Cost Issues

More reports are coming out about the public being misled not only about the safety of smart meters and privacy issues but also about the potential energy and cost saving benefits of the new “smart” meters,  paid by consumers and taxpayer money yet being owned by utilities. One of them is Getting Smarter about the Smart Grid.

Connecticut Attorney General warns that the 2010 pilot results showed that smart meters had no beneficial impact on total energy usage or bill savings and that the advanced technology is very expensive JEPSEN URGES REGULATORS TO REJECT PLAN TO REPLACE ELECTRIC METERS.

Local articles and stories/comments on smart meter cost blowout
smart metering dumb solution 
and smart meter cost blow-out

Henney and Anderson report shows findings, including a study of smart metering in 11 countries, called Smart Metering – Ed Milliband’s Poisoned Chalice, and suggests that smart meter technology offers little to no cost or energy savings SmartMetering-Feb 8, 2012

SSMA’s submission addressing the findings and recommendations contained within the Victorian Auditor-General’s 2009 report Towards a ‘Smart Grid’ – the roll-out of Advanced Metering Infrastructure.  SSMA’s submission to Victorian Parliament’s Public Accounts and Estimates Committee

NSTAR Electric Company and Western Massachusetts Electric Company’s filed 2014 report in response to the modernization of the grid states that “there is ample evidence that this technology choice will be unduly costly for customers and that the objectives of grid modernization are achievable with technologies and strategies that rank substantially higher in terms of cost-effectiveness. For customers who will pay the price of this system, there is no rational basis for this technology choice.”

The Australian Energy Regulator’s final determination on Victorian electricity distribution businesses’ smart meter charges over the period 2012 to 2015

7 Responses to Cost Issues

  1. Andrew McCann says:

    I would like to know if your energy supplier can shut off power specifically to your hot water system without affecting your normal supply. Our hot water went cold after minimum usage shortly after the smart meter was installed. This was the first time we had run out of hot water in over 4 years. We pressed the boost button to heat the water and it has been ok since. I ask the question because on boost you are charged full tariff. Could this possible be a revenue raising ploy instigated by a smart computer program?

    • mal says:

      no. far too much credit is given to the term “smart meters”. Its really just a way to track consumption patterns and behaviours down to half hour increments. Im a bottom of the rung employee that literally sits and looks at the data to make profiles so that the big guys can purchase and generate the necessary electricity instead of buying/generating excess.

  2. Liz says:

    I’ve been informed by SP Aus net that I must get an electrician, at my cost, to advise re access to disconnect my line from the top of attachment to house, so they can fit the smart meter.
    I have a verandah on the front of my house which council would have approved a building permit, prior to my buying property.
    This is stopping SP Aus Net from accessing point of attachment at house roof.
    Under OHS, SP Aus Net are not allowed on ladders etc, to access this point of connection.
    This is a joke. Next they wont be allowed to walk up stairs to access property for meter readings.
    I cannot afford an electrician- Do I let them disconnect my power & use a generator or solar where usable?

  3. Solargen says:

    Please see the excerpt from Consumer Affairs – Yes, It is the final insult! Cost of smart meters
    Smart meter costs will be included on your energy bill. For more information about the cost of smart meters, contact the Department of Primary Industries.
    If a dispute arises between you and your energy retailer over charges, contact the Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria.

    Where is the PROMISED cost savings???
    We are treated like bunch of … Power companies, EWOV, Government….

  4. murray william says:

    There is some excellent legal advice on this site.
    The Ombudsman would not want to antagonise the government. Think the A General in the J K years.
    i will take a stab it was not passed by parliament as too politically risky.
    However it is a Governor in Council “LAW” a claytons law, so it has legal weight particularly anyone with relatively unlimited resources ie a big foreign corporation.
    They must use their best endeavors particularly in a LNP/marginal, LNP electorates.
    Realistically the only possible penalty is a withdrawal of service .
    Trespass, break and enter and criminal damage are likely to attract sig higher penalties for an individual ie the meter installer.
    IMO, seek independant advice etc the government does not want to upset a 500k plus voting block and be in the wilderness for a decade so disconnection is unlikely. It is not in the distributors interest to disconnect loyal, bill paying customers
    However they will harass and wittle away the remaining numbers.
    Subject to a better legal opinion somewhere down the track our meters got compulsorily acquired.
    Which is curious as with privatisation they bill the customer for the meter..
    IMO you can forstall but you wont stop it without collective, social media action such as this site.
    The business case is flawed see above link.
    It is a third world technology, put in by third world companies to a third world standard.
    Yes it is a first world centralised grid from the last century.
    So here is a win win harm minimising compromise.

    The meter installer will be advised he is trespassing but you will suspend your legal rights if he installs the meter in a new enclosure above your private property meter and installs an external aerial on a high point away from your bedroom wall ie brain cells.
    Non ionising radiation is a known carcinogen and ARPANSA needs to look further into this as this forum has eloquently put.
    The meshed or daisy chained technology (SP ausnet at least uses back to base?) in use is a shocker, hundreds if not thousands of emmisions and superceded by the web ie IP.
    It should have an ethernet port ie open protocol. A closed protocol is not good except for the company controlling it.
    One final irony the Vic government, who mandates we follow the “law ” does not respect deeds of agreement, let alone EBA,s if it conflicts with their ideology, pay back. They do this by spending millions of dollars, taxpayers money, on legal teams to challenge clauses and thus strangle a unions finances and resolve.
    To them i say good luck at the next election.
    Its on the public record, Fair Work Australia.
    Does anyone know who paying for the standby load ie the meter itself?
    It may be the final insult

  5. Les Alderton says:

    According to the Victorian Electricity Ombudsman it is illegal to refuse the Electrician entry to your property to install a Smart meter. Apparently it is Law in Victoria gazetted in the Victorian Parliament. Is this true, because they going to install my smart meter this Friday 30th August 2013

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