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45 Responses to Smart Meter Action Kits

  1. Johnny says:

    Be careful of power companies like EvoEnergy (wholesaler) and ActewAGL (retailer) which bully customers into Smart Meters with lies and threats.

    They first advise you they are replace your meter with a Smart Meter, without giving a reason. When trying to opt-out they then tell you that your meter is faulty and you can’t. When asking for an electricians report of the fault, they backtrack and admit it isn’t faulty, but “your meter has been flagged for exchange due to a Meter Family Failure by your distributor, which is similar to a recall” and continue with :where a manufacturer does regular testing of particular models to ensure they are recording/performing accurately. Unfortunately, you cannot opt out of having the meter changed.”

    So they make up some excuse that your meter may become faulty in future so they have to replace it today just in case it may fail in future. What a stupid excuse, it’s not even a proper recall, just a sneaky tactic. This is bordering on criminal behaviour, certainly unethical. Even after sending them Refusal Notices and Opt-outs, they still try to bully you with these heavy handed tactics and provide no proof of faults in your meter.

    Be very careful of these unethical companies, demand an electricians report of fault, signed and declared, and insist on an analog or non-transmitting meter. Complain to your member or minister.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dear Johnny,

      I agree with your comments re ActewAGL and EVO Energy (which I jokingly refer to as Evil Energy); almost exactly the same thing is happening to me right now. Of course they are just branches of the same company – we have almost a monopoly here.

      Did you have any success in avoiding a replacement meter? I take it it was only the Analog they were trying to replace? Any suggestions as to what you/one can do?


      Also, I have EHS.

  2. Jo says:

    Hello – so glad I can ask my question here.

    In 2013, I asked Aurora, in Tasmania, to change my PAYG back to billed. They said they would do that at a cost (I think it was $50 or $80). No date or time was given but I arrived home one day and a technician was at my house working in the meter box. He had removed my analogue meter which was in pieces and installed a new meter. He just looked at me when I walked in and said, if you want to change from pay as you go, you have to have a new meter.

    I asked why and said I wanted to keep my old one (it was a beautiful old analogue), and he just shrugged. That was it.

    I had no idea it was a SMART meter (EDMI Mk 7A) and it must have been manufactured in 2012.

    I found out in the past year what it is and I am horrified.

    I was never told I was getting a new meter, never told it was SMART, so I did not consent to it tacitly. I still get a meter reader here so clearly the SIM can’t get read (only just got mobile rage here in Jan) but how do I know it still isn’t causing dirty electricity or EMR? No documentation was left for me as info about the new meter. He also put some electrical tape over two metal screws on the old part of the meter that was left (a wooden box with all the old fuses which are still in use) and told me to be careful of those as they were now live. The tape has fallen off one over the years.

    But I want to get rid of the Smart meter and get an analogue back. I don’t want a non-communicating meter either.

    How can I do this please?

    Thank you!

    • Cathy says:

      Hi Jo
      I’m thinking that it doesn’t actually have a communications module in it. I googled the brochure, and it just says ‘AMI Ready’. (So the manufacturer is saying it’s ready to be turned into an advanced metering infrastructure meter, a.k.a. a smart meter.)

      So this would mean no microwave emissions at the moment. (And stands to reason as you say a meter reader still comes.) But, yes, it’s probably causing dirty electricity (as do other electronic devices). At this stage, even if you measured the dirty electricity at your house, I don’t see how you could pinpoint it to the meter. (Measurements would have had to have been taken immediately before the new meter went in, and then immediately afterwards.)

      Unfortunately, as you are in Tasmania, it looks like you are stuck with an electronic meter. But at least you’re able to refuse to have the communications enabled, unlike Victorians!! It’s really important that you put up a notice refusing a smart meter. Also, notify your retailer of this in writing.

      Of course, it would be so-o-o much better if you could have a non-electronic analogue meter. The situation with the metal screws also sounds dodgy! I’d be saying something to Aurora.

      • Jo says:

        Cathy – thanks!!
        Would you give me the link to that model brochure please? I have been unable to find any info on it. I’ll get on and do the things you have advised!!

        Would you say they have breached the contract I had without informing me? And is it lawful that they can do that?

        Appreciate you help.


  3. Jeff says:

    How do I get rid of the smart meter

  4. Stan says:

    I have just fitted 5kw solar panels. I am being pushed to have a smart meter fitted. I have a wheel meter now and it goes backwards in the day time and forwards at night. Can they force me to have one of these meters, there are so many health risks? Can anyone help me? “STAN”

    • Freedom Rules says:

      Hello Stan, you should continue to refuse the smart meter – absolutely! No reason why your analogue meter needs changing. The power company can not force ANYONE to accept their new meter, so lock up with a sturdy padlock and don’t worry too much about the money-saving aspect of Solar panels as our health is far more important. Smart meters are known to increase customers bills anyway but they would never tell you that!

    • Anonymous says:

      If your meter is running backwards it means you are most likely not connected to the solar grid which means you are not only wasting that generated energy but it is also illegal.

      • Jan says:

        No, on both counts (although of course you won’t get paid a rebate on excess electricity fed into the grid).

        An analogue meter with solar simply runs backwards when it is exporting more electricity to the grid than what it is importing. At one stage electricians in our area were recommending this as a better alternative to replacing the analogue meter with a smart meter, as solar customers who have a smart meter are forced on to time-of-use pricing. It depends on your usage pattern and plan, but for a number of people the price increases due to moving to time-of-use pricing offset the gains from generating solar electricity.

        Bear in mind that solar inverters can create LOTS of high frequency voltage transients (‘dirty’ electricity) during daylight hours, which go up to around 20 kHz, due to the conversion process of DC to a sine wave. These waves travel on all your household wiring and radiate outwards for long distances (the radiofrequencies can cause interference on other devices more than 200 metres away). Electromagnetic fields in this frequency range, although not microwaves, can and do cause a number of adverse health effects.

        • Hammer Mann says:

          Hi Stan,
          We live in what is supposed to be a democracy for heaven’s sake.
          Just padlock your electric meter box Stan. I padlocked mine over three (3) years ago, simple as that, and then put up your $167,000, Dollar Anti Trespass Sign by the Commonwealth of Australia from Canberra.

          Please see this web-site sent to me by a good Lady Friend eight lines down this page. You must first of all padlock your electric meter box and only then put up the Anti Trespass Sign or the cheeky smart meter installer men will tear down your sign in a fit of rage and then install the dopy and INCENDIARY and far from smart Microwave broadcasting and receiving machine. This dopy machine can make you very sick indeed and or burn down your home as happened in Northcote to a Greek two-storey home after the dopy and far from smart microwave idiot machine was installed on this Greek family’s home. Please see

          This website one line above regarding action kits, gives you the signs you need and an outline of the letter you need to send by registered mail to your Electric power supplier you need. Please get your post office to attach a signed for card attached to your registered letter/s as I did so the courier has to sign for your letters. This receipt card is then returned to you as I had done for me, so you know the Electric power company has received your Registered Mail you sent them.

      • Hammer Mann says:

        To Anonymous,
        That is incorrect, its not ILLEGAL and please don’t use the word Illegal. Illegal actually is a TRICK word and is not Scientifically or Morally Correct. The only words that count in Truth are Lawful or Unlawful. A thing can be technically Illegal if used by corrupt Lawyers who often use tricky tactics. God sees through their wicked cunning and they will be Judged on Judgement day for it.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Yes Stan, I can help you to help yourself, simply padlock your Electricity Meters Box as many thousands of us have done.
      We live in a Democracy Still Stan, but no-one would believe it with the bullying one gets from these I allege to be CRIMINALS of C.E.O’s from the foreign owned Electric power companies and the C.E.O of United Energy an Australian consortium and their minions including most of the far from Smart Meter installer men. Smart Meters are not SMART Stan they are deadly dangerous Poisonous to all LIFE and they are all potential INCENDIARY Machines. See the $300,000 Dollar Fire after a dopy and far from Smart Meter was forced on a Greek two – storey home in Northcote in a suburb of Melbourne. A most disgusting affair.

  5. David says:

    i am amazed and horiffied what an installed Smart Meter could cause HEALTH AND MENTAL problems to the home owners. It is unconstitutional that a private company, such Jamena could enforce and forced upon the people accepting the questionable product.

    If the product is good, as saying goes – “Good wine needs no brush.”

    in the name of reasonableness and fair play, the people should have the right to exercise the option if they want that product in their private properties. After all the existing meter on the house has been legally installed and approved.

    To-day at 11.00 am, I got a call from Jamena’s empoyee. My answer to him is NO! He became very rude and angry, I told him that he should not be abusive and shouted when i asked for his name. He banged by door. He shouted that the State/Jamena would issue me with a legal notice.

    It appears that issue is all about, MIGHT IS RIGHT!

    Will someboby out there start a legal chellenge and proceedings against the State and/or Company that abuses the people’s trust and constitutional right.

    • Eric says:

      David, this may interest you

      The Australian Consumer Law
      Division 5 — Other unfair practices
      168 Harassment and coercion
      (1) A person commits an offence if:
      (a) the person uses physical force, or undue harassment or coercion; and
      (b) the physical force, or undue harassment or coercion is used in connection with:
      (i) the supply or possible supply of goods or services; or
      (ii) the payment for goods or services; or
      (iii) the sale or grant, or the possible sale or grant, of an interest in land; or
      (iv) the payment for an interest in land.
      (a) if the person is a body corporate–$1,100,000; or
      (b) if the person is not a body corporate–$220,000.
      (2) Subsection (1) is an offence of strict liability.
      (3) Subsections (1)(b)(iii) and (iv) do not affect the application of any other provision of this Part in relation to the supply or acquisition, or the possible supply or acquisition, of interests in land.

      • Peter says:

        Eric – well done. You have come across one of two very important legal documents that can protect anyone from harassment from the power companies. Many companies do not understand or ignore this legislation.

        The other legal document I speak of is the tacit contract that you can make to the power companies. Just write to these companies stating that no Smart Meter will be installed at my property for the following reasons… etc. (which they will not be able to refute). After 10 business days, the letter you sent them becomes a legal instrument, which binds them under the law to obey.

        Once you have done that, any further correspondence (read harassment) from them can be rebutted by sending them a second letter, citing the above act and warning them that any further communication on the subject will be deemed in breach of the act and they will be penalised $1.1million (to cover yourself, you should include the words “Written without prejudice” so they cant sue you for bullying them)

        And if you REALLY want them to leave you alone, send them a FEE SCHEDULE listing the costs to them for sending you letters you don’t want or visits by their representatives. Lawyers do this all the time and it’s how they become filthy rich. Once the power co’s legal department see this they will have pups…and should leave you alone permanently.

        As someone recently noted:”Maxim of Law: A man who does not exercise his rights has none.” It’s time we exercised our rights.


        • Hammer Mann says:

          Hi Peter,
          I sent the foreign owned Electric Power company a Lawful Notice of fine from the A.C.C.C from Canberra for Ten Million dollars $10,000,000. This stopped these I alleged to be bullying SCUM dead in their tracks. They only had fourteen days in which to write to me and not a day longer, or they had agreed to these A.C.C.C’s terms of the Lawful Canberra notice, never to bother or bully me again. It seems to have worked a treat as they never sent me a reply.

          They of this foreign owned Electric power company are I allege are a pack of bullies.
          This Lawful Canberra A.C.C.C Notice of Fine and my polite but very strongly worded letter seems to have frightened them off ,just like the stinking cowards I also allege them to be. These dopy so-called Smart Meters aren’t SMART in any way at all pal. They can easily burn down your home as happened in Northcote to a Greek family’s two-storey home. Smart Meters ? Smart MY ARSE !

          I got in touch with the Canberra A.C.C.C Lawyer three months after I’d posted my polite but Stinging letter to the foreign owned Electric power company’s C.E.O and his company lawyer and minions who’d been bullying me by phone and by letter. The Notice of Fine they got from me was for the sum of ten million dollars ( $10,000,000 ) million dollars.
          He, this powerful Canberra A.C.C.C lawyer laughed over the phone and said….” Richard ‘that’s the ticket’. The fine is only one point one million dollars but what you sent them is even better, ha ha !

          I stated to this lawyer the following. ” I hope when this foreign owned Electric power company’s C.E.O and lawyer read the huge amount of the fine I’d sent them, that they’d literally “Shit Their Pants !”
          He laughed even louder over the phone “Good move Richard they probably did, and it’s a pity you’d not made it twenty million dollars,$20,000,000, ha ha ha ! He proffered me some more good advice and then said, Richard, you’ve made my day ! Then he hung up his phone.

          So you see Peter you can do the same as I did.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      I tried that David,
      But so many Australians weren’t willing to put up the $400 Dollars I was prepared to put up for myself. If a thousand people had followed my plan with my Lawyer in charge, we’d have beaten this Nightmare of Wicked Bullying and Standover tactics from these Evil modern 1920’s Al Capone Chicago type of Scum Bags long ago in the High Court of Australia.
      We still live in a Democracy where Common Law through Magna Carta is your greatest Ally. Don’t be fooled by these five Electric Power Company C.E.O’s Filth Lies that you have to allow a dopy Human and all Life Health Wrecking and INCENDIARY machine on your property. It’s a SPYING Device as well, which is Telephone Tapping and That’s Unlawful without a Court Order for every one of these actually Far from so-called Smart Meters that aren’t SMART in any way at all.

  6. Greg Stewart says:

    I thought you were all just a bunch of cranks till i had to have one installed a weeks ago . I have been spraying my room everynight and day for mosquitoes .. But no its not mosquitoes . It dawned on me that its this smart meter … I had my ears cleaned out , havent been able to get to sleep easy and waking up with a jaw ache , ears on fire , nausea and paranoia . I just never suspected the meter and have been just trying to figure why my health has deteriorated so badly in the last month . Ive been sleeping in my car .. SO HOW IS THE GOVERNMENT AND ELECTRICITY COMPANIES ALLOWED TO GET AWAY WITH THIS AND DENY THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG …. WE NEED A CLASS ACTION AGAINST THESE PEOPLE AND NOW !

    • Well Aware says:

      Greg, I hope this means you will report these ill-effects far and wide because there are a lot of people claiming to be ignorant of the TRUTH. Until the whole state of Victoria ‘wakes up’ to the Facts, these electricity bullies will continue their crazy plan with government consent. You must try to make it to the march on Sunday 5th May and help put an end to this nonsense. Question: Why wouldn’t you suspect the meter? You’re way too trusting of ‘authority’ like many others.

    • Anenome Ofglobalgov says:

      It gets worse – the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) standards are only for protection against immediate thermal hazards (tissue heating!) at high-intensity exposures and NOT against CUMULATIVE BIOLOGICAL EFFECTS FROM LOW INTENSITY EXPOSURES. Therefore it is incorrect to suggest that they are sufficiently protective of public health, especially as there are increasing reports of residents developing health problems subsequent to having a smart meter installed in their home”. This quote is from Don Maisch, PHD’s article in Nexus Magazine Feb-Mar 2013.

    • Stan says:

      My name is Stan and I am being pushed by Origin to fit a smart meter. I have just fitted solar panels and I have a wheel meter that goes backwards during the day. Can they force me to have a smart meter? Can you help me? Stan

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Hi Greg,
      I tried to get a huge Class Action going over two years ago, I was prepared to put in four hundred dollars $400,00 myself, but only around ten people replied to my Email. Again I tried but all to no avail. We need around one thousand (1,000) people to put in around $400,00 dollars each to stand a chance of winning. Sadly it seems to me that there are far too few people wanting to FIGHT for their Democratic Rights here in Australia.

      What’s wrong with Aussies today ? Did all of those with a gutsy Fighting Spirit all die as brave soldiers on the ‘Kokoda’ Trail or shooting down the Hun from Spitfires etc in England and France or die as brave Bomber Pilots or brave soldiers or sailors, that’s what I’d like to know.

      Realise this……If you don’t know your RIGHTS and you are not prepared to fight for them, then you have no rights at all just roll over and die !

      “Don’t be a Girlie Man !” As Arnold Schwarzenegger said oft times in his movie films.
      I say,”give these foreign owned Electric power company C.E.O’s and their lawyers and there I also allege to be Sycophantic minions, “Bloody Hell as I did.” So far it’s worked for me, no more harassing phone calls, and no more bullying letters either, hooray !

  7. carmen grayden says:

    I have just received a letter only yestereday from the SP Ausnet stated that they intend to install a smart meter on our property, and I was on my way into town after I read it, and saw a notice on the shop window from a local awareness group on smart meter infomation, amazing, as I had just got the letter, I have looked up the and I have copied the signs and read some of the comments, it concerns me to hear the pressure that people have been put under,and I am unsure if I can cope with it all, I am going to contact the local awareness group tonight to get some help and back up to go ahead to refuse the smart meter from being installed, we go away for 3 months during the winter, so I am really concerned, but I will do my best to carry out all the things that you advise thank you for your help

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Simply do this as I did over three (3) years ago padlock your Private Electric Meter box with a good stout padlock, and only then put up your $167,000 Dollar Anti-Trespass Sign on your Electric meter box, that’s the simple solution. Then send these I allege to be wicked Terrorists of C.E.O’s a registered letter stating that for Health reasons you refuse to allow a dopy and far from smart electric Microwave broadcasting and receiving spying and INCENDIARY meter on your property and enclose the Lawful A.C.C.C Notice of fine as I did for $1.1 Million Dollars. I made mine ‘Ten Million Dollars’ here it is and send your polite but hard hitting letter to the C.E.O of the foreign owned Electric power company for your area to them by Registered Post.
      Please keep copies of all letters and Notices of Fines to these TERRORISTS !

      Firstly here’s the Action Kit …..

      Next, Here’s the Lawful A.C.C.C Notice format I used below three years ago.



      (Insert name and
      Address of Power Distributor)

      This notice is provided to _______________________________________________ and any persons, entities,
      (Insert Power distributor name and ACN no off letter you received)
      Employees, associates, corporations, sub-contractors and agents of the fore mentioned (herein referred to as Your Company).
      Notice to agent is notice to principal.

      Note: This notice is provided in addition and following a NOTICE OF PROHIBITION FOR
      SMART METER INSTALLATION (date of your first letter) and NOTICE Your Company’s
      INSTALLATION NOTICE (date of your letter received from Power Distributor after) served on Your Company.
      Your Company is prohibited and forbidden from communication in any manner, with the intent to solicit for the installation of a “smart meter” or meter containing wireless communication function(s) at the following (service) address: (Insert your address). Such an act is herein referred to as a PROHIBITED ACT.
      I have lawful and legal standing and claim of right to make such a demand.

      Any PROHIBITED ACT will be considered an act of undue harassment or coercion with the supply or possible supply of goods or services as defined by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CTH) Vol. 3, Ch. 4, PT> 4-1, Div. 5 Sec. 168; such an offence carries a penalty of $1.1,000,000:00 One point one Million Dollars. If Your Company is in any way directed by the Government (State of Victoria) and State of Victoria Corporation to perform such an offence, the Government and individual members are liable under tort may in addition be held vicariously liable.
      Any PROHIBITED ACT remains prohibited unless I provide a NOTICE OF CESSATION OF PROHIBITION explicitly annulling this notice, or following a sale of property and change of property title holder for the property in question.
      A copy of this notice will also be provided for their records to (via regular mail):
      1. Customer Relations, DPI,
      2. Minister Nicholas Kotsiras, Government in the State of Victoria.

      If a response to this notice containing any dispute of facts or CLAIM OF RIGHT based on lawful claim of right is not received within fourteen days from Your Company, it shall be fact that you accept as fact this notice and facts contained within, and will honour this notice; such requiring no further action on your behalf.


      ____________ __________________ _______________
      (Your SIGNATURE) (Witness to your Signature) Print Witnesses name)

  8. Michelle says:

    I sent Jemena a letter stating we do not want the smart meter and today received a response threatening to cut off our electricity, telling us in writing that we are breaking the law. Do I now send the harassment notice?

    • steve says:

      Hi Michelle, I have been in conflict with powercor over the smart meter issue on the grounds of concerning health risks for past 2 years and refuse as property owner to have one fitted. They have stopped short of threatening me of cutting off elec supply because i have pointed out that i OWN my property and not them or the government and i have the final say of what comes on MY property,Full stop!!! They have on several occasions tried to intimidate me by falling back on their spiel that the government has said that they are to be fitted and that was the end of it. I ended the last arguement by demanding an official letter from them stating that the RF (radio frequency) emissions from their smart meters were 100% safe to human health! They declined (Big surprise-not!) by saying they would’nt ” back themselves into a corner” as it would leave them “wide open” so would not comply. I replied that in my opinion that if they were not prepared to back their product claims then one could reasonably assume that there are definately safety issues that they are both aware of and are hiding from the public and if they wish to push the matter further that i would be more than happy to take this to court and challenge them not only on health grounds but i also believe this may well also be a human rights issue. It is interesting to note that I have not heard any more from them since and that was several months ago.
      Dont forget either Michelle, our elec supply is an essential service which every Australian is entititled to have and as long as you are prepared to keep paying for this service then i beleive that they cannot legally cut off your supply just because you have justified health concerns given the growing amount of information and facts becoming available through the media that they are not willing to address, otherwise it becomes a discrimination issue as well.
      Regards. Steve.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Yes Michelle,
      Send it now PRONTO and by Registered Mail !

  9. Glenn says:

    I Just received notification of impending smart meter installation. Is there any further actions I can take beyond the “stop smart meter” signs and a letter to my supplier SP AusNet refusing access, ….Thank you

    • Peter says:

      Hi Glenn

      Make sure your meter box is locked. If it is not locked, they will install their surveillance and control device regardless of any refusal by you.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Yes Glen,
      Padlock your Electric Meter Box right now that means IMMEDIATELY, don’t stuff about. There’s no time to waste pal.

  10. Jay says:

    Two and a half years ago a Smart (Dumb) Meter was installed in the rental property where I lived. It was put on the wall right behind the head of my bed. My beloved and adored big dog always slept on my bed. Although twelve years old he was in exceptionally good health and condition. Then he started pawing the floor at night, experiencing some kind of pain or distress that I couldn’t fathom despite undergoing every possible medical and alternative therapy I could think of for him. In June this year he began to seizure and the seizures became more frequent and he sadly passed away in November; it is apparent now that his brain was affected somehow. As someone who has CFS and is sensitive to EMR myself I wonder now what part the Smart Meter played in his condition?

    • Hammer Mann says:

      These BASTARDS responsible for your dog’s death need the same treatment. Put them in a room from which they cannot escape and force them to have their heads so close to the wall so they get Microwave bombarded until they all die, as did your dear and not so old beloved Doggie. Doggies and all animals are very sensitive to these Meters invented by Satan and his minions !

  11. Anonymous says:

    Is an EM 5100 meter a smart meter? It was fitted in 2010 when my Solar was completed. Gabby

  12. Anonymous says:

    Jemena had a so called “Community Announcement” in our local paper announcing that they were would be installing smart meters in certain of our local suburbs in the current month. The announcement began with the words “Jemena who own all the poles, wires etc in your area………”.
    In other words, the message is “We own all the infrastructure therefore we can do whatever we want and we will be installing install smart meters in your area whether you like it or not”. So don’t be fooled by their “community announcement” where it’s them just flexing their muscle at you. I have developed a flyer which I have posted up in those areas indicated in that advertisement and I will paste this flyer below for anyone who wishes to get the message out to those areas affected by present and upcoming smart meter installation schedules. This flyer could be used as part of a mail run in affected streets. Also could be posted up in public notice boards. Many supermarkets will have a community noticeboard. Also for the areas concerned, the area’s train station has a lot of people traffic and so the notice could be pasted up at or near the train station for many to read. Do it legally and no need to get yourself on any CCTV and only do what you are comfortable with. Also sticking a copy inside a bus stop shelter will get lot’s of readers in areas affected. Inside the bus stop is preferable to outside as it will be protected from rain. The idea is to let people know what we already know ie. That the govt has mandated the distribution Companies to ionstall smart meters but THAT MANDATE DOESN”T ACTUALLY OBLIGE US IN ANY WAY TO ALLOW SUCH DEVICE TO BE INSTALLED. Here is the A4 flyer I have come up with (areas erased). Insert the appropriate suburbs, the month and if Jemena is not the Distributor in that area, then replace the name “Jemena” with the name of the Distribution Company/Companies that handle the area(s) concerned.

    Jemena have announced that they will be installing smart meters in Area1, Area2, Area3 and Area4 during the month of .
    Jemena will tell you that you cannot refuse having the meter installed. What they tell you is that it is mandatory. What they are not telling you is that it is only mandatory for them, ie. for the Electricity Distributor (Jemena) to use their “best endeavors” to install a smart meter on every property. This mandate is only to the Distributor. THERE IS NO MANDATE TO THE CUSTOMER.
    Despite what Jemena tell you, you have a LEGAL RIGHT TO REFUSE a smart meter installation. YOU ARE NOT BREAKING THE LAW.
    Jemena have resorted to threatening customers to intimidate them into consenting to the installation. The “best endeavors” that they have been directed to use have in actual fact proven to be “every dirty trick in the book”. They have also threatened to cut off people’s power if they don’t allow installation. This has not eventuated and they are not even prepared to state such threats in writing. They are also saying that the existing equipment belongs to them and that they have a right to access it and maintain it at all times. In actual fact this is all part of their endeavor by DECEPTION and STEALTH to gain the access to your property that will enable them to install their smart meter. The only way they can do this is ONLY IF YOU ALLOW THEM. Jemena will tell you that it is law but in actual fact you are not obligated by any law to allow them to do it.
    A large number of Victorians have reported significant changes in their health and well-being related to the installation of wireless smart meters on their property and in their neighborhoods. The main symptoms reported by individuals are sleeping disorders, headaches, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), fatigue, nausea, dizziness, irritability, listlessness, heart palpitations and changes in cognitive behavior. Electromagnetic Fields from wireless communications is also know to cause cellular DNA damage.
    What you need to do
    To keep out this intrusion into your rights, privacy and well being what you need to do (as many others are doing) is to lock your meter box with a strong padlock and cut out a viewing window in the door to enable meter reading. Also put up a sign clearly stating that you do not consent to the installation of a smart meter on your property, stating the property address and your name. Make sure the notice includes your signature and is dated. Also send a letter to Jemena (and the Energy Minister) stating that you don’t consent to the installation. Please visit website for more information. You can also download signs from this website and a laminating service is available at officeworks. You have the right to stand strong in this matter.

  13. Kathy Kahn says:

    This is not just about our little place we call our home and a device on the meter box. This is a level of absolute dictator ship that you need to be watching. I love my family and they have 2 basic rights to this life on this very beautiful planet. They are HEALTH CHOICES and HUMAN RIGHT CHOICES. I have heard the comments on the high pitch sounds emitted from the meter so WHAT ABOUT THE ANIMAL RIGHTS and where are these acitve groups listening I hope. It is a known fact that dogs hear sound far more intensly than us,

  14. monica mcdonald says:

    Get rid of it! Its insanity.. My ears are always ringing at night!!!! Get rid of it arghhhhhh!!!

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Quite right Kathy,
      Dogs and cats are more switched on than people realise, especially to Microwave filthy rays and especially to high frequency sounds as well as to when and Earth Quake is coming too.

  15. Stephen RAPA says:

    Ever since they installed the smart meter without my concent I have been experiencing head aches ever morning as my meter is situated right near my bedroom! Also my parner comes over two nights a week and she also as massive head aches in the mornings after staying the night at my place and never gets head aches at her own home!

      put a switch on th inlet to the meter and wait and see what they will do … i realise they
      could turn off the power if so i will have go solar 12 volt and gass but its better than being zapped …
      What is the answer!!. It is afecting me now
      as i have to sleep in a caravan ..

      • Nari says:

        Hi Colin,
        We have had a smart meter installed a few months back and go out to the box and turn the main switch off at night (in the hope that at least we can get a somewhat restful sleep). Do you know whether this is effective as I think I have read that they have a battery?? I hope you are better!

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