Conflict of interest?

When you look at Mr Michael O’Brien’s Parliamentary website, see: you will notice that he is the Victorian Minister For Gaming, as well as for CONSUMER AFFAIRS and also for ENERGY and RESOURCES.

Now it does not take a genius, in my opinion, to work out that he should not hold the office of Minister for Consumer Affairs at the same time as also being the Minister for Energy and Resources, as these two portfolios are in my opinion are……………………… A CONFLICT OF INTEREST or in conflict with each other.

As he is also Minister for Consumer Affairs and mounting numbers of people want to get rid of these now proving to be poisonous microwave smart meters, people should complain to Mr Michael O’Brien that they want to be rid of these so-called smart meters and have the safe analogue electric meters returned to them at no cost.  If Mr Michael O’Brien were doing his job as he should, he would support these now mounting numbers of highly aggrieved electricity customers.   As he refuses to support these Victorian customers in getting rid of the microwave smart meters. as the Minister for Consumer Affairs, he is IN CONFLICT with these two portfolios he is running. Therefore he is openly supporting a CONFLICT OF INTEREST in my humble opinion.



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23 Responses to Conflict of interest?

  1. John Wilson says:

    Hi All,
    Just remember that the Victorian government is a corporation not the lawful government.
    We, the people are the lawful government and the parliament is our servant.
    Victoria tried in 1974 to get the Monarch’s Assent document signed but was knocked back and told it could not interfere with the laws of another country. Therefore the 1975 Victorian constitution is invalid and also the Local government Act 1989.
    Reiterating my earlier comments: The 1975 Constitution has not received a signed Monarch’s Assent document. It has never been to the people via a referendum for approval. The 1855 Victorian constitution has never been repealed. Local Government has no standing under the Commonwealth Constitution 1901. Claims that Victoria is a sovereign state is incorrect as when the states/colonies formed the Federation they handed their sovereignty over to the commonwealth and although retaining the management of the state under the state Constitutions (lawful ones) excepting where the laws are inconsistent between state and Commonwealth, when the Commonwealth takes precedent. This means that where a law is invalid then it suggests that it is no law at all.
    Any Victorian Parliament (possibly also applies to other states and territories) using the invalid 1975 Constitution as its bas of power to enact new Acts/legislation or to amend old laws and legislation are likely to find they are also invalid unless they are consistent with the Victorian 1855 constitution and the Commonwealth Constitution 1901.
    I would suggest that the Smart Meters Act is invalid as it Breaches the Commonwealth Constitution 1901 and the Victorian constitution 1855. It breaches the Commonwealth Weights and Measures Act that requires calibration and checking for health and safety issues under Australian laws. Because these power companies are not public utilities but private corporations owned by foreign companies they also breach the Trade Practices Act, in that they are using their power as monopolies to force goods and services on people who neither requested them or want them.
    Threats designed to force the connections PR work, disconnection, fines, etc. can allow the public to take legal action as they represent threats, intimidations etc.
    It is interesting when I contacted ACCC to find out whether there were any changes, I was told that it had been removed from ACCC’s brief and was now administered under the DPI (department of Primary Industry). Why? Was it to hide it from the public scrutiny? An officer of DPI stated it had been made mandatory and I would have to accept it. No I don’t and I advised that I will not have the smart meter installed and was told the power would be cut off if I did not allow it. While I pay for the power I have a contract and they can be sued for breach of contract.
    Lots more I can add but this should be a good start. Don’t give up the fight for your rights.
    We have our own Government under the Commonwealth Constitution and while the government has been highjacked by political factions there is a movement towards regaining our rights.

  2. Eric says:

    Ted Baillieu is gone. This “Ted is a good bloke” rubbish doesn’t wash. He belongs behind bars. He is one of a number that have pushed the evil smart meter agenda against the the will of Victorians. Many are suffering from the ill effects of emf/emr exposure and from the stress and harassment that they are receiving as a result of taking a stand against this injustice. Ted Baillieu and Michael O’Brien are both guilty of crimes against humanity and as far as I am concerned they both deserve Capital Punishment and I do not hesitate to state that one bit.

    Dennis Napthine is now on notice.

    On National Nine news tonight on a story re Lib now independant MP Geoff Shaw and who he will support, our dopey faced Michael O’Brien appeared. Here he is….

    Look at the smug look on his face.
    The quote that had just come out of his mouth was “We won’t be held to ransom by anyone ! “.
    It was said in a defiant arrogant way and then came this stupid smug look. It was the same arrogance that he has shown to all of us who are suffering and have written to him pleading for the madness of this mandated rollout to stop.

    When this dopey face boofhead of a man makes public comment in a Ballarat newspaper that if we don’t allow the (and he uses the totally inapproriate term) “upgrade” (“upgrade” my backside), we risk “having our power cut-off”.

    Let us all tell this b…..y b…..d dopey faced Michael O’Brien that “we will not be held to ransom” by HIM or to his immoral government

  3. anon says:

    Many of you might not know that the Dept of Consumer Affairs has recently been decimated by staff cutbacks. It is virtually inoperable now. Those few staff who are left hardly know what to do – apparently the atmosphere there is confused and depressed. It is in a shambles. So do not expect to get much help from them – they are in shock. They do apparently have a new website to help compensate. What has happened to this Dept is apparently well known by those in other govt dept. e.g. the ombudsmans office.
    This conflict of interest I find very interesting in the light of the above. Now I see the sense of the cutbacks from someone’s point of view! So he is not riding two horses at once- he has maimed one so he can ride the other more comfortably, it appears..
    We have to do this oursaelves, not rely on any govt dept.

  4. Jerry says:

    Just lock up your meter box and deny access to the Smart Meter Installers.

    • Dee says:

      not as easy as that Jerry, our smart meter was installed between signing the lease and moving in. We had to consider whether to ditch a place that ticked all other boxes and risk finding something not so good even though it had no smart meter. But if all the neighbors around it we would still have the effects. So we took what precautions we could..

  5. Jerry says:

    Electromagnetic Radiation Effects On People From Everyday Electronics

    The technologies we use today, from our everyday appliances, cell phones, even our cars, emit electromagnetic radiation & EM radiation that can penetrate and affect us, seriously compromising our health and disturbing our environments.

    For years, scientists have conducted research linking EM radiation to serious diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and others. (See studies.)
    After an extensive review of 2,000+ such studies, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences concluded EMFs “should be regarded as possible carcinogens.”
    An international group of leading researchers recently came out stating, “the existing standards for public safety are completely inadequate to protect health.” (more on the Bioinitiative report below).
    Forward-thinking nations around the world are starting to set stricter EMF safety limits.
    Even the EPA now cautions you to “limit your exposure.”

    Why Is EM Radation Exposure So Dangerous?

    EM Radiation Exposure EffectsYou may not realize it, but your own body uses electromagnetic fields to function properly. In fact, research has demonstrated that every cell in your body may have its own EMF.

    In his book “The Body Electric,” researcher and author Robert Becker demonstrates that our cells actually communicate with each other via bioelectrical signals and electromagnetic fields. These natural EMFs help regulate important biochemical processes of all kinds. Maintaining balance in those cellular electromagnetic fields is crucial to your physical health.

    • Eric says:

      The EPA in their Draft Report listed EMF’s as a PROBABLE carcinogen and the only reason it came out in the Final report as a possible carcinogen was because of vested interest’s lobbying.

      In a draft report issued in March 1990, the EPA recommended that EMFs be classified as a Class B carcinogen — a “probable human carcinogen and joined the ranks of formaldehyde, DDT, dioxins and PCBs”.

      After the EPA draft report was released, utility, military and computer lobbyists came down hard on the EPA. The EPA’s final revision did NOT classify EMFs as a Class B carcinogen Rather, the following explanation was added: “At this time such a characterization regarding the link between cancer and exposure to EMFs is not appropriate because the basic nature of the interaction between EMFs and biological processes leading to cancer is not understood.”

      Curiously, this rather unusual logic appears on the same page as the following: “In conclusion, several studies showing leukemia, Iymphoma and cancer of the nervous system in children exposed to supported by similar findings in adults in several/occupational studies also involving electrical power frequency exposures, show a consistent pattern of response that suggest a causal link.”

      When questioned about the contradictory nature of these statements, the EPA responded that it was “not appropriate” to use the probable carcinogen label until it could demonstrate how EMFs caused cancer and exactly how much EMF is harmful.

      This explanation does not satisfy Jerry Chiappetta, Jr. and the many other critics who claim that the EPAs upper management was influenced by political and economic considerations exerted by utility, computer and military lobbyists.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      You are so RIGHT. But it is these Idiots in power that don’t give a Brass Razoo about our Health and Wellfare who are high-pressuring Victorians to accept these Dopey Microwave so-called Smart Meters which have not been even tested by the Weights and Measures Victorian Department, or been given a Certificate of Safety. Therefore these so-called Smart Meters are not Safe in any way at all, as is now being proven here in Victoria and World-Wide. For Heaven’s sake everybody padlock your Electric Meter Boxes immediately as I and thousands of us Victorians have now done.

  6. Jay says:

    @University of Thought. Yes, I think multiple portfolios are a bad joke.

    @Deborah. Me too.

    @ Richard. Precisely. As John Lydon once said: “Ever get the feeling you’re being had?”

  7. Eric says:

    I explained to my friend about all the grieviouness I am experiencing because of this whole smart meter issue. She could see my dilemna and wanted to help me. Any guess what she suggested ? She said what she does whenever she has a problem of this nature is to take it up with Consumer Affairs. I did not feel very encouraged at all and at the time and I did not even click about O’Brien being Consumer Affairs Minister.

    Last night (Friday night) on ABC’s 7:30 Victoria program there was a story on “Rooming Houses”. After 8 minutes they say they “spoke to the Consumer Affairs Minister Michael O’Brien” and lo
    and he appears on my television screen. I can’t repeat what came out of me at that point but how much more did seeing this story confirm my thinking that going to Consumer Affairs and expecting to get any help from them especially in respect to issues relating to the many injustices of this smart meter rollout is totally pointless.

    That silly dopey face appears around the 8 minute mark

    • Pam says:

      Eric…..sorry I just couldn’t look at it. I wouldn’t be able to sleep. As you said Conflict of Interest alright!!!!! Maybe we should try it just for the hell ot it lol………………..Pam 🙂

      • Pam says:

        Eric I just watched that “doppey Face” – it is a bit earlier in the evening. Wonder when all his Regulations will be implimented for the Homeless People as they are living in terrible conditions and paying high rents just for a bed. The owners of these run-down properties need more than Regulations, they need to be shut down until they can clean up these filfthy rooms. Are these Homeless Shelters run as a business? – do the Owners declare what these poor buggers are paying each week?? etc etc. I bet they don”t. The Property Manager didn’t seem to give a shit about the Residents. The Pool was in a deplorable state, no one could possible swim in it, even if there filled with water. The house needed to be condemed. Did OBRIEN go there and see for himself. – NO!!! There must be 100’s of other properties in the same condition that creeps are raking in the Dollars at the expense of Homeless people Wonder if ABC will do a follow-up, to see if Consumer Affairs follow through with all that O”Brien promised to do. Will have to wait and see won’t we. As you said it would be pointless in going to Consumer Affairs with anything to do with Smart Meters, with him at the helm, being the Minister for Energy as well. It’s sickening………………Cheers Pam 🙂

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Well Eric,
      Mr Floppy arms Michael O’Brien is now no longer the Victorian Minister for Power thank God ! Lets hope that this new man of Greek origin takes our PLEAS SERIOUSLY to get rid of all these Dopey so-called Smart Metrers.

  8. Pam says:

    Richard – as I see it. If we have an issue with Smart Meters and all of us do, what would be the point in having Consumer Affairs deal with it. We wouldn’t get anywhere as OBrien says Smart Meters are Safe (as Minister for Energy……..) – would he say the same thing as Minister for Consumer Affairs (We are the Consumers and we are the one’s with the “Beef” about bloody Smart Meters) for all reasons know to yourselves I can’t explain it anymore than this, so please excuse me if I have it wrong………………………..Cheers Pam 🙂

  9. John says:

    Richard, as much as I would like to agree with you regarding Minister (hahaha) O’Brien, you miss the somewhat cynical view that there is not a conflict of interest nor can there ever be a conflict of interest with a Minister of the Government until EITHER it is proven in a Court of competent jurisdiction OR the opposition gets hold of it for point scoring. Now seeing as neither of these two scenarios have eventuated where is the conflict of interest?

    • 1vimana1 says:

      It’s simple really, he Mr Michael O’Brien the Victorian Minister for power cannot do his job properly as Minister for Power flogging all these dopey Microwave Smart Meters to Victorians, then at the same time represent the other portfolio he has, as Minister for Consumer Affairs, as he has to be able to both listen to those people who have Smart Meters and want to be rid of these Damnedly dangerous Type 2B Carcinogen Machines. As Minister for Consumer Affairs he should be able to help people get rid of the dopey Microwave Smart Meters as he knows, or should know by now how much the majority of Victorians hate these now proving to be Type 2B Carcinogen Meters.

      When the aggrieved Victorian people now stuck with these Smart Meters appeal to Mr Michael O’Brien in writing, to be rid of these so-called but now proving to be Dangerous to ones Health and ones Private Electrical Goods, it is then that Mr Michael O’Brien’s two differing portfolios of Minister for Power and at the same time Minister for Consumer Affairs, CLASH with one another.
      That is crystal clear to me !

  10. Informed Choice says:

    Too Right, Richard. He is a disgrace and needs to GO!

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Informed Choice,
      You have clearly like me, understood the CONFLICT of Interest in Mr Michael O’Brien holding the two differing portfolios, one for Minister for Power and the other for Consumer Affairs, seems some people can’t understand this, but you and I do.

  11. University of Thought says:

    Here Hear! Well explained Richard. It appears Minister O’Brien is trying to ride two horses at the same time which in the real world this is just not possible. In my opinion too many portfolios make for a recipe of great incompetence which no doubt will prove to have many disastrous outcomes.

  12. Deborah says:

    Well here’s another “humble opinion” that is in total agreement with you … and is INCREDULOUS at how un-masked the lack of principle is now.

  13. Miriam. says:

    yibidy yibada – that’s politics though – I agree with you richard but it will not change.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Please don’t give up so soon, Mr Ted Baillieu is now no longer Premier of Victoria.
      With any luck the Liberal Party will all get the SACK and Mr Michael O’ Brien as well.

      What we need is to kick out not only all these so-called Liberal Party blighters, but the Labour Party as well.
      Look at Mr John Brumby of the Labour Party, and his ilk who brought in the dopey so-called Smart Meters in the first place. He did not have a clue just how dangerous these Microwave so-called now proving to be Type 2B Microwave so-called Smart Meters or Carcinogen Metres really are, as the World Health Organisation now realises.

      Simply put your faith in Top Doctors of Medical Science and Radio Physicists who do care about Victorian peoples’ health and the health of all people they now know who are definitely being adversely affected by the now proving to be Poisonous Microwave mart Meters and dopey Type 2B Carcinogen causing Cell or Mobile Phones and the equally deadly and dopey Microwave Sending and Receiving Towers now so prevalent over much of Planet Earth.

      It is the Microwave Industry and its sycophantic servants like the C.E.Os and their weak and stupid minions who tell lies to the Victorian Public who are the real Flies In The Ointment, as well as this incompetent Victorian Minister for Power Mr Michael O’ Brien who knows no physical or medical Science, but is a Lick-Spittle to his Overseas Masters the Chinese and Singaporean Power Companies who is making a HELL on Earth for now so many decent Victorians. He Must Go !, for he is a man who only thinks of making money and does not care a JOT about Victorian peoples’ Health or Welfare in any way, nor does he care if the Dopey Microwave so-called Smart Metes burn down Victorians homes as had happened to one home in the Northcote Area around a year ago after a dopey deadly Microwave so-called Smart Metre had been installed. Please note that none of these Smart Meters (read here INCENDIARY DEVICES ) has ever been approved with a Safety Certificate to prove it is safe to operate. What a SCANDAL that is !

      Many fires have broken out In Victorian Electricity Customers Electric Meter Boxes after the so-called Smart Meters have been installed and will continue to break out with these truly UNSAFE pieces of Electrical JUNK !

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