Action Kits

Victorians are being misinformed.  The so called ‘mandate that every Victorian home and small business will have a smart meter installed’, actually states:

‘Each distributor must use its best endeavours to install a remotely read interval meter’….etc (Victorian Government Gazette S200 dated 28th of August 2007, para 14.1)

It does NOT state that customers HAVE to accept them!

In doing their “best endeavours” to install smart meters the distributors are adopting bullying tactics including:

▪    Threatening to disconnect electricity

▪    Threatening to impose financial penalties

▪    Telling the customer that they have to accept installation

▪    Threatening to break any locked meter box

As mentioned earlier on this site, the Essential Services Commission “does not consider the [above] behaviour described as being consistent with “best endeavours”.

Yet, bullying of customers continue…..

As a result of growing requests for assistance in refusing the installation of smart meters or having analogue meters returned, Stop Smart Meters Australia has updated the “Actions you can take” section of the website to include two Action Kits.

There is now an array of actions and letters people can choose from to assist them.  See: Actions you can take

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6 Responses to Action Kits

  1. Patricia Scanlon says:

    Is there any action one can take after the Smart Meter is installed.

    • Sharron says:

      Hi Patricia, try to warn others who may be unaware about dangers from the smart meter. Many people are having them installed without knowing the whole truth and that is unfair, so I do feel for everyone this has happened to.

  2. Pam Densley says:

    Please everyone – check this Website daily – all the information we need is on the Website. PLEASE LOCK YOUR BOXES. They can not cut our power-off and they can’t bully us into having a SMART METER…………….WE WILL WIN – NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!!!!!!- There are many Meetings to attend and we are getting the people at these Meetings. I just wish I lived closer to these Meetings This Website keeps us all informed of what is happening at these Meetings…….POWER TO THE PEOPLE

  3. Eco-Friendly says:

    Thanks for this. very important update.

    • Archie Burke says:

      I live in Moonee Ponds,in a Housing Authority unit,I have received a letter from my supplier Jemina,telling me that they OWN all the poles,cables, wires,connections,fuses etc; AND WE WILL HAVE SMART METERS INSTALLED! Since the H.A. is govt.owned & run,I guess that they will give permission to install no matter what the residents say! What can I do now? As I do not want to take risks that Overseas Governments refuse to take?

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