Suffered from heart palpitations and headaches – Queensland

More than 3 months ago I had “smart meters” installed at my home in Yeppoon Queensland. Since then I have gradually suffered from heart palpitations and headaches on an ever-increasing frequency and severity. I feel sure it is because of these meters as the intensity and severity diminishes considerably the longer I am away from my home.

Of course, I am unable to prove any connection to the meters but I would like to have someone come and test my home for any sort of radiation or whatever it is that these things emit. Is anyone able to suggest anyone who is able to undertake this sort of testing?

How do I go about having these things removed?

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9 Responses to Suffered from heart palpitations and headaches – Queensland

  1. Grassy Hollyoake says:

    I am being told that Energex is going to install a smart meter in my premises. Can I refuse; is there a legal brain out there who can help us. URGENT!

  2. I just rang Energex and they assured me that there are NO plans to roll out Smart Meters in Queensland. The smart meters we have up here are little monitoring devices that help us keep an eye on our own energy consumption. They are not compulsory. The meters in Victoria are used to read usage by energy companies from a remote location, hence the Radio Frequency emissions.
    So Queensland’s smart meters are not as smart as Victorian meters, thank goodness!!

    • Informed Choice says:

      Maybe they only seem harmless but are actually still emitting EMR causing symptoms for sensitive people or what you are talking about is a HAN device that is purchased to accompany the smart meter? The so called Smart Grid is to be implemented throughout Australia according to the AMI spin doctors. I doubt you would get a straight answer out of Energex at the moment.. they would be well aware of what is going on in Victoria and will possibly try sneaky tactics in order to succeed in their plan. This is my gut instinct, nothing more!

  3. Olga says:

    Jack – I rang energex and they are being installed in Qld homes. Start date June and no … you can’t say no.


  4. Olga says:

    Hello there

    I have posted to this forum before. I moved to Queensland from NZ mainly because of the smart metre installed in my townhouse. I suffered severe health effects and tried to have it removed. In the end the power companies made my life miserable so what could I do?

    Here in Qld – there are quasi smart metres installed as solar devices. They have all the feature of a smart metre. I know because I lived with one for 4 months. It is impossible to get into the device and there are warning tags on it threatening action if it is tampered with.

    Many Qlders have had these solar devices installed. So what argument will they have with smart metres?
    Anyway – I have switched the one that was installed in my parents home but I am afraid that the thin end of the wedge has already been placed in Qld.

    btw I recommend people read “The Force”. It describes how the problem technology – EMF is almost everywhere.

  5. typeselect says:

    There is something you can do right now to shield this EMF radiation which your smart meter is putting out, to help ease your symptoms. This method can be found at the link below –

    Keep in mind this is a shielding technique that ‘blocks’ the radiation from the outside, protecting your neighbors which is something you want to do as this radiation travels long distance. However, you need to block this radiation from the inside of your home also. If there is a wall directly behind your smart meter you want to use this technique here. If you are concerned with how this will look, there are a few methods that can be done such as applying this technique as a backing to a large mounted image or canvas. It is best advised the overall area is large enough to cover the whole meter box plus at least a foot extra on all sides.

    All the best.

  6. Di Bell says:

    Hi, I was also under the impression that Queensland residents were not having smart meters installed. It was reported on TV last week, the numbers rolled out in each State and Qld was shown as zero. Are these being installed with “stealth” tactics too? Can someone really tell us what is happening in Qld?

  7. jackV says:

    Hi, I was under the impression that Queensland residents were being spared the trauma of the smart meters rollout at the moment.
    Do you know for certain it’s a smart meter?
    In any case here’s a a site that offers surveys:

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