Tower of terror: Father accuses NBN of “assault”

According to an article published in the Sunshine Coast Daily, a father living in fear of an NBN tower near his home has taken the telco giant to court in a bid to stop them from switching it on, with claims the health impacts would be so severe he would end up homeless.

News reporter Amber Hooker states that Barrister Raymond Broomhall told Maroochydore Civil Court two doctors had diagnosed his client David Evans of Peachester [Queensland] with electromagnetic hypersensitivity, which would be exacerbated by the tower’s emissions to the point his home would be “uninhabitable”.

A GoFundMe appeal has been set up to request financial contributions to fund and support the legal process.  The first court hearing was held on 19 December 2019 with the next court date set down for 23 January 2020.

Mr Evans writes in his fundraiser that he is a qualified high voltage electrician.  He has several decades of experience in working with the technical complexities associated with electricity, electromagnetic fields and radiation, including managing the many associated risks.

He is seeking to protect his family, home, neighbours, community and himself from the tower’s artificial electromagnetic radiation fields.

To access the David v. NBN Co GoFundMe appeal, and to make a donation, go to: invitesupporters

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4 Responses to Tower of terror: Father accuses NBN of “assault”

  1. Cathy says:

    Stop Smart Meters Australia has PayPal. Maybe you could donate to them (top right-hand side button) and ask them to forward your donation on to this appeal??

  2. Cathy says:

    It sounds like virtually everyone in Peachester is strongly against this tower. It’s so wrong that companies such as the government-owned NBN can just trample all over small rural communities.

  3. pcwwp says:

    I would donate if you had paypal..

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