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Exploding Smart Meters

Posted by: 3AW Radio | 29 February, 2012 – 10:44 AM Dean Mighell, State Secretary of the Electrical Trades Union, has told Neil Mitchell there is ‘absolutely’ the potential for Jemena smart meters to cause house fires. These claims arise … Continue reading

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Smart Meter explosions covered up? 3AW

A whistleblower claims power companies know smart meters are exploding and are lying to consumers to cover it up. ‘John’ works for Jemena and claims at least six smart meters have exploded in and around Pascoe Vale, since Christmas. John … Continue reading

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Smart meter safety charge laid | Herald Sun

Safety concerns: ABC reporter Hamish Fitzsimmons inspects his fuse box, where the fire began. Picture: Chris Scott Herald Sun AN electrician has been charged after a woman suffered an electric shock from her newly installed smart meter. Energy Safe Victoria … Continue reading

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Smart meters here to stay | 3AW

Dean Mighell, head of Victoria’s peak electricity union says he still won’t be having a smart meter installed despite today’s announcement. Mighell is one of many outraged this morning to learn Premier Ted Baillieu will not stop the highly controversial roll … Continue reading

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