I will live in fear and never be able to leave my home!

Hey guys..I have no horror story..yet…but…I had occasion today to contact my billing company and it came up about smart meters and that I do not want one. I told the guy on the phone that I had put my name with Powercor to not have one installed at this time..and this guy told me that we all will have to have them and that putting it off is not going to stop us having to have one. I told him I would not have one until a proper investigation was done about the health issues already found..and now the issues of some getting on fire.

This guy ..from Red Energy said to not believe all I read..that there are no substantiated health risks..no more than that when using a mobile..and that the fires were not caused by the meters at all but by wiring etc., I asked him why would an installer say there was..and why isn’t an “allergy” to experiencing too many microwave thingies and the torment it causes in making people have to move out of their homes etc classed as significant to investigate. He said the investigation went ahead and nothing of any significance was found..and that he could GUARANTEE that i would not be affected by having the smart meter..and that he has had one for six months.

My brother is an electrician..and even he does not want one….because of the high sensitivity to the microwave thingies..and the increase of meters going on fire.
He says that these new meters have no surge protection and when there is spiking..well fire can occur..so they are not safe…and he said that all meter boxes need to be fireproofed.

I know that my deathly fear is fire in my home because I have pets. I have smoke detectors etc..and i am very very careful..and one smoke detector alerts a security company if i am not home..however…I do not have anything that I know that can just catch on fire..but, now that i KNOW that having this meter MAY cause fire….I will not be able to leave my home…I will want to stay here on guard..because of my pets etc…and I will try to find stuff that can put out electrical fires..in other words…..I will live in fear 24/7…

It seems that no matter what..I will have to have one of these..and they do not care that my life will be changed forever…that I will live in fear and never be able to leave my home unless someone is here at all times.

I know that this guy at red energy thinks it is all nothing….I do not want to have to live in fear……but, my house will never be able to be left with no one in it… Is there nothing we can do to force these people to not put the meter in..can we start some kind of legal action to protect ourselves..to get the choice of a smart meter or not…I have put off the installation for now..but they will not let me get away with it.

I am getting more scared now about this meter..knowing I will not be able to stop them from installing it……but i also know that people in places like red energy are telling people what that guy told me. How can we fight for the right to have a choice?

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3 Responses to I will live in fear and never be able to leave my home!

  1. Ex Facie says:

    Put in writing to the energy retailer, energy distributor and the Minister that you do not consent to installation of a smart meter, nor provide consent to enter property other than to read the meter, and unless the energy distributor can provide evidence of ownership then state they own nothing on the property. In my opinion your communications should be directed more towards the distributor and not the retailer as they are responsible for installations. The retailers will just spew the standard line.

    If the distributor claims you have a contractual obligation to allow an installation, then ask for evidence of a contract where there has been valid and lawful formation, offer and acceptance. If they point you to a Government Gazette then tell them it’s not a contract and you don’t accept the terms. If they allege implied consent then explicitly tell them you are withdrawing any consent. Put up no trespass signs too.

    The distributor can only deal with you on the basis of contractual dispute and would require to take civil action in the courts to force an installation, particularly if you have it caged. If they turn off the power and you suffer because of it, then you could take legal action against the distributor and they’ll have to PROVE WITH EVIDENCE that a lawful and valid contract exists, that you dishonoured the contract, and that you agreed that shutting off the electricity was part of the contract.

    I am surprised a law firm hasn’t sniffed onto a possible class action suit as there are many avenues that which it could be approached. I am not a lawyer but there are some very dodgy aspects to privatisation of the electricity industry/assets in Victoria and the way (consumer) contracts are applied.

  2. David says:

    Today I contacted the Customer Service area of the Dept. of Primary Industries and asked a few direct questions. Firstly, I asked what offence (if any) would be committed by a person who continues to refuse to have a smart meter installed at their premises – I also requested the statutory/regulatory reference for any possible offence. The C.S.O. was unable to answer my query and sought advice from her supervisor. i was advised that they were not aware of any legislated offence for same. I then asked if continued refusal would result in disconnection of power supply – the C.S.O. neither confirmed or denied this would be the case but instead read me a short spiel stating that in cases where there is a dispute, the power company would consult with the customer in an attempt to reach a satisfactory conclusion. This has confirmed my belief that there are no legal consequences to refusing to have a smart meter fitted and that the government bodies/power companies are trying to bluff the public into meekly accepting the meters.

  3. Martin says:

    Lock up your meter box or get a wire cadge installed around the box with a lock. And have a small opening for the meter to be read.

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