Electrohypersensitivity/ Radiowave sickness/ Microwave syndrome

► The interaction of EMF from hyper frequencies with the human bio-electromagnetic metabolism generates the so-called microwave syndrome or hyper frequency syndrome. Look carefully on this picture where the hypothalamus, the pineal gland and the hypophyse are located [taken from the public version document on the Microwave Syndrome MicrowaveSyndrome012007Uk]. Further information on Electromagnetic hypersensitivity Electromagnetic_Hypersensitivity and Electric hypersensitivity talkingtoyourdoctor.

sensitive oprgans and glands_
Mechanisms and effects in alarm and resistance phase characterise the microwave syndrome :
► First case, ALARM phase : The brain subject to a short stimulation of artificial EMF radiation of microwave type triggers specific reactions from the organism involving neuronal, neuro-endocrinal, metabolic and behavioural responses.
A- Those responses fall in the general scheme of an individual stress adaptation, this in a more or less adapted manner.
B – The takeover of the stress element (radiation) is done by : ● The Central Nervous System (CNS), ● The Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) ● The Endocrinal System (ES). Those responses are divided in 3 stages : 1.Stress reception by sensorial organs and their relating nerves. 2.Programming of the stress reaction at the cortex and the limbic system (LS) levels (tonsils, olfactory bulb, hippocampus, septum, mamillary body …). The Cortex/LS couple is a comparative analysis system using a data bank of “memory” based on experiences. Therefore the brain compares the new situation with past experiences in order to create an adapted response. 3.Activation of the response from the organism via the tonsils and the hippocampus that act on the hypothalamus and on the cerebral trunk reticulated formation in order to activate the Vegetative Nervous ystem (VNS) and the Adrenal Gland (AG). The alarm amplitude is regulated by the Limbic System (LS).

► Second case, RESISTANCE phase : After the alarm phase, if the stress element persists even at low dosage (ex : radiation from phone masts) or becomes chronic (e.g. SMART METER radiation, radiation of an addicted mobile phone user who does not respect the body auto regulation in relation to the SAR rating of his mobile), the result is that the hypothalamus, etc … are going to assess these constant stress and activate the secretion of various hormones, . . . Unfortunately as a rule, a human being exposed to artificial radiation does not have a pre-established strategy in his cognitive repertoire to efficiently defend himself against this type of attack. Therefore the hypothalamus stimulation produces a stereotyped non adapted response to this type of aggression … which often increases the negative impacts (e.g. the case of the college of Chabeuil in France).
As far as the metabolism of some people is concerned, everything will go smoothly temporarily during a period from a few days to several decades, however their health capital is eroding really rapidly. There is a risk that pathologies such as Alzheimer’s disease that “usually” appear when approaching the third age risk could appear earlier • As far as the metabolism of all the people in a state of weakness (sick people, elderly), foetus, baby’s, etc… there is a rapid exhaustion and state of disorder of all nervous and endocrine systems, and consequently of the immune system.

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    group of nz forces heading over sea,s soon to show how they are going to infultrate by putting devices like satellite phones into the enemy or the place they are going to be helping [ya right not helping human rights issue]but how do the people explain that this has been done to them?eletronic war fair

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