Smart meter linked to house fire | Geelong

GEELONG firefighters are investigating a midday blaze which ripped through the front end of a Moorabool St house today.

CFA crews arrived just after noon to find the Moorabool St house well alight.

Police were also called to redirect traffic and close the Geelong-bound lane of Moorabool St.

Witnesses said they saw smoke pouring from a recently installed smart meter just moments before the fire started.

Read the rest of the article via Smart meter linked to house fire | Geelong, VIC, Australia.

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5 Responses to Smart meter linked to house fire | Geelong

  1. Anonymous says:

    Pretty straight forward what has happened. Contractor has failed to tighten all terminals on the meter in question. Meter is under load and loose connection creates a hot point which then leads to insulation failure which then leads to a fire being created. This can occur at any point in the electrical system if a connection is loose.

  2. Sojin Muneshi says:

    If you choose to follow this up you will find a retraction by the Newspaper that the Smart Meter was not involved.

  3. Take the Power Back says:

    I don’t believe it will ever be publicly admitted that a smart meter started a fire!!!!! It will always be an “electrical fault”

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