Customers Sue Edison and PG&E Over Health Effects From Smart Meters/Smart grid

The law firms of David Kyle and Paul Overett have filed suit against SCE Edison and PG&E for health effects from smart meters/smart grid and will host a press conference on: Wed. June 12th, 12:00 PM at 5150 E. Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90804.
A total of 16 plaintiffs, 10 SCE Edison and 6 PG&E with health effects ranging from headaches, loss of energy and ringing in the ears to cancer, heart attacks and medical implant interference/defibrillator shut offs, are holding those responsible for the new wireless digital meters accountable.

Also named in the lawsuit are smart meter distribution companies, Corix and Wellington and smart meter manufacturers, Itron and Landis and Gyr, with possibly more defendants to be added as the suit progresses.

Health effects associated with smart meters and smart grid have been reported all over the country, but because of the 3.4 billion dollars in federal stimulus grants offered utility companies in exchange for smart meter installation, these complaints have largely been ignored. Also ignoring the complaints of health effects was CPUC president Michael Peevey, who served as president of Edison for over a decade.

The smart meter roll out has been plagued with controversy ever since the WHO came out with its statement on the radiation associated with the meters being a possible human carcinogen. Despite these warnings, the Federal government persisted in its funding of the potentially carcinogenic metering and infrastructure which also serves the dual function of spying on American citizens.

Other problems with the meters consist of over billing, fire hazard, invasion of privacy and multiple Constitutional violations. But none of these have received as much public backlash as the issue of health effects from smart meters and smart grid.

Copies of the filed complaints can be found at:


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  1. Eric says:

    What is the REAL PURPOSE of the Distribution Companies FAQ Frequently Asked Questions ?

    The real purpose is this………

    Rather than allow us to ask the questions, they will ask the questions for us. Having then asked the questions for us, they then proceed to give us the answers. These answers are THEIR ANSWERS. ie. The answers that they want us to believe. When they do the asking of the questions and then proceed to supposedly give THE answer, it has the effect of stopping people from asking the question themselves. It is a deliberate repression of the individual citizen’s right and freedom to question and enquire and to receive THE CORRECT ANSWER. It also represses the individual citizen’s initiative to go and search that answer out. That’s what they don’t want you to do because they are afraid that you will know the truth ie. that you as an individual citizen do have rights and freedoms to make the choices you want and which go against their own wicked smart meter agenda.

    The foremost example of this is the FAQ question that asks……

    Do I have to have a new smart meter ?
    The answer given is a straight out “Yes”.

    People think, “Oh…so we have to have it” and don’t question whether they really have to have it or not. They have planted their answer into the individual citizen’s mind and in so doing repressed them from finding out and knowing the truth ie. people have common law RIGHTS to refuse these carcinogenic surveillance devices on their premises, people have RIGHTS to withdraw any implied access to property by issuing No Trespass Notices and usage of no trespass signs. We as individual citizens have many many rights which the distribution companies would have us to be in ignorance of.
    Do I have to have a new smart meter ? Correct Answer is NO.
    The Distribution Companies do not own me and I won’t allow them to become my owners which is what they are trying to make themselves. How dare they have the gall to say “YES” we must have it ????

    Another example in the FAQ list………

    Can I refuse to have a smart meter installed ?
    The answer they give is straight out “No”.
    Then they say “This is a compulsory meter exchange….”

    People don’t want this damn device but are being made to think “I can’t refuse it”, “I’m not allowed to refuse it”, “It’s law”. This is the thinking that they want you to think. The FAQ sheet is just a means for them to take over your thinking. They want to stop you from knowing the common law rights that you have to refuse their stinking smart meter installation. Many people won’t think to use their own resources to investigate their possibilities outside of the misleading picture that they are deliberately painting for us. And how much more will people feel confined to this misleading picture when on top of this they are also being subjected to an ongoing campaign of being constantly harassed and intimidated and threatened with fines, the loss of power and property damage all of which threats also have no legitimate basis. Their whole method is one that misleads people so that they lose the ability to know that they can indeed do the very thing that the company is telling us that we cannot. How dare they say “NO” we cannot refuse. I HAVE refused. Many others HAVE refused. And many more WILL refuse.

    Everybody in Victoria has received these FAQ lists. How dare these five distribution companies attempt to mislead the people of Victoria with intent to supress them from knowing their common law rights ? I believe that this is a GREAT CRIME against each and every citizen in the state of Victoria and that the five CEO’s of these five companies together with their General Managers whose names appear on parts of this misleading correspondence must be incarcerated for a long long time.

    Section 28 of the Commonwealth Crimes Act 1914 states…..
    CRIMES ACT 1914 – SECT 28
    Interfering with political liberty
    Any person who, by violence or by threats or intimidation of any kind, hinders or interferes with the free exercise or performance, by any other person, of any political right or duty, shall be guilty of an offence.
    Penalty: Imprisonment for 3 years.

    • Eric says:

      There are people which are dear to me which are now sleeping every night with a World Health Organisation Type 2B certified carcinogenic surveillance device situated right alongside their bedhead.

      This is TOTALLY AGAINST THEIR WILL but has only come about because they have been PURPOSEFULLY MISLED by this very propagandistic material.

      • Freedom Rules says:

        Exactly right, Eric. A great number of people feel intimidated by the power companies letters of nonsense that they continue to send. Their little plan is working… it makes me sick! No-one should think they don’t have the right to stand up against these evil manipulators. It takes guts and determination to be the ‘black sheep’ when many others are prepared to follow the flock… to what END? No bloody smart meters, EVER.

        • James says:

          United energy came and installed a smart meter on my house today before I knew what was going on. By the time I was outside the installer said it was too late to refuse it. When I went back inside the house, I was immediately hit with ringing in the ears, a headache and nausea. The meter is right outside my young son’s room, right where his pillow is. I’ve been on the phone all day with the power company, the ombudsman, and the governor’s office. All have said, “It safe, accept it or go without electricity!” I don’t even want my family staying in this house tonight! What can I do once its already been installed against my will???

  2. Elizabeth says:

    If the Victorian State Government has signed a contract for the roll-out of smart meters, then regardless of who is elected a contract is a contract. So if the government now refuses or breaks the contract then the power companies can sue for breach of contract.

    However, if we all refuse to have these “insidious meters” installed, then are we creating a huge loss for both the state governments and the power companies – is this the effective way to go?

    Afterall money talks!

    Elizabeth – Ballarat Against Smart Meters

    • Stop Smart Meters Australia says:

      There is no financial contract between the Victorian State Government and power distributors. However, yes, money talks!

  3. frontad84 says:

    The Powercor Chief is a prick
    Who aims to control all of Vic
    And protecting his job
    Thumbs his nose at us mob
    While his Smart Meters make people sick.

    The Powercor Company in Vic
    With their Smart Meters make people sick
    They show they’ve no thought
    For us so they ought
    To be charged for this Terrorist trick.

  4. Ian says:

    I dont suffer any noticeable effects from the smart meter that went onto our house in February. Nor do any of my family, but I do worry constantly about the effects we cant see. The unknown unseen workings of cancer, of damage to the DNA,. This worry disturbs me greatly and has impacted badly into my otherwise enjoyment of my house and garden, Hell- i should worry and so should we all and you should care more Julia Gillard, you gave us no protection, you said that ‘we re not going to force these things on people’ these meters, and it was AGAINST MY WILL AND BETTER JUDGEMENT that I bent to the will of the Power company in getting one put on my house, right outside my 8 year old daughters bedroom.( They threatened to cut off the power.) Ted Baillieu in Victoria,( yes Julia Its the bit at the bottom of N.S.W.) you and OBrien did nothing to protect us, didnt even listen to our case, didnt protect us from the wiles of the Corporations.
    Bring on this Class Action here- then these monsters will be brought to account. Its time for the power of the people to rise again.
    Remember Eureka!! and Good Luck to our Brothers and Sisters in California in their struggles against the Power Company Power junkies.

    • Pam says:

      Ian – shift your little girl to another room. The constant harrassment and bullying makes me sick. They threatened me too and I went to our Local paper and locked my box and displayed all my signs. I will NEVER EVER HAVE A DUMB SMART METER – they can shove it up their you know where. I constantly worry about what we can’t see. Radiation is radiation, the same as asbestos is asbestos. I am surrounded by the darn things. I believe we are guinea pigs here in Victoria. Hopefully we will win this war and the Govts have a lot to answer for now and in the future. They can’t escape it either (radiation). It will catch up with them eventually. God help our kids. Demand that the darn thing be removed and an analogue meter re-connected. Good Luck to you and your Family…..Pam

  5. Lets Take the Power Back says:

    I’ve set up an email address to see how many of you are interested in doing the same here in Victoria and then I’ll forward it all to Stop Smart Meters to action for us. Include details about the effects on your health in the email. send to

  6. Damaged says:

    We lost our home in Melbourne due to a smart meter making us sick. The smart meter sensitized us to Wi-Fi and it looks like we have to leave our apartment here in QLD as many people have Wi-Fi and refuse to turn it off when not in use. We sold for a pittance and gave away nearly everything we owned just to get out of Victoria. We left all our friends and family. The trauma and loss have been on-going and huge, not to mention the health problems we are still battling, which began with the smart meter. I had blood noses when the smart meter was installed, along with heart palpitations, cramps, headaches, ringing in ears, etc. After spending only 1 hour at a time in my home I felt like vomiting.
    We just met a guy who said he stayed at his daughter’s place in Melbourne and had blood noses for 10 days in a row whilst there. He hadn’t had a blood nose in years. The blood noses stopped when he came back to QLD. He knew nothing about smart meters until I mentioned them. His daughter has a new baby and 2 young children. God help them! Great news about the law suits in the USA. Bring it on here! We must do this, if not for ourselves, but for the generations to come.

  7. Jason says:

    If someone’s got the time it might be worth making up an official (letterhead) questionnaire and polling ALL the politicians coming up for election. Demand a response as to their position on the issue and make it clear that heir response (or lack of one) will be made public and the matter raised publicly ( traditional media and social-networking) as a campaign issue. (ie NOT just copping the issues they, or their parties, want to discuss.)

    • Wendy Rice says:

      Jason, brilliant idea! Labor pollies are asking for my help in bringing them back to power.
      If you and anyone else can send me questions, I will add mine and email all Labor MPs if this is ok with our committee.

      • Cedar Wilde says:

        Questions to the Government
        Question 1: What do you consider the cost in dollars will be to the government for all the sickness caused by the “Smart” meters? (Even if you don’t care about the pain and disability they will be causing!)

        Question 2: Will you just be abandoning the people your complicity has made sick.

        Question 3: Do you really think that the people involved in profiting from the installation of “Smart” meters are going to be trustworthy when they have access to all the information that they will glean from these devices?

        We are constantly told that these meters affect “ONLY 3%”! of people but as we know they’re cumulative it seems to me highly unlikely that would be the true figure, given that it takes some time (even years) for the problems to come to light. Just as was the case with tobacco and asbestos. Big money doesn’t talk, it SHOUTS, so we have to SHOUT louder. I do not want the seeds of cancer to be implanted into my baby grand-daughter. (Not to mention myself and other family)
        Governments are made up of people just like the rest of us they rely on the advice of “experts” (Who are not always trustworthy and sometimes have vested interests) I know that governments have a difficult job to do but they will have to resist the urge to throw the rest of us “under the bus” to try and save their own skins,

    • Pam says:

      Jason – as a matter of interest – myself and another person got exactly the same response to our letter to the Premier Napthine. Just going round and round in circles. They all just keep passing the buck. They are a pack of P###…ks the lot of them.
      Keep referring our letters onto the next Polly. They will have to run out of them eventually and maybe, just maybe we may get some sort of a reply and answers to the questions we ask in our letters (but I won’t hold my breath)……………..Cheers Pam

    • 1vimana1 says:

      To Jason,
      Betters still is to demand that these politicians keep their promises to the people of Victoria which they must put in writing. Then if these politicians fail to keep their promises in writing to us the people of Victoria who are their bosses after all, then we will En MASS mass March En Mass to the Victorian Parliament and demand that these politicians keep their promises or we will demand their immediate resignation. We need proper Legal Papers drawn up to this effect. It would be no more or less of a demand than the same responsibility demanded of Powerful Bosses in Private Enterprise………It’s this simple…….Do for us exactly as you have promised us, or to put it figuratively. HEADS WILL ROLL !

  8. Jason says:

    It gets better! I had a separate dispute with Origin and got the arrogant stonewalling response.
    Finally told them to get stuffed and that I was about to disconnect from the grid, and that they should come remove their meter/cabling, etc OFF my property or else I’d sue for rent.
    Was told I couldn’t get get disconnected unless I first signed on with another provider: the ‘regulations’ didn’t permit it.
    I said I had an axe and bolt-cutters that could prove otherwise, they said that wasn’t allowed under the regulations either….So I demanded the reference to the relevant ‘regulation’ and authorising legislation. It appears there isn’t any!

    …..anyway, after a lot of argy-bargey I ended up speaking to a conciliatory, competent woman who understood my position, and promised to have my problem solved within three days. Said she would track it through the system and personally check its completion on Friday.
    I expect all the providers have a similar ‘dispute-resolution’ ~ which I’ve always found willing and useful. Worth a thought.

    Point is that it pays NOT to back down, whether you’re in the right or in the wrong!
    …and, as an old rogue told me years ago:- It’s always easier to get forgiveness than it is to get permission.

    • Regular Poster says:

      Jason, corporate Australia is full of people who are all talk. I had a matter to be resolved with United Energy. They didn’t want to deal with me and told me they only acccept dealings with the retailer. So I went through the retailer AGL. After the first contact with AGL, no one got back to me. I had to follow up after x weeks. Turns out my email to AGL had gone astray. After chatting to a friendly person who said they would get back to me and track my case I resent them my initial email. Heard nothing. Rang back and spake to the person who said she would “case manage” it for me. She chased around and found that even though AGL had received my email, United Energy didn’t receive AGL’s email. So she resent email to United Energy and said she would get back to me in x days to confirm if and when United Energy received AGL email on my behalf. After x days I hear nothing. I continue to wait and still nothing. I ring back AGL and get onto a different customer service rep. I explain the whole thing over again from the beginning. In fact explaining it all from the beginning happened about three times to me during this case. United Energy had received the email but not acted on it. I was also told the previous person who said she would “case manage” it for me was no longer on the the case. From here on it took some two or three more contacts with this new person who was able to assist me to resolve my issue. And what was my issue. United Energy had the service address of our seaside holiday home as the mailing address and not the home address in Melbourne. We wanted to change this because this was inconsistent with with our account with the retailer AGL who was correctly sending our mail to our home in Melbourne. Can you believe it ? I couldn’t even change the mailing address of my account with the distributor UE through any direct contact with UE. My issue here was that United Energy had sent their BS letters (which we all know about) to the seaside property and I (in Melbourne) wasn’t being made aware of their evil intentions which we also all know about. Anyway, plot foiled just in the nick of time but Jason, But……..I hope you get the moral of this story…..especially when people in energy companies start making promises to you and you find yourself becoming optimistic.

      The hint Jason is that it took me six weeks to get a mailing address changed…….and whether it really has been done correctly or not, I can only say that it has not yet passed the Australia Post test….the only test that counts and not just the waffle test.

  9. Just a girl. says:

    Well done commentators. As a group movement, we can achieve anything. Yay.

  10. Penny says:

    Hooray the first of many, lets do the same in Victoria.

  11. Paul Starr says:

    This is great news. We need to follow suit. In a world where you can sue someone for tripping on their garden hose I reckon the SM pushers should be shaking at the knees. Victorians arise. This Video is spot on. I know already I am sensitive to electrical radiation and I don’t need a SM to tell me. By pushing them on us they are threatening our health as surely as if they put a gun to our head. If they did the latter I know what I would do next cause I can see the enemy has no bullets.

  12. Pam says:

    Great – about time the Power Companies where held accountable for forcing these dangerous devices on the people of Victoria and now other States as well. Elections are coming up in September. What Politician has the Guts to help our cause???? They must check this Website and see ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ are not taking their Bulldust anymore………..Pam

  13. Andrew Samman says:

    I’ve already approached lawyers, but they want a scientific person, ie not medical doctors, to state our health conditions are caused by the RF EMF! This case in California could take months or years, but I’m not going to let that deter me from starting our own case.

    • ssilrf says:

      Contact Dr. Don Maisch, EMFacts Consultancy:
      & Mail: EMFacts Consultancy, Don Maisch, PO Box 1403, Lindisfarne 7015, Tasmania, AUSTRALIA

    • Steve says:

      Scientists are not qualified to make medical diagnosis unless they are also qualified medical doctors. I know from my own personal experience I was recommended to talk to Professor Vitas Anderson who has his own consultancy and can conduct a provocation test – which I am very much against, not because I am afraid I wont pass the test but more to do with the fact that the test is very subjective and does not take into consideration the time it takes to recover from exposure or the fact that tests are not conducted in a shielded room with microwave absorption panels to prevent internal reflection (so there is a good chance for external RF screwing up the results). Another potential problem is when it is not transmitting it is still powered on and so still emits EMR which can also confound the test results. Of course the other problem is Prof Anderson is not qualified to make a medical diagnosis. One person who I have contacted in the past is Dr Bruce Hocking who has a medical practice in Camberwell. He is a M.D. and has extensive experience in this field. Unfortunately when I spoke to him he was no interested in investigating my EHS issue and suggested I talk to Vitas. Both of course have in the past worked for Telstra.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Good on you Andrew !

  14. Jen says:

    Yes, please let us have a class action, now before the Election and yes take action against the State Government

  15. I believe we should start now taking action against the Victorian State Government as soon as possible. I experience a kind of noise – tinnitus and bad sleep patterns. However when I visited my brother in South Africa a short time ago I noticed how peaceful the nights were (and my head) quiet and peaceful. There are no smart meters in his suburb, few routers.

    • justin says:

      my daughter has been coping nothing but headaches daily had all blood test done eyes checked and nothing l will join who ever is trying to stop these dumb meters l have tried to get this removed with no luck lets all get together shame on the government AND WHAT ABOUT OUR HEALTH another point l have nodes in my neck which are getting operated on next month noticed them couple of months are dumb meter was installed just like gm foods not happy

  16. Dee says:

    Perfect…. lets start in Victoria. Lets find a lawyer and start action against the State government.

  17. peterrocker says:

    I wonder if the current & future Governments who are forcing these insidious machines on us are aware of what can be expected in the future with similar lawsuits here. Or perhaps they will try their usual “baffle them with BS” approach.

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