Queensland avoids smart meter mandate

New discussion paper cites Victorian smart meter debacle, says advanced electricity meter roll out must be ‘customer-driven’

A report issued by the Queensland government advocates avoiding a mandated rollout of advanced electricity meters, such as smart meters, citing the much-criticised Victorian experience.

The cost of the Victorian smart meter rollout blew out dramatically, with a 2011 review by the state government finding its predecessor had underestimated the cost by $415 million.

As well, the program faced criticisms about meter safety, which the review said were unfounded, and time-of-use electricity pricing. The total cost of the Victorian rollout is in excess of $2 billion, compared to an initial estimate of around $900 million.

A 30-year electricity strategy discussion paper released today by the Queensland government instead supports a “customer-driven rollout of advanced meters”, with service providers competing to offer metering services to consumers.

“Customers can choose to adopt the technology based on their own assessment of the benefits,” the discussion paper states.

Advanced meters would include interval meters that provide time of use information and measure electricity consumption in small blocs than the more common accumulation meters, which provide only the total usage between manual reads.

Advanced meters rolled out in Queensland may include smart meters, which offer additional features such as two-way wireless communication between the meter and the electricity supplier.

A rollout of advanced meters would have to incorporate strong privacy protection for consumers as well as consumer engagement and education, according to the discussion paper.

With regards to time-of-use pricing, which charges based on when electricity is consumed as opposed to at a flat rate, the report says that “government policies give customers the choice on whether to accept these options”.

“The proponents of advanced metering must be able to show consumers that the benefits of any rollout outweigh costs, if any, to them,” states supplementary material issued with the discussion paper.

“To enable this, customers must be able to access their own data easily and be given the power to authorise other parties to help them better understand the opportunities to manage and make savings on their electricity consumption.”

Rohan Pearce, TechWorld

Via: TechWorld

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28 Responses to Queensland avoids smart meter mandate

  1. Pretty! This has been a really wonderful post. Thank you
    for supplying this info.

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  3. murray william says:

    United Energy has notified at about 5 weeks and now a few days ago but nearly out of time for the last letters time frame.
    The MANDATED smart meter replacement will now be supplemented by a safety inspection.
    There is already a Nilson EMS2600 electronic smart meter compatable meter ,5 years old? why do we have to have a new one?
    A blog stated a chip is all that is required and a comms interface could be added? Hopefully with an external antenna away from our living space.
    Non ionising radiation risk assessment is very low probability of harm but catastrophic results ie to be avoided.
    A renovation in 1984 was completed to that standard at the time.
    The old wiring is OK if left undisturbed.
    A safety inspection will disturb the wiring and render it unsafe.
    A new fuseboard will be $1000 plus (>30% mark up on parts )
    A house rewire is $7k plus and 5 days , comparable to a grid independant system.
    No certificate of electrical safety will be provided with the meter install .
    I have the right to deny access to the fuseboard on the grounds of safety, liability.
    The meter is on a wooden backboard and they can go for it.
    Oh and the final backboard would contain asbestos.
    Once again this is perfectly safe if left ALONE.
    What chance the installer will be OH&S trained? Yep zero.
    Any suggestions?

    • Anenome Ofglobalgov says:

      The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) do not mention that the ARPANSA standards are only for protection against immediate thermal hazards (tissue heating!) at high-intensity exposures and NOT against CUMULATIVE BIOLOGICAL EFFECTS FROM LOW-INTENSITY EXPOSURES. Therefore it is incorrect to suggest that they are sufficiently protective of public health, especially as there are increasing reports of residents developing health problems subsequent to having a smart meter installed on their home, as reported by Don Maisch PHD in Nexus magazine Feb-March 2013 edition.

      Smart (stupid) meters are part of a much bigger plot to control us. Go to fairdinkumradio.com and listen to aussie Leon for the big picture, especially UN Agenda 21.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Spot on Henry,

  5. Terry says:

    The last two Victorian State Governments I.E. Dumb and Dumber. The most inept Victorian State Government; The Kennet lead government….sold every Public Owned Utility in the state without a referendum. How absolutely infantile and stupid was that!

    • John M says:

      “How absolutely infantile and stupid was that!” Not the words that come to my mind. More like: ‘absolutely criminal’. There’s clearly not enough legislative safeguards in place to protect ‘public’ assets being stolen from the people, privatized and then used against the public for purposes of unprecedented greed and extortion. It’s treasonous behavior which should no longer be tolerated by the public. Politicians (especially independents and minor parties) of any state that still has public utilities should be trying to getting legislation passed to safeguard what is left.

  6. Citizen for democracy says:

    The following PDF document titled ’30-YEAR ELECTRICITY STRATEGY DISCUSSION PAPER – SUPPORTING MATERIAL’ can be found at http://www.dews.qld.gov.au/_data/assets/pdf_file/0005/96485/supporting-material-discussion-paper.pdf
    On page 21, last paragraph, it reads: “Other consumers oppose advanced metering on the assumption that the communication technologies used in Victoria will be adopted here. This is not necessarily the case. Alternative technologies using existing electricity infrastructure and broadband internet are showing excellent potential to deliver the same results.”
    Is this not validation and vindication of our concerns and tragic adverse health experiences with wirelessly communicating smart meters?

  7. 1vimana1 says:

    To: Rohan Pierce, of Tech World,
    Dear Rohan these Microwave so-called Smart Meters are a nightmare not only here in Victoria Australia but world-wide. In fact there are no benefits with this quasi-technology or rubbish technology in any way at all. If you want to know how much power your T.V or electric oven or air conditioner or steam iron for clothes or washing machine uses or dish washer, all one has to do is turn on that appliances singly and measure it over 30 minutes and turn off all the others like fridges or deep freezers and or T.V’s computers etc. The fridge and or deep freezer won’t defrost in that short time. That’s what I have done and simply make recordings as to how many watts of electricity each of these machines uses over 30 minutes. If you are going to do some hoovering or vacuuming of one room, turn off all other appliances in the home, then read your Analog meter settings from the dials and note the readings. Next go and hoover or vacuum one room and go back and note the readings on the dials of the Analog meter and deduct the first reading from the second, the answer is that the amount of wattage used for hoovering or vacuuming of that room of a given area, it’s that simple. You don’t need to but some dopey extra electricity meter, it’s just a waste of money.

    Next, don’t ever get a dopey Microwave so-called smart meter, for as the World Health Organisation and other august bodies of medical science are now proving, these Micro Wave so-called smart meters are now classed as Type 2B Carcinogen Causing Meters, Very soon the World Health Organisation or W.H.O are soon to re-classify them as Type 2A Carcinogen Meters as more and more evidence from here in Victoria and as well from overseas shows these dopey machines to be now seemingly deadly to not only Human and Animal but to all Life on Planet Earth. Yes, even to delicate creepers and all plant life.

    As for wanting to bring in ‘ time of use pricing’ for electricity customers, well that is the greatest rip-off of all time and is just an excuse for more wicked gouging of already cash-strapped Victorians pockets which is an absolute disgrace. This plan of the five overseas electric power companies in Victoria is THEFT, PURE AND SIMPLE.

    As the population of Victorian kept rising over the years both the Liberal and Labour Parties of Victoria were too stupid to build more power stations to keep up with electricity demand from a steadily rising population of Victorian Citizens, that’s how stupid these two governments have been. Then to add insult to injury Geoffrey Kennett back in the 1990’s went and sold the Victorian State Electricity Company to China and Singapore who are now trying to gouge more of their Victorian Electricity customers already cash strapped pockets with variable time pricing of electricity, and is crime against the Victorian populace.

    If you are at all sensible, you will have done what I have done, and that is to lock in a fixed price for your electricity consumption with your Electricity Retailer and will have kept your safe and passive Analog electric meter like me, and growing thousands of us Victorians, by securely locking up your electric meter box with an industrial padlock against these sneaky Microwave so-called smart meter installer men from stealing your Analog meter.

    These five LYING foreign owned electric power companies C.E.O’s and their compliant little “Spin Artists” of the Customer Relation Offices of PowerCor and City Power and Jemena and SP AusNet and United Energy Distribution keep stating….” That they own all of the Analog Electric Meters and the Electric Meter Boxes.” I have asked them for proof of this, but they cannot prove this to me, so this makes them a bunch of liars. I built my own home some thirty years ago and had to buy my own Electricity Meter Box and the Safe and Passive Analog Meter and get my electrician to install them both in my then new house. I have the Sales Slips to prove that I paid for both of these pieces of equipment, so don’t let these liars tell you they own the electric meter boxes and the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters, they don’t.

    Another frightening thing is this that ARPANSA believes that these dopey Microwave Smart Meters were and still are safe for Humans and Animals and all Life. Well those figures of theirs are over twelve (12) years of age and woefully out of date. I know this to be FACT as I spoke with the second in charge of ARPANSA some six (6) months ago who told me that ARPANSA is reviewing all of their figures regarding microwave radiation levels for humans and all life in view of the high and ever mounting numbers of complaints coming from people not only here in Victoria, but from more and more mounting numbers of overseas. These ongoing complaints are also coming from people overseas who are suffering more and more microwave sicknesses such as tinnitus or ringing in the ears to bleeding noses and or violent headaches, and arrhythmia or tachycardia of the heart which comes about, after the safe and passive Analog Electric Meters have been either coerced or bullied or taken, or stolen from people both here in Victoria as well as from overseas electricity customers and the Microwave so-called smart meters have been forcefully installed.

    The most frightening thing about these dopey Microwave so-called smart meters is that where patients have been fitted with heart pacemakers is concerned, when they come home from shopping, or have been away from home for any reason and a Microwave so-called smart meter has been fitted to their property in their absence. When these people return home they have suddenly dropped to the floor in their homes as the heart pacemakers in their chests have suddenly been Thrown Out of Whack by the accursed Microwave radiation from these so-called smart meters. This could easily kill these patients and it was only for the timely intervention of their spouse or another in the home phoning the emergency telephone number/s that an ambulance came to the sudden rescue and carted these patients off to hospital to get these heart pacemaker machines reset which has saved the patients’ lives.

    Apart from these medical problems covered here, there is the ever present danger of Fires being caused by these now seemingly very dangerous Microwave so-called smart meters in Victoria when a two-storey home was almost razed to the ground in Northcote a little over a year ago and only after the safe and passive Analog meter had been taken and the Microwave so-called smart meter had been fitted. There have been more fires in the Geelong area of Victoria as well as here in the Ararat Area in Western Victoria in a number of homes, and again only after the Analog electric meters have been coerced or stolen from private home/s and or small business properties.
    I and a growing number of very concerned Victorians demand that the Roll-Out of any more Microwave so-called smart meters be immediately removed from all properties here in Victoria and the Safe and Passive Electric Analog Meters be reinstalled at the entire expense of these now seemingly very careless a five overseas owned Electric Power Companies expense !

    No Rohan,
    The immediate and necessary replacement of these now proving to be Incendiary type Microwave so-called smart meters, with the safe and proven to be safe Analog electric meters must be paid for at these five foreign owned electric power companies’ expense.

    • Sojin Muneshi says:

      ” I built my own home some thirty years ago and had to buy my own Electricity Meter Box and the Safe and Passive Analog Meter – I have the Sales Slips to prove that I paid for both of these pieces of equipment,”.


      • Bill says:

        Sojin, which organisation do you work for ?

      • Bill says:


        My name is Sojin Muneshi, I am a qualified Electrical Engineer now working in the Victorian Power Industry, I understook my engineering studies while serving with the Army in my native India and later worked in the Indian Power Industry before moving to Australia and working as a Consultant in the Victorian Power Industry.

      • Anonymous says:

        And take a guess where some of these stupid, illegal death meters are made?
        You guessed correctly – India.

        • Public Enemy says:

          Sojin, you’ve been busted buddy! No-one wants to hear your little stories anymore. Bill, thanks for sharing that information. This guy actually signed the petition against SM’s on Friday the 13th (go figure!).

      • 1vimana1 says:

        To Sojin Muneshi,
        You Sojin Muneshi are in error. It does not matter who made the Meter. I paid for it, I have the sales slip to prove it, and the Electrical Sales outlet have my money, so it is LEGALLY MINE. You need to learn Logic Son, that’s for sure.
        Next, are you going to tell me when I bought my new Ford Car with my money and I have the Legal Papers of ownership that the Ford Company still own it. Don’t be so rude to me and so stupid and don’t tell me I am talking B**L S**T or I could sue you. I could have you up for SLANDER, please think about that.

  8. Don Maisch says:

    Read the fine print

    This is certainly a vast improvement, driven in part by the mess the Victorian smart meter rollout has created. However if Queenslanders think this is the end of the issue for them, better read the fine print and lock up your meter box – just in case.

    The “master plan” for a smart meter rollout throughout Australia is the report “The Power of Choice” review, put out by the Australian Energy Market Commission (AMEC).

    The Power of Choice review lists defined exceptions to allowing people to opt out of having a smart meter installed on their home. To quote:

    The rules provide that more advanced technology be used and installed in defined situations (ie new connections, refurbishments and replacements.) These would also be as per the SCER minimum functionally specification for smart meters.

    What this means is that all new buildings will get a smart meter. If you are planning renovations to your existing home that requires changes to the wiring, which will need your power company’s safety inspection, they will install a new electronic meter which meets “the minimum functionally specification for smart meters”. You will not be given the option of an analogue (non-smart) meter, which will no longer be available. In addition, there is also the planned replacement of all analogue meters statewide. The new electricity meter will be a smart meter or an electronic meter capable of being upgraded to a fully functioning smart meter by simply inserting a chip. This is currently happening quietly in Tasmania.

    As I see it, the policy now is not to make the mistake they made in Victoria by alerting the public to a mandatory smart meter rollout and create public opposition. Better to do it on the quiet by creating the illusion that the concerned public somehow has “the power of choice”.

    However, for Queenslanders (any everybody else) if you do not want your existing electricity meter being replaced with a smart meter while you are at work, take a precautionary approach and securely lock up your meter box with a window in the meter box door to allow the reading of the meters without having to unlock the meter box. If your electricity provider requests access to the meter, make sure that they do not install a new smart meter without your permission (best to watch them). If you are building a new home, ensure that the new electricity smart meter is located well away from bedroom areas, preferably on an outbuilding, such as a detached garage. They should NEVER be placed close to bedrooms or where people spend time in.
    Note that the Queensland discussion paper avoids any mention of possible health issues and simply states A rollout of advanced meters would have to incorporate strong privacy protection for consumers

    Absolutely nothing about health protection……

    I call it spin.

    Don Maisch

  9. Jen says:

    Never one word about health in Rohan Pearce Tech World letter nor any talk about a wireless meter for the people with health disorders related to hypersensitivity to these Radio Active Frequencies Justice

  10. Laurie Edward. says:

    I do wish somebody would clearly define what ‘mandate’ really means. Most people seem to think it is law. I believe it is not. It gets thrown around very loosely.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Laurie Edward,

      According to the Osborn’s Concise Law Dictionary – Mandate.. is a direction,request or authoritative command…
      It does not say anything about being “the law.”

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Laurie Edward,
      Simply look up the two meanings in a good dictionary, that’s what I’ve done and posted it on this S.S.M.A website a number of times. This continuing attempt by these five foreign owned Electric power companies to force Victorian private home and small business owners to allow these dopey Microwave so-called smart meters on one’s properties is actually a CRIME, as a Microwave so-called smart meter is not smart in any way at all.

      All of these machines are actually illegal telephone tapping devices being installed not only here in Victoria but world wide and without a Judges Legal order needed for each one. This makes them not only an illegal telephone tapping device but a spying meter which is also illegal. Even if the amount of electricity used is sent down an optical fibre communications line it is still An Illegal Spying Device. Just how much electricity one uses each day is none of the Electric Power Companies’ business. The only people needing this information are the electricity retailers in order to send you the correctly metered bill.

    • Eric says:

      New PM Tony Abbott in respect to repealling the carbon tax is saying that the opposition ought to respect his mandate. In other words, he has been constantly saying he would repeal the carbon tax were the Coalition to attain government. He is saying that the people having comprehensively voted him in have shown their will for him to do that very thing. This then is his mandate from the people to repeal the carbon tax and he is saying to the opposition not to oppose the scrapping of the carbon tax because it is mandated by the people.

      A true mandate is a people’s mandate to government. The Order of council for Distribution Companies to use best endeavors is hardly a mandate at all and certainly not anything resembling the will of the people or a people’s mandate. A true mandate is what we here are saying, that the decision to go ahead with wireless smart meters was wrong to begin with, that the rollout must now cease, that wireless smart meters must be banned and that any other safe but intrusive alternative device can only be rolled out on an opt-in basis only.This is the people’s mandate in the state of Victoria.

    • frontad84 says:

      The State Government issued a Mandate (which is a Command not a law) to Powercor to use their best endeavours(which simply means to try your best) to fit Smart Meters as replacements to all existing Electricity Meters in Victoria.
      The meaning of the word “Mandate” is : An authoritative Command from a superior
      Ordering a representative to act in a certain way.
      “Command” : To order with authourity, so as to secure obedience.
      Therefore since no law exists to say it is compulsory to have a Smart Meter fitted

  11. Gerald says:

    Victorian Govt. looking stupider and stupider. What a farce…..

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Spot on there, Gerald,
      The Victorian Gov’t is not only looking stupider and stupider every day, they are now becoming the New Mafia or Nuevo Mafioso of Victoria. A Mandate has no Legal or rightful power at all. This Victorian Liberal Party Gov’t just like the last Victorian Labor Gov’t are a bunch of cowards, just like these five foreign owned electricity power station C.E.O’s and their dolts of minions who don’t know the difference between a Mandate and the Law. Both meanings are as different as Chalk from Cheese.

      I now realised that one should be sorry for these truly stupid people, for they think that we their customers are as stupid and doltish as they have proven themselves to be.
      We the Victorian People that is many of us are not Sheeple but highly intelligent people some of us as skilled Lawyers who easily see through all of their Filthy Lies and we are not at all impressed by their level of sheer or crass ignorance and blind stupidity.
      These people need to learn English properly, for a fee I can put them onto a good and skilful English Teacher which is what they really need.

  12. Eric says:

    Here they are
    “citing the much-criticised Victorian experience”
    and yet have the audacity to still be suggesting
    “Advanced meters rolled out in Queensland may include smart meters, which offer additional features such as two-way wireless communication between the meter and the electricity supplier.”

    Wireless smart meters must be banned full stop.

    These people haven’t learnt anything from the Victorian experience.

    • Dear Queensland government and all citizens don’t get ripped off and opt for Time of Use.
      charges .Time of use imposes extortionate fees in the guise of helping you to limit your electrical use. It can cost you up to two or more times the rate in kilowatt hours as measured by your present Analogue meter, a tried and tested technology.
      We citizens of Victoria are being encouraged to accept Smart Meters as a State Government Mandate. Note a mandate is not a Law for it has not been passed by either the upper or lower houses of parliament, Remember many people here have been lied to by the installers who say they have to accept a smart meter.
      The installers threaten to cut off the customers electricity unless the installers are allowed to remove the old analogue meter and put a Smart Meter in its place. The can’t cut off your power as long as you pay your bills for this essential service.

      Mr Michael O’Brien the recent minister for power in Victoria told the Smart Meter installers they were to use their “Best Endeavours to install a Smart Meter on every home and small business in Victoria but they were not to threaten or intimidate any person who refused to accept a Smart Meter. The Commonwealth Government of Australia has declared that no one must be made to take a S/M for that is against the law to force, coerce or threaten anybody to accept goods or services that a person may believe is harmful to their health, financial well being or state of mind.

      Here in Victoria we have the ” Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities ACT 2006 which is not being abided to by the Smart Meter Installers.

      Wake up Australia and join the SSMA -Stop Smart Meters Australia action group.
      Stand up against foreign corporations who seek to assert their will on the democratic citizens of Australia only to fill their own coffers.
      I have locked up my electricity meter box with an industrial padlock which is a lawful thing to do and posted Lawful notices against trespass and intimidation with relevant fines of $167,000,00 dollars and a $1.1 million dollar fine for any installer company which seeks to disregard my rights in Law,

      Henry Leschen

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