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Amazon’s Vector power smart meter deal puts ‘how you live your life’ on web giant’s servers | ABC News

Amazon Web Services, a subsidiary of the world’s biggest retailer, and New Zealand power grid owner, Vector, have joined forces to analyse, share and monetise data generated by more than 1.6 million smart meters across Australia and New Zealand. The … Continue reading

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Smart electricity meters can be used to spy on private homes – NBC News

Smart electricity meters provide power companies with an accurate and streamlined method of monitoring, reading and controlling a home’s power usage. That convenience, however, comes at a steep price and could put homeowners’ safety in jeopardy. Researchers examining the privacy … Continue reading

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Smart Meters – Welcome to a brave new world WITHOUT privacy

The articles linked to this post clearly demonstrate what kind of details are available to the power companies using smart meters to monitor our power usage. Image: National Institute of Standards and Technology It also covers some of the concerns that the … Continue reading

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Getting smart about so-called ‘smart’ meters: Presentation and Film – Guildford

Join us on 3rd August at the historic Guildford Music Hall (11 kms south-east of Castlemaine) for a presentation by Janobai Smith followed by the screening of ‘Smart Meters and EMR: the Health Crisis of our Time’ and discussion. Citizens Advocating … Continue reading

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Australian pre-launch screening of Take Back Your Power

Take Back Your Power is an eye-opening documentary which investigates the “smart” meter program currently being implemented worldwide by most of the major utility companies. These devices are being installed often without the consent – and sometimes against the protests … Continue reading

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Smart box lock-out in Montmorency – Health – Diamond Valley Leader

A MONTMORENCY resident has locked his electricity box in a bid to stop authorities installing a smart meter. Leon Steiner, of Sherbourne Rd, said he had serious issues with the meters, which were being rolled out across Victoria. His major … Continue reading

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Smart Meter Backlash! – Victorian Smart Meter Forum a resounding success – Video of forum updated

Attendees from across Victoria packed into a conference centre in Oakleigh for Sunday’s Victorian Smart Meter Forum.  Organizers estimated attendance levels at between 400 and 450, with latecomers spilling out onto the foyer.  Representatives from over 12 Victorian Smart Meter … Continue reading

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Spread the word…. Victorian Forum, 25 November – Be there!

  Please note, according to some Melway maps, Willesdon Road is in Hughesdal.

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Your entire home will become a node on the internet…

  Yesterday, on the news, Mr O’Brien was seen supporting and promoting power companies’ push to sell the ‘benefits’ of HLAN (home energy monitoring) to electricity customers. Whilst it is understandable that the power corporations would do that (they desperately … Continue reading

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Stand up against smart meters | Sunraysia Daily

  I WAS watching a trailer of the movie Compliance, which is based on true events, when it hit me that most people just comply with authority figures and don’t raise the questions, even when its wrong I mean, what … Continue reading

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