I do not consent….

I received my first letter from Powercor to say they would be installing the smart meter at my property. I immediately sent off a letter saying that I did not consent and that it takes two parties to make a contract and as I was not consenting the contract would not be valid. I also rang Powercor and spoke to [a customer service representative] who immediately tried to talk over me and bully me into giving in. I kept repeating the above, I am not consenting, it takes consent from both parties to make a contract valid and I am not consenting, over and over and over again. He was adamant that I had to have the smart meter. I said that the company was to use its best endeavours to have the project completed by end of 2013 and it was not mandated to bully customers into having a smart meter. [The customer service representative] protested obviously. I sent off a letter to Powercor and received a response. So I sent off a second letter enclosing a prohibition notice as did my neighbour. My neighbour has received a response trying to bully him into the smart meter but I have not as yet. They were going to be in my area between end of March and 5th April. So it shall remain to be seen as to whether they come back or not. They saw my neighbours notice on the meter box and immediately walked away so ……..


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13 Responses to I do not consent….

  1. Gail Riley says:

    Hooray that there are still people among us who are willing to stand up for their human rights and the belief in what a democracy should stand for. I have been attempting to find the letter template but as yet have been unsuccessful. Where do I look for this??? [Go to Actions you can take on this website: https://stopsmartmeters.com.au/how-to-defer-your-smart-meter-installation/ – SSMA]

  2. Anonymous says:

    what did they do to bully you?

  3. Sharlene says:

    My meter box has a lock on it and a glass panel so the meter can still be read. Last week i went down to mums place and did the same for hers as she had received her ‘thou shalt have a smart meter regardless’, letter a couple of weeks ago. As i tell them, make my appointment for December 2013 as I am aware they will be forced upon me. Oddly enough. skilltech and sp ausnet refuse to make an app’t for a time that conveniently suits me (shocker). I do like the ‘best endevours’ line as per the legislation, so i am sure in the future i will be using that as well as sending off the above letters.
    This site has been great for the information it has provided re. preventative measures.

    • Richard Leschen. says:

      Dear Sharlene,
      Stick to your guns. Keep your and your Mother ‘ s Electric Meter boxes locked as well as your Legal No Trespass Signs prominent on both of your front fences and Electric Meter Boxes.
      I have had my Electric Meter Box locked since August 2011 and my Legal, by the Australian Constitution (1900- 1901 and still current ) No Trespass Signs on my front fence and on my Electric Meter Box. Please note that a $167,000.00 fine will be imposed on anyone who trespasses on my property without my written permission.
      The Meter Reader Man is the only one allowed on my property.

      None of these so-called Microwave Electric Meters are LEGAL IN ANY WAY here in Victoria, because they had never been Passed in LAW in the Victorian Houses Of Parliament even when the John Brumby Labor Government was in power. Nor have they ever been discussed or challenged or ever passed as LAW before both the Upper or Lower Houses of the Victorian Parliament now that the Liberal led Ted Baillieu Government is in power. In fact they have never been passed as LAW AT ANY TIME.

      This truly desperate attempt of the now proving to be CORRUPT VICTORIAN Ted Baillieu Liberal Led Government in attempting to force these now proving to be Very Dangerous so-called Microwave Smart Meters on its Victorian home owners and small businesses is a CRIMINAL ACT and an act of Wilful Ongoing Collusion of the very worst kind by both the Victorian Government and the five now Overseas Owned Victorian Electric Power Companies both acting in concert.

      There is only one way to stop this wickedness, and that is for all of these Five Truly Wicked Recalcitrant Foreign Owned Electric Power Companies as well as this now proving to be Truly Corrupt present Victorian Government to be deservedly punished by the Full Weight Of The LAW in the Highest Law Courts of Victoria.

      Yours Faithfully,

      Richard Leschen.

  4. Stand and Fight for your Rights says:

    Let’s show them- spread the word.
    Things are heating up people – more intimidation, bullying and threats. A person who I just spoke to, was told by an installer yesterday when she was refusing to have a smart meter installed, that if she didn’t agree he would call the Police!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is UNBELIEVABLE. What has Australia come too.
    Tell everyone to fight for their rights, no matter what their reason for not wanting a smart meter.
    THIS BULLYING MUST STOP. Share this information, as like overseas, it is impossible for us to get things in the media – they are not printing articles we send – and yesterday the receptionist on the Neil Mitchell line said you just have to have a smart meter. So the call wasn’t put through and no further discussion – I believed in him, wonder if he has been PAID OFF too.
    We live in a supposed FREE country with FREE speech – what a joke.
    Let’s show them. Help spread the word.

    • Vickie says:

      I am very disappointed to hear that Neil Mitchell and his program have that attitude regarding listeners concerns about Smart Meters, I do listen to 3AW and have noted the very regular Govt spin commercials regarding smart meters so I guess 3AW would be benefiting very well financially from these, where does this leave us? not expecting any help from Neil I suppose,. as for the receptionist telling you we just have to have them and thats it, if this is the programs attitude, that what ever the Government tells us we will have, we will and thats it end of story, I realise its not the peoples station after all, they just lost me as a listener

  5. Terry says:

    Congratulations on how you handled the situation, Sharon. You didn’t mention if you have a lock on your meter box. Friendly tip, get one straight away! Don’t trust those rats to respect the notice.

    And, Michael, I am absolutely convinced that we are on the way to becoming TOTALITARIA instead of AUSTRALIA. Without a shadow of doubt. We must stand up now or be trampled like bugs under their feet.

  6. jackV says:

    Michael’s right, what’s happening is nothing short of disgusting. I know many people that have received aggressive phone calls. I just wonder how many people out there have caved in, thinking that they have no choice.
    I’d recommend that, if anyone is expecting a call or making one (to the power company) that they have a Dictaphone or some recording device. Let the person on the other end know that you’re recording.
    It’ll put them on the back foot and they’ll think twice about what they’re saying.

  7. Richard Leschen. says:

    Dear Sharon,
    Congratulations on your strong stand against these now proving to be very dangerous to peoples’ physical health and to their electrical goods Damnedly Dangerous Microwave so-called Smart Meters (read here Dumb Dangerous Meters.)

    I too was bullied by a person at PowerCore some time ago, but it backfired on her very badly indeed. Better than phoning these PowerCor people or any of the five Electric Power Companies, is to write a polite and Registered Letter to the C.E.O of PowerCor who was and could still be a Mr Shane Breheny, simply stating that you refuse to have a Microwave Electrical Smart Meter installed on your property at any time. Please state why you refuse to have it ie.
    for example……… for reasons of real fear for your health and safety, and that it constitutes a real threat to the safe operation of your private electrical goods like your Television and or your Computer and or your Printers and or Fax Machines etc running the very real chance of getting damaged by a possible electrical fire breaking out in one or more of these machines after the so-called Microwave Smart Meter has been installed on your property. Such damage has been caused in the past and is still happening on many properties where these now proving to be very dangerous Microwave Smart Meters are being installed not only in Victoria Australia but in all countries of the world.

    Please note that it is NOT THE LAW that anyone in Victoria or any country of the world has to have a Microwave Smart Meter installed on their private property, be it on one’s home or small business. These Foreign Owned Victorian Electric Power Companies are simply Weak SUBSERVIANT PAWNS to their Overseas Masters and are Compulsive Liers.

    Simply keep your Electric Meter Box firmly padlocked and make sure you firmly place your LEGAL by the High Court Of Australia and the Australian Constitution ” No Trespass Signs ” both firmly on your front fence for all to see and on your Electric Meter Box which you own and not these Foreign Owned Electric Victorian Power Companies. Please make sure you take photographs of both these Legal Notices for a possible COURT APPEARANCE. My Legal Notice warns that a $167,000.00 fine will be served on any trespasser or trespassers who come onto my private property without my Written Consent. This of course applies to the Sneaky Smart Meter Installer Man who is not averse to whipping out your Safe And Trusty Analog Electric Meter if your Electric Meter Box is not firmly locked with a stout padlock.

    I only unlock my Meter box about every three months to let my amiable Electricity Meter Reader Man to take his readings. Then I lock my Electric Meter box for his next visit. He thanks me for keeping him in a job.
    You can contact me on Phn.. 03 5352 3639 or by Email: rvimana@vic.chariot.net.au
    Please do not let these BULLIES GET TO YOU, FOR THEY ARE ALL ACTING LIKE A BUNCH OF NAZIES. I know/ for I lived through the bombing of London, my old home.

    Yours faithfully,

    Richard Leschen.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I do not consent to smart meters either. well done!

  9. mohsen says:

    Thank you Sharon, I will follow your action. We should all do that.

  10. Michael says:

    Wow. What kind of a corporate fascist dictatorship are we living in now, that a utility can try to foist upon a person–in their own home–and against their consent, a device which is known to be toxic to biological life forms (in literally thousands of studies of the potential harm that electromagnetic radiation can pose); and which is already, demonstrably, causing ill health effects in some of the recipients?

    I am shocked at how this is proceeding, as should everyone.
    And all I can say is fight it all the way.
    Contact your local media, start a blog, contact the mass media current affairs programs, call and write every local, state and federal Pollie that can potentially help. Help Stop Smart Meters Australia to advance its cause.

    For this is way out of order, and intolerable in what is supposedly a “democracy”.

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