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This abuse of our rights has to stop NOW!!

One person wrote to Stop Smart Meters Australia (SSMA): “The power companies are saying things verbally like threatening to cut off power etc. but not in writing.  That’s exactly what happened to my friend in Ballan.  I advised him to … Continue reading

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Letter of the Week

Gerhard is offering United Energy lessons in the meaning of some simple English words such as “No”. Have a read of Gerhard’s letter, we are sure you will enjoy! Letter to United Energy

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Occasionally SSMA receives letters from the public in relation to smart meters and the actions they have taken. We thought this letter deserves sharing. The writer of this featured letter developed severe, debilitating symptoms from neighbouring smart meters and for … Continue reading

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Can Jemena be accused of intimidating and threatening their customers?

Many Jemena customers have recently been sent a letter advising them that they must allow the installation of a smart meter. In short the letter states. This compulsory meter exchange is Government policy. If you have a smart meter resistance … Continue reading

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Undue Harassment

It is unlawful to continually, intimidate or harass an individual over and over again. If you keep getting letters but have advised your distributor of your refusal to have an AMI installed, try using this bit of legislation, write to … Continue reading

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