SSMA’s feedback to E3’s Consultation Regulation Impact Statement

The Equipment Energy Efficiency Committee (E3) asked interested parties to provide feedback on their Consultation Regulation Impact Statement. This statement recommended that all air conditioners and other nominated appliances are equipped with AS/NZS 4755 smart appliance interfaces by June 2014 to enable electricity utilities to remotely cycle off power to appliances owned by participating customers.

Stop Smart Meters Australia did not agree, and believes the analysis for this recommendation is fundamentally flawed. Let us hope that the E3 committee take on board our concerns

Click Mandating Smart Appliance Interfaces to download SSMA’s submission to E3.

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16 Responses to SSMA’s feedback to E3’s Consultation Regulation Impact Statement

  1. Pat Bone says:

    Does Powercor have a legal right to cut off my electricity supply if I will not let them install a smart meter? I received an email on my mobile (5 July 2013) to phone them regarding my supply. Castlemaine area.

    • Clark says:

      Surely if they had anything legitmate to tell you about your supply they would have let you know with written notification. They just want to get to you in their territory on their terms. Don’t engage with them in this manner…..danger !!!!
      Stick to your rights and stay on your own terms.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      To Pat Bone,
      Dear Pat, the answer to you question is a definite NO ! PowerCor does not have the Legal Right to cut off your Electricity if you want to keep the very safe and proven to be Safe Analogue Electric Meter which you have on your property. I suggest that if you have a metal Electric Meter Box or a Wooden Electric Meters Box, that you get its measurements and straight away go and see a lock-smith and buy as I did the suitable Hasp and Staple and Industrial Padlock and fit to your Electrical Meter Box immediately. Then get your Legal COMMON LAW Australian Constitutional Anti Trespass $167,000:00 Dollar Notices printed and laminated and firmly affixed to your Electric Meter Box and to your front fence.

      Make sure you keep the key to your padlock in a safe place and give it to now one else to unlock the box when the Meter Reader Man calls. After you have unlocked the Meter Box to let the Electric Meter Reader Man get his readings, make sure you padlock the Electric Meter Box immediately afterwards. any people cut out an inspection hole in it, to put a Perspex window in so that the Meter Reader Man can look through the Perspex weather proof window and take his meter readings. This many of us have already done in Victoria.

      I must stress to you and pass this on to everybody you meet. Under no circumstances allow PowerCor or any other of these Foreign Owned Electric Power Companies to take the Electric Analogue Meter/s which you still have on your property or properties !

      PowerCor here in Victoria told me a BIG FAT LIE which was ” That they owned the Analogue Meter on my property.”
      I simply said to them…………..
      “Go on, you prove it to me in writing, show me the proof in a document you hold, send me a copy of that proof.” One week later Mrs Janet Hogarty of Power Core ‘phoned me back to say that in spite of her best efforts to find this proof she could not find the documentation showing that they of PowerCor actually owned the Analogue Meter on my property.
      ” I came back at her hard and said, “That is because I built my home some thirty years ago and I had to buy my own Electric Analogue Meter and the Metal Electric Meter Box. The Local ‘A’ Grade electrician put in my Meter Box and my Analogue Electric Meter, and I have the Sales Slips to prove it so don’t tell me any more Untruths.” Click went the ‘phone at her end as she hung up. So don’t take any bullying from these Scheming People who want to ruin your lives. We are a DEMOCRACY and no one can Legally Force you to do anything. Look up your own Charter of Human Rights similar to the Victorian Charter of Human Rights 2006 which I will add the Link right here on this Web-Site…
      Please take particular notice of Clauses 10 and 13. Do not quote these specific clauses to PowerCor. Let them look up these same Legal Documents. This one I have given you is for Victoria Australia. You should have one for Tasmania as well.

      Remember that we Humans are not Laboratory Mice or Guinea Pigs to allow our bodies to be used as Insane and Illegal Microwave Experiments. Also know that every one of these Dopey Type 2B Carcinogen causing Microwave so-called Smart Meters is now seemingly a Type 2B Carcinogen Meter according to the World Health Organisation. There is nothing SMART about these meters. Holland is now getting rid of them as are a number of towns in America and Canada as well. Please also NOTE that these M/Wave so-called Smart Meters are also ILLEGAL TELEPHONE TAPPING DEVICES as well. We here in the suburbs of Melbourne have had a two storey home burnt down after a dopey M/Wave so-called Smart Meter was installed and similar damage to a number of homes in Geelong here in Victoria, and in the Wester Districts where I live in Victoria.

  2. Tanya says:

    Thanks for all the work you put into this E3 submission; it’s great.

    • frontad84 says:

      I received a phone call from a friend last night asking me what I thought he should do, just after he had himself received a phone call from somebody who said his name was Beau and that he was calling from Powercor to say that if my friend did not remove the Stop Smart Meter sign from his Meterbox and allow access, the Police would accompany the Installer and force the issue. He also stated that the Police would charge Powercor for this service and the charge for same would then be added to my friends account.
      In addition when my friend questioned his right to trespass on his property this person claimed that the law had now changed allowing them to seek the aid of Police and that my friend could look it up on the net he wanted to, however did not explain where to look, but did supply my friend with the following Phone Number: 96834974 and suggested that when my friend ascertained that this was true he could ring back if he wanted.
      Later my friend tried to contact this number without success.
      Now to follow this up I visited our Local Police Station today 29. 05. 2013 and asked the question if the Police could really become involved in this to the extent of assisting Powercor in forcing a Person on their own private property to allow access to their Meterbox.
      I must say I did not get a real clear answer only that it would be possible for the Police to be present in order to try and convince the Owner by discussion etc to allow access and I must say that the Constable I spoke with believes that a Mandate means it is a law which of course we do not recognise.
      Anyway I advised my friend to stick to his guns as I am doing and not to let them scare him into something he will probably regret.

  3. rainbowalker says:

    Just received letter saying they Jemena
    Will install smart meter next week they say
    I don’t have a choice now it passed through
    Parliament .They will still install even if I have
    Signs up or they will cut my power
    Is this true they can just cut my power.
    I don’t want smart meter but also don’t want
    Power disconnected
    Any help would be much appreciated

    • Alain Delon says:

      Rebecca, our surrounding suburbs just got exactly the same letter as you.

      It’s most likely the one recently referred to on this website, see this link

      I can tell you that they can’t do what they say they will do. I have also advised friends in these areas who got the same letter accordingly and they were able to successfully send the installers away.

      However, you NEED TO LOCK your meter box SECURELY. You need to put up signs of NON CONSENT (to the installation of a smart meter) on your meter box. You then need to work out future arrangement for readability of your analogue meter (most people cut out a window in the door of their meter box and use perspex). NO TRESPASS SIGNAGE on your meter box and on your property (and in from your property boundary) will also prove useful to you legally. First things first, lock up box and put up signage and until this is done you cover yourself by having someone at home during dates stated.

      These resources are all available to you on this website which you can print out and use as you please. Please ask if you need assistance. I’m sure there is help for you especially being in the Jemena area. Best lock up asap. If that takes time, well hopefully you should be ok as long as someone is home to send the installer away.

      And don’t allow yourself to be in any way intimidated. You will be OK.

    • Alain Delon says:

      Rebecca, once you have done this you may then wish to write to Jemena (registered post) and make your statement of NON consent to the installation. (Send copies to Energy Minister, DPI, Service Stream (installation company)). The rationale to sending this letter is so there can be no implication of an implied consent through non objection to that which is being put to you. There is clearly an objection. To that letter you will most likely receive a prompt response ie. another letter stating that you are breaking the law etc. etc. waffle waffle Jemena are bound by Order of Council to be showing that they are using their “best endeavors” to install a meter regardless of whether they actually install it or not.

      Remember this Rebecca, the ONLY WAY they can install it is IF YOU ALLOW THEM to. There is NO OTHER WAY.

      And remember Rebecca, as a car runs on petrol and oil, these people operate by telling straight out lies to your face. Sad but true that they can do this and get away with it (THUS FAR…….). Anything and everything to persuade you to allow them.

      • free spirit says:

        Ah yes – the powers of persuasion can be enormous, especially for ‘too trusting’ individuals… we all know plenty of them, be they friends or family who can fall into this category. Those insidious company letters by Jemena and the like are deliberately misleading and cause so much anxiety in people that some will just give in regardless.

  4. Brenn says:

    Who has seen the official comment on 4 Corners re the ability of the smart grid to be hacked by foreign power/s……Considering what else has been hacked— can anyone, even those with no concerns for health effects, feel safe with a wireless infrastructure….? Is anyone awake in the government……left, right or centre…..

    • Elizabeth says:

      Yes Brenn, watched it last night. Is our government privy to this information or asleep at the wheel?

      Also- before the E3 committee’s Consultation Regulation Impact Statement is commented on, has anyone asked if any committee person has a -“conflict of interest?”

      …Ballarat Against Smart Meters…

    • free spirit says:

      No, they’ve sold us out to Chinese corporations – there’s no going back. All trust is gone for good. Expect anything!

      • Gwen says:

        Yes they have. The hackers into American military secrets as well as ASIO’s plans, won’t have to work so hard at hacking once smart meters and appliance interfaces are active.
        What will our Prime Minister receive as a gift from China? A new dishwasher or microwave? What about a watercooler for the staff? Of course, the appliances will all be made in China anyway. If you have ever felt some one is watching you, now you will know the TV is staring straight back if the Government has its way.It seems absurd, but it will be handy for a one world government to obtain complete control for sustainability purposes of its citizens.

    • frontad84 says:

      I must have missed something. just when did Australia change over from Democracy to Communism ?

  5. Pam says:

    Thank You – Hopefully someone, anyone will take on board everything that was in The Submission, so we can all get some peace of mind, body and soul. Pam

  6. Rik says:

    That should be illegal for power companies to shut off devices remotely. They don’t know if its a life and death situation going on at that place. What happens if a hospital has all the same air conditioners and the power company shuts them all off, how many people could die and it will be their fault so will the power company be culpable for those deaths?
    I will make sure when I buy a device like that in the future to make sure it doesn’t have that ability.

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