Technical study reveals magnitude of Victorian smart meter transmissions

The purpose of the latest technical study commissioned by the Victorian government, ‘Quantifying Smart Meter RF EME Levels in Victorian Homes‘, was to confirm that the radiofrequency electromagnetic energy (RF EME) from smart meters continues to meet ARPANSA’s standard for radiofrequencies. There was never any doubt that this would be the case, given the nature of Australia’s standard. In fact, some people believe it would be more apt to refer to ARPANSA’s RF standard as a ‘cooking’ standard rather than a ‘radiation protection’ standard, given its predication on thermal effects (i.e. one’s flesh must increase by about 1 degree before emissions fall foul of the standard), and disregard for biological outcomes.

However, the study does provide interesting data on the average number of transmissions (pulses) which occurred over a one hour period at each of the 55 properties which were surveyed. The results are not pretty. Extrapolating the data shown on pages 80 – 81 of the report to a 24-hour period, the median number of pulses was a staggering 11,988 pulses per day for meters in the mesh networks, 10,992 pulses per day for meters in AusNet Services’s WiMAX network and 20,280 pulses per day for meters in the 3G network deployed by AusNet Services to reach outlier meters. The averages (arithmetic means) were considerably higher; in the case of the mesh networks, where the majority of the testing was performed, this amounted to an average of 44,314 pulses per day.

The astounding amount of traffic generated by smart meter networks, both as a result of meters being used to relay other meters’ data (in the case of the mesh networks), as well as a result of network ‘chatter’ across all networks, makes a mockery of power distributors’ previous attempts to mislead consumers into believing that their meter only transmitted at such times as their own household data was being polled. Typical of the distributors’ claims were statements such as “During the course of a day the transmission time is spaced over 4-6 transmissions“. Really?! Certainly, there were large differences in the number of transmissions per site; page 80 of the report shows that the average mesh transmissions per hour ranged from 98 through to 15,396 transmissions per hour, representing a worst case outcome of 369,504 transmissions per day; average WiMAX transmissions ranged from 52 through to 66,092 transmissions per hour, representing a worst case outcome of 1,586,208 transmissions per day; and average 3G transmissions ranged from 252 through to 176,201 transmissions per hour, representing a worst case outcome of 4,228,824 transmissions per day. Difficulty in establishing communications was the reason ascribed to the meters in the 3G and WiMAX networks which had exceptionally high numbers of transmissions.

Victoria’s networks appear to be generating even larger volumes of traffic than revealed by previous studies. Prior to this latest technical study, which was completed by Perth-based Total Radiation Solutions, Australian authorities had only examined the traffic profile of a single (!) smart meter. However, according to information that California-based Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) was required to file in court, which referenced 88,000 deployed meters in a mesh network, scheduled readings of six times per day resulted in a median of 9,600 transmissions per day (see pp. 3-5, A worst case scenario resulted in 190,000 transmissions per day. PG&E use the same technology (from Silver Spring Networks) as deployed by Powercor, CitiPower, Jemena and United Energy in Victoria for its mesh networks, and by Horizon and Western Power in WA (for its Solar City program).

Although smart meter transmissions are extremely brief, it is the pulsed nature of RF which much of the scientific research sees as impacting on biological processes. In consequence, the magnitude of transmissions, across all networks, is highly concerning. The study also recorded instantaneous values, as well as showing the values averaged over a six minute period, which is the time period over which ARPANSA’s RF standard requires smart meter emissions to be assessed. The resulting figures, shown in Tables A – C of the report for the highest six-minute average, graphically demonstrate how this approach seemingly reduces the significance of emission levels.

The study trotted out the obligatory studies purporting to show the RF burden that modern householders are typically exposed to, in comparison to RF from a smart meter. However, this ignores the fact that the public has the right to determine their own exposure levels in regards to many of the items listed …this is hardly the case with 24/7 smart meter emissions. It is also irresponsible to suggest that because many householders have already chosen to saturate themselves in a (Group 2B) possible human carcinogen, that ‘just a bit more’ won’t hurt; isn’t this akin to the perverse logic of a drug or alcohol addict reasoning that just one more shot/drink won’t hurt? See ‘A Critique of the New Zealand Report: Health and Safety Aspects of Electricity Smart Meters’ in relation to one of the studies referred to in the report:

Ambient background levels of RF levels were also conducted inside and outside of properties. These measurements excluded smart meter emissions. Tellingly, although in general the background levels exceeded the levels created by smart meter emissions, this was not always the case; in some instances, smart meter emissions represent the dominant RF exposure source within the home. However, no consideration seems to have been given to the fact that background levels of RF radiation in Victoria have already been skewed by the introduction of smart meter networks. For instance, all the data collected from the mesh networks’ Access Points is fed into existing telecommunication services (using the frequencies deployed by these services) to make the backhaul journey to electricity distributors. How much lower would background levels across Victoria be if this large body of transmissions was removed, thus further accentuating the RF footprint of smart meters?

The authors of the study conclude that RF EME levels from the smart meters surveyed were significantly below the general public exposure limits specified by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA). The observation was made that “In general terms, the levels of RF EME from the smart meters found inside the home were typically hundreds if not thousands of times below the Australian standard.” This offers cold comfort to Victorians; 40% of the world’s population has the benefit of protection which is ten to hundreds, if not thousands of times, more rigorous than the ARPANSA standard.

Read the report Quantifying Smart Meter RF EME Levels in Victorian Homes here.

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22 Responses to Technical study reveals magnitude of Victorian smart meter transmissions

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  2. Jill says:

    Did the Australian Standards protect those people suffering from ailments they developed post the installation of a smart meter device, such ailments being debilitating headaches, nausea, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, nosebleeds.

    It has now been proven that the “Australian Standards” do not protect anybody as they originated from a bogus intent to being with and are numbers of flawed basis.

  3. Anonymous says:

    From above: “this ignores the fact that the public has the right to determine their own exposure levels in regards to many of the items listed …this is hardly the case with 24/7 smart meter emissions.” Is this true?

    ARPANSA says “Occupational exposure (see Glossary) is permitted only after thorough risk analysis has been performed and the appropriate risk management and control regimes are in force (see Section 5). General public exposure is less controlled and in many cases members of the general public are unaware of their exposure to RF fields. Moreover, individual members of the general public may be continually exposed and cannot reasonably be expected to take precautions to minimise or avoid exposure. These considerations underlie the application of more stringent exposure restrictions for the general public than for the occupationally exposed population.”

  4. hello says: – bluetooth-radiation-may-be-more-dangerous-than-cell-phone-radiation-2/


    1. Well‐replicated studies have shown that weak electromagnetic fields remove calcium ions bound to the membranes of living cells, making them more likely to tear, develop temporary pores and leak.

    2. DNAase (an enzyme that destroys DNA) leaking through the membranes of lysosomes (small bodies in living cells packed with digestive enzymes) explains the fragmentation of DNA seen in cells exposed to mobile phone signals. When this occurs in the germ line (the cells that give rise to eggs and sperm), it reduces fertility and predicts genetic damage in future generations. (goldsworthy_bio_weak_em_07.doc 2).

    3. Leakage of calcium ions into the cytosol (the main part of the cell) acts as a metabolic stimulant, which accounts for reported accelerations of growth and healing, but it also promotes the growth of tumors.

    4. Leakage of calcium ions into neurones [SIC] (brain cells) generates spurious action potentials (nerve impulses) accounting for pain and other neurological symptoms in electro‐sensitive individuals. It also degrades the signal to noise ratio of the brain making it less likely to respond adequately to weak stimuli. This may be partially responsible the increased accident rate of drivers using mobile phones.

    5. A more detailed examination of the molecular mechanisms explains many of the seemingly weird characteristics of electromagnetic exposure, e.g. why weak fields are more effective than strong ones, why some frequencies such as 16Hz are especially potent and why pulsed fields do more damage. [Emphasis mine]

    Bluetooth is the name of a wireless technology that uses pulsed radio frequency signals.
    – See more at:

  5. Paul says:

    They’re not listening, they never listen. They have their own agenda and it does not include the majority of Victorians, let alone Australians.

    I have lived overseas in two countries and I have lived in four states in Australia. Nowhere have I seen anything so pigheaded in the past 20 years as a Victorian government (and it doesn’t matter whether they are liberal or labor).

    We (Victorians) are not considered important. The only thing that is considered important is control by government for government.

    Please don’t take my words lightly, control in its entirety will come. Just consider all the little tiny freedoms, which we are losing each day (the push for zero blood alcohol; the ridiculous political correctness; smart meters forced on all but the most vigilant; the exponential growth of wifi in all areas, particularly schools without parental consent or consultation; the list goes on…).

    Well, I’m about to pack up and leave this nanny state and it will happen once my youngest child finishes university at the end of this year. I used to call Victoria ‘home’ but I can’t anymore, I just can’t.

    • Jacqueline says:

      I agree! Victoria is nothing like it used to be. If my kids were still small, I would pack up and leave but they are typical teenagers and we would face an almighty battle. Also, my husband is understandably nervous about leaving his current job in which he has worked hard at for a number of years to get somewhere. My life is in ‘limbo’ like so many others who suffer from smart meter symptoms – I feel like running every single day and I want my freedom back that was stolen from me more than three years ago!

      • Liam O'Regan says:

        Hi Jacqueline. There are a few things you can do to reduce RF exposures from smart meters. I have used the YShield graphite paints which are good and can bring the signal strength down, but are expensive. The smart meter signals are particularly hard to stop because of the close range’velocity’, unlike a mobile phone base station in the distance.
        Some cheap methods are to open your switchboard panel door(if you have one and only if the weather is not going to wet the meter or circuit breakers, water and electricity are not a good mix). This allows more of the signal to be reflected away from the house from the metal backing behind meter.
        A cheaper way also, is to place as many layers of metallic materials like steel, large mirrors, foils (like space blankets and silver builders foil) on the inside wall where the meter is located. Every layer is another layer the RF signal has to penetrate to enter your home. It may not look pretty but you can be inventive in making it look as best as you can.
        It won’t stop it but may help to lower the output levels.
        If possible, sleep as far away as you can from the meter as well.
        Also, just remember, radio frequencies are emitted by many things in the modern day household. So it doesn’t make sense for any home owner to be complaining about Smart meter radiation when they are also using Wi-Fi, a cordless telephone(DECT), tablets, other wireless devices and ,of course, using a mobile phone far too often.
        Hopes this is of some help.
        Feel free to contact me and I can give you some more info re your particular situation.
        Regards Liam

        • Paul R says:

          Yes, but this doesn’t stop the other issues such as invasion of privacy, the risk of burning down your house and irradiating the people next door. Some consideration has to be taken for your neighbours, too. Oh, and even if you shield your wall inside, signals from elsewhere, like from your neighbour’s meter on your other side, will bounce off with the potential of causing just as much harm. I understand that Jacqueline’s situation is not that easy to resolve but I thought I’d add these points anyway as they have validity to the subject.

        • Anonymous says:

          You are wrong Liam not everyone has cordless phones, Wi Fi and other wireless devices. Just making a generalization about something you should not be commenting on anyway. The point is that everyone is free to have cordless phone etc but its different to being told you have to have a cordless phone, mobile phone, smart meter etc.What does not make sense is you assuming we all bathe ourselves in toxic radiation.
          The reason people are sick in Victoria is because people allowed smart meters to be installed and also your solution is to shield, which might not even work, so you think its fair for the customer to foot the bill for shielding and hope this works.
          Why do you think its okay for the customer to pay for expensive shielding? Why shouldn’t the State of Victoria pay and the distributors? I can understand why so many smart meters have been installed. Its easier to be poisoned slowly with radiation then actually do something about the problem. lets just ignore it and put foil up everywhere that will solve the problem.
          I can understand why this world is in such a mess, lets not do anything about any problem in the world, like hunger or disease because we can shield ourselves then the problem does not exist. This is much easier right, lets ignore the problem and hide behind our foil.
          Your argument is “So it doesn’t make sense for any home owner to be complaining about Smart meter radiation when they are also using Wi-Fi, a cordless telephone(DECT), tablets, other wireless devices and, of course, using a mobile phone far too often.”
          It does not make sense for you to generalize about what we have in our homes and what we don’t. I don’t have to justify what i do in my home and what i have, its my choice. This is the same argument the distributors used as well, and it all comes down to your rights and choice. if want to stick a mobile phone on both of my ears and a baby monitor on my lap while sticking my head in a microwave oven i can its my choice. This is called freedom, but if my choices start to harm others then that might constitute a crime and that is why Liam you can’t smoke indoors anymore because you will cause harm, this is illegal. Smart meter radiation is,not safe this is fact and as such has the potential to cause injury.

          • Liam O'Regan says:

            I like to say something about my comments re other devices used in the home that emit radio frequency radiation in the home. Government authorities use this argument to reveal the double standards that people whom are concerned with smart meters are not aware of the other devices that emit radiation in the modern home.
            It is a similar argument made by people who will protest about a mobile phone base station being installed near a school and yet if you tested the rf values within the school classrooms coming from the WiFi system you would find it would be probably much higher.
            The human body is not politically minded and the source of rf exposure can be from devices owned by the owners of the home themselves or the smart meter.
            The difference is you can not control the smart meter.
            The possibility of having your smart meter removed and your old analogue reinstalled is next to zero.
            I am a registered electrician and I am on your side. I am just trying to look for solutions for people.
            Regards Liam

            • fiona says:

              I don’t have a mobile phone. I have no wireless in the house-no cordless phone and even no NBN. I became disabled and a refugee after the smart meter was installed -lost my professional job, health, friends, social life,most things. Having left Victoria I now don’t have a smart meter!!!!!! and am starting to leave the trauma behind me. Yes PTSD from the constant electrical spikes that hit time after time after time into the body. No where to escape to. I strongly suggest leaving Victoria to anyone forced to suffer from the smart meter but ensuring you go somewhere without towers close by and no smart meter and NBN and off course detoxing any heavy metals and such which attract the radiation (extra important if you have had the jab which has graphene, an antenna for 5G). Dan does not care and will not relent as you have seen from the recent events.

        • Anonymous says:

          Liam, the insecticide DDT is banned in Australia its also a possible carcinogen, but many of us have used or do use toxins and chemicals, so why not spray us as well? That’s your argument isn’t it ,why complain if you have a cordless phone or other devices. Why complain if they spray you with DDT? if you have already used chemicals then you can’t complain isn’t that your argument. What about lead? We already expose ourselves to toxins, so they should be allowed to put lead in our homes as we; Your argument is invalid and flawed.
          You stated that it does not make sense that the home owner complains, are you not also complaining?
          As for shielding Liam, i sent a letter to the Radiation Health Protection Branch in Adelaide and this is what i was told and mind you this man is supposed to be an expert.

          I would also recommend avoiding the purchasing any devices that are advertised to reduce the harmful effects of NIR/ EMF. Many of these do not work. The only sure way to avoid exposure is to build a Faraday cage This would require, removing all appliances and electricity form your room and then lining it with a mesh, similar to what you might observe in a microwave door..
          This expert has clearly stated that many devices do not work, of course he is just an expert so why would i believe him
          Why don’t you pay for Jacqueline’s shielding and also agree to take responsibility if it does not work. Does shielding stop smart meter fires Liam?
          If someone harms you Liam should the victim have to pay the costs or the perpetrator?

      • Anonymous says:

        Jacqueline, if you get shielding make sure you do your research. Also you can start by writing to your distributor and asking them to remove the smart meter. If you have a look at the stop smart meter websites not only in Australia but overseas they have templates you could use, it won’t be easy and its time consuming but it’s worth it. It will probably take a while but at least you have then got a paper trail when this goes to a Royal Commission hopefully Have a look at the Australian and American Stop Smart Meter website they do have information, you just have to start researching it and understand what you are doing. You should not have to move or have your families health at risk. You want your freedom back, you need to take it back, legally of course. Everything has to be done lawfully and you need to send registered letters with return receipts and keep copies.
        But just like me, you need to learn the ropes, you will, it took me a long time to learn things but i had to as well as i have children.
        People that don’t have possible cancer causing devices have been through hell and its still not finished yet, we also lost our freedom along the way and i want mine back as well.
        You have to start somewhere. Good Luck and you will get your freedom back.

    • Veronica says:

      What you have described is exactly what is taking place in America. The good old USA is removing our freedoms by leaps and bounds. Most people are too busy checking their iphones to notice what is happening. Don’t think you can escape your hell by coming here. You will find the same thing unfortunately. Where is the government not being oppressive? Where are the citizens not being poisoned on a large scale through vaccinations, fluoride, geo engineering, and GMO’s. If someone knows of this utopia, please share.

  6. Plasticlyd says:

    If their testing results are correct then my smart meter and thousands of others will have to be re-configured to fall within the Australian standard because the radiation levels in my home coming from the smart meter are dangerously high.
    I would say they remotely reduce the transmissions on the meters they have preselected for their fraudulent tests then crank them up again when testing is over, how else could they come up with these results.

  7. sdjm says:

    A total whitewash, but are Victorians really that stupid in believing government spin? I think not.

  8. Sharon Noble says:

    Did the tests measure the peak exposure levels or just the averages? The peaks are in milliseconds bursts, and may be too short and strong for all but the most sophisticated meters to measure. And, as with all averages they misrepresent. It is the peak in this short pulse that scientists say does the damage. Our cells are stressed every few seconds by a millisecond burst. It is like a strobe light blinding you all day every day. Our bodies cannot adjust to this stress. Smart meters are different in this regard than other wireless devices — and therefore are much more dangerous.

    • Janobai says:

      The highest instantaneous measurements are shown in Tables A-C. According to this, the highest readings obtained were from a meter in the mesh networks. The table shows it as emitting 29 volts per metre or, expressed as the power density, 2,287 milliwatts per square metre (…and yes, many people’s RF meters will not record emissions this high).

      • Janobai says:

        PS For instance, the Cornet ED85EXS meter can measure up to 1827 mW/m2. This means, if a reading of 1827 mW/m2 is obtained, the real level may be much higher.

    • Anonymous says:

      On p15

      Using a NARDA SRM-3006 Selective Radiation Meter with an E-Field probe and RFCable, only the peak RF EME levels due to the smart meters were measured.

  9. Rik says:

    I wish they would come to my house and do their tests. They would fail everyone of them thats why they wont come here.
    Just about every house block in this area has 3 units. That means there are 3 smart meters per house block. So we are bombarded by 3x the normal amount of smart meter radiation.

    I dare them to come here and do their tests. I bet it will be 3x above the normal and they wont want to live here.

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe they should come to my house where my body gets no bloody peace as the RF pulse is conducting through the wiring. Not sure if its my house or the neighbours. Pretty sure its the neighbours and is seems to be constant of late. The Power Company have advised me that the radio signal reduces as it moves away from the transmitter (Inverse square law) and will partially reduce if it couples into the electrical conductor. The coupled radio signal will then be further reduced or shunted to ground through the various electrical loads on the circuit as as the electrical wiring is a very poor RF antenna its ability to couple RF onto or then off the wire will be very poor. Apparently the design of the smart meter is to intentionally shield the internal electrical power wiring from radio transmitter output to minimise the coupling of the RF signal into the mains wiring connected to the meter. Their words, in other words its is very possible for the smart meter to conduct over the house wiring. What these people don’t understand nor do they want to understand is for those whom have become so affected by smart meters, no matter how low the signal may be in their eyes, it still makes our lives a living hell. My body constantly feels like it is frying in every space of my home. I am better off living under a god dam bridge as the only time my body feels great is when i am out of my home. Should it not be the other way around where your home becomes your safe haven, a place you can’t wait to get home too put your feet up and relax. No that life for me has been snatched away and i bloody miss enjoying my home and the peace and tranquility that used to come with it pre smart meter hell. I now have to drink a couple of glasses of wine every night just to get me through the night. What a crap way to be living your life so unfair and cruel given this is MY HOUSE one we paid for, saved every hard earned penny for to achieve our ultimate lifestyle location. Love where i live but struggle nearly every day to live in my house all due to Smart Meters. The sad irony of all this is that i can’t even sell up and move. Given that the RF can conduct onto the wiring and in my situation it is no matter how much they want to deny it. I am pretty sure if i moved i would be moving my problem to another house. There is no guarantees that moving will solve all my health issues. As long as these things are connected to our house wiring I am pretty sure I will always have health issues.

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