Wimmera anti-smart meter campaign intensifies – Public Meeting in Horsham, 20 October

Wimmera anti-Smart Meter campaigner Di Bell of Horsham and a group of supporters have rekindled a push against the household installation of the digital measuring devices.

Mrs Bell, an outspoken critic of the safety of the meters and a program roll-out process, has launched another ‘public awareness’ advertising campaign on the issue.

Mrs Bell, a member of a national Coalition to Stop Smart Meters, said in a letter to The Weekly Advertiser that, based on her research into the devices, she remained unconvinced they were safe.

“They (authorities) say ‘they are safe’ and will continue to do so. Based on my research I don’t believe they are,” she wrote.

“Asbestos was classed as safe too until it was later proven not to be.”

Mrs Bell said people had continued to get in touch with her since she raised personal concerns in late 2011.

She said the issue was as much about a right to make a choice as it was a health concern.

Other Wimmera residents have also written to The Weekly Advertiser with concerns. An anti-Smart Meters group has called a Horsham public meeting on Sunday at 1.30pm at Horsham’s White Hart Hotel.

All households and small businesses in Victoria are scheduled to have the new digital meters, designed to provide accurate power-use information consumer-friendly benefits, by the end of this year.

The State Government, through its Smart Meters website, provides in-depth information about the benefits and safety of the devices.

Via: http://www.theweeklyadvertiser.com.au/2013/10/16/anti-meter-campaign/

Advert in Advertiser stop smart meters 16 10 2013

This advertisement, paid for by local anti-smart meter campaigners, was published in the Weekly Advertiser, along with the above article and a letter to the editor that can be found on Page 7 at  http://issuu.com/weekly.advertiser/docs/1610backup001/7?e=6050313/5241827 :

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11 Responses to Wimmera anti-smart meter campaign intensifies – Public Meeting in Horsham, 20 October

  1. onlinedrifter says:

    UPDATE! I was just on my way to the meeting in Horsham when I saw a Powercor van in my street. So I rushed home and called Di Bell to let her know I wouldn’t be at the meeting. 😦 I can’t take the risk of them installing a smart meter while I’m at the meeting.

    Hope the meeting goes/went well.

    • Anonymous says:

      Onlinedrifter, you are commended for thinking on your feet. This is just a win for you. If you had attended that meeting and as a result of doing so had found that a smart meter had been installed whilst you were away, then you would have felt like you had just shot yourself in the foot. FYI, I too last week had to abandon my plans for something for the same reason. Just as I was going to head out, I picked up that there was a Jemena installer around my area and I could see he was going to spend some time in the area. I also will work out the right apology for non attendance of my event…..no problem. This particular bloke smirked at me when he saw me walking down the street whilst he was having his lunch.

  2. Little person with a stubborn streak! says:

    Good luck to our fellow campaigners out west!!! Don’t let the B——-ds win!!! We stick together and support great efforts to resist these terrible machines and we’ll be better off. Strength and courage to you all. Great work Di. Hope the word spreads far and wide.

  3. Sharron says:

    Great stuff and I hope your Horsham meeting is a huge success! I would also like to thank Di Bell for her resilience and compassion for those affected by smart meters. Remember – we could all become more sensitised in the long term and especially the children who were never given a choice. I’m very concerned for mine.

  4. jennivee2013 says:

    Thank goodness for people like Mrs Bell, who speaks for the people with cast iron integrity, stands up for the truth and offers hope to the hypersensitive people who suffer from these radio active frequencies. We all thank you Mrs Bell and appreciate all the support you can give us to help us all overcome our health disorders and anxiety which is imposed upon us from the Government and the Power companies by unjustly forcing us to accept these unjustified smart meters.

  5. onlinedrifter says:

    I read the article (including the two typos) and the ad in The Weekly Advertiser.
    Hopefully it will attract a few more people who are opposing smart meters to the meeting. I will be going.

  6. Citizen for democracy says:

    Di, thank-you for the time, effort, work and energy you have given to your fellow Australians affected by this unprecedented attack on their human rights.
    You are an inspiration, a true Australian hero.

    • Anonymous says:

      Very well said. Di is a hero for us. I was at the Geelong Show today and saw an inspirational piece written about our freedom, how we got it, why we have it. The answers of course, are due to heroes that have gone before us, our Soldiers. They gave their lives to give us a choice.
      Now undemocratic countries who have invested in our country are taking that right away from us. WE WILL FIGHT TO KEEP OUR FREEDOM.

  7. Linda Nemeth says:

    Great stuff lets keep fighting the good fight!

  8. Paul says:

    Keep up the good work Di! Smart meters are not safe. Mark Feather of the Department of State Development sent me a letter ‘praising’ their ‘safety.’ He mentioned that the WHO’s classification of smart meters as a Class 2B carcinogen also refers to carpentry, wood joinery and pickled vegetables, to which I replied that DDT also falls into that category and has been banned by governments worldwide. Will he listen? Yes, when pigs fly!

    People, write and ask for a SIGNED document from power companies and government bodies to the effect that they will not harm you or your family. Failure to provide such a document should be enough to strongly suggest the dangers of smart meters.

    On the other hand, if they do provide such a document, you will have legal recourse and will be able to sue the smart meters off them!

  9. Brenn (A.C.H.E) Australiansclaiminghealthyenvironment says:

    Impressive advertisement layout for your meeting—great wording— and I hope you can get a lot of people who dont yet know the truth of this situation. We are actively working on this in Ballarat and I would love to get up to Horsham for your meeting. I have seen the film several times—and we have it here for those interested in the Ballarat area. Its a great coverage of the situation—‘Take Back your Power’ indeed.! Very inspiring…..

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