Bloated power sector must be reined in – The Age, 8/11/12

The workforce in the electricity industry has more than doubled over the past six years although the actual amount of energy supplied to consumers has remained flat.

That’s right. Zero growth in supply to the national electricity market but a workforce which has bloated from 35,000 in November 2006 to 71,900 in 2012.

The industry spin on rising capacity, and consequent overspending, has been that it has been required to meet the rise in ”peak demand”. The reality, however, is that peak winter demand has fallen 1.9 per cent since 2006 and peak summer demand has fallen 4.6 per cent since 2006-07. So peak demand has fallen while the workforce has doubled.

You would not know it from reading some of the stuff submitted to the Senate inquiry into electricity prices…….

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10 Responses to Bloated power sector must be reined in – The Age, 8/11/12

  1. Alan Burke says:

    the “PEAK TIME” is ALL THE TIME! How the hell did they manage that?

  2. Gwen says:

    Obviously the power companies and the government are not listening or taking seriously any of the concerns that anyone and everyone has raised.
    Since they have no qualms throwing ( our ) good money after bad by continuing with the roll out of smart meters, nothing is going to stop them going nationwide. Martin Ferguson has put forward the Federal Governments recommendation to the States to follow Victoria’s lead. Doesn’t sound like they are ever going to listen does it!
    A very well written and informative article by Michael West, gives us an insight into where our money is being diverted (back pockets of power moguls). And he also mentions the Power Companies are threatening law suits against its detractors. There was enough information in the article I would have thought ,for the Government to take action. NOTHING IS GOING TO BE DONE ABOUT SMART METERS BEING STOPPED if we continue along the same road we’re on now.
    LEGAL ACTION needs to be started against them and the Government for their complicity in the rorting of Victorians.
    As individuals we may not have to have a smart meter but we will be surrounded by them.
    I’m definitely not saying give up but try a new tactic.
    Thank you SSMA for being here for the Public and thank you to every one who is keeping up the fight.

    • Pam says:

      Gwen – I agree with everything you have said. See there is a Tullamarine Meeting Coming up on 17/11. Yep, we are a very STRONG GROUP – SEE WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THE FORUM ON 25/11/ – Cheers Pam 🙂

  3. name Justice says:

    We are thinking of going solar , I called the power company and told them if they do not remove the smart meter and replace it as we are going solar, and I want you to remove the s/meter in a few mths time, they said I had to leave the meter in the meter box and I said “no I will not, you will have to remove it’, and I told him, legally we can make you remove the smart meter as this is your meter and we do not want it in our property.
    He tried very had to make us leave it in our meter box, but I knew he had to remove it from our property, we told him we do not want to purchase your electricity , at last he admitted I could have it removed .

  4. Pam says:

    Thing this saying sums it up in a NUTSHELL – “When I was young I was scared of the DARK. When I got my Electricity Bill – I was scared of the the LIGHT”. Thanks SSMA for keepiung us up-dated. Weekend and we should get a rest from it. I delivered some Flyers on the Meeting coming up in November, around Warrnambool today. A Medical Practice, A Computer Shop, A Health Food Shop, A Chemist Shop and Cartridge World. Hope everyone has a good weekend……wonder what next week will bring!!!! There was something on the Channel 7 News this morning about the effects of the Carbon Tax on Electricity. I didn’t catch it all, so I will watch it again tonight. I still will NEVER HAVE A SMART METER AND BOX IS STAYING LOCKED……………CHEERS .PAM 🙂

  5. Melbourne Mum says:

    Seems ridiculous! No wonder peak demand has fallen… we are no longer able to afford their product. This rise in workers must be due to the AMI (smart meter takeover in other words) that WE DO NOT NEED AND HAS NO BENEFIT TO THE CUSTOMER!!! This is Pure Greed, nothing more and it’s disgusting how this has been allowed to happen in Australia.

  6. bassie Thoreau says:

    SP AusNet have sent me a letter…I quote…” We are required to replace the old meter and install a smart meter at your premises. The current meter is the equipment of SP Ausnet and as such we are entitled to replace it . YOU are required to provide free and clear access …as per Electricity Act 2000 and the Distribution Code. “……..Now my comment is that analogue meter has a shelf life of say 50 yrs and is currently working very well thank you. Plus with depreciation this METER is almost worthless in monetary value and since its been in my property for over 27 yeras …I am sure I own it now not them. Plus when I purchased my property thre was NOTHING in the Contract of Sale about one of the fixtures and fittings not belonging to me. IF it is LAWFULLY theirs then why have I housed THEIR device for over 26 yeras without some monetary gain for me. They should be paying a quarterly fee to me for this device. NOW ANYONE HOW DO I RESPOND without getting myself into unchartered territory of unknown consequenes…………HELP ( I have stalled them for 18 months now..have locked up MY meter box and put up your wonderful helpful signs EVERYWHERE………….Bassie

    • Pam says:

      Bassie – I was only the other day told that my analogue meter belonged to Powercor and not me. My Energy supplier (Energy Aust) told me this. However MY BOX IS STAYING LOCKED – My next Bill is due around February 2013. I check my readings two or three days before it is due and write them down. Up util now I haven’t had any problems with the Meter reader reading my meter (perspex cut-out). I got an estimated Bill and their reason “my box was locked”. So be it – it is staying Locked. Next step – Once every 12 months I have to make appt with Power Cor at a fee of $37.90, so they can come and I can open my box so they can read my Meter. Isn’t this a “B” joke. They have to try their “Best Endeavours” to get you to give in and have a Smart Meter installed. Make sure you have the Poster with the “NO TRESSPASS AND FINE” displayed. I also have a sign that if I am not home they are to ring my mobile before they TRESSPASS ON MY PROPERTY. I got sick of ringing them and engaged a Solicitor who has written to them this week and had me put on the refusal list. I also have a certificate from my Doctor. Will be interesting to see what response my Solicitor receives back from Powercor………….GOOD LUCK ……PAM 🙂

    • keith says:

      Bassie they do own the meter, but their right to exchange that meter, ends with your right not to have a smart meter on your property, which may endanger your health, or the health of those living with you. You are doing all the right things, just be firm, thousands of Victorians are continuing to refuse a smart meter. The Victorian Government will face growing opposition, as the public outcry increases.

  7. David Rogerson says:

    It is almost like the people who are making these decisions are looking to the leaders of Wall st and the powers that be in America for their inspiration. Get off the grid people! I am going to study renewable energy at tafe and I’m going solar. Turn off what you don’t need, turn down what you don’t need and turn your back on these criminals. Never forget, they need us as well.

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