Stop Smart Meter Australia’s submission to Energy Safe Victoria

Energy Safe Victoria’s draft report Safety of Advanced Metering Infrastructure in Victoria did not adequately deal with all of the key issues of concern to the Victorian community.

Subsequently, Stop Smart Meters Australia responded with the following submission.

In their final report, let us hope that Energy Safe Victoria responds to the issues outlined in our submission, especially to the numerous questions presented.

Click here to download the ESV submission

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13 Responses to Stop Smart Meter Australia’s submission to Energy Safe Victoria

  1. Peter says:

    Very good effort, but alas, once again appears to have fallen on ‘deaf ears’ and ‘dead hands’. The final report reads almost exactly as the draft report. Clearly the Victorian government does not want to hear anything other that information supporting the continued forced installation of these devices. I would be very supprised if they respond to any of your questions, other than the usual ‘buck passing’ and playing the ‘blame game’.

  2. Jenny says:

    I have to say a big, big thank you as well. Fantastic work on behalf of all living creatures and those yet to come, so greatly appreciated.

  3. Steve says:

    Very well written and organised. Well done. I sent something similar (in terms of the breadth of topics covered – privacy, security, RF health issues etc.) but not to the level of detail. As mentioned in another thread on this site, the ESV responded to my issues and queries with:

    “Our report was originally designed to review safety issues relating to smart meters affected by high-voltage injection. The report was never designed or intended to take a detailed look at RF as this does not fall within our regulatory framework.

    ACMA is the body that should be able to answer the questions posed.”

    I therefore do not hold much hope that their report coverage will not be expanded to cover these other issues. I also feel that report findings that smart meters are safe with respect High Voltage Injection will be taken out of context by the industry to say that smart meters are safe in general.

    I hope the same letter was sent to the energy minster, CEO’s of the various power companies, DPI, ACMA and APANSA.

    • Steve says:

      second last paragraph above should have said

      I therefore do not hold much hope that their report coverage will be expanded to cover these other issues

  4. Edward A Beare says:

    TED from Frankston……An inaugural Public meeting was held in Frankston Mechanics Hall two weeks ago, and was attended by about 250 people from many districts,, and was chaired by one of our Caring Councillors, and a Steering Group was formed to further our aim to push both the Government, and Electrical Supply Companies to stop installations immediatly, or at least have a moritorium, until all aspects of health and detriment has been officially explored. Many people are fitting padlocks to their meter boxes, with a small viewing window, where the meter can still be read . It is your property, and your perogative……i will keep you informed, as things unfold……don’t give up the fight, we are supposed to live in a democracy ( Money Rules All)

  5. Melbourne Mum says:

    Energy Safe Victoria must thoroughly research all aspects of worldwide data connected to ‘smart’ meters. The facts don’t lie… but greedy corporations do and ESV allows this at the expense of all Victorians?? Way to go Stop Smart Meters Australia! Keep Up the Fantastic Work!

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Melbourne Mum,
      Not only do we need to Stop the continued roll-out of these now proving to be dopey Microwave so-called Smart Meters which are not smart in any way at all, here in Victoria but they all need to be banned and removed forthwith. The Safe Proven older Analogue Electric Meters need to be reinstalled at all properties here in Victoria from where they have been forcefully removed through intimidatory and bullying tactics. These so-called Smart Meters must not only be replaced with Analogue Electric Meters, but the cost of reinstalling the Safe Analogue Meters must be fully born by these Sneaky Five Overseas Owned Electric Power Companies which are ……PowerCor and City Power Australia Ltd and S.P Aus.Net and Jemena and United Energy Distribution.


      Richard Leschen.

  6. Maureen says:

    Well done ! A very comprehensive and thorough report.
    I sent in my own submission to Energy Safe Vic and this is the reply I got back from them:-
    “Thanks for your submission in relation to our recent report. It will be reviewed before the final report is received and posted with the other submissions on our website when the report is finalized.
    Energy Safe Victoria is the regulator for electrical infrastructure, which includes electricity and wiring. We have no legislative role in relation to radio frequencies, which are administered by ACMA”
    Seems to me that they are just wanting to pass the buck!!
    I would urge everyone who is reading this site to keep on writing; to ESV, to your local MP, to the Energy Minister, to the Minister for Primary Industries ,to the Premier. We need to keep the ball rolling.

  7. Freddie says:

    A truly clear, thorough and comprehensive report!
    If ESV were to ignore it, it will forever mark this Victorian Government with the most damning legacy this country has ever seen.

  8. Melbourne Resident says:

    Excellent. thank you for doing this. much appreciated by all of humanity.

  9. Very well done, and thank you for all the work that has gone into this.

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