Australian news print

Baby monitor health warning: Devices may emit harmful radiation
Courier Mail, 4 December, 2014

‘Smart’ energy meter move that bombed, lands in NSW
Daily Telegraph, 27 October, 2014

Reports of illness prompt audit of smart meter radiation
Herald Sun, 15 July, 2014

Cheltenham woman pleads with United Energy to restore power after three months without electricity
Moorabbin Kingston Leader, 4 June, 2014

Lights out at home for woman who felt smart meter was making her ill 
Herald Sun, 18 April, 2014

Electricity company plunges Cheltenham pair into darkness after smart meter removed due to health fears
South-East Leader, 17 April, 2014

New political party, the People Power Victoria
Leader, 10 April, 2014

Power companies threaten smart meter refusers with higher bills
Herald Sun, 19 March, 2014

Victorian Government looks at ‘double dipping’
Midland Express, 14 January, 2014

The Chinese Government is now a major player in Victoria’s electricity distribution businesses
The Australian, 4 January, 2014

Victoria’s electricity prices rise more than NSW and South Australia
Herald Sun, 13 December, 2013

Dr Marie-Therese Gibson resigns from Tangara School for Girls over Wi-Fi health worries
Herald Sun, 29 November, 2013

Energy supplier denies blame for house fire
The Age, 3 December, 2013

Consumers face up to $194 [per year] for smart meters
Herald Sun, 22 November, 2013

75,000 Victorians refuse smart meters!
Herald Sun, 17 November, 2013

Smart meters, but at whose expense?
The Age, 24 December, 2012

High-tech eyesores blot suburban landscape
Herald Sun, 15 March, 2012

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