Smart box lock-out in Montmorency – Health – Diamond Valley Leader

A MONTMORENCY resident has locked his electricity box in a bid to stop authorities installing a smart meter. Leon Steiner, of Sherbourne Rd, said he had serious issues with the meters, which were being rolled out across Victoria. His major concern was the potential negative impact on health, billing, privacy and fire risks.He said he did not want a smart meter in his home until its safety could be guaranteed. “They have only done two years research on these things to say it is safe,” Mr Steiner said.” People have had smart meters pushed upon them, but it is something we should make up our own mind about,” he said. He said he had seen several reports stating the technology was not compulsory and urged residents to do follow his lead.

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20 Responses to Smart box lock-out in Montmorency – Health – Diamond Valley Leader

  1. Anonymous says:

    We have been paying for this meter since 2010. What law says that a electricity company in 2010 can without my consent increase charges on my account so my money can pay in advance for a product (smart meter) I don’t want and didn’t agree to purchase..then this same company demand and threaten me if I don’t let them install this product (smart meter) in my home and say their actions are law and that the Victorian Government agrees? what happened to my Freedom of choice have big overseas corporations taken control in areas of our government and are they dictating their rules for their profits and the will of the people and consumers rights are being ignored..The Commonwealth Constitution the whole system of parliament and the sole reason for its existence is to make laws for the people…Australia is a democratic country .with democratic rights stand up for them. FREEDOM OF CHOICE

  2. Don says:

    by the way , this taken from the SpAusnet web portal
    “downloading applications for Apple iPhone/iPad and Android smart devices to conveniently view your account” if one can download an app to view the account remotely…i am sure some crooks will use it to monitor who is in or out by the amount of info coming out…perfect for the hi-tech burglars waiting to break in !!!

  3. Don says:

    One cannot trust all those reports from those Electricity companies telling how safe and amazing their (brain frying machine) meter is…If i want to buy a new car ,i sure will read the info provided by the car maker ,but i will talk to people driving that sort of car and go to forums to read consumer reviews to get a balanced view of the product i am looking at .Those companies use lies and bullying techniques to force their product onto us (the consumers) .All my friend who have had it installed are whinging a bout it nothing beneficial for us at all ,Originally they were going to use underground light pipe technology ,nice & clean way to pass on data, instead they have opted for this mini micro wave that frie and kills everything around it very slowly….This situation makes me think of the ‘Asbestos” scam that was pushed on to us years back…yeah fantastic new product, safe etc…All the negative information about it was hidden from the public at the time so they could continue on selling it to the public….Well i don’t want to be a guinea pig for those electricity companies, my box is locked The more people unite, put up a fight and put a lock on their Elec box, the more chances the Oz Gov will lend an ear…Good on Leon for standing up to those Monstrous Corporation ,David VS Goliath !!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    All the issues that have arisen because of these bastards have caused great problems within my family and within my household. You would think how could it be and yet these people have caused issues to arise which have ruined lives. Let our resolve for 2013 be even greater!

    • Melbourne Mum says:

      This should NEVER have been allowed to happen here in Victoria, they are lunatics for even thinking they could get away with it at all. That is why we are still fighting because we know it is so wrong!

  5. Sharron says:

    Go Leon! With you all the way, buddy. Montmorency is very close to where I grew up (Eltham) and there are many great people who care about the environment and human rights living there. Get those padlocks on … put anti-trespass signs up and attend local meetings asap. They will not stand a chance if we all stand together and fight this dictatorial nonsense!

  6. John says:

    @Jan- Even if the government had made it law (which they have not) to have their Stupid Meter would never mean it’s right that you gotta have one. We have rights & it’s a game they play to make us beleive we are their slaves to do as they say which we should never do. Always fight for what you beleive is right even if it is illegal because once we lose our rights , then we are at their mercy to be dealt with however they wish to deal with us.
    Many Scientists & Thousands of Tests prove these devices are bad for our health but they are also a Big Brother Device to spy on us all as well which means they can know when you home or not , so maybe if ones house gets done over , well one could guess why? The government & their Merry Power Company Corporations have proven they can’t be trusted with all their intimidations & Trust your own instincts & go with you gut feelings about it even if they do make them legal to have them is no reason to stop fighting this tyranical abuse of power. We never asked for these pathetic meters & they had been in the pipeworks for along time.

    • Eric says:

      Well said John, we continue to make a stand for that which is right and do not succumb to anything that could only be considered as crooked legislation instigated by like crooked people.

  7. John Alserda says:

    Recieved a letter from United Energy today that mentions in the (Frequently Asked Questions) section, “Can I refuse to have the new meter installed? Can I defer installation?”
    “NO. The government has completed its review of the AMI program and confirmed thet smart meters are safe and are being safely installed, and that continuing the rollout is in the best interests of Victorians.”
    “The government has also confirmed that all Victoria households and small businesses must have the existing electricity meter replaced with a new meter by the end of 2013. Meter installations cannot be deferred and”, (no, AMI meter stickers or signs on the meter box will be disregarded).

    UE don’t seem to mention the consequences of any refusal to install the Smart Meter.

    Just more propaganda


    • 1vimana1 says:

      Hi John,
      Just lock your Electric Meter Box with a good stout industrial padlock and send the $10,000,000.00 Dollar Anti Harassment Letter from Canberra as I have done, this seems to have shut these Idiots up. Get your Legal Anti-Trespass Signs up on the Meter Box and the other on the Front Fence.
      Next, see your lawyer as I did and he will concur with my advice. Don’t phone your Foreign Owned Electric Power Company people at any time. Keep all correspondence and answer it politely and state as I did that your Meter box is locked and you refuse to accept a now proving to be Deadly Type 2B Carcinogen Meter. Advise the C.E.O that you will Join The Common Class Action To Sue should you find a Microwave Smart Meter has been installed on your property against Your Will and Better Judgement.

      See also the World Charter of Human Rights 1948 Drawn up in Britain and signed by all Free Countries of the World including Australia and all its States. See also the Victorian Charter of Human Rights 2006. These two Important Charters protect you form anyone trying to force you to accept any goods or services of any kind you feel may do you any physical harm whatsoever or damage to your electrical equipment. Smart Meter have already started many fires in Meter Boxes in Victoria and continue in many cases to damage private home owners and small businesses electrical goods. Only a few months ago a Northcote home was almost burnt to the ground, and the two wheel-chaired grandparents were only just saved by their grandson getting them out of the already burning building.

  8. Paul Starr says:

    I should have added that a copy of that interview transcript on stopsmartmeters, should form part of any correspondence to a power company when reading them their rights – advising them that they might take up the issue with the PM and leave us out of it.

  9. Paul Starr says:

    Remember when the PM on the 7th of December 2013, said Smart Maters are not compulsory to Charlie Pickering on The Project? Kind of over rides everything else doesn’t it?

  10. jan purcell says:

    I had a brain tumour op last year coursed through radiation I dont fancy getting another one,,and they put me on hold,I have my box locked and the big notice of no smart meters,so far they have’nt put one in.but today I had a letter from united energy,saying they are going to finish puting the meters in this area seaford,and I have no choice,they say we cannot refuse them,the government says they are safe,I dont want it.And they wont take any notice of any stickers or signs.I was told at a stop smart meters meeting,that i can refuse to have them put in,and that it was a bluff,that they were scaring us to say yes,but now it looks as though they can,WHO DO I BELIVE?do I still fight on? Jan purcell seaford

    • Pam says:

      Jan – They are bullying you and harrassing you. Go to your Local Paper and let others in your area know how you are being treated (they are probably being treated likewise). Fight on Jan. We all have worked so hard over the last 2 years. Good Luck. Cheers Pam:-)

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Dear Readers,
      Write to your Electricity provider a polite but forceful Registered letter stating that you refuse on Health Grounds to allow a Microwave so-called Smart Meter on your property.

      First of all Lock that Electric Meter box of yours, you own it and the Analogue Meter, and not these Lying Electric Power Companies who work as willing MINIONS for their Overseas bosses who don’t GIVE A STUFF ABOUT YOUR HEALTH OR DAMAGING YOUR PRIVATE ELECTRICAL GOODS. Next get up your Legal Commonwealth Anti-Trespass Notices, one on your Meter Box and the other on your front fence or brick pillar or gate. These Commonwealth Notices have a fine of $167,000:00 dollars for anyone entering your property without your written permission.

      Please make sure you put the registration number on the original letter your send to the C.E.O of the Electric Power Company and keep a copy of your Registered Letter, also record the Registration number on your copy for Legal Reasons. Make sure you write the following at the end of the letter before signing it . ” I refuse to allow a now proving to be, Type 2B Carcinogen Causing Microwave Smart Meter on my property as they are now proving to be Deadly to Humans and all living things and are in many cases damaging peoples private electrical goods.”

      Please don’t speak to these People on the ‘phone. If they phone you tell them they must only contact you by letter and that you are in touch with your lawyer. Then hang up straight away. Don’t argue with them.

      At the end of this letter before you sign it state the following. “Upon returning to my home, should I find that a Microwave Smart Meter has been installed on my property and against my Will and Better Judgement I will join the Common Class action to SUE.”
      Sign your letter and date it and posts it ASAP.

      Good Luck Everybody.

  11. mohsen says:

    I Support you 500%

  12. 1vimana1 says:

    Great news,
    Keep those Electricity Meter Boxes locked at all times. Those of you who have not yet done so please lock them up pronto with a good Industrial Padlock and a Hasp and Staple or any way you can. These infernal Microwave Smart Meters are not smart but Dangerous to Humans and all Life both great and small as in now being proven WORLD-WIDE.

  13. Pam says:

    Good On you Leon – My Box is locked and staying locked also and my Signs displayed. Cheers Pam 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      The meter installer came, he was very nice and registered a “refusal”, he Also suggested that I keep the signs up in case they do “another sweep”, today I received a call from PowerCorp telling me They were calling about the meter that “needed” to be installed and that I had no opt out option. I said I had written explaining my refusal and she said that that had “addressed my concerns”, I said please write with anything further and she tried hard to get me to tell her my concerns. I said politely I was hanging up now. Seems to me their tack is to Address my concerns so that then I will give my permission. Seems they do need my permission. Wondering what happens next…..

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