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May Day march 2016


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Which meter do you trust?

Back in the good old days, before smart meters, before the privatisation of the Victorian Electrical system, there was the state government owned State Electricity Commission of Victoria.  The SECV was disbanded in 1993 as various private electricity companies (largely … Continue reading

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Not-so-smart meters costly | Herald Sun

HOUSEHOLDS FACE EXTRA SMART METER CHARGES OVER THE NEXT FOUR YEARS. HERALD SUN HOUSEHOLDS could be slugged up to $45 extra in smart meter charges over the next four years as a major distributor fights to claw back technology costs. … Continue reading

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Bills from hi-tech devices silent on crucial power readings | Herald Sun

Smart meter customers are receiving bills missing the vital information about their power usage. Herald Sun SMART meter customers are being sent electricity bills missing details of meter readings, making it harder to check and dispute high bills. But Victorias … Continue reading

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Victorias electricity smart meters here to stay | Herald Sun

A Baillieu government audit has concluded smart meters will help households control their energy use and ease some pain from soaring power bills in the future. THE $2.18 billion roll-out of Victorias electricity smart meters will go ahead because too … Continue reading

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Sneaky smart-meter price hike on Melbourne Cup eve | Herald Sun

by: Matt Johnston From: Herald Sun November 01, 2011 12:00AM MONEY-hungry power companies will hit households an extra $1.1 billion to install smart meters after winning approval for hikes on the eve of the Melbourne Cup.The decision will lead to … Continue reading

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Smart Meters in Victoria: Information and Concerns UPDATED

Smart Meters in Victoria:  Information and Concerns Version 3: Updated March 2013

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Smart meter rip-off stopped | Herald Sun

POWER companies have been caught trying to grab an extra $500 million from Victorians to pay for the smart meter roll-out. The Australian Energy Regulator has moved to block a bid by CitiPower, Jemena, Powercor, SP AusNet and United Energy … Continue reading

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Smart meters may get the flick | Herald Sun

VICTORIA’S new electricity smart meters could get the axe with the state’s 2.6 million households and business owners being asked for their view. The State Government will today launch a review of the program amid fears of rising electricity bills … Continue reading

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Electricity: smart meters > Michael O’Brien MP, State Member for Malvern

ELECTRICITY: SMART METERS 24-March-2010 Mr O’BRIEN (Malvern) — I grieve for all Victorian families and small businesses who are suffering now and will suffer for years to come because of the gross incompetence of the Brumby government’s oversight of the … Continue reading

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