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Energex moves to discourage off-peak electricity usage

From RenewEconomy’s website comes a story that can only be described as the truth will come out.  Amidst the power distributors’ claims that the purpose behind the smart meter rollout is to enable consumers to switch their electricity usage to … Continue reading

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Wimmera anti-smart meter campaign intensifies – Public Meeting in Horsham, 20 October

Wimmera anti-Smart Meter campaigner Di Bell of Horsham and a group of supporters have rekindled a push against the household installation of the digital measuring devices. Mrs Bell, an outspoken critic of the safety of the meters and a program … Continue reading

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Queensland avoids smart meter mandate

New discussion paper cites Victorian smart meter debacle, says advanced electricity meter roll out must be ‘customer-driven’ A report issued by the Queensland government advocates avoiding a mandated rollout of advanced electricity meters, such as smart meters, citing the much-criticised … Continue reading

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Electricity giant SP AusNet has appeal to increase charges to consumers to cover the cost of smart meters dismissed | Herald Sun

AN electricity giant trying to slug Victorian customers tens of millions of dollars more for smart meters has had its legal bid for higher prices rebuffed. The Australian Competition Tribunal has dismissed distributor SP AusNet’s appeal to increase charges over … Continue reading

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Customers Sue Edison and PG&E Over Health Effects From Smart Meters/Smart grid The law firms of David Kyle and Paul Overett have filed suit against SCE Edison and PG&E for health effects from smart meters/smart grid and will host a … Continue reading

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Smart Meters in Victoria: Information and Concerns UPDATED

Originally posted on Stop Smart Meters Australia:
Smart Meters in Victoria:  Information and Concerns Version 3: Updated March 2013

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Conflict of interest?

When you look at Mr Michael O’Brien’s Parliamentary website, see: http://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/members/id/1660 you will notice that he is the Victorian Minister For Gaming, as well as for CONSUMER AFFAIRS and also for ENERGY and RESOURCES. Now it does not take a genius, in … Continue reading

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Not very smart | Star Dandenong News

CITY of Greater Dandenong is continuing a campaign against smart meters, despite legal advice that they can’t stop them from being installed. At their Monday 25 February meeting, councillors agreed to find out what it would cost to have electromagnetic … Continue reading

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Legal Advice Reminder

Over the past month, with the apparent approval of the Baillieu Government, especially its Minister for Energy and Resources, Hon. Michael O’Brien, power distributors in Victoria seem to have increased their bullying tactics in forcing smart meters against the will of residents who … Continue reading

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Smart box lock-out in Montmorency – Health – Diamond Valley Leader

A MONTMORENCY resident has locked his electricity box in a bid to stop authorities installing a smart meter. Leon Steiner, of Sherbourne Rd, said he had serious issues with the meters, which were being rolled out across Victoria. His major … Continue reading

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