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Kansas City smart meter fires

While electricity companies continue their campaign of hastily covering up smart meter fires, the truth is getting out there via the media and concerned citizens.  Kansas City TV station, KSHB-TV, recently reported that several smart meters in the district have … Continue reading

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Smart meter fires: burning meters, burning questions, shocking answers

Brian Thiesen, who previously brought us the video The truth about smart meters, has released another powerful video, this time focusing on smart meter fires. In this video Brian investigates the cause of smart meter fires and the cover up … Continue reading

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Can smart meters cause house fires?

In yet another recent house fire, the electricity distributor, as usual, wasted no time in racing to the scene to remove the burned out smart meter. What’s the rush? Gee, I’m sure the property owner is very grateful to the … Continue reading

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Northcote fire questions safety of smart meters – Emergency Services

A FAMILY’S narrow escape from a Northcote house fire prompted a Darebin officer to raise concerns about smart meter installation. Christmas St resident Sophie Tzirozidis hailed her 12-year-old son a hero after he ran to the front of their house, … Continue reading

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Smart meter linked to house fire | Geelong

GEELONG firefighters are investigating a midday blaze which ripped through the front end of a Moorabool St house today. CFA crews arrived just after noon to find the Moorabool St house well alight. Police were also called to redirect traffic … Continue reading

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Power puzzle in Moreland – Moreland Leader

MYSTERY surrounds the continued failure of smart meters across Moreland. Electricity providers confirmed they have now replaced 38 vandalised meters – all but five in Moreland – that forensic tests found were sprayed with household chemicals. Police began investigating in … Continue reading

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Smart meter fire risks? – Today Tonight

The installation of smart meters is compulsory in hundreds of thousands of homes across the country, but there are real concerns about their safety. With worries that they can blow a fuse and even explode, putting homes at risk, a … Continue reading

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Time for Premier Baillieu to order distribution companies to halt smart meter rollout

Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu must order electricity distribution companies to call an immediate halt to the smart meter rollout following recent explosions ETU Victorian State Secretary Dean Mighell said today. “A series of recent explosions involving the distribution company Jemena … Continue reading

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Exploding Smart Meters

Posted by: 3AW Radio | 29 February, 2012 – 10:44 AM Dean Mighell, State Secretary of the Electrical Trades Union, has told Neil Mitchell there is ‘absolutely’ the potential for Jemena smart meters to cause house fires. These claims arise … Continue reading

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I will live in fear and never be able to leave my home!

Hey guys..I have no horror story..yet…but…I had occasion today to contact my billing company and it came up about smart meters and that I do not want one. I told the guy on the phone that I had put my … Continue reading

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