Reciprocal Buck Passing – No Care, No Accountability and No Responsibility

Buck Passing

Are you aware of the extent of the financial fiasco concerning Victoria’s smart meter roll-out?

Victoria’s gargantuan smart meter roll-out, with costs to consumers of over 2.4 billion dollars and still counting, appears to have started life under a cloud.  The Victorian Auditor-General’s 2009 Report on the roll-out cast scathing criticism on its benefit for Victorians, stating “The cost-benefit study behind the AMI decision was flawed and failed to offer a comprehensive view of the economic case for the project.”

Nothing much has changed since 2009.  The costs to consumers continue to escalate. But the financial blow-out, which every Victorian is paying for, represents only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the impact which this ill-conceived roll-out is causing to Victorians.

I, like an increasing number of Victorians, have suffered debilitating health effects as a consequence of the pulsed microwave radiation deployed by wireless smart meters.  I, like many other Victorians, have been shuffled from department to department, in an effort to find a single department which is prepared to acknowledge, let alone deal with what seems to be a very serious emerging health crisis. There appears to be a complete absence of accountability and responsible handling of this issue. I, like many others, would like to know who is liable financially and all inclusively for the loss of health, wages, quality of life and career prospects of people affected by EMF-RF radiation? No one in the scientific community, government agencies, medical organisations and other institutions could possibly ever know what a safe exposure level is for each individual. Yet the powers-that-be continue to throw around unsubstantiated claims about how smart meters are safe.

Victorian journalists also have a role to play.  A litany of duplicity and financial ineptitude has been the hallmark of the roll-out.  No journalist, as yet, has delved into the tragic culture of obfuscation that happens behind closed government department doors, in response to the many Victorians who have lodged impassioned pleas for relief from pulsating irradiation of their homes.

And so now, without further ado, I present to you all my next installment of  “Taking a Stand” blog which covers the topic of reciprocal buck passing.

Over the last 2 years I have been writing letters and making the occasional phone call to Government Ministers, Health Department Officials, Scientists at the Victorian Radiation Health Advisory Committee, the CEO and Scientists of ARPANSA, Power Utility AMI spokespeople and CEO, senior staff members from the DPI, Medical Doctors, the CEO of the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and the CEO of ACMA to get someone to investigate my health issues that only developed in earnest when smart meters were rolled out in my street. I have been suffering constant headaches and at one stage (prior to moving to the back of the house) heart palpitations, lethargy, concentration and memory issues, etc. I am not the only one experiencing these effects and have been advised by the Stop Smart Meters Association (SSMA) that there are more than 140 other people who have registered health complaints that show the same or similar symptoms, which only occurred after smart meters were installed on their homes or their neighbours’ homes. Every week SSMA is contacted by new people registering their health problems and concerns.

What is clearly evident is that there is reciprocal buck passing occurring and nobody wants to handle this hot potato. Is it a case of too much money having been spent and nobody wants to have egg on their face by admitting there could be a problem? Of course making money appears to be a higher priority than dealing with people who are suffering, as my blog will demonstrate. This unconscionable behaviour is shameful and disturbing. Enough is enough! It is time our politicians showed leadership and some backbone to seriously deal with this public health concern.

In order to keep the size of this blog to a manageable size I have put my evidence which is quite sizable in a document that can be downloaded from here -> Buck Passing Evidence


It is amazing how many authoritative people I have been in contact with over this issue who think they are qualified to produce “factual” statements.  So many “righteous” people who are supposed to serve the public but are not prepared to listen and help people who are suffering. Many of the responses from the various departments in the attached document are based on template answers that are void of intellectual and moral decency.

Many government departments and industry bodies suggest that a weight of evidence has not linked radiofrequencies below the thermal threshold with any health issues. We need a paradigm shift in scientific thinking that moves away from the current “weight of evidence” model used by a lot of international RF standards bodies and health departments because it relegates all evidence that is of a lesser weight to being unimportant and inconsequential. Scientists should be testing each and every research article (positive and negative) for quality, accuracy and repeatability, especially if a study is showing possible harm. Not one study showing possible effects should be ignored unless they can be unequivocally proven to be flawed. Even if there is only one study that shows an effect that is potentially harmful and meets stringent scientific acceptance criteria it must be taken seriously.

Everybody should have the right to live in an environment free from unnecessary pain and mental anguish that is being inflicted on us by these unnatural RF emissions that are delivered by smart meters and other non consensual wireless devices/transmitters. In this regard the Victorian government has been delinquent and willfully negligent in its handling of the smart meter roll-out by not conducting any post roll-out surveillance studies to confirm that wireless smart meters are safe and not causing health issues. Power utilities have also shown a wanton and callous disregard for those who are suffering by continuing to roll-out smart meters on and around the affected individual’s property.  They assume that because RF emissions are purportedly lower than other wireless devices, smart meters must be safe.

The government and the power utilities continue to make fallacious and unfounded statements, knowing full well that there are people suffering and that ALL radiofrequencies have been classified by the IARC as a possible carcinogen. None of the departments contacted have yet to provide any proof of safety. If any one of them actually took the time to investigate the mounting scientific evidence of harm they would recognise that wireless RF exposure can result in increased risks and has been linked to leukaemia, reproductive issues, behavioural issues, autism, neurological effects, DNA changes, certain types of cancer, and changes in the blood-brain barrier. It is time that responsible and considered action be taken by all of the offending parties mentioned in this blog to avoid a future public health catastrophe. A post roll-out surveillance study investigating those who are claiming to be affected by smart meter emissions would be a good start as well as adopting the precautionary principle espoused in ACMA’s Industry Code which is not currently being followed.

I also sent this blog to a number of politicians, the chief health officer, news agencies, ACMA, APRANSA as well as other institutions. The covering letter can be found by clicking here -> Letter to Politicians and Chief Health Officer

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41 Responses to Reciprocal Buck Passing – No Care, No Accountability and No Responsibility

  1. Hasegawa Soujiro says:

    Class action, anyone?

  2. John C says:

    On Seven news tonight. Hundreds of Melbourne homes have had their power disconnected by mistake.

  3. Sofia says:

    I am one of the sufferers of the smart meter roll out. I am loosing my eyesight at a rapid speed amongst all other health issues. United Energy installed meter inside my bedroom. I am now dealing with EWOV Ombudsman, and believe me it’s ABSOLUTELY debilitating experience. UE offered to relocate the meter…at my cost – $4000!!!

    • "Anonymous" I'm allowed to choose says:

      Sofia, my experience is that many politicians are very insipid. Nevertheless, in your situation it would be worthwhile to visit both your state and federal MP’s. It’s luck of the draw as to what sort of persons you will encounter in your electorate. Nevertheless you have a story to tell that needs to be heard. You may even try Karen Collier at the Herald Sun. You have all to gain and nothing to lose.

      For those in debilitating situations like Sofia’s, legal action is very viable but I’m also thinking that somehow we need to let our wallets do the talking. We have the option of telling persons such as United Energy “No more business, get off my property, take your equipment including your stinking cancer box and you will never get a single cent out of me again”. (It wouldn’t totally surprise me if they then try the stunt of leaving the cancer box on the premises through some sort of claim that we now own the cancer box.)

    • dukehawe says:

      threaten to sue them for 40,000!

  4. Eric says:

    – GROUP 2B –

    Fancy a nice cup of tea
    Just add DDT
    It won’t make you sad
    Cos it can’t be too bad
    If it’s grouped in 2B
    With radio frequency
    So sleep well at night
    And don’t shudder in fright
    If you otherwise thought
    Your time might be cut short

  5. John M says:

    Everything is or has become a corporation including government. You cannot plead with a corporation for duty of care and rights and fair pricing when the only concern of a corporation is shareholder profits. You’ll get buck passing and lip service but nothing will change except the passage of wasted time. The only recourse individuals (consumers) have is to NOT purchase the product or service. When and only when that is done in sufficient numbers to substantially effect profits will the direction or product change to meet demands. Alternatives and work arounds have to be sought and used in order to remove the control held over you. Make these corporations less profitable and irrelevant by starving them out of what they crave above all else… MONEY!!!! It is the only vote that will be listened to in a corporatist world of greed in collusion with government.

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  7. Caveat Emptor says:

    Latest propaganda c/o Herald Sun tonight.
    “Smart meter savings to kick in” Karen Collier , Herald Sun September 15, 2013 10:00PM
    NEW electricity price plans that charge different rates by the time of day and could save some Victorian households $150 a year are set for release.

    Customers are rewarded most for using power late at night, early in the morning and on weekends and pay a ­premium for weekday peak times under optional flexible tariffs to be marketed from Tuesday.

    Some could face a summer surcharge for using airconditioners and other appliances during weekday afternoons and dinner times in the hottest months of the year.

    The voluntary rates, for households with active smart meters, cost most for electricity use from 3pm-9pm weekdays, compared with off-peak discounts for 10pm-7am on weekdays and weekends.

    A shoulder rate applies from 7am-3pm and 9pm-10pm on weekdays and 7am-10pm on weekends.

    Major retailers AGL, ­EnergyAustralia and Origin are among those who will offer the plans.

    Consumers are being urged to consider whether time-of-use consumption charges are compatible with their lifestyle.

    They can trial them with an existing retailer, and return to regular flat rates if the new tariffs are unsuitable, without incurring administration fees, until March 31 next year.

    “The key message is people who can sustainably shift their energy out of peak times are best positioned to benefit,” AGL marketing retail and sales general manager Mark Brownfield said.

    AGL’s published basic “standing offers” have peak charges 52 per cent to 98 per cent higher than off-peak, ­depending where customers live.

    The shoulder rates are similar to the standard flat rates most people currently pay.

    The default offers also list a “summer peak” rate in the southeastern suburbs and the Mornington Peninsula that is higher than the peak for the rest of the year.

    Mr Brownfield said customers interested in AGL’s flexible tariffs would need to phone to discuss electricity use patterns.

    EnergyAustralia modelling has found some of its customers, who already use a lot of ­energy on weekends and late at night, would save more than $150 a year.

    Retail group executive manager Adrian Merrick said customers wanted more control over electricity bills.

    EnergyAustralia will release three types of flexible plans aimed at people at home during the day; workers away from home on weekdays; and shift workers. There are no separate summer rates.

    Some industry sources said although some Victorians could expect to cut bills ­dramatically with flexible tariffs, savings of 2 to 5 per cent would be more typical.

    Net link:


    * Clothes washing and drying: Shift laundry to off-peak periods when possible. Rinse and wash with cold water if possible.

    * Air-conditioning and heating: Install a programmable thermostat and set it to reduce energy use when you’re asleep or away.

    * In summer, as much as possible, avoid running your airconditioner from 3pm-9pm on weekdays – consider a fan first.

    * Use your dishwasher, washing machine, clothes dryer and other appliances after 9pm. Always run full dishwashing loads and don’t forget the air-dry setting.

    * Operate swimming pool equipment only during early morning and evening hours.

    Source: AGL

    • Tanya says:

      This is sounding worse and worse! Why would these new whizz bang price plans (that we’ve already paid a heavy price for in terms of house fires, ill health, loss of privacy, and bill shock) turn out to be unsuitable, leading the consumer to back out of them? How can we have gone through all this hell only to be financially worse off when we switch to one of these ‘money saving’ plans?

      You can save a measly $150 per year, that’s less than $40 per quarterly bill. That’s probably considerably less than 10% of the average bill. And for that joy you get to set the alarm to wake up at 3 a.m. to start the washing machine and diswasher, followed by the joy of waking at 7 a.m. to a flooded kitchen and laundry because you weren’t awake to see that something was going wrong, followed by being late for work because you had to deal with the mess. And each time you set the alarm for 3 a.m. you are probably saving a whopping 3 cents. I’d get out of bed at 3 a.m. for that; yeh, right!

      And on top of that, we get the joy of being slugged even more for daring to turn on our air-conditioner on a 40 degree day when we get home from work. Takes the joy out of getting home, doesn’t it? Might as well stay at work. Not to mention AGL’s ‘generous’ default plan (that people presumably end up on unawares) that slugs you just for being alive during the whole of summer. Turn up the heat some more so we can all die and save money.

      We were warned by those in the know that this promise of savings was a lie and now those ‘doom-sayers’ are turning out to be correct. Where do the lies from power companies end?

    • Citizen for democracy says:

      So, my health and my family’s health is worth $150!? You must be kidding me! People who have become ill from exposure to smart meters will have already spent much more than that in doctors’ fees and unnecessary medical tests.
      By the way, someone who works FOR the ‘industry’ has disclosed to me that energy retailers can change the tariff times without notice and WILL do that if they see that people are shifting their energy usage to a different time of the day. So, it is simply impossible to save money, the way ‘dynamic pricing’ is implemented in Victoria. Time of use tariffs exist so that electricity retailers can jack up the price at peak time (definition of peak time is dynamic though, so will be changed without notice at retailer’s discretion) and then make customers feel like it was THEIR fault for not using electricity at the correct time (which is being changed without you knowing, so you can’t win). It is simply diabolical!

    • To Caveat Emptor,
      Oh Goody Goody Gum Drops !
      Lets all go Troppo and cook our Sunday roast dinner at five minutes past eleven and sit down to roast lamb carrots and baked spuds topped off with fresh minted peas and gravy at around 3 A.M in the morning, and don’t forget to get your washing done at the same time.

      May be the man or woman next door, down in the tenement building, with the adjoining wall to yours, won’t sleep too well with the thumping that the washing machine is making, but stuff that folks, you’re only trying to save money after all. If he comes over early in the morning around six thirty or seven o’clock and biffs you in your cake-hole, that would be unfair as you’re only trying to save money after all.

  8. Eric says:

    See on fourth page of the following being page “496”

    Click to access emfgdl.pdf

    “Induction of cancer from long-term EMF
    exposure was not considered to be established, and so
    these guidelines are based on short-term, immediate
    health effects such as stimulation of peripheral nerves
    and muscles, shocks and burns caused by touching
    conducting objects, and elevated tissue temperatures
    resulting from absorption of energy during exposure to
    EMF. In the case of potential long-term effects of
    exposure, such as an increased risk of cancer, ICNIRP
    concluded that available data are insufficient to provide a
    basis for setting exposure restrictions…………………………………..”

    This is contradictory to ARPANSA’s claims re protection below thermal threshold

  9. Eric says:

    Committee Members
    Members of the Committee are appointed by the Minister for terms of 3 years. The current term is from 2011 to 2014. The Committee members and their areas of expertise are:

    Dr David Bernshaw
    Radiation oncology

    Dr Ken Joyner
    Non-ionising radiation

    Dr Roslyn Drummond
    Radiation oncology

    Prof Robert Gibson

    Dr Graeme O’Keefe
    Medical physics

    Mr Russell Booth
    Nuclear medicine

    Dr Russell Horney
    Medical physics

    Mr Christopher Perry

    Dr Joanna Lia Wriedt
    Law and epidemiology

    Mr Paul Tomlinson
    Industrial radiography

    Dr Dean Morris
    Accelerator physics

    Mr Paul Marks
    Nuclear medicine and medical physics

    Dr Ray Budd
    Medical physics


    “Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association Chief Executive Officer, Chris Althaus, said Dr Joyner’s departure from Motorola is a huge loss to the mobile telecommunications industry because of his standing and expertise.”

    “Dr Joyner, who also worked with Telstra from 1985-97, said he is looking for new opportunities to work in the telecommunications industry.”

    “It has been an absolute pleasure and a privilege to work with each of you and I wish you the very best of luck in the future”

  10. K8 says:

    Perhaps things need to escalate a bit further up the ‘tree’? Perhaps its time to actually start asking the Commonwealth of Australia (of whom ‘oversee’ Australia as a whole) exactly ‘who are you?’ & that the onus is on this authority to prove to us who they exactly are. We are currently operating under a Corporate Constitution – not Common Law based Constitution. Given that the Commonwealth of Australia is a registered corporation in USA and has been for yonks, maybe its time to start asking some BIG questions to these boys? My take on it is that we are dealing with TWO corporations, none who have ANY authority over me! Perhaps we can shake things from the top down?!

    • ARPANSA figures are useless folks,
      I spoke to second in charge at ARPANSA some months ago and he admitted to me that all their figures go back 12 to 15 years ago and new figures need to be worked on as the old ones don’t add up to today’s worrying results coming in from aggrieved Electricity Customers here in Victoria regarding Microwave Radiation figures in respect to Wi-Fi and the latest figures coming from these Electric Microwave, and as I call them, anything but Smart Meters.

  11. Kev says:

    Jeff Kennet was the guy who sold off the state (people owned) electricity. As for beaurocrats Not doing what’s right well wake up thats the way it is. Now we have the dishourable Micheal O’Brien wanting to cut roadworthys for cars up to 5yrs old- so much for raod safety- but that’s anoyther story. There IS proof of what RF does to people – everyone just seems to turn a blind eye to it. ALL write to the governor general or Her Majesty the Queen Demanding the sacking of the government for gross negligence, total irresponsible Mismanagement etc. Then put someone in who is going to stand up and be at least 1/2 responsible and sack the government department heads and management who aren’t doing their jobs- Hold the whole lot Accountable.

    • Hi Kevin,
      When Jeff Kennett sold our Victorian peoples owned State Electricity to the five foreign owned Chines and Singaporeans he did not have the right to do so.

      Finally when he Jeff Kennett and these Corporate Low-Life’s and complicity Victorian Labour and Liberal Party Ministers responsible for all of this Microwave Madness are finally dragged into Court kicking and screaming with Legal warrants for their lawful arrest and given a fair trial and finally proven Guilty in Court as they most certainly will be, with all the irrefutable evidence pointing that way, it’s a pity I am not the Judge. For after a fair trial upon which I insist and twelve (12 ) Jurors straight and true have heard all of the evidence against these now seeming to be ‘Robber Barons and Crooked Politicians as well as the C.E.O’s of these foreign owned power companies here in Victoria and all of their ilk, as well as the now seemingly corrupt past Victorian Labour Government and this also seemingly corrupt Victorian Liberal Party Government.

      When their trial is over and the Jury find those of them all GUILTY, then I as the Judge would throw the lot of these nere-do-wells into Prison for fifty years to be served in full with no remission for good behaviour, now that would be a fair and just and well deserved punishment.

  12. Anxious Victorian says:

    I am forced to take anxiety tablets just to live in my house, since the neighbors meter went in and has made me sick. The anxiety tablets of course do nothing to ease the symptoms of the health affects caused by the smart meter but it was something i had to go on because the stress and anxiety this whole situation is causing me was taking its toll…I cant believe i have to live with being sick in my own home. I cannot use half of my house and my children still don’t have a bedroom as their room is affected by this one smart meter. Why would i let my children be the power company’s and governments little lab rats… NO THANKS….Of course the power companies all think your nuts when you complain and don’t believe the smart meter is the problem…It funny that, given i feel like crap every time i am near them. I may now have to consider selling…its sad given this is my new home and it was my dream renovation. Only being living here a year and a bit and now i have to think of given it all up…The question is where do you go when these evil devices are everywhere…..Not happy to be a Victorian anymore, these smart meters have literally ruined my life.

    • Etc, Etc says:

      Don’t stop fighting for YOUR RIGHTS! We all need to channel that anger and beat these clowns at their own game, be just as ignorant to their ‘claims’ of safety and the whole doing us a favour?? kind of spin that they seem to adore. They sold out themselves when they took a job with that power company, they already look like fools. So be it. I’m currently trying to find homes without these meters as I want to sell up (not happy with them in my neighbourhood either) but it has become difficult as the things are everywhere and so too are phone towers which also affect me. I don’t see why I should have to live anywhere near this crap!!! Have become electro-sensitive to Wi-Fi and mobiles as well, so am familiar with what you described. It’s an awful way to live…

    • To Anxious Victorian,
      Get some Legal advice is my answer as did I and acted upon it. See if you can’t sue the C.E.O of the foreign owned Electric Power Company for your area personally, and the current Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources Mr Nicholas Kotsiras for he is the feigling working hand in glove with these foreign owned and corrupt Electric Power Companies. As was the past Minister for Energy and Resources that truly like minded turn-coat Mr Michael O’Brien, who like Mr Nicholas Kotsiras and Mr Peter Bachelor have shown No Duty of Care for any Victorian Persons’ Medical Health or Welfare as they continue to cruelly and wickedly treat Victorians as Laboratory Mice and Rats which is against the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 as well as the International Charter of Human Rights and certainly against Brodie’s law which is against BULLING in the work-place or in the school or in the home or on the sports field or anywhere at all, when deliberate and consistent bullying is used against anyone at any time at all.

      Using Brodie’s Law which came into force in Victoria in June of 2011 you can use this in your defence against these Corporate Microwave Pirates of the Suburbs and their C.E.O’s from any of the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies and against this now proving himself to be, Dishonourable Mr Nicholas Kotsiras as well, as he is the incumbent Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources who is showing no Duty of care for your or anyone’s Health or Well-being.

      Go and see a decent lawyer. It’s certainly worth a try, that’s for sure !

  13. Citizen for democracy says:

    Thank-you for articulating the truth in such a lucid, logical and coherent manner. What is happening in Victoria is simply SCANDALOUS. Various Government and Health Departments are complicit in this shameful and silly (there’s only so much crap and lies people are going to believe) attempt at denying the reality of what is happening to hundreds of Victorians (becoming suddenly ill after smart meter installation) and of the fact that a CLASS 2B CARCINOGEN (same class as lead and DDT) is being FORCED on every single Victorian resident – be they old, babies, children, the sick or pregnant women.
    I’m sick of the argument that they emit the same amount of radiation as other (non-mandatory) wireless devices – I may be ok with the freedom to smoke if I want to, but NO-ONE can force me to smoke if I don’t want to! The analogy may not be perfect, but I think people get the picture.
    I have been aware for a while now that there is a very intentional CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE on the part of mainstream media, one that clearly BREACHES THEIR CODE OF ETHICS. I’m especially disappointed in ‘The Age’ and the ‘ABC’, as they portray themselves as offering serious, ground breaking investigative journalism, but have acted all along AS IF SMART METERS DIDN’T EVEN EXIST!

    • Anonymous says:

      The Media Alliance Code of Ethics clearly states journalists’ responsibility to ‘REPORT AND INTERPRET HONESTLY, STRIVING FOR ACCURACY, FAIRNESS AND DISCLOSURE OF ALL ESSENTIAL FACTS’. It goes on to say that journalists are not supposed to ‘SUPPRESS RELEVANT AVAILABLE FACTS, OR GIVE DISTORTING EMPHASIS’, and also must do their ‘UTMOST TO GIVE A FAIR OPPORTUNITY FOR REPLY’. See
      Yet, it took a courageous business SMH journalist – Michael West – to disclose Fairfax’ and Kerry Stokes’ massive financial gains from Landis+Gyr smart meters, on 24th December 2012. Look it up – ‘Smart Meters, but at whose expense?’ I think, in Victoria, we unfortunately know the answer to that.

    • Informed Choice says:

      I couldn’t agree more! Just think of the thousands of home owners who are yet to realise the cause of their apparent ill health or those who have been living with a smart meter on their bedroom/lounge wall for sometime with no knowledge of health implications. As someone who has been aware of the stinking truth of the smart meter SCAM since before the government ‘review’ happened, I feel so much anger towards these hateful departments who do nothing to help anyone and refuse to listen because of their arrogance. Talk about betrayal of justice…and all media is basically a joke these days – take the federal election for example, what a load of trash talking nonsense!

  14. Don Maisch says:

    And when the Chief Health Officer gets the letter it will be sent to the Victorian Radiation Advisory Committee for comment. As has been mentioned before on this site, the only person on this 14 member committee with “non-ionizing” so-called expertise is Dr. Ken Joyner, a paid telecommunications industry consultant and former “EMR Strategist” for Motorola. So, when it comes to smart meter health effects, it is a committee of one. The Chief Medical Officer and govt. is willfully blind to this monstrous conflict of interest in a committee that is supposed to protect the health of Victorians from radiation damage. And none of them have the integrity, or guts, to say anything about this injustice.

    Don Maisch

  15. Rob Guy says:

    Victorian government derelict in its duty of care? I could not agree more. Some examples:
    DPI promoting the product of one distributor using tax monies paid by that distributor’s competitors; We do not need ironical comment while it exists in real life?
    ESV audited the effectiveness of distributors’ management of safety issues while themselves lacking an approved management system to manage such audits;
    ESV ability to just monitor a distributors management of safety issues is dependant on ministerial approval. Is ESV a truly independant authority for electrical safety?

    Non-ionising radiation is not the only cause of alarm and despondency.We still do not know whether sabotage or faulty manufacture caused the Northcote smart meter fires. Has the government published a common factor in the spate of house fires over the last few years? If there is a latent defect in some meters, is anyone investigating the latency period? Should consumers fit a battery=operated smoke alarm to the inside of their meter box?

    • Anonymous says:

      I have never seen so many house fires reported in this state, as in the last 18 months or so. The smart meter’s radiofrequencies couple onto the wiring and run along the entire wiring of the house (in effect turning the entire wiring into an antenna), so a smart meter fire can start at any point of the wiring. Electricians know this, that’s why the Electrical Union did not think WIRELESS smart meters are safe.

      • Rob Guy says:

        If the spate of house fires in Victoria is down to smart meters,it is mch more likely to be a consequence of the instllation process, probably down to poor subcontractor control by the distributor. This uestion remains open until ESV undertakes a review of the causes of house fires. ///but do not hold your breath.

      • Heather says:

        Yes I agree, almost every morning there is another report of a house fire (with the cause being investigated of course). We usually hear something like, “The fire started in the back of the house.” Surely our wonderful Fire Fighters must have an idea, but are afraid to speak out in case they lose their jobs. I will not allow a “Smart” meter to burn my house down.

        • Anonymous says:

          A man in Geelong didn’t survive a house fire that supposedly started because of a power surge that was never confirmed. Thousands of homes were blacked out at the same time. In all my years before smart meters, I don’t recall hearing of such events.
          A while ago a fireman did speak out anonymously because he was very concerned that someone would be killed by smart meter fires.

    • Sabotage, my Derriere,
      That’s just the corrupt C.E.O looking for excuses. The cops didn’t find any vandals at all.

  16. Simmo says:

    Twice we have been approached by fitters of smartmeter installers and they were told we did not want one , very politely I was told that it was my right to refuse and that someone would contact me to convince me to install the meter.also he told me older homes required full board upgrades at owners expense. Remember fee simple is law look it up.What constitutes a contract ,your rites with trespassing ,forced selling consumer affairs and more.The law showing the penalty for smart meter refusal and the fines imposed (no such law)just standover tactics. No smart meter on my house

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