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The effects of radio frequency radiation upon the brain: Dr Leif Salford, neurosurgeon

Dr. Leif Salford is a neurosurgeon at Lund University Hospital (Sweden), and Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery. Since 1988 he has led a team of researchers that have exposed thousands of laboratory rats to microwave radiation from various sources. … Continue reading

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An ignored emerging global health, civic and human rights crisis The following article raises some fundamental issues about how electrosensitive people are being treated around the world and is likely to become a burgeoning issue for Governments, health officials and … Continue reading

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Public comment sought by ACMA on draft legislation

The ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) is planning on ‘rolling over’ existing legislation which specifies maximum Electromagnetic Emission exposure levels to humans and labelling protocols for devices incorporating radiocommunications transmitter(s) with integral antennas. These devices include smart meters and … Continue reading

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Reciprocal Buck Passing – No Care, No Accountability and No Responsibility

Are you aware of the extent of the financial fiasco concerning Victoria’s smart meter roll-out? Victoria’s gargantuan smart meter roll-out, with costs to consumers of over 2.4 billion dollars and still counting, appears to have started life under a cloud.  … Continue reading

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The Israeli Supreme Court Ordered the Israeli Government to Investigate the Number of Children Currently Suffering From EHS

Dafna Tachover, Jul 22, 2013 On July 18, 2013, the Israeli Supreme Court ordered the Israeli Government to investigate how many children in Israel already suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). The Government must submit the result of its investigation to … Continue reading

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Glen Eira meter fears – Health – News – Caulfield Glen Eira Leader

A GROWING number of Glen Eira residents think smart meters are affecting their health, councillors say. Councillors have revealed many residents have complained about health problems since the device was installed. The council has now voted to seek a report … Continue reading

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