Exploding Smart Meters

Posted by: 3AW Radio | 29 February, 2012 – 10:44 AM

Dean Mighell, State Secretary of the Electrical Trades Union, has told Neil Mitchell there is ‘absolutely’ the potential for Jemena smart meters to cause house fires.

These claims arise a week after a whistleblower claimed power companies knew smart meters were exploding, but were covering it up from consumers.

A memo sent from Mark Griffith, Manager for Work Practices at Jemena to all of the company’s electricity employees and obtained by the Neil Mitchell program, stated:

Any Electronic meters on the low voltage circuit where the phase injection can be confirmed as a high voltage injection shall be replaced.

Dean Mighell explained this meant that after a house’s power had experienced a power surge, whether by a lightning strike or power outage, that the smart meter would require replacing.

“We’ve seen evidence now starting to emerge very strongly that these things are blowing up either at the time the (electricians) go to put the power on or after it goes out,” Dean Mighell told Neil Mitchell.

Read the rest of the story and LISTEN: Dean Mighell’s interview with Neil Mitchell on exploding smart metres:via Smart Meters need replacing after power surge | 3AW Neil Mitchell |.

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