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Victorian smart meter mandate concludes

With the commencement of the New Year, the Victorian Government’s mandate for power distributors to forcibly and ruthlessly install smart meters has concluded. Correspondence from the Office of the Minister for Energy and Resources, Minister Kotsiras, has acknowledged that two electrical … Continue reading

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Occasionally SSMA receives letters from the public in relation to smart meters and the actions they have taken. We thought this letter deserves sharing. The writer of this featured letter developed severe, debilitating symptoms from neighbouring smart meters and for … Continue reading

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Wireless technology: “It’s impossible to be completely sure there isn’t some risk” – ARPANSA

Hon. Minister Michael O’Brien, Victoria’s Minister for Energy and Resources, continually claims that smart meters are safe, that there is no risk with this wireless technology, that they are just as safe as mobile phones, cordless phones, Wi-Fi and baby monitors.  Yet … Continue reading

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Former Motorola Strategic Director directing the Victorian Government’s response to smart meter health complaints

In a recent letter to a concerned Victorian citizen from the Office of the Minister for Energy and Resources, the Minister discounted the potential for any health impacts of smart meters partially based on the expert advice of the Victorian … Continue reading

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Notice of Motion was passed at City of Whittlesea’s general meeting.

Last night Cr Lalios moved a notice of motion, seconded by all against smart meters except for one Councillor. This is what was passed. That council: 1. Write to the relevant Minister of the Victorian Government requesting that the continued installation … Continue reading

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Letters to the Editor recently published in the Swan Hill Guardian

Smart Meter Madness Wednesday, 11 July 2012 By John Cornish In Melbourne it is common to find a bed-head up against a bedroom wall with an electrical meter immediately on the outside. In this case it seems possible that for … Continue reading

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Churchill Smart Meter meeting Resolutions

Below are the resolutions to the meeting held on the 20th July. 1. That this meeting of residents of Churchill and surrounding districts, calls on the Victorian Government to halt the ‘Smart Meter Rollout” to allow for a full investigation … Continue reading

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The community information night recently held at Daylesford was a resounding success with 80 people reported to have attended. Ballarat’s Win Television, Ballarat Courier, Daylesford Advocate and Bendigo Advertiser all covered the community event. The topics covered were health, privacy, … Continue reading

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Action Kits

Victorians are being misinformed.  The so called ‘mandate that every Victorian home and small business will have a smart meter installed’, actually states: ‘Each distributor must use its best endeavours to install a remotely read interval meter’….etc (Victorian Government Gazette S200 … Continue reading

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I do not consent….

I received my first letter from Powercor to say they would be installing the smart meter at my property. I immediately sent off a letter saying that I did not consent and that it takes two parties to make a contract … Continue reading

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