Smart Meter Backlash! – Victorian Smart Meter Forum a resounding success – Video of forum updated

Attendees from across Victoria packed into a conference centre in Oakleigh for Sunday’s Victorian Smart Meter Forum.  Organizers estimated attendance levels at between 400 and 450, with latecomers spilling out onto the foyer.  Representatives from over 12 Victorian Smart Meter Action Groups hosted tables at the rear of the hall and a number of Councillors representing different City Councils were also in attendance.  The forum was also ‘honoured’ by the attendance of Mark Travill, Senior Consultant from Plum Communications and smart meter Community Liaison Manger for the Department of Primary Industries, who was busily writing copious notes during the forum.

Councillor Helen Patsikatheodoru from Hume City Council ably chaired proceedings.  Opening keynote speaker Dr. Don Maisch of EMFacts Consultancy in Tasmania explained the conflict of interest between the setting of standards and industry interests.  He stated that our standards are essentially “cooking standards, establishing that you won’t get cooked”.  They do not look at non-thermal effects of radio frequencies.   He cited numerous overseas bodies who have called for an urgent revision of standards.  Calls for precaution have been issued by the Freiburg Appeal in 2012 (signed by over 10,000 doctors), American Academy of Environmental Medicine and the Council of Europe Report.   Dr. Maisch pointed to Russian research which shows that in the third stage of exposure (over five years) irreparable damage to biological systems may occur.  He contends that more independent research is urgently required, especially in relation to smart meters and their effect on sleep patterns.

Nicole Bijlsma, author of Healthy Home, Healthy Family, a Building Biologistand founder of the Australian College of Environmental Studies, presented a moving account of the effects of increased electromagnetic radiation levels on the population and, in particular, on children.  She said that our children are the “canaries in the mine”.  Nicole pointed to overseas standards for radio frequency emissions which have been set at a fraction of our standards.  She called for urgent action on smart meters, saying that smart meter emissions affect the population in their home, the one place in which children were able to rest and should be safe.  Nicole said that already 30,000 papers have been produced on electromagnetic radiation in the last 30 years.  “By the time the data is available [on smart meter effects], it may be too late.”

The afternoon’s programme included harrowing accounts by two sufferers of the health effects they had experienced from smart meter emissions. Alan Manson, a representative from the Geelong Smart Meter Action Group gave a brief overview of smart meter privacy issues and Sonja Rutherford of the Broadmeadows Progress Association explained the legal advice which has been obtained from a barrister.  It was clarified that no power company has the power to force anyone to accept these new meters.  Mrs Rutherford also spoke about the economic impact of smart meters with proposed ‘time-of-use’ tariffs.  The forum concluded encouraging people to spread the awareness of the truth about smart meters by telling everyone they know.

Feedback from the forum has been overwhelmingly positive and special thanks go to the speakers and the Glen Eira Smart Meter Action Group for organising and hosting such a professional event.

To quote German Philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer:

“All truth passes through three stages.  First, it is ridiculed.  Second, it is violently opposed.  Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

Thank you to all!

Forum Presentations:

Public meeting presentation

Nicole Bijlsma Presentation

Privacy Presentation and related video

Photos (click for better view):

Forum Video:

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89 Responses to Smart Meter Backlash! – Victorian Smart Meter Forum a resounding success – Video of forum updated

  1. John McKelvie says:

    I would appreciate some response or feedback to my question about the Faraday Cage ..can someone please tell me if is an effective way to block smart meter emissions? If not…what other measures could I take? I need a response DESPERATELY!

    • Plasticlyd says:

      Hi John, I constructed a simple faraday cage over and under my bed and the readings on my emf meter(Cornet Ed85EXS) dropped dramatically to almost zero. Bought a roll of aluminium flywire on ebay and put a lightweight pine frame around the bed and attached the flywire making sure there were no gaps. It does work well.

  2. John McKelvie says:

    Not a comment but a a Faraday Cage effective in blocking emissions from a smart meter? I have read a bit about them and would appreciate any comments or feedback

  3. Anonymous says:

    Have recently received my first ‘smart meter’ electricity bill (it’s not an ‘account’), and have the following issues……….

    1..No ‘previous reading’ on the bill. When this was queried with the energy supplier I was informed that the meter automatically made the necessary calculations, on either an hourly or a daily basis,

    2…Whilst the tariff is meant to be a Time of Use GH/GL tariff, the usage figures do not relate to the meter readings on the bill. When queried, I was given the same excuse as in item 1, above.

    3..A off-Peak circuit is shown on the bill, but the energy supplier doesn’t know what this is ($120.00) which the energy supplier cannot account for (but I still have to pay it),.

    Basically, we have been presented with an electricity bill, with no firm data to substantiate the electricity used. Likewise, we cannot obtain individual energy readings from the meter for the peak and off-peak usage. We are unable to obtain daily peak and off-peak usage, to match our energy usage to the off-peak tariff (the difference between peak and off-peak is 20 cents./unit). In the past we have been able to minimise our peak electricity usage, and maximise our off-peak usage, but now we don’t know when the peak and off-peak tariffs are activated, and we cannot compare our peak and off0peak usage, an no readings are provided on the new meter.

    The so-called indoor half-hour meters (which are an additional cost) do not provide the data which we require to minimise our electricity bill.

    It is my understanding that electricity sales must be metered in a similar manner to petrol sales, in-as-much as the consumer must be able to observe the actual metered readings of the product being purchased (Australian Government – National Trade Measurement Regulations 2009 and the National Measurement Act 1960). Repeated requests for state and Federal politicians to investigate and report on this matter have been totally ignored, by both major parties.

  4. murray william says:

    I have reached the tipping point to now conclude the compulsory smart meter rollout is a lemon.
    I don’t know what Peter Bachelor was thinking except for desperate measures to achieve efficiency and green benefits. The Victorian peak load per cap was amongst the highest in the world.
    Every split cycle AC, the conditioner of choice in the new estates, needs $7k infrastructure upgrade.
    Should have been $7k on double insulation and wouldn’t need conditioner????
    In defence of the government of the time that was the best advice at the time.
    The utilities were disingenuous as many businesses, hospitals have standby capacity sitting idle but it was not in the “business model.” I.e. no one’s getting a bonus.
    I can’t believe the LNP government did not take the opportunity to put the boot in by reversing the decision! Wasn’t the enquiry an election issue that helped get them into government!
    They got the decision their corporate masters dictated and the electoral benefit!!!! What genius!
    They ploughed on with compulsory, oh but not for big business!
    A cynic would say follow the money trail.
    A class action with Chris Murphy will make this all go away.
    Actually the projections for the LCOE of grid independent will eventually make it go away to which I will discuss on another blog (rant sorry.)
    PV is disruptive technology.
    You see the utilities have only a small window some 17 years, according to an academic study, when dirty coal will be uncompetitive compared with big scale solar.

    What happened is the PV rollout and other measures caused usage projections to go down!
    Instead the corporates are getting the change at our expense.
    They always have the smartest economist. Oh didn’t you know how the pricing is set?
    Their economists negotiate with the regulator. Guess who wins.
    We have/will spent $50B; (the distribution companies want even more) on the grid for the aging infrastructure, you know the one they bought off us, and to accommodate those few days of the year.
    Grid price increases are due to the PV rollout cost – about 3 or 4%, the carbon tax – about 10% and 55% to infrastructure and the rest well ka ching to the utilities.
    Oh and the wholesale price of electricity has gone down!
    Amazing what a bit of competition does i.e. renewables!!!! The carbon tax was never a real tax but try explaining this through the prism of the Murdoch press, mindless dogma of the odourless gas politicians. Actually not so mindless I think these principles were in propaganda texts such as mein kampf.
    Oh did you know hidden subsidies to the coal fired generators far outweigh PV?
    The water (lots of it if you had not noticed) and coal use is virtually for free!
    Statistically we have a first world, albeit last century, grid for that at least.
    The corporates and government have legislated to deny any responsibilities now to even the safety of the installation and device!
    Even the warranty runs out after 5 years folks!
    Guess who pays!
    I know a bit about comms, electronic devices and 5 to 10 years MTBF is world best practice.
    So you would put this device in a user serviceable socket right and not disturb the consumers wiring again and again.
    You would wouldn’t you?
    Oh no these courteous people are coming back!
    How about put it on the pole and everybody happy!
    Unfortunately if you don’t want to have the unit next to your living area/bedroom they have kindly permitted you to have it shifted.
    Oh but only AFTER they have installed it.
    Who pays you say?
    Unfortunately you but at least you can choose a reputable local sparky of your choice and at least he provides a certificate of electrical safety something the utility wont presumably because only a licensed electrician can!!
    You could give your neighbours a serve of non-ionising radiation instead of your nearest and dearest. If it was a decently engineered product it would have an external aerial i.e. put in on/in your roof etc.
    Which brings me to the last point.
    We don’t need to be sheepish about being concerned about the possible health concerns. These things are on 24/7.
    You are not in the same category as the poor souls of the anti-wind farm lobby where 19 plus scientific studies, including one by the Chair of Medicine of the University of SA, concluded no adverse health effects from wind turbines.
    The Baillieu government pretty much shut down new wind farms as requiring at least 2k separation from any residence makes siting very restricted!
    No such restriction applies to coal fired power station where massive health effects are well documented!
    Wait for it. Is the LNP making sympathetic noises for a wind farm health study you say?
    Sadly yes but they are conflicted as the farmers who have turbines can’t get the smile of their faces as long term diversification and booming capital appreciation have secured their futures.
    The cows grazing happily underneath have not reportedly gone mad.
    Now ARPANSA have reported the new meters to be safe according to G. Barber of the Greens.
    This is comforting as at least Scientific based.
    But I am with the brilliant Sydney Neurosurgeon re non-ionising radiation in general i.e. risk analysis.
    What is the risk equation i.e. probability by outcome.
    Probability miniscule – tick, outcome catastrophic! No thank you.
    We are not the lab rats of the future.
    This brings me to this last point sorry about the rant.
    Don’t think you can’t change this.
    Social media and Political leverage are very powerful tools.
    First of all A. Bandt is a very smart man unlike G. Barber unfortunately and I /we need to approach him re this issue. Privacy comes to mine. He was an excellent ex civil/union rights lawyer.
    The Premier of WA, C. Barnett, the bovver boy of LNP politicians, backed down on a retrospective roll back of tariff changes to PV! Due to the power of some 80,000 people i.e. electors!!!
    The thing I find most distasteful is the bullying tactics applied to generally vulnerable people.
    Bullying in the workplace is ILLEGAL let alone your private residence- by outside contractors that is LOL.
    This is the ticking time bomb for compensation along with interfering with the asbestos back sheets. (think Telstra / NBN)
    If anyone experienced such all records should be kept.
    Also get/keep ID of installer as it will be his insurance you will sue as the govt/utility has legislated all care no responsibility.
    It is likely he will have a collapsible entity also.

  5. Ken says:

    Stop Smart Meters Australia Drouin/Warragul will be holding a public meeting on Thursday, 26 Sep 2013, 7.00pm at The Old Drouin Butter Factory Arts Theatre located a 1 Main South Road, Drouin. The meeting will be an information night and include a screening of the recently released documentary ‘Take Back Your Power”. Gold coin door donations welcome. Enquiries to or 0419875686.

    • Diane Roberts says:

      Hi I live in the Warragul area, and I refused a smart meter. Today I got a letter stating that under section 3.3 of the electricity distribution code they have the right to disconnect my electricity and I will be charged with reconnection charges. Is this correct? Has the laws changed in the past couple of months.

      • Eric says:

        Diane, what is written in your letter is the same thing that is written in letters received by thousands of others here. Nothing has changed in the past couple of months. They have no more rights now than they did two years ago. Please lock your meter box and display your signs and make provision for you analogue meter to be read at meter reading time.
        Do not allow yourself to be intimidated or bullied. We are in a position of power but you must guard that position.

      • Freedom Rules says:

        No, nothing has changed. They are trying to push their own guidelines onto unsuspecting customers and it’s intimidation, bullying & harrassment. They keep coming up with the same old claptrap and it’s getting embarrassing for them…. if it were not for their greed, they would see the bigger picture – that it has NO BENEFITS FOR THE END USER!!!

  6. Rob Guy says:

    My last electricity bill had a flyer promoting a browser app claiming to save me money by graphing my past usage. I can not see how I can save money which has already been spent so the claim is nebulous at best.
    My pool motor and clothes dryer are switched by devices which talk to my home computer, so I need advance notice of tariff charges to time those two appliances away from high tariff periods. To my best knowledge,no retailer is willing to offer advance notification of tariff changes by email. In this country sellers must notify customers of the purchase price before the point of sale and I find this behaviour unconscionable. I am seriously displeased.
    Blaming political parties for the smart meter debacle is futile. The smart meter rollout was authorised not by the parliament, but by the Governor of Victoria, who is above the law

  7. Dallas Monck says:

    I have a concern about the smart meter…the installation of smart meters started overseas and has now come to Australia….Smart meters =control of power input into our homes and our business premises . All appliances will be controlled by this Smart meter .which in turn is controlled by the electricity company’s …who can with a flick of a switch cut power to our homes or business at any time they chose…..CONTROL…air…tv…Internet etc etc the heart of our homes…with such control the power companies owned by overseas corporations can make huge profits …..our State Gov it would appear has agreed to this control of the people of Victoria by big business….who have bullied….harrassed…. And said that it is law in Victoria to have this meter installed….and the State government and Federal government are silent …reminds me of the Monsanto GMF issues ……control of food? …control of energy?……what next? …..Water??

  8. michael mazur says:

    I sent this to Citipower today as they continue to harass me, saying i must first remove the Refusal signs:

    Smart meters are better described as Spy meters. Modern domestic appliances will have chips in them which communicate with the Smart meter, so that you and the rising police state, behind which you do the Smart meter rollout, know minute by minute what we do in the privacy of our homes.

    Couple that with surveillance cameras in the public areas, and snooping by ASIO of what we search, read and view online, reduces the citizen to that of an item of livestock.

    Citipower at the executive level and the bipartisan state govt are both quasi criminal entities, being mentally deficient with regard to the inherent right that citizens have to privacy.

    These refugee boats are sent back empty, perhaps Citipower execs and the bipartisan state govt cabinet, can all be found space on board one of them to be deported to a country of their collective choice ?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Came across this document from momentum energy dated March 2013
    Just a couple of important quotes which may help your arguments

    page 4

    “At the time of writing both Jemena and United Energy Distribution networks in Victoria offer customers (or their agents) a service through their portals, however there is no security around the use of that information (i.e. the DB also has full visibility of the information on the IHD).”
    page 8 0f 9
    The benefits of smart meters are often overstated, and then are demonstrated to fall far short of the costs .As with many technology implementation projects such as retailer billing,the costs keep increasing The original estimate to roll -out manually read “interval” meters was $425 million, which increased to $800m for remotely read smart meters.
    The cost-benefit analysis undertaken by the Bailleau Government estimated that costs may exceed $2.3 billion,more than $300m more than the benefits

    page 9 of 9
    “Cost reflective pricing should result in lower charges during off peak times, and higher pricing during peak times. A mandated roll-out provides the potential to target all customers, not only those who experience a financial benefit, with flexible pricing. To avoid this, the Victorian Government has mandated an‘opt in’ approach to flexible pricing, effectively making the smart meter redundant in any household that does not‘opt in’. The practical effect of this is that all customers are paying for smart meters many do not require. There are unrelated, but overstated, benefits of smart meters with regard to the value of interval data to distribution system planning however if smart meters do not influence consumer behaviour through cost reflective pricing they will do little to reduce peak demand. No mandated roll-out to date has protected customers from the regulated price increases to support new meter installations.”
    So if you do not “opt in” the smart meter is redundant and useless can you use this as an argument not to install.

    • Eric says:

      “Stop Smart Meters Australia coalition currently has over 1700 followers”
      I wonder where they got those numbers from. Well we sure know they’re looking at us.

      Another interesting section
      “In a market led roll-out there are three preconditions must be met to make the business case to invest in integrating energy tariffs and contracts with load and capacity control”
      One of these is
      “Customers must accept (BY AGREEMENT) to enact behavioural change or for direct load control by other authorised parties.”
      “If these preconditions are understood by the community, and can be met, then there is a case for installing a smart meter”

      NSW have looked at Victoria and have fully realised that a forced rollout is most definetly not the way to go.

  10. Ken says:

    Hi All,

    Thought I would pass on the following info for those who still have concerns on refusing a smart meter.

    I know a resident in the West Gippsland area who had advised SP AusNet in writing on two separate occasions that a smart meter was not to be installed to their property. Yesterday, 5 August 2013, the resident received a letter dated 2 August 2013 from SP AusNet advising that a smart meter would be installed at the property today, 6 August 2013. I was contacted by the resident this morning who advised the following:

    SP AusNet was contacted by phone today to advise that a smart meter was not to be installed and if the contracted company representative came on to the property they would be held liable for trespass. SP AusNet advised that the company contracted for smart meter installations in the area is Electrix who the resident subsequently contacted and advised the same and that SP AusNet had been also advised this date. The representative at Electrix advised that in view of the information provided a smart meter will not be installed at the property and requested the meter numbers on the property which were provided. Electrix can be contacted on 1300 961 833.

    Stand your ground and don’t give in.

  11. Anonymous says:

    i have looked around and there are already blockers you can buy to block the signal from smartmeters. Simply put a seach in google for wimax blocker

  12. Ken says:

    Hi All,

    I received the following article, ‘Smart Meters – What The Utilities Don’t Tell You’ yesterday and having read it I believe it important enough to post here. The article is by a gent named Jerry Flynn from Kelowna, B.C. Canada and was included with a letter, also included below the article, to his utility provider. Although probably a little lengthy, I feel that the information contained in both the article and letter is important enough to include here for people to become informed on such a serious issue.

    Smart Meters – What Utilities Don’t Tell You

    · Wireless smart meters in meshed-grid networks have never been tested and proven to be safe in an actual, real-life, densely populated residential community in any country of the world;
    · The chronic, low-level non-thermal or biological effects of wireless pulsed microwave radiation has never been proven – in independent, science-based studies – to be safe to humans and other life forms in any country in the world;
    · No scientist on Earth yet knows what – if any – level of chronic, low-level, non-thermal, pulsed microwave radiation is safe for humans and other life forms;
    · Electric utilities are not conducting base-line studies to first determine what ambient levels of EMR already exist in communities before they install meshed-grid networks – meaning they have no concern for how much EMR might already be burdening a community. Yet, independent, world-class scientists have said that ambient levels of EMR on Planet Earth have increased 100-200-million times in the past century, and more than 1,000,000 times in just the past decade, due to the ongoing widespread proliferation of wireless technology such as: Wi-Fi routers, cell phones, cell phone towers, smart phones, cordless phones, laptop and tablet computers, baby monitors, AM and FM radio, satellite TV and radio, GPS satellites, military and police radars, XBox, PlayStation and Nintendo Wii U video games, Wi-Fi zones (restaurants, towns, cities, buses, trains, airplanes), Wi-Max zones, TETRA radio, to name just a few.
    · In each community, whatever incalculable amount of EMR is produced from a meshed-grid network, that amount must then be added to the ambient level of toxic radiation already in the community from the plethora of other wireless devices, examples of which are mentioned above.
    · Inside every smart meter are two (2) radio transmitter, receiver and antenna circuits: one being the LAN (Local Area Network), which operates on 900 MHz and radiates for a distance of 3 Km; the other being the “ZigBee,” which operates on 2.4 GHz – the same frequency on which microwave ovens operate!
    · The ZigBee’s sole function is to control what utilities call the “HAN” (Home Area Network) which they envisage will comprise up to 15-or-so ‘smart’ appliances per home.
    · Each ‘Smart’ appliance has its own pulsed microwave radio transmitter, receiver and antenna circuit that also operates on the microwave oven frequency of 2.4 GHz! (This means that inside each home will be 15-or-so transmitters, all of which will irradiating the occupants 24/7/365 – in perpetuity – with pulsed microwave radiation on the microwave oven frequency of 2.4GHz!)
    · Electric utilities envisage meshed-grid networked communities ranging in size from 500 to 5,000 homes.
    · Using the above figures then, even in the smallest meshed-grid network community of just 500 homes, the residents will suddenly find themselves subjected to microwave radiation from:
    v 500 LAN transmitters – all pulsing virtually non-stop 24/7/365 in perpetuity and radiating for 3 Km (i.e., every home’s LAN transmitter will radiate and be radiated by every other home’s LAN in the entire community)!
    v 500 Zigbee transmitters (one inside each Smart Meter) each radiating for a radius of 250 feet and emitting microwave pulses periodically throughout the day 24/7/365 in perpetuity – on the microwave oven frequency of 2.4 GHz!
    v 7,500 (appliance) ZigBee-compatible transmitter, receiver and antenna circuits (i.e., 500 homes each with 15 smart appliances) – all emitting pulsed microwave radiation periodically throughout the day 24/7/365 in perpetuity – on the microwave oven frequency of 2.4 GHz!
    v Every meshed-grid network must have a Collector Meter, whose job it is to relay all traffic – in both directions – originated by the utility and, in this case, 500 homes. Collector’s can have either three (3) or eight (8) microwave transmitter, receiver and antennae circuits depending on the utility’s choice of meters. Regardless of whichever meter is used, it will have a WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network) transmitter, receiver and antenna circuit which operates a dual-band duplex radio circuit the frequencies of which are unique to the Collector and the utility to facilitate the relay – in both directions – of all communications between the utility and all home LANs.
    v Given the above, it can be seen that even the smallest community of just 500 homes will have a total of 8,503 or 8,508 (depending on the choice of Collector meter employed) transmitter, receiver and antenna circuits, of which a staggering 8,001 will emit pulsed, low-level, non-thermal microwave radiation on the microwave oven frequency of 2.4 GHz!
    v Customers need to note that, unlike many of the other wireless devices in our environments today, smart meter transmitters cannot be turned off or unplugged by the customer – they’ll remain active, emitting toxic pulsed microwave radiation 24/7/365 in perpetuity!
    v Customers also need to note that smart meters offer not one single meaningful advantage for the average home owner – not one! On the contrary, the electric utility is about to invade the privacy of your home, to the extent they will now know heretofore personal and private details about the human activity going on in your home – such as: what electric/electronic devices are turned on, for how long they are on, and when they are turned off, what channel of TV you’re watching, etc. None of this is at all necessary and should not be acceptable in a democratic society.
    v Home owners also need to know that as people become better educated about the dangers of wireless technology, communities and homes having smart meters installed will see their property resale values drop precipitously!
    v Home owners should also note that insurance companies will not insure companies against health-related lawsuits attributed to the effects of chronic, low-level, non thermal effects of microwave / radio frequency radiation.
    v And lastly, jurisdictions all over the world continue to report inexplicable fires allegedly caused by newly-installed smart meters, yet not once has any electric utility, anywhere, admitted culpability or accepted financial responsibility for damages done to electric appliances that sustained electrical damages within the home, or to homes that literally burnt to the ground shortly after smart meters were installed.
    · Once a person understands the basics of how meshed-grid networks work and realizes the staggering amount of additional toxic radiation they’ll emit, they will then understand why electric utilities everywhere are going to such pains to try to keep them, the public, ignorant. But once we allow a Smart Meter to be attached to our homes, it will be too late! Because electric utilities are our only supplier of electricity, it will be virtually impossible for homeowners to have Smart Meters removed!
    · But there’s more. In addition to the enormous, if not incalculable, amount of EMR that will result from the above, for a microwave radio-based system to function in a meshed-grid network (microwave emissions being line-of-sight), literally dozens to conceivably a hundred or more relays will be required: from house LAN – to house LAN – to house LAN – to house LAN … and so on – on each and every transmission, in both directions – before any transmission can successfully reach its destination! Nowhere on any electric utility website is this enormous, inescapable amount of “additional or secondary” EMR mentioned.
    · And still more. It is doubtful that electric utilities understand – or care – about all the “dirty” electricity” that will piggy-back along with any meshed-grid network. All one has to do is Google: “Dirty Electricity” to understand what this means. This is a far more serious problem than most people – and probably electric utilities themselves – realize, but it is one that can have very serious consequences for all of us human-and-other-living “guinea pigs” who are compelled to live in meshed-grid networked communities.
    · And finally, electric utilities make no mention of what are called Reflection “hot spots” which can and do occur in various rooms of most if not all homes caused by the EMR reflecting off surfaces such as stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, tiled floors, etc. This too scientists say is another significant concern for the public for it creates areas within a home which are even more dangerous than the others. This too adds significantly to the electro-pollution that will result in meshed-grid network communities.
    In conclusion, unless governments make electric utilities stop this wireless madness, there can be little doubt that history will record those complicit governments as having committed the most inconceivably cruel, evil, criminal technological experiment on an innocent, ignorant, trusting and helpless public in human history. The shame of it is, there are perfectly safe, proven technologies available today that are far faster, far more secure and emit no radiation whatsoever, i.e., fiber optic and coaxial cable being but two examples.

    Jerry Flynn

    Jerry Flynn
    103-1910 Capistrano Drive
    Kelowna, B.C., V1V 2S5

    Sent via Registered Mail

    May 30, 2013

    Mr. John Walker
    President and CEO
    Fortis BC – Electricity
    Suite 100, 1975 Springfield Road
    Kelowna, British Columbia V1Y 7V7

    Dear Mr. Walker,

    The Dangers of Wireless Technology, Especially Smart Meters in Meshed-Grid Networks

    I was surprised and alarmed to learn that Fortis BC (‘Fortis’) intends to remove my perfectly safe, effective, reliable, robust, inexpensive analogue meter and replace it with a largely-plastic, outrageously expensive, digital meter that contains two unauthorized, untested, unproven, fire-prone pulsed microwave-spewing radio transmitter, receiver and antennae circuits! I became even more alarmed once I researched what Fortis is planning to do and realized that my life and that of my family would be jeopardized – forever – were we forced to live in a “meshed-grid network” community. Given what I consider is the stealthy, artful and disingenuous manner which Fortis is attempting to mislead and deceive the general public into believing that wireless smart meters in meshed-grid networks are totally safe and pose no threat whatsoever to their health, general well-being, personal privacy, safety and security, I am hereby challenging Fortis, here and now, i.e., either you, personally, or any of your senior executives or Dr. William Bailey of Exponent U.S. to debate with me – publicly, with the media in attendance – this whole subject matter. The timing and location of the debate I’ll leave to your discretion; my only stipulation is that the venue must be large enough to accommodate at least several hundred members of the general public as well as representatives from both print and broadcast media.

    I am a retired Canadian Armed Forces captain who spent 22 of my 26+ years in the military in the arcane fields of Electronic Warfare (EW) and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT). Highlights of my relevant experience include a two year stint in Canada’s National Defence Headquarters, Ottawa, in the Directorate of Electronic Warfare and, prior to that, two years as the Executive Officer (2-i/c) and Operations Officer of one of Canada’s largest intelligence-gathering stations. In the latter case, I directly employed some 200-odd specially-trained radio operators and technicians. Suffice it to say, wireless radio communications were my bread and butter for more than 22 years; hence I know far better than most how vulnerable any wireless radio system is and how easily they can be interfered with, jammed, defeated and/or literally destroyed. Operationally, I’ve conducted radio warfare and electronic warfare operations both at sea, onboard Canadian warships, and in the field with NATO army units in Germany. I’ve also completed a major NATO army EW officers’ course in Anzio, Italy. Because of the strategic sensitivity of my work (I had Top Secret-Codeword security clearance), I was formally taught about electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and how dangerous/harmful it can be.

    From my own global research over the past 2-1/2 years I am convinced that the already-large and rapidly-growing number of independent world-class scientists from every corner of the globe are correct in saying that science is running amuck, and governments everywhere are guilty of gross malfeasance for not protecting the public, i.e., governments should insist that new technologies, such as Fortis’ proposed wireless smart meters in meshed-grid networks, are first subjected to science-based testing – by independent scientists having no connection to industry – the results of which must prove conclusively that the technology poses no threat to the health and general well-being of the public and all other life forms. Should BCUC approve Fortis’ application to roll-out their smart meters, the immediate “short-term” winners clearly would be Fortis, its shareholders, governments and the other wireless-related companies who have colluded with you. Sadly, the losers would be the public – the poor, innocent, ignorant, helpless and trusting public. Ultimately, society will prove to be the biggest loser, for the inevitable health care costs – especially for future generations – will surely bankrupt not just British Columbia but, I suspect, the whole of Canada. History will judge you harshly, Mr. Walker, you and your company, and all of the other ‘players’ who along with you are forcing this evil, despicably-cruel unprecedented money-driven experiment on decent Canadians – most of whom, sadly, still naively think Canada is a democracy. I’m eagerly looking forward to debating this whole subject matter with you or any one of your senior executives or with Dr. William Bailey of Exponent U.S. The unvarnished truth must come out! Please advise me of the scheduling details and of the name of the person with whom I’ll be debating at your earliest convenience. Thank you.
    Yours truly,

    Jerry Flynn

  13. Ken says:

    Hello All,

    For all those out there who have yet to receive a visit from the smart meter installer, are still receiving letters from distributors, being intimidated etc., or are concerned about your rights on this matter, please stand your ground and don’t give in. I had a win with this today.

    Following five letters to SP AusNet regarding my refusing to have a smart meter installed, including two prohibition to install notices and one prohibition of undue harassment notice, I recently received a letter advising:
    SP AusNet is required to replace the old meter and install a smart meter at my premises;
    the current meter is the equipment of SP AusNet and as such are entitled to replace it;
    as a property owner I am required to provide free and clear access to my property for installation to occur; and
    SP AusNet will still be attending to complete installation. (Funny thing about this is, last time I checked Australia is still, supposedly, a free and democratic country, which includes the state of Victoria, not subject to a tyrannical dictatorial foreign government owned financial investment corporation – or are we?).

    Today, Monday, 15 Jul 13, was that day and the installer, a young gent from Select Solutions, a division of SP AusNet, knew ‘instinctively’ that I did not want a smart meter and was prepared to exercise my democratic, constitutional and legal rights. He was polite, congenial and simply advised that in view of my refusing installation all he needed to do was to note this on a form and obtain the existing meter numbers and note same on that form, we had a brief chat, during which he advised that because I have the meter box locked they can’t touch the lock, (interesting) and he then left without any further ado. In view of comments made during our conversation I suspect that the list he was given for my area may have already had my address listed as a refusal point, but I can not certain of or prove this as I did not see the list. However, his actions indicate that customers DO have a right to refuse installation if they do not want a smart meter installed. To reinforce this, my neighbour, who received two today, was out at the time and returned home only a minute following the completion of installation. When my neighbour asked the installer if he could refuse the meters the installer advised that it was too late for the removal of the meters as they were now installed but I believe this could be disputed however, his comments indicated that had my neighbour been home and refused installation he would not have received the meters, despite his not previously informing the distributor of his preference to refuse installation. So please, stand your ground and let others know that they DO have the right to refuse installation.

    I dare say that this won’t be the end of the matter but I am not going to cave in and bow down to the arrogance and dictatorial attitude of a foreign govt owned corporation that has the blessing of our own state government saturated with spineless and senseless politicians who simply don’t care for their constituents, but tend to forget quite conveniently that they too, along with their families, friends and colleagues will, through their own ignorance, all be affected in the long term in one way or another.

    Also, I was advised on Saturday that an elderly lady in Pakenham was told by an installer that there is legislation that requires installation. Please be aware that this is not correct. There is not such legislation in place, so do not believe this statement if you are told. There is provision for charges to be laid for this type of conduct under the Crimes Act 1958, Section 247 – False Statements, and installers who say this untruth should be made aware of this provision.

    Please Note: Following initial advice being provided to all relevant parties (i.e. the distributor, DPI, minister etc.) if a distributor continues to send letters, respond to those letters advising your refusal of installation. Should a letter be ignored there is such a provision as ‘silence procedure’; i.e. your silence implies consent or signifies assent, and you could end up with a smart meter. Hence the importance of responding to letters from distributors and others involved, so please respond to all letters.

    I have been out of the loop so to speak for a while now and am only just getting back into to the swing of things. Good to see things proceeding, albeit slowly but seemingly positively. Let’s all keep going and beat this filthy form of tyrannical dictatorial madness.

    • Jason says:

      Don’t count on it:- ” I have the meter box locked they can’t touch the lock,”
      I’ve seen two locked meter-boxes forced open; one of them had the bolt on the lock hacksawed through by inserting the saw-blade between the locked door and the side of the box itself. If you go out leave your rescued-from-the-shelter rottweiler tied up by the meter-box….It only has to make the denial-of-entry once.

  14. Steve G says:

    Smart meter roll out continues unabated in Western Victoria
    Citi power currently finishing off HAMILTON.
    Dont see a single dissenter except me.
    is this the power of one??

    • Jan says:

      Don’t we have to vote soon 🙂 So why would we vote for a Gov that allowed these death traps in “OUR HOMES”

      Could someone please tell me why other states had the say if they wanted one and Melbourne just got told “YOU” are having one.

      My meter box is full of Asbestos I had one worker come to my house and attempt to put a Meter in my box until I stopped him he didn’t even know what Asbestos was. And he was putting Meters in scary stuff.

      Funny remove one killer Asbestos and add another one a Smart Metre.

      Not Happy Mate

      • Sharron says:

        Good points, Jan – the smart meter problem should be on the table for discussion in the upcoming election, but instead all we hear is (yawn) climate change & stop the boats, two issues that nobody can ever agree on. I believe these to be of less importance than what is happening right now to the people of Victoria who are becoming forever sensitised to all forms of electromagnetic radiation, whether they realise it or not. I am suffering these effects, along with others since smart meters were installed everywhere. I have read where people who have moved out of Victoria are still being affected by other forms such as wi-fi, so there is little or no relief for them – It’s a crime against Humanity and all living creatures. Smart meters are poisonous pieces of junk that do nothing but help these distributors and governments gain even more control over the population. More power to the people and STOP draining our finances… and health.

      • Jason says:

        I dunno:- “So why would we vote for a Gov that allowed these death traps in “OUR HOMES” ”
        ….but you’all have just done it again!

    • Christine Crawford says:

      Steve- I can’t go to H’ton any more. The last time i went, before July, I was electrified. The place is “crackling”. It’s dreadful. I should know. I grew up there! I spent 3 days in bed when we came home. I was basically immobile! I want to know if Wannon Water has put in new water meters and if they have a little hose attached to them, that read remotely. Its brand will most likely be V100(PSM-T) made by Elster Metering.

  15. James says:

    We lived in our house for 3 years with no problems at all until the day they installed a smart meter just above our bed! My wife and I started waking up with nose bleeds and getting very sick! My wife was pregnant at the time and ending up suffering a miscarriage! My 5 year old son started to get very sick. When he was away from the house for more than 20 minutes, his color would go back to normal and he would be fine.

    We immediately moved to a new house with no smart meter. We lived there for 4 months with no problems whatsoever. Then, I received no warning at all. I was in the house when the power went off. When I went outside, the installer came around the corner of my house and told me he had installed a smart meter. When I objected, telling him that I already had health issues, he said, “I’ve done it, its too late, but had I known you already had health issues, I would not have installed it.” Maybe he should have talked to me first!! Also, a clear admission that he and his company know the health dangers associated with these meters!

    My wife is pregnant again, and this time the meter is just above my son’s bed. He has not been allowed to even enter his room since the day they installed it. My son and I are already getting sick and no one will help us!!

    I have been on the phone with United energy, the ombudsman, my local member, the energy minister, and even the premier’s office. I’ve received the run around from all of them!! In fact, the representative from the premier’s office (Peter), called me a “conspiracy theorist!” He said it was all made up in my head!! My family is getting sick and that’s all he can say?? Does that sound like these people have our best interests in mind??

    I am so angry that my family’s health and lives are in danger again, and no one will help us!! Any suggestions??

    • Well aware says:

      This is appalling to me – can anyone help this poor family? Media – why are they not reporting cases of smart meter sickness? How disgusting is this person working for the Premier, not surprising I might add! Where has common decency gone? James, do not give up getting justice for your family, there are many, many people behind you and we know exactly how it must feel to be treated like you don’t matter to them – they will pay, these cretins who are now showing their TRUE COLOURS! I’m Livid they continue to get away with this at all…not to mention the homes that went up in flames due to their negligence.

      • Ashley says:

        From the Smart Meter experience hopefully more are waking up to this ‘conspiracy theorist (crackpot)’ slogan which is generated by the perpetrators to keep sheeple duped and compliant. Atrocities against humanity, such as Smart Meters, have been going on throughout history. There is little doubt that big business such as Power Companies, Government and those who control the Media are all in bed together over this.

        My thoughts are with you James, hopefully you can find quick solution among the strategies mentioned throughout this site, such as shielding, should you not wish to relocate again.

    • Stop Smart Meters Australia says:

      James, you are not alone with your claims of health issues as you may be aware by now, especially if you have had a chance to read other people’s health horror stories on this website.

      It is very disturbing that a Government official was so insensitive and lacking in compassion by making such a callous statement. It goes to prove that the Government believes it’s own misinformation that smart meter emissions are safe. To change this close minded attitude will require determination and constant chipping away. As individuals we are not likely to make any significant progress in effecting a change. SSMA is taking co-ordinated steps to educate and inform various government departments and health bodies as to the clear and present dangers that smart meter RF emissions pose to public health.

      A suggestion would be to eliminate and turn off any wireless devices in the house to reduce the RF exposure that you and your family are being subject to.

      If you have not done so, please follow the instructions on our health register to register you and your families condition
      Please use this link SSMA Health Register. We are creating a health report that we will be sharing with the media, government, ARPANSA and power companies.
      Please also raise a complaint to ARPANSA by following the instructions found here ARPANSA EMR health complaints form

      Someone from SSMA will contact you shortly to give further advice.

    • J Zanker says:

      Is there anyone who can assist in having my old meter reinstated? I canvassed United Energy, Smart Meter installers and our Parliamentary member because my meter is attached to the main wall of my main bedroom (1 of 2 bedrooms, the other one is small), I could not sleep against the wall, lay awake for hours at night for a period of 2 months prior to moving bedhead to opposite wall where I was ok .. this is with the old style meter. I had no idea what would happen as a result of having a smart meter fitted. The installers told me that “this is a part of life now, everyone has to live with it” and disregarded all the letters stuck on the meter and went ahead and installed it. Consequently for the last approx. 2 months I have felt very unwell, although I was able to sleep, I woke up feeling ill and when I took my blood pressure it was 195/95, so I could only sleep in my bedroom for 2 nights. I cannot even sleep against the wall of the second bedroom that is closer to the main bedroom without waking up with dangerously high blood pressure. I feel like I am going mad. Smart Meter has advised me that the meter is staying. This is the last correspondence :-

      From: J
      Sent: Sunday, 14 July 2013 3:01 PM
      To: ‘’
      Subject: FW: Smart Meter

      Can you please help me?

      From: J
      Sent: Friday, 12 July 2013 5:28 PM
      Subject: RE: Smart Meter

      Please refer to the below, and there are many other articles on the internet. The Smart Meter has made me ill. There is something that needs to be done about it. I feel so unwell, and unable to use my home, that I may well have to move out of the state. I have had no response from the Smart Meter team with regards my request to have the old meter reinstated; the Government are going to have to realise that there are lots of people who are sensitive to the meters and approve that they are to be removed and the old meters reinstated. The National Grid also states that the meters, once installed, are the property of the owner of the house.


      Sent: Monday, 1 July 2013 11:20 AM
      Cc: Smart Meters
      Subject: Smart Meter

      Dear Jeanette,


      Thank you for your email regarding the installation of a Smart Meter at your property.

      Jemena Asset Management Pty Ltd (Jemena) is the prime contractor responsible for managing and maintaining electricity supply to your area on behalf of the asset owner, United Energy (UE).

      Victorian Government Program
      As part of the Victorian government’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) program, UE is required to install new, smart meters to all residential and small business properties in the UE network. Specifications for all smart meters being installed by UE, meet Australian Standards.

      In order to improve our electricity delivery and management, the Victorian Government mandated that all residential and small business electricity customers must have their existing meter replaced with a smart meter by the end of 2013.

      All smart meters being installed in Victoria are safe, meet all relevant Australian standards and are subject to regulatory arrangements made by the Australian Communications and Media Authority. This includes compliance with the electromagnetic exposure limits developed by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA). The communications system associated with smart meters involves lower electromagnetic exposures than many other household devices, such as those produced by mobile phones and baby monitors.

      To test actual levels of electromagnetic exposures from smart meters, and make sure these post no health risk to the community, the Victorian Government commissioned independent testing by contractors EMC Technologies.

      Health authorities around the world, including ARPANSA and the World Health Organisation, have examined the scientific evidence regarding possible health effects and, using prescribed exposure limits, concluded that the weight of evidence does not demonstrate the existence of health effects.

      As per the Metrology Code, Section 2.6 Reversion of metering installation types In accordance with Victorian jurisdictional policy the responsible person must ensure that a type 4 or type 5 metering installation is not replaced by a type 6 metering installation (A Smart Meter is considered a type 5 meter).

      If you wish to discuss the above further or have any questions, please contact our Customer Relations department on 1300 792 456, or via email

      Kindest Regards,

      AMI Customer Relations Coordinator
      Stakeholder Relations
      351 Burwood Hwy, Forest Hill, VIC 3131
      T: (03) 8873 7420 F: 1800 042 966
      E: W:

      Jemena’s Electricity Outlook
      Helping you take control of your power usage and costs
      To learn more visit

      From: J
      Sent: Friday, 28 June 2013 3:27 PM
      To: SmartMeter Exchange
      Subject: Reference 6407664346
      Importance: High


      This is to confirm that Jeanette has suffered high blood pressure as a result of anxiety, related to the installation of the new smart meter at her home. The unit she lives in is small, and she is unable to find another suitable area in the unit to sleep. Can you please replace the smart meter with the original meter.

      Yours faithfully


      The original of the above is being forwarded to the Smart Meter address via Express Post.


      This unit is connected on either side by other units that have Smart Meters set up very close. The frontage is small and there is nowhere to reinstate the meter box to ensure the Smart Meter is a satisfactory distance from the living/sleeping areas of the unit. In any case, I am a pensioner and unable to pay any costs associated with a relocation of the meter box. (Notice was provided to Smart Meter, United Energy and the Victorian Parliamentary member for my area that I may have a problem with the installation of the Smart Meter, but United Energy went ahead and installed the Smart Meter regardless). To reconfirm, no costs are to be borne by me, the owner of the property, with regards any work that is required in the testing of, or relocation of the new Smart Meter. The only satisfactory outcome for me, is to have the original system reinstated.

      Note also, the kitchen/dining area is located in the centre of the unit and farthest from the Smart Meters. High blood pressure has been consistent since the Smart Meter was installed. I have been sleeping in the lounge room or second bedroom since two days after the installation. Although my blood pressure levels are still far above normal, they are not quite as high as when I slept in the main bedroom where the meter is placed on the wall farthest from the bed-head. The lounge room at the other end of my unit adjoins the main bedroom of a unit where the Smart Meter is located approximately 3 metres from my lounge room.

      I would be extremely grateful if the Smart Meter technicians are able to provide a satisfactory outcome to the problem that is making me very unwell, without any cost to me.

      Thanks and regards

    • Albert Slee says:

      Go to the hardware store and purchase lead sheeting, cut and fit to the inside of the meter box covering all areas, as well as behind the meter. You can fix the lead with an appropriate silicon. It will probably annoy the electricity company, they will most likely not receive any readings. And then fix a lock on the door of the box, this will for sure annoy hell out of them.
      Best of luck and I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
      Signed Albert.

      • 1vimana1 says:

        To Anonymous,
        Excellent advice of yours. That’s the same type of message I have been giving people for yonks or nearly two years. It would be great if everybody did the same as suggested by you. The forced installation of these Microwave so-called Smart Meters is actually ILLEGAL and we are a Democracy and in a democracy no Government or Private business of any kind can Legally force one to accept any goods or services that one feels many damage your Health or Well Being in any way and/or damage your Electrical goods

  16. Leeanne says:

    I received a letter from United Energy advising they are installing one of these stupid meters, is there anything I can do to Stop them doing this? I have the meter box with a padlock on it, no sign on it.

    • Kent says:

      Get some signs……… it !!! Include a No trespass sign. I have a beauty based on the constitution or you can download them from this site. And beef up your security too. Use an industrial padlock. Good luck.

  17. Wendy Rice says:

    Has the committee thought of contacting the Consumer Law Centre?

    • 1vimana1 says:

      You can contact them in Canberra yourself as I have already done. See ACCC. See the Anti-Harassment Sign below and change Mr Michael O’Brien in this notice to read the new Minister for Power Mr Nicholas Kotsiras.

      Please fill in the relevant details on this form for your case.


      (Insert name and
      Address of Power Distributor)

      This notice is provided to _______________________________________________ and any persons, entities,
      (Insert Power distributor name and ACN no off letter you received)
      Employees, associates, corporations, sub-contractors and agents of the fore mentioned (herein referred to as Your Company).
      Notice to agent is notice to principal.

      Note: This notice is provided in addition and following a NOTICE OF PROHIBITION FOR
      SMART METER INSTALLATION (date of your first letter) and NOTICE Your Company’s
      INSTALLATION NOTICE (date of your letter received from Power Distributor after) served on Your Company.
      Your Company is prohibited and forbidden from communication in any manner, with the intent to solicit for the installation of a “smart meter” or meter containing wireless communication function(s) at the following (service) address: (Insert your address). Such an act is herein referred to as a PROHIBITED ACT.
      I have lawful and legal standing and claim of right to make such a demand.

      Any PROHIBITED ACT will be considered an act of undue harassment or coercion with the supply or possible supply of goods or services as defined by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CTH) Vol. 3, Ch. 4, PT> 4-1, Div. 5 Sec. 168; such an offence carries a penalty of $1.1,000,000:00 One point one Million Dollars. If Your Company is in any way directed by the Government (State of Victoria) and State of Victoria Corporation to perform such an offence, the Government and individual members are liable under tort may in addition be held vicariously liable.
      Any PROHIBITED ACT remains prohibited unless I provide a NOTICE OF CESSATION OF PROHIBITION explicitly annulling this notice, or following a sale of property and change of property title holder for the property in question.
      A copy of this notice will also be provided for their records to (via regular mail):
      1. Customer Relations, DPI,
      2. Minister Michael O’Brien, Government in the State of Victoria.

      If a response to this notice containing any dispute of facts or CLAIM OF RIGHT based on lawful claim of right is not received within fourteen days from Your Company, it shall be fact that you accept as fact this notice and facts contained within, and will honour this notice; such requiring no further action on your behalf.


      _______________ ____________________ _____________________
      (Your SIGNATURE) (Witness to your Signature) (Print Witnesses name)

  18. James says:

    apologies to all, Eric thanks for the pointer, yes the numbers were right but not the scale, amended as per below:
    – 500mW/m2 corrected to 0.500 mW/m2 – Smart Meter
    – 1500mW/m2 corrected to 1.5 mW/m2 – Samsung 3D TV
    these are the right numbers; my TV is wireless capable IF i plug in a wireless usb card which i didn’t plug in as i don’t need my TV on the WWW; will check the menu settings to see if i can disable this at all..

    • Eric says:

      I quote one medical source I know that says there should be no greater than 0.005 mW/m2 emr exposure in a safe sleeping environment

  19. sam crane says:

    I relation to the Government having far to much power, that is absolutely 100% correct. And we the voters have allowed this to happen due. More people should nominate to be candidates at election time. I am preparing a letter to United Energy CEO stating I don’t want a Smart Meter for all reasons mentioned in here. Plus, I didn’t request my elected member to have Smart Meters installed. I will also send a letter to Victorian Premier, Leader of the opposition detailing what action I have taken.
    If no one has seriously considered that harmful Smart Meters, decreased government funding for hospitals/medical care, increased costs of living etc are linked towards decreasing the population? Then just researching the United Nations Agenda 21 it details Carbon Taxation as a means of assisting poor 3rd world Country’s financially via high Carbon Taxation from Well-developed Country’s. There is also commentary in how to stop world poverty by controlling a world population from increasing. Life-threatening illness caused from Smart Meters will aid the the world’s population from increasing.
    We have to stop our governments being influenced/ruled by the UN. We must have a direct democracy.

  20. Joanne says:

    I have solar and a new meter was installed to accommodate this. Now a couple of years later I received a letter stating that a smart meter was going to be installed. They were not able to do this without entering the house and turning off the solar, I refused so this is effectively my padlock.
    Now I have received two letters from United Energy stating that I have been “randomly selected” for a meter test to see that it is working properly.
    What is this? I have never needed my meter tested before?
    Do I have to let them in to do this?
    Is it just a precursor to them putting in a smart meter?
    Has anyone else had these letters about meter testing?

    • Eric says:

      I’ve read a previous post on this website mentioning the same thing. I replied that it sounded very much like a trap, as you say.
      Joanne, do not give them access to your meter.
      I think you would know if everything is working.
      I would also lock my meter box and put up signs refusing installation of smart meter and I would also put up anti treespass signs on my property.
      If everything seems to be working fine, the answer is to not to consider whether to let them in or not but to shut them out ALL THE WAY.
      Read the post today from BS and see what insidious evil people we are dealing with here.

    • DJ says:

      I have had the same letter a few months ago from United Energy. I kept my meter box locked, no trespass signs at the entrance to my house and an additional sign saying. I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH MY METER AND I DO NOT CONSENT TO SAMPLE METER TESTING. That was the end of that ..until last week when UE sent me the original notice of installation of a smart meter. I intend to keep my meter box locked for as long as it takes for them to get they understand that we will not give in. Stand up for your rights and especially stand up for your health and the health of future generations.

    • Freedom Rules says:

      Hi Joanne, stand firm & do not let them intimidate you and your family. They will say and do almost anything to push their agenda (whatever that may be) and try to gain control of your appliances. I have heard that when a smart meter is installed with solar panels the dirty electricity is amped up and general health suffers as a result due to the pulsing radiation. Be very careful, your existing meter most likely works fine!

  21. Robert Bona says:

    Our Electrical and Gas infrastructure is now in Chinese Control….Well done to our politicians

  22. Lisa says:

    I have received around my 5th or 6th letter from power company, saying that there is no “legal right” for property owners to refuse smart meter as meter is owned by them. They tell me that we have “NO GROUNDS FOR REFUSAL” therefore !! I was also talking to a friend today who said that a radiographer friend had told him that for anybody “pre-disposed” to cancer, smart meter were a danger. So these companies are trying to bully us into allowing them to place a cancer causing product in or on our homes. Has anybody any suggestions as what step next? I have sent letter after letter, perhaps it is time for a legal letter. They just spin the same old bullshit over and over again ??

    • Eric says:

      Interesting that they don’t back up their claim to meter ownership with any proof. I think they should produce that paperwork if they want to make that claim. Without proof you could argue just as equally that we own the analog meters

      I will never deny anybody to have that which is theirs but nobody will ever give me that which I don’t want.

    • Jason says:

      Tell them they’ll have to PROVE that:- “as meter is owned by them.” in court before you’ll accept it. And in the meantime anyone attempting to remove YOUR meter will need to convince the rottweiler loose on your premises.

  23. Nicole says:

    Hi all Can I legally have my own meter installed?

  24. mario says:

    I have put a lock on my box but had no time to put the window on the box..does this give them an excuse? also who owns the meter? you or your electricity company?

    • graeme says:

      Mario, the eletricity company needs to read your meter for billing if you can find the time just cut a hole big enough to see the dials.
      In some cases i have heard of electricity meters that were on verandahs. The verandahs had been enclosed, natuarally the meter readers could not get access to the meter,so in the worst case the power was turned off until access to the meter was established.
      Have you downloaded the NO SMART METER NO TRESPASSING sign and fixed it to the meter box?
      Have you taken photo’s of your locked meter box with the NO TRESPASSING sign?
      Electricity company say that they own the METER and you pay for it and the upkeep forever as long as you are using their power.
      Just a little more info,in California alot of homeowners are purchasing their own meters and getting them fitted.
      Protect your analogue meter it’s SAFE, HEALTHY and PRIVATE.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      If you are retired like me I just unlock the Box and let the Meter Reader Man take his readings, then I lock up my Electric Meter box once more.
      These Electric Power Companies cannot prove they own the Meter/s they cannot show me any proof that they do own them, therefore you and I own the Electric Meter on our properties, simple as that. If you can get a window in your Meter Box with a Perspex Window.

  25. CentralVicBloke says:

    I too live in Central Vic,& was able to keep the installer at bay today,due to a locked gate.
    I wrote a letter regarding my privacy concerns & got the standard Powercor reply about contracts,etc

    Just a few points:
    1..While the company may own the meter,I own the box & wiring. I do not consent to my wiring being in any way,connected to their smart meter.
    2..Nor do I consent in any additional fixtures of the smart meter (ie aerials) being fitted to my box,my verandah,or my land.
    3..Their free access by right or contract,can surely only be granted if powercor is doing legal works.In this case,they wish to do unconsented,(therefore illegal) work on my property.

    Any thoughts on my points?


    • graeme says:

      The only way that any body can come onto your property is by you the resident give your consent.
      Electricity suppliers can under their Distribution Code, service and maintain their existing equipment [eg; read meters ].
      What they can’t do is damage your property [eg;cut your locks chains meter box.].
      On the STOP SMART METER sign, it clearly states that trespassers will be prosecuted and would face a fine of $167,000 Download this sign fix it to your meter box.
      Lock up your Meter Box, use a strong padlock,take photo’s of your locked meter box.
      Send a letter to your electricity supplier stating you do not want a RADIATION EMITTING DEVICE fitted to my home. Also let them know that you do not want a monitoring device fitted to my home of which effects my privacy eg;third parties can steal my information.
      It is illegal for anybody to fit devices to your home that causes unhealthy concerns to any resident at your address.
      Smart Meters emit Pulses of harmful Radiation Thousands a time each day.
      The radiation is known to cause cancer in people espsecialy in children.
      I hope this information is helpfull.FIGHT THIS INVASION OF YOUR LAWFULL RIGHTS.
      P.S. Formulate a letter addressed to the General Manager of your electricity company demanding very clearly that the only way that a SMART METER can be installed at my property is eg;
      I………………………[General Manager] of ………………………[Electricity Supplier] will Guarantee that there is NO harmfull radiation emitted from SMART METERS that can cause any harmfull health issues to anybody living at or visiting my residence.
      Also with the same heading above [I general manager guarantee] that smart meters will not cause FIRES,will not effect our PRIVACY in any way or form,will not cause damage to ANY ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE in our home.
      Once again state very clearly that I[General Manager] will replace and financially reimburse any and all damaged appliances,materials,effects of fire,any and all health issues caused by SMART METERS.
      I hope this has helped you.

      • Lisa says:

        I have done all that, and they still walk onto our property, they take absolutely no notice. The power the government has given them to do this has obviously gone to their heads.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      They don’t own the Electricity Meter on your property, I have legally challenged them on this point, first on the telephone and then in a Registered Letter to them. They can’t prove they own it because they refuse to send me the paper work showing that they own it. Therefore they are a bunch of Bully Boys and Girls and Consummate LIERS.

    • Jason says:

      A charge of ‘Trespass’ can be circumvented by claiming “lawful excuse” or “legitimate purpose” ~ both of which fall within the domain of meter-readers and such.
      UNLESS you have properly-worded ‘No Trespassing’ (or other similar) signs posted (take photos to prove, if necessary, that they were in fact posted.
      Such signage will be a legal bar against anyone entering your land, and leaves them open to both criminal charges and civil suits.
      The only exceptions are in circumstances of emergency. eg. the fire-brigade can enter if there’s a fire. So can the police, but ONLY in strictly-define emergency situations. eg. police cannot enter (even as far as the front door, strictly-speaking, in order to serve a summons, but acn if they have “reasonable grounds” to believe an indictable offence is IN PROGRESS. But never just ‘on spec’.

      Everybody should acquaint themselves with the laws that govern ALL of us.

  26. Cedar Wilde says:

    Think of all the medical bills if these damned things go ahead. The real cost is in people’s lives but governments only think of the bottom line so we need to be sure they, and the companies involved are made liable for the costs of illness for anyone already sick from these meters, and make sure no more illness is caused to anyone.

  27. Cedar Wilde says:

    I think it was George Orwell who warned us about “Big Brother” watching us. We thought it was fiction but it is definitely coming to pass if we allow this sort of technology to proceed. Governments sell us out to overseas profiteers and THEN find out what we think, putting the cart before the horse as usual. They are supposed to represent US not big business!

  28. Pam says:


  29. Alias Rodney BOY says:

    This is the man who attended the smart meter forum held 8 days ago who makes these comments in the following article 3 days ago

    Let me start off.

    Dear Mark, re the headaches and the tremors that I am now experiencing every single day soon after the installation of smart meters in my street, can you please clarify if these are part of the benefits that you speak about ?

    Mark, when you talk about all homes needing to have their meters replaced by the end of 2013….well I should let you know seeing you are an avid reader of this website that my meter is actually not going to be replaced……FACT.

    Mark, I don’t really care about costs. I’m actually more interested in the well being of me and my family and in the well being of five million other Victorian Citizens. Ah…health, human rights…..HELLOOO !!!! Are you still there ? You see Mark, down the track many people are going to lose their health and well being. Mark, surely you could not have sat through that forum and found it too difficult to understand the real costs and the prospect of lives that are going to be devastated. Mark, unless the government that you speak about is actually intent on propping up the medical industry then I can tell you that they have not been very good at doing their sums. Mark, truth of the matter is that this government that you speak about is not actually fit to govern. Mark, if you can sit through that forum and still be speaking the way that you are concerning the rollout of these …well…..I would have to call into question what sort of moral fibre you have within you ??????? Do you understand what “morality” is Mark ?

    By the way Mark, I will allow my distributor access to their equipment on my property whenever they like. I am very very lenient with them Mark. There is only one thing that I will never allow Mark and that is that they will never be allowed to bring a smart meter onto my premises EVER. That’s it. That’s the only restriction Mark.

    Mark, you mention “supply”. Well I am happy to be supplied. And guess what, I’m also happy to be metered. In fact I will even let myself be billed, but hey Mark….THAT’S WHERE IT STOPS. No distributor will be doing anymore than that on my premises.

  30. Peter.G says:

    Installers of smart meters need access to your main switch,they need to turn off your power before they can install one.So if you have one in your meterbox,get an electrician to move it inside your house.
    Another fact i was told,these so called smart meters will need to be replaced every 10yrs.The old analogues were rarely replaced unless faulty.
    Someone told me also(don’t know if it is fact)that your old meter is being sent to places like korea etc.
    They say also infrastructure is being upgraded ie:poles,wires etc…Anyone seen any evidence of this?I haven’t.
    Also,the smart meters being installed have been failing around 50 + per day .Failing as in,the smart meter turns your power off and someone has to go back out and turn it back on manually.
    Lastly i’m told they are having massive issues with there computer network.
    I won’t be getting one installed unless they sign a letter that my health won’t be affected.
    There is also the privacy issue.
    This whole smart meter rollout is a rort!…

    • I totally agree. Its downright; insidious. My trusty faithful analogue meter will be locked up forever.

    • Miriam. says:

      yes, I have seen poles replaced in various places …
      my meter box is locked & will never be unlocked (there may also be asbestos in my box)

      • Ms Rebel says:

        Yep – monopoles going up all over the place… a pox on the whole state and it is UGLY! No more Towers please – they hurt my head whenever near them, can’t imagine living near one of these monstrosities either!

    • Miriam. says:

      I would not be surprised if they need regular replacement … watch out also for the NBN! Go look it up – wiFi network that is going to impact our “landlines” & will require batteries that need replacing every 5 years 😦

  31. Wise Person from Melbourne says:

    please send this story to the Herald Sun or the Age!

  32. Ian Hill says:

    ThIs Forum should mark some sort of turning point in the debate shouldnt it? We ve now got the wisdom of knowledge (- Smart Meters ARE dangerous ) and the legality of non-trespass on our side (NO POWER CO. HAS THE POWER TO FORCE ANYONE TO ACCEPT THESE METERS !.) YET YOU WILL STILL GET OFFICIALS politicians and others who have bought in to the roll-out trying to rationalise a position…which does not take in to account the principle of -‘IF SOME MEMBERS OF THE COMMUNITY HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IT – DONT INTRODUCE IT ‘ (We will all ultimately have a problem with it)
    Also, the graceless way in which they are handling this roll-out – (Intimidation, DISINFORMATION and BLUFF should tell you a lot about their motives.
    I wish all the Best to STOP THE SMART METERS AUSTRALIA and all who are aggrieved by these meters – Keep the conversation going!
    Ian Hill

    • Ms Rebel says:

      Hi ian – You are so right with what you say and it always seems to be the ‘silent’ majority must endure whatever the noisy minority deems necessary. This dumb meter rollout shouldn’t continue, no matter how much $$$$ spent. Easy come, easy go with public funds by this incompetent state government – nothing good will come from these self-serving parasites… just take for instance the newly foisted Premier and his cohorts hoping to receive yet another PAYRISE for doing absolutely zilch…Not Impressed!!! Victoria – The place to be? Not Anymore…

  33. Ian HILL says:

    This is great news, and its so encouraging, – that a forum on smart meters has struck one more blow against the ‘silence and misinformation’ barrier. It might be of interest that a few days ago (Nov. 30) Mark Travill( community liason manager – AMI Program) spoke in the Ballarat Courier very dogmatically about how smart meters would go ahead regardless, of any health concerns,….that ‘the Victorian Govt. had carried out a thorough review of the smart meter program and found that pressing on with the improved roll;out would deliver the most benefit to Victorians’ His letter rolls on to say that all homes and small businesses ‘will need to’…..cop the smart meters by the end of 2013. Its apparently too expensive to run 2 separate systems of distribution -analogue and smart .so it has to be one or the other – SMART. (Couldnt you have listened to the health concerns before you comitted to the rollout? ) He makes the claim that according to an ESSENTIAL SERVICES COMMISIONS electricity distribution code, ,’ a customer must provide convenient and unhindered access to the distributors equipment,for purposes associated with the supply of electricity” and that ‘all meters including smart meters are owned by the electricity distribution businesses who are given the right to enter private land and put in, ,maintain and alter these assets.’ This is very dismaying news if it is true.

    Is this all to stun us into submission? Dont you just hate it when politicians and liason managers try to tell you how to live? …and try to rationalise it in terms of their one dimensional understandings…in language so generalised and vague as to be meaningless?!! We the public seem to be the unfortunate meat in the sandwich between corporate aggresiveness and state compliance/expediency here… but get those signs up and send those letters now if you haven t already. Lock those boxes!
    Apparently Mark Travill was at the Victorian Smart Meters forum and its good to hear he was taking down notes.
    Ian Hill

  34. barry says:

    Make sure they can’t sneak in & install one while you are out by putting a lock on the outside meter box.

  35. Anonymous says:

    We will be triumphant….we will be safe…we will be happy…thank you so much to the conveynors and all who attended. Stay strong and united 🙂

  36. John says:

    The government would love nothing more than to get our economy in the red with debt $$$$billions for Dumb Smart Meters then make us pay for it to sink society into poverty, thats why they’ve sold it all of to sell us out. Smart Meters are a cancer that we should no longer be putting up with let alone all the governments incompetance & crimes against Humanity in this way with all the turning a blind eye & lies.

  37. Juliette says:

    Well done to the forum. Bravo

  38. Frances says:

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t make the meeting, I am very glad to hear that it was a resounding success. I have already sent away a Smart Meter installer, and refused to allow him access to my property. It is time that the government of Victoria heard our voices.

  39. Brigitte says:

    I s there an action group in Ballarat? Or is everyone fighting for him/herself?
    I have mobilized a few people already, but it would be great to know who else is involved in this fight and what WE could do with more weight of numbers instead of individuals only. Have the local politicians been approached? What else can be done?
    I am very grateful to “stopsmartmeters” as their information helped to resist despite a bit of
    “psycho-terror” from Powercor with information by mail like “What to do if the lights go out”…
    My meter box stays locked! Your are welcome to contact me via email:

    • tony says:

      Hi Brigitte
      I have sent Geoff Howard an email stating that we have rights, , my meter box is locked with a no smart meter instalation sign on it, I have sent registered mail off to ceo of powercor, minister o,brien, and ted baillieu, stating that no meter is to be fitted to our property, also to consider an opt out option, that way we can choose to have one or not, rather than have one rammed down our throats whether we like it or not, there is no way they are installing one on our property.
      One would expect that a certificate of electrical safety would be made available as it is a major installation, I dont know if they are providing that or not, if not it would be illegal to tamper with the electrical system I would have thought.
      any way keep up the good work, I havnt finished yet

    • Jason says:

      What to do if the lights go out?
      Switch on your battery-bank which stores the power your solar-panels put out.

  40. Sharon Williams says:

    i live in Horsham and still have not had a meter installed. i am unsure how many people have refused so far here. When will the government gettheir act together and halt the whole process.

    Sharon Williams

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