The community information night recently held at Daylesford was a resounding success with 80 people reported to have attended. Ballarat’s Win Television, Ballarat Courier, Daylesford Advocate and Bendigo Advertiser all covered the community event.

The topics covered were health, privacy, costs, safety and a thorough discussion ensued. The Victorian DLP senator John Madigan attended and spoke alongside two representatives from Stop Smart Meters Australia. The Hepburn Shire Councillor Bill McClenaghan chaired the meeting. The Central Highlands Against Smart Meter action group was expanded on the night.

The following resolutions were unanimously accepted.

  1. That this meeting of residents of Daylesford and surrounding districts, calls on the Victorian Government to halt the ‘Smart Meter Rollout” to allow for a full investigation into community concerns.
  1. That this meeting;
  • Supports the right of customers to refuse installation of smart meters and to have their decision respected by the electrical distributors.
  • Calls on the five power distributors to immediately cease bullying tactics as part of their State Government directed “best endeavours” to install meters by 2013.
  1. That people who are experiencing health problems that are considered to be caused by an installed smart meter should have the meter removed and replaced with an analogue or non-wireless meter at no cost.
  1. That a letter be written to Premier Baillieu requesting that as a matter of urgency, the Minister for Energy Michael O’Brien, agree to meet with representatives of community groups concerned with the smart meter rollout to hear and discuss their concerns.
  1. That customers who have had a smart meter installed against their will should have the meter replaced at no cost with an analogue or non-wireless meter.

6. That Council is asked to support resident’s in their endeavours to protect

themselves from the negative impacts of the smart meter rollout.

This includes;

· Escalating costs

· Loss of Privacy

· Billing problems

· Safety matters

· Health issues

7. That Council is asked to establish a community register of residents experiences and concerns with the smart meter rollout.

8. That Hon. Catherine King MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Ageing, be contacted and requested to advocate that current ARPANSA standards be adjusted to match the 2009 Judgement of the Versailles Court of Appeal.

9. That this meeting agree to form an ongoing campaign committee to address the above matters.

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2 Responses to DAYLESFORD SMART METER PUBLIC MEETING – Resounding Success!

  1. Sharron says:

    Well done to the wonderful people of Central Highlands and all Victorian representatives Against Smart Meters who are making a stand in their community! Keep up the great fight and don’t back down because these greedy power companies and certain politicians would like nothing more than for all of this to just go away. THAT AINT GOING TO HAPPEN! Thanks to the many people who refuse to give in to these tyrants whose attempts to CONTROL the masses is being challenged daily. They are few, however, we are More Powerful because we are MANY!

  2. Pam Densley says:

    So pleased your Meeting was a success. Hopefully Minister O’Brien will agree to meet with representatives of all concerned Community Groups throughout Victoria to hear and discuss our concerns over the Roll-out of Smart Meters. To the folk who have been forced to have a SMART METER installed – hopefully you should have the right for it to be replaced with a SAFE ANALOGUE METER at no cost to you. My box is locked and staying locked. I have had a quotation to have my Meter Box relocated, should I eventually be forced into having a SMART METER installed and it is well over $3,000.00 and I am a Pensioner and can not afford to have it relocated. Any relocations should be at the Government’s expense – not mine. STOP SMART METERS AUSTRALIA has worked so hard relaying the DANGERS OF SMART METERS to us all. I am at a loss to understand WHY the Government seems to DISMISS our CONCERNS with such CONTEMPT………Pam

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