Former Motorola Strategic Director directing the Victorian Government’s response to smart meter health complaints

In a recent letter to a concerned Victorian citizen from the Office of the Minister for Energy and Resources, the Minister discounted the potential for any health impacts of smart meters partially based on the expert advice of the Victorian Radiation Advisory Committee. To Quote:

Victoria’s Chief Health Officer has endorsed the advice of the Victorian Ministerial radiation Advisory Committee, consisting of doctors and experts in the field of radiation, which found “that there is no substantive evidence to suggest that exposure to radiofrequency radiation such as from Smart Meters can increase the risk of chronic health effects, such as cancer”. Further information is available on the Chief Health Officer’s website at

So, I wondered just who were the non-ionizing radiation experts on the Radiation Advisory Committee? As it turns out there is only one; Dr. Ken Joyner, so it stands to reason that as he is the only committee member with the “relevant” expertise, it is his advice that the rest of the Radiation Advisory Committee is following – and as a result the Victorian government as well.

Such an influential position is not new to Dr Joyner. Previously he enjoyed a similar role as non-ionizing radiation advisor for the National Health & Medical Research Council (NH&MRC) where he played a pivotal role guiding the direction of mobile phone research for the NH&MRC, including advice on establishing the ACRBR in partnership with Telstra. It did not worry the federal government in the least, however, when they appointed him to the NH&MRC advisory role (apparently against the NH&MRC’s wishes-see below), that he was also employed as Director, Global EME Strategy and Regulatory Affairs, Motorola Australia.

Full story at: EMFacts Consultancy Website


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18 Responses to Former Motorola Strategic Director directing the Victorian Government’s response to smart meter health complaints

  1. Sharron says:

    Comment number 2285 on the petition is by an unknown idiot who has no idea of what he is talking about. You signed the petition, so you must be AGAINST smart meters or I suppose you must be one of these lying, deceitful, INSENSITIVE installers/power co. robots who is unable or unwilling to face up to the truth, so Get a Life!

  2. melb resident says:

    All i know is….. there is enough of us frustrated with all these liars in power. Now it has come to the point where these lies will cause people to become very sick and ITS NOT ON! we must do something and not just talk about it!

    All these lies are pathetic. They are taking us for idiots!

  3. anonymous says:

    Only a matter of time before someone is pushed over the edge by the doing of these morally void persons that they just lose it and retaliate in some very unfortunate sort of way

  4. Lets take the Power Back says:

    No we are not “screwed” as you put it Frances, we need to all get off our butts and act and invite others to do the same. The powers that be are so used to we Aussies just whinging and doing nothing, so lets show them they didn’t really know us. It’s time to all stand together and let them know that we the people do have rights and we WILL STAND UP FOR THEM no matter what they dish out. They think they will wear us down, then I have news for them. WE have had enough!!!!

  5. Rob Guy says:

    Don Watson and George Orwell before him lamented the decay of language when the managerial classes try to control the thinking of the governed classes by distorting the English language. The ministerial statement is a classic example of this practice as evidenced by these 4 examples;;
    (1) When the Minister states that “Victoria’s Chief Health Officer has endorsed the advice of the Victorian Ministerial radiation (sic) Advisory Committee……..,” he is putting words into the Chief Health Officer’s mouth. Go to the link to see.
    The Department of Health endorses the view of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) expressed on their ……………………” ‘
    (2)“discounted the potential” is a long way short of “denied the potential.” For clarity, just what is the statistical probability that a given number of citizens will become ill?

    (3)“there is no substantive evidence” should read, “We found no substantive evidence” A breathtaking single leap from the particular to the general case.

    (4)“radiofrequency (sic) no evidence—smart meters can increase the risk of chronic health effects. The phrase “health effects” sounds better than “serious illness”.
    P.S. ARPANSA have so far confined their rulings to radio frequency emissions by radiation (through space). As at now, no Australian Authority has ruled on safe limits for radio frequency emissions conducted on the surface of metal structures-
    Robin Gee

    The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things (In conversation with Humpty Dumpty)

  6. Terry says:

    I think we should all contact Dr. Joyner and ask him to sign a ‘Personal Guarantee’ that under no circumstances will we become ill from EMF/R eminating from so called smart meters. How would you rate our chances of obtaining such a guarantee??

  7. John Cornish says:

    The advice from others with substantial knowledge, such as world acknowleged expert on EMR, Dr Magda Havas, would have been in the interests of public safety, but detrimental to the foreign owned power companies objectives of putting profits before the health of their customers.
    One day the people shall know the truth, and the truth shall make them mad!

    • Pam says:

      John Cornish – Very interesting Video. Yes! when is it all going to stop? when are the Pollies going to realise the Dangers all of these devices they are trying to force us to have??? BRING ON A CLASS ACTION ASAP and stop this nonsense once and for all. The light Globes for example. They told us when they installed them it would save on Electricity. They were sneaky with them too. Now it is very hard to buy ordinary Globes anywhere. When they have to be replaced the old ones have to be disposed of at a proper recycle centre. If they burst they emit something we are not supposed to touch…………….this nightmare has to end – we have to get more people to go to their papers – get
      this Video on ACA OR 6.30 REPORT. T.V AND THE MEDIA are watched and read by thousands of people Australia Wide, who can perhaps FORCE THE GOVT to RE-THINK THEIR ACTIONS BEFORE IT IT TOO LATE……………PAM

  8. John says:

    Yes. well then according to that logic cancer is good for us then , BRAVO!! The question is are these Head Trolls intentionally Ignorant Ignoramuses or are they on the take taking bribes to push these lies to treat us like Stupid Brain Dead Zombies. Also Wi Fi is just as bad while they have them in our schools now to damage our kids brains & whatever else. We’ve even heard the old stories of living near high voltage power lines thats also detrimental to our health including Dirty Electricity in our houses. When are we ever going to wake up & take action to get these well paid patsy traitors taken out in the gutter where they belong. These are crimes against HUMANITY & we’re still putting up with this crap for how much longer? If ever comes a day we no longer have the right to refuse a Smart Meter, i would go to jail fighting it to stop them putting one in. Cause to have one would mean an end to all my rights & privacy.

  9. Lindsay smith says:

    Its very simple.
    Pain is the way the human body tells you something is not good for you.
    I feel pain from RF radiation.
    Thus I do not want a smartmeter fitted to my house.
    End of story.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Dear Linda,
      You must lock your Electric Meter Box Immediately with a strong padlock and so must everybody else. Firstly lock your Electric Meter Box, next put up your Legal Commonwealth Anti Trespasss Signs on your front gate or fence or brick pillar and on your Electric Meter Box. Immediately write a Strong and polite Registered Letter to the C.E.O of your Electric Power Company for your area, stating clearly that your refuse to allow a Smart Meter on your property. Give your reasons. Send a similar Registered Letter to the Victorian Minister for Power Mr Michael O’ Brien as well.

  10. Pam says:

    Dr Joyner is certainly not helping our cause. How can one Medico decide what is good for us and based on his “Expertise” decisions being made by him as the only Doctor on the Committee need to be questioned. All these people on these “Committees” are paid a lot of money. They have overlooked all the folk who are suffering because of SMART METERS MY BOX IS STAYING LOCKED AND MY SIGNS ARE STAYING WHERE THEY ARE….NO SMART METER FOR ME EVER…………………..Pam

  11. Kathleen says:

    Oh well, it’s following the model for industrial wind turbines to the T. There are people ill from infra-sound etc, but according to the government there are no such casualties and of course their experts have vested interests. I wonder what the maximum amount of “collateral damage” has to be before someone takes notice?

    • Anf says:

      The collateral damage will come about in 30 years time just like cancer from tobacco and asbestosis from asbestos and have a look at the push from the government about plain packaging on the sigy packs and the recognized asbestosis in south-australia from the asbestos mines there are a couple towns in SA where family’s and there children are affected check it out.
      These ministers are idiots and are not fit to govern their own lives and here we are letting them govern ours

      • Melbourne Mum says:

        So true! Don’t trust what any government tells you, do the opposite!

      • 1vimana1 says:

        Both the Liberal and Labour Victorian Governmentst are CORRUPT ! Try voting for the Democratic Labour Party, they have sworn to help us. They say they will get rid of the Dopey Microwave so-called Smart Meters, let’s hope they do, that is if they get into power. Anyway Victorian Liberal and Labour Governments have shown themselves to be TRAITORS to the people, so give the D.L.P a fighting chance.

  12. Frances says:

    I guess that means that we are all screwed then?

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