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There are many people in our community who are desperate to share their story about how Smart Meters have affected their lives. Please share your story with us using the Contact Us page. Your name, email address and personal details will be kept confidential unless you state other wise.

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Here are some stories from an American site Smart Meter Health Complaints

Take a look at the Health Issues Page

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  1. Margaretha Tierney says:

    A few weeks after a smart meter was installed I had an awful feeling in my head. I moved into another room to sleep. Then I went to PNG and the feeling in my head was gone. I returned home and slept in the main bedroom and on the second night, the head feeling came again. I moved to the other room. Then I went to the USA for three months and had no feeling in my head. When I returned home, I slept in the main bedroom and on the second night, the head feeling came back. So I am now sleeping in a room quite a distance from the smart meter until I can have it blocked from coming inside the house.

  2. Brian Hennigan says:

    If I can not stop them for safety I want Fuse and Surge Protector on meter panel

  3. Steve H says:

    You minght find this helpful info…
    The consequences of Australian Standards of safe levels of EMR being WELL BELOW those of other developed nations…
    Legal liability/OH&S
    Magnetic fields from electrical equipment and radiofrequency radiation from communications equipment (including Smart Meters) have both been classified as class 2B carcinogens by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) at levels that are WELL WITHIN Australian standards. Moreover, scientists have identified health problems in some workers with long-term exposure – such as Alzheimer’s Disease, cancer and brain tumors – at levels of exposure WITHIN Australian standards. These developments have legal and OH&S implications for management.

  4. I had a smart meter and got them to take it off 15 months ago and now jhave it locked and chained up!!! they will not put that crap back on my house! pauline holeton shelby twp michigan! please visit for more info!

  5. Lynda says:

    I have a 2nd letter from SP AusNet telling me b/w 26/3 and 10/4 they will come and install this tragedy! I have a ” DO NOT install” sticker on my meter box. I have also printed the above letter and will send it to AusNet via registered mail tomorrow. I will also add the “Do not fit a smart meter” flyer onto my Meter box and another around the front of my house…..and take some pictures. Should I lock my meter box? My bill has just come….so another is not due soon. Is that legal and is the above legal as well. I definately do not want this so called smart meter as I have some health issues and the contraption will be right behind my head as I sleep! No-one can guarantee that there will be no health issues in the future nor a fire. I also do not want big brother knowing when we are home or not! This is an invasion of our privacy. I live in the country (an hour from Melbouren) and would like to alert as many people as possible… can I do this and who can I talk to?

    • i got the meter and had it removed! and now i have it locked up! i will never have another. michigan has 2 bills 5411 and 5439 and we are pushing to gethem passed. just say no!!!!! i did and they will never ever put one of those on my house! pauline holeton USA

    • Richard Leschen says:

      Dear Lynda,
      Write or Talk to me. Richard Leschen.Contact me on For your sake lock your Electricity Box right now. Don’t delay a second longer. Buy a good strong stout padlock, and get your husband or a reliable trusty handiman to lock your Electricity Meter Box immediately. This is what I did. Make sure you Post your Legal No Trespass Sign securely on your front gate of fence and on your Meter Box. This Legal sign is available from this website…
      See Right hand side index of website. It is the LEGAL way to fine anyone who trespasses on your property including the Smart Meter Installer Man $167,000.00 by order of the Australian Constitution ( 1900- 1901 and still very effective )
      I challenged the Smart Meter Installer Man with this Legal Notice some months ago when he wanted to step onto my property and install a now proving to be Very Dangerous to one’s Physical Health Electrical Smart Meter. After reading the Notice very carefully, he let out a few very strong invectives followed by. ” I will never attempt to install a Smart Meter on your property mate !
      I am not your Mate ! Then he tucked the offending Electrical Smart Meter ( not so smart really ) under his arm and strode off down the road.

      Write immediately to your Chief Executive Officer of your Electric Power Company telling him politely and boldly “That you refuse to have a Smart Meter Installed on your property at any time now, or ever in the Future.”
      Tell him ……” That If in the future you find a Smart Meter has been installed at your property against your will and betttr judgement, you will then join the pending class action to SUE HIM. ”
      This has so far worked for me.
      It is not the law that Victorian homeowners and small businesses must allow an Electrical Smart Meter to be installed on their properties. It is A LIE. Please see the following…..

      The Victorian Electrical Act 2000 Section 46 D and the Vitorian Gazette No. S200 dated 28th August 2007

      Click to access AMIOIC.pdf

      which states the following …………

      Page 16. Clause 14 Remotely read interval meter rollout.
      14.1 Rollout period
      (a) Subject to clause 14.3, each distributor must use its best endeavours to install a remotely read interval meter (which is operational as a remotely read interval meter
      in accordance with the functionality, distributor performance levels and distributor
      service levels set out in a further Order in Council to be made under section 46D
      of the Act) for all of the metering installations for customers with annual electricity
      consumption of 160MWh or less for which it is the responsible person on the End

      Date by that date.

      (b) If a distributor has not installed a remotely read interval meter for all of the metering
      installations for customers with annual electricity consumption of 160MWh or less for
      which it is the responsible person by the End Date, then, for the purpose of considering
      whether the distributor has used its best endeavours to do so, the Commission must
      take into account:

      (i) the distributor’s actions in relation to the risk of failing to install the relevant
      meters, including whether the distributor has failed to take any action that could
      reasonably have been taken to mitigate that risk and whether the distributor has
      taken or omitted to take any action which has increased that risk;

      (ii) the distributor’s decisions and actions relevant to meeting the requirements of
      clause 14.1(a) in light of the information that was available to the distributor at
      the time those decisions and actions were taken; and

      (iii) any other factors the Commission considers relevant.

      14.2 Rollout schedule

      (a) By the commencement of each regulatory year set out in the schedule to this Order,
      each distributor must forecast the number of metering installations for customers with
      annual electricity consumption of 160MWh or less for which it will be the responsible
      person on the End Date, and provide this forecast to the Commission.

      (b) Subject to clause 14.3, each distributor must use its best endeavours to install, by the
      end of each regulatory year set out in the schedule, the number of remotely read interval
      meters (each of which is operated as a remotely read interval meter in accordance with
      the functionality, distributor performance levels and distributor service levels set out
      in a further Order in Council to be made under section 46D of the Act) specified to be
      installed by the end of each regulatory year in the schedule.

      ” Now this is very different from what Powercor and the rest of the other Electricity Power Companies have been telling me as well that the DPI and the Victorian Ombudsman’s Department etc that ” It is the Law that home owners and small business are legally obliged to allow a Smart Meter to be installed on their properties. ” Now this proves to me that these people are all LIARS ! And just as important is the fact that one can see, reading between the LINES that the Electric Power Companies Contractors or those Smart Meter Installer Men are under great pressure to get as many meters onto home and small business properties as possible in the shortest of time. This smacks to my mind of High Pressure Salesmanship with out any due care of responsibility for customers feelings as to whether people want a Smart Meter or not.

      This a most disgusting attitude to take towards any customer or customers now that I know and they the C.E.O’ s of these Electric Power Companies must know by now just how unpopular many of these Smart Meters are with a propensity to cause fires not only in customers’ Electric Meter Boxes but also in many cases these Smart Meters are starting fires in customers’ electrical goods, and to the added fact that these meters are upsetting so many peoples’ health with their dangerous Microwave Radio Transmitting Frequencies which are used to communicate with the high transmission receiving and broadcasting towers now so prevalant and still growing in profusion all over the Earth.
      Please NOTE that it is the Electric Power Company which must use its best endeavours to get their Distributor to get Victorian Home Owners and small business to adobt a Now Proving To Be Very Dangerous Electrical Smart Meter.

      Please note, that the Victorian Overseas Owned Electric Power Companies do not have a Written Contract with Us the Victorian Home Owners Or Small Business Owners; This is terribly important that you all understand this ! Therefore they cannot force us to take a Dangerous Electrical Smart Meter against our Will and Better Judgement.

      This is the ammunition which you all need to help fight off these Electric Power Companies.

      Yours faithfully,

      Richard Leschen.

  6. Conrad H says:

    A Canada/USA smart meter complaints map has been created at
    Anyone interested in an Australian version can email me

  7. Anonymous says:

    What gets me is, as a REC I must provide a certificate of electrical safety even when I replace just a light switch. Yet these installers can have only a few hours training to install the meter, but NO certificate of electrical safety is supplied to the house holder. Was there a deal done between the power companied and Energy Safe Victoria as this has to be a breach of the wiring regulations.

  8. Susanna Bruder says:

    We got a new meter installed back in July 2011 in regards to our solar power. We paid 346 Dollars and now (January 2012) they want to remove the new meter and install a smart meter. We put up your STOP sign and contacted the electricity provider and the company who recently installed the new meter and now its the same company who want to exchange the new meter for a smart meter. We said NO to the smart meter installation. That is nonsens. Somebody has to stop them.

    • Vickie says:

      I would just like to bring to peoples atttention the many recent house fires, always reported as causes unknown, the most recent being at Black Rock Melbourne, I know a friend of mine who lives at Black Rock and he said a Smart Meter was recently installed at his home, I read that there is an ongoing probe into the cause of the fire. we, the general public should be told of the results of these investigations and probes but we never seem to find out, I truely hope there is not a cover up going on, when it comes to issues of safety we need to be kept informed about the causes these house fires.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Ok…… guys and gals – – – I am sorry, but it has come to this – –
    THIS IS A PURE INVASION OF PRIVACY. Invasion. The electrical companies have NO RIGHT to do this.

    Smash em!!! SMASH THE SMART METER. I do not want this microwave emitting device violating my mind and body and wallet.

    If you have a smart meter installed and it is causing you grief – Smash it.

    If we all smash em. What will they do? Maybe then they will get the message.


  10. Anonymous says:

    being a penssioner, i keep my electricity use to a minimum, since a smart meter was installed, i now have constant ringing in my ears, and i avoid loud noise, and my faithfull dog is now draind of energy, and only 6 years old, i could not understand why, till i read of it happening to others, my electricity bill is normaly about $185 PER QUARTER, then my new bill was $883.45c. i called the electricity company , of their error, they insisted i pay it, and said they would give me more time to pay, finaly i got them to check the bill they sent, and they hesitantly said i should disreguard the bill. my experience with a smart meter, is it has caused me stress to the max. physically and mentally. i regret the day they forced a smart meter upon me, now i have to live with ringing in my ears, and to see my dogs health suffer, and sleepless nights,

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