Wireless technology: “It’s impossible to be completely sure there isn’t some risk” – ARPANSA

Hon. Minister Michael O’Brien, Victoria’s Minister for Energy and Resources, continually claims that smart meters are safe, that there is no risk with this wireless technology, that they are just as safe as mobile phones, cordless phones, Wi-Fi and baby monitors.  Yet the Federal Government’s Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) states that wireless technology is so new that “it’s impossible to be completely sure there isn’t some risk” (Fact Sheet 14”).

In claiming that smart meters are completely safe, perhaps Minister O’Brien knows more than the scientists at ARPANSA, and perhaps he even knows more than medical doctors who have warned patients not to have a smart meter installed.  We were unaware that Minister O’Brien has a science and medical background!

ARPANSA has recommended that children limit their exposure of electromagnetic emissions, advising, for example, baby monitors to be kept a metre away from cots and that “schools give priority to locating Wi-Fi points so they are not unnecessarily close to some children.” Yet the Victorian Government insists that smart meters, often attached to people’s bedroom walls, be installed at every home in Victoria, even aginst people’s will.

As opposed to mobile phones, Wi-Fi etc, smart meters can emit continual powerful bursts of radiation every few seconds 24 hours a day – and cannot be turned off.  When will Minister O’Brien acknowledge that microwave radiation emitted from smart meters can be harmful to humans, especially children?  Or is he more concerned with the mighty $ rather than people’s health?

At least other states in Australia offer smart meters on a voluntary basis.  Why not Victoria?

See: Parents urged to limit children’s use of mobiles, cordless phone under new health warnings

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20 Responses to Wireless technology: “It’s impossible to be completely sure there isn’t some risk” – ARPANSA

  1. Eric says:

    Let’s consider some simple logic. ARPANSA have standards that are set at a level that provide safeguard from the heating effects of emr exposure. Thus any exposure to emr at power densities below ARPANSA standard just means you won’t suffer burns or electric shock.

    Consider a microwave oven that heats your piece of chicken with microwaves. These are the same microwaves emitted from a smart meter’s transmitters (& mobile phone masts). It’s the same frequencies. The difference is that the power density of the microwaves in the oven is high enough to cook the chicken.

    Now staying with the microwave oven, consider the scenario where the power density of the microwaves is reduced to the point just below when the chicken starts to cook or heat up. Do ARPANSA think that at this power density, nothing is happening inside that piece of meat because it is not quite at that exact point of heating. Do they seriously think that the only two options for a piece of flesh exposed to microwaves is that it will either cook or that absolutley nothing else would occur to that piece of flesh. Are they really that stupid ? ……because that’s what they are saying by not acknowledging the need to protect from non thermal effects, that’s what they are saying by not having such a standard that doesn’t just consider non thermal effects power density limits but also in setting those limits it would give consideration to who is exposed, for how long, the harmonics of the exposure (pulsed or non pulsed radiation) and many other essential factors for a genuine protection from non thermal effects. And how real do you think those non thermal health effects are when you consider that piece of meat being the living flesh of a human being, ie. that which is an electrical system in it’s own right.

    If you can’t provide the protection, you SHOULD NOT BE USING THE TECHNOLOGY.

    I do not think ARPANSA are that stupid.

    So…… to me what do you think that insinuates about bodies such as ARPANSA and ICNIRP and various indiviuals that make up those bodies ?????????????

  2. Eric says:

    My friend told me of his father who kept complaining of headaches and after being scanned was diagnosed with a brain tumour which killed him at age 50. On his deathbead, someone in the room had a mobile phone that went off and he cried out “that’s what’s killed me !!!”. He had been an advertising executive who had regularly used a mobile phone for over 20 years.

    That is what I call proof that emr exposure from various sources such as mobile phones can be not just detrimental to health but a real killer. I believe that first hand testimony such as this from a real victim has great great credibility unlike the spin that some put out.

    If mobile phones can be a killer then there can be no doubting that smartmeters also have every potential and more to be a killer.

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      These emr’s are deadly. When Andrew Ollie died we speculated that his mobile phone had killed him as he was a journalist and used his mobile intensively.

    • Anonymous says:

      My father in law worked at the Gas and Fuel as a field service technician and was always on his mobile phone (he started on the old AMPS analogue network then he used GSM digital mobiles) during the early to mid 90’s.
      He developed a brain tumour above his left ear and passed away a year later aged 57. That was back in 2000.
      There is no doubt whatsoever as to what murdered him.

  3. Miriam. says:

    Today, SP Ausnet was found to be culpable in the deaths of 119 people from the Black Saturday fires due to the dereliction of duty regarding maintenance of electricity power lines & poles.
    Why on earth would they want to be connected with these meters unless there was so much money in it &/or the government is going to ensure they cannot be sued by anyone harmed by them.

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      So that’s why they want to instal “Smart” meters. They want us to pay their fines and costs!

    • Pam says:

      Miriam – “money speaks all languages”. I have a letter from Power Cor telling me I can’t opt out and also says it can’t guarantee my Health and Safety (my Solicitor is handling my issues). Of course it is the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR only have to go back a few POSTS to see who is involved in the SMART METER caper. JUST KEEP FIGHTING – DON’T GIVE IN ……….CHEERS pAM 🙂

  4. Pam says:

    Thanks again SSMA – my thoughts exactly. The DISHONORABLE MINISTER MICHAEL O’BRIEN, must have his bloody head in the sand, How on earth can he go against the Medical Profession and ARPANSA. Victoria is part of Australia, last time I heard, so why are we being treated differently to the rest of Australia by being forced, harrassed and pestered into having a Dangerous Smart Meter installed. I for one will NEVER have one. I value my Health and Privacy too much and that of my Family and Grand children. The younger generation use mobiles like they are an attachment to their bodies. I asked a couple Why they do this and they say they are bored. I told them it going to make them ill down the track and they just shrug their shoulders. Come all the parents out there tell your kids the facts of all this new technology out there and just what it may do to them in the future. Keep up the good work everyone – we will get there in the end. Victoria is a guinea pig for the rest of Australia, so be it, at least the other States are getting the truth now thanks to all SSMA hard work and all the Comments being made on this Website…………Cheers everyone Pam 🙂

  5. kev says:

    The most dishonourable Michael O’brien is a professional ‘spin doctor’- the polite way of saying Bullshit artist. He is in total dereliction of his duty- when he runs and hides or escapes out the back door. As yet i still don’t have an answer as to what 2.4 billion $$ of tax payers has been spent on. Kev.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Hi Kev,
      We could also say that this man Mr Michael O’Brien has a Conflict of Interest in that his two portfolios of Minister for Power and Minister for Consumer Affairs CLASH. Therefore his two portfolios are in direct conflict with one another..

      He is also a Cowardly Man who failed to meet our Group on two occasions, and just ran away, probably to hide behind his Mummy’s skirts and or get his Teddy Bear to cuddle to keep away from us concerned people who are genuinely worried about all of this Microwave Poisoning of us Humans and all of Life by these Verdampte or Devilishly Dangerous and Idiotic Microwave so-called Smart Meters which are not smart in any way at all, but are a now know-to- be Type 2B Carciongen Causing Machines from the World Health Organisations findings and those of dedicated Scientists of Radio Physics and top Doctors of Medicine who are not in the PAY of these Evil Microwave Manufacturing Industries for Dopey and Deadly Microwave so-called not so Smart Meters and deadly Microwave irradiating Towers and equally dopey and deadly to ones health Microwave Mobile Phones.

  6. 1vimana1 says:

    Last Sentence,
    At least other states in Australia offer smart meters on a voluntary basis. Why not Victoria ? The answer to this, is because both the past Labour Premier Mr John Brumby decided most unconstitutionally and very rudely to use the Victorian public as Guinea Pigs for his Insane Microwave Smart Meter Experiments.
    He stands condemned of gross cruelty and ineptitude towards Victorian Electricity customers, as does the past Victorian Minister for Power Mr Peter Bachelor of being drunk with power as well.

    This Liberal Party Leader Mr Ted Baillieu also stands condemned of gross ineptitude and cruelty as does his Victorian Minister for Power Mr Michael O’Brien who failed to realise that we the people of Victoria are a Democracy where people are asked what they want, and not bullied by a bunch of Nazi Jack Booted Victorian Ministers and their Cruel C.E.O’s of PowerCor and City Power Australia and Jemena and SP Aus.Net and United Energy Distribution into forcing the public to accept these now proving to be Deadly Dangerous Microwave so-called Smart Meters against the Victorian peoples’ Will and Better Judgement.

    We the people of Victoria DEMAND the instant removal of these now proving to be Type 2B Carcinogen causing so-called Smart Meters to be replaced by the Safe and Passive Analogue Electric Meters, stolen from Victorian people at the behest of this present Victorian Minister for Power Mr Michael O’Brien who in Collusion with the C.E.O’s of the Five foreign owned Electric Power Companies based in Victoria, stole and keep on stealing Victorian peoples Analogue Electric Meters purely for PROFIT and out of sheer wickedness towards Victoria’s Electricity Customers. None of these so-called Smart Meters has ever been tested by the Weights and Measures Department of Victoria, nor do any of these Smart Meters carry a valid Certificate of Safety, therefore they are ALL ILLEGAL.

    Adding insult to injury these shonky so-called Smart Meters are also Illegal Telephone Tapping Devices which all need a Judges Letter of Authority or Permission to be installed in the first place. None of these Smart Meters has such a Letter of Permission, which makes every one of these meters ILLEGAL.

    As well as this many of these shonky Smart Meters have been proven to be Incendiary Devices when put into Victorian Electricity Customers’ Private Electric Meter Boxes as many have started fires in these Electricity Meter boxes and a family two story home was gutted in the Northcote area around a year ago which did fire damage of $350,000:00 Dollars according to the Fire Insurance Assessor.

    The five C.E.O’s of the above named Foreign Owned Victorian Based Electric Power Companies, as well as Mr John Brumby and Mr Peter Bachelor of the past Labour Victorian Government are guilty of CRIMES against the Victorian Home and small Business owners in forcing them to accept the Microwave Smart Meters against these Electricity Customers’ Will and Better Judgement. Also guilty of these same CRIMES are the now Incumbent Victorian Premier of Victoria Mr Ted Baillieu and his Minister for Power Mr Michael O’Brien and the same C.E.O’s of these Foreign Owned Electric Power Companies based here in Victoria. They have stolen the Safe and Passive Analogue Electric Meters and replaced them with the now proving to be Deadly Dangerous Smart Meters.

    These above mentioned Victorian Ministers and C.E.O’s of the Electric Power Companies have shown nothing but CONTEMPT towards the Victorian People in forcing these Incendiary devices upon them. For these continuing acts of ongoing theft all of the Ministers and C.E.O’s of these Wickedness towards the People of Victoria. Every Smart Meter must be removed at the Power Companies’ Expense and replaced by the Safe and Passive Analogue Meters immediately.

  7. Rik says:

    None of these people that say Smart Meters are safe have anything to do with health, they are all in it for the money. I bet 99% of those who say Smart Meters are safe DONT have one at their house. We should do a check, all those who are for smart meters SHOULD have one on their house then lets see how they do 12 months later. I bet they will be screaming to it removed.

  8. Gerald says:

    These MUST become voluntary. I cannot for the life of me see how these can be *forced* upon Victorians.

    Ignoring the risk factors, how on earth can a government act as a bully-boy over it’s voters at the behest of profit-driven OS companies? It simply makes no sense. Is there a kickback to the government from the power companies? I mean, what on EARTH is the motivation behind the government involvement here?

    • tony says:

      I think its a joke that the water & energy ombudsman Victoria are funded by water & energy companys .would someone add to this

      • Sharron says:

        absolutely agree with you both, something needs to be done about ‘vested interests’ and more importantly, we should have a choice- and DEMAND IT! Insane Government here in Victoria…

  9. lindsay smith says:

    Then why Mr Minister, do mobile phones, cordless phones, Wi-Fi and baby monitors give me a headache?
    I trust my body’s responses more than anything else in this world, least of all a Politian.

  10. Jay says:

    From the NSW Smart Meter Task Force Discussion EMR Australia paper:
    The Australian RF standard does not protect the public from harmful effects of
    radiation from ‘smart’ meters. It has been designed to protect against instantaneous,
    acute, heating effects and not the continuous, low-level, long-term biological effects
    that are of concern with ‘smart’ meters. It is relevant that many electricity meters are
    installed on bedroom walls, often in close proximity to the bed, and RF signals travel
    through walls, affecting people as they sleep. 1
    It is relevant that ARPANSA does not claim that compliance with its standard ensures
    You can find the link here:

  11. TheBThing says:

    A relatives husband who is a phone addict has now got a second hit of facial cancers. They thought they got the first hit after chemotherapy regime.

    If you get a heated head when using a mobile phone or feel in other ways you are susceptible to RF then stay away from these technologies, else you will get sick. Cancer is caused by irritation.

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