When Health Issues are not the responsibility of a Health Department – How Bizarre!

Taking a stand Part 6 – Taking the Chief Health Officer of Victoria to task

While I was in correspondence with ARPANSA over Australia’s questionable RF standards, I decided I would send a please explain letter to the Victorian Chief Health Officer and the Victorian Radiation Advisory Committee. To give my letter more weight, I performed a search of the Stop Smart Meters website for keywords such as headache and insomnia to extract a list of health impairment stories that have been directly attributed to the smart meter deployment. I crafted a letter using this information along with my own personal experiences with the hope that I would be able to get an informed opinion from those who are supposedly qualified in this field of why we are suffering these health issues and what would be done about it.

The letter can be found here

I received an automated reply saying that the health department would respond in 2 business days. A week later, not hearing anything further, I decided to call the Victorian Radiation Advisory Committee directly. I was transferred to an amiable chap, Associate Professor Brad Cassels. We had a good long discussion about the state of science and my one way interaction with the ACMA. Professor Cassels indicated he was assigned to my case and that he was working on a response that I could expect in the near future.  I would like to point out to the readers of this blog that Professor Cassels is an expert in ionizing radiation and is not an appropriate person to be assigned to a non-ionising case.  I never did get a response from the Victorian Radiation Advisory Committee. Instead, 4 months later Dr Rosemary Lester who is the Victorian Chief Health Officer responded.

Dr Rosemary Lester’s Response can be found here -> Health Department Response

It should be noted that this letter appears to be a boiler plate response as it is almost identical to what others have received (word for word). I would not be surprised if Dr Lester did not even read my original letter because many of the points I raised were not even addressed.

As you can imagine I was quite disappointed with Dr Lester’s response and as a health professional she has failed to uphold the Hippocratic oath and duty of care expected of a person in her position by:

  1. Completely ignored the fact that I was not alone claiming to be suffering symptoms
  2. Tried to trivialize the smart meter emissions by incorrectly stating that 75% of an individual’s exposure to RF is from Radio and TV broadcasts, and by doing so, demonstrates her ignorance of EHS, different RF wavelengths, modulation patterns and the potential impact smart meter RF has on the body.
  3. Recommends I should go to a GP for consultation. The main problem being of course is that most GP’s do not have the tools or the methodology to diagnose and treat people who are EHS. Others who have gone to GP’s that are more aware of EMR and potential health effects have been clearly advised to avoid being exposed to smart meters’ radio frequencies, yet Dr Lester won’t listen, she and other government officials are ignoring medical advice and medical certificates. This is in sharp contrast to the QLD Chief Health Officer, who is being very proactive in protecting Mt Isa kids from lead exposure (like Radio Frequencies, lead is a group 2B carcinogen).
  4. Referred me to the only study performed on smart meters in Victoria by EMC Technologies which is not peer reviewed nor did it have a detailed health focus. The study only investigated RF emissions as a % against ARPANSA’s RF standards and provided some limited comments in Appendix B that essentially trivalised the IARC classification and made reference to studies (Interphone) that were seriously flawed.
  5. Incorrectly indicated that Professor Andrew Wood independently reviewed the EMC report. Professor Wood was in fact a contributing author to the said report and had previously worked with Telstra.
  6. Indicated “There would appear to be no requirement for any program to deal with alleged conditions of hypersensitivity”. So what happens to all the people who are suffering and left traumatised, some of them have lost their jobs and now have no real career prospects?
  7. Tried to handball the health issue to the ACMA by stating that Radio Frequency matters (health) are considered outside the scope of the Victorian Health and Wellbeing Act. Any investigation into health issues involving radio frequency radiation should be conducted by the ACMA.

I was left with no option but to respond in order to correct her gross misunderstandings and under appreciation of our concerns.

My response letter can be found here -> Letter to Dr Rosemary Lester

I suspect that I will now have to wait another 4 months before I get a reply, if I get one at all. I think we will only see action on this issue if everyone who is suffering from smart meter emissions writes a letter to Dr Rosemary Lester so that she can truly understand the significance and enormity of this problem.

To put this health department debacle into perspective, I have been in conversation with a fellow EHS sufferer who had been in contact with Noel Cleaves from Rosemary Lester’s office. Noel Cleaves is a manager for energy, health and radiation compliance.

Mr Cleaves indicated that the department of health has appointed a group of medical doctors from their office to produce a ‘factual statement’, similar to the one on wind farms, on the ‘safety’ of Radio Frequencies, as per ARPANSA standards. I expect these medical doctors will actually be making a farcical statement rather than a factual one because not one of these Doctors is interested in interviewing or investigating any of the complaints being raised to them by genuine EHS sufferers. This is equivalent to making a medical diagnosis without actually talking to, or seeing the patient.

In my next blog I will provide clear evidence of reciprocal buck passing and how no one wants to handle this hot potato. I believe it is time to name and shame the worst offenders.

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36 Responses to When Health Issues are not the responsibility of a Health Department – How Bizarre!

  1. Vic says:

    Umm lead also has other very serious and demonstrated effects on brain development and IQ. Children and people are protected from lead primarily for that reason NOT because it is a carcinogen.

  2. Reblogged this on The GOLDEN RULE and commented:
    “Mr Cleaves indicated that the department of health has appointed a group of medical doctors from their office to produce a ‘factual statement’, similar to the one on wind farms, on the ‘safety’ of Radio Frequencies, as per ARPANSA standards. I expect these medical doctors will actually be making a farcical statement rather than a factual one because not one of these Doctors is interested in interviewing or investigating any of the complaints being raised to them by genuine EHS sufferers. This is equivalent to making a medical diagnosis without actually talking to, or seeing the patient.”

  3. Dee says:

    Is there any way legal action can be taken against the government? Are there some lawyers that can advise

  4. The SSMA association with the help of a doctor, who is also a member, is currently creating a report on all those people who have registered a health complaint that they have attributed to smart meters. For those people who are sensitive and have not already done so please register your health issue with SSMA by following the instructions detailed in this link -> SSMA Health Register

    All personal information such as name, contact number and address will be obfuscated (de-identified) in the final report.
    The total number of fully identifiable people that have registered with SSMA a health complaint from smart meter(s) (which can be symptom(s) and/or triggering of EHS and/or aggravation of EHS and/or aggravation of pre-existing medical condition(s)) is currently sitting at 145.

    The report will focus on the percentage prevalence of various symptoms, but already on first glance it seems that sleep disturbances/insomnia, headaches, tinnitus/ringing in the ear, dizziness, disorientation/cognitive dysfunction, dysaesthesias and palpitations are the most prevalent ones in that approximate order.

    The final report will be shared with the Media, Victorian Health Department, DPI, The Victorian Energy Minister, ESV, ACMA, AMA, ARPANSA and the Federal Health Minister.

    Additionally it is also important to register your health issue with ARPANSA because they will not act unless there are significant numbers of people suffering. We have been advised by Dr Stephen Solomon from ARPANSA that less than 25 people have registered health issues relating to smart meters as being the source. Instructions of how to register your complaint with ARPANSA can be found here ARPANSA EMR health complaints form

  5. Laurie Cunningham says:

    I received the following e-mail today plus a letter informing me that I WILL be having a Smart Meter fixed in 2 weeks time:

    Dear Laurie,

    Clause 3.3.2(a) of the Essential Services Commission’s Electricity Distribution Code Version 7 gives distribution businesses a right to access premises, provided official identification is provided, for “any purpose associated with the supply, metering or billing of electricity”. This right is intended to facilitate performance by a distribution business of its functions and obligations associated with the supply, metering or billing of electricity. These functions and obligations include ensuring that all premises have an electricity meter, that electricity meters are properly maintained, that they are replaced, where necessary, due to fault or age, and in this case particularly, that smart meters are installed in accordance with Government regulation.

    A customer is bound to comply with the Electricity Distribution Code pursuant to their contract with their distribution business, (which takes effect as outlined in section 40A(5) of the Electricity Industry Act 2000). The Electricity Distribution Code can be accessed at the Essential Services Commission website at http://www.esc.vic.gov.au.

    In addition, a distributor is given the right to enter land in certain circumstances under section 93 of the Electricity Industry Act 2000.

    Section 5.3 of the Electricity Distribution Code also goes on to state; a distributers right to interrupt supply; it is noted in this section that a Distributor may interrupt supply at any time for augmentation of the distribution system.

    It then follows on to say;
    Augmentation is defined in section19 of the Electricity Distribution Code as the process of upgrading the Distribution System by replacing or enhancing existing plant and equipment or by adding new plant or equipment and includes modifying any of the Distributor’s fixed assets.

    SP AusNet is required to replace the old meter and install a smart meter at your premises. The current meter is the equipment of SP AusNet and as such we are entitled to replace it. As a property owner you are required to provide free and clear access to your property for this to occur.

    Kind regards.

    Claire Lewis

    AMI Customer Relations Team

    SP AusNet

    Locked Bag 14051

    Melbourne City Mail Centre, Victoria 8001

    T: 1300 360 795




    • Elizabeth says:

      Dear Laurie Cunningham,

      Lock up your meter and find out where your nearest “stop smart meter” support group is (perhaps advertised on this website) and meet up with them.

      It is very comforting to know that you will be meeting like-minded individuals who share your concerns about the damaging health effects produced by these smart meters.

      Best of luck.
      Elizabeth-Ballarat Against Smart Meters

    • Max says:


      I have had a similar letter from SP AusNet.

      1 Lock your meter box as ASAP, cut out a viewing window and the install a sheet of perspex so the meter reader can do their job.

      2 Download the no trespass notices from this website, sign and copy them and post 3- 4 around your property so anyone visiting cannot miss them, We have one at the bottom of our driveway, side of the house closest to the driveway, next to the front door and on the meter box.

      3 Instruct SP AusNet via registered mail that you do not give permission, that you have placed the trespass signs around your property and tell them all future correspondence must be in writing. This last point prevents them from calling you on the phone and trying to intimidate you via conversation.

      4 Do not be intimidated. SP AusNet asked me to remove my signs regarding trespass and I have ignored the request We had a meter installer come and was asked to leave which he did without issue.

      5 To each letter we don’t allow discussion, we simply restate our opposition, the fact we have trespass signs and do not give permission.

      Remember, you are not alone with many people opposing smart meter installation.

    • Eric says:

      Laurie, I believe the power companies read this site to work out how to refine the content of their correspondence letters to cover the cracks that are in the Electricity Act and the Distibution Code which is only a “guideline” anyway. Best to stick firmly to the rights that you clearly have and don’t engage with these people on their terms where they would seek to entangle you. I remain cooperative only in matters where supply functionality remains supply functionality only, where metering functionality remains metering functionality only and billing functionality remains as is. If they want to change the tariffs on me, they can do that. I will still pay but how they do that will not be by them making an intrusion into my life, my home, my privacy nor by any means that I DETERMINE could even in the slightest degree be detrimental to the health of myself, my family, my neighbors or any part of my environment. Am I my brother’s keeper ? Yes I am.

      They should not be entitled to any access in matters where additional functionality is being introduced to that which already there.
      They should not be entitled to any access where they purpose to introduce any additional equipment that violates our common law human rights to those things such as freedom of choice, health and safety and privacy. All of which rights have constitutional backing.

      Any functionality that performs surveillance on our homes, intrudes into our privacy, enables determination of whether a resident is home at anytime or not and spies out what activities are in occuring at anytime in a resident’s home are not just unlawful but have got nothing to do with mere supply, mere metering, mere billing . We do have privacy rights.

      The introduction of any form of data transmitter especially of the type 2B cancer and sickness causing microwave frequency wireless transmitter onto a person’s property get’s right outside the bounds “supply, metering or billing”.

      Keep your box locked at all times and prosecute any attempts at break and enter.

    • Ken says:

      Laurie, I received a letter with the same final paragraph, regarding SP AusNet being required to replace the old meters and access etc. only recently. And whilst I was raising my response to that letter only yesterday, the smart meter installer was doing his work next door. Well, I have refused a smart meter which was duly noted on their service order request form and I was advised by the SP AusNet representative that they can not break the lock to gain access to the meter. Also, you DO have the right to refuse a smart meter and, be aware, there is no legislation that forces or requires anyone to accept installation of smart meters. Do not let them intimidate you. The govt regulation referred to would most likely be the Order in Council (OIC) Gazetted in 2007 mandating the roll out however, the mandate is directed only to the distributors (Section 14.1 on page 16 of the OIC), which simply states the each distributor must use their best endeavour to install smart meters….. . Don’t forget, this is reinforced by the public statement made in December 2011 by the then minister for energy and resources, Michael O’Brien, who stated, “there would be no penalties or fines for people who refuse to have meters installed, instead they would have to “work with” the electricity companies.” Lock your meter box with a padlock or other type of locking device, keep it locked and open it only for the meter reader.

      The following is provided for your info and is readily available:
      Legal Advice that verifies:

      Customer’s right to refuse installation of the smart meter if they wish.
      Threats to disconnect electricity are highly misleading.
      Distributors’ current bullying tactics are not consistent with the Government’s
      direction to employ their “Best Endeavours”.
      Threat to impose fines has no basis in fact and is in violation of Clause 17 of the
      Electricity Distribution Code.

      A copy of the legal advice can be found at: Smart Meter Legal Advice 2012

      Can you advise which area you are in please?

  6. Steve says:

    For those of you who may be interested, below you will find a link to a scientific paper that I sent along with my last letter to the health department in my blog above.

    Click to access Biol-Effects-EMFs-2012-NZ2.pdf

    This document clearly shows the effects of RF’s are wide ranging and potentially devastating. Of particular interest is this statement.

    Most microwave pulse frequencies are harmful
    Penafiel et al. (1997) working in Litovitz’s laboratory concluded that there were only serious health problems when the microwaves were modulated to give pulses of a standard height amplitude) generated at frequencies between 6 and 600Hz. There was virtually no effect above 600Hz. This corresponds to Blackman et al. (1988) observation that calcium release from brain issue did not occur above 510Hz.
    It would appear that the mobile telecommunications industry had not done their homework before selecting the pulse frequencies for their digital communications, since they virtually all fall within this biologically active range; e.g. 2G GSM cell phones (217Hz), TETRA (17.6Hz), DECT phon es (100Hz), WiFi (10Hz), and 3G UMTS signals with time division duplex (100Hz and 200Hz) all of which are potentially harmful.
    There could be other harmful effects of the radiation that do not trigger ODC production or calcium release but, at the very least, these pulse frequencies should not have been used if the cell phone industry had acted with due diligence.”

    The same applies to smart meter RF modulation which is bioactive.

    • Informed Choice says:

      I have read both the letters, Dr Lesters reply and your own, Steve. All I can say is THANKYOU so much for stating the facts as we know them to be and for voicing all our concerns to these so-called experts! You have inspired me to now write my own account to the ACMA and Rosemary Lester because they should not be allowed get away with this hand-balling back and forth of the clearly disturbing AMI problem that continues to plague us day after day. My EMF side effects are like nothing I have experienced before and I will not be ridiculed or discriminated against by the less enlightened majority of people who are ignorant and incredibly lazy at doing any kind of research on this subject!

  7. Dee says:

    I am fighting with them at the moment and will post my letters with city wear and the government when I get back to Melbourne. I got the brain microwave feeling after returning from South Africa in may. Always at about 1 to 4 in the morning. I am locking them out of the house (meters are inside) for as long as I can.

  8. jan purcell says:

    if the uk has stoped it so should we.if people are getting sick and die from these stupid smart meters,then the government is up for manslaughter. jan purcell

    • 1vimana1 says:

      In the United Kingdom they have only got a temporary halt on the Smart Meter Roll-Out there at present as they now want to bring in Gas Smart Meters next. These now proving to be Corporate Crooks are just playing for more time to effectively make more people sick and add to the real risk of homes being even more easily burnt down from gas leaks which have been proven to be very common in America right now.

      In a Democracy nobody can be forced to take a Microwave Smart Meter…. Already in America the Electric Microwave Smart Meters as well as the now domestic Gas Smart Meters are causing so much strife with leaking gas. Leaking gas as is now very common from these Gas Meters only needs a spark from these now so-called Gas Smart Meters to possibly send your home up in flames.

  9. Anxious Victorian says:

    I would love to have a chat with someone who’s health has been affected directly from these smart meters. I don’t know anyone personally or close to me other than the stories i read on this site. I don’t think anyone can really relate to what I am going through unless you have experienced similar.

    Currently I am at my witts end about my situation and have made an appointment with the docs to go on Anxiety tablets because this whole situation has caused me so much anxiety that i need something to cope. I have never suffered from any form of Anxiety and never had to seek medical attention for anxiety until the smart meters where thrown into my life.

    A long story short for those who dont know. Moved into new house in a condensed area inner city terrace. Smart Meters all around me but was able to shield from the affecting neighbors meter and my own. Lived in my house blissfully for one yr and then the other neighbor got their new meter and this meter is attached to solar panels. Immediately i got sick and had to move my poor kids out of their bedroom as i felt sick in their room and they slept on an inflatable mattress away from the meter until i could sort this new issue out.

    So I shielded again painting over my newly beautiful painted walls, at my own expense of course. I put many many many many coats to make sure I never had to deal with this crap again. To my surprise and anger it did not work. I still feel like crap and many thousand dollars later I am no closer to a resolution. So in tears I rang the Power company and told them that the Meter which is connected to solar panels is behaving differently and even after crap loads of shielding nothing has worked for me, hence the two front rooms in my house are unusable. They have advised that it does not behave any differently to a normal meter. I disagree because the amount of shielding i did should of made things better for me and it hasn’t. My body is the best gauge and given my body reacts every time I am in the two front rooms, its enough to tell me somethings is still wrong.

    Sadly I had to move the kids back into their bedroom as they got sick of sleeping on a blow up mattress for 4 months (dont blame them). But as a protective mother the anxiety of having to put my kids back in their room where I am directly affected eats at me day and night. Understandably so given what I have had to go through in the last two years with these evil devices. I say two years because It happened to me in my previous house as well before moving.

    This whole thing is making me sick to the stomach. I have no where to turn, no one to help. Will my kids get sick from this ??? Why do i have to feel like this in my own god damn home. Not fair and i shouldn’t have to put up with this. My home is my castle, all my worries should wash away when i walk through my doors but instead all my worries start when i walk into my castle. So angry and I feel like going around to the neighbors and smashing the meter to bits but of course I would get arrested for damaging property. But haven’t the power company damaged my home which is my property, why cant i sue them or call the cops on them….

    Any how it will be nice if I could chat with someone who has suffered like me and still is, someone that can relate before i loose the plot…

    • James says:

      I have had similar, almost identical problems with my neighbours smart meters. I locked my meter box up so no smeter was installed but way back in September 5th 2012, powercor came into my court and installed smeters at no’s1 and 2. My house was directly opposite no2 and that night I was awoken around 12.30am by the most horrid energy I could imagine, it was hiddeous feeling of my brain being ‘cooked’ or ‘microwaved’. I also had ringing in the ears and my heart went spastic with heart palpitations and chest pains. Two days later I had to move to the back of the house and sleep on a futon. The symptoms persist but I have been able to us some natural devices to stop the stupid microwave energy. I use some pieces of copper, black tourmaline crystals and some orgonite are very good at blocking the energy. I went to a kinesiologist and was tested as being emf sensitive. I was given some collodial minerals and my emf sensitivity has gotten a bit better but still intrusive to a high degree.

      • kathy says:

        hi James , would love to chat when is the best times to contact you…..I don’t consider myself EMF sensitive. I use a smart phone all day long. I have been a mobile user fo 20 yrs and I work in an office with wi fi and experience no ill effects. yet something about these smart metres make me sick. would love to find out more about what you have used to help you so would love to chat.

        • Paul S says:

          Kathy, My understanding is that the SMeters collect the information in a memory chip then send it in one spike to the sm pole and that these spikes of information have been measured to be thousands of times above the safe limit for EM radiation albeit for a second but its like every 1/2 hour so they have never been tested on humans thus we are the guinea pigs.- what everyone must do is create a list of everyone here with this problem and find a good lawyer and launch a class action like in California

          • kathy says:

            Actually they transmitt every minute, seconds, depending where you live. SP Ausnet machines transmit every 30 min. Citypower transmitt constantly seconds in fact. 5 metres away standing in front of my neighbors metre it transmitted at 500mw every few seconds …..constantly.

    • Henry says:

      Anxious Victorian, have you by any chance had your rooms tested with an EMR meter to confirm presence of (smart meter) radio frequency radiation pulsing. If you are in inner Melbourne, I’m sure someone could come over and help you with some emr readings. It may help you to confirm (or otherwise) the picture you have painted.

      • kathy says:

        yes tested many times and am getting a meter next week to test it myself at different times of the day for 7 days to measure the readings. The readings have always been low in the 5 to 10 minutes we have tested a few times. Having said that I am sensitive to the tiniest amount of exposure to these dumb meters. Power company has also turned the power down for me, but something about this meter, its been challenging to try and stop..

    • Barbara says:

      About a year and a half ago, a new building (along with a smart meter, of course) was built behind my block of units. Over the next few months I slowly became sicker and sicker: I suffered migraines a couple of times a week and insomnia. Even when I didn’t have a migraine I usually still felt unwell.

      Eventually, I read on a herbal remedy website, that migraines have been linked to magnesium deficiency so I decided to try a dietary supplement. I started to feel better in a couple of weeks and was soon pretty much back to my old self. I later discovered, through this website, that smart meters have been shown to deplete the body of magnesium. The penny dropped.

      Unfortunately, about two week ago smart meters were installed in my entire area and now I’m back to having trouble sleeping again. I’m not sure if I just need to adjust my magnesium dosage and it will right itself with time, or not. Time will tell I guess. It’s worth trying magnesium and vitamin B supplements though, as they sure helped me*.

      * You need vitamin B to absorb magnesium and vice versa.

      • kathy says:

        Hi Barbara,

        thank you I may try it. Can magnesium be purchased from a chemist and a supermarket or specialised health stores….vitamin d I can get from the Supermarket and chemist….


        • Barbara says:

          Yes, I’ve seen magnesium supplements in supermarkets, chemists and health food stores.

          Here’s a link to some information about the magnesium/ migraine link and the type of magnesium to look for, etc. Try Googling for more: http://www.relieve-migraine-headache.com/magnesium-migraines.html

          The tricky part is getting the dosage right: take too much and you get loose stools, take too little and your symptoms will return. It takes a bit of time to get the balance right. In time you will learn what works for you. It took me about 2-3 months to get back to normal completely.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    …department of health has appointed a group of medical doctors…

    These doctors will never bite the hand that feeds them!

    Elizabeth-Ballarat Against Smart Meters

  11. Miriam. says:

    All media avenues need to be constantly looked at on this issue as there is virtually no other way to get attention. Making a racket in Parliament will just get you evicted.
    Perhaps a noisy but peaceful demo (again) but outside Parliament is in order.
    We need an independent judicial enquiry.

  12. 1vimana1 says:

    Dear Sir,
    I agree with you in that as I see it from your letter I have read that Dr Rosemary Lester of the Victorian Health Department is certainly not doing her Job Properly in refusing to both listen to and act in the best interests of her patients who have written to her for Medical Help in respect to Microwave Damage from the Microwave Smart Meters in Victoria. I have also heard and read of other earlier letters of complaint regarding Dr Rosemary Lester’s callous attitude to Victorian sufferers from this ongoing Microwave Poisoning of Victorians being caused by these Microwave so-called Smart Meters that are now proving to be making other patients very sick all over the world. Like here, this Microwave poisoning has been noted and reported on by the World Health Organisation. These Microwave Smart Meters are now classed by the World Health Organization as Type 2B Carcinogen Poisoning Machines to both Human and Animal and Benign Insect life as well, in fact to ALL LIFE both Human, ANIMAL and as well to Plant Life.

    Many Victorians are definitely being made very sick from the constant Microwave Radiation from these so-called Smart Meters. In that Dr Rosemary Lester is not listening to these many aggrieved peoples genuine medical complains in the letter they write her, she is clearly disobeying her Hippocratic Oath, in refusing to help these people. The Hippocratic Oath spells out that all Doctors of Medicine must relieve the patients suffering to the very best of their medical skills and to knowingly do no harm to their patients.

    In that Dr Rosemary Lester is clearly failing to do her duty to alleviate the ongoing suffering of her Microwave Suffering Patients by not treating their letters of complaint seriously, she is clearly breaking her Hippocratic Oath she swore to uphold when she became a Doctor of Medicine. For this callous and ongoing lack of duty and lack of care towards her patients who are genuine sufferers of E.H.S or Electro hypersensitivity Syndrome. For this reason alone Dr Rosemary Lester should be struck off the Medical Register and no longer allowed to practice as a Doctor of Medicine for the rest of her life !

    It is up to the Victorian Medical Board now to replace this Careless and Callous Woman Doctor Immediately.

    • Paul S says:

      Maybe the Doctor spells Hippocratic with a “y”. . Perhaps we should offer her a bag of silver – colloidal of course !

  13. Jay says:

    Hi Guys,

    I have just started receiving your new letters and have a strong interest in this
    area of EMF radiation and Im in preparation to write an article for a magazine.

    Im very interested in finding out more about the EMF health issues with Solar Inverters in the homes of Australians since the proliferation of roof top PV. I have done some initial testing and found of levels of high frequency harmonics recorded and measured using the Stetzerizer Microsurge meter.

    We would also like to arrange a case study in the effects by installing Power Conditioning equipment with the use of smart meters in homes. I have done some other initial testing using a FW Bell 4100 series I purchased from EMR Aust and tested with the older style meter and found a reduction in EMF.

  14. Mei Lin Li says:

    I cannot imagine that why we have chosen a government to do something to harm people or to ignore people’s health?

    • Elizabeth says:

      Mei Lin Li,

      It was Peter Bachelor (Labor Government) who signed the contract to allow the roll-out of the smart meters. Whichever government is in power in this state “a contract is a contract,” and they are forced to proceed with the installations.

      For the government to stop the roll-out they are then “in breach of the contract,” and will be taken to court by the power companies for loss of business. This may amount into the millions of dollars in compensation to the power companies.

      People power is the only way to stop any further smart meters to be installed.

      Lock up your meters and best of luck.

      Elizabeth-Ballarat Against Smart Meters

      • Cedar Wilde says:

        More than millions I think, Elizabeth. Very big money equals very big lies and they will fight to the death to get what they want. We have to be prepared to fight their lies etc with as much energy as it takes to win! These companies originate in countries where they have poor records on human rights too, so they are unlikely to care about us poor saps. They are only interested in money and power. (the power to spy on us is the power I mean!)

  15. Kathleen O'Connor says:

    Dr. Lindy Lester says,“Having worked in the area of public health in Victoria for the past 23 years my aim is to protect the public to the best of my ability,” Perhaps her level of ability is low.
    Dr Lester’s pronouncements seem to concentrate on the scary prospect of non-event epidemics as well as influenza, diseases resulting from poor hygiene and immunization. She does not seem to have the capacity to deal with the difficult. She occupies a token position.
    She works for the government and no citizen with a genuine grievance, who challenges the government, has a snowflake’s hope in hades of being given the slightest support.
    Governments hate their people.

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      I think we can be forgiven for believing that “Governments hate their people” I’m not surprised that Dr Lester didn’t answer most of your questions, they don’t have any honest answers to anything we ask. The gov. has entered into contracts with these foreign companies and now they are terrified of the fall-out if they break their contracts. What a pity that we don’t have a government with enough intelligence to investigate these systems BEFORE agreeing to allow the big money-makers into Australia to foist these devices onto us and sicken us all. (Because I don’t believe that it will be “only 3%”!! of people who will be affected by this cumulative radiation). People who got lung cancer from smoking didn’t get it at first, it took years to happen – likewise with RF contamination for many people obviously. The government is holding a “poisoned chalice” and the best they would be advised to do is to bite the bullet and stop “Smart” meters right now because they will surely come back to bite them if they don’t.

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