Smart meter fires: burning meters, burning questions, shocking answers

Brian Thiesen, who previously brought us the video The truth about smart meters, has released another powerful video, this time focusing on smart meter fires.

In this video Brian investigates the cause of smart meter fires and the cover up by authorities.

Story at Take Back Your Power


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6 Responses to Smart meter fires: burning meters, burning questions, shocking answers

  1. Rik says:

    I’ve spoken to people in the fire brigade and there is a huge coverup for lots of things. They wont say if a smart meter caused a fire, they also wont say if a derelict house fire was burned down by an exploding drug lab. WHY the coverups? shouldn’t the public know about these things?

    We all know Smart Meters DO cause house fires and we know Drug Labs are dangerous and can also cause house fires so why do they cover it up? What are they hiding?

    Looks like its time for my usual saying “Truth hurts”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Everyone be careful of Jemena. My neighbour had a letter a few weeks ago which he thought was not a big deal, they changed the cable to his home, they did not tell him this in the letter, they just said they were going to turn off the power briefly. They did not mention checking the analogue meter afterwards as well. This might not be anything but A man named Graeme has put a post on this website about a letter he received from Jemena wanting to install a digital meter. My neighbour was told by the contractor that his analogue meter was old, they did turn the power on, but he and i just can’t help thinking they might be up to something.
    These two incidents involve Jemena, coincidence or not? Everyone needs to be aware because its quite possible that they will do this to many more people.Don’t become complacent because they won’t.

    • Nigel Havelock says:

      Anonymous, I know of a few other things that are going on in Melbourne’s Northern suburbs at the moment and I can tell you that filth is just spewing out of Jemena right now.
      They have plotted strategies that will blow up in their own faces.
      It’s time for certain persons out on Ferntree Gully Road to be flung into prison.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why is it that I keep on hearing about Jemena and its nothing good either. They can plot all the strategies they want, as long as we are aware of what they are, which is evil, then we we won’t be caught off guard.
        I think these people genuinely think they are smart….they aren’t, they’re just confident in being protected by people, but the people that have helped them are also breaking the law and can go to prison as well, if found guilty.
        I though my neighbors cable change was strange as they did not specify in the letter what they were doing, and that they would need access to his meter.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Dear Readers,
      Seems to me the whole of the Jemena Crowd belong in Prison. I’d say stuff the lot of them in for Fifty Years, that’s quite right……50 years to be served in full and no remission for good behaviour. I allege that they have already proven themselves to be CRIMINALS and no trial is due in these circumstances as we the people have already been their JURY TRIED AND TRUE ! These I allege to be DEVILISH Jemena people deserve this now LONG OVERDUE Prison Sentence.
      Please see Bob Grants sensible and Lawful comments further down the page.

  3. bob grant says:

    smart meters are by definition in the commonwealth and state laws of austl. and electronic computers and as electronic transmitters of computer information therefore qualifying them as electronic data surveylance devices which if fitted to any assets of any person require a court order from the appropriate authority .the order must be submitted by either state or federal police as the case may be and each order only has a maximum life of ninety days it then has to be removed or a new order generated .check these facts in the statutes of the state and federal statutes at your leisure and stop beating around the periphery .ask for a view of the pertinent court order pertaining to your asset as is your right and tell them to go away until they can supply same to your complete for me and my friends and has since inception.corporations don’t have the powers to get every property covered every ninety days under their cloak of already highly illegal activities.with apologies to all my friends who enjoy secrets….

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