Smart Meters in Victoria: Information and Concerns UPDATED

Smart Meters in Victoria:  Information and Concerns Version 3: Updated March 2013

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40 Responses to Smart Meters in Victoria: Information and Concerns UPDATED

  1. Cindy Kaiser says:

    Is it possible to get my smart meter removed? I never got informed about getting my old meter changed and I’ve been really sick since having it. What are my rights as a home owner? Is the ‘opting out’ scheme to get the smart meters removed or is stop them before installing? Thanks.

  2. Roger says:

    All smart meter installation letters say that they will do a ‘safety check’ on your meter box and power supply first. Can they insist on this (and then install a smart meter because ‘my system is out of date/unsafe’ or whatever? If they insist on a check, should I employ an independent electrician to confirm the real state of affairs? PS, I have locked my box, installed a window, and put up a sign.

    • Jay says:

      Roger I have heard that some of the installers of SMs are not qualified electricians. I have also read that those that are often know that the SMs are not safe/compatible with the existing wiring of a house (ie. therefore a fire hazard) and yet they install them anyway. And recently on this site there is mention of someone who believes the energy company damaged some other part of their electrical system when they were out (because their meter box was locked) so that they would then ‘have’ to have a SM installed. The energy companies are behaving outrageously badly so do whatever you need to do to protect yourself. I am adding a keylock to my already padlocked meter box because the installers have been known to cut them off.

  3. frontad84 says:

    To whom it may concern,

    So much for people having choices ( As the PM said), here is a story I have just learned today 4th May 2013, from a friend in my area ( Mildura, Vic) who is also an Electrical Contractor like myself, and onto whose property Installers trespassed and sneakily fitted a Smart Meter whilst he was absent.

    Recently he had the misfortune to overlook payment of his Electricity Bill and when he and family arrived home from work one night found there was no power and after checking everything as an Electrician naturally would, he discovered that there was really no power at all on his side of the Smart Meter.

    He then phoned the appropriate department to report this and was told that his power had been cut off because he had not paid his bill, and that when he had done so power would be restored, so naturally this shocked him to the core to realise that he was now under the full control of Powercor who could do just whatever and whenever they liked via remote operation of that rotten Smart Meter.

    I therefore ask what sort of Democracy do you call this when like a lot of sheep all of our private and personal actions are well on the road to being fully controlled by anybody that desires to do so, which I might add is something I will not be bowing down to without a fight for my rights.

    Sincerely, Don Fitzpatrick,

  4. Neil says:

    What’s the difference between wire less Internet and smart meter out put or are they as bad as each other

    • Sharron says:

      Wi-fi never affected me (headaches,etc) before the smart meters were introduced in my area. This technology is very powerful EMF and should NEVER have been considered safe by the authorities responsible for forcing it upon everyone in Victoria – we will all be harmed by it in the long run, there is nowhere to hide…

      • Henry says:

        I told the installers to leave my place. They then went and installed a smart meter at the house next door and then throughout the street. Soon after my headaches began. These headaches have been a terrible problem for me. My next door (renting) neighbor’s smart meter was pulsing away like crazy even throughout the night. The neighbors were shockers and have since been evicted. I believe the power has now been cut off and I have confirmed that the smart meter has nothing displaying on it’s LCD screen. Neither is it pulsing I believe. However, my headache problem remains absolutely horrific. I believe the smart meter from the house next door sensitized me and now even though that meter is non operational, everything else seems to be affecting me, not just smart meters but wi fi, phone masts, going to the supermarket, going to Vic Market everything……Curse them that have done this. I have never had any history of headaches whatsoever in my whole life. That all changed very soon after the rollout of smart meters in my street.

  5. I am an electrician & electronics tech, if you put a Faraday cage up the signal won’t get out to be read by the supplier and I guess they will have something to say about this.
    I am generating my own power via solar and am totally off the grid, feeding into the grid is not viable as supplier’s & Governments can change the goal posts any any time. I feel dreadfully for the older people in our state, 65-85 plus as for the most part they do not understand the world they live in now. Smart meters & increasing electricity costs is one thing they could well do without. Interesting to note consumers have a choice in other states weather to have a smart meter or not after the fiasco that has occured in Victoria over these things

    • Nicholas Marjolin says:

      Your off grid setup looks very interesting. Could you give us any idea of how it works, what’s involved and if possible an idea of costs please. We are pensioners and therefore are very mindful of costs .Thank you so much for any reply.

  6. Stop Smart Meters Australia says:

    Reblogged this on Stop Smart Meters Australia and commented:

    Updated March 2013

  7. anonymous says:

    I wonder what authority the State Government or any Government has to legislate that a consumer MUST pay a private company for a product the consumer doesn’t own and doesn’t want. Electricity distribute is still a monopoly.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I will fight not to have a smart meter installed…..where are our rights I pay above and beyond like everyone else and never know if my power bill is correct I was charged as another person who lived with me and was home all day and had electricity going 24 /7 my bill never changed for a year after he left and i wasn’t home for 10 days out of 14 …..!!!!.as a friend of mine questioned her bill and found out they had been charching her on a year prior to her being in the same circumstances …In both our cases the meter hadn’t been read and was on what our readings were a year prior and so overpriced as not being read by a person to read our meters correcttly ……how can Powercore substansiate their bills to us if they are not read correctly….Smart Meters in my view are not only a health risk but havn’t been totally proved without doubt that they are safe as I would like any of you to look up a Dr Fredrica Lamech and read her findings …..It will amaze you as it did me …..I think a class action is needed to stand up for our rights of health an financial fraud from the powercore and companies associated with our electricy needs.

  9. Sue says:

    I have been given notice of impending installation of the dumb meter and the local cop says they have common law right to enter the property but they do not have the right to go through a locked door. My power meter is inside my enclosed front porch so I can bar entry to it. Just means I am going to have to be home when the meter is read every 3 months, so i can let the meter reader in.

    For those that want the meter removed, ask an electrician what they can do about it, would be what I would do to start finding answers.

    Making a Faraday cage around the meter might help limit its influence – this is a mesh cage that restricts interference (its the only thing that can stop a EM pulse), its the same principle is shielded cabling. Some have said to enclose the meter in a lead box to help limit the radiation. but aluminium foil (yep, what you have in the kitchen) is good too. (please Google these as I remember this off the top of my head so pardon any inaccuracies).

    • Vickie says:

      Word travels and the old saying word of mouth is true and I believe we are already worrying the people responsible for this outrageous mandate. To me the fact that the government and power companies are having to continually spin their propaganda to con people that they will be better off with these radiation emitting smart meters makes it clear they are worried. The reason they are worried is that more and more wise citizens are standing up and taking a stand for what they truly believe and know is wrong. We and in particular this site and the people who contribute to it, have helped open peoples eyes to the deception that we are dealing with. My advice to all is to tweet, talk at work, tell your friends on Facebook, tell everyone you know – we can spread the message and the more locked meter boxes in Australia means we are putting a major spanner in the works – and let them try and punish us all! We can and will make a difference. Just remember, get the word out. I have converted a few sceptics who thought I was over reacting. These same people who I have proven my case to and shown what I have learnt have now locked their boxes. Good luck all and thank you to Stop Smart Meters Australia. Regards Vickie.

  10. Alexandra says:

    Anyone still think they are living in a democracy?After reading this very confronting information,it smacks of “Big Brother”and fascist dictatorship?!On so many levels,peoples’choices are just being taken away,with threats of fines,arrest,disconnection and other punishments if you don’t comply.I can’t believe the installation of one of these monstrosities against the specific request of the homeowner!! The trouble is people are just ignorant of the facts and just go along with everything the government does.THEY CANNOT BE TRUSTED!!Corporations are now running the show,thanks to globalisation and free trade agreements.

  11. Leonard says:

    so what can we do to stop it, or at least opt out?
    Nothing, it seems?

    I thank you in advance regards Georges
    I am forwarding you the letter that I sent to the Minister for Energy and Resources Michael O’Brien
    Letter to O’Brien MP
    State Member for Malvern MICHEAL O’BRIEN
    Minister for Energy and Resources
    Minister for Gaming
    Minister for Consumer Affairs

    Dear Sir
    I like to add your comment about the smart meters
    “Victorian families have to pay through the nose for the meters even if they don’t have them, then pay again through massive increases in peak charges when the meters are installed,” Victorian shadow minister for energy Michael O’Brien said in a statement,so I am resending the previously email to your address
    I am sending you this email regarding the installation of a smart meter in my home,I do not want it after having read about it from people who are complaining about it according to them the price of the bills to come will be more expansive and also they say it is also an health issue, can you tell me if I have the right to refuse it?
    I believe that our right as citizen is violated and that we have no power against the government anymore.
    I am a 70 years old pensioner my wife is 66 and we do not want to pay more for our bills.
    Will I be sued and sent to court if a refuse? And what are my rights?
    I hope you will investigate this matter if you can and give me your advice.
    PS: they want to install the smart meter in my home between the 16 April and 27 April 2012

    • Peter says:


      Check out the forum and share your stories pages and you will see that many Victorians have refused these devices and how they have prevented the insallation of them. None of these Victorians have been taken to court, and none have been disconected for refusing to have one of these surveillance and control devices.

  13. Tennille says:

    In the section under concerns about additional charges without any actual benefits it states that the electricity retailers have claimed that the chief beneficiaries of the smart meters are the power distributers. Please, which companies said this and where can I look it up? I saw no reference after that quote and would like to include it in an article I am currently writing on the danger of smart meters to appear in the Melbourne City Journal.
    Regards, Tennille.

    • Peter says:


      This sounds like a reference to the Auditor Generals Towards a ‘smart grid’ report of 2009, I have just had a look to see if I can post a link, but it seems to have been removed from public view. Hardly surprising considering its contents!

      In his summary he states that there are significant inadequacies in the advice to government. The level of community engagement has been inadequate. There are discrepancies between the industry’s economic estimates. He also states that risks have materialized which are likely to erode net benefits, and that it is unclear how customers in particular will benefit and that industry will be the major benefactor. All this was reported to the government in 2009!!!!!!

      If I do find the link, I will post it here.

      • Peter says:


        Just found this, this is the document I was referring to.

        Looks like you now have to pay for a copy!

      • Concerned Individual says:

        2.2.4 Victorian Auditor-General’s criticism of AMI decision making process
        The cost-benefit analysis that supported the Victorian decision to mandate the rollout of AMI (commissioned in 2005 by DoI), was subject to criticism by the Victorian Auditor-General’s Office (VAGO) in 2009. VAGO’s conclusions and main findings included the following:

        The AMI project has not used the checks and balances that would ordinarily apply to a major investment directly funded by the state. This highlights a gap in the project’s accountability framework.

        There have been significant inadequacies in the advice and recommendations provided to government on the roll-out of the AMI project. The advice and supporting analysis lacked depth and presented an incomplete picture of the AMI project in relation to economic merits, consumer impact and project risks.

        The cost-benefit study behind the AMI decision was flawed and failed to offer a comprehensive view of the economic case for the project. There are significant unexplained discrepancies between the industry’s economic estimates and the studies done in Victoria and at the national level. These discrepancies suggest a high degree of uncertainty about the economic case for the project.

  14. Stephen Gilhooley says:

    Last week i declined to have a smart meter installed as the contractors were in our street doing each house. The contractor advised me that i would be better off having the meter installed now, as the power company would just come and install one anyway. Not sure if this is true, however if so, can you LEGALLY decline installation when the power company turns up and what are the ramifications? From the power company perspective they are rolling along with daily installations and i assume will not want to have to manually read my meter while every other meter is read electronically.They have a major incentive to get everyone online and i can imagine they will be back in the near future.

  15. Stephen says:

    We are due to have a smart meter installed in the next two weeks.What is the legal position currently regarding refusal to have the meter installed? Do the public currently have the right to say no to installation and what practical steps do you recommend we take besides the letter and signage?If I confront an installer and refuse the installation what can the power company do?
    Happy to join any class action to halt this program: to quote Nigel Farrage – “Just who do you people think you are…?”

  16. Conrad Reiter says:

    See how were doing! Citizens for Safe Technology, ( in BC Canada )

  17. John says:

    It’s time to completely get off the grid and take responsibility for our own power. We are so used to being provided for that it is an easy job for ‘them’ to exploit us financially, physically, mentally and emotionally.

    Meanwhile I would be getting out my baseball bat and smashing everyone of those radiation blasters!

    Thank you so much for providing this website. Much appreciated.

  18. Anonymous says:

    We were forced to have a smart meter installed and my husband and I have had health problems ever since! How can we get rid of this Radioactive meter? How can we get the old meter back?

  19. No carbon tax Gillard.No smart meters Beaulieu.Get voted in on Lies.Broken promise Again and again and again.They should be accountable,We are their not.

  20. Peter Ellis says:

    Could someone please provide a proforma letter that we can send to the power companies, or at least some points that should be included in the letter? This would help anyone visiting the site to quickly print off a copy (or copy in the points to help form the letter).
    I think this would be a “quick win” for the anti-smart meter movement!

    • Anonymous says:

      My meter code number is …………………………………………………………………….(NMI)

      DO NOT install a smart meter at my property. There are many problems with these smart meters which have
      yet not been addressed by the Power companies concerned or by the Government.
      (1) Microwave radiation.
      When the smart meters are turned on to operate using microwave radiation it will be pulsed through my
      house and property every half an hour or more. It is in the high frequency range of 900MHz (megahertz) to
      2.4GHz (gigahertz). This microwave radiation has been proven to cause brain tumors (as is currently
      happening with mobile phone use), leukemia, Alzheimer’s disease and all sorts of cancers as the microwaves
      penetrate the blood brain barrier of the skull, and change the DNA in our bodies. Many Victorian residents
      who have had the microwaves turned on to their smart meters have already become very sick I refuse to
      have my health put at risk by microwave radiation from the smart meter which even the World Health
      Organization recognized by issuing a public warning on 31/5/2011 that it may be ‘carcinogenic to humans’.
      (2) Lack of privacy.
      The power company will know all details of my household’s power usage at all times – e.g. they will be able
      to monitor when I go to bed at night, get up in the morning, go out for the day or go on holidays and what
      appliances I am using. This information could be accessed and used by thieves or sold for other unscrupulous
      purposes. Smart Meters are surveillance devices which violate Federal and State Wiretapping Laws.
      (3) Control over my power.
      The foreign owned Power company will have total control over my power at all times being able to target me
      as an individual where they cannot do this at present. They will be able to turn my power off, on, or down at
      anytime with the flick of a switch remotely This can damage or destroy my appliances and I won’t be able to
      prove that the Power company did this to me for compensation
      (4) Electrical Fires
      The current analogue meters use 50 Hertz power, but smart meters use more than 60 Hertz which overloads
      the wiring, then add to that pulsed high frequency microwave radiation in bursts of power along the wiring
      causing harmonics which in turn can cause explosions and fires.
      (5) Democratic rights.
      These bad decisions that are being made by the ‘Responsible Authorities’ are a continual erosion of people’s
      democratic rights and the once held dear ‘Australian Constitution’. In doing so, it is setting a precedent by
      stealth each time this happens which is then far more difficult to remove. A referendum should be held for
      the people to have a choice and decide their own fate. If the Government forces the people to accept and
      continue to pay for a smart meter against their will, while knowing it has many serious problems means that
      the Australian people no longer live in a democratic society, it is then reduced to a dictatorship.
      If, in the future I find a smart meter has been installed at my property against my will and better
      judgement, I will then join the pending class action to sue.
      Yours faithfully
      Posted by Registered Mail number …………………………………….. Date

  21. Michael Edwards says:

         Goodness me – all these arguments against these evil devices, and not one post up till now? Has the fight gone out of Victorians now?
         I would like to fight this, and I came here hoping to find plenty of evidence of others who feel similarly. But, visiting various web sites on this issue, I see they all seem to have gone to sleep for a few weeks, and I’m wondering if it’s all over now, and we just lie down like good little sheep and let these people trample all over us.
         If anyone’s still fighting them, can someone please tell me where to go to find them?

    • Stop Smart Meters Australia says:

      Michael, we hope to build this site as a single focused source of information for not just Victorians but all Australians. It was set up only 8 weeks ago in haste among a number of desperate people fighting for their rights just like you. There was such a burst of activity while we fought in hope that the whole scheme would be abandoned. With the news release just before Christmas that it would continue many people would have given up the fight, but WE HAVE NOT and will help you and others like you any way we can.

    • nikki says:

      i’d love to knmow how to legally get rid of the one that has been installed.

      • Frustrated says:

        If you find out Nikki, let me know. I wrote to Powercor as advised on this site, stating NOT to install a smart meter. Twice workmen came and twice I told them to please leave my property. On the 2nd “visit” from them (today), they went ahead and installed it anyway!!!! I’ve just finished composing another letter to Powercor expressing my disgust, copies of which I will send to my power provider and Mr. Michael O’Brien MP.

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