Residents of NSW, QLD, SA, Tas and ACT: It’s time to say NO!

If you live in NSW, Qld, SA, Tas or the ACT, don’t be lulled into complacency by the opt-out provisions of the new national electricity rule starting 1st DecemberThe right to opt-out and keep your existing meter ONLY applies to ‘working’ meters.

If your retailer decides to do a ‘maintenance replacement’ deployment (because sample testing has shown a likelihood of meters becoming faulty) instead of a ‘new meter deployment’, there is NO requirement for your retailer to forewarn you, other than to notify you of a power interruption.

This means that you MUST convey your refusal IN ADVANCE.  If you have taken this step, the new rule provides for you to be given a smart meter if your meter is subject to a maintenance replacement – but it will be one that does NOT have its wireless communications enabled.  A meter reader will continue to read your meter, and you and your family will not be bathed 24/7 in microwave radiation from your own meter.

Don’t be caught out – get your ‘Do Not Fit a Smart Meter’ notice on your meter box and get your letter of refusal to your retailer NOW. 

Taking these two steps also gives an added safety net if a new meter deployment (which comes with the right to opt-out) is being carried out in your area.

SSMA’s presentation on the new rule is now available on YouTube.

The 14 minute 35 second presentation gives a rundown of the problems with smart meters and provides easy steps for opt-out and refusal, plus it clears up the confusion on the various names and functionality of meters under the new national electricity rule.

This presentation was first shown on 28th October at the ‘A Green Life or a Green Lie?’ conference held in Paterson, NSW.  

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13 Responses to Residents of NSW, QLD, SA, Tas and ACT: It’s time to say NO!

  1. Paul R says:

    I downloaded the letter you are supposed to send to your supplier but I don’t know what to put here on the line: “…as shown on my electricity bill and/or as shown on your notice to this address dated _____________.”
    I’m assuming that this letter should only be sent AFTER you get a letter from the supplier. If not then what date is supposed to be put here?
    I know it seems trivial but I want to make sure everything is clear.

    • Jess says:

      Hi Paul
      It’s just the NMI number which is shown on your meter and also on your electricity bill which you need to put in the letter refusing a smart meter. I wouldn’t wait to get a notice – it could be too late!

  2. Paul R says:

    Does anyone know who I am supposed to call to organise to get a lock and a window installed on my meter box? Electrician, locksmith, etc…?
    I know it can be a DIY job but I’m no good at these things and I want to make sure it gets done properly and securely.

  3. Sandra says:

    Encourage your friends/family to watch the free viewing of ‘Take Back Your Power,’ directed by Josh del Sol, available here:

  4. PW says:

    Is anyone aware which electricity retailers (if any), have a stated policy to not actively roll-out smart meters?
    It would be GREATLY appreciated if anyone could name these retailers state-by state, so people can switch to them before December 1st 2017.

    • Mike says:

      PW, follow that up by all means but lock your meter box also. Then you take your destiny into your own hands. Just allow the meter’s reading to be viewable via a cutout window in the box.. Don’t rely solely on utility companies to do the right thing even if they say they are. That’s from experience in Victoria.

    • Judith says:

      Check out the ACT. Their electricity retailer -ACTEWAGL – did an automatic rollout of “smart meters”. People weren’t told, and did not get a choice.

    • Sandra says:

      Origin Energy (based in QLD; not sure if they operate in other States) allow customers to opt out online:
      So I assume they won’t be ‘pushing’ smart meters on their customers.

  5. Hannah says:

    Thanks for this. What can one do if renting? Currently living in a townhouse where all the meters are in one big box? Our neighbours are not concerned at all. They’re not even willing to turn wi-fi off at night while they’re sleeping. It will be almost impossible to get their support. In addition, I have no idea what the RE Agent and Landlord will say about this? What right do I have to say ‘No’?
    Kind Regards,

    • Thomas says:

      The easiest way would be to move if possible……
      That can be an option or a last option to keep up your sleeve

    • Elena says:

      Hannah, you can still say no, you need to send a letter to the retailer or whoever is responsible for installing smart meters where you live. Unfortunately you can’t lock your meter box which is what i would suggest. As for your real estate agent, if they try to force you to get a wireless device then they are responsible and can be held accountable.
      You do have a right to say no everyone does. Speak to the landlord if you can about your concerns and print up some evidence from this website.

    • Elena says:

      Hannah, your landlord doesn’t pay your electricity bill you do. I can’t see why you should have a problem. The landlord doesn’t own the meter and it will not affect the landlord at all because you pay the bill. I would contact the tenants union in your state and get advice and have your evidence ready as you might speak to someone that doesn’t have a clue as to what is going on. If anyone makes any claims ask them to verify the claim with evidence.

  6. dana says:

    Disgusting that this evil agenda keeps advancing. People who impose this on their fellow citizens are collaborators like the Nazi collaborators in occupied France – I hope these people will be sought out and punished when the public realises the harm that has been done to them.

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