About us

We’re teachers, doctors, IT professionals, small business owners, musicians, electricians, parents and pensioners. We live and work in the city and country. Some of us work for city councils, some of us work for government, and some of us even work for the power companies that bully and threaten law-abiding residents. In fact, we come from all walks of life.

What unites us is our common opposition to the forced rollout of smart meters on the grounds of health, privacy, security, safety and costs, which we consider a breach of our democratic and human rights.

Our opposition has evolved as a genuine grassroots movement, in response to decisions that were made without our personal and families’ wellbeing in mind; decisions that were made without any consultation with those whose lives might be impacted, and decisions that were made in the rarefied atmosphere of boardrooms, without any awareness of consequences.

Here in Australia, the movement’s springboard has been in Victoria, where we’ve been in the firing line for Australia’s one and only State-mandated rollout of wireless smart meters.  Most of us have no history of opposing government policies. Most of us had never pleaded with politicians, solicited the media or drummed up support from neighbours.

But, whilst we’ve all travelled separate paths, we stand united in our opposition. It is not only our future which is at stake, but that of our children. Some of us can no longer work because of the impact of wireless smart meters.  Some of us have left Victoria, seeking safer havens.  Some of us have been denied access to parts of our homes, and some of us have received astronomical power bills without increasing power usage.

Raising our voices as individuals, each one of us is doing what we can to stop the utter madness which our government has lamely allowed and encouraged power distributors and electricity retailers to perpetuate.

We incorporated as an association in 2013 in order to spearhead our cause. Our legal purposes are to:

  • Support and assist people who are opposed to the forced rollout of smart meters and other radiofrequency emitters on the grounds of health, privacy, security, safety or costs.
  • Educate the community on the negative aspects of smart meters and other radiofrequency emitters.
  • Lobby on the negative aspects of smart meters and other devices and infrastructure emitting radiofrequencies and to advocate that the installation of smart meters and other devices emitting radiofrequencies should be voluntary.

5 Responses to About us

  1. Agnes says:

    Re Towers: It is really “intense” go to http://web.acma.gov.au/rrl/site_proximity.main_page and type in a postode, a state or just Australia in the location box and watch theblue dotes join up.

    • Let's get real about RF says:

      Thanks, Agnes, this is a fabulous link. I typed in the town name. I love the way that one can move around on the map, and then focus in on the data for individual towers.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    I hope the telephone towers are minimised around Australia – they cause cancer

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