Smart meter installed


If you already have had a smart meter installed, we urge you to join us and take action via  the options listed below.  They are winning the fight in America to revert not only to non-communicating digital meters but also, in some cases, to an analogue electro-mechanical meter.

It is due to the Australian public rising up that customers in NSW, QLD, SA, Tas, and the ACT now have the right to revert to a non-communicating smart meter.  In many cases, however, electricity retailers are charging fees for this option.  If we all join together, we can achieve better outcomes for everybody, including for Victorians, whose government has denied them the rights available to other Australians.

NSW, QLD, SA, TAS and the ACT electricity customers

The national Competition in Metering rule allows communications in existing smart meters to be disabled.  Contact your retailer to arrange.  Disablement can be achieved by a variety of means.  You will need to shop around retailers to get the best price deal.  (At the time of writing, Origin was not charging a manual meter reading fee.)  See this post on the rule: NSW, QLD, SA, Tas and ACT electricity customers allowed to have communications on ALREADY-INSTALLED smart meters TURNED OFF

Click on Actions You Can Take for further information and tips on spreading awareness.

WA and NT electricity customers

Customers in the NT and WA are not subject to the national Competition in Metering Rule.  Contact your electricity company and request an analogue electro-mechanical meter.  If this isn’t available, insist on the communications being disabled.  You might find it helpful to provide a letter of support from your doctor.

Click on Actions You Can Take for further information and tips on spreading awareness.

VIC electricity customers

The Victorian Labor government has delayed transitioning to the national Competition in Metering rule until 2021.  The existing Victorian Orders in Council covering the implementation of smart meters do not make provision for customers to revert to an electro-mechanical meter or for communications to be disabled.  Despite this, in isolated cases, power distributors have removed the communications module for customers.

Victorians need to continue to exert pressure on the state government to ensure smart meter issues remain front and centre!  See Actions You Can Take for suggestions on how to do this.


Insist that your water provider reinstate a non-digital meter if a completely new unit was installed, or remove the component for the wireless transmissions (sometimes called a data logger), if this was added to an existing mechanical meter.

There is a precedent for Victorian customers to revert to a mechanical water smart meter.  See page 18 of the Essential Services Commission’s Coliban Water final decision: 2018 Water Price Review in relation to issues raised about possible health impacts.  The Essential Services Commission states that “Coliban Water has sought to address these concerns by developing a policy for the conditional opt-out from digital meter installation for customers with genuine health concerns and for the voluntary take-up of time-of-use tariffs”.

Click on Actions You Can Take for tips on spreading awareness.

30 Responses to Smart meter installed

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great example. Thanks for sharing. Shalom.

  2. owen sharp says:

    i have had heart palpitations weeks after meter was installed and now live with constant gut pain and it is becoming very distressing . i find when i can get out of town for a few hours all these stupid symptoms disappear but as soon as i get back in to town it starts again after an hour or so

    • smart meter sufferer says:

      Sadly this has happened to many people affected by the smart meters pulsed emissions. I have had to leave my home as I became very sick when the smart meter was installed and move to a house which currently doesn’t have a smart meter. If you do not live in Victoria then you can request to have the smart meter RF component de-activated.
      If you are not already a member of SSMA ( Stop Smart meters Australia) I would suggest that you join them and let them know of your issues .

  3. Zephyr says:

    Hello, wanting the smart function removed/disabled from my rural properties metre and have been told that Victorian legislation has changed and I may only seek the metre be “dialed down” as they put it. I suffer emf sensitivities and have moved to this rural setting, with undergrounded electricity to avoid symptoms and want the smart function removed from my metre. Is this my right to have it removed?

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks I’m advance, kind regards, zephyr

    • anonymous says:

      It seems that Victorians are sadly lacking in rights. From what it says above, we’ll be blasted with radiation until 2021, whether we like it or not.

      • Zephyr says:

        It says above that power companies can remove the communication module. Does this mean they can remove the smart component at their own discretion? Will a threat of liability for symptoms caused by the smart meter be enough to get them to remove? Would I have any grounds to force removal this way?

  4. Daniel Gavin says:

    Hi guys,

    Been searching for ways to block harmful effects of smart meters and found this site. Ot has links to protective material for your house. Reasonably cheap options with strong effects.
    Any other ideas?

  5. Daniel Gavin says:

    Hi ssma,

    Me and my partner spoke with you in the shop at Oakleigh. We have just found that smart meters have been installed at our set of appts. Do you know of any way we can block the harmful effects until such time that we can get it removed? What happens if we destroy it?
    Kind regards,

  6. Peeved says:

    We have a smart meter connected which was installed 4/4/2012 and the first bill we received was split 44 days on the old meter and 48 days on the new ,(Billing cycle 20/2/2012 – 22/5/2012) on the old meter we averaged .82 kwh and after the smart meter was read it went to .89 kwh only a small jump but but equates to 1.68 kw per day (24hr) which over a 92 day billing cycle amounts to an extra 154.56kw of power that was not used with the old meters, you may ask is this significant well you be the judge ! .
    After receiving our bill for the same period one year later 20/2/2013 – 22/5/2013 the reading has now jumped to 1.67kwh which is an escalation of .85 kwh from the old meters and a hike of 1798.7kwh used above normal usage. After challenging Tru Energy about the bill at a cost of $250 to us they can get the meter tested what a croc this is ,after doing a test throughout the day to use 1798.7kw you would have to be using a microwave, cooktop, oven and an air fryer all at once over a 24 hr period for 92 days. I urge all those who have smart meters to keep a close eye on their readings until these things get removed its obvious that these meters can be controlled to up your useage . They don’t need to raise the price but they have and they just sneak in extra kilowatts it seems. CHECK YOUR BILLS
    Old bills had . Peak Chrg @ .225kwh + quarterly supply Chrg $ 38 – $45 less 3% discount
    New bills have Peak Chrg @ .278kwh + supply charge .991 cents per day ($91.17 ) $51 hike a quarter and discount remains the same 3% .
    SMART METERS ARE COSTING US MONEY , BAD FOR OUR HEALTH , Good for electricity companies , good for hackers THEY HAVE TO GO.

  7. Anonymous says:

    we dont even have power connected and are trying to demolish/restore our new home and without notice they installed a smart meter, now the f(*&$ thing is in the way of the wall we need to knock down!!!!! wtf ???

    • Ms Rebel says:

      Go for it Anonymous – smash it down with the rest of the wall! They will have to reinstall an analogue on your home eventually… you can be sure of that as smart meters are NOT compulsory, says Julia Gillard. YES the tide is turning people.

  8. Hayley williams says:

    Can anyone tell me ( or offer a link) to the radius affected? Ie how close is too close. We have a whole panel of smart meters six meters from our bedroom. I thought not being on the house was a good thing but now I’m not so sure. Mum of two kids and very concerned. Would appreciate your help. Thanks. 😉

    • Informed Choice says:

      My neighbours had a meter installed next to our garage and driveway a couple of months ago. Since then the healthy, green leaves of the pittosporum tree nearby are dying off and it is starting to look brown and sick. This is smart meters in action. They radiate far more than any of us can imagine in my opinion, so in other words, you have a right for concern even if it is not on your home. What are these things going to do to our environment in the long run???

    • chandra easton says:

      I am highly EMR sensitive and found that i could not tolerate being within 10 meters of the Smart Meter. a panel of them 6 meters from your bedroom will destroy you health

  9. Sue-Ann Cozyn says:

    We have had a Smart meter installed just after the birth of my 2month old Son. My two older daughters have recently been complaining of headaches. We have just worked out they have been occuring since his birth. I had at first thought it was from him crying all the time and keeping them awake, but reading all the horror stories, I think it may be from the metre, as is my babies sleeplessness. He sleeps great when we are out or away for the weekend, but can’t stay asleep for long periods when we’re home. His nursery is closest to the meter, but I have not put him in there yet as I am now feeling very unsure. Has anyone tried the foil and bubble wrap? I am willing to give it a go and we are looking into purchasing the materials this weekend.

    • Pete says:

      I would be sending your distributor a bill for the cost of the material, along with a letter demanding the immediate removal of the device.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Feeling quite frustrated at this bureaucratic imposed situation. Called my Energy company only to be told I would have to pay $400 for someone to come out and check my smart meter ( for levels and to see if it’s working properly.) Energy company says take it up with government. It seems like I own it when it comes to having to pay for it being checked out. I thought it was not my property and therefore wouldn’t have to pay for it to be looked at. Certainly getting mixed messages.

    Meanwhile searching the web I came upon this on You Tube:

    and found it informative.

  11. Mia Nony says:

    Harm can happen quickly. Sometimes it’s irreversible. Don’t wait.
    Aluminium screening on windows is fast.
    Foiling floor to ceilling and wall to wall on the interior side of the meter wall with thick insulation foil with bubble wrap sandwiched between two layers of flexible foil is fast, one staple gun away from relief.
    Foil wrapping the s/meter with no pinholes for transmission is fast and it stops the frequency signals.
    The meter’s back up memory is good for 2 months but it can no longer chat with the other components of the system, This is a good thing. The utility people will arrive and remove the foil. You put it back each time asap. That is how you foil it AND them. Eventually they may even send a meter reader and then you get to keep it wrapped all the time.
    The law is slow. The frequencies do damage fast.
    Shield now. Get well. Then pursue the law.

  12. Mia Nony says:

    Go to Youtube and watch Smart Meters by minivanjack and then his 2nd one, How To Replace a Smart Meter With A Safe Meter. Minivanjack is Jerry Day. He is a documentary maker in Burbank California. He also has a site called The idea is to use the legal means to give the utility legally correct “notice of just cause”. You have to know your Constitutional rights but Jerry might be able to help there. You give them notice, a time line to remove the smart meter. If/when they fail to do so, you are then legally in a position to remove it yourself – meaning with a qualified electrician – and replace it without them coming back on you for not having a utility “registered” meter. You still have meter supply stores that make the same meter you had before they took it away and replaced it with a smart meter.
    Buy one for replacement now while you still can and then send for the legal or installation info or both. Even if you cannot “feel” the effects of the frequencies, don’t allow unshielded exposure to these frequencies, it can create permanent disability.
    Foil the meter to stop transmission. There are no laws against protecting yourself this way here, likely not there. Sure they will be annoyed but don’t let them bluff you.

  13. John says:

    Hi I just looked at the TRUenergy websites ‘frequently asked questions’ page and they have a spot to ask your own questions. I gave them hell. I think it would be great if heaps of people swamped this service and told them what they thought of their product.

  14. Art says:

    Thats the sort of info I’m after, awesome Mia!

    Anyone know of an Australian insulation equivalent?


  15. Redi Kilowatt says:

    I suggest that any letter to the utility in protest of the new radio meters be truthful, and avoid repeating some science fiction that I have seen people concoct here in the U.S.
    If people go off on science fiction, that will negate any legitimate gripes that people have.
    Keep in mind that the only way the utility can monitor usage of any individual device or appliance is for the utility to provide a separate meter for each device that reports to the utility, and that will never , ever happen anywhere in the world. It would be completely useless information to the utility and far too expensive to implement.
    The new appliances fitted with monitoring chips are for home use only, they do not transmit usage data to the utility. The home area networks are entirely purchased by the customer, and consist of certain large appliances fitted with monitoring chips, a power user interface (receiver), an in home display monitor, and a computer interface if one chooses to view price change alerts from the utility. These chipped appliances cannot be controlled by the chips, just usage monitored. If the customer wants to turn appliances on or off or dimming function for lighting is desired, the customer must purchase an automation system and buy a separate module for each and every device being controlled, and also a controller, that may or may not be hooked to a computer connected to the internet for remote control, plus have the proper software installed on the computer.
    The way that the HAN system display is able to distinguish between each appliance transmitter is that each appliance has a pre programmed address code built in, that is how the individual usage is identified. It is exactly the same as a radio system used by public and private entities. Each time a police or fire person keys up on the microphone in the vehicle or handheld radio, a sub audible address is transmitted to identify which radio is transmitting. This is for selective calling systems and in case of emergencies if the radio user gets in trouble.
    Bottom line, the meters only can transmit total usage of the meter to the utility over the radio network, and there is no way that the utility knows what that electricity is being used for, chipped appliances and HAN’s or not.

  16. Art says:

    Anyone law-savy enough? Can’t stand these constant head aches.

    • Mia Nony says:

      The headaches are doing you damage. They are caused by ammonia and toxins crossing the blood brain barrier. Never meant to happen, not EVER. The hazardous frequencies enabled by the meter make this possible.
      Foil that meter but good, preferably with Reflectix type insulation foil that has bubble wrap between two layers of flexible foil. Check out the kind at
      Staple it to the entire interior wall behind it and wrap the whole meter as well. Do not leave a single pinhole for transmission either direction to occur. When they come and remove it, put it right back. They do not have the manpower to keep coming out. Eventually they will have to send a monthly meter reader and you will get to keep it foiled. It is either that or replace it with an old analog meter, but be sure to do that legally so it does not come back to bite you.

      • nikki says:

        Mia your suggestions are great – but how can one “legally do it” if one does not understand the law?

        does any one have suggestions my friend has one one installed, the property is rental (public) and it needs to be removed for safety reasons.

  17. Anonymous says:

    May I suggest a Template letter for people to use to send to the Energy Minister be made available on this site as some will not know what to “write” and will not want to proceed to Media efforts to have their meter removed.

    Keep up the fight, together we will make a difference

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