Northcote fire questions safety of smart meters – Emergency Services

A FAMILY’S narrow escape from a Northcote house fire prompted a Darebin officer to raise concerns about smart meter installation.

Christmas St resident Sophie Tzirozidis hailed her 12-year-old son a hero after he ran to the front of their house, stopped traffic and alerted neighbours to help evacuate his grandfather, Peter, and grandmother, Vicki, before they were overcome with smoke.

“If Peter hadn’t have come running out screaming for help my parents would have died from smoke inhalation because my father’s had a stroke and he can’t walk and my mother couldn’t move because she was in shock,” Ms Tzirozidis said.

“The fire started from the smart meter and the flames spread straight up to the roof.

“There’s nothing smart about smart meters – they’re terrible.”

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade estimated the damage at $300,000.

One brigade officer, who refused to be named because he was opening “a political can of worms”, said this was the third serious fire in Northcote he’d attended in the past six months that started at the smart meter.

He said the power companies were involved in “a massive cover-up” denying responsibility.

“The problem is not with the meter itself but with connecting it to wiring in older houses,” the officer said.

“Unless something’s done (to fix the problem), unfortunately we’ll see a lot more of these fires and we just have to hope no one will get hurt.”

The MFB officer said he’d repeatedly watched power company authorities visiting the houses after the fires and claiming sabotage or other factors were involved to take the heat off them.

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8 Responses to Northcote fire questions safety of smart meters – Emergency Services

  1. Linda R. Floyd says:

    This document was created by stopsmartmetersbc – the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters in British Columbia, Canada. It was sent out to all Fire Chiefs across the province as well as to major insurers.

    Smart Meters: Message for Fire Fighters and Insurers:

    Message for Firefighters and Insurers (pdf):

    A message for Fire Fighters and Insurers: It is not the intent of this message to convince the reader that Smart Meters are the cause of fires. It is the intent to provide information that hints at a correlation between Smart Meters and fires that appear to occur in their vicinity.

    I A number of suspicious fires that appear to have started in the vicinity of Smart Meters

    II Indications that Smart Meters might have caused these fires

    III Possibilities as to how they might have caused these fires

    IV Implications for Insurers

  2. Helga Krastins says:

    No Smart Meter for me thank you

  3. Richard Leschen. says:

    This ongoing business of forcing people to allow these Now Proving To Be Very Dangerous so-called Microwave Smart Meters ( read incendiary devices on their properties ) is truly a CRIMINAL ACT on the part of these Foreign Owned Victorian Electricity Power Companies here named. Jemena. Citypower and PowerCor Australia Ltd, SP AusNET and United Energy Distribution. None of them will give you the minimum Legal Requirement which is a Proper Victorian Electrical Certificate Of Safety after installing these now proving to be very dangerous Microwave Smart Meters. In refusing to furnish you with this Proper Victorian Legal Certificate Of Electrical Safety, these above mentioned Electrical Power Companies and the contracted Electrical Smart Meter Installer Men are BREAKING THE LAW. As well as this you do not have to have a Smart Meter. It is illegal for anyone to coerce, bully or intimidate you to take a Smart Meter against your will and better judgement. These Smart Meters are a hazard to all life. This is now being proved all over the world every day. Yet another fire has broken out in Northcote a suburb of Melbourne after an Electrical Smart Meter was installed. See the detailed account just below the banner.
    I say “Padlock your Electricity Meter Boxes immediately to save both your lives your homes and property. Please dear readers, PLEASE HEED MY GOOD ADVICE “

  4. Eric says:

    This all sounds like “pink batts” mark two to me, except at the consumers’ expense.

  5. Pam Densley says:

    I too have just had my own Article Printed in our Local Paper (Warrnambool Standard 18/5/2012). I refuse to have a Smart Meter Installed and willl be locking my Box from Monday as they are in my area again installing these dangerous devices and I don’t want one installed while I go and do my shopping. I have Signs on my Meter Box saying I DO NOT WANT A SMART METER FITTED AT MY ADDRESS (Registered with PowerCor last May 2011 and again on 14/5/2012). I have since added TRESSPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED. Seems the latest Report says we have to have them well if they choose to turn my Power off so be it, I will use Candles I have Gas Stove and Heating until this MESS IS SORTED OUT.
    No Power Company is going to install a device that is a danger to my Health and my Family and my Home. There is too much evidence supporting the dangers of these Smart Meters and it is about time the Government cut their losses, came clean and stopped the Roll-out once and for all. Down the track those of us who have had the Guts to stand up for our rights also have the right to cast our Vote in the next Election. ……………
    I am going to phone the Electrical Trades Union on Monday to find out how they feel about the latest Report as apparently they issued a statement urging consumers to read the report with “Extreme caution”. In part……………………
    Mr. Feardon said the ESV Report was based on research, specific enquiries and investigation. “On all the available evidence I have no hesitation in assuring Victorians that smart meters are safe”. “We will nevertheless continue to monitor the rollout, investigate incidents and assess trends to ensure that safety of Victorians remains paramount”.
    The Report is available on the ESV website and submissions will be received until June 15 before a Final Report in July.
    In conclusion what are all these Reports Costing(?) – What is the cost of these Smart Meters (?) and what will be the cost in lives, people’s health years down the track. Who is going to pay when these darn things have to eventually be removed (?). — NO SMART METER FOR ME!!!!!

    • Sharron says:

      Pam, you are one smart lady and I pray that this Government “wakes up”to the fact that these devices are dangerous for the community. I am speechless at the Power Companies GREEDY and CRIMINAL behaviour and the public is rarely wrong on these issues!! God help us all if they are allowed to continue with this idiotic idea of FORCING customers to put up with 24/7 microwave radiation on their homes and families. It’s just PLAIN WRONG!!!!

  6. vickie says:

    These stories and many more have gone ignored, People have lost lives in the past 18 months due to house fires, how do we know they did not die as a result of a so called smart meter, its time to stand up and make an even louder noise…its much more serious than health effects, bills and privacy, people can die as a result of this madness, I and a friend of mine have been researching these fires in the past 18 months and there is a cover up going on. if a fireman’s statements do not get attention then we should be very worried. Please lock your meter boxes and save your lives……..

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