

    According to the suit, Bendis and other residents made recordings of officers during the forced meter installations.

    “The recordings made by other Naperville residents were made openly and recorded the conversations of the agents and police,” the suit stated. “None of these other residents were arrested for recording the police officers and installation agents without their consent.”

  80. Peter says:

    Here’s your chance to let the legislators know what you think of the ‘hugely effective AMI rollout’ here in Victoria, who knows, if enough Victorians voice their opinion, something might actually happen, after all, the AER is federal, not Victorian.

    Click to access AER%20-%20Consumer%20guide%20to%20Victorian%20electricity%20distribution%20pricing%20review%202016%20to%202020%20-%2009%20June%202015_0.pdf

  81. Anton says:

    Do you know the A1100 ELSTER electronic polyphase meter can affect your health?
    The A1100 A1100 ELSTER is using emf (electromagnetic fields).
    Thank you.

  82. Anton Bounitch says:

    Please let me know if you know the A1100 is an electronic polyphase meter can affect your half.?
    The A1100 is an electronic polyphase meter is using emf (electromagnetic fields).

  83. peter says:

    Hi Guys
    I have just been checking out the ‘service to property’ charges on this web site, this is a fixed charge regardless of how much electricity you use. For some obscure reason, QLD is the most expensive and their grid system has not yet been sold off to private profiteers, which almost certainly will be China!!!!!! Victoria comes next and guess which state has the cheapest, RIGHT ON, the ACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also check out some of the TOU pricing, unless you are out all day and prepared to do your cooking and house cleaning as well as your washing overnight or at the weekend, you will save very little! Bear in mind your fridge and freezer will be operating 24/7 anyway

  84. Anonymous says: ask your question
    and check tags “EMR”, “smart meter” and support questions which were asked by someone else

  85. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    A Must See!
    1000’s of “smart” meter fires: New Whistleblower and Court Evidence (Video)

    • Snowy says:

      This video is priceless.
      Demand it be returned & made available for the world to learn the truth.
      This video was downloaded by many before it was yanked on petty grounds by those who care nothing for the rest of the world which needs to know what it contains.
      That said, it continues to circulate widely. This smart meter fire video revealed that this is nothing less than a story of global arson, harm, disease, property theft, home invasion, & smart “meter” instigated deaths.
      Enron II is being carried out right under all our noses by outright criminals at every level of collusion, political, corporate, invisible. In fact the same accounting firm (renamed) that cooked Enron’s books, is a major player this time as well.
      Prepare for impossibly high electricity prices & rolling black outs, hacking & protracted power outages, it is coming, make no mistake, this is all part of it. However, the real trillion dollar profits will come from stolen & resold private personal data of the kind which has nothing whatsoever to do with energy use.
      Search San Bruno.
      A major gas leak there was repeatedly reported by many residents for three weeks prior to the disaster. This was surely a smart “meter” triggered explosion. Yet reports were ignored by the utility for weeks on end. Smart “meters” had recently been installed as an “upgrade” to this high end development. Ignition source meets leaked gas. Boom. Somewhere between 8 & 12 dead, over 200 homes written off. The “smart” grid might as well be a demolition program to deconstruct human civilization. Perhaps it is.
      It is absolutely inescapable that smart “meters” are sources of ignition leading to inevitable conflagrations. These devices cannot avoid becoming fire starters, given strong surges of the kind that occur all the time. Add fuel to this, any gas line or propane tank on or beside the same house as any “meter”. Sooner or later, given any remotely controlled surge, be it accidental or INTENTIONAL, smart “meters” can & do & will explode, catch fire, burn homes, kill people.
      Countless smart “meters” which have done just this continue to arrive at endless meter tech shops, burned up, melted, charred beyond recognition.
      In the tech world this is no secret, but just try to find an engineer who cares. This is why those with influence, for instance, such as judges & legislators, many allegedly on the take, more often than not do not have these on their own homes.
      Why not use Street View to track this down yourself? Find the address of those who support the smart grid & zoom in on the non smart meters on the homes of “delitists”, meaning the most rank smelling sub humans of so called high rank. That seems to be the deal that has been struck everywhere. It is as if those with influence who help the grid along appear to be being offered a covert opt out to keep & to self-read their own analogue meters. That is, IF they continue to use their influence to enforce the incrementalism of what is tantamount to grid fascism & see to it that the rest of the world has to have these insurance voiding, thin bladed, arcing, electrically incompatible, code violating dangerous devices.
      It is YOUR meter base/socket they use to destroy YOUR home. This is not a secret, not any longer, now that meter techs who can no longer be part of the massive cover up everywhere are trying to blow the whistle while they try to find a way to survive the act of whistle blowing, as they witness one pallet load after another of burnt out smart “meter” fire starters arriving in their shops.
      First of all, one key factor for why fire is inevitable is that, unlike with analogue meters, smart meters are NOT grounded. On purpose. This means that you, your baby, your pets, your loved ones, & any unfortunate wildlife caught in this global microwave radar blanket, everything biological on the planet, but most of all those who are the occupants of homes with smart meters, become the smart grid’s path to ground.
      These frequencies pass through your biological system, using your own bio-electricity as the conduit, using you & your appliances as the newly created paths of least resistance to seek ground.
      Secondly, analogues have surge arrestors.
      Smart meters have no surge arrestors. Of course not, why would they? No pulses & surges,. no profits.
      The medium IS the message.
      The customer is expendable, irrelevant, a mere conductor, the frequencies from a commercial radar antenna located on your home couple to your nervous system & brain & you become involuntarily coupled into the grid, for corporate profit.
      Think of it as slow motion electrocution.
      As for the yanked fired education video? Click on the link for it & it will tell the tale, sincee it says that it has been yanked by Stop Smart Meters!
      Rumour has it that a runaway ego led to a hissy fit demand that Utube pull the FABULOUS fire video down.
      And of course Utube is delighted to do so, it profits by & thrives on infighting, since google owns Utube & google , the ultimate voyeur, is a major investor in the global smart grid
      Good news is, many downloaded this fabulous video before this snit fit happened. Everyone is sharing the invaluable info in it anyway,

  86. Laurence says:

    Currently have a petition in progress which will go to Sum of Us org when it reaches 100. – Currently at 86 as I write.– Pls visit & sign petition at

    • Sick Of Their Lies says:

      Please sign if you haven’t already……We’re almost there!!!
      Really important to get our message out, especially with the threat of gas and water “smart” meters in the not so distant future…(if not already, in select locations across the state).

      Thanks Laurence.

  87. Peter says:

    This is not intended as an Advertisement, but simply as information, there are different plugs which can be bought from different shops at different prices.
    I have just bought a Bauhn ‘smart power, power meter’ from Aldi, ($15) It plugs into my wall socket and I can plug in any of my household appliances and It tells me: how much energy my appliance uses, calculates the cost to power the appliance, the amount of co2 emission of the appliance and how much energy the appliance uses in standby mode. Even if I had one of these for each socket in my house, as a one off purchase, it would be a damn site cheaper than the annual cost of the ‘smart meter’ (which I do not have) charge on my bill!!!!!! Plus I do not have to go out to my meter box to ‘scroll through’ the smart meter program and then start doing calculation to get the information I want and, no one else has access to the information. Plus, NO HEALTH ISSUES!!!!!!!!
    If the government was serious about looking after the interests of the customer, rather than the corporate distributors, it could have made these available to Victorians rather than trying to force ‘surveillance and control devises’ into every home in Victoria! But then, it would not have the power to control our power use, or the information it gets from ‘profiling a customers electricity use’!

    • Tanya says:

      Peter, I saw those plugs at Aldi and considered buying one as it would be interesting to have info on my appliances’ electricity consumption. And then I asked myself what impact, long term, would it have on my use of appliances. Would I turn the heater off tonight and freeze to death in order to save 50 cents off my next bill? Would I go out and buy a new fridge that uses less electricity and probably has a smart chip that can’t be disabled? Would I ever be happy to run my washing machine at 3 am in order to save $2 per quarterly bill, at the risk of waking to a flooded laundry, or worse still, a burning house?

      The power companies gave us the spin about smart meters enabling us to use our appliances more ‘smartly’ and save money, while the smart meters, the very devices supposed to be enabling us to save money, sent our power bills through the roof. People think they will use smart meters and Home Area Network devices to monitor their electricity consumption, but these tools become toys that we tire of in just a few weeks and then we fall back into our old habits. And then the power companies can say, “Serves you right if you’ve got a high power bill. We did everything we could to help you decrease your power consumption.” What they won’t tell you is that they hiked up your supposed power consumption figures so much via the smart meter that the only thing persuading you to decrease your power consumption was your new, massive bills since the smart meter was installed.

      • Peter says:

        Tanya, I agree with everything you say.
        Before COAG agreed to the mass roll out of these devises, a trial of AMI installations was carried out in 3,000 homes THROUGHOUT AUSTRLIA!!!!!!!!! As there were no complaints, this was enough to convince the no-brainers that it would be accepted Australia wide!
        In another ‘trial’, 5,000 homes were provided with free In Home Displays, the result was a minimal reduction in electricity use, and more than 30% never even looked at their IHD!
        The point I was trying to make re the plug, is that there are many less controversial alternatives to the AMI; which the governments, both state and federal have not even considered.
        This begs the question, was the Victorian grid sold under some sort of ‘trade agreement’, guaranteeing the investor a huge profit? Was it ‘sold’ at all; as we know a ‘sale’? If you look at the wording in some of the few references to the distributors/providers, they are not called ‘owners’! They are referred to as ‘licensees’ or ‘approved/authorised’ persons. This then raises the question, do the distributors actually ‘own’ the old analogue meters, or are they simply licensed/approved/authorised maintainers of what used to be referred to as ‘public assets’?

        • Gone Anonymous says:

          Peter, here’s an interesting experiment for you to try if you can get your hands on an incandescent light globe. Run the incandescent light globe in a lamp plugged into your Bauhn plug. Measure the electricity consumption. Then try the same experiment with a compact fluorescent light globe of equivalent wattage.

          An expert told a group that the CFL does not use less electricity. I’m curious to know if that is correct. I suspect that might be especially true for those who have a smart meter, which seem to have their own unique way of measuring electricity consumption!!!

          There are other options to experiment with. The new-fangled filament globes (perhaps only available at specialty lighting stores) are not energy efficient. The Federal government, in its ‘power-trip’ has restricted importation of these globes to no higher than 25 watts to punish those Australians who are determined to ‘waste’ electricity. So, if you can’t get hold of an incandescent light globe you could compare a filament globe with either a CFL of equivalent wattage, or with an LED or energy saving halogen. Note, CFLs and LEDs are not healthy. Which begs the question, “Why is the federal government trying to force us to use them?”

          Now I should have bought one of those Bauhn plugs so I could do that experiment myself. Of course, I could always run nothing but a lamp in my house and check my safe analogue meter after about an hour, Not sure how far that safe little disk would spin in an hour. Probably a lot less than the ‘stupid’ meter would over-state my electricity consumption to be.

  88. Barbara says:

    Hi. I’m looking to buy a radio frequency and a low frequency meter to measure my EMF exposure. Can anybody tell me if I’m likely to have a problem if I buy either of these meters from an overseas store as many countries use a different electrical voltage to us?

    Also, what sorts of things should I be looking for in a meter? And were you happy/ unhappy with yours? Thanks.

    • Jan says:

      Radiofrequency meters and meters for measuring the low frequencies coming off wiring are free standing, so aren’t plugged into an outlet. So there is no problem purchasing from overseas.

      There are lots of different manufacturers, models and different pricing points, depending on what you’re after, and exactly which frequencies you want to measure.

      Radiofrequency meters such as the Cornet are quite inexpensive, and a lot of people like it (it’s also quite small, which appeals to some people). Personally, I love my EMFields Acoustimeter (it’s a model AM-10). It gives a peak reading in volts/metre, plus an average power density per square metre in microwatts. It has a large display, plus an audio function, which is really useful. It also comes in its own carrying case. It measures signals that are between 200 MHz and 8 GHz. It also comes with good instructions.

      For the low frequencies you would most probably be getting a milligauss meter (also referred to as a gauss meter), which measures the magnetic fields. Just make sure you get a tri-axial meter so it is measuring all three axes at once (so you don’t have to do complicated calculations to work out your exposure). The Bell 4180 is a good one.

      If you were getting something like a Stetzerizer microsurge meter, which is for measuring ‘dirty’ electricity, ie high frequency voltage transients, on wiring, then you would need to plug it in. However, you can still buy it from overseas, as you just need an adaptor to plug in here (just don’t buy the filters from overseas, as they are not made for our electrical systems).

      • Barbara says:

        Thanks for your reply Jan. That’s some of the things I’ve been stuck on.

        I’ve been looking at a few different models and I’m just not sure if it’s worth spending a lot of extra money for what seems like some small gains (coming from someone with little idea, mind you). For example the Acoustimeter is a lot more expensive than the Cornet ED78S and I wonder if it is worth paying the extra? I want to be able to measure the high-voltage powerlines and cell phone tower nearby and also the electrical appliances in my home. Do you think that it is worth paying extra to measure things like this?

        Also do you know if the Bell 4180 measures the electrical fields along with the magnetic fields? Thanks.

        • Jan says:

          I haven’t used that model of Cornet (I’ve got the ED85EX) so I can’t really compare it to getting an Acoustimeter plus a tri-axis gauss meter. Looking at the Cornet ED78S’s specifications, it only measures magnetic fields in a single axis. Personally, I think that would be a real pain if you want to measure the magnetic fields from appliances and from high voltage power lines. It’s really the total exposure that you would be interested in.

          And no, the Bell 4180 is just for measuring the magnetic fields. (I actually have a different gauss meter, but only because I wanted to measure a slightly different range of frequencies). I’m happy just measuring the magnetic field, however, as AC magnetic fields go hand in hand with electric fields.

          By the way, if you just want to detect electric fields, as opposed to measuring them, a $25 or so electrician’s volt detector works. Mine has a light plus it makes a buzzing sound that is proportional to the field. It’s quite fascinating to use ….I discovered we had electric current running on our kitchen sink. It’s also interesting to see with it the effect that trees near power lines have ….our trees absorb the electrical fields.

          Also note that both the Cornet ED78S and Acoustimeter Model AM-10 say they measure up to 8 GHz. There will be towers that are sending out signals higher than this, so you need to be aware that when you use one of these meters, you may not be getting the full story. (When I have done internet searches on what a tower is being used for in rural areas, I have found frequencies of over 19 GHz being used for NBN wireless backhaul transmissions). Also, both of these meters are single axis RF meters. In the case of radiofrequencies (as opposed to the low frequencies), I think just measuring a single axis can work well …it can help one pinpoint the direction that the radiation is coming from.

          • Barbara says:

            It sounds like these meters may not be enough then. How can I find out what frequencies may be coming out of my local cell tower? I live in urban Melbourne.

            • Stop Smart Meters Australia says:

              You can find out without purchasing any equipment by going to the Australian Communication Media Authority website
              If you do want to independently confirm what is coming from a tower you would need to buy an RF spectrum analyser which can be very expensive at $2000 or more.

            • Jan says:

              1. Go to

              2. Select ‘Assignment/Frequency range Search’

              3. Put in the postcode.

              4. Run enquiry.

              Click on the ‘Licence Number’ to get the location.

              NB There is also a search facility at the Radio Frequency National Site Archive at for getting the EME (electromagnetic energy) reports for telecommunication towers.

              • Barbara says:

                Thanks. It’s a big help to be able to find out what RFs are in my area and what areas I should avoid moving to in the future.

                Well after checking it looks like the cell tower across the road from me only puts out about 2 to 3 Ghz, so thankfully an ordinary meter should be able to tell me how much of that radiation is reaching me.

                By the way, whilst looking at the other sites around my area I noticed that there is a tower that gives out 38 Ghz at the shops I sometimes go to. Yikes! I don’t know how common that is but I think that it is only a matter of time before we need meters with a much broader range at an affordable price.

                Anyway thanks again for your help. Now I just need to pick a meter!

  89. Peter says:

    People of NSW, do you still trust this man?
    You can be sure, if he has done this to the trades people of NSW, he has done the same for the consumers of NSW!
    I have just read some of the ‘spin’ on the sale of your public assets, where these people get off is hard to say. They hold Victoria up as a shining example, claiming that electricity prices have fallen! If that is the case, how come there was a record 6000+ complaints this year alone, regarding disconnection/restriction for credit reasons? The trend continues to rise each year, yet the Essential Services Commission, whose prime commitment is to serve the interest of the Victorian CONSUMER, is only now asking, not WHY Victorians can’t afford their electricity bills, but how the retailers are trying to cope with the ever increasing number of people having to go without, or restricted supply of this ESSENTIAL SERVICE!
    To get a true picture of what is really happening here in Victoria, go to the EWOV web site and read their annual reports in their archives, the figures show a very different situation to the ‘spin doctors’ who I believe are just trying to pay lip service to their masters, how anyone looking at these reports can claim the Victorian AMI rollout is a resounding success is beyond me! I notice that some of the charts show the years reading from right to left, so the lower figures are on the right, so reading left to right without looking at the year, you may think the figures are declining rather than rising! was this done for that reason?

    • Tanya says:

      Another trick of the power companies (Powercor/Citipower) is to point out to customers the graph showing that their customers/Victorians have the lowest fixed charges for supply as a percentage of the total bill compared with other states. Well that’s not hard to achieve when you consider that people’s electricity consumption figures went through the roof after a smart meter was installed.

      All the power companies have to do is exaggerate your electricity consumption and now all of a sudden, your fixed supply charge looks good and you have no reason to complain that you are paying for a smart meter that you didn’t want, still don’t want, and would love to get rid of so that your consumption figure could return to normal.


    • Gwen says:

      Peter, I contacted the N.S.W Opposition before their recent election, to point out that the info being spouted by Baird Inc. was absolutely false re Victoria having the lowest electricity prices of all the States. The Opposition never mentioned it and I think they were in favour of the “selloff” of the peoples property.

      • Peter says:

        Gwen, what we MUST bear in mind, as I have said before on this site, THE AMI ROLLOUT IS A COAG AGREEMENT.
        COAG consists of a chairman and all the state premiers and senior ministers, THEY HAVE ALL AGREED TO IMPLIMENT THE AMI, so it doesn’t matter which party is in power, they are all going to try to install these devises; regardless of whether they are safe or not, whether they invade our privacy or not or whether they cause cancer or any other ailment or not.
        A couple of years ago, I contacted the other state governments for their view of the AMI. ALL responded saying they support the AMI rollout! They did however CLAIM that it would be on a ‘voluntary’ basis. BULL@$#YT! they were also quick enough to quote the same legislation as our pollies! The governments are not going to allow customers to refuse to have these devises for the simple reason that if they do allow that to happen, they will not get any investors to ‘overhaul’ the public assets they allowed to fall into disrepair and/or out of date.
        These documents date back to 2009, does that date ring a bell? It’s when Victoria started their AMI roll out!!!!!!!!!
        See article 4 in the first document refers to a ‘smart grid’.
        Second document also refers to a ‘smart grid’, (table 2.1.2) but significantly also refers to detailed monitoring of household energy use. (table 3.3.7) This is proof positive that they are capable of such highly invasive activity!

        Click to access 2009-07-02.pdf

        Click to access Energy_efficiency_measures_table.pdf

  90. George says:

    I just wanted to ask a quick question about activation of AusNet smart meters . We’ve received a letter today advising that we are eligible for a one-off $125 rebate from AusNet due to inability to read remotely as of 31st March 15.

    It means that the smart meter is not operational and it continues to be manually read .
    I have spoken with AusNet and they have advised that it will be at least the end of 2015 until the network glitch is fixed . My question is simple – does the meter requires a physical activation or it’s done remotely ? The reason for my question is simple . I can lock in the cabinet and install the plastic window to avoid the activation of the smart meter if it requires the manual activation . Alternatively , I don’t see many options to avoid activation if it’s done remotely .

    Any advice would be appreciated .

    • George says:

      Just a quick follow up on my previous post .

      I rang AusNet today . Apparently, the remote antenna has been installed on my junction box, hence it can be activated remotely. It appears that activation process will be finalised between now and the end of 2016 . So I guess not many options for us at this stage .

      • Tanya says:

        George, take everything the power companies tell you with a grain of salt. They have done nothing but lie and bully their way through this rollout. It is possible that they suspect why you are asking this question. I had heard earlier in the rollout that Ausnet would be returning to install the communications card. If I were you, I’d go ahead and lock the meter box just to be on the safe side.

        • George says:

          Thank you all for your prompt response .
          I suspect that power companies are well aware of this forum , as a result the information they give can be ptoentially misleading . I called AusNet again and asked the same question about manual/remote activation ..
          The lady checked NMI and advised that the external transmitting antenna has been installed already . I’ve checked the junction box and there is a black bar-type antenna attached to it . According to AusNet the activation is done remotely , hence no need to activate the smart meter manually.
          I have no problem to cut the window and to lock in the junction box , though I’d be interested to get some advice from another ( and more reliable )source if the information provided by AusNet is correct .


          • Peter says:

            I think Tanya may be correct, some ‘surveillance devices’ were installed without a communications cards, even if there is an antenna, it won’t work without the card, so your distributor may have to come back and install the card. I strongly suggest you lock your meter box anyway and install the window. The longer you debate the point, the more opportunity your distributor has to thwart your protest.

            • Theodore says:

              Hi, don’t bother to lock up your meter box, they cut the lock regardless of the signage on the meter box and replaced the meters with a smart meter when I was at work. They had no consent… I want them to reinstate back to the original meters. Any ideas?

              • Peter says:

                copied and pasted from my submission on the home page dealing with ‘you paid billions for the ami’ etc”.

                Hi Boopsy, hang in there until 2017 when ‘competitive metering’ is to be introduced. It seems only then will you be given the choice of what meter you have. The question is, will be there be any none ‘smart meter’ types available?
                I repeat yet again, Electricity Customer Metering Code 6.1 states quite clearly, that a customer can request ‘a type of metering equipment which is different from the type the distributor or retailer (whichever is responsible for providing the metering services) would otherwise install’, etc,(6.1(b)) in the case for Victoria, a ‘smart meter’ the distributor, ‘must use its reasonable endeavours to install that type of metering equipment within 20 business days’. (6.1(d) but you must be prepared to bear the cost of the installation of the new meter, 6.1(b) and (c)
                Obviously, the distributor/government will argue over the interpretation of this code, but I believe my interpretation is valid and until someone argues the point, the distributors/government do not have to worry about the customer challenging them!


                You should have the installer charged with ‘trespass’, (no good putting up the sign if you are not going to proceed) You should also have the installer charged with wilful damage to your property.

          • G’day George,I live in the Ausnet region myself,have you noticed increased activity from Ausnet,Service Stream And Telstra etc?And visual changes to power lines,power poles etc?Regards to a remote connection,they will do that,once the ‘Net Grid’ is up and running and or pertaining to signal strength individually,that aids data transfer.IF,you have an antenna,you can be read remotely BUT ONLY IF Ausnet have upgraded the infrastructure for ‘ Net Grid’ as per signal strength for connection and relay.

      • Anonymous says:

        You have options George it just depends if you want to put in the hard work. Ask them to put your analogue meter back. This is the problem most people will not even try to do anything about this problem because it takes alot of work, so they would rather just take a chance and hope that all those scientists and doctors are somehow wrong and this radiation is safe.
        You have options no one said its going to be easy, but you have to start somewhere. Ask them to prove this radiation is safe for starters. This would be impossible as this evidence does not exist nor do i think will it ever exist.

  91. Happy Dissenter says:

    “Is Wi-Fi making your child ill? ” As France bans Wi-Fi in nursery and primary schools, a British expert who has given up using wireless gadgets says we should do the same.

  92. Peter says:

    Read the preface to this document. Is the ESC thick, or just plain ignorant? The EWOV has been telling them annually since the beginning of the AMI roll out about the complaints they have been getting, and it’s taken years for the ESC to start asking why! The ESC’s own charter says their No1 commitment is to have regard for the CONSUMER, yet in my opinion, they have continued to ignore the consumer and pushed the distributors wheel barrow instead!

    Click to access Issues-Paper-Inquiry-into-the-financial-hardship-a.pdf

    • Anonymous says:

      One of my neighbors wont answer his phone sometimes because he can’t afford to pay the electricity bill, he told me this when i tried to call a few times. He has a smart meter.and hasn’t finished paying the first bill before the second arrives. He told me that he does not always answer the phone as he expects the call to be about the unpaid bill.
      My neighbour would not even use much power nevertheless the bill is still high as is gas and water as well.

  93. Anonymous says:

    Someone mention air cubes for his mobile phone. Dont bother….Just stay off the phone. Doesn’t matter if you are on the phone or not…Or even if you have a phone we are now saturated in radiation. I was told my meter sent rf 6 times a day. It’s 36 times a minute, and so is every house around me…..5 phone towers within 1/2 a km and who knows what else we dont know about. You better get used to radiation because its only getting worse.

    • Anonymous says:

      You can’t get used to poison.It will eventually kill you.Its about time the lazy masses, stopped being lazy and did something about this problem. The children will pay the highest price.Even if you don’t have children, we have a Duty Of Care to protect all children even the children that have not been born yet.
      This radiation problem is getting worse, because some people don’t care and expect others to take on the burden. .This is everyone’s problem. If enough people stood up and told the Politicians to get rid of smart devices then they would have no choice.
      People don’t care, because the consequences have not taken affect yet.Cancer can take a long time to show up. That is only cancer, that is not all the other health problems.
      Only slaves accept the inevitable, not free men and women. I suppose everyone has to decide for themselves whether they are a slave or free men and women.

      • Snowy says:

        Dead slaves tell no lies.
        The majority lack a personal history of being hunted down or killed off in the past, and so they are complacent, indifferent, selfish, if it is not happening to them it is not happening at all. It certainly seems as if the vast majority do not care about others, the infants, the toddlers, the young, the elderly, the vulnerable, the weak, the sick, the unborn. Only when it is their turn do the selfish wake up, and mostly even then, they only seem to care about themselves. Modern life has made narcissists of more and more, the futile empty pursuit of the eternal “selfie” and the misery and chronic illness that goes with those isolating, indoor, anti-nature artificial choices, all because self absorption is encouraged by corporations that continue to own the copyrighted software inside those devices useful idiots pay to”own” and use to harm others all around them with second hand radiation.
        Then too, people are seriously addicted to wireless, not to mention to trivia, hooked on a life wasted on the internet. Every age group is already OCD and hooked on tiny screens, the world disappears. Meanwhile this invasive technology has GPS and tracks them everywhere they go, listens to them, drone observes them camera records them, profiles them, but they are far too distracted by what they fail to even recognize as biological trespass, invasion by technology in which they participate and with which they collude.
        Everywhere now people look like idiots, they sit and stare at tiny screens, like slow boiling frogs gradually cooked by radar, no life except to use a screen all the time.
        So the addicted compulsively continue to radiate themselves, neglect children, let infants play with iPads, ignore what is happening so fast to their own kids, a form of abuse, really, children who are soaking up this radar technology and dumbing down, getting cancer, learning to be addicts themselves. Once parenting includes harming one’s own irreplaceable dependents, even pets that one claims to love, it becomes that much easier to ignore the big picture, the disappearance of bees and butterflies, the growing silence of lost birdsong, the depleted environment, the stunted plants and trees. The masses seem handicapped, unable to imagine that something invisible kills just as easily as something one can touch taste, see, hear.
        Those all around you put you at risk because they do not want to recognize that this radar technology is blanketing and suffocating the world. Yet science has known for at least 80 years that this stuff kills, hence the death by cancer of all in the US Embassy in Moscow, which soaked up a mere fraction of what we all now are immersed in.
        The global smart grid and the internet of things makes you and me into “things”, data commodities, expendable, and that is no different than a world wide eugenics program.
        It matters not at all whether the actual intention is to kill off the population or not. When corporations become indistinguishable from government, the net effect is exactly the same, eugenics in action. What we are witnessing is the introduction of policies to allow the compulsory sterilization of school children from wireless, from laptops and wifi, all of it frying young girl’s ovaries in schools. Then they come home to brain fog from the smart meter their parents do not use a good suppressor on to protect their kids, and neither do the parents in all the other homes all around them, no place free of it.
        At the same time there is accelerated die off of the elderly and the chronically unwell.
        Hitler would be proud.
        Just look where they locate cell towers, right near day cares and near nurseries, elementary schools, old age homes, hospitals, churches, universities it seems so obvious.
        Denial is not a survival tool. Just the opposite.
        Do not look to those around you to save you, they are part of the problem.
        The drowning drag the swimmers down if they can.
        Maybe a group of the terminal still able to function ought to get radical and go around and smash all of this, destroy it before they die?
        Just an idea.
        Pardon the rant, feeling a tad futile at the moment, been trying to inspire others to want to survive for way too long on this issue.
        I will finish with an old joke that hits the spot:
        A roving reporter approaches and asks a person on the street, “Which do you think is the greater problem in society, ignorance or apathy?”
        The person replies:
        “I don’t know and I don’t care”.

        • Anonymous says:

          Snowy …great I ditto all you said …but Goverment in 2008 I think …by deceptive means instilled the ANT-Terrorism Laws not cause we are at risk from terrorist but to stop any one trying to get this disgusting technology off their houses or homes …………….How the hell can they continue to place this “UNINSURABLE ” garbage on peoples homes .

          Oh maybe they are wanting to destroy our assests as well as our health ????……

        • Anonymous says:

          I do not look around and wait for others to save me. I look around and am disgusted by the apathy and selfishness that i see. I look and see gloom and doom. I see stupidity and ignorance and people hell bent on destruction. It’s not going to be a nice world to live in for any of us.

    • Mark Berman says:

      I am new to the forum. My name is Mark.

      You meant air tubes! not cubes, and they are awsome!
      I suffer from a mild degree of EHS, when I speak on the phone I get a tingling feeling on my face and hands.
      The headaches occur after a few minutes. I searched on google for a solution.
      I read that an air tube radiation free headset can help, so I did a little research and got one. I have to say that it actually helps.
      I do not have to hold the phone to my head so the tingling sensation stopped both head and cheek.
      I do not want to advertise anything because that usually gets people upset although I really recommend looking in to this. If it helps me it will help you.

  94. Snowy says:

    Further, how is a smart meter not an encroaching easement on the private property owner’s meter socket or meter base as well as the private owner’s whole house wiring system?
    Why not file a procedural numbered complaint with the police to render the utility liable for tampering or attempted tampering with a privately owned meter socket or base?
    Why not pop round to your nearest police station and file a numbered complaint with the most senior person on staff?
    Why not register such as complaint regarding notice received by the utility stating their corporate intent to establish a new easement boundary inside the home by gaining remote control over a privately owned meter socket, privately owned utility service panel or utility circuit box?
    ON a slightly different note: One very elderly chap here filed a complaint for an attempt against his life in direct contravention of his doctor’s orders not to be exposed to such frequencies, due to his pacemaker and his electronic oxygen machine.
    the constabulary had no problem seeing this as a criminal complaint, in fact it opened their eyes.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow Snowy .. As a severe suffer I was blasted by 2.4 GJHZ of WI_FI on a windy day .through my body full heavy metals ..bleeding nose,filling blown out ,severe chest bak,throat pain,etc etc …but police were rude ,abusive and arrogant ..”I cant tell them to turn telecommunications down “…and refused to take a report …..urgh ??????

  95. Snowy says:

    How ISN’T a smart meter a device able to establish a legal easement inside the home without benefit of covenant or agreement? How isn’t this an encroachment easement that legally alters property boundaries by establishing a new easement inside the complainant’s own service panel or circuit box?

  96. Peter says:

    Hi All, submissions to the ‘The performance and management of electricity network companies’ period has been extended yet again. If you haven’t already done so, this is your opportunity to voice your opinion on the behaviour of your favourite distributor!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Peter, why does the website state that you can lodge submissions till the 20th of April?
      I just had a look at the submissions and it says they are closed. It is not the 20th of April yet. I have lodged a submission can’t see it on the list.

  97. Peter says:

    Hi smart meter lover, I’m sure that as you love these devices so much, there are many Victorians who would be delighted to let you have their surveillance devices, if they could get them removed by their distributor! What ever happened to the right to say NO????

    Try telling Sofia that she should embrace this wonderful technology, and all the other CUSTOMERS that have health, privacy, and safety problems with the installation of their ‘smart meter’, many of whom knew nothing about these things until after they were installed, as well as the thousands of ‘unrequested disconnections’ in relation to the installation of these things.

    It would be nice to know how much Sofia benefited from the donations for her legal costs.

    I get the distinct impression that all government departments have been told to give as much assistance to the distributors as possible in order to complete this dictatorial ‘mandated’ rollout, while ‘stone walling the complaining customers!

    People of NSW be warned! If you vote to privatise your electricity, expect all your rights to be sold along with your power.
    Victoria is leading the way, it seems we no longer have the right to say NO!

  98. Mark Berman says:

    I am new to the forum. My name is Mark.
    I suffer from a mild degree of EHS, when I speak on the phone I get a tingling feeling on my face and hands.
    The headaches occur after a few minutes. I searched on google for a solution.
    I read that an air tube radiation free headset can help, so I did a little research and got one.
    I have to say that it actually helps.
    I do not have to hold the phone to my head so the tingling sensation stopped both head and cheek.
    I do not want to advertise anything because that usually gets people upset although I really recommend looking in to this. If it helps me it will help you.


  99. Happy Dissenter says:

    From “The Age” tonight. Price of electricity is causing hardship in families and charities are copping the financial brunt.

  100. smart meter lover says:

    Nothing wrong with smart Meters. Cannot understand why you are all complaining. Only annoying thing is when they give you and estimated bill as they are too busy to read the meter.

    • smart mum says:

      How deluded are you? There is much you don’t understand…

      • Anonymous says:

        Smart meter lover is not deluded. It probably has nothing better to do. I bet you it doesn’t reply. It sound like a meter reader or smart meter installer or someone from the other team.
        We are the better team.

    • Tanya says:

      Hello? Smart meter lover, do you know anything at all about smart meters? The real reason we had smart meters forced upon us was so the power distributors could sack all their meter readers and add to the long dole queues and people competitng with us for a scarce job. If you have one of those whizz-bang ‘smart’ meters, it is not supposed to need to be manually read.

      Smart meters automatically transmit your electricity consumption via radio frequencies that travel via your body to the power distributor. So your smart meter doesn’t work very well if it needs to be manually read. Or are your electiricty distributor’s staff so stupid they can’t figure out how to get automatically transmitted consumption figures that are already in their system from their system to your bill? Who is your electricity distributor?

    • Anonymous says:

      Smart meter lover, isn’t it the meter readers job to read the meter? The meter reader gets payed for reading the meter.Enjoy your smart transmitter let us know if you do get cancer and other health problems.How can you be too busy to read the meter? As for complaining, you are complaining as well.
      Maybe if the meter reader did not stand outside my gate looking at the gate for a whole 60 seconds he would of had time to read the meter. The signs on my gate can be purchased from Bunnings. So if you went to a fast food restaurant and the person at the counter told you they were too busy to serve you and you could just lick the scraps up of the floor, would you? After all they might be busy as well.
      What about if you were sick, is it okay for you not to be treated because the Doctor is busy?
      We can complain all we want, it is called free speech. I am not a slave, maybe you regard yourself as one. If you want to be a slave that is your choice.I am glad you love smart meters, as from what i have read the radiation can do some serious damage.

      Are you a meter reader? If you are and you don’t read the meters then you will have to refund our money and hopefully get fired as well.We also have the problem of discrimination. If you read one person’s meter and not another this could be seen as discrimination.
      We also have bullying added to the equation.It is physcological bullying to refuse to read the meter, especially when we pay for this service. Psychological bullying carries penalties like jail time.
      Enjoy your possible cancer causing device and keep an eye out for any lumps.

    • Anonymous says:

      Smart meter lover, smart meters need friends as well. You can be that friend. I don’t mind estimated bills they are usually pretty accurate and the meter readers that i have spoken to over the years have been nice people. Can’t understand why you are complaining either.
      You be the smart meter’s friend, they don’t have many friends. If the meter readers are too busy to read the meters, What else are they doing? The job description says meter reader, which means that they read the meter, which means that the job requires you to read the meter. This means that the job is actually reading the meter.
      I saw an ad in the paper for meter readers. The ad stated that you had to read meters. If people keep on getting estimated bills and the meter reader has access, then i can see an inquiry.
      Also, if i have to read my own meter than i will require payment. Then the meter reader won’t have to worry about being too busy, as they won’t have a job. They can get a job scraping roadkill of the highway or picking up rubbish.

  101. Tanya says:

    Further to Steve’s comment below, Telstra has joined the power companies in further saturating our environment in radio frequencies. Not content with the destruction of our health via smart meters, Telstra has recently upgraded their network from 4G (900 mhz) to 4GX (700 mhz) for greater penetration into what was supposed to be the privacy and safety of our home. Some people are already feeling the effects of this upon their health, others are yet to ‘enjoy the benefits’ of 4GX in their home and inside their body!

    • Smart meter sufferer says:

      On the 14th January our internet dropped out. It took three days to get it back. I was informed by Telstra that there was a National outage. Immediately after it was reconnected I started to feel most unwell -usual EHS symptoms headaches, nausea , muscle pain, burning sensation. My son developed severe palpitations. I complained to Telstra who admitted that they had done some kind of systems enhancement!! They said I would have to take my complaint to ACMA, which I did.
      ACMA said that as long as Telstra hadn’t breached the code, there was nothing they could do.
      Suggested I speak to ARPANSA or my local MP!!! Typical usual runaround.

    • sue says:

      Yes Telstra has been here too!!…Kiama 2533

      To All You People Who LOve Our Kids .

      There is the opportunity to attend “Rights in a Crowded Classroom .”
      5.15 pm .

      Please attend and see if they will be stopping the microwave radiation program in our schools soon .?

      Minnie ,

      Love your comments .


    • sue says:

      Fellow Human Beings ,All Animals ,Plants and Living Beings.

      I would like to declare “smart” the new “dumb and dangerous”.

      After a near fatal exposure to EMR in June last year I have researched and researched to work out and understand why and how this has happened..

      I would like to share some very profound information I found on WHY the STANDARDS are being BREACHED …..contrary to our illustrious “Smart” officials who state it is .

      Language is meant to be used to communicate and exchange and for understanding .

      The “language ” that has been “deployed ” such as “wi-fi” “wi -Max”,’Hotspot” “smart”…”HPWREN ” …”GWEN” has been engineered to purposfully decieve and misinform. These acronim,s contain deadly technology that Gov /Political parties have allowed to prolificate in our country, our communities,our homes AND worst of all our SCHOOLS .

      Oh industrial /military …why would they let us know.


      But much worse is all of this is the SILENCE ……..

      Our medical system is a failure.

      Our welfare system is a failure

      Our legal system is a failure

      The Australian Gov is in contravention Human Rights ,Disability Rights and Unicef Rights of the Child.

      To coninue roll out “smart ” meters is criminal to remove hardwired phones in homes and “trick ” families into blasting families with 2.4 ghz wireless modems is disgusting.

      Another issue that could be causing more “EHS” symptoms is “silver iodide” that is being sprayed in our skies . If anyone knoiws more about this pls inform as Casa have no idea,EPA does not deal with anything that comes out of the back of planes and so on and so on. (South Sydney been sprayed continuously since NOV 14)

      I urge everyoneone to start refering to yourselfs NOT as sensitive but recieving “sublte electric shocks ” as I was told by Curtis himself. The enviroment is polluted .

      Read Curtis Bennets very clear and simple language on ELECTRICITY……….


      His websites has much more wonderful information.

      Also the most distressing and disgusting peice I have read so far…….

      To all the people I watch on a daily basis place their phone to their head and talk for long periods of time …..if you only knew!!.

      To all the mothers who give their kids a mobile phone/device for their safety /educational purposes ….if you only knew.

      To all the people who have been “bestowed the “precautionary principile” but have no idea!!!…..if you only knew.

      My Nokia which I have for emergencies is in the drawer with nil credit.

      And there it can stay.

      I am done.

  102. Steve Huppert says:

    While we all (umm, maybe not all but a growing number) become more aware of the dangers of Wi-Fi with issues being raised with baby monitors, smart meters, Wi-Fi in schools etc., ignorant Telco industries are brazenly charging ahead with ever increasing strides to provide more and more Wi-Fi intro our environment, all in the name of business convenience.
    Read more here…
    It seems that while we are fighting a grass fire on one front, a raging forest fire is getting out of control behind us.
    What say ye?

  103. Anonymous says:

    While we all (hmm, maybe not all but a growing number) become more aware of the dangers of Wi-Fi with issues being raised with Wi-Fi baby monitors, smart meters and Wi-Fi in schools, ignorant Telco industries are brazenly charging ahead with ever increasing strides to provide more and more Wi-Fi into our environment, all in the name of business convenience.
    Read here…
    It seems that while we are fighting a grass fire on one front, a blazing forest fire is getting out of control behind us.
    What say ye?

  104. Margaret Woodland says:

    Glenda says:

    I have a friend who suffers greatly with EHS and I believe that everyone will suffer changes to their bodies even if they don’t feel it yet. For this reason, and many others, I have refused the installation of a smart meter on my 1/2 acre property by following your instructions and putting the appropriate signage on my gate.
    I AM ABOUT TO LEAVE MY BELOVED HOME and extensive gardens to take up residence in a retirement village not far away. I’m happy to say that they have their own analogue meters and have no intention of changing them to smart meters.
    All the properties around me are 1/2 acre or more and there are lots of trees and a mountain to interrupt signals. My neighbour on one side, and also the one behind, also do not have smart meters and have the relevant signage and locked gates and/or meter boxes.
    I have a locked solar powered automatic front gate – very effective for keeping any unwanted visitors out. Also my meter box has a padlock with windows to read the meter.
    The Heathcote Junction train station is a 3 minute walk to the end of the street. The Vline train takes 50 minutes to get to Southern Cross Station.
    The primary school is close by and there are school buses to serve the various secondary colleges in the area.
    MY HOME IS NOW LISTED ON THE INTERNET and you can get all the details, plus a plan of the property and a VIRTUAL TOUR through most of the house and garden at:
    or you can search: 34 Station Avenue, Heathcote Junction.

  105. Tanya says:

    According to this article
    there has been falling demand in the national electricity market since 2008-9. And yet Victoria and other states are being told that we must all have smart meters because they enable us to reduce our electricity consumption because there is an inability to produce enough electricity to go around. The article also states that power generating plants are being shut down without any impact being felt upon consumers! Mind you, you have to question whether a trial shut-down between July and September is an intelligent way to find out if there is enough electricity to run all those nasty air-conditioners that the power companies want to take control of.

  106. Peter says:

    Now we see the real benefit(?) of so called ‘smart meters’. Distributors are now talking about putting their own ‘tax’ on air conditioners! Next it will be fridges, freezers, kettles, so on and so forth. They intend to ‘tax’ all our house hold white goods! If you have a surveillance and control devise (they call them ‘smart meters’) in your home, take my advise and ‘USE YOUR BEST ENDEAVOURS to get rid of it, distributors can only impose this tax by using their surveillance and control devise!!!!!!!!!
    The burning question is, can a private company impose a tax on its customers?

  107. geoffrey says:

    another great interview from prof barry trower on dangers of smart meters from 54min onwards

    Open Your Mind (OYM) Radio – Clive De Carle & Barry Trower – Oct 5th 2014

  108. geoffrey says:

    WiFi Kills – Barrie Trower on UK Column 19th Sept 2013

  109. Happy Dissenter says:

    Happy New Year’s Greetings refuseniks!!! Here is a NYE article by Karen Collier about smart meter fines.

  110. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    Hydro-Quebec worker breaks into house to install “optional” smart meter.

  111. Maud Crossing says:

    Adelaide becomes dangerous wi-fi hotspot. The Victorian government is wanting to upgrade – free Wi-Fi on trains and extend free Wi-Fi to further saturate microwave radiation in Melbourne.
    As yet Adelaide does not have smart meters but with the added curse of smart meters in the CBD areas of Melbourne people will be copping huge doses of unescapable radiation 24/7.
    One wonders when common sense will prevail and the increasing trivial use of wireless technology will be arrested.

  112. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    Rather biased Wireless Baby Monitor story from Channel 7 News last night……Tuesday 2nd Dec 2014.

    Dr Mark Gregory RMIT Senior Technology Lecturer says in the report, “Australia has very conservative guidelines”. Really? Belgium, Switzerland and Russia have conservative guidelines. Australia and USA’s Wi-Fi exposure levels are off the charts!

  113. James says:

    Hi all,

    I have only just discovered this Page, and am extremely interested in learning more.

    After reading a number of posts in relation to the smart meters and Rf signals , I have a few questions in relation to the symptoms experienced that I hope a few of you can answer.

    1>What leads you to believe the smart meter, and to a greater extent Rf waves are causing your symptoms? Over many years we have all been exposed to radio waves from Am and FM radio, cellular waves including 2g,3g and 4g internet, Wi-Fi routers and hotspots (including our neighbours, as well) and many other Rf emitting devices. Which of these technologies do you believe caused the symptoms? When did they first start?

    2>Do all Rf signal frequencies cause you to feel sick, or do only some? Do some cause a more severe re-action, If so, which frequencies cause the re-action?

    3>With the prevalence of Rf technology in today’s society, it’s almost impossible to not be exposed to these waves throughout the day. Do you constantly feel sick due to this?

    4> Have you consulted a doctor in relation to these symptoms? , The symptoms often listed coincide with several physical and mental health conditions. It would certainly be a good idea to get a check up before assuming the issue related to Rf waves and taking advice from the internet. If you have consulted a doctor, what was there opinion?

    5>Do you have any experience with radio and networking technology? Do you have an understanding of how each wireless network type works, as well as Rf signals in general? If not, what lead you to believe that Rf signals are causing this issue? Have you consulted with someone with direct knowledge in this field?

    6>Do you currently have any devices in your home that emit Rf waves?

    7>Is there Any steps you can take to releave symptoms?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      James thankyou for your Inquiry into effects of Rfs. Your questions sound like they come from someone in the industry. My answer will be as brief as I can. Yes I have a sensitivity to EMR. This was realised when I came into contact with a device that stated it emitted EMR. Symptoms were; severe heart palpitations, nausea, loss of balance and headaches. Symptoms subsided when device was removed. The more I am exposed to Rfs, the more sensitive I feel. Yes I have consulted my Doctor who agrees that my symptoms are related to EMR. Advice was to limit exposure. I feel being close to the source has the greatest impact. This is just common sense that science supports.
      This happened before the rollout of smartmeters in Victoria.
      Since this has happened, my sensitivity has definitely increased. I find it very uncomfortable to spend a short time in electrical appliance stores when shopping, and in designated wi-fi areas that I was unaware that they were. Please believe this is real and not just in our heads. Science is on the sufferers side.

    • Minnie says:

      Dear James,
      Why don’t you contact ARPANSA for this information as you are asking for personal information from a total stranger.
      Why did you not leave an email addressif you wanted this personal information? Why do you want personal information?
      People that are genuinely sick from RF radiation are probably trying to find out what is actually causing it.
      It is easy to blame everything on mental illness. Haven’t humans been doing this for thousands of years?
      If you are just a little bit different or unique you might be a witch, warlock or the Devil himself.

    • Minnie says:

      One more thing James, your local Doctor does not have the expertise to diagnose this condition. You would have to got to an Environmental Health Clinic and have lots of tests.
      Also no test exists which can prove or disprove that radiation is the problem as we are all different.
      You can try contacting the Victorian Department of Health they will refer you to ACMA.
      ACMA does not deal with health issues they will probably refer you to ARPANSA. ARPANSA don’t give out health advice, they are scientists. You can then badger the Department of Health. They will probably refer you to the CEO of ACMA.
      You can then write to the CEO of ACMA. Good luck getting a reply. Then you can start all over again and go round and round or you could be sensible and try to avoid anything that you believe is making you sick.
      TO POINT OUT THE OBVIOUS? Good luck James getting information from the departments I mentioned.

    • Minnie says:

      If you really were interested in learning more then why did you say.” It would certainly be a good idea to get a check up before assuming the issue related to Rf waves and taking advice from the internet”
      So are you interested in learning more or are you just going to make your own assumptions? What would be the point of giving you any information when you have stated that people should get a check up before assuming the issue related to RF waves and taking advice from the internet.
      You can’t take advice from the internet you can only read it. Research it yourself and decide for yourself what you believe. We all did the hard work, now you can as well James.

    • sue says:

      Dear James,

      Electrical induction of a human being is illegal.

      Thats why we have Electrical Engineers.

      Thats why Electrical systems are designed and well insulated

      Thats why we do not let our kids put their fingers in power points .

      Electrocution can kill.

  114. Ashley says:

    Victoria’s Power Sell-Off: The Shocking Truth

  115. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    Could be a most worthwhile event to attend. Monday 17 Nov. 7pm – 8.30 pm Sandringham.
    Digital Health: Information evening on the safety of wireless devices.

    More info below:

  116. Gwen says:

    Australia is not a lucky country.. Worse now because we are almost owned by overseas investors and manufacturing almost gone. Ed Gannon, Editor for Weekly Times, told ABC that Victorian dairy producers about to sell to China. Put that in your cup of tea and drink it. I dare you.
    We are not the Lucky Country or Team Australia. We’ve been sold to the highest bidder.
    Andrew Robb is set to announce the signing of the Trans Pacific Partnership. If you thought we are in a nightmare now, just wait. I don’t expect this to be posted but I had to say it. We are up the proverbial creek, with a totalitarian Captain at the helm. People must fight back.

  117. Happy Dissenter says:

    I thought this was an interesting story. “72-Year-Old Grandma Blocks WiFi and Mobile Signals from Her House with Special Paint”

    • Snowy says:

      If you live long enough, you get to see the same cycles of ignorance. This woman who has painted her home is one of the few who seems able to be aware of consequences. All electronic devices emit frequencies which are extraordinarily vulnerable to all manner of wireless interference, frequencies subject to deflection, to absorption, to neutralization.
      In much the same way that activated charcoal is used as an antidote to poison, or radiation, or a bee sting, so too is carbon paint one way to absorb radar radiation microwaves blanketing a neighbourhood or town or city or globe. All over Europe this is what people do, they use this same paint to create safer bunkers.
      Wireless radar is readily neutralized by the right kind of suppressor. It can be degraded or even cancelled out by other conflicting frequencies, or absorbed by benevolent carbon paint – That would be the exact same evil carbon which is at the same time demonized climate appocaholics who almost all use cell phones and have smart meters while they invite the use of carbon taxes to plunder those around them.
      Wireless radar can also be filtered by home made Faraday cages made of uncoated metal insect screening with absolutely no gaps in it, placed so as to surround “smart” transmitter receiver devices. Cheap, easily replaced.
      Frequency conflict has always been well known in the world of electronics. The purpose of ordinary coaxial cable is to shield the frequencies running through the cable from frequency conflict caused by differing frequencies outside the cable. Your coaxial TV or internet cable has better protection than your brain does.
      All forms of wireless are radar reframed as fun. Radar violates all sustainability laws. Yet no one tries to shut it off, which is not impossible to do.
      Wireless radar addicted family, friends and neighbours collectively expose everyone they claim to love to second hand radiation every day. Instead of being with their loved ones, they are only there physically. Meanwhile they stay conveniently and continuously “connected” to those who are absent, those who are not even there.
      Imagine the absurdity of it, using radar to be umbilically hooked up 24/7, in order to carry on frivolous conversations of no consequence, while using radar of great consequence.
      Those trapped in the trendy fashionable wireless matrix might or might not care, even if they understood this, were they not so addicted to being “absent” from the present.
      As it is, each person who thinks it is essential at all times to be voluntarily “connected” to the radar operated wireless global matrix seems unable to understand how dangerously selfish this behaviour really is, since their choices put at cumulative, continuous grave risk every other person they claim to care about, or like, or perhaps don’t even know, be it the boyfriend microwaving his brain on the other end, or the newborn nearby whose a baby monitor is augmented and sends radar even farther than the usual 1000 feet, or be it the elderly in a wheelchair whose head is right next to the invariably leaky radar microwave oven intersecting with the teen cell phone and the wifi modem.
      That said, a cell phone or modem or laptop is readily subject to premature death the minute it happens to drop into any water, which is also one of the many causes of smart meters fires, since condensation inside a cheap plastic cover is water, and since water and electricity do not mix.
      A smart “meter”, which of course is not a real time measurement meter at all, is at best just a very cheap and readily malfunctioning computer, virtually all of them made in a couple of factories in China. This is not an all powerful device, as anyone knows who has ever had to deal with repeat cheap computer glitches and failures. In fact most computer geeks find it amusing how easily smart “devices” end up disabled or hacked or dead.
      Wireless is bad stuff but it’s not all powerful, its effects are not inescapable. The catch is this: Most people refuse to co-operate with one another to legally neutralize this radar en masse. So because everyone else uses wifi and cell phones and ignores the transmitter receiver sited on their own homes which utilities pretend is only a meter, that means that instead, for this woman and for countless others like her, it becomes unnecessarily expensive to use a suppressor or whole house carbon to neutralize the microwave radar effects from all those other wifi radar frequencies around her home.
      Yet it is vital to neutralize this stuff, as well as to protect against damage, malfunction and failure of our own bioelectrical beings, not to mention medical implant failures, insidious slow lobotomy, incipient cancer or heart attack or diabetes, etc.
      Disease is potentially delivered everywhere by wireless radar, largely because people lack empathy. In the short run it might seem easier to be in denial, to remain ignorant of the consequences of invisible wireless radiation. Thing is, this way each person is more easily picked off, one at a time, BECAUSE they do not care, at least not until it is their own turn to become affected, sick, or worse.
      The truly sad aspect of this is that these frequencies are able to sicken those with no choice, every youngster and creature, every pet not able to identify that they are being harmed.
      At least this woman who radar proofs her home by using carbon paint does not care what the ignorant masses all around her think. At least this elder has the sense to use a radiation monitor to make the invisible visible and apparent. But what about every infant, child, or elder in the care of clueless adults? They have no place to run or hide.
      Whether anyone is lucky enough to be like this 72 year old woman, able to feel the early warning signs or not, the science is very clear, the lab results for immediate negative effects from weaponized microwaves cause the same kinds of results. The whole body acidifies. The cells clump, starved of oxygen and nutrients. Mental acuity drops as each person’s IQ begins to decrease and as memory clouds over. Teens hooked on wireless in ever larger numbers are showing classic signs of early dementia since their exposure is constant. Wireless of every kind sets diseases of all sorts in motion, for humans and for all nature thus exposed.
      There is a couple in BC Canada whose neighbour forced them to build high reflective fencing. The neighbour with aggressive wireless complained to the “officials” that this radar deflection fencing was unattractive. However, it turns out that the by-law officer said as long as it was within the setback, it was fine.
      What this woman who has painted her home is actually doing is using one of many survival tools to adapt to the telecom industry and her utility’s use of weaponized frequencies, as well as her neighbours’ use of weaponized wifi and cell phone. Crazy, isn’t it? At enormous cost to herself she is forced by others to protect herself from the ignorance of those others all around her. So public ignorant indifference comes at enormous cost to herself and everyone else.
      All over Europe and elsewhere this same anti-radiation carbon paint is used to shield homes are now reduced to bunkers in which to try to hide from the invisible weapons used in government and corporate wars against the populace.

      • Radiation is no joke says:

        It is sad that humans are this selfish and too blind to see the reality staring them in the face. So quick to judge others who happen to know more (maybe using that thing called a brain) than them.
        If you have done the research and others have not, then at least you are aware of the bad stuff – why live in denial? Having said this though, I’ll admit to being blind-sided by the awful truth of an evil agenda I never knew existed and forced to adapt into some sort of survival mode for the rest of my days on this earth.

  118. Peter says:

    We all really need to read this and make our feelings known, (make a submission) it seems to me that the government wants to relinquish all responsibility regarding the way corporate business operates. To me, appendix A, terms of reference, makes this very clear, its all about removing restrictions to business accountability. There is very little concern shown for the roll-on effects for the consumer! The government still seems to be under the illusion that energy consumers are better off because of ‘privatisation’ and ‘competition’, I cannot think of one industry that has seen any prices fall because of ‘competition’! On the contrary, the only ‘competition’, is to see who can get away with charging the highest prices!

    Click to access Competition-policy-review-draft-report.pdf

    Another item worth reading is this:

    Why? because it is discussed in the above ‘competition review’. Midata appears to hold all your information regarding all aspects of your life and it seems it is available on line! The UK version is ‘voluntary’, but that still means the data is stored somewhere and vulnerable to cyber attack.


  119. Anonymous says:

    While UK consumers pay as little as £11 a year for the cost of their smart meters, Australian consumers are getting totally ripped off by companies such as SP Ausnet ( 70% Asian and Chinese government owned) who charge hundreds of dollars a year for this useless technology.
    Read the BBC report below;
    Installing smart meters in every house in the UK will save consumers “only 2%” on their annual bills, a committee of MPs has warned.
    The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) said that, on average, consumers will save just £26 a year.
    MPs also warned that the technology could be out of date by the time the roll-out is complete.
    The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) said smart meters will lower bills and make switching easier.
    Installing the meters – which begins in earnest next year – will cost £215 per household, or £10.6bn.
    Customers will be charged an annual amount on their bills to cover the cost, peaking at £11 a year in 2017.
    The £26 annual figure would be the net saving, after the installation costs have been taken into account.
    “Despite consumers footing the bill, they can on average make a saving of only 2% on the average annual bill of £1,328 by the time the roll out is complete,” said Margaret Hodge, the chair of the PAC.
    “Even this is conditional on consumers changing their behaviour and cutting their energy use,” she added.
    The Committee also said that some of the technology is likely to be out of date by the time it is installed.

  120. Peter says:

    In my last submission, I referred to the Electricity Customer Metering Code 6.1. Has anyone on this site made this request? If so, what was the response? If not, why not?

    • Peter says:

      No response, hmmmmmm, the distributors are not going to offer to change your meter. You are going to have to make them comply with legislation, just as they expect you to!

  121. Peter says:

    Back before the last Victorian election, Michael O’Brien was one of the biggest critics of the AMI rollout. Within weeks of the Liberals coming into power, O’Brien became one of the biggest supporters of the very system he had been decrying only weeks previously! He blamed ‘contracts entered into by the previous government’. Now just before the next election. We have the same government signing up for a tunnel which few people want, will flatten the homes of many Victorians and is still subject to a court case! This government is doing exactly what they blamed the opposition for 4 years ago! They are committing the people of Victoria to a contract which will cost dearly to cancel. Once again we are being held ransom to a contract which will be very costly to get out of. What exactly are these contracts? Neither the government nor the contractors are likely to tell us, just as O’Brien never told us what contracts he was referring to when he refused to listen to the people of Victoria regarding the cost blow out of his AMI rollout from $800, 000,000 to $2.8 BILLION and still rising. Are we about to see the same thing happen this tunnel project?
    It is now quite apparent that the AMI has nothing to do with ‘carbon reduction’, the so called ‘smart meter’ uses more electricity to operate, it has a computer which stores data, remote switching capabilities and a radio communications system which operates 27/7, even if the customer is not charged for this usage, (pigs might fly) it still uses the power. (So SOME BODY WILL pay for it)
    The AMI was supposed to ‘reduce the cost of electricity’. So far, all the customers have seen, are power bills soaring! The savings were supposed to be passed on to the customer. Even if the costs are reduced later, you can bet that they will never come back down to the pre rollout times.
    There is another problem arising with customers simply saying, ‘stick your grid system where the sun don’t shine’ and going solar. This will cause huge losses for the distributors who have been told by the Victorian government incorporated, to invest in these devises which will cost the investors dearly. If I am correct, I believe, that the government will have to do something to prevent these investors from losing money. What that will be, remains to be seen.
    Read ‘The problems’ bit on this link, should we be afraid?

    • Gwen says:

      Peter, these contracts sound like the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) which is an agreement from the Government, to pay corporations/businesses for losses sustained due to Government changes to legislation/policies.
      Hence the rollback of subsidizing solar power.

      • Peter says:

        Spot on Gwen, I believe this is why the government refuses to make distributors comply with Electricity Customer Metering Code 6.1(b) and (d). A customer can request A DIFFERENT TYPE of meter the distributor would otherwise install, (a) and (b) they MUST USE REASONABLE ENDEAVOURS TO INSTALL THAT TYPE OF METERING EQUIPMENT WITHIN 20 BUSINESS DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        They threaten to cut off supply of a customer who refuses a ‘smart meter’ because of none existent laws, yet refuse to make distributors comply with existing laws! How corrupt is that?!

  122. Peter says:

    A damn site cheaper way to ‘monitor your electricity use’ than ‘smart meters’!

  123. Peter says:

    Why are governments so corrupt and determined to get these surveillance and control devises installed? I believe it is to gain more control over we the people and remove all our rights to any form of true democracy.
    It now appears that Queensland is about to follow Victoria’s’ lead and wants to sell off its ‘public assets’. Queenslanders beware, do not allow your assets to fall into the hands of profit hungry foreign corporates who are hell bent on squeezing every last dollar out of your pockets by fair means or foul, backed by your government.

    • Happy Dissenter says:

      Watching this terrible brutality made me feel sick. I’ve tried to follow up what happened with the man and his family. Can you update what you know, please?

      • Tanya says:

        I think I heard recently (probably from Josh at Take Back Your Power) that the law suit against these people was thrown out.

  124. Happy Dissenter says:

    Interesting current article in UK Telegraph about smart meters over there. People are wising up to them seeing them as the scam they are.

  125. Ross Holder says:

    I recently sold a smart meter free home in the Frankston area. Prior to settlement we attempted to get the gas and electricity meters read by Origin for the final bill. We were told that the electricity meter could not be read on settlement day because meters were not read on Fridays. After a few phone calls to the distributor (United Energy) it was established that the retailer (Origin) could in fact read the meter on a Friday, and all that had to happen is that someone at Origin had to get off their fat backside and submit a work order to United for a final reading. When confronted with this snippet, Origin agreed to read the meter.

    We were paying the electricity by installments and surprise!! About two weeks later we received a ‘missed installment’ notice. By this stage we had already received FOUR final bills for the gas supply…. also from Origin!

    After getting the Ombudsman involved it was reported back to us that the meter had allegedly been read remotely on settlement day.

    As stated, there is no smart meter at my previous address. The meter box has been locked for years and hopefully the new owners still have it locked.

    Why am I bringing this to your attention? Hopefully with the upcoming election People Power Victoria will win a few seats and initiate an investigation into not just the bungled smart meter rollout, but also into the underhanded and corrupt bastardry of the electricity industry as a whole, and give the Ombudsman real power instead of just being a puppet of big business.

    I now live in a rural area which suffers power outages when the wind blows above a breeze and may not be reconnected for 48 hours. Of course it is not Spaznet’s fault (ie SP Ausnet), it is an ‘Act of God’ or some such rubbish, and they tell us they can’t control the weather. They can control the reliability of the infrastructure. I will bet my bottom dollar that electricity supply was much more reliable 20 years ago.

    Corporations are squeezing every dollar they can out of once publicly owned infrastructure without paying for adequate maintenance or upgrades. Smart meters are part of this plan… and these greedy parasites won’t be happy until there is rolling power rationing as found in third world countries.

    Hopefully PPV will address these issues, and fix the farce, incompetence and inefficient bureaucracy we endure today, and give back what every consumer wants…. what they pay for.

    Things need to change before it gets worse.

    • Happy Dissenter says:

      Thanks for sharing the sad story about the corruption and manipulation that still exists with the power companies. Well done buying a normal home too.

    • Genevieve Sommers says:

      Try and make a phone call to the Australian Energy Regulator. You will be connected to the ACCC. If you want to speak to someone from the Australian Energy Regulator, you are required to leave your details so that they can contact you supposedly within 48 hours though I have been informed that sometimes contact is not always made within 48 hours and sometimes not at all. And when you are contacted in writing, there is no name of any actual person that is supposedly making the communication to you. What sort of elusive organisation is this ? Virtually uncontactable and with unidentifiable personal and appearing under an ACCC front end banner and who supposedly are the one’s “regulating” on energy charges including the latest submission from the power utilities applying for the Regulator’s blessing to commence charging those very people whose human rights they have utterly violated. You just wonder if all these organisations including the ACCC, the Regulator, the power utilities and the government(s) are all part of what may be just one big corrupt corporate mafia here in Australia.

      • Ross Holder says:

        As it turns out, this story has a happy ending. Origin was found to be telling porky pies to the Ombudsman (ie Origin said they read the meter ‘remotely’ when there was no Smart Meter on the premises) and Origin has waived the bill for the final quarter prior to settlement. The Energy and Water Ombudsman have earned their keep on this occasion…. but don’t forget that we had to stand up for ourselves before we got to here.

      • Minnie says:

        I received a letter from the AER, the person just gave their first name. If you only give your first name or no name you can’t identify them so they get away with whatever they write.
        At the start of the smart meter rollout these people would of been quite happy to give their full names out. Things have changed now. They realize people know their rights and could possibly be looking at legal action in the future.

  126. Tamara says:

    Has anyone noticed that SP Ausnet are trying to increase the metering charge next year by 30% !

    In 2008 the cost was $78 per annum to read the meter manually ( ), now next years it’s going to be $230 even after all these years of increased Smart Meter Costs. We need to reject this, Singapore Power should pay for their own technology mistakes.

  127. David says:

    Here’s something which may be of interest to people.
    A fellow with EHS, is setting up a Radiation Free Refuge/Community in Country Victoria – for EHS sufferers. He’s asking for interested people to contact him ASAP.
    Here’s the links –

    Click to access bruce-evans-australia-ehs-refuge.pdf

  128. Peter says:

    All you customers with a ‘surveillance and control devise’, ask your distributor:
    Why is your electricity use recorded in half hour intervals? Most customers are billed every 3 months, so all the distributor needs to bill you, is the TOTAL amount of electricity you have used during peak, shoulder and off peak, for the quarter!
    I believe the data being collected by these devices is contrary to Privacy laws.

  129. Gabby Walker says:

    Today Select Solutions (SP AusNet) came to read the meter. He rang the door bell. Said he needed to get into the meter to attach an electrode to read it. I said there is a window there for reading the meter and that is the way it has been read. He said “no it has been estimated only” I replied no it has been read through the window and it corresponded with what was on the account. He replied,” The electrode has to connect to the meter to read it , so you are refusing me access to the meter to read the meter. I will note it as refused” I unlocked the meter box to give access for the reading, but now I wonder if they have programmed the meter to fail so they have to replace it with a smart meter. Intimidating at best, ” So I will note refused access he said”. I wonder, if this is now their new tactic to by pass the window in the meter box, and force us to allow access. Who knows what tricks they are up to.

    • Minnie says:

      Gaby, the contractors that read the meters for Jemena will no longer be reading the meters after December. The job i have been told will go to Select Solutions. So my bet is that they are up to something. The meter readers that come to my home at the moment are neutral, they just read the meters and leave. Next year it will be a different story.
      But now we are aware of what is going on, we can keep an eye on them. It is good for anyone that has had a similar experience to you, to post it on the forum.
      And always go with your gut instinct, if you think something is wrong then it is.Why would you have to attach an electrode to the meter to read it? Could he not read? Did the blood leave his brain and travel to his other brain, leaving him incapacitated.

    • Minnie says:

      Gaby, one of my friends received an estimated bill a few months ago, even though the meter could be read through the perspex window. He queried this with his electricity retailer and they told him that no access can mean that the meter reader was sick that day.
      They know that more than likely people will not be home when the meter is read. They know most of us have perspex windows and have the meter box locked.This is just another game. They don’t want to be seen harassing anyone as they have been sent legal notices, so this way they can put it down to no access, Luckily you were home at the time, but a lot of people won’t be home when they read the meter.
      If they can read the meter through the perspex window then they have access. They have just changed the rules to suit themselves. This way if you get three estimated meter reads in a row, they will more than likely send a letter out stating that they can disconnect your power if they do not have access to the meter.
      They need to define what they mean by access. It is a shame you could not put the electrode on this guy’s head to see if his brain actually worked.

    • Eric says:

      If Utilities have an intention to try to send meter readers that act and behave in the same intimidating way we have seen with the smart meter installers, then the Utilities had better expect that those persons whom they send will be dealt with in the same way as an unwanted installer would be, and that will be to their own peril.

    • Gabby says:

      Further to my post of the 9th September 2014 , it appears my concerns were well founded. My bills have increased greatly from a daily usage on 9.7Kwh to 30Kwh. (gone from $300 to $800) There is no solar feed in calculated on the September or December quarter bills. It does appear that the Select Solutions staff member has re programmed the meter, so the feed-in is not registering or is calculated as usage. The Solar Inverter is still showing that it is exporting Kwh. On contacting Energy Australia, I was told that there must be a meter problem, and that it needed to be inspected and checked, you will need to pay for this. I can well imagine the outcome. “you need a new SMART meter” and then the forceful tactics to put a smart meter in place. Any suggestions.

  130. geoffrey says:

    any chance of and up date on class action being taken and also why facebook is still down please??

    • SSMA committee member says:

      Geoffrey, please use the email address for SSMA under the ‘Contact us’ tab and we will answer your questions. For others watching this space, don’t hold your breath on the Facebook issue being resolved any time soon.

    Free download of Notice to power companies to remove & replace smart meters with analogue. You have the right to issue a legal notice re Non Consent to radiation, surveillance and trespass.

    For those fortunate enough not to have a smart meter YET
    Issue a PUBLIC NOTICE to the CEO of the power company (copy of the notice is the bottom of the homepage at

  132. geoffrey says:

    gear to cut down dirty electricty in melbourne, you just need around $1000

  133. Mario says:

    This new smart meter Wi-Fi technology for energy utilities is being deployed all over the world. By studying our habits, building profiles about us, they believe they are able to guide our decisions towards automation to a profitable target. Welcome to the Internet Of Things.The industry leads, but much more prominent are the financiers, those that impose debt slavery to governments, powerful weapons to their agenda success.

  134. Anonymous says:

    Smart meters and asbestos.

    If you pass this link to your electricity distributor, CEO, members of board, their main shareholders they should become interesting.

  135. Josh says:

    NBNCo are trying to install a 30m microwave tower a few hundred metres from our family back yard in small-town NSW. We didn’t ask for faster internet, we live here to be away from these toxic technologies. We are not just petitioning for our yard, but for everyones, as they have the option to use fibre-optics. Please consider signing our petition, we need support on this. Thank you.

  136. Sick Of Their Lies. says:

    Informative podcast on “smart” meters from “Off The Grid News”.

  137. geoffrey says:

    here a great new doco on health effect of dumb meters with no viewing fees

  138. Anonymous says:

    Please, people, send letters to

    And DEMAND from then that your life and property are SAFE. Ask them to comment on it:

    And remind them “secure” Smart meter in used in Victoria. And we paid for it almost DOUBLE price:

    And not allow them to get away with this! If no answer – sent them reminder again and again!

  139. Snowy says:

    Please note:
    Whether it is a mobile/cellphone, a wifi router, a walkie talkie, a baby monitor, a portable phone, an alleged smart meter or any other wireless device, the second your data becomes wireless, as of that moment you no longer own nor have any further claim of ownership over your own private data.
    Once the data enters or leaves the wireless device at all it has become a wireless transmission. Legally, the owner of the data, has relinquished ownership rights by use of wireless devices and has no jurisdiction over the air.


    A list of demands to expect of any alleged installer, temp employee, technician, electrician or other etc:

    Provide written proof of the following:

    – full name
    – proof of ID and ID badge and number
    – license plate number
    – name of company/corporation with which installer is affiliated
    – name of installer’s own insurer
    – written proof of installer’s electrician and/or electrical engineer qualifications, – installer’s license
    – work order file number
    – insurer identification papers
    – name of company, policy ID number, and proof that the installer s in possession of insurance papers from insurance provider for installer’s own personal errors and insurance and/or liability insurance
    – a signed disclosure fro the utility co-signed by the installer that the installer is fully aware of and fully liable for any and all hazards and risk associated with performing a hot swap under live load and for all subsequent damage to the homeowner’s entire electrical system, which is inherently electrically incompatible with all wireless grid devices and the frequencies they generate and enable.


    The list of demands to expect of the CEO of the utility, to be provided in the form of written information sent to the customer by registered mail:

    Submit in writing a request for the utility CEO’s own personal written assurance that they will assume all liability and demand a guarantee signed off on by the CEO of the utility that they will provide proof in writing forthwith that:

    – this microwave bi-directional transmitter device is fully safety approved by every possible agency, national and international and every independent non industry related body able to guarantee absolute safety and insurability

    As is done in Sweden:

    – demand free of charge a professional electrical installation to be installed in tandem with the alleged “meter” and before or inside the service panel, a specifically designed, smart grid compatible, insurance approved, industrial grade whole house transient suppressor

    In this written submission request the inclusion of the utility CEO’s own assurance and guarantee that

    – the alleged “smart meter” and grid wireless frequencies will not generate nor enable the creation of any harmonic distortion nor introduce into the home system any transients, spikes, surges.
    – this industrial grade suppressor and alleged “smart meter” device are both fully insurable
    – this industrial grade suppressor is designed to smooth and neutralize all grid and device related hazards and invasive aspects of the smart grid
    – this industrial grade suppressor and alleged “smart meter” device is able to prevent damage and property devaluation from all electrical and/or wireless sources introduced by the utility into the personal private electrical system of the owner
    – this suppressor and alleged “meter” meet the standards for and will protect all house contents and structural components from all related frequency interference and harm, invasion or violations, biological and otherwise

    Demand in writing within this guarantee that this device and the frequencies it generates and enables are in every way insurable because they are 100% electrically compatible with
    – the meter base
    – the service panel
    – the circuit box
    – all uninsulated home wiring
    – all firewall separations
    – all electrical codes
    – all building codes
    – all occupants
    – will not compromise or void homeowner insurance,
    – pose a fire hazard
    – corrode the meter base metal
    – cause the temperature of any component of the home’s electrical system or the meter itself to change/increase, overheat
    -insurable for full safety from all future malfunction, risk, fire hazard, property depreciation, privacy invasion, or potential to compromise health

    Be certain to demand a written guarantee that this is not a wiretapping device.

    Ask the utility CEO to include in this written assurance that the device’s SMPS (switching mode power supply), its antenna(s), its radio transmitter(s) and Zigbee chips inside will not
    – cause any physical or data or electronic interference whatsoever with your own biological bioelectrical system, your electrical system, your appliances, your electronics, your firewall separations, the current structural specification of your home which were not designed for microwaves

    Make certain that the CEO of the utility can give written assurance that this device will not
    – violate any rights
    – invade privacy
    – share information
    – undermine health
    – frequency graph
    – remotely control the customer’s service panel,
    – analyze, network, or broadcast wirelessly private customer data or metadata outside the alleged “measurement” device
    – collect, remove or rebroadcast into the air the customer’s personal data and metadata

  140. Faye Brown says:

    I was wondering if anyone else has received the latest letter from United Energy. I received mine on Friday 25th July. The general thrust of the letter is thus:
    Re: Non-Complying Meter

    United Energy has written to you previously …..(blah blah blah)
    The AMI mass rollout programme ended on 30 June 2014. We were unable……(blah blah blah)

    Your existing meter is no longer compliant with the metering standard in Victoria. This may impact your power supply in the event that your meter is damaged as the result of either a network outage or a localised fault.
    In the past we have supplied you with information outlining the benefits of installing a smart meter. This includes UE’s ability to identify and manage network outages more efficiently. As you do not have a smart meter installed, should an outage occur at your property UE will not be immediately aware that you are off supply. Therefore we will not be able to utilise the capability the the AMI network to identify and rectify your restoration in the same manner as other customers.
    If you encounter a fault with your existing meter that leads to it requiring replacement, either through a localised event or as the result of a network outage (e.g. a voltage variation) UE will be unable to restore your power until a smart meter is installed. It is the Victorian Government’s policy……(blah blah blah)
    United Energy is proud (blah blah blah)
    Please contact……(blah blah blah)

    I’m still working on my reply to this.

    • Minnie says:

      This is a contract or offer Faye, you must reply. If you don’t, they will state that you agree to their terms and conditions. The easiest thing would of been ,not to open the letter and send it back within 72 hours unopened. Write return to sender on it and have it photocopied as proof that you have sent it back. Get the Post Offices staff to stamp it first and then photocopy it as proof.
      Faye remember last summer, all the blackouts were in areas where they have smart meters. Look how long it took them to put the power on. it took hours, they are full of crap.
      You might want to remind them that the contract you have with your retailer, specifies your home will be supplied with power and if it is not then you are entitled to compensation. You might also want to tell the Distributor that there license states, that they maintain the poles and wires and other equipment. It is their equipment and they have to keep it maintained and working, otherwise they are in breach of the license they have.
      You might want to tell them that if they attempt to install a smart meter against your wishes, they will be trespassing. You might want to tell them to cease harassing you.. You might also want to point out that their are penalties for harassment and bullying.
      It is the distributors job and responsibility to supply and distribute power.. A power outage has got nothing to do with what kind of meter you have, they still have to fix it. Make sure you reply to them.

      • Faye Brown says:

        Yes Minnie you are quite right and indeed I will be replying. Interestingly, the last couple of notices from UE were addressed to my husband rather than me. Initially the correspondence we received was to the Occupant, then after I corresponded back to them and sent harassment notices etc the correspondence was addressed to me. Suddenly it arrives specifically addressed to my husband. I assumed they must have contacted the retailer, thinking that the electricity account was in his name. But I’ve just rechecked to find that MY name is the only one on the bills. All I can think is that a good many years ago when United Energy had one of it’s offices in Bentleigh we were indeed a retail customer of theirs. They must have gone through their archives to get his name!

        Also I do remember the blackouts and in fact I think I took a screen photo (if that’s what you call it) showing date and their reason for the outage and approx time the power would be restored. Did several of them. Might reprint them and incorporate that into my reply…….

        • Anonymous says:

          Faye this is illegal and criminal behavior. The advice i have been given, is that we should all be complaining to the people that give them their licenses and tell them that this letter is illegal and criminal behavior Lots of letters telling their bosses, what we think of this behavior.
          They need their license revoked, we should all be complaining, whether we are with United Energy or not. A complaint also needs to be sent to the Energy Minister and Shadow Energy Minister. While you are at it send the same complaint to Naptihine and Abbott.
          They are hoping to trick your husband Faye. If they don’t want to maintain the poles and wires then they are not fulfilling their contract. Electricity is an essential service, so they have basically stated that if a comet falls from the sky and hits the power line they will not fix it, unless you give in to them.

        • Cameron says:

          Faye, another thing regarding the retail account.
          There the account mailing name but there is also an account name for the person deemed financially responsible. Also there are the names of anyone else designated to be an authority on the account that the retailer will deal with over the phone.
          That’s one scenario.
          The other scenario is that these little boys and girls will target whomever in the household they deem to be the most vulnerable member.
          Jemena especially are experts at this.

        • Snowy says:

          One approach a person may or may not want to use for common law/contract law refusal of consent to contract.

          Prepare your own slightly larger envelope which is to be addressed to the CEO of the utility at the utility’s Head Office address.

          (NOTE: This Head Office address may not be the same address as the return address which is on the utility’s envelope containing the offer to contract Notice sent to you, so be certain to not use that address, as it may only be a P.O box address)

          On the document itself write in red ink on the diagonal in all caps on both sides of the document:


          On the utility envelope place a white sticker over the address area if it is addressed to you as the customer (versus a cellophane window)

          Write in red ink across the white out area, on the diagonal in all caps:


          Write beside the return address area:


          Make photocopies of the originals you are returning – to keep for your own files as proof.
          Ask for the photocopies date to be date stamped by the post office.
          Fold the Notice and fold the envelope and stuff each separately in your own envelope which is addressed to the CEO of the utility at the Head Office address of the utility.
          Send by Registered mail.
          Be certain to get your registered mail receipt date stamped for your files.
          In a few days go on the postal website and use your tracking number to determine the day that the envelope you mailed was signed for.
          Download the postal receipt certificate of proof which has on it the utility’s signature and the date of receipt of your registered mail envelope.

          • Snowy says:

            Consider also sending the CEO a Claim of Right for defence of property and for retention of your analogue/electromechanical meter itself. In most Commonwealth countries operating under English law a COR is the highest law of the land. Check your criminal code to see if this applies for your jurisdiction.
            Demand to see a copy of the Act that mandates this deployment.
            The key question to ask anyone from a utility is this: Under what authority is this program operating?
            Check to see that the document has been given royal assent by the Queen, not by a clerk.
            (Hint, the Queen will not have signed on for this kind of uninsurable liability)
            No royal assent, no law.
            No law, no mandate.
            No mandate, no authority over you.

    • Ainsleigh Needham says:

      More legal entrapment from UE ? Or more toilet paper ?
      You can see how they really scratched their heads to put this latest piece of $H1+ together. Follow it through. The logic is absolutely flawed.
      “network outage (eg. a voltage variation)”

      A voltage variation ???

      I suppose they thought that it sounded technical enough to stupid people like us.
      They are just throwing any $H1+ at people to try and make them cave in.

      I wonder whether they will actually attempt to sabotage their own grid. I think that would land them in some very hot water and I would love to get my hands on the proof to burn them.

      This is the extortion card all over again. No smart meter no power……if your analogue meter has been damaged in an outage. So what do they suggest….get a smart meter now.

      Here’s their offer to fix the problem (huh ? what problem ?)
      Please contact us on 1300 650 887 between……convenient time….exchange….meter.
      Yep…..the usual.

      No thanks.

      Make no mistake about this. If there is a power outage they are obliged to restore power regardless of whether AMI is in place or not or they will be in big trouble.

      Keep your meter boxes well and truly locked you Peninsula folk and all others too.

      I think sending them a Notice at this stage would be good because there is so many things that we can fault (and default) them on including the very notices that they send.

      Oh, better let you in on a little secret. My analogue meter has survived many many years of so called “network outages” or “voltage variation” (for goodness sake) incidents.

      Object to the offer and keep your meter box locked. And tell them that any further correspondence is not to occur and constitutes harassment…because what you will find is that once you engage with them they will continue to engage with you and attempt to entrap you with their web of BS and you need to be able to see through it to be able to deal with these parasitic leeches.

      If you understand the difference between non fiction and fiction then you will understand what part of the library to go and look for United Energy’s latest literary endeavour.

      And Kristina Thompson was the one roped in for the deed this time. Anything for a dollar sweetheart. Doesn’t she realise what the repercussions for her could be in putting her name to what I allege to be a blatant act of extortion upon Victorians ? (and legal entrapment)

      Please, folk do not allow $H1+ like this to get to you. Remember, nothing has actually changed other than that you have been served with an offer to contract in which silence works in the favor of them making the offer…… least according to the commercial law that these parasites go by.

      • Rachel says:

        According to Linked-In Kristina Thompson’s current position is the Business Performance Manager at Jemena. Clearly United Energy and Jemena are twin sisters living under the same roof.

      • Faye Brown says:

        “I wonder whether they would attempt to sabotage their own grid”
        Funny you should mention that Ainsleigh. We received the letter Friday and Saturday evening we had what you could describe as a minor ‘power surge’ causing the power to flick off for about 1 second. Too minor to lose power completely, but it happened twice that night. Guess what we were thinking?! Hehe!

    • Ainsleigh Needham says:

      This sounds like their offer to you to provide a remedy for what is a fictitious scenario that they have quite obviously conjured up out with their devious minds.
      It’s actually quite laughable when you see them attempting to describe it in trying to put it over you.
      And guess what the remedy is ? Correct, it’s the same old remedy, get a smart meter.
      Just more harassment by post being carried out with impunity. Harassment by post does carry penalty of two years imprisonment.

    • Anonymous says:

      They know that they can’t say we’ll cut your power off if you don’t get a smart meter so they now say we won’t turn your power back on if there is an outage.
      That’s flawed logic UE, in fact a complete crock.
      And then they try to cover the criminality of this their act of making an EXTORTIVE demand by stating
      1. Applicability of this extortion to a scenario of outage damaging the old meter (never seen that before)
      2. Inability of theirs to switch the power on (total bollocks, the power is on if there is a wire going into the premises)
      3. Inability to switch the power on because of inability to do it remotely (again bollocks, when there is an outage, power just needs to be restored to the pole. We know they can’t switch the power on remotely and neither can they switch it of remotely. Power to the premises itself that has a proper electricity accumulation meter and not a carcinogenic radio transmitter can only be switched off manually and can only be switched on manually.

    • Minnie says:

      Faye, look up the distributors license and use what you can. Postal harassment is a crime and carries penalties, so does harassment.
      This is part of United Energy’s use of system agreement.
      The Retailer wishes to sell electricity to Customers at Supply Points within
      the Distributor’s Distribution Area
      The retailer sells you electricity not United Energy.
      Distribution Licence
      means a licence granted under section 19 of the EI Act to
      distribute and deliver electricity using a distribution system.
      Interruption means the planned or unplanned temporary interruption of the
      Supply of electricity to one or more Supply Points, but does not include

      Reconnection or restoration of Supply
      (a)Subject to clause 6.5 (b) the Distributor must reconnect and restore Supply
      to the affected Customer’s Supply Point.
      (1) when required to do so under the Electricity Law, following
      Disconnection or Interruption;
      They have to abide by the Electricity law, they are not above the law.

    • TL says:

      My perspective is this letter from UE is a load of nonsense. When did they ever access our meter when there was a power outage? The meter has got nothing to do with restoring power. They still need to send out a team to fix the fallen power line or whatever.

      They will know the power is out because your neighbours kindly allowed them to install a smart meter on their houses. You don’t have to be Einstein to realise that if No. 2 Main St, which has a smart meter, has no power, then it is highly likely that No 4 Main St, which has an analogue meter, probably also doesn’t have power. Power outages usually occur to large sections of the suburb, not just the houses with an older style meter.

      And if they are still too dumb to figure out where the power outage is occurring, then I’m sure us people who were smart enough to keep our analogue meter will let them know.

      Frankly, I’d be more concerned about power outages if I DID have a smart meter. Remember that incident in the Geelong area about 1 1/2 years ago where there was a power outage, then power was restored, and a house in that area subsequently burned down, killing the male inhabitant? That house apparently had a smart meter which the power company rushed to replace. Would that house have burned down had it had an analogue meter?

  141. W Fromoz says:
    I updated my web-page, it has new address now. I try to create some kind of manual with information about Smart-meter related issues.
    And, of course, there is a legal information in case you want to get rid of it.

  142. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    Apparently there was a news report yesterday, of a house fire in Oakleigh, definately started by a “smart” meter, so said the MFB. I haven’t been able to find anything about it online. Does anyone else have a link to this story, or further information? Seems to have gone very quiet.

  143. Anonymous says:

    It is free. I think it is good idea to come and listen. He may give us some useful tips for class action.

  144. Anonymous says:

    Yesterday Energy Minister Russell Northe finally understood that he cannot keep pretending that everything is fine with smart meters so he promised one more test.
    And before even the start of the test he was able to predict the results: “smart meters will be shown to operate well within the ARPANSA standard”
    So he still has no idea (or pretends to do so) about EHS and that the Standard is not applicable to people who suffer from it!

    To ensure he will not be able to tell in future “I had no idea about EHS” I propose everyone write him a letter and give him this link:

    Contacts for the minister:

    You can read more here:

  145. Peter says:

    This was raised on the tv news last night, smart meters in your cars? More control for the government? TOU car tax? Invasion of privacy? Democratic right to say no? Where have we seen all this before? I dare this, this hat has just been thrown into the ring to see what reaction they get. No reaction? They will assume they have a ‘mandate’ to go ahead with this idea!!!!!

  146. Happy Dissenter says:

    Good luck to Frankston candidate Mr Vogt ( anti-smart meter opponent ) in the upcoming state election.

  147. Peter says:

    Who didn’t see this coming?
    What worries me is, what the government will do to prevent this happening! Foreign investors have put a lot of money into the AMI and they expect to make a profit from their investments.

  148. Anonymous says:

    I asked my distributor (outer SE Melbourne) about HAN, NAN and mesh networks. Answer is very interesting. 40 sec per day. I do not have equipment to check it.

    It is message from my distributor:

    SP AusNet do not use HAN or MESH networks; SP AusNet use a wireless telecommunications network called WiMAX to transmit data directly between the customers’ smart meter and SP AusNet.  WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) uses low-level radio frequency to communicate directly with each smart meter. Radio frequency levels from WiMAX technology are well within Australian guidelines, governed by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA).  The maximum RF EME level from the WiMAX base station services has been found to be less than 1% of the allowable ARPANSA General Public Exposure limit.

    In addition, the smart meter signal on SP AusNet’s meters is only actually active 4 times a day, for about 10 seconds at a time. The rest of the time the signal is dormant; it is not operational and does not transmit. This means any radiofrequency exposure is limited to around 40 seconds a day.

    • Sick Of Their Lies says:

      “Well within Australian Guidelines”. We all know about the standards.
      Standards that were published back in 2002, (over 12 years ago), that were bogus anyway.

      The ARPANSA RF Standard is based on known thermal heating measurements of body tissue. Although, ARPANSA state in Fact sheet 13, “some research has indicated that non-thermal effects resulting from low-level RF exposure may also occur. However, the existence of these effects and their implications has not been sufficiently established to allow for them in the Standard.”….How convenient!
      The current safety limits do not take into account any non-thermal biological effects that may arise from prolonged or accumulative exposure. This means that any biological changes to the body other than heating are not taken into account.

      The use of WiMax in regards to a smart meter rollout, is a world first.
      The technology is untested.
      Currently, I don’t believe SP Ausnet’s WiMax network is even switched on as yet, due to the technical issues associated with it.
      Wi-Fi has a range of around 30 Meters.
      WiMax can communicate to a tower 50 KILOMETERS AWAY!!!
      The increased range is due to the frequencies used and the power of the transmitter.
      Don’t for one second, try to convince me that this is safe, no matter how long it is turned on for each day.

      This is nothing more than a massive, dangerous, science experiment being conducted on the Victorian public, with no way of knowing what effect this technology will have, short and long term on the people of Victoria that fall within SP Ausnet’s customer base, some 680,000 customers in Eastern Victoria.

      We should all be very concerned.

      Please see:

      • Anonymous says:

        Anyone lives in SP Ausnet area? What radio smog meter tells? Radiation 24/7 or 4 times per day?

        • Sick Of Their Lies says:

          I’m an SP Ausnet customer. Took a reading from 2 neighbour’s meter boxes and the level is nothing (0.0012 mW/m2 at the meterbox). The meter’s red light is on and the digital readout is flashing away, but it’s obviously not communicating from what I can see.
          In comparison, the Origin “smart” meter on my friends holiday house hit an incredible 1827mW/m2, 5 times in thirty seconds, if you can believe that. The actual reading is more than 1827mW/m2, but my meter cannot read beyond that figure.
          I know……..”well within Australian Standards”……..What a joke!

          Back to SP Ausnet:
          However, if they do only communicate for about 10 secs at a time, 4 times a day, it’s pretty hard to check that, as I would need to be there, at the meter box, at the exact time it does communicate, to read the level.
          This is almost impossible to do, unless I knew what hours of the day the communication happens, for that particular 10 second transmission period.

          I’m pretty sure the “smart” meters in this area aren’t communicating at all.
          I’ve checked a number of times over the last year or so, on a number of properties, and never got a reading.

          There are people in my area that have had “smart” meters on their homes for over two years or more. If the “smart” meters aren’t communicating at the moment, most of my neighbours probably aren’t feeling sick at the moment, because the WiMax most likely hasn’t been switched on as yet. However, when it does eventually get turned on, when they do start feeling ill, they won’t suspect the “smart” meter as the cause of their sickness, because of the fact that they’ve already had the “smart” meter on their home for the last couple of years, and always felt fine. They’ll suspect everything else, but the “smart” meter.
          This I believe is a cunning, sneaky trick by the distributor to confuse the issue even further, for when the public all start getting sick.

          Why is there no information readily available, that tells us what going on with SP Ausnet’s rollout?
          Is the WiMax currently turned on, or is it off?
          If it is currently off, when is it being turned on?
          How strong is the level?
          What exact frequency is being used? Is it 2.5GHz, 3.5GHz, 5.8GHz, ?
          How many times does it actually communicate each day?
          At what particular hours of the day?
          For exactly how long?

          In the interests of our families and friends, short and long time health,
          We have a Right To Know, about the technology we are being exposed to on a daily basis.

          We Are Told Nothing!

          Do you really think SINGAPORE Power give a damn about the health of their 680000 customers, across the ocean, down in little old Victoria, Australia, over 6000kms away from Head Office? SP Ausnet know all too well, that they are very carefully operating within the current (but outdated) Australian Standards set by ARPANSA, and simply wanting to extract as much money from us as they possibly can, for as long as they possibly can, by whatever means they can “legally” get away with, without a care in the world for our health, privacy or security.

          We are simply collateral damage in SP Ausnet’s sick, twisted, barbaric science experiment, that can only end badly for ALL parties involved in this diabolical mess.

          • Anonymous says:

            Looks like SP Ausnet did not lay me about using smart meters only 4 times per day. As I understand WiMAX working – 4 times per day, up 40 sec. Compare with United Energy it is nothing.

            Anyone wants to ask SP Ausnet about plans for HAN network?

            May be they have no plans at all. There is a chance they installed Smart meters to save salaries of Meter Readers and it is all.

            • Peter says:

              Distributors claiming they only read your electricity use 4 times a day are deliberately misleading their customers, yes, they may take YOUR readings 4 times a day, but where ever a ‘mesh system’ is used, the meter is constantly communicating with other meters in the area, this is why; if you take a ‘smog meter’ reading, you will get a reading every few seconds

            • Tamara says:

              SP Ausnet’s HAN plans are in disarray. According to a company that sells In Home Displays less than 60% of the physically installed (so-called) Smart Meters are in fact communicating with Singapore Power’s head office, refer

    • Max says:

      Why would you ask the Distributors any questions? Do you think they tell the truth? If you believe them, then that is your choice. All smart meter emission’s were found within ARPANSA’S 2002 standard. This does not make them safe. Sixteen sites were tested and some had no measurements. Still think they tell the truth?

    • Snowy says:

      Why recycle utility lies? Such nonsense is easily disproved, by anyone using a hand held radiation monitor which readily measures illegal dangerous levels of continuous, cumulative pulsing radiation surges and spikes, every few seconds 24/7 from ALL smart grid components.

      Hugh Hinskens, a Canadian Electronics Engineering Technologist with a B.Sc. in physics and a background in microwave circuit engineering.
      According to experts, the switch mode power supply (SMPS) contained in millions of ‘smart’ meters (but not their analog predecessors) has essentially ‘polluted’ the electricity coming into our homes with high frequency transients. Which means at the end of the day, there is no “opt out” when the “smart grid” is being deployed in your area. Even with no RF microwave wireless antennas, a “smart” grid of SMPS-equipped meters can still threaten your health.

      It’s not that each individual power supply is more powerful, but rather because every smart meter is of exactly the same design and construction, each SMPS is emitting the same spectrum of harmonics, which are all in phase with the 60 Hz of the power grid and therefore in phase with each other. For consumer electronics, including desk top computers, which have SMPS’s that are higher power, the variety of manufacturers, designs and components in their construction prevents the constructive interference (due to phase coherence) of identical harmonics which manifests with the identical smart meters.

      Also, consumer electronics are plugged into a single branch of a house’s wiring system, so the distance to other branches is longer, allowing more dissipation of the energy from the single branch before it reaches the other branches in the same house, or back into the main grid. The meter is at the root of the branches in the house, so each branch acts like a separate antenna for the harmonics, causing a more well distributed field throughout the house. And because the meter is right where the grid is connected to the house, it’s closer to its peers on other houses, allowing a shorter path for the coherent pulses to combine with other meters’ pulses.

      The total energy of the harmonics from the consumer electronics is likely higher, but an analogy would be that their emitted harmonics are like a dim light bulb that’s on virtually all the time with frequencies spread out more homogeneously, while the smart meter harmonics go from low energy to high peaks at particular discrete frequencies like a bright strobe light. I would think that this coherent pulsing is the cause of the greater negative effects attributed to smart meters.The wiring of every house in a neighborhood is an antenna system transmitting these pulses throughout the neighborhood.
      The Tacoma Narrows bridge disaster is an example of constructive interference in a harmonic system of mechanical energy resulting in a combined energy that caused total destruction, a possibility which escaped the engineers because they only analyzed individual harmonics occurring in isolation. The harmonic emissions of smart meters were not likely analyzed in a real world scenario with thousands operating at once.

      • Anonymous says:

        House wiring cannot be used as antenna for UHF. Results will be terrible. Poor quality of signal and need for a lot of power.
        My Smart meter has antenna on side of meter box. Beige colour plastic, about 250mm long, 30 wide, 15 high.

        • Peter says:

          Is the antenna attached to YOUR meter box? Could be construed as wilful damage if it was done without your consent and against your will?

    • Minnie says:

      You do have equipment to check, stand near the smart meter and see what happens. Your best equipment is your body, especially your brain. Let us know if your brain starts to cook.
      Do they have Nan networks? I thought this was a type of bread.

    • TL says:

      And if WiMAX can communicate to a tower 50 kilometres away (as Sick of their lies says) then that cancels out Sp Ausnet’s reassurance that the smart meter communicates only 4 times a day for a maximum of 40 seconds daily. You are being irradiated also by your neighbour’s smart meter communicating for 40 seconds per day, plus their next door neighbour’s meter, plus the entire town just a little further down the highway.

      My ability to think clearly has been destroyed by my neighbours’ smart meters just within a 50 METRE radius of my home in a mesh/grid electricity network, but by my calculations, that means you only need 2,160 buildings with a single smart meter within a 50 kilometre radius for you to be potentially irradiated every second of the day.

      Anonymous, how safe do you feel now?

    • Minnie says:

      Anonymous, who are you trying to convince, us or yourself?

      • Standing up for my rights says:

        Anonymous is a patsy/ troll/ paid employee of the bad boys. Ignore.

        • Anonymous says:

          I provided information and asked question from anyone who has equipment to check it. I trust in equipment, not letter from Ausnet.

  149. Peter says:

    re UE backflip, read their ‘vision and values’ to see what hypocrites they really are!

    Personally, I think they have taken a few lessons on ‘transparency’ from our ‘trusted’ pollies, who make all the right noises before an election, then do the opposite after they get elected!

    • TL says:

      Peter, in the interests of honesty and transparency I have given my assistance to UE in re-wording their vision and values more accurately below, based on observation, not written promises. After all, we wouldn’t want to go into an election without knowing what we are voting for.

      “We are focused on our immediate business priorities of building our reputation with some stakeholders, completing a smooth progression to a service model that better suits our needs, imposing risks on the customers only and ensuring unfair returns to investors.
      Together we are working hard to satisfy ourselves and build a business that returns value to some shareholders and is respected by government and regulators as a kowtowing operator.
      We’re thinking about what our customers will want from energy in five, 10, 20 or 50 years from now when they’re all dead from smart meters. As The Non-Intelligent Utility we will give our customers access to the deadliest technology and the most corrupt network, with a priority on efficiently railroading the smart meter rollout and on building our reputation by meeting current and future government requirements.
      Our customers and stakeholders have highly unmet expectations about the level of service we provide, and are alarmed at the focus we have on distributing unsafe and unreliable energy, the value we refuse to deliver for them and how we ignore their needs, individually and as a community.
      These expectations are reflected in our values – safety breaches, unaccountability, refusal to collaborate, lies, disempowerment and disrespect – which guide us in everything we do.
      Safety – We seek to achieve maximum harm
      Accountable – We deliver on our promises to look after ourselves only
      Collaborative – We work at working together to kill Victorians with smart meters
      Communicative – We take the time to connect amongst our colleagues only
      Empowering – We grow ourselves and the government to success
      Respect – We act with integrity to no-one”

      • Peter says:

        Sounds more accurate to me than the original!

        • Gwen says:

          Yes TL, what you have written sounds like the TRUTH regarding the power companies view of their customers. The best way to determine if something is true, look at it in action because actions speak louder than words.

  150. Snowy says:

    Ever wonder how the industry made the implausible leap from the falsely represented safety of cell phones to the never proven safety of smart meters?
    Welcome to the SAR dummy.
    Who is the real dummy when it comes to the SAR dummy?
    The SAR dummy would make Barnum and Bailey proud. It has no biological properties. It is deception at the highest level of stupid.
    A phone is attached by a harness to a plastic head at a predetermined angle of incidence that means nothing since the cell phone is not connected to any number of towers for every single call, in the way that a real one is.
    When someone uses a cell phone they create a giant field all around themselves that is often 30 feet or more across – or worse. all in aid of the illusion of a false sense of connectivity with those far away while at the same time exposing everyone nearby to second hand radiation.
    Generation X-Ray loves it.
    The SAR dummy, SAR (Specific Absorption Rate), is the term for a hollow head made of plastic gel.
    Unlike you, it has so biological properties. This absurd joke is on you. Those who use this dummy to pretend cell phones are safe do not even try to have the dummy simulate any biological properties – no nervous system, muscles, brains, eyes, ears, teeth, saliva glands, lymph nodes, throats, thyroids or hearts, etc.
    Notice that by calling the dummy a SAR dummy they use an acronym which stands for SPECIFIC ABSORPTION RATE. This is an admission by those charged with overseeing global “safety” from cell phones that they have Specific Radiation as well as radiation Absorption risks.
    However, the SAR pretext and the resulting research makes certain to only discuss what is defined as measurable “thermal effects” on a plastic head which uses water as a substitute for human brains, with a thermometer immersed in this slowly heated water which is inside the SAR gel head’s hollow interior.
    Some justifiably call this the SAR Soup-head dummy.
    Causation of smart meter harm is not difficult to prove. Non thermal effects right down to the lowest possible exposure can be shown by the correct application of specialized thermographic refinement, as a way to observe how the lowest artificial electromagnetic pulses “cook” biological tissue.
    The true function of the SAR dummy is to distract, not to clarify. Apparently it is rather easy to mislead non critical thinkers by employing such retrogressive non science, redirecting the observer away from the obvious, which is actually that the industry is pretending to measure just how MUCH absorption of a toxic substance is “safe”, while at the same time fooling the public into accepting the premise that continuous and cumulative exposure to radiation set below a certain level could ever be “safe”.
    This is rather like arguing that a slow cooker low heat crock pot which takes 12 hours to cook a meal would be safer to use for cooking your brain and body than would be a regular oven which takes only thirty minutes to cook the same meal. The end result is the same, only the time line differs.
    Which begs a larger question. Why is it easier than ever to mislead so many?
    In situ is a Latin phrase that translates literally to “on site” or “in position”. It means “locally”, “on site”, “on the premises” or “in place” to describe an event . Actually, even though the cell phone used in the SAR test is not in situ, no cell towers to be found, nevertheless the existence of the SAR dummy head unintentionally serves as an industry admission that the capacity for wireless microwave harm does exist. Of course the dummy is designed to reassure, not to reveal..
    Cargo cult science refers to practices that have the semblance of being scientific, but do not in fact follow the scientific method.
    Inadvertently, the SAR dummy head serves as the ULTIMATE proof of just how a false sense of safety is generated by the cel/mobile industry using cargo cult science to establish a sham, by pretending that this represents a global gold standard for safety.
    No test has ever been done for the smart grid – until VERY recently. A VERY significant smart meter test was done by an independent frequency measurement company in New York, measuring smart meters in situ. It was found that the tests registered dramatically dangerous levels of radiation, in fact way off the charts, as soon as every smart meter in situ registered the network intensity created by interaction with all the invisible frequencies enabled by and emitted from all other smart meters in situ in the region.
    The smart grid is a communications network.
    It incorporates the cell industry into the grid.
    The more people demand wireless phones the richer they get.
    Sadly most still have no real comprehension of the true danger level.
    Meanwhile, those who are able to “feel” the heat, to feel themselves cooking, are dismissed as either psychosomatic or psychiatrically compromised.
    Entire cultures are now becoming nomadic in search of frequency-free quiet zones, a hopeless task akin to Sisyphus doomed to roll a boulder uphill forever. Frequency induced suicide is on the rise.
    Multiple cell towers are pulled into play every single time any cell phone is turned on by yet another oblivious person who harms all around them without a second thought. Yet even cell phone frequencies are drowned out by the smart grid and cell towers used for both phones and meters are all excluded from the SAR dummy test,since the dummy head is sealed off by putting the gel head inside an anechoic chamber.

    Stunning how the world fell for this. Just how did so much of the world acclimate so readily to the concept of using microwaves, as if this was a perfectly reasonable thing to use in a home, much less on or near one’s own and one’s children’s bodies?
    The transition into microwave immersion in a wireless radiation laced world is not as mysterious as it seems. Most got there incrementally. It might begin with the radio, the one you used to increase the signal for by touching the antenna and thereby turning your whole body into a broadcasting antenna. Or maybe there was that Christmas purchase of a walkie talkie set able to broadcast 3/4 of a mile. Next thing you know you have a portable home phone with a channel changer built in, just in case someone hacks into and can hear your conversation on the unlicensed channel you happen to be using to broadcast your phone conversation. And then there is that upgrade when you learn that a portable phones are made in sets, with wireless secondary phones that talk to its base station from all over your home, while they all radiate non stop. Not a large step to go from this to a wireless modem and a laptop, since each wireless device insinuates itself into “modern” life in stages. Gadgets are seductive even when they are dangerous and even when the one with the most wireless toys wins – but dies sooner.

    • Snowy says:

      Back to the SAR dummy, the one they use to fool nearly everyone into believing that this wireless world is safe no matter how far wireless proliferation goes. The SAR dummy is used as the SOLE standard for the entire world for “safety” of all wireless cell based technology – and is approved by the IEEE – a board comprised of the military and those who own the cell industry which pretty much runs the world, three times more powerful than Big Pharma and growing fast thanks to wireless addiction spreading like a virus all over the planet – even though wireless actually gobbles way more electricity.
      So the industry uses a plastic head to tell the Big Lie that you are safe because the water inside the gel head definitely got hotter but not while using actual cell towers. It was deemed to have not actually overheated by one full degree, meaning they only cook your head a little – EACH TIME.
      Okay, so …
      Who falls for this kind of scam?
      People use wireless without a second thought because they cannot feel it altering their bodies. It is making bright people stupid, and since it triggers accelerated ageing it is also making young people age much faster, rapid die off along with wireless addiction. But for some reason almost no one notices, including most of those affected.
      For some reason, millions of otherwise intelligent people still don’t “get” what is happening here. The shell game is to have everyone think the level of exposure is low, even though it is in fact accumulating continuously inside your brain, heart and that of your infant baby.
      The “standard for the entire planet is this: The dummy has to be placed inside a chamber so as to do a test without interference, which is pretty ironic since the way a cell phone works is by accepting just that, interference from triangulating cell towers. But it is deemed essential for the SAR dummy head to be able for this test to escape from electrosmog. Would that the rest of us were so lucky.
      So this means that the SAR dummy is not actually connecting to cell towers when they test it. They use other means to heat the water. Just as long as the water inside the SAR dummy head does not reach a full degree hotter, then it and you are deemed to be safe.
      Knowing that the head honchos for the military and the mobile industry are stacked six deep on the board of the international IEEE which uses the SAR standards because, of course, they are only interested in looking out for your well being, do you feel safer now?
      You are told that the SAR “proves” that it is just fine to continue to plaster a wireless microwave emitting flesh cooker against the side of your brainpan in order to use several cell towers to tell your mate that you are on your way home for a microwave “cooked” dinner.
      The oscillating magnetron is the heart of any microwave oven, produceing a 2450 MHz frequency which converts 60 hertz voltage from your outlet into microwave energy which denatures food by generating radio frequencies as heat which radiates RF energy inside the plastic cooking cavity which is absorbed by food. Thing is, the food is not so much cooked as it’s DNA is “altered”. The catch is that although this is also true for a regular oven, with microwaves it is no longer food. Your body is unable to recognize microwaved food’s nutritional value.
      Microwave ovens, zigbee chips and many other wireless networks operate on very nearly the same electromagnetic frequency (between 2.4 and 2.5 GHz).
      The internal workings of microwave ovens can and do develop a burned antenna caused by arcing due to back feeding microwave energy. Connectors can slip onto the magnetron filament terminals, become loose or are already improperly crimped, causing a buildup of resistive heat as the connection further deteriorates. A tiny burned spot on the magnetron insulator, after each each subsequent cook cycle progressively produces stronger arcing and burning. A very powerful electrical charge remains stored inside the high voltage capacitor, even when the malfunctioning microwave oven is unplugged and “stored” away, even when disconnected from your electrical system, still dangerous, especially if the capacitor is still not completely discharged.
      The microwave oven remains unquestioned (except in Russia where they are banned), ubiquitous despite the fact that it is a dangerous appliance. It produces RF much like a radio transmitter in a smart meter.
      Being exposed to high levels of microwave radiation leakage can cause cataracts and burns. A large leak from a microwave oven can light up an RF emitting fluorescent lightbulb held in your hand. A leaking microwave EMI gasket causes sparks to fly off a set of metal keys held near the door.
      Microwaves corrode metal so ovens are usually made of plastic. Plastic wears, cracks, warps, gets dented and bent, and soon breaks. The microwave oven often leaks microwaves, either right away or within the first year. Leakage is common and can reach 30 feet or more. It’s often located above a wall oven, in line with your head, or maybe it’s sitting on a kitchen counter in line with your baby’s highchair.
      After dinner baby is off to bed. Is there an RF emitting baby monitor stretching 1000 feet or more beyond your home’s envelope – and which, like any network circuit, can be hacked? How many settle in for a few hours on the wireless modem while using the iPad or iPhone?
      How many mistook freedom for having a choice to buy every wireless device? How many never understood that the world is wired for very good reasons?
      Even some electricians have fallen for the very thing that is putting them out of work, the elimination of wiring itself, the introduction of WITRICITY, the ultimate travesty, a completely wireless home which already exists right now. Even some electricians who use cell phones forgot that there are very real life or death reasons why they were taught to safely twist home wires together, in order to cancel out fields which would otherwise be dangerous to occupants. Can anyone ignore the value of wires, ignore cell towers and smart towers radiating the entire atmosphere we breathe and cannot escape from, unaware that we are an integral part of every inch of all of it?
      But then again, we decided to trust others when this radiation was persuasively pitched as a powerful promise, a wonderful convenience. No one mentioned how inconvenient cancer is.
      Then suddenly a big question arises If this is so good, how come FORCIBLE installation of a smart meter? Caught in our own web of illusion we suddenly awaken. And are promptly called hypocrites because no one gave INFORMED consent. No one knew yet that the government is always in lag to the truth if not busy downright obscuring it, or that your private valuable data is the new gold rush, so industry and government commodified you into being nothing more than a mere data bank.
      Face it, if you’ve got sunlight get off grid as fast as you can before the utilities clean out your bank account and develop penalties for divorcing them, already in the works.
      Industry has NEVER looked out for you or me, they are tracking your phone gadget right now. So it is no wonder so many just haven’t make these connections until they went too far, no surprise that when you don’t say no to these thugs you just said yes, no wonder that technological trespass is considered doable and property rights are evaporating at top speed.
      But so be it, if this is what it takes to realize that that we are no longer the owners of our own toys, that they now own us, because they have been turned on us as data extraction tools, exposure at unprecedented levels by countless wireless gadgets on all sides, inside and outside the sanctuaries we call home.
      The reality is that there are no acceptable levels of exposure to artificial radar technology called wireless.
      Safe levels are a term that is meaningless.
      ARPANSA is in essence enabling.
      Look closely at what they are actually doing, Day in and day out people are told they can be around something that is radiation – so long as it does not go over a certain level. But that only means for that minute. What about if it is every minute? What about when it never shuts off? What happens to your body, organs, when your liver reaches its radiation limit? Who offered to forfeit your brain waves, your heart rhythms? Your children? Your gene pool?
      They and you are altered by so called acceptable levels of radar approved by ARPANSA.

      A dental x-ray is said to be “safe” by government and other “authorities” who measure the amount in one snapshot dosage in isolation to all other exposure and then deem it “safe”.
      How many dentists ask you how many x-rays you have already had in your life?
      How many give you a lead apron?
      How many non dentists moonlight as meter installers?
      How many temp labourers violate code and hot swap while they use your meter base as a circuit breaker, a current interrupter, and manage to void the safety rating for the meter base by slapping an electrically incompatible device on a conventional meter socket, setting in motion arcing and corrosion of your home wiring, while undoing your home’s insurability?
      How many installers politely ask if it is okay to install their radiation equipment in or on your home in order to leave the smart non ionizing version of an x-ray on all the time for the rest of your life, possibly arcing behind the meter when they happen to slightly bend that one jaw while rushing the stabs into position and shoving all of them into the jaws fast, to avoid electrocution?
      But what the heck, out of sight out of mind, right?
      Smart grid wireless utility corporations do precisely this.
      Safety for all radiation, ionizing and non ionizing, is presented by the “government” to an often gullible and uninformed public in a compartmentalized way in order to distract and deflect from the reality of what is going on and on going.
      Safety is not defined or determined by cumulative exposure despite the fact that continuous and cumulative exposure is the issue as well as to what one is exposed. .
      Nor is “safety” determined by continuous exposure.
      Wireless is both cumulative and continuous.
      NO matter how low the level of exposure, that level is cancelled out by the fact that the radiation is always “on” and is both cumulative and continuous exposure.
      This approach to rendering the world wireless uses one situation at a time, uses entrapment on your doorstep, and disregards all other sources of wireless while it gets people to only focus on one here or one over there, one on my house, forget about the one on yours or his or hers. This is a web with a giant spider at its centre.
      That spider has got to go.
      In reality, every time any frequency intersects with any other frequency the two create a third new frequency.
      It is literally the wild west out there, lawless and unregulated and sheer madness.
      Biology is assaulted continuously by those who cannot feel their DNA shredding.
      When it comes to SAR safety, consider the source, one has to look closely at who or what is talking about it.
      Governmental health agencies used to use the phrase “acceptable levels of lead”.
      However they also said there were acceptable levels of thalidomide.
      Erin Brockovich skewered PG&E of more recent smart meter fame when they denied that “UNacceptable levels of exposure to hexavalent chromium (also written as “chromium VI”, “Cr-VI” or “Cr-6”) in drinking water were being ignored. Would acceptable levels of poison have been okay
      The reality is that there are no acceptable levels of poison.
      Wireless is poison which alters and cooks biology rendering it no longer biology,. Living flesh with full bio-electrical properties was never meant to interact with artificial radar technology called wireless.
      Those who rationalize amounts of poison are already way down the slippery slope.
      An epidemic will result from those overseeing the global smart grid while saying that nature will “adapt”.
      Say what?
      Will dolphins “adapt” to sonar?

    • Dead already says:

      Powercor/CitiPower smart meter spokespersons admit that smart meters were never tested on humans. Well why are we bothering at all with safety standards? If power companies can impose a device on us that affects us 24/7 without bothering to test it properly, then let’s all drink ‘safe’ baby formula from China, and clad our homes in ‘safe’ asbestos sheet from James Hardie, and so on and so forth.

  151. Olivia says:

    I’ve been having trouble accessing your facebook site and can’t open the page any more. Is it just me or has it disappeared?

    • Tanya says:

      Olivia, there are ongoing problems with the facebook page which cannot be quickly resolved. Hope you enjoy this website in the meantime. Explore the menus to see what’s changed since you last looked at them.

  152. Anonymous says:

    Click to access analysis12-13.pdf

    In agreement with this report ASPANSA received TWENTY TWO complains about Smart meters.

    People, please move your……
    Download form
    Fill it in and post to them. Otherwise they will keep their head in sand and keep saying “no idea what’s going on”

  153. Anonymous says:

    What a great idea Ross Holder to let people on here know of properties which are available to rent or buy that have no smart meter and locked meter box etc. It could be a great service to those who visit this site who are needing to move and who wish to avoid a smart meter on the property.

    There is a older-style four-bedroom beachside properly I know of becoming available for long term rent in Anglesea on the Victorian surfcoast west of Geelong which has no smart meter, a locked meter box, and owners who are committed to keeping it without a smart meter. The house is on the edge of a state park with only two close neighbours so I would assume exposure to wifi and smart meters from neighbours would be more limited than in the middle of a town or residential area? The property is to be listed with Hayden Real Estate in Anglesea and I have looked up their phone number: (03) 52632133. Hope it is helpful to someone?

  154. Peter says:

    Wow! Two articles on wifi in one day put out by channel 7.
    I have to say, the first, regarding Sofia’s situation was very poorly presented, whether by intention or ignorance is debatable. I was very pleased that Sofia was able to get in, the fact that United Energy had reneged on a deal to install a manually read meter.

    The article below shows how desperate ARPANSA has become over their failure to update their standards regarding ‘modern technology’, as it appears to contradict their own fact sheet 14!

  155. Snowy says:

    The essence of simplicity – (Note: not advisable for those who are not capable of thinking strategically on their feet or are not able to take their cue for what each response should be, based o the logical absurdity and sheer nonsense spouted by the installer, nor is it suitable as an approach to be used by those who cannot follow a script)

    An Actual Conversation (only applies if the country is still under English Law and Common Law and has not yet been sold off for foreign ownership)

    After repeat refusal at lower levels a senior rep for the utility called the customer.

    An “authoritative” sounding man with a lawyerly demeanour spoke:

    Utility Rep: ” We will be installing…..(blah blah)”

    Customer: “I don’t want one.”

    Utility Rep: “We have the Authority granted by the Clean Energy Act”

    Customer: “That wasn’t given Royal Assent so your Authority is invalid”

    Utility Rep: (silence)


    Utility Rep: “We also have the Power Authority Act, and the Electric Tariff regulated by the Utilities Commission under the Utilities Commission Act. ”

    Customer: “Those Acts are also invalid since they weren’t given Royal Assent either”

    Utility Rep: (silence again)

    Utility Rep (raised voice): “Well we’re installing it anyway”

    Customer (calm voice): “Then I will launch a lawsuit against the utility, their agents, partners, subcontractors, installers, and the Province”

    Utility (quiet voice): “Okay, we’ll just leave things as they are then”.

    Customer: “Thank you….”

    No further problems.
    Transcript for a Hypothetical Conversation (in a location where the utility originally insisted that millions of customers purchase their own analogue meters)

    (sub) Contractor (installer): I’m here to change your meter…

    Subscriber (customer): What if I don’t want your meter?

    C: The Utility will fine you $65 every time you refuse…

    S: Let’s say I take your meter, will the replacement belong to me?

    C: No, it will be the property of the Utility…

    S: Are you aware that the existing meter belongs to me?

    C: Yes, I realize that…

    S: I’m supposed to give you my meter in exchange for the utility’s meter, and they claim ownership?

    C: I’m just the installer, you’ll have to ask the Utility that question.

    S: I’d like to ask the Utility. Can you come back another time?

    C: Yes, but I’ll have to charge you $65 for a failed attempt….

    S:…Are you saying you will charge me to fail to remove my own meter and exchange it for the utility’s meter? So, the swapped in meter will not be mine to keep after the change out?

    C: No, your exchange meter now becomes the property of the Utility…

    S: Wouldn’t that be considered theft of my meter?

    C: You’ll have to take that up with the Utility..

    S: So, let me get this straight – You want to replace my meter with one that belongs to the Utility, you want to usurp my meter ownership, you want to charge me $32.40 plus tax per month for using the Utility’s meter, and you want to run off with my meter?

    C: Yep…

    S: So, taking into consideration the millions of meters the Utility has already taken and then replaced, are we not talking about grand theft here?

    C: You’ll have to ask the Utility about that, … or perhaps a lawyer.

  156. Anonymous says:

    Queenslanders beware! It looks as though your government is following Victoria’s lead and is going to sell your electricity grid off to foreign investors. We Victorians have learned the hard way, that in doing so, they sell off all your rights to protection against corporate thugs!
    Without a doubt, your government will do the same as the Victorian government and give these foreign investors free rain as far as tactics go, to force the installation of these surveillance and control devices. They certainly haven’t the guts to do the dirty work themselves!

    • Happy Dissenter says:

      Just resist like we have down here. Ask the installers/ people who phone you at home from the energy companies if you have broken the law and will you be arrested?? Stops them dead in their tracks. They haven’t got a leg to stand on and they know it!!! Tell all your friends and neighbours to tell THEM to naff off. 🙂 Tell them about the support and information they will receive on this site. The reality is a tier of government is doing the biding of a private company. Pfffttt!!!!

      • Peter says:

        If Queensland do as NSW are doing, they won’t even bother to tell their customers, they will just turn up and install their surveillance and control devices.
        My advise is lock your meter boxes and put your signs up NOW! Don’t wait until it is too late!
        With Joe Hockey advising all states to sell off all essential services, it is quite certain that is what they will do, so again, I advise the people of ALL Australian states to act now, lock your meter boxes and put up your signs, this should tell your state governments you will not accept being dictated to by corporate thugs.

  157. Tanya says:

    Last night on the TV news there was a story about Chanel No 5 perfume causing allergies.

    I immediately saw the link between Chanel No 5 perfume causing allergies and the EHS issue. After all these years (92 years) we’re hearing that some people are having an allergic reaction to Chanel No 5. Bureaucrats are saying that Chanel has a duty to provide a perfume that is safe for its users. They want Chanel to remove the dangerous ingredients from the perfume.

    But after a similar period of electrification, and even shorter period of radio frequencies (I assume), people are developing allergic reactions to electricity and RF. And they don’t have much choice to not use it. They have to move to the middle of nowhere in order to not use it. So why the hell don’t the bureaucrats think the power companies have a duty of care to provide safe electricity? Is it more important to smell nice than have safe power?

    • Jason says:

      A small correction:- You don’t have to move to the middle of nowhere to avoid ‘smart meters’; you can simply refuse to have one installed.
      And at the end of the day you need to be prepared to disconnect from the grid.
      You can do this in the suburbs as well as anywhere else, and given the ever-decreasing cost of ‘stand-alone’ system components (solar/wind/whatever) such an option, while being a bit less convenient than grid-connection, is certainly viable.

      Meanwhile, if somebody has a property available ‘out in the middle of nowhere’ perhaps they’d get in touch with me with a view to selling it ~ or swapping it for a smart-meter-free (and staying that way –> solar power) house in town a little under an hour from the CBD.

  158. Peter says:

    With reference to the article on the home page which says:

    ‘A State Government spokesperson said a new technical study had been commissioned to “confirm” the electro-magnetic fields from smart metres continue to fall well within the national radiation standards set by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency’.

    This is yet another attempt by the Victorian government, to waste more time and money only to confirm yet again an issue that no one disagrees with! Of course the emissions’ fall within the ARPASA standards, those standards were written years before the roll out started and do not consider the specific effects of continuous radiation in close proximity to sleeping infants and adults, or the effect they are having on people who are now suffering ill effects from them!

    The ARPANSA fact sheet 14 makes very clear that ARPANSA is well aware of the possible effects of radiation from wireless devices, but refuse to even mention so called smart meters, preferring to compare them with mobile phones, baby monitors and the like, none of which are ‘compulsory’ nor do they operate every few seconds 24/7!

    The statement doesn’t say who will be doing the study, no doubt it will be some one with a vested interest in the continued roll out, or some one ‘under the governments thumb’, either way they government will get the report it wants, it certainly will not be ‘independent’!

    If the government were genuinely concerned, (obviously they are not!) then they should be looking at statistics showing where people are falling ill in relation to where these devices are installed and how many became ill after the installation of one of these devices, this would surely be a more accurate indicator of whether they are a health issue or not?

  159. Eric says:

    A comment from a poster on another website regarding smart meters.

    This is NOT a “meter. It is NETWORK MANAGEMENT AND COMMUNICATIONS EQUIPMENT NODE, as well as containing 3 transmitters and a semi lethal SMPS. In fact what we think of as a meter is not a meter since it is only capable of virtual estimation of usage based on ambient energy in the vicinity and beyond and since it shares all data with up to 5000 other non meters. all linked into one continuous circuit, Historically, that is a first and violates all kinds of laws and amendments. So this is a data extraction single node in a data extraction communications separate second wireless grid communications network (not to be confused with an energy delivery system), a microwave enabling and generating node that uses your home and uninsulated wiring and money to run a system which privatizes data profits for corporations and socializes structural and all other costs and losses – to “customers” . It is an assault on private property rights in multiple ways.

  160. Truthseekers says:

    Why has Sophia been left without power for 3 months without someone taking this to A Current Affair for example and making public her battle??? Is this too hot a topic and would they even dare air it???

    • Peter says:

      The sad fact is, mainstream media don’t want to get involved with any major issues concerning ‘smart meters’. Only the local media outlets seem to take any interest in these issues. The question is, why Is this so? Has the media been warned off by the Victorian government?

  161. Happy Dissenter says:

    The good work this site is doing is being noticed around the country. Check out this blog post about refusing smart meters in another state.

  162. Eric says:

    re. Dirty Electricity from ‘Smart’ Meters: Answers from the Experts

  163. Happy Dissenter says:

    Small mercies I suppose….take a gander at this article about SP Ausnet. Keep your gates and meter boxes locked!!!,sp-ausnet-vic-smart-meter-rollout-delayed-indefinitely.aspx

  164. Ross Holder says:

    Anybody in the market for a non-smart meter house in the Frankston area? My house is on the market and I have successfully kept my meter box locked and kept my interval meter at the property. I fear that this will change when the house is sold to sheeple who will not have the courage to maintain the fight, and will soon be coerced into a smart meter installation.

    Please understand I am not trying to take advantage of anyone. Leave a reply if you are interested. It is listed with local agents, and it will sell, hopefully to the right person. Thanks.

    • Ross Holder says:

      ….which is my concern precisely. I am sure that EMR has deleterious effects on many people, my mother being one of them. My major objection to smart meters is their potential use as a control device, which will be used to undermine basic freedoms such as Freedom of Speech.

      Picture this…. currently the internet allows dissent through Facebook, personal blogs, webpages like this one, etc. Imagine what will happen when someone finds out that you are criticising the government? BANG! They turn off your power, and the criticism stops. There is no chance that you can spread any of your ‘poisonous’ and ‘dangerous’ ideas, or that (shock horror) that other people may find the courage to think for themselves based on your example.

      George Orwell (1984) — ‘He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.’

  165. Leonie says:

    Am having solar installed today. The installer last night informed me that I need to have a change of meter and that it’s compulsory. I live in NSW. He’s not sure what brand it is – he’s sub contracted an electrician for the install. I’m wondering if this is going to be a smart meter and if I have any say in the matter i.e. is it really compulsory? Thoughts?

    • Peter says:

      As I understand the situation in NSW, ‘smart meters’ are not compulsory, in SA they are not compulsory either. No doubt they will try and tell you that you have to have one. Ask the installer what legislation states ‘it is compulsory’ to have a smart meter.
      In actual fact, I have asked these questions of the Victorian government and had no reply, so I assume they are not compulsory in Victoria either!!!!!!!!

    • Citizen for Democracy says:

      For solar you need an input-output meter, which is an electronic/digital meter (a smart meter without the wireless component). BUT, they will try and tell you that you need a smart meter. They will play on the fact that most people don’t understand the difference between a smart meter and an electronic or digital meter. They will also play with words using the term digital meter for a smart meter and vice-versa.
      My suggestion is stand your ground – do NOT accept a meter that wirelessly broadcasts your power consumption data, only accept a meter if it still needs to be manually read by a meter reader.
      Good luck and remember – smart meters are NOT mandatory in NSW.

      • Snowy says:

        Actually,no one “needs” a digital meter for solar, analogs always worked well with solar. But if you enter a grid tied contract, then of course the utility calls the shots. With electronics developing at lightning speed, it represents a huge challenge to find a “clean” rf free digital meter. This is not a search which any utility is likely to facilitate readily, since their profit margin is in data control and resales, data for its own sake, market driven as “NON PUBLIC INFORMATION DERIVATIVES” .
        These days almost every digital meter is upgradeable with the addition of “personality modules” (software) to convert them to full on “smart” whenever they want .
        The ideal would be to get out of the clutches of utility corporations, systematically pare back on kwh usage, use those savings to buy a few good quality deep cycle batteries and a gen set.
        Complexity is overrated.
        Modernity is often a trap.
        It is possible to prioritize energy needs versus proliferating energy wants, to create a lean yet comfy lifestyle and still go off grid altogether.
        Using DC power and heatex secondary wiring for a 12 volt system eliminates inverter transient problem. And solar panels minus inverters are more affordable than ever. In fact DIY is even more affordable .
        RV or caravan camping as a wonderful model of what is possible with voluntary simplicity. The same principles can be applied to a house, instead of being “upsold” a system to run what may be an unnecessarily over powered home. If you figure out in advance how many kilowatts you really need to use and how many things you use you really need, it gets easier to consider the benefits of off grid.
        If you are not actually going off grid but instead enter into a new contract with the power company for a net metering arrangement that’s a whole new contract.
        The utility will most certainly leverage that dependency to insist on converting any potentially “forever theirs” customer to use their “compulsory” digital devices, which almost everywhere are now designed as a digital meter which transmits usage data from your home to one or more cell towers.
        Grid tied: You are the one who invests your own money in your own system. There may be a small subsidy or grant out there that encourages you to stay married to the utility, so to speak, which pays you a low ball wholesale price for your spare energy from your own investment, your home power plant, and then marks it up and sells it retail to others in your neighbourhood.
        Analog single phase electromechanical meters were the original net meters for solar for grid tied and they worked like a charm. The dial face ones just run backwards. No digital is indispensably necessary as a way to measure power – except to the power corporation.
        One way to save wear and tear on electronics and health as well as to block data (if you are not going to choose to share your data by being grid tied) is to get an electrician to install a home filter for your whole service panel to smooth out and eliminate all those transients now on all transmission lines and in the air waiting to couple to all your home’s your wiring and phone lines, etc, whether you have a s/meter or not.

        • Truthseekers says:

          Appreciate all info posted Snowy, and as we suspected their was no need to change from analog to digital meter when we had our solar panels installed a few years ago. It was only for corporate benefit. What would be the average cost to set up an off grid system as you described?? Our cottage is 12 sqs and just the two of us are here. Have kept SP AusNet at bay for the last 12 months and we will not consent to a smart meter under any circumstances. Are there electricians out there ‘switched on’ enough (pardon the pun) to be able to install the home filter that you described?? Thanks in advance.

          • Snowy says:

            The cost to go off grid is really completely an individual consideration, systems can be $6,000 or $60,000, since one person’s idea of an essential necessity is anther persons’s idea of pure luxury and vice versa . For instance I know a couple who live in a small home. They turned a fridge into an ice box, insulated it on the outside with straw bales, and placed it in the coolest part of the home, the NE corner. For evening ambient lighting they use battery operated puck led lights. oil lamps, candles, wood heat and partial wood stove cooking, plus a BBQ as well as a small power outage oven and three burner gas stove, essentially cooking outdoors in a screened well ventilated but weather protected european style semi outdoor kitchen area. They have a 3500 kw gen set which can draw well water into the HW tank, then heat it to shower or run the washer. They line dry clothes indoors and out. They use eight 6 volt golf cart deep cycle batteries which hold a charge longer than four 12 volt ones, plus they use just four solar panels, They have a raised bed intensive lush outdoor year round veggie garden. In short, they live an ultra simple lifestyle with necessities, no extras … By contrast, another single person I know built a thick walled adobe type house, which keeps all frequencies out due to the chicken wire and the faraday effect. The home is large but open and very easy to heat and easy to keep cool. There is one large central ceramic wood stove designed to be cooked on, one small boiler system for in-floor heating, a gravity fed water supply. Whereas someone else I know has a large propane generator and large tanks, all of it tied directly into the service panel, plus propane on demand hot water heater, propane fridge, propane range.
            Propane appliances may run forever if well maintained but they are astronomically priced and hard to locate. Add to that an automatic propane generator tie-in that services the panel for all else, which runs the house at pretty much the same level as when they were on grid – well, that level of comfort and a simultaneous rather than sequential use of the home’s appliances is not for most budgets. The spread between these three lifestyles is probably 30 to 50 thousand dollars or more.
            One of the best systems I have seen they built a kachelofen (large thermal mass) as the heart of the home, heat and cooking all in one and uses almost no fuel, plus glass tubing on the roof for solar heated hot water.
            The lowest number of kwh you think you can reduce usage to determines the affordability. It is a personal choice. However anyone who makes it off grid remarks that self reliance is a satisfying way to stop being a gird junkie.
            It is usually not suited to those who want to travel for long periods of time -although even then, enough money can buy a system that will maintain itself with sealed batteries and auto battery top up systems, for those with deep pockets.

          • Snowy says:

            Any electrician worth their salt takes 20 to 40 minutes to install a whole house suppressor filter and ground it properly (that is, if you are going to use alternating current – on or off grid. They are used everywhere, commercially, since this saves hugely on transient destruction of sensitive electronics. Now more than ever, the trick is to get a very good one that lets you know and also protects you from microwaves as well as transients, as well as if a power surge or lightning occurs. Most don’t, they just silently die, no LED warning lights, so it helps to use what industry uses to be sure of protection and be certain to get a full 15 to 25 yr replacement at no cost warranty.

  166. susie says:

    i have written my letters and have told them in no uncertain terms I WILL NOT HAVE A DUMB METER INSTALLED AT MY PROPERTY. so i come home yesterday to find the installer here. i live on a farm and will not have one under any circumstances. so I’m thinking here we go. my meter box is locked with the sign on it. and much to my pleasant surprise i was encouraged by the installer to stand my ground and keep it locked. that is the second positive experience i have had. my last meter reader said the same and was explaining how to get off the grid cheaply…good blokes! I talked to this latest guy about how an anologue meter lasts 40 or 50 yrs and smart meter 5 or 10 yrs, he said quite definitley “if that!” he doesnt think theyll even last 5 yrs which i though was quite interesting.
    i will also post a link to a good short youtube video from a doctor about dangers of the meters, it would be good to get the trasnscript:

    • Truthseekers says:

      @susie If you don’t mind me asking, who is the distributor in your area?? Stay strong and beware they are always waiting in the wings to pounce and install. Have been fighting off SP AusNet for over 12 months but will never give in…..NO MANDATE NO OBLIGATION = NO CONSENT That is the TRUTH.


  167. Citizen for Democracy says:

    Look up! Live life the real way.

  168. Peter says:

    With reference to the home page article about no provisions made for people becoming ill after the installation of a surveillance and control devise, there are no provisions for anyone to deny consent for ANY reason!
    I believe this is because the Victorian government can be sued by the foreign owned investors in all our essential services! I distinctly remember O’Brien, shortly after the last election stating that they could not stop the roll out ‘because of contracts entered into by the previous government’. I believe it highly likely he was referring to an TPPA agreement.
    If you read the related links, you will see what I mean. It would appear from the second link, that even the government cannot read the full agreement!!!!!!!!!

  169. Sick Of Their Lies. says:

    Nine Reasons Why Today’s Smart Meter Systems Are a Mistake
    by Richard H. Conrad, Ph.D. biochemist:

  170. Truthseekers says:

    Received a letter today from SP AusNet after 2 weeks of constant harassment via text messages and phone calls which we screened and left unanswered. They are ‘planning’ to perform ‘maintenance’ on our property and replace our digital meter with a ‘smart meter’ which in their words is ‘industry standard. We have signage at the entry to our property with a chain across the driveway and signs inside the property and a locked meter box with signage etc. Have already sent a registered notice a year ago to the effect that we do NOT consent to a smart meter and they have completely ignored it. Am now about to send off an anti-harassment notice as per this site via registered post and wait to see what happens. They are due to install next week…..will not waste our time calling them, Sick to death of this bullying but will not back down We are looking at installing a gate but that will probably take at least a week.
    Any further suggestions folks??? Much appreciated.

    • Minnie says:

      Don’t call them as they will try and trap you. If they turn up tell them they are trespassing and ask them to leave your property. Get their name and all details. Ask them for their insurance indemnity number. make sure your no trespassing signs are up. Can you film them or even record the conversation? This would be a good idea.
      When the installer turns up ask them what they are on your property for. If they say to install a smart meter. tell them they are trespassing and they need to leave the property. If they do not leave immediately, ask them if they are refusing to leave the property. Give them three warnings, each time stating that they need to leave the property as they are trespassing. if they do not leave ask for all their details and inform them that if you decide to have them charged it will be in their personal name and not their companies.
      Also ask them what personal assets they have, tell them that if you need to you will hire a private investigator to find their assets. It is very serious if they refuse to leave your property. If they ask you if you are refusing a smart meter, tell them you do not consent and are not obligated to.
      Ask them who sent them, what is the persons name that gave them the orders. They are aiding and abetting and are also responsible. These are a few suggestions anyway.

      • Peter says:


      • Truthseekers says:

        @Minnie……..Thanks so much….. Made a note of what either of us should be stating to them if trespass is encountered/committed. Very valuable advice. Have all our signs up and meter box continually locked as it has been for the past 12 months. Have even signed a Stat Dec with the local police regarding our signage and prohibiting any alteration to our existing meter or installation of a ‘smart’ meter. Just sent off an anti harassment notice this arvo and do not intend to open any further correspondence from them but will return to sender immediately.
        Cheers and much appreciated.

        • Minnie says:

          Dear Truthseekers, make sure you have proof you returned their letter. Get the post office to photocopy it and stamp it with their stamp.The post office can put their own sticker on it. It says return to sender, make sure they tick the unclaimed box and not the refused box this is very important. The post office sent my letter back with their sticker and i had them photocopy it and stamp it. if they won’t put their sticker on it write return to sender your self. make sure you photocopy it as proof. Also take a photo of the letter as proof it would not hurt, but the photocopy would be better. Or both

    • Minnie says:

      To Truthseekers, make sure you keep meticulous records of any harassment. Times, dates and.anything else. This is important as you have to show that they harassed you. Maybe keep a diary. Sending them anti-harassment notice is good. Did you ask for a return receipt?

    • Minnie says:

      One more thing truthseekers, you must not argue with the installer and be polite. And also understand what you are saying and be comfortable with what you are saying. More than likely if you say ,you do not consent they should leave.

      • Truthseekers says:

        Yes have a return receipt in the works so no probs there…..did that with our first notice. Thanks so much for all this. Has been a great help and will remain cool and calm if there is any confrontation.

  171. sue says:

    Yesterday I changed from Aus power and Gas to Origin, as it seemed a lot cheaper. So far I’ve staved off having a smart meter , as there is a problem with the meter box and they want us to fix it before they can install a smart meter and I have refused. We;ve been left alone since a woman phoned me before christmas, and I declined to agree. have I made a mistake? Origin’s paperwork looks very officious!

    • Peter says:

      Sue, I believe that Origin is a retailer, not a distributor, therefore they have nothing to do with the installation of surveillance and control devises, they call them ‘smart meters’.
      If their paper work says anything about surveillance and control devices, draw a line through it, initial and dated it and say you do not consent the installation of such devices.

  172. Peter says:

    With regard to the Victorian government ‘health audit’, what exactly does that mean? Unfortunately, with the roll out so far advanced and so much customers money having been extracted from our pockets, I believe that regardless of the outcome of whatever it is, the Victorian government/distributors will not change their belligerent/arrogant attitude towards the people of Victoria!
    I think most of us would have been more relieved to hear of an audit of the ARPASA standards, the democratic rights of Australians and the privacy rights of Victorians!

  173. fernando ramirez says:

    Hello, has anyone experience any tooth aches after the integration of smart meters? My friends Adam, Juan, and Eric believe I am crazy and that smart meter health hazards are a lie.

    • Minnie says:

      I get toothaches it is usually one tooth that hurts and the pain starts from my head and goes to my ear and tooth. No you are not crazy, people that tell the truth are usually labeled crazy, neurotic, or evil. I don’t have a smart meter, I think the problem is coming from outside.

      • Gwen says:

        I don’t have a smartmeter but something has gone up on the electricity pole that’s not far from my bedroom window. I have bad headaches and an earache on the left side.
        I was told by a man at powercors smartmeter centre that it was all in my head!

    • sue says:

      Have you got mercury (metal) fillings?

    • Tanya says:


      teeth pain is one of the many symptoms of exposure to ElectroMagnetic Radiation. For me, it is not the same as a normal tooth-ache. It is a pain spread over the surface of the tooth, usually only one tooth.

      Also, within months of smart meters being installed in my area, one of my amalgam fillings disintegrated. This is also a symptom of EMR exposure. The EMR draws the mercury out of the filling, causing it to disintegrate. And the resulting consumption of that mercury sure isn’t going to do the person any good either. So if any of your amalgam fillings disintegrate, you would be wise to get them replaced with porcelain fillings. Porcelain fillings don’t last as long, but they are safer. But I don’t recommend you replace your amalgam fillings if they are intact as you will be exposing yourself to the mercury in the process. Research on the internet how amalgam fillings should be removed and then check first if your dentist follows those recommended guidelines. My dentist didn’t.

  174. SmartyPants says:

    Collection of information concerning Trespass:

    These few documents should be more than enough information as a starting point for anyone who would like to begin the process of charging an installer for Trespass.

    One must remeber, trespass can only apply once the implied right is removed. Either by sign / written notice / or verbal request to leave the property and there is non compliance.

    You also have 6 years to deal with the issue of trespass, so there is no “instant” rush to begin legal action.

    We are all aware that the distributore “believe” they have “LAWFUL / LEGAL” authority to do so, but the common law would have nothing of it. Section 3.3 of the Electricity Distribution Code confers no relevant power to create an implication that a contractor may acquires power to enter upon private land without the leave or licence of the person in possession or entitled to possession thereof, for the specific purpose to install a “smart meter”.

    A Brief Look at Trespass to Land

    Plenty v Dillon [1991]


    Click to access d17f336fec.pdf

    Flora News on Land ownership

    Click to access Fee-Simple-Explained.pdf

    • Citizen for Democracy says:

      Thank-you for sharing this article, Happy Dissenter.
      Judging by the huge number of comments to it (93), it looks like South Australians are a truly educated and well informed people. Power to them!
      Unfortunately, Victorians were duped by the lies of their government, which was complicit with the power companies, before they even knew what was happening or what a smart meter was. They will pay a huge cost for years to come.
      The caption under the picture in this article says ‘British electricity consumer Vasiliki Erophile with a smart meter’. That is NOT TRUE. Vasiliki is a woman from Victoria who went public last year about how her smart meter ruined her health by causing constant ringing in her ears, which was stopping her from sleeping and left her always tired.

    • Ada says:

      Victorians were ambushed, but South Australians can still save themselves if they resist the temptation to be complacent about the issue of smart meters.

    • Minnie says:

      I went to see my Doctor today and he told me that all doctor’s are now aware of the Governments safety audit. I suggest if anyone thinks that they are hypersensitive they go and see their doctor.

      • Happy Dissenter says:

        Great feedback thanks. I think the more exposed SMs are the more consumers will arch up and resist in other states. I am a “Happy Dissenter”, most commentators on this site are, so where we stick together, we will prevail. G-d bless.

    • Minnie says:

      In the newspaper today, VICTORIANS will be slugged $400 in higher electricity bills to subsidise those with solar panels.

      • Happy Dissenter says:

        I read that too Minnie. Now what happened to that People’s Revolution?? (non-violent of course ) I am a religious person, so I shall be praying we have a tipping-point whereby justice prevails over this wanton greed. I’ve just about had it.

  175. Peter says:

    Hi All

    Is this why the Victorian government refuse to do any thing about FOREIGN OWNED investment companies?
    Can the Chinese and Singapore government owned investors in our electricity grid sue us because we DO NOT CONSENT to throw our money at their investments?

    • Gwen says:

      Peter, I knew that our power was bought by Chinese investors but I didn’t know the CHINESE GOVERNMENT has a stake in it. The slight glimmer of democracy will be stamped out soon if good people do nothing and keep saying that this is the way the world is going and you can’t change it. Go People Power Victoria!(good people doing something)!

  176. Trevor Churchill says:

    BBC Panorama Wi Fi A Warning Signal 3 YouTube

    The Swedish Government estimates that 3% of their Population suffer this (EMR) disability

    Panorama visited a school in Norwich, with more than 1,000 pupils, to compare the level of radiation from a typical mobile phone mast with that of Wi-Fi in the classroom.

    Readings taken for the programme showed the height of signal strength to be three times higher in the school classroom using Wi-Fi than the main beam of radiation intensity from a mobile phone mast.

    Panorama spoke to a number of scientists who questioned the safety limits and were concerned about the possible health effects of such radiation.

  177. Kate says:

    Got a letter in the mail from United Energy once again telling me they want to install a SM. I rang the number provided to once again say “I don’t consent to have one installed” The nice man I spoke to tried to allay my fears about the electro magnetic stuff by telling that I was experiencing more electro magnetic stuff while talking to him on my cordless home phone (Not a Mobile phone) than I would experience from a Smart Meter. He went on to tell me that an appointment has been made for us to have one installed on Monday 14th April (News to me I can tell you!) He has cancelled that appointment on their system but tells me it is still quite possible for the installer to show up Monday to fit it.

    Now can anyone tell me… Is is true that the companies don’t have the software or whatever it is to do Smart Meter reading electronically? I heard someone on 3aw a week or so ago saying that none of the Electricity Companies have the capability to read these meters without sending a person out to read them. Could this be true?

    And lastly does any one know if the Govt have finished their “final” enquiry into the safety of Smart Meters?

    Thanks Kate

    • Peter says:

      Kate, make sure your meter box is LOCKED and signs erected, if you don’t, they WILL fit a surveillance and control devise, with, or without your consent! Once they have fitted one of these things, they will refuse to change it back! Read Sofia’s’ story.

      My advise has always been, DO NOT SPEAK TO THEM ON THE PHONE! If they have anything to say, IT MUST BE IN WRITING!

      Written communication takes longer, and gives you time to absorb and check what has been said and enables you to respond appropriately. The people you are dealing with, have heard most of the complaints and along with their legal advisers have worked out set answers. (mostly misleading rubbish!)

      The ESV final review can be found here:

      Click to access FINAL%20ESV%20smart%20meter%20safety%20report%2031%207%2012.pdf

      This report clearly shows that the review has only taken into consideration, out of date Australian Standards, standards’, which do not consider the ‘new technology’ of surveillance and control devise specific issues, and submissions from companies with a vested interest in the AMI roll out.

    • liz says:

      Hello Kate and all others~~

      I received a letter from SP Ausnet (dated 28/3/14-recived 7/4/14) re: an appointment they have made with themselves to install a smart meter at my home on Thursday 10th April between 7am-6pm, giving me two days notice!
      I am instructed to have the area around analog meter clear and accessible. I have to date been able to verbally refuse installation when contractors have arrived (x3), but this is the first letter that I have received a notice of appointment.
      I do not yet have a locked meter box in situ but do have a crate screwed to the wall covering the meter but allowing a visual for reading meter use, and all signage in situ as advised.
      I rang SP Ausnet on Wed. 9th April to once again register my refusal of a smart meter (the call was recorded on both ends of the line) and i was informed that they may still keep this appointment as they may not be able to contact the installer in time to cancel the appointment.
      Yesterday, 10/4/14 at 10.00am, the SP Ausnet contractor parked out the front of my house. Anticipating his arrival, I was waiting on guard in my front yard. I approached his van and asked if I could help him, he said that he was looking for 60 St.Andrews street, I said this was it. He then said “I have come to install a smart meter” I said “I registered my refusal for a smart meter with SP Ausnet 12mths ago and again yesterday”. His reply: “Oh what, another one?, they never tell me about customer refusals, they have my number, all they have to do is call me….it would save alot of time”, “sorry to bother you Luv, I will sign you off as refused…even though they already knew, have a nice day”.
      The contractor didn’t even get out of his car, he was polite and caused me no grief.
      Warm regards to all,

      Liz Crooks

      City of Whittlesea Smart Meter Awareness Group~~P.P.A. Member

      • Max says:

        Dear Liz, you can’t refuse, you can only object or not give consent. To refuse is quite serious and that is why the Distributor’s keep on using the word. Refuse is a legal term and that is why they are using it.. If you refuse you have not complied and thus they will eventually get the smart meter in. They tried to use this word on me and I corrected them. I told them I do not consent. The word refuse has been used intentionally, it is in legalese and not plain English as most people would believe. You should not speak to them on the phone as you stated that they recorded the call and you refused. You also agreed with the smart meter installer that you have refused. Again this trick was used on me. I do not consent and I am under no obligation, that is what you say. Their is now law. I am sure the installers have been told to get people to agree that they have refused. ..

    • Tanya says:


      Maybe the reports about smart meters still needing to be manually read refer to those in SP Ausnet’s territory. SP are way behind schedule in installing smart meters (this is why they are the worst bullies of all the distributors). Apparently they have been installing smart meters without the communications cards just so they can appear to the government to be more on schedule. Then they will return at a later date to install the communications card. (So if you are an SP customer and have a smart meter, it may not be too late to lock up your meter.) Also, SP’s network is different from all the others in that they have to install towers to receive the data from smart meters. People call it wi-fi on steroids because of the huge amount of RF it produces. Whereas other power distributors are using a mesh network which passes data from one house to the next. Maybe SP does not yet have all its towers in place.

      The government has not finished their final enquiry into the safety of smart meters. At least not officially. Unofficially they probably have because Nicholas Kotsiras declared that he was sure they would find them to be safe – end of enquiry, save the money and spend it on a huge banquet for the pollies.

      I have measured the EMR coming off a cordless phone and it is horrendous. The base station is worse than the handset because it emits RF constantly, whereas a mobile phone emits RF intermittently. I urge you to get a corded phone because there probably isn’t any device in your home that is more dangerous to your health than your cordless phone (unless you stand in front of your operating microwave oven watching the carousel go around).

      • Eric says:

        If you get a corded phone, it would be safer if you do not get an electric phone ie. one that plugs into the power outlet as well as the phone socket

        Just get an old fashioned phone that plugs into the phone socket only.
        You avoid exposure to magnetic/electric fields.

        You can also get an inline answering machine that doesn’t require to be plugged in.

  178. Peter says:

    United energy refuse to reconnect Sofia unless she has a ‘smart meter’?
    What reason do they give?
    There is NO LAW WHICH SAYS united energy HAS TO FIT ONE.
    The Essential Services Commission is bound by its charter to ‘protect the interests of Victorian consumers’.

  179. Peter says:

    Hi Guys

    Anyone got information/problems regarding ‘index reads’?

    • Max says:

      So we are be told constantly that according to The Electricity Distribution Act that we have to allow access for the installation of a smart meter. No so, the is what the Act says:
      3.3.2 Provided official identification is produced by the distributor’s representatives on request, a customer must provide to the distributor’s representatives at all times convenient and unhindered access.
      (a) to the distributor’s equipment for any purposes associated with the supply, metering or billing of electricity
      If the power lines in your area are overhead, your service main will be an overhead cable connected to the service point, which is usually mounted on a fascia board.
      This is their supply point and they always have access to this.

      As for the metering, the definition of a meter according to Essential Services Commission,Victoria, April 2011
      means a device complying with this Code which measures and records the production or consumption of electrical energy. It does not state that the meter supplies electricity. In regards to billing, the meter reader would have to have access to the meter to read it, so you don’t receive an estimate.

      The definition of a smart meter is:
      Smart meter means an interval meter designed to transmit data to a remote locality that meets the functionality requirements for advanced metering infrastructure set out in any relevant order made under section 46D of the Electricity Act. Therefore a smart meter is a communication device as it transmits data..

      There is no mandate, this is misleading as you can only get a mandate from the people of Victoria, this has not happened. There is no law either. The legalities are on the distributor they were given an order to install smart meters, the customer is not obligated to accept a communication device that transmits data. You have to have consent.

      Corporations are prohibited from engaging in unconscionable conduct in relation to the provision of goods or services by virtue of Sections 20, 21 and 22, of the Act. Unconscionable conduct deals with transactions between dominant and weaker parties; it therefore overlaps with duress and undue influence. Unconscionable conduct is prohibited both in equity and, more recently, by statute.

      Absolute Nuisance means illegally interfering with another person’s enjoyment and using their property. Doing an unlawful wrong to a person when the wrong can be corrected by the wrong doer.

    • Max says:

      This is from Jemena’s customer charter, it is on their website.
      What are your obligations as a distribution
      To assist us in maintaining a safe distribution network, there are
      several customer responsibilities you need to be aware of when
      using our network.
      It is your responsibility to:

      Comply with the Electricity Distribution Code at all times.

      Use your best endeavour to remedy any non-compliance
      with the Electricity Distribution Code (this Charter is only a
      summary of the code).

      Ensure your electrical installation and any electrical
      equipment within your premises is maintained in a safe

      Provide reasonable protection against tampering of our
      equipment (metering etc.) located at your premises.

      Ensure that your actions or equipment do not adversely affect
      the reliability and quality of supply to other customers.

      Keep all vegetation, structures and vehicles at your premises
      well clear of power lines.

      Allow safe and unhindered access to your premises for us
      to read or maintain the meter and if needed, to connect and
      disconnect your electricity supply

  180. Peter says:

    As people in Sofia’s position are being pursued and threatened with heavy fines for none compliance, and the fact that both the distributors and the Essential Services Commission refuse to answer ANY questions regarding THEIR none compliance, and seem to be immune from any investigation, then surely the VALUED CUSTOMER, and residents of Victoria are entitled to the same protection.

  181. Peter says:

    With regards to Sofias story, you might expect this sort of denial of human rights in the countries who have majority ownership of our electricity ESSENTIAL SERVICES, (China and Singapore)
    but not here in Australia.
    Is this a sign of what is to come here as more and more of our public assets are sold off to foreign corporations?
    We see our famous federal treasurer now; ‘making offers the other states can’t refuse, to sell off everything’. Well Joe, tell the people of Australia what happens when there is nothing left to sell and we have foreign corporations ruling over every Australian the way the people of Victoria are being ruled right now.
    United energy is 34% owned by Jemena. Jemena is owned by SPIAA; a holding company, ultimately owned by the Singapore government.
    I have just looked this up in the last few minutes. Just follow the links!

    SCAREY OR WHAT????????

  182. B.Dover says:

    I recently had a phone conversation with SP AusNet who mentioned if I refuse to have a smart meter installed I may be charged additional fees. Yet they couldn’t tell me what the fees are for or how much so I refused the install. I’ve also heard people having their power cut off plus other intimidating scenarios. refer “Sofia’s Story – Punitive power and the smart meter tyranny”
    I now received a letter from SP AusNet that they will be requiring access to my property to replace my electricity meter next Wednesday 9th. (they mention “my electricity meter” yet they own it)

    I believe there is no Government legislation that smart meters are compulsory to be installed. Yet the power companies use these threats of “additional fees” and “power cut off” plus additional tactics to have their meters installed. If I refuse to have a smart meter installed can they legally…
    ~ Charge me additional fees?
    ~ Disconnect my power because I possibly refuse them access where they could say my “analogue meter could be faulty?”
    If this happens, how do I fight it? How do I have my electricity reconnected without agreeing to a smart meter? How do I stop them possibly charging additional fees?
    Yes I’ve been told they can’t “legally” disconnect my power, but how do you tell the power companies …..” hey you can’t legally disconnect my power…please reconnect it” Where do I get legal documentation as evidence that they can’t disconnect my power?
    If there is a legal document that they cannot disconnect my power or charge additional fees then I’ll keep fighting and keep my meter locked.

    As a home owner supporting a young family who also works from home feel I have no option but to have their meter installed. I can’t work or live at home without electricity. It’s amazing how electricity is a daily requirement.

    • Ted says:

      B.Dover I Had The Same Thing With SP See My Response Below I Will Not Have A Smart Meter With Out a Court Order Regards Ted

      • Peter says:

        Ted and B, Make sure your meter boxes are locked and you signs are in place, photograph the locked boxes and your signage. If this is not done, you come home to find a surveillance and control devise has been fitted, with of without your permission!

      • B.Dover says:

        Thanks Ted. So what would you do if they cut your power off?

        • S. Douglas says:

          B. Dover, I too have just received a letter from SP AusNet regarding mandatory installation at my property on Monday 7th April. When I phoned SP AusNet to say that this would not be happening, the call centre girl became quite verbally aggressive with me saying that they would cut my power off if I don’t allow clear and free access to my meter box (which is locked and has been so for some years now and also has signage attached as suggested by this website. I have sent all the relevant letters to our MP’s, SP Ausnet CEO – to absolutely no avail). She also said that when my power is cut, if I want it re-installed there would be a huge cost and I would also be fined for non-compliance/acceptance of this death meter. She also went on to state that there are no health concerns founded for these devices. I am a highly qualified health professional and very much disputed what she was clearly just reading from a computer screen. She then told me in a very aggressive manner ‘are you an electrician?’
          I am quite worried that they will follow through with their threat to cut off my power and am not sure what else to do, given particularly as they are supposed to be coming out on Monday and today is Thursday. Any advice would be appreciated.

        • Ted says:

          B.Dover ( A Big If ) My Power Is Cut Off The Only Thing I Could Do Is Take This To Court And The Media.
          I Really Can’t See Them Having Any Powers Or Rights To Cutting My Power Off.
          My Meter Box And Gates Are Locked At All Times.
          I Work For Myself. My Meter Is Due For A Meter Read Today So I Stay Home For This So They Can Read It And They Can’t Say I Don’t Let Them Have Access To The Meter.

    • Anonymous says:

      They want you to think you have no option but to have the meter installed. That’s their tactic. Don’t be sucked into it. Stay firm. Their tactic is getting to people, and for each person who gives in and falls to their lies it weakens the overall campaign we are all fighting for against these evil power distributors. Let’s hope the new People Power political party can bring lots more attention to this issue – hold on, let’s see what some formal political action can do? In the meantime, see the ‘legal advice’ found on this site that cites laws and your rights…? All the best. We’re all in this together!

    • Tanya says:

      I (and SSMA) have heard of only two people having their electricity disconnected over a smart meter issue and it wasn’t merely because they refused a smart meter. There were other issues involved.

      These distributors and installers want you to think that you are about to be disconnected. Usually their threat to disconnect, when done in writing, is worded as ‘MAY disconnect’ not ‘WILL disconnect’. When given verbally, it is sometimes ‘WILL disconnect’ because you are not recording it and so have no proof.

      Nicholas Kotsiras said that it would be inhumane to disconnect people and thought charging us a manual meter reading fee is a better way to go. Why did he say this if we face imminent disconnection? People have been receiving these threats for over 12 months and still their analogue meter remains on their property. Why aren’t the distributors racing around to the homes and carrying out their threats? And why has United Energy written to refusers acknowledging their stance, rather than writing to them stating that their power is about to be disconnected?

      Please stop panicking and caving into these lying bullies. And if you are an SP Ausnet customer, then bear in mind that they are the biggest bullies of all the distributors.

    • Max says:

      You can’t refuse a smart meter. You don’t give consent to the installation of a smart meter. You can never refuse. Refuse is a legal word and they know it as well. If they state you have refused, you simply correct them,. with I have not refused, i have not consented..Don’t talk to them on the phone. This is not a good idea.

  183. geoffrey says:

    how about an update on the legal class action please.

  184. Tanya says:

    Recently I was using my sewing machine which I’ve had for over 30 years. I stopped depressing the foot controller (which makes the machine needle go up and down) and shortly after the machine started sewing all by itself. I had to pull the plug from the socket to stop it. I’ve never seen this happen before. What if I had left the sewing machine plugged in while I went shopping?

    We are hearing about smart meters interfering with garage door controllers, keyless ignition systems in cars, TVs, and numerous other appliances. My concern is that people will leave appliances plugged in at the wall, the smart meter will cause the appliance to turn on, and a fire will ensue. Is this what is behind some of the many house fires we are hearing about?

    Please think about what appliances you have on standby.

  185. Anonymous says:

    Is anyone else getting DAILY phone calls (both real people and recorded messages) asking for appointment time for upcoming installation of electricity meter?
    I have written all the appropriate letters, and yet I am continuously being bullied on a daily basis. It is really impacting on my life.

    • Graham says:

      Anonymous, your Distribution Company want it to impact upon your life. They actually want you to become sick and worn down so that you will cave in to them. Lock up your meter box big time. Send them the anti harassment notice that you can find on this website which mentions the $1.1 million fine. Raise a case with the Ombudsman against your Distributor. They will refuse to do anything for you but you can push them because it is their job and if the Ombudman says something to you that is out of line with being an independant adjudicator you can tell them that they too will be reported. Record your calls for evidence against them that divulges their slackness or that they are well and truly in bed with the five Distribution Companies. Your Distribution Company will soon commence the next phase of their campaign against you as Jemena have done in trying to lure their customers into the trap of contractual obligation to pay presently fictitious fees if and when they may choose to extort them.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi Graham, Yes done all of that but not Ombudsman. Which Ombudsman would one contact please? It most certainly is wearing us down and also coupled with the fact that high altitude aerosol spraying (aeroplanes spraying lines at high altitude which expand over days to cover whole sky and causing obscured air quality: which we are all breathing & ingesting !) is taking place daily producing chemical tainted air — that is just adding to our feelings of hopelessness against these government-assisted evils and thus our ability to cope generally. It seems Smart Meters & the ‘geoengineering’ go hand in hand when one reads further.
        ( for anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about…)
        The legal action I thought was going to be the beginning of the end of Smart Meters but seems like that has fizzled…. what hope? What hope?
        Anonymously yours (through fear & harrassment…)

    • Andy ward says:

      Yep, I just got an automated one from s.p ausnet, first one ever, though 13/3/14
      Andy Ward

    • Jasmine says:

      Keep records of every call, and the time and date. Keep a book near your phone so you can write everything down as it happens. It is illegal to harass people.

    • Max says:

      Dear Anonymous, please keep records of everything and go to your doctor and get them to write everything down. Make sure everything is clearly documented, time and dates. If worse comes to worse change your number and don’t give it out. You are entitled to feel safe and secure in your own home. You are entitled to not be harassed .You might need to send an even stronger worded letter in the near future to stop the harassment

    • Ted says:

      Ok First of all SpAusNet run the net work in my area
      but my account is with Origin. Sp This Week Have sent text messages
      to my wifes phone about the smart meter install. First of all, how the
      hell did they get my wife’s mobile number? We have never given it to
      them. They gave up on me. I just told them to piss off and leave me
      alone and hang up on them. I’m sick of being nice and saying no thank
      you. I don’t want one. They just won’t listen and take no notice of the
      signs I’ve put up from this site.
      Now I rang them today (SpAusNet) to once again tell them I don’t want
      a smart meter. I spoke to a girl who tried the mandate spiel which I replied,
      yes i know it’s on you to try to con me to best endeavors. I told her I’m sick
      of people harassing me about a smart meter every 3 months or so.
      She told me it is law to allow them access to service the meter which we did
      last month when they changed the power line from the road to the power pole on the
      property and check the meter. She then went on to tell me that it was
      the law that we had to have a smart meter. When I went to say that it’s
      not the law, she kept talking over me.
      She told me I would end up having a smart meter installed. I told her only
      if you (Sp) have a court order and the police, other wise PISS OFF and leave me alone
      and hung up. I’m so over it and it stressed the hell out of me for hours.

      • Joan says:

        I have got a van parked outside my house today being Saturday the 29th of March 2014 and this guy just keeps sitting there waiting for movement in the house. I’ve got a padlock on my gates and a sign stating beware of the dog, the meter box is able to be opened but I have got a locked box surrounding the meter. Cause when the house was being built neighbouring builders were pinching the power and so TXU installed a locked box with a window around the meter so it couldn’t be tampered with . This has been on for some thirteen years the key to the extra large lock is long gone and the box is so thick you wouldn’t be able to cut it open. I don’t want a smart meterr but in order to install one they would need to yank out the entire meter box causing a lot of damage.

        Are they allowed to cause damage to your house and meter box in order to change it or can they be charged with breaking and entering and wilful damage?

        This guys been out the front now for two hours isn’t this stalking or harassment?

        • Max says:

          Dear Joan, they can be charged that is why they have not broken your box. Also if they sit outside your place again call the police and tell them that their is someone suspicious outside your place and you are scared. They will come. Don’t tell them that you think they are smart meter installers, let the police find out themselves.

  186. Pete says:

    Hi All,

    Just got an interesting letter from Jemena, it has the same old rhetoric, but this time advises that those of us who have not changed our meter to a smart meter will be charged additional fees.
    However what makes my blood boil is that now they’ve gotten a little smarter and added in the following line at the bottom of the letter:

    “If we do not hear from you within ten days of this letter we will consider that you have declined our offer to replace the old meter with a smart meter, by reason of you refusing Jemena access to the meter at your property”.

    In fact its the last part of the last sentence that makes me angry because they are using this excuse to use against us as they refer to the electrical providers’ code. Then they’ll use that as an excuse to cut off power and say that we have breached contract. Crazy thing is, I never signed such contract, neither did anyone else and the mere fact that they are using such dirty tricks to FORCE us to install a death meter is criminal. I’ve written to them many times, using examples of letters from this forum, it has helped keep them away. I’ve even officially asked them to provide me a written letter that they guarantee that the meter will not negatively affect my health but obviously they have declined to provide this. They’ve never once answered my letters with any information, other than just pure BS rhetoric.
    My meter is directly behind the wall where my bed head is located, imagine what that’ll do to my health. No thanks, I’ll fight tooth and nail before they force me to install such sneaky and deadly contraption.

    Anyone care to share a reply letter to this specific claim? I want to shove it in their proverbial together with a pineapple before the 10 days are up. Any help would be much appreciated and I’m sure it would help others because if those of you have not had a smart meter installed, you can expect such a letter very soon.


    • Jasmine says:

      Dear Pete, my mother received a letter from Jemena today also. I don’t know what it says as I have to have a look at it, but I was going to send it back and not bother reading it anyway. Maybe we should all get our letters and take them down to their office and hand them in. You haven’t refused them access to the meter, they are only allowed to read the meter and maintain it. You have refused to let them install a smart meter. I am going to call one of my friends and ask him what he thinks and I will let you know as I will also be getting a letter.

      • Pete says:

        Hi Jasmine, yes I agree with you and I’ve been sending them letters all of last year. I’ve never refused them access to read the meter, even though they played a very dirty trick on me last year which cost me a packet, but I paid the bill in full. However I recall mid year, they hammered me with phone calls and I spoke to one person, which eventually hung up the phone in my face and I reported her… fat lot of good that did, but at least she tasted a little bit of pineapple… however all of the Jemena reps seem to have one thing in common and they all use this same excuse and that is, they say something to the effect that if we don’t allow them access to change the meter, they may (not the will, but they may) terminate supply because somewhere in the code, it is written that if a homeowner refuses to allow a jemena rep to “perform maintenance” or similar, that is deemed as breach of contract. I know if it went to court, they’d have to prove that swapping the meter was a part of “maintenance” which it is NOT but anyway…

        I know it is a scare tactic, especially when the word “MAY” is involved, even the illegal private car parks use this tactic which makes me laugh… but because power is such an important part of our lives, if they ever shut my power off, they’d have a huge legal battle on their hands where I would also be making an application for costs and compensation as I work from home. However this is classified as harassment and there are supposed to be codes of conduct, but they are not being followed and something needs to be done about this now. This is a far cry from “best effort”, its more like “intimidate to the best of your ability”, they got no chance of that with me, but what about the elderly people who can’t defend themselves from these criminals???

        I also feel that people somehow think that because we are now in 2014, the criminals are not going to pursue us anymore with changing of the smart meters, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. They are continuing their harassment and intimidation tactics.

        So any ideas on what to send back would be grateful, otherwise I’m going to have to write the same rhetoric as they do, but this time I’ll send a copy to the minister’s office with the very real threat of legal action if they continue this.

        P.S. Does anyone know about the class action that was supposed to be organised? What happened with that? Everything has gone all quiet… 😦


      • Marin says:

        My local pizza shop just had a smart meter installed. When I popped past not long ago, he said that the installer told him $500 would be charged per meter read to the people who are still hanging onto analog meters, after the March 2015 deadline. Just wanted to pass this on, take it with a grain of salt or not…

        • Tanya says:

          I have heard several times of these exorbitant fees to do manual meter reads from March 2015. They’d better be rumour only because I cannot see how they can justify such a ridiculously high fee. 10 years ago I was told it would cost about $25 for a manual meter read. And I heard recently that other distributors are charging less than that now. It is necessary for only one meter read to be done per year and the others can be estimates. So how does one annual meter read times less than $50 suddenly come to $500?

        • Jasmine says:

          To Marin,
          A Jemena installer told my neighbour last year that anyone that does not have a smart meter installed by the end of the year would get a fine. This man also sat on her toilet for so long that my neighbour thought he had fallen in. Maybe something clouded his mind in the toilet and he got a bit mixed up as he was wrong and should stick to installing radiation devices. The distributor’s have contracts and they would have penalties as well. There penalty would be a lot worse than ours. I think everyone needs to remember that the Government works for us and not the other way around. WE ARE NOT THERE SLAVES OR SERVANTS.

        • Jasmine says:

          Dear Marin,
          Even if this rumor were true, I highly doubt that a smart meter installer would be privy to this information. That is unless this person was the Energy Minister. Would this smart meter installer be willing to put this in an affidavit and have it witnessed under his personal full commercial liability? If this person is not willing to take personal responsibility and liability, then they need to keep there comments to themselves and stick to installing there radiation meters.

    • Jasmine says:

      Dear Pete,
      What is the date on your letter because my mum’s letter has the 27th of February, yet it only arrived today.

      • Anonymous says:

        That has been another one of Jemena’s tricks to send backdated letters. Just the same as they have done with their notices of installation. I also know of a letter received same day as your mum ie 05 March 2014 but dated 27Feb2014.

        Note their wording “If we do not hear from you within 10 days of this letter………”

        Does that mean 10 days “of this letter” being received ? Or
        Does that mean 10 days “of this letter” being the date on the letter ?
        If that is the case, how can that be reasonable if the letter was already backdated at the time of it’s posting ?

        Their whole letter is completely ambiguous and lacks clarity. It has been either put together by complete morons (of which there are many in Jemena) or by the cunning sewer rats high up in the organisation as some sort of legal entrapment for the customers.

        The whole premise of this letter is wrong.

        And remember, they are still just a foreign company portraying themselves with fictitious authority. The whole premise of this letter is flawed.

        They refer to the replacement of the old meter with a smart meter as being “their offer”… if this is some sort of new offer. I thought that they had been continually bullying, badgering, harassing and intimidating us (Crimes Act 1958 Max 10 Years Imprisonment applicable) for the last three years to install their smart meter and they now talk about this as an “offer” ?
        And as far as considering us as having “declined their offer” by not responding, well……as if they didn’t know that they have on numerous occassions already been told “No Way” that a smart meter is ever going to be installed.
        What makes it different on this occasion ?
        Is their so called “offer” to replace the old meter, more a message that says “if you fail to respond we will take it as you having agreed that you will pay us whatever fee(s) we choose to charge you regardless of the fact that such fees are presently non existant” ?
        Is that the real “offer” so called ? It’s quite reasonable to express an intent on our part to not agree to pay fees that are presently non existant and that such non agreement has no implications for what we would choose to do IF and when such fees may be imposed.
        Well that is not an offer but more an ultimatum or a threat.
        Is their so called “offer” more a trap which by we in not replying, they can take it as being
        “our confession” that we have “refused them access” in such a way that they can use to say we have admitted to violating the code and hence try to justify threats to cut off our power should we not pay fees or even continue to refuse future installation “offers” of a smart meter ?
        Well, they know and we know that denying access has never been the issue. We have never denied access for legitimate requirements. We are just disallowing them to bring onto our premises a carcinogenic and invasive device and may they burn in hell for attempting to do that.
        And I also ask whether Jemena themselves will cease from all attempts to install new smart meters henceforth after the ten days have lapsed seeing that they are saying that we have “declined their offer” and hence you would think their offer is no longer valid.
        Sounds like a totally bogus offer and a totally bogus letter to me from totally bogus persons masquerading themselves in nothing other than fictitious authority and this will become clear if in two weeks time there is any further harassement, bullying and intimidation of customers still taking place to attempt to force them to take a smart meter against their will.

        And for those who haven’t seen it, here is the letter………………..starting off with four paragraphs of Jemena’s usual BS
        (and now no longer addressed to a generic addressee such as to “the homeowner” or to “the occupier” but to an actual individual addressee name)

        Important Electricity Information – Smart Meter Installation
        Jemena Electricity Networks (Vic) Ltd (Jemena) is the electricity distributor that delivers electricity to your property. We own and operate the electricity network (poles, wires, and meters) that supplies 320,000 properties across Melbourne’s north-western suburbs.
        The Victorian Government mandated the rollout of smart meters for all residential and small business electricity customers, and it is the Government’s policy that smart meters are now the standard meter in Victoria.
        With more than 2.5 million smart meters already installed across the state, the rollout is near completion. To date, Jemena has installed smart meters to more than 90 per cent of properties in its distribution area.
        Smart meters will enable distributors and retailers to offer you a range of new services and products. With a smart meter, you will be able to better understand your electricity usage through the use of in-home displays and web portals, which will enable you to take more control of your electricity usage and consider options such as flexible tariffs that may save you money.
        We have been in contact with you previously about installing a new smart meter at the above mentioned property. As of the date of this letter, we have been unable to arrange the necessary access with you to carry out the required works.
        The Victorian Government has confirmed that from March 2015, electricity distributors will be entitled to recover the costs of maintaining a separate metering service from those customers that continue to refuse a smart meter. To avoid this additional charge, we request you contact us as soon as possible to make an appointment to install your smart meter.
        To book an appointment please contact Jemena Customer Relations: 1800 447 998 or
        If your smart meter has already been installed, thank you for your assistance and please ignore this notification letter.
        If we do not hear from you within ten days of this letter we will consider that you have declined our offer to replace the old meter with a smart meter, by reason of you refusing Jemena access to the meter at your property.
        If you would like to know more about smart meters, please visit the Victorian Government website at or call 136 186.

        Thank you for your co-operation.
        Yours sincerely,
        **** *****
        Stakeholder Relations Manager Jemena Electricity Networks
        If you need a translator, call 13 14 50

        • Pete says:

          Anonymous we all agree with you, however the problem is, we are all making our legitimate arguments, but they are using only one argument now (after all of their other previous attempts have been buried under the ground) and that is that they say that if we refuse them entry to install the meter, they can cut our power because we have gone against the agreement they’ve “Apparently” made with us ! There is no other argument they are trying because everything else they’ve tried, hasn’t worked.

          Also, with regards to the backdating… yes I’m pretty sure we all agree with you on this one too. Actually because their letters were not sent via registered post, (you need to sign for that), there is no evidence/proof if this is taken to court, the judge (or registrar) will just laugh it off. But 2 people can play at that game !

          SO, after pondering on this for a few days I believe I have found the solution. A letter must be sent back to them explaining these following pertinent points:

          1- Their so called “Maintenance” is not required and their excuse that they need to enter the property to change the meter (under the umbrella of maintenance) is a farce and thus it needs to be explained to them that we do not refuse them to enter property to perform “Maintenance” on the equipment. HOWEVER (a) There is nothing wrong with my existing analogue meter, (b) My existing analogue meter is not faulty, does not require any maintenance as it is working perfectly and (c) I do not give them permission to CHANGE the electricity meter, but I do give them permission to perform “Maintenance”.
          Ie. Meaning of Maintenance from the Oxford dictionary: “the process of preserving a condition or situation or the state of being preserved”.
          Note the key words here are “Preserving a condition”.

          2- So many times have Jemena representatives (on the phone) told me that part of the maintenance is to CHANGE the existing meter to the new carcinogenic smart meters. So what needs to be in the letter is wording to the effect that we give them permission to perform maintenance, BUT we do not give them to install a smart meter which has nothing to do with “Maintenance” and we are fearful of these carcinogenic producing devices, we fear for our health (which is what this is really about) and we do not give consent.

          If these above 2 points are put into a very clear and concise letter (which I will post here shortly), if they shut the power off, I shall take them to court, I’ll contact a couple of journos in Today Tonight AND A Current Affair and I’ll produce all of the paperwork. If this happens, I’m pretty sure all of you involved will be eager to appear on these programs too. I know this sounds like talking tough, but when you make an application to the magistrates’ or another court, against Jemena and sue them for losses and damages, together with a whole stack of other people, I’m pretty sure we can get the exposure we need and I’m sure lots of people would be behind me on this. I still haven’t heard from anyone relating to the class action, but if you won’t do it mr. stopsmartmeters, I will.

          Its unfortunate that the admin of this website seems to have gone quiet and most other people prefer to talk about what other countries are doing than tackle the task at hand. No point in saying yeah look at what they are doing overseas because quite frankly, here in Australia, no one gives a hoot. Its only us but there are plenty of us, enough to give a huge headache to Mr. Jemena. So Mr. Jemena, your so called smart arse 2 bit legal personnel aren’t so smart after all, expect a letter from me shortly… You won’t be able to wiggle out of this one.

        • Jasmine says:

          The have to prove that we have refused access to the meter. They need to clarify exactly what they mean, by reason of you refusing access to the meter at your property. The only part they have right is it is our property and not there’s. Was the alleged refusal given verbally or was it in writing? Can they provide the date and time this alleged refusal took place? Is it possible that the word refused was never used? Is it possible that whoever has made these allegations, was standing near a smart meter at the time and therefore developed brain fog? Or maybe there ears were ringing and they just did not hear properly. The letter is not written in plain English, but in Legalese. The definition of legalese is:”The specialized vocabulary of the legal profession, especially when considered to be complex or abstruse.” There are two words in this letter that you have to pay attention to, that is offer and refusing.
          If they have nearly completed there roll out as they claim, why harass people? Which Victorian Government are they referring to? Are they referring to the COMMONWEALTH
          OF AUSTRALIA, being. “The people unite in one indissoluble Commonwealth” under the Act to Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia 1900 (UK).
          For the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, being a company registered with the Securities Exchange Commission in Washington DC, USA, CIK# 0000805157.
          Can they provide first hand knowledge that the installation of a Smart Meter is mandatory to a consumer? Finally they need to provide facts and not just opinion. They need to also adhere to there codes.

      • Pete says:

        Hi Jasmine,
        Yes mine is also back dated 1 week! They are fools though, because there is no proof that the letter has arrived at my house at a certain date, they should have sent the letter registered post, which they did NOT. See my response below to Anonymous, I’ll post the reply letter here, you can copy it and send it off, just like anyone else that reads this can do. Am I worried that they’ll know who I am? Not at all. I have a nice big juicy pineapple here waiting to be inserted into their proverbial.

        This is their last attempt to try to get us, but in the end, even if they threaten us to cut the power, they still have to follow protocol and a mediator has to be appointed FIRST, BEFORE they cut any power. If they cut power without reason, they’ll be in a lot of trouble and I’ll make sure it gets media attention through my contacts. The media love this kind of stuff, it just happens to be that it first must happen, rather than just talk, before they get involved, but I’m prepared for it, both mentally and legally as I’ve sent them many letters, I’ve got all of them and I hope you have got all copies of yours as well.

        I also forgot to add point 3 in the reply to Anonymous and that is that we need to request from Jemena, a signed document with Jemena letterhead, that they GUARANTEE that there will be no such adverse effects to our health if the smart meter is installed. I know they won’t give that because I’ve tried it about 3 times already. And what Anonymous says about the crimes act 1958 is also true, they can get 10 years if we appoint the right legal persons to follow this through.

        Might I add, in terms of being charged $500, I’m not sure who wrote that, but to me, anyone who would write such a comment, seems to be to be an employee of Jemena. Why would someone write such comment? Think about this, read the comment carefully… to me it is sus. Pay $500 for a meter read? No problems, firstly it goes against the code. Secondly, I’ll take it to Maurice and Blackburn Lawyers (they have much experience with this… ie. the class action against the banks) and also to the office of fair trading. When a business charges you a fee for something, there are certain guidelines that they must follow. Its not as easy as just saying “oh I’ll issue you now with a $500 meter read invoice”, Jemena will have to show exactly how this was calculated. With the number of people that do not have a smart meter, realistically and legally it would be like pushing poop up a steep hill and thinking there will be no marks left on the ground… pipe dreams. Hence, read that comment from Marin, I can smell a rat. After all, scare tactics are Jemenas forte’. they are the scum of the earth. Shame on them for trying to force people and intimidating people to change over to carcinogenic devices that will ultimately kill us all.

    • Jasmine says:

      Dear Pete,
      There has been some good advice posted on this forum, in regards to the letter, you and others have received. Firstly you have not refused access to your meter, you have not given consent to be part of an experiment. You have not given consent for a wireless smart meter to be installed. You have not given consent to a surveillance device to be installed on your private property. They need consent and they know it as well. The letter they sent was sent through regular mail, thus they can’t prove that you even got the letter. They would have to prove that you and others actually received this letter. The letter would also have to be written in PLAIN ENGLISH and it is not, this is a requirement that Jemena must adhere to. They have to follow the rules, whether they like it or not.If they don’t follow the rules, then they need to be reprimanded.
      Also Pete, if anyone says you have refused, you need to state very clearly that you have not refused, that you do not give consent and you are not obligated to accept a smart meter. Jemena has a license to supply electricity and that is all, they do not have the authority to do much else.
      You need to inform Jemena that they are harassing you and they need to stop. If you have already informed Jemena to stop harassing you then they are in danger of breaking the law. They have to abide by the law. They have to abide by there codes as well. If you have sent legal notices in, point this out and inform them that this is there first warning to stop harassing you. Also Jemena are to cease any contact with you, through the phone, in person or by mail and if they don’t you may use this as evidence of harassment.They are to have no contact with you, in regards to smart meter installation. You have said no and not given consent and they need to stop.

    • Bearded Baboon Loather says:

      Pete, please look
      Write in and reject the offer, deny their “refusal” (this term is a legal trap) accusation, admit your non consent rather and state your refusal to pay fees.
      You know what to do when the next offer comes round.
      Who knows maybe there will be several rounds of “offers” to come.
      Beware the trap of non response (and I think legally you have 14 days from the date you actually receive the letter or ten working days)
      You may think not getting a smart meter is good. However what you are NOT TOLD in this sneaky letter that their lawyers have crafted as a lure against you is that by refusing their “offer” (another legal term that obliges you to contract), you then ACCEPT THEIR TERMS AND CONDITIONS ie. that you agree to pay their proposed but presently fictitious charges which have no legislative backup and that you acknowledge “refusal” (another legal term that has implications for you) to provide access to the meter which we know is not the case. You just don’t consent to carcinogenic AMI which you are not obligated to allow them to install)

      It seems that failure to reply leads you into a defacto optout situation as I ASSUME (can’t say for certain) that you may get taken off the installation list (ala UE). Will those remaining on the installation list then continue to be badgered, bullied and harassed to accept installation ? That’s the $60K question. And for those already having carcinogens transmitted through their bodies, you don’t get the “offer” where default means extortion.


      Mr Paul Adams, I wait for the day where I see you ************************************ for the extreme duress hardships that you have caused so many innocent people.

  187. David says:

    Here is an interesting Facebook page, about the Privatisation of our power networks, and how it’s been nothing but a failure, costing consumers more and more –

  188. David says:

    Here’s an eyeopening (and sad) documentary, just released by the Electrical Trades Union –
    featuring Jeff Kennett’s privatisation of Victoria’s power infrastructure……….. and the irreparable damage it’s done to our state.

    • Gwen says:

      Thankyou David for this post. Yes, very very sad documentary of the effects of a careless man on the peoples lives he was entrusted to care for.

  189. geoffrey says:

    send all your complaints to these 2 wolves in sheeps cloths, epa chairman cheryl batagol and epa ceo john merritt, ask these 2 grossly overpayed public servents why they keep their heads burried in the sand in reguards to the health and safety of “smart” meters, could it be they care more for the perks and profits of their position that the public health they porport to guard?? politicians come and go but these “public servants” linger on and when they do go its inevatable right into the embrace of big business.

  190. geoffrey says:

    s.m.a.r.t. = slow murder arson radiation test

  191. Citizen for Democracy says:

    Watch this video:
    How low can power companies stoop?!
    Witness their desperate attempt at quashing dissent in the US by personally attacking and causing harm to Stop Smart Meters US director Joshua Hart.
    Watch them trying to intimidate his wife, as she makes her ‘victim impact statement’ in a public hall.
    Their strategy, though, is not smart at all – by creating a martyr for the cause, they are only going to create more awareness, more dissent, more rebellion, more fight back.
    It’s coming to the point were no self-respecting human being will be able to accept a smart meter – without hanging their head in shame. The pendulum is already swinging the other way.
    Go Joshua – you are a true leader!

  192. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    Disconnected! Director Josh Hart Disconnected by Utility for Refusing to Pay Opt-Out Extortion Fees

  193. Citizen for Democracy says:

    This is a WAKE-UP call for all SOUTH AUSTRALIANS!
    Your elections are just a few weeks away, on the 15th March. Both major parties there intend to push through with a smart meter roll-out for your state. Although it won’t be mandatory, the power companies will be instructed to try very hard to install as many smart meters as possible. Even if you were to succeed in keeping your home smart meter free, you would still be irradiated from all the neighbouring smart meters.
    Please do not allow your beautiful state to go down the same destructive path as Victoria!
    This is your one and only chance to speak up on this issue.
    Email the Premier Jay Weatherill at;
    Email the opposition leader Steven Marshall at:
    Express your concerns and ask them their intentions regarding wireless smart meters.
    Good luck!

  194. Edward says:

    An Order in Council is a mechanism to SNEAK something in that can not be made law. It is for the very reason that John Brumby was unable to get smart meters passed as law that we have the “Order in Council” which is NOT LAW.

  195. Harlan Taylor says:

    It has been said on this website that if you do not want a smart meter you must lock your meter box. Let me correct that. If you do not want a smart meter you must lock your meter box and KEEP IT LOCKED. No point locking your meter box if you are going to just reopen it when the power company makes some sort of threat against you.

    No point locking your meter box only to reopen it when you are rung up and spun a story that it will cost you more for the installers to come back next time. It costs nothing for installers to come out.
    No point locking your meter box only to reopen it again when you are spun a story that you are going to pay some sort of fee later on even though such fee doesn’t even exist at this time.
    No point locking your meter box only to reopen it because you have been told some NONSENSE that it is supposedly inevitable that “we’ll all have to get one eventually”.

    When you start to have these utterances of threatening intonation fired at you (and you will), please pause and consider the baselessness of such utterances. Stop and consider and you are likely to see how utterly ridiculousness any such threatening utterance they make actually is and THEN REALISE exactly what it is that they are trying to achieve by making such baseless yet threatening utterances to you.

    When you lock your meter box you must be committed to keeping it locked come hell or high water because I guarantee they will pester you regularly and they will try and get inside your head in such a way where YOU yourself reopen the box for them.

    DO NOT REOPEN THE BOX for them because of how they may make you to feel by some blurb that comes out of their corrupt mouths. That is the very thing they are playing upon and it has worked for them with even the most intelligent of people having been seduced and sucked in by their words and who now somehow find themselves in the very predicament of having a source of carcinogenic microwave radiation transmitting from the very side of their own house. This is the very predicament that they sought to avoid in the first place. Such seduction is the way of the very devil himself. You must stand your ground folks and do not at this stage of the game attempt to engage with those who would contact you and who would portray themselves with fictitious authority.

    • Paul & Di McMahon says:

      @Harlan. Exactly what i intend to do and regardless of their harassment which is now on a daily basis via mobile calls and text messages we will never consent or allow them to install this device on our home…..ever. I’m good and ready for whatever they have planned and will make sure they understand that we know our rights and will never back down. Let them turn our power off…..that in itself is illegal being an essential service….will find a way around that too. Am not intimidated in the least by these parasites and am fully prepared to go down any legal avenue we need to to get them off our back.

  196. Peter says:

    Still stuck with a surveillance and control device? Want to get rid of it?
    Write to your distributor and tell them that you no longer accept THEIR CHOICE (or that of the Victorian government) of these devices.
    You do not accept their claims that there are no health issues with them.
    You do not accept their claims they do not cause electrical fires.
    You deny them the right to invade the privacy of your home.
    You deny them the right to control your house hold appliances, now or in the future.
    You DEMAND that in accordance with Electricity Customer Metering Code 6.1(b) the surveillance and control device be replaced; with a none remotely read, none interval meter.
    Make it very clear, that if they fail to comply with this demand within, say, 30 working days, (Electricity Distribution Code 11.2.1) then you, their VALUED CUSTOMER, reserve the right to employ a licenced electrician, at your own cost and without breaching Electricity Distribution Code 3.3.1, (they have failed to comply with your demand) to replace the device with an analogue accumulation meter, until such time that they, the distributors install a type of meter acceptable to you, THEIR VALUED customer.
    They will almost certainly bluster and jump up and down about surveillance and control devices being ‘mandated’, ‘compulsory’, ‘you cannot refuse them’ etc. These are misleading statements, if not downright lies! DO AS THEY DO, ignore their reply, and simply respond with your original letter! (You must continue to respond)
    The distributors have NO LEGAL right to refuse your demand!
    I am sure there are better legal brains than mine on this site, which can put together a forceful document based on these facts.
    Until we become as aggressive as our tormentors, we will achieve little; we MUST be aggressive, now!
    As a matter of interest, I was aggressive from the word go, back in 2010 and still have my analogue meter, though I am the only one in my street!
    It is never too late to fight back! Delay will only make it harder.

    • Peter says:

      I forgot to add to the above post, if they refuse to comply with your demand, they are discriminating against you, as previous refusals have been accepted!!!!!!!!

    • geoffrey says:

      we have to start to remove these evil things from all our streets, i will not have 1 installed but the effects of all the others installed on the street are unbearable and getting worse every day, how much more will it take???

  197. Harold James says:

    Ever wondered why Neil Mitchell has not done more to expose the terror that is being inflicted upon many thousands of Victorians by this smart meter rollout, or the poisoning of Victorian citizens with the forced 24/7 cumulative exposure to carcinogenic smart meter radiation transmissions. See…….

    “Cameron O’Reilly, the scion of the Heinz food empire and former chief of media group APN, along with John B. Fairfax, the Smorgon family and Kerry Stokes are a few of the high-profile names to have made a killing from the sale of smart meters. They were major shareholders of Landis + Gyr, the company that amassed about 56 per cent of the market in deals to supply the electricity distributors in Victoria. Their big payday came in 2011 when O’Reilly sold Landis + Gyr to Toshiba for $US2.3 billion.”

    I was listening to radio station 3AW the other day advertising itself as “FAIRFAX RADIO”.
    Is Neil Mitchell prepared to bite the hand that feeds him by exposing his employer John Fairfax as having profiteered from criminality ie. the immeasurable misery that has been forcefully and deceitfully inflicted upon Victorian Citizens against their will and the looming future health crisis when cancer cases together with other biological manifestations start to go through roof for persons having had sufficient continuous exposure to the radiation pulses of these heinous devices. Neil Mitchell’s muzzling on the topic of smart meters makes perfect sense.

    Read more:

  198. Peter says:

    Queensland, NSW and Victoria, we had better start buying Chinese flags for our houses of parliament!!!!!!!

    • Gwen says:

      Thanks Peter for info. Disgusting and totally unAustralian and absolutely not in our best interests.

    • geoffrey says:

      it aint just oz folks, uk, nz canadia, usa-all the “5 eyes” countries, rest of europe too, africia and asia as well, this is a global run on the west by china whom is fully is backed by and funded by the worshipful company of bankers, bis, un, imf, wb and all the usual culprites.

  199. Peter says:

    Yet another attempt to white wash the facts regarding the safety of our beloved surveillance and control devices. If the past is anything to go by, the result is a forgone conclusion funded by the Victorian tax payer! Please, if this is the case, save the taxpayers money! I don’t think anyone in Victoria disputes that these devices comply with the required standards. It’s the standards that are the problem, and any review is pointless and waste of tax payers’ money, until these standards are brought up to relevant standards.
    But that is not going to happen, why? Look at the people pushing this extremely controversial rollout.
    The distributors. Enough said!
    Mr O’Brien, the previous minister responsible for the rollout of these surveillance devises, a member of the Victorian bar, and barrister and solicitor of the supreme court of Victoria and the high court of Australia. Mr O’Brien in his capacity as ‘minister for meters’, made such statements as; ‘they are compulsory’, ‘you cannot refuse them’, ‘you may be disconnected from the grid for refusing them’. etc .
    In August 2013, in a letter to Mr O’Brien, I asked him to produce the legislation stating ‘they are compulsory’ ‘customers cannot refuse them’ etc. I am still waiting for him to respond! Yes, he has changed his position, but that does not absolve him from answering for his actions at that time!
    O’Briens successor, Mr Kotsiras, his real job is a school teacher, hopefully, his returning to his real calling! Possibly because he at least has some integrity, and cannot support this undemocratic government decision?
    ‘Minister for meters’ #3, Mr Matthew Guy, BA. As yet an unknown quantity, suffice to say that one of his previous posts was VFF manager marketing and communications.
    Mr Paul Fearon, the guy responsible for the safety of these devises. Previous occupations; worked in the electricity industry having senior roles in production, treasury and corporate planning including a stint as energy advisor to the Victorian government. In 2003-2009, he was CEO of the ESC (the rollout started late 2009, coincidence?). This guy doesn’t have a conflict of interest in the installation of these devices? Was it his idea in the first place? In his last review, he stated that ‘all available evidence shows these devices are safe and that Victorians should have confidence in them’. The only evidence he quotes in his review, are the out of date standards, no mention of the many documents which disagree with his view. Well Mr Fearon, as many thousands of Victorians have shown their ‘confidence in these devices’ by locking their meter boxes and refusing to accept them, perhaps it’s time you took off those biased rose coloured glasses and took a more open view of ALL the evidence and not just the stuff that suits your purpose.
    I strongly urge every subscriber to this site to once again get writing to the Victorian ombudsman and your local MP’s. From experience, the EWOV and the ESC aren’t worth a fat rats’ clacker, as far as this issue is concerned, neither can, or will, do anything to address the many complaints they receive.
    It’s a hard fight, but is it time we became as aggressive as our tormentors, the government and Victorian distributors? I believe the legislation is there to support us; we only need the Victorian government to enforce it! The distributors and government have put their own interpretation on legislation to support their side; we must do the same to defend our democratic right.

    • Citizen for Democracy says:

      Great post, Peter! I agree with all you say.
      Any future ‘audit’ that does not carefully assess the claims of the 165 people who have formally registered as having developed symptoms from smart meters is not worth the paper it’s written on.
      Honestly, who, in their right mind, would leave their job or move house or even move interstate if their health had not seriously been affected! The numbers are way to big for the government to be claiming this is a case of global hysteria. Moreover, inertia is a well known human psychological trait – for thousands of people in Victoria to be actively resisting smart meter installation means something REAL is happening, for sure.
      It took 50 years to legally prove the harm done by Thalidomide, yet people were suspicious and some knew the truth right from the beginning, but they were silenced by the interests of large corporations in collusion with government – same thing is happening now. IT MUST BE STOPPED.

    • What an excellent blog Peter; you have made some fine points. It is definitely time to ramp up our opposition, and I say again to SSMA what is happening re the new political force (their recent blog in January)!!

    • Ian McClarron says:

      Hi, I’m not sure how to post here so I have just clicked the reply button to see what happens. My wife and I have only just found out about the dangers of smart meters. We had one installed 3 years ago as part of the solar panel system. The meter is on the opposite side of the wall to the head of our bed, about half a meter away from our heads.
      I have been suffering headaches every night for the last few years waking up to take pain killers. We have now both developed cancer, my wife had a hysterectomy last month and I have to have my prostate removed next week. My wife is 47 years old and I’m 58.
      Where do we go to be safe? Where do we move to? It’s like a plague infecting the world and no one is interested in finding a cure , in fact the government seems hell bent on spreading the disease. We live in Calamvale Brisbane Australia, my name is Ian McClarron.

      • Gwen says:

        Ian, I don’t have words to describe how I feel after reading your story. A definition of horror comes close, ‘an overwhelming and painful feeling caused by something frightfully shocking, terrifying, or revolting’. I sincerely hope and pray you and your wife win this battle. You need to ask the power company to remove the meter as well as telling them your story. Also send a copy to your local politician so it’s on record. There was a councillor in Brisbane fighting against fluoride being added to the drinking water. Maybe you can find out who he is and if he could help. All the very best wishes for success.

      • Peter says:

        Hello Ian
        Very sorry to hear of your family’s health issues, unfortunately, as these devises are to be installed Australia wide, (it is a COAG agreement) there will be nowhere in Australia to escape these things unless we can get the COAG agreement repealed!
        I might suggest you register your health problems here on this site. I believe this register is forwarded to the relevant authorities’.
        Here in Victoria there is to be yet another review of the SAFETY of these devises, whether this will include health issues this time, remains to be seen, sadly, in the past this has not been the case as, in my opinion, ARPANSA refuses to update its standards using updated relevant information.
        It appears to be a sad fact, that Victoria is not the only Australian state which has health issues which seem to be strongly connected to the installation of these devices.
        I was informed by the Queensland government some time ago that these devises have been in use in that state on a voluntary basis since the 1990’s, but they did not say how many are in use at this time.
        It would be interesting to hear from more Queenslanders who have issues with these things, not only the health issues, in order to register your concerns at an early stage, before you find yourselves in the sort of struggle we Victorians in in.

        • Sick Of Their Lies says:

          Interesting that the Chair of the COAG Reform Council currently, is no other than former Victorian Labor Premier John Brumby, one of the original key people involved and responsible for the unleashing on us, the dangerous, life threatening “smart” meter technology in the first place, way back in 2010 when he was serving as OUR Premier, to carry out OUR wishes, which he dismally failed at, repeatedly.

          “Opposition energy spokesman Michael O’Brien said that smart meters were the ”myki of metering”.
          ”Every Victorian family is paying for smart meters whether they have them or not … Victorians will be paying for John Brumby and Peter Batchelor’s smart meter stuff-up for years to come,” he said.”

          God help us all.

  200. geoffrey says:

    Mike Mitcham of Stop Smart Meters uk interviewed about smart meter program being uk’s next tech disaster.

    • John M says:

      @geoffrey. Thanks for posting that it was very informative. I also found the RT video they mentioned titled: The Truthseeker: ‘Unequivocal’ Cell phones cause cancer. I recommend anyone that uses a mobile phone to watch it.

  201. Anonymous says:

    Hi There,

    Just wondering if anyone can tell me if ripple control receivers emit any radiation.

  202. geoffrey says:

    this is what you get for resisiting a smart meter in new zealand.
    think it wont happen here?

    • Jasmine says:

      We are not in New Zealand, I have already seen this video. Minister Kotsiras was on the radio today speaking about smart meters, he said he believes smart meters are safe and there is one outside his bedroom. I would like to see where his smart meter is for myself as I doubt it would be near his head. He also did not state what safe actually means. What smart meters are proven to be safe for. He did not say they don’t give you cancer. No one said this was going to be easy. The police have to go by the law as well.